Action 2012- backlash

Action 2012- backlashWhen we talk about the independence and sovereignty of Moldova, we should be aware that there will always be neighbors who do not like this position. Personally, I respect the Romanian people and Romania, but until such time as they are forced, by caesarean section, they are not trying to inculcate in the body of Moldova ideas and actions alien to the Moldovan people. My ancestors, Russian officers and generals, for 200 years fought in the Russian-Turkish wars, freeing Moldova and Wallachia from the Turkish yoke. Over time, they continued to live in Moldova, adopted not only language and traditions, but everything that is called Moldovan. This is MY COUNTRY where I live 50 for years. Therefore, in the coming 20-30 years, how many will God give, my knowledge and actions will be aimed at preserving the statehood of Moldova. But let's leave emotions aside and begin.

Once I studied at the Military Academy of Bucharest on the course "Psycho-informational technologies and manipulation of the public consciousness". Today, with sadness, I state that everything that I have been taught is used against my country, and therefore against me. I declare quite responsibly that psycho-information war is being waged against Moldova, especially after 2009. I pay attention to the RSI (Romanian Information Service) and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that these actions contradict International Law and the Law of War, where it is said that psycho-informational operations anticipate hostilities. Therefore, as a specialist in the field of psycho-informational operations, I declare that Romania is brazenly and brazenly interfering in the internal affairs of Moldova. In this perspective, I justify the actions of V. Voronin, directed against Romanian diplomacy during the period of 2005-2009. His fatal mistake was the failure to understand that the psycho-informational impact on the target country always takes precedence over time and is ahead of the opposition of the target. In addition, he did not conduct an open dialogue with the public on this issue, which strengthened the end result of this attack. These are roughly the theoretical foundations of psycho-informational warfare.

Let us turn to more specific facts. Today it is necessary to recognize that the intervention of Romania in the internal affairs of Moldova took a dangerous turn. Example: Liberal Party Advisor Dan Dungaciu, professional intelligence officer and Democratic Party Advisor Kozmin Gushe. The convergence of the Romanian Foreign Intelligence Service with the political class of Moldova is obvious, since some politicians are acting in the political field of Moldova as “agents of influence”. This suggests an opinion whether the ISS has become a branch of the SVRR in the region?

We will evaluate other aspects of this impact. The SVRR, through its branch of the Department of Foreign Romanians (Departamentul români de pretudindeni), is undertaking a new attack on the statehood of Moldova, launching the so-called informatization campaign under the auspices of the Civic Platform 2012 Action (Platformei Civice ACȚIUNEA 2012), which has a wide range of affiliates (R & S), which has distributed to the public, acted as 2011 (Platformei Civice ACȚIUNEA 2012), which has distributed to the public, 30 action (Platformei Civice ACȚIUNEA 2014), which has distributed to the public platform This organization directly organizes events aimed at lobbying the unification of Moldova and Romania. That is, throughout XNUMXgg. A number of actions are planned on the psycho-informational impact on the population of Moldova, and especially on Moldovan students studying in Romania. These actions are directly directed against the sovereignty and independence of Moldova. It should be noted that in Moldova these shares have already begun. Only in Romania more than XNUMX organizations conduct a massive brainwashing of Moldovan students, turning them into reactionary shock forces. The idea of ​​the Romanian secret services is that the Moldovans should make some kind of new service to XNUMX.Witter Revolution. The goal of this revolution is the disappearance of Moldova from the map of Europe.

The reader can get acquainted with the list of these organizations, which in subsequent years by hook or by crook will penetrate the territory of Moldova.

• Asociația 21 Decembrie 1989
• Asociaţia Obştească ,, Memoria ”
• Asociaţia Obştească Academia de Știinte a Mediului
• Asociația Onoare și Patrie
• Asociaţia Studenţească a Universităţii Naţionale de Muzică Bucureşti
• Asociația Studenților Basarabeni Craiova
• Asociaţia Studenţilor din Zurich
• Asociaţia Studenţilor Români din EPFL (Lausanne)
• Asociația Tighina
• Asociaţia universitară Eminescu din Geneva
• ATRAG (Asociația Tinerilor Români din Afara Granițelor) Iași
• Basarabeni Media Group
• Casa Românilor din Elveția
• Cercul elevilor basarabeni din Bacău
• Clubul Maramureșenilor din dreapta Tisei
• Clubul Studenţilor Basarabeni şi Bucovineni din Galaţi
• Consiliul Mondial Român
• Consiliul Român American

• Deșteptarea
• Dorobanții
• Fapta Nu Vorba
• Forumul Civic al Românilor din Covasna, Harghita şi Mureş
• Fundația Grigore Vieru
• Fundația Națională pentru Românii de Pretututindeni
• Grupul de Inițiativă al Românilor Basarabeni Suceava
• Honor et Patria
• Institutul Frații Golescu
• Liga Studenților Basarabeni din București
• Liga Studenților Basarabeni din Ploiești
• Liga Studenţilor Basarabeni din Timisoara
• Organizaţia Studenţilor Basarabeni din Bucureşti
• Organizaţia Studenţilor Basarabeni din Timisoara
• Spirit Românesc

And how does the General Prosecutor’s Office and the NIB look at these actions of the Romanian government? I am afraid that it is tolerable, if the Romanians are not already working under the dictation.
Considering the aforesaid, I want to answer the CERR and the MFA, so as not to sow the wind and the storm in a foreign territory, so that this storm does not pass over to its own land. Moldova has enough specialists in any field to protect its independence.

Conclusion- Moldova is on the way to the loss of sovereignty and independence by the hands of a corrupt political class. The security services of Moldova in such a situation should be aware that they may become complicit in a particularly dangerous crime against the foundations of statehood.
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