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Armored vehicles from the company Paramount Group


Armored vehicles company Paramount Group

The South African Paramount Group has recently begun to market its own line of armored vehicles to the world market and has already won a number of major export contracts.

This line is currently comprised of Matador and Marauder (Mine Protected Vehicles - MPV) mini-protected machines and the Maverick Internal Security Vehicle (ISV) machine. The newest model in this line was Mbombe, an armored combat vehicle 6x6 of innovative design, which uses advanced modern materials.

Armored vehicles from the company Paramount Group

Marauder mpv

Matador, Marauder and Maverick all have the same type of unique double monocoque (bearing) welded hull, the same diesel power unit, power train and suspension, the only difference in the entire propulsion system is the wheelbase.

Paramount's innovation center at Midrand in South Africa has the capacity to produce a range of armored vehicles; there is also the development, system integration and improvement of these machines in order to maintain their effectiveness in the future.

Due to the ongoing hostilities and security operations, the needs of customers often change with a very short notice time, but the Paramount Group has proven itself by adapting to these changes in a timely manner.

The Paramount Group has proven facilities in South Africa for advanced testing of the undercarriage and blasting tests and uses them in full to test their cars in harsh environments to meet the highest international standards.

Capacities for testing the undercarriage systems include not only the capabilities of the extended mobility and reliability tests, but also the means for carrying out environmental tests in order to guarantee the machine’s operation under a wide variety of environmental conditions in any part of the world.

These factory tests are complemented by extended customer tests in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Information about the results of these tests comes back to the company for implementation in existing and future developments.

The cost of training, logistics and lifelong maintenance is significantly reduced for the buyer through the use of common subsystems in the same product line.

The Paramount Group’s armored vehicle family has considerable flexibility to adapt them to the specific operational requirements of the customer.

This includes key areas such as levels of protection; combat modules; means of communication; air conditioning; situational awareness; and special equipment.

With a well-developed dealer network, the Paramount Group can supply combat modules, communications equipment and other systems in a highly competitive environment.

Paramount Group can supply a wide range of machines and equipment to customers, as well as carry out the restoration and upgrading of its already produced machines. The product line includes not only armored vehicles, but also unarmored vehicles, combat support vehicles, ambulances, fire and evacuation vehicles, police vehicles and a number of other models.

Paramount Group can pick up innovative financial packages so that its customers can buy machines from the South African production line or, as part of the transfer of an aggregate set of technologies, to produce themselves in their enterprises.

Also, Paramount Group can supply training kits for vehicle crews and mechanics. Initially, training is conducted in South Africa, and as an option, additional training can be conducted in the buyer's country on an ongoing basis.

Along with the delivery of machines, Paramount Group can also provide lifelong integrated logistics, which will allow you to have the maximum number of ready-to-use machines at any time.

The Paramount Group company can supply not only a complete turnkey solution for the entire family of armored vehicles, but also provide turnkey solutions for air and sea applications, law enforcement, internal troops and peacekeeping contingents.

Matador overcomes rocky runoff during sea trials in the Middle East

Matador and Marauder MPV offer high levels of protection.

Each of the core members of the design team at Paramount Group has more than thirty years of experience in the design, development, and production of armored combat vehicles.

In order to meet global needs for MPV-capable mini-machines, capable of performing a wide range of combat missions, the South African company Paramount Group developed Matador and Marauder machines, which have excellent levels of protection and mobility.

Matador and Marauder MPV have a traditional V-shaped monocoque (bearing) body, welded from steel, but unlike their competitors, ballistic protection is provided by double spaced armor.

The prototypes were manufactured in 2007, and since then they have passed an extended series of control tests in South Africa and extreme climate tests in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

In accordance with the plan, the schedule included not only running and life tests, endurance and survivability tests, but also a series of explosive tests to verify compliance with the stated levels of mine protection. Matador and Marauder MPV high security levels were certified by an independent center for scientific and industrial research under the control of Armscor.

The Matador MPV V-shaped hull withstands the detonation of three anti-tank mines (21 kg of TNT) under any wheel or two anti-tank mines (14 kg of TNT) under the hull.

Recent explosive tests using three 7-kg anti-tank mines showed that the current Matador MPV corps was not damaged. Only the rear axle, the rear wheel and the propeller shaft were damaged.

This damage was fully repaired within an hour by a trained repair team using standard tools and equipment.

The slightly more compact Marauder MPV case is a flat-angle V-shaped case that has a slightly lower level of mine protection (14 kg of TNT under any wheel and 8 kg under the case), but it has a larger internal width of the case compared to Matador.

