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European Nazism rears its head

European Nazism rears its headSay that the European states are waiting for a new wave of Nazi propaganda, so 55-60 years ago, it would be great to pay for such thoughts. Even in Italy and Germany, who showed the world to Mussolini and Hitler, thoughts about the revival of Nazism would have ridiculed. But time goes on, generations, leaders, ideals are replaced, and now the new Europe is not at all jarring the statements about the resurrection of Nazi ideas.

The recent events in Norway have served as a new impetus for the advancement of fascist slogans into the European arena. Anders Breivik, who committed the terrorist attack and massacre of his fellow citizens, is considered by many Europeans to be a champion of the “purity” of the European continent. Surprisingly, even some representatives of the authorities speak about the support of the ideas of the Norwegian terrorist. Thus, MEP Borgesio allowed himself to note that, despite many terrorist appeals, Breivik's fabrications are not without meaning.

This means that the European authorities themselves are in a strange situation: on the one hand, they should not forget about Europe’s tolerance and democratic principles, and on the other, try to resist the incredible flow of immigrants from Africa and Asia. According to analysts, every year the number of people illegally crossing the EU’s borders in order to stay permanently in a united Europe is growing by 8,8%. The largest number of immigrants is recorded in the British Isles, in France, Italy and Germany. If we continue to consider the immigrant issue on the European continent, then the largest number of visitors are Muslims. In London alone, according to the most modest estimates, there are about one and a half million Muslims, most of whom come from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

This situation also dictates the response of the indigenous Europeans. Moreover, these actions are often simply spontaneous, because the counteraction against immigrant waves of such scale are not spelled out in any official European document. Therefore, it is precisely on the basis of unformed legislation (such words for the good old Europe sound, at least, strange) that numerous nationalist groups are uplifted, ready to wage a real war with those who are “billowing” in new Europe. In the same Britain, at the moment, several dozen extreme right-wing extremist groups have been recorded. Anders Breivik also corresponded with many of them, giving advice to skinhead friends about correct fighting on city streets, preparing explosive devices and other "useful" things for an ordinary terrorist.

The most striking thing is that ordinary European citizens are divided. Some, in general, are not opposed to “exorcising” the “Islamic invaders” from the primordially Christian lands. Others seem to be opposed to the dominance of immigrants in Europe, but the Nazi antics are categorically rejected. But such a split is a precedent. This means that in our time there will always be a sufficient number of “sympathizers” who, easily with the help of well-known racial slogans, can stand under Nazi banners and go where the newly appeared Führer will call them.

All this история already knew. Any thoughts on the topic of who is better - white or black, Christian or Muslim, Aryan or non-Aryan - boiled down to senseless slaughter, marching behind the heads of infidels and other accompanying "trophies." There were times when Islam tried to conquer Europe. This is the famous Arab invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, when they burned Christian churches and drove the population into slavery. There were times of crusades, when, under the banner of Christ, children and women of another faith were killed.

So is it not time for a balanced approach to the new world problem. New European laws have always stood on the protection of man. So, you can find a tool that will allow you to decide on the long-awaited compromise between representatives of different faiths. The main thing is to remember that any Nazi cries are a new way to a dead end, a new blood and new defeats.
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  1. akvald
    akvald 17 August 2011 11: 24 New
    The biggest mistake in Europe is that they allowed Muslims to live in Europe, AND DO NOT WORK, but to pay a benefit that is slightly less than the minimum wage, and in some cases more. Allowed to live together, and DICTATE them their order in countries where they live, It got to the point that the police are afraid to go into areas where Muslims are densely populated. Governments indulge in the construction of mosques in ancient European cities. Allows you to live in Europe according to Sharia law and require Europeans to live according to their laws. Yali at that time came under the laws of the -zhivi strany.Net, intolerance to their laws, they do not wish to work, and their disregard for the laws of the country stay ......
    All this gives food to extremism, against these parasites. And they can be understood.
    And all these defenders are right to dip for a month in such areas, let them live there, I think soon to shut up .........
  2. Stiffmaister
    Stiffmaister 17 August 2011 14: 35 New
    If this continues, new crusades are inevitable! Or Muslim revolutions in European countries.
  3. solodova
    solodova 17 August 2011 16: 58 New
    If you look from the side, who benefits from Europe, as well as Russia, from this way ethnic conflicts were shaking?
    America, now rapidly losing its credibility, both political and economic, and if everything shakes, and she alone remains a sort of island of prosperity on the planet, her party will be won again.
    Of course, it’s impossible to say that it was the Pendosians who brought Arabs and others to the streets of England, there are many other really decisive factors, but the pike catches fish in troubled waters ...
    And England, by the way, got the opportunity to maintain a calm democratic face to strengthen anti-immigration policy. And also won.
    1. Ivan35
      Ivan35 19 August 2011 18: 39 New
      Good comment! Always look for someone profitable!
  4. Dovmont
    Dovmont 17 August 2011 18: 36 New
    The rise of nationalism in Europe is a natural reaction of the active population of the continent to the dominance of Europe by immigrants from Asia and Africa. In Zhitovskaya fiction called "tolerance" and in homosexual Europe, many did not like it.
  5. datur
    datur 17 August 2011 19: 08 New
    but in general it’s a hellish cocktail - multiculturalism and Nazism will not explode for everyone.
  6. indrik
    indrik 29 August 2011 16: 52 New
    He came to a foreign country, live according to local laws. And these creatures do not want to work or study. And they put the local laws with the device.