Additional fire protection kits were developed and tested. weapons and IEDs, they can be quickly installed on machines.

Matador and Marauder MPV are the only 15 class armored vehicles in the world with a ballistic compartment protection that complies with the STANAG 3 Standard 4569 Level, which can be upgraded to STANAG 4569 4 Level.

The engine compartment has a level of protection STANAG 4569 Level 1, if necessary, retrofit kits can be installed to increase the levels of protection.

Improved protection against the widespread Russian anti-tank grenades RPG-7 can also be provided by installing lattice / slatted armor covering the outer shell.

An alternative to countering RPG-7 attacks is to install active defense systems that disable the approaching anti-tank cumulative warhead before it reaches its goal.

Other options for increasing survivability for Paramount Group MPV machines include the installation of dynamic protection kits or even protection complexes.

Matador and Marauder MPV have the same layout with a protected power diesel unit in front, the remaining space is occupied by the cabin and troop compartment.

External cargo containers are fixed in the lower part of the hull on both sides, they are designed so that they are dumped in the event of a vehicle being blown up by a mine or IED.

Bulletproof glass is installed to increase circular situational awareness; if requested by the customer, side windows will have loopholes for firing.

Easy access is provided through the rear doors, which are quickly opened by the driver or one of the soldiers in the aft compartment. Two additional side doors at the Marauder machine serve to facilitate the embarkation and disembarkation of the driver and commander.

The assault force sits on the sides facing each other in individual mine seats with a complete set of seat belts. When necessary, the seats fold easily to load ammunition or additional equipment.

Both cars are available in the left-hand drive and right-hand drive configuration to meet local requirements, as standard, the steering has power steering. Usually the spare wheel is mounted outside on the body.

Weapon modules are usually mounted on the roof in front and have a machine gun and a cannon in a variety of turrets and turrets, including remote-controlled combat modules.

Another combat module can be installed on the roof of the troop compartment for firing along the rear arc for suppression. If necessary, smoke grenade launchers can also be installed.

Paramount’s MPV machines use ready-made commercial subsystems, such as a diesel engine, transmission, axles and transfer case. Due to this and the fact that these subsystems are common to the entire product line, the cost of the life cycle of operation is reduced.

It could be MAN, Mercedes-Benz or Cummins diesel engines combined with ZF, Allison automatic transmissions or even in some cases with a manual transmission.

The choice of the power unit will depend on the end user and on who among the contractors has the best developed dealer network in the country.

When a MAN power unit is installed, each machine receives a unique identification number tied to the MAN organizational structure, which is available at each MAN representative office.

This feature allows you to maintain and replace machines anywhere in the world without the need for the buyer to organize their own independent supply chain.

The system for protection against weapons of mass destruction, air conditioning and auxiliary power units (APU) can either be integrated into discharged containers on each side, or installed on the roof.

The larger Matador MPV has a crew of two (commander and driver) plus up to 12 paratroopers in individual seats. It has the full mass of 15-18 tons, of which up to 6 tons is the payload. With its larger wheelbase, Matador has more seating than the more compact Marauder.

A typical Matador MPV machine has a Cummins diesel engine with an 221 kW power coupled to an Allison SP3000 six-speed automatic transmission and transfer case and axles from Axletech.

Marauder MPV has a crew of two people and takes on board up to 10 people. It is equipped with the same powertrain options as Matador, which provides significant user benefits for training and lifelong maintenance.

Matador and Marauder MPV machines can be equipped with a wide range of optional equipment, including a centralized wheel inflation system, anti-breakthrough inserts, ABS, anti-weapons protection system, auxiliary power unit, additional fuel tanks, 8 ton winch, various combat modules, various sets of additional reservations and various communications systems.

In addition to the two crew members, Marauder transports eight paratroopers sitting on individual energy absorbing seats. The Marauder MPV is equipped with the same power unit and transmission as Matador, but somewhat more compact

Offered family of cars

The main feature of these MPV machines is that they can be quickly adapted for various combat missions without the need for extensive modifications.
Matador and Marauder MPV variants produced include: sanitary, command post, engineering, logistics, rocket launcher, mortar set-up and evacuation option. There is also good potential for the Marauder 6х6, its larger internal volume is suitable for creating a sanitary version or a weapon transporter.

BBM Mbombe is the newest addition to the growing line of armored vehicles promoted by Paramount Group

Various combat modules can be installed on the Mbombe machine, including an 30-mm rendered weapon installation

BBM Mbombe

Mbombe machine has a standard level of protection STANAG Level 4 against percussion ammunition, mine protection STANAG Level IV, protection against RPG and IED.

The BBM Mbombe with the 30-mm rendered combat module was shown at AAD 2010 in South Africa and is the latest model from the Paramount Group.

Mbombe is a mine-proof, highly mobile armored combat vehicle that can be easily adapted to perform a variety of combat missions.

The machine uses innovative design and technology to reduce overall height while maintaining very high levels of anti-explosion protection, making Paramount machines known all over the world.

Mbombe is a machine in the 6x6 configuration, capable of carrying significant loads across all types of terrain without loss of mobility. The three bridges provide excellent all-terrain performance and make it an extremely flexible platform that can be modified to meet the rigorous demands of military operations anywhere in the world. Depending on the task to be performed, Mbombe can be configured as a simple BTR or a highly efficient armored combat vehicle with a heavy machine gun or automatic cannon.

In such configurations, it is suitable for use in traditional warfare, nontraditional warfare and counterinsurgency operations. At the request of the customer, it can also be equipped with night / day vision equipment to increase the range of view and capture targets.

The design has an optimal spatial arrangement of the bridge / wheel, the driver and the commander sit immediately behind the front axle. The vehicle’s hull provides ample space for the gunner and eight fully-equipped infantrymen, but it can also be re-equipped by a command post, sanitary, or any other option. This ensures maximum uniformity and reduces the total cost of buying, owning and operating the Mbombe machine in any army. Mbombe has excellent explosion protection along with exceptional levels of protection against kinetic attacks. The low silhouette makes it difficult to aim the enemy, and the armored body provides protection against ballistic attacks that exceed the STANAG 4569 4 level.

The BBM Mbombe is designed with protection that corresponds to the 4 level of the STANAG 4569 standard, and can withstand disruption on anti-tank mines under the hull or on any wheel. Energy absorbing seats are designed to eliminate crew injury due to extreme acceleration caused by an explosion behind or under the car.

Mbombe has a standard RPG protection standard, special protection modules provide protection against IEDs.

The Mbombe was originally built with enough power, so it retains excellent all-terrain performance, even in the version of the BBM, armed with a modern automatic cannon.

Machine for internal security services Maverick - the guarantor of the world

In addition to Matador and Marauder MPV, Paramount Group has completed the development of a Maverick Internal Security Vehicle (ISV) vehicle for internal troops.

After extended factory testing, the Maverick ISV is ready for production and a number of export customers have already shown interest in this machine.

The car was shown to a number of potential foreign buyers, and, like the well-proven Matador and Marauder MPV, Maverick ISV was designed for local assembly or production in accordance with the technology transfer agreement with the Paramount Group.

Like the Matador and Marauder MPV machines, the Maverick ISV has a unique dual monocoque welded steel hull, which gives the crew standard protection from small arms fire up to STANAG 4569 3 level.

Cabin and passengers are protected against 7,62x54 mm armor-piercing bullets of RB-32 Dragunov rifles, while the engine is standardly protected in accordance with STANAG 4569 1 level (7,62-mm bullet).

The bottom of the Maverick ISV is protected from splinters of various ammunition, such as the M26 hand grenade and incendiary bottles.

On the Maverick ISV can be installed fire extinguishing system to combat fires caused by incendiary bombs.

Compared to other ISVs on the world market today, Maverick has its own class. It offers very high levels of protection against small arms fire and other threats encountered in urban operations.

It is also possible to equip with higher levels of ballistic protection to meet specific customer requirements.

The commander and the gunner sit in the front and each has a side door. Quick landing in the office of the assault is carried out through wide doors on each side with a pneumatic drive; a smaller door is available in the stern.

The driver has a rear-view camera for observation in the rear arc and for assistance when reversing in a confined space.

Ten crew members sit on individual seat with seat belts.

There is enough space to store equipment, such as shields and weapons, that are stacked so that, in the event of an attack, they cannot cause injury to passengers.

The high level of situational awareness for the crew and passengers of the Maverick ISV is provided by large bullet-proof windows, usually they have wire mesh screens. All windows also comply with STANAG 3 Level.

Various weapons modules can be mounted on the roof of the Maverick ISV, including 5,56-mm or 7,62-mm machine guns in the turret or non-lethal weapons.

On the roof are installed groups of grenades with electroshock installations for firing all types of ammunition. They are controlled by the commander.

Maverick has the same ready-made propulsion systems (undercarriage and power unit) as in Matador and Marauder MPV from Paramount. This results in long-term cost savings as well as simplified customer service.

The power unit is installed in the front of the machine, it allows you to increase the internal volume and carrying capacity to 5 tons. Like other machines of the Paramount Group, the Maverick ISV is available with various engine, transmission and suspension options to meet the special requirements of customers. Since the bridges are close to the extreme points, the Maverick machine is a very manoeuvrable machine when working in confined spaces, often found in urban environments. Power steering reduces driver fatigue and eases city driving.

Maverick ISV has a crew of two, transports 10 police officers and has a very high level of ballistic protection.

Standard equipment includes a powerful air conditioner and a quiet APU on the 20 kW, which allows the main subsystems to operate with the main engine turned off.

A very important characteristic in carrying out safety operations is that the Maverick machine can stand for a long time in full readiness for continuous movement.

As usual, there are many options, including a centralized wheel pumping system, anti-puncture inserts, a fire detection and extinguishing system for separation of the crew and wheel arches, a dozer blade and a kenguryatnik, flashing lights installed on the roof, and a loudspeaker system.

Armament and communications equipment will depend on customer requirements and, if necessary, can also be supplied by Paramount Group.

With a large internal volume, flat platforms and payloads up to 5 tons, Maverick can be easily adapted to a wide range of specialized internal security tasks.

Options for various tasks include ambulance, command vehicle with additional communications equipment, a surveillance vehicle with a set of sensors on the mast, an unexploded ordnance disposal (EOD) machine, a vehicle for transporting important people, and a water cannon transporter.

An EOD machine, for example, can carry a wide variety of specialized equipment, including a remote-controlled robot moving down the stern ramp.

To participate in special operations, the Maverick ISV is equipped with a mobile ramp access system (MARS) to quickly penetrate police into tall buildings and aircraft.

Technology transfer

One of the main driving forces in the creation of all armored vehicles Paramount Group is a simplified scheme of establishing production and the ability to create local production, where possible.

The company Paramount Group has organized production facilities in South Africa, producing about 20 machines per month in one shift, but with the possibility of increasing production volumes.

Some countries, however, require a complete technology package, which gives the end user a number of significant and commercial advantages.

Marauder MPV is produced under license in Azerbaijan

This includes the creation of jobs, the transfer of experience, the creation of new and secondary related industries and, finally, the potential increase in regional trade through sales to third countries, which leads to an increase in foreign exchange earnings.

The level of technology transferred is highly dependent on the end-user’s capabilities and the number of machines purchased, so full technology transfer makes sense with production volumes above 130 machines.

A technology transfer program typically begins with fully finished products, followed by half-disassembled products and finally fully disassembled products.

In the latter case, the company Paramount Group can supply a set of sheets of mild steel and armor alloys. The local manufacturer cuts and bends armor plates, welds the base of the hull, forms compartments, manufactures covers, hatches and other elements, installs the power unit and transmission. The machine is then equipped with special equipment and delivered to the buyer.

At each stage, Paramount Group will provide full technical and training support until the local contractor is ready to assume full responsibility.

A good example is the production of Matador and Marauder MPV conducted in Azerbaijan under a contract obtained by the Paramount Group at the beginning of 2009 from the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense (MODIAR).

Under the terms of the contract, the initial batch of MPV, 50 Matador and 25 Marauder 25 machines, is produced in Azerbaijan under a technology transfer contract, the first cars were made at the end of 2009 of the year.

All of these MPV machines are a BTR configuration, but more specialized options will follow in the future.

MODIAR is responsible for the final assembly, while the Paramount Group supplies the major subsystems, such as the chassis, power unit, suspension and drive shafts. It is expected that upon receipt of additional orders, the production of the corps will also be transferred to Azerbaijan.

Other subsystems, such as communications and weapons are supplied on separate contracts.

The cooperation agreement between Paramount Group and MODIAR not only includes the transfer of technology and know-how to the Department of Defense, but also the joint implementation of Matador and Marauder machines to other potential customers in the region.

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      Quote: Siberia 9444
      The article is interesting +. But we don’t need this stuff with the Mistrals. Although to disassemble and see what it is possible to che.

      This is a good example for modern business, they do not put their eggs in one basket. It is worth considering the use of such mushrooms.
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    Paramount Group can pick up innovative financial packages so that its customers can buy machines from the South African production line or, as part of the transfer of an aggregate set of technologies, to produce themselves in their enterprises.

    This, in my opinion, is not enough. Sophisticated product promotion policy with financial support.
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      Quote: tchoni
      Sophisticated product promotion policy with financial support.

      this is enough, to steal less is necessary and engage in lobbying !!!!

      what the "Paramount Group" company invented, but practically nothing ....
      all these developments and inventions were worked out back in the state ... South African corporation Sandrock-Austral ..... then the engineers and managers of the company, went to different companies and concerns ..... continuing, copying the finished designs, on a new technological level .... of course there are new inventions, mainly concerning independent suspension, ceramo ... armor ....

      on the armored personnel carrier "Mbombe", there is no exact information, but prototypes have been from the late 80s ....

      as an example: MRTAP - "Veldskoen" prototype - developed at the end of 80 - to replace "Caspir MkII", not released into the series
      ... prevented the restructuring, etc. in South Africa ....
      how it differs from MRAP "Marauder", "Matador" is nothing, the engine is different and automatic transmission ....
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    Mine protection is good, but as against a landmine based on at least the same 152 mm. shell?
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 10 November 2014 12: 54

      Maverick ISV has a crew of two, transports 10 police officers and has a very high level of ballistic protection.

      "Maverick ISV" is The "Nyala APC" (RG-12) 4x4 is designed specifically for the South African Police Service (SAPS) ....
      TTX: 2-crew + 6-landing, seated face out, back to back ......
      1,6 aft exit aft door for quick exit .....
      monocoque housing, flat bottom .....
      protection levels: ballistic defense-2 STANAG, mine action -1 STANAG anti-personnel mine protection, grenade ...
      wheelbase- 3 000 mm
      Total Length - 5 200 mm
      Total Height - 2 700 mm
      Total Width - 2 500 mm
      ground clearance - 322 mm
      weight unladen - 7 140 kg ...
      full-9 200 kg ...
      engine: ADE366 power 150 l / c ....
      maximum speed-100 km / h ...
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 10 November 2014 13: 16
        another similar in design and purpose, a police armored vehicle, for special forces .. SAPS (South African Police Service) -"Nonquai APC" is sometimes called "Uklebe" (Falcon) 4x4 ....
        the main difference from the "Nyala" is the engine located at the rear in the stern, which gave the driver a wide view ....
        crew 2 + 8, sat back to back, facing out .... entrance exit, through the large side doors, measuring 1.33 met .... for quick deployment ....
        TTX: monocoque, flat bottom ...
        Wheelbase - 3 050 mm
        length - 5 300 mm
        height-2 400 mm
        Width-2 150 mm
        ground clearance - 300 mm
        mass -... no data
        engine: ADE236, power-133 l / hp ...
        speed-100 cells / hour ....
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 10 November 2014 14: 05
          yes, just for fun ... since apartheid, in South Africa, as you know, defeated, in some areas of Johannesburg, an ambulance leaves for an armored car .... MRAP "Mfezi" ....

          Hillbrow, one of the most dangerous suburbs of Johannesburg .....
          new year celebration am .....

          police on fellow "Nyala"

          ambulance on "Mfezi"
          1. bmv04636
            bmv04636 10 November 2014 15: 09
            as I see a very very large side projection. The protection against explosion is good, yes, but from a high-explosive bomb of a directed explosion (shot). Buried landmine based on 152 mm. the projectile in the tube just very successfully gets into the upper projection.
            1. cosmos111
              cosmos111 10 November 2014 18: 20
              Quote: bmv04636
              Excavated landmine based on 152 mm. the projectile in the tube just very successfully gets into the upper projection.

              from a dug, directional landmine, or mines with an impact core, apply

              and a less cumbersome defense against wearable cumulative weapons was developed by Rafael and Israel Military Industries (IMI) as a hybrid dynamic defense. The protection is almost ready for use on the Rafael Golan 13 ton machine and IMI's 15 ton Wildcat

              etc ... everything here, how and with what are protected, modern BMs from similar threats in an asymmetric war ....
              info s: good
        2. cosmos111
          cosmos111 10 November 2014 17: 49
          we’ll continue, the police armored car ..., from the company OTT Technologies exists since 1980, is engaged in the development and production of armored cars ... for various purposes .......

          M21 (MAV) -modular reservation.... built on a commercial truck ....
          maximum curb weight 7,5 tons, 2,4 tons payload ...
          M21 (MAV) - a modular armored car ..... police officer, collection vehicle, ambulance ...
          can be in the configuration 4x2, 4x4, with left or right wheel ...
          crew 2 + from 10, to 12 landing man .....
          1. cosmos111
            cosmos111 10 November 2014 18: 02
            M22 (LMAV) -modular armored car .... from OTT Technologies.

            M22 LMAV is built on the chassis of a Toyota commercial truck ....
            maximum curb weight 7,5 tons with 2,4 tons payload ..
            M22 LMAV can be configured as an armored personnel carrier, collection vehicle, ambulance, etc .....
            it is available in the configuration 4x2,4x4, with left and right wheel .....
            capacity: 2 + 9-10 landing man ....

            info s:

    2. alone
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      Quote: bmv04636
      Mine protection is good, but as against a landmine based on at least the same 152 mm. shell?

      Even Armata will not be saved from such a land mine)))
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    Pleased with the technological thoughtfulness of the modular design, take a look at the seats. Well, look at ours .. External containers for junk and auxiliary units, but how do you like 20kv quiet APU? Well, I don’t even have to talk about the production culture .. Since in recent times they tried to buy something from the bourgeoisie, what prevented them from considering this type of product, the more they transferred the entire technological package. Although I’m talking about everything .. Rollback decides!
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    But it is interesting to get "Mbombe" and "Typhoon" for the comparative test.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 10 November 2014 18: 28
      Quote: tchoni
      But it is interesting to get "Mbombe" and "Typhoon" for the comparative test.

      only if someone writes an analysis article ...
      there are tests but separately ....
      here infa ... for KamAZ, with their armored car ..
      from :, believe this comrade, I personally am not very ....
  9. cosmos111
    cosmos111 10 November 2014 19: 01
    a few words about armored vehicles, which has not yet been in VO ((probably)))

    MRAP "Ingwe APC" 4x4 , armor ... the prototype was developed by "Sandrock-Austral" and the chassis "MkII Casspir" did not go into production ...
    TTX: vonokok, with a V-image ... body ....
    no data protection levels ....
    Wheelbase - 3 400 mm
    length - 6 100 mm
    height-2 900 mm
    Width-2 400 mm
    ground clearance - 400 mm
    weight - 11 000 kg
    Curb-13 000 kg
    engine-ADE366, with power in 136 l / s ...
    speed - 100 cells / hour ....

    even then everything was thought out, to the smallest detail, the 2's doors were swinging over the entire width of the armored housing for quick entry and exit .....
    PS: sold in good working condition, with documents ...
    info s: from South Africa is already on my own yes
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 10 November 2014 19: 27
      "Scout APC" (RG-32) 4x4 patrol armored vehicle.

      designed for the special ... SAPS (South African Police Service) police in 1992 year ....
      destination patrol armored car .....
      on the chassis "Unimog" .... a high level of protection, with a relatively low silhouette, achieved by using "cellular armor" ....
      TTX: monocoque body, flat bottom
      capacity1 + 4 ....
      protection levels:, ballistic and anti-mine 2 STANAG ....
      wheelbase- 3 050 mm
      length - 4 970 mm
      height-2 050 mm
      Width-2 060 mm
      ground clearance - 175 mm
      weight-2 880 kg
      Curb-3 500 kg
      engine, diesel ... power in 110 l / s .....
      speed 110 cells / hour ...
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 11 November 2014 22: 11
        and this is a modern version of the RG-32 ("Scout", which is in service with the Swedish army ...
        MTO, booked in a single armored capsule, with a cabin .... everything is simple and ergonomic .... every little thing is thought out and in its place .....
    2. cosmos111
      cosmos111 10 November 2014 20: 23
      I'm mistaken hi , produced (when and how much .....), for special forces .. on the police (SAPS) of South Africa ...
      here is the photo ....

      info s:
      but, there is mistakenly indicated
      A police Nyala keeps an eye on service delivery in Nyanga on 10 August 2012.

      in, b **** Africa, police on MRAP, use ((although in the USA, same))) .....
      MRAP "Ingwe APC" 4x4
  10. cosmos111
    cosmos111 10 November 2014 21: 04
    "Tapir" (a mine resistant vehicle), by "MECHEM" and this MRAP armored vehicle is GENERAL RARITY !!!!!
    information, there is almost no .....

    used in the installation of equipment, remote detonation in Ethiopia Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan .....

    MRAP "Tapir"

    arrows set ..... Rudi Thirion is a former chaplain who is currently a social worker in Somalia


    and with:

    bush-Protected-Vehicles / page5
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 10 November 2014 22: 00
      and a couple of pictures ... like blacks with calloused hands yes all do it ....

      from the website: