Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for November 7 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 10: 10

Message from the militia of the DRG "Ryazan"

"We were delivered winter clothing and some great night vision devices. It became easier to mow the dill at night."

The photo shows a militiaman with a night vision device and a view of the terrain through the device.

Yesterday at 10: 45

Message from the militia

"From the side of the Sand ukry, from midnight they fired at the mine heap of the Panfilovskaya mine with incendiary mines. Kiev Nazis would also fire at the Gladkovka and Oktyabrsky areas; on the side of the Sand, clashes were fought all evening and all night. It is reported that militiamen destroyed a munition depot in the area of ​​the Yuzhnaya mine by direct hit Dzerzhinsk, after which the punishers reduced the intensity of the shelling. From Volnovakha, shelling of Dokuchaevsk continues, there were at least two volleys of MLRS. In the Gorlovka area it’s restless, the artillery will continue. and near Debaltseve. Near Donetsk, (including the battle near Yasinovataya) over the past XNUMX hours, four were destroyed tank, three armored personnel carriers, ten officers. On losses of the ordinary composition of punitive information is being specified. "

Yesterday at 11: 19

Photos from local residents

"Donetsk after yesterday's artillery raids Ukrainian punitive."

Reports from the militia of New Russia for November 7 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 11: 45

Message from Edward Basurin

"At least five people were killed and another twelve were wounded during the shelling of Donetsk by punishers. One civilian was killed, nine were injured. Among the militia were four dead and three wounded. According to him, strikes are being inflicted on the Kiev, Kuibyshev and Petrovsky districts. Skirmishes continue in Donetsk the airport, there were clashes at the entrance to Yasinovataya (the northern suburb of Donetsk). At this point, the artillery duels in the airport area continue, a spokesman for the DPR militia said. "

Yesterday at 12: 10

Militia video summary

"Operational report from the commander of the headquarters of the 4 th motorized rifle brigade of the Ministry of Defense of the LPR Alexander Bednova."

Yesterday at 12: 45

Message from eyewitnesses

“Half an hour ago, a Ukrainian column of 20 units went from Slavyansk to Donetsk. 3 of URAL pulled howitzers, 3 of the LAZ bus full of infantry, 4 of the BTR, the rest of the tented trucks. But even single trucks from the same direction periodically drive through single trucks in the same direction. Slavic, they check cars all the way, they even look under the rugs. The queue is from the station to the Machine Tool Building (Kramatorsk), this is somewhere 2-3 km. "

Yesterday at 13: 13

Overview report for the past day on the events in the DNI and LC

"The past day was marked by a sharp exacerbation of the situation in the combat zone. The situation in Donetsk was particularly tense, where the sounds of cannonade did not subside throughout the day, and all areas of the city were subjected to shelling. Ukrainian military continue to prepare for the offensive, carrying out reconnaissance actions on the northern approaches to the capital of the DPR.

So, on November 6, a Ukrainian tank platoon consisting of four tanks and one armored personnel carrier attempted reconnaissance in the area of ​​the settlement. Yasinovataya. The attempt of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was stopped by the militia, the Ukrainian armored vehicles, along with the personnel, were destroyed.

Fights intensified north of Lugansk in the village The village of Lugansk and around the city of Happiness, in these areas, active DRG militias. At the moment, it’s too early to talk about a full-scale offensive of the LC army in this sector of the front, all the more so since the Bakhmutka route remains a priority for the militia attacks in the sector from the settlement of Frunze BC Mountain and further to Lysychansk.

Military events in the DPR

As of 07: 40 (MSK) in the center of Donetsk can be heard volleys of the MLRS "Grad". In the 13: 40 of the RSO Grad of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Putilovsky and Kievsky districts of Donetsk were fired, as a result of the shelling suffered Khozrynok, the railway station, Panfilovsky bridge, in the Kievsky district multiple hits of Ukrainian shells were recorded in the residential sector, there were injured among civilians. In the evening of November 6, the Kuibyshev and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk came under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Another school in Donetsk came under fire. School grounds # 59 in Donetsk came under artillery bombardment on November 6. The school was covered with "Grad", whether there were people in it at the time of the shelling, and whether there are victims - is unknown.

Around 23: 00 (MSK) APU from the direction of n. The sands began shelling the mine’s waste Panfilov’s incendiary mines.

At the beginning of the third night of November 6, battles for the Donetsk airport flared up with a new force in the area of ​​the new terminal. At the beginning of the sixth morning it was not calm again, the militia artillery was working. As a result of the morning artillery strikes of the militia, the Kiev security forces lost at least one tank and at least a company of personnel, the militia destroyed the ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also, in the morning, the artillery of the DPR army suppressed several APU firing squads. Around midday there was a lot of smoke around the airport. Artillery confrontation between the APU and the BCH did not subside at the Donetsk airport throughout the day.

In 07: 40 (MSK) from n. Avdiivka APU renewed fire attack on the positions of the militia. Around 16: 40 (MSK) from the Avdeevka area of ​​the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired on the Oktyabrsky district of Donetsk.

In 12: 45 (MSK) in the region of n. Yasinovataya was fleeting: the Ukrainian security forces tried to attack the VSN units with the help of a tank platoon and one armored personnel carrier, in order to identify the firing positions of the militia, the entire Ukrainian armored vehicles were burned together with the personnel. Around 17: 00 battles in the Yasinovataya region have subsided.

At 19.30 (Moscow time), the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the town of Gorlovka with 120mm mortars, in the north-western outskirts of the city a battle began with the use of rifle weapons. At night, flights of Ukrainian UAVs were recorded in the sky over Gorlovka.

In 07: 15 (MSK), the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Debaltseve fired on the positions of the BCH. Militia artillery struck back against the positions of the Ukrainian security forces. As a result, the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed; the exact number of losses of the Ukrainian security forces was not reported.

In 10: 20 (Moscow Time) from the firing positions of the Ukrainian security forces in the area of ​​the settlement Starognatka from multiple launch rocket systems struck a fire attack on the settlement Petrovskoe, and in 10: 25, from the same positions, the outskirts of the settlement were subjected to artillery shelling and fire strikes from the MLRS. White Kamenka. The house was destroyed, two civilians were wounded. At the same time, the position of the militia in n.p. Petrovskoye were fired from the tank guns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, one militia was wounded.

Petrovskoe, Starognatovka, Belaya Kamenka

According to reports from eyewitnesses, 2 passed large columns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Slavyansk (under the control of Ukrainian security forces) towards Donetsk, including dozens of infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and trucks with infantry and cargo.

Military events in the LC

During the night from 5 to 6 in November, the militia artillery launched an attack on the fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​the settlement Gold (from the Grad MLRS, 3 times according to the NSDC) and Chernukhino (from mortars, 4 times according to the NSDC).

Around 07: 00 (MSK) there was a battle between the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Supreme National Council in the vicinity of the settlement. Gorsky.

In 10: 30 (Moscow time) and throughout the day in the area of ​​n. Kirovsk was heard the work of artillery. In 15: 00 (Moscow time), the Ukrainian military from its positions in the area of ​​n. Kamyshevakha from multiple launch rocket systems struck a fire attack on the northern and north-western outskirts of the settlement. Kirovsk.

Kamyshevakha, Kirovsk

In the area of ​​settlement The Crimean artillery of the militia fired at the military checkpoint of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian security forces fired at the Frunze MLRS "Grad".

Virtually all militia positions on the Bakhmutka highway (before Lysychansk) were subjected to massive shelling.

As a result of mortar shelling by the Ukrainian security forces in the village of Trehzbenka killed 1 civilian, 1 injured.

Under n. Stanitsa Luhanska during the day were fighting. During the night, the DRG militia from small arms and mortar shells attacked the national guard checkpoint in the area of ​​the settlement. Alder (to the east of the settlement of Stanitsa Luganskaya).


Upon the shelling of the school №63 of Donetsk, committed the day before, the RF IC filed a criminal case.

The Ukrainian military prosecutor’s office accuses more than three thousand people of desertion and evasion of mobilization.

The Russian Federation conducted coordination procedures for the next humanitarian convoy in the Donbass, said on Thursday the head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Vladimir Puchkov. "

Yesterday at 13: 50

Reporting from journalists

"Mariupol. Locals prevent the installation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces checkpoint in a residential area, on Taganrogskaya Street. There are protest actions against the Ukrainian Armed Forces. People have become a living wall to protect their homes."

Yesterday at 14: 35

Message from the militia

"In Stakhanov, fighting resumed, Ukrainian troops send reinforcements there and deliver artillery strikes on nearby settlements. There are civilian casualties. The truce was finally broken, the fighting resumed. The National Guard did not withdraw heavy artillery, as stipulated in the Minsk agreements. Ukraine. conduct shelling of strategically important objects, they want to leave the peaceful population of Donbass without gas, electricity and water. In the village of Trekhizbenka, Popasnyansky district of Luhansk People’s Republic, a woman died in a mine blast. "

Yesterday at 14: 55

Summary from the militia Prokhorov

"In the morning, the fighting in the Donetsk region is complicated by weather conditions - fog.
Early in the morning (at the beginning of the sixth), the militia conducted an artillery bombardment of the positions of the Ukrainian security forces in the settlement of Avdeevka, on 11: 00 (MSK), the battles subsided. But as of 13: 30 Moscow time in Donetsk, shelling of the city by Ukrainian artillery intensified. Ukry shifted fire to the area of ​​the Panfilov mine heap and began shelling the Oktyabrsky settlement and the 15 area.
In the village Marinka 28-I brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after a night of battle counts the loss.
At Debaltsevo at night, short-term local fights took place.

In Gorlovka, at night, the militia in response to the shelling of the Ukrainian security officials of the Bessarabka town, carried out the shelling of the positions of the Ukrainian military in the settlement. Mayorsk. "

Yesterday at 16: 52

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"Dill in Gold and Gorsky (north of Pervomaisk) covered with Arta. As in the Crimea.
The operation to reach Happiness continues - in the Olkhovoe and Old Aydar areas - fighting.
According to yesterday’s bombing of the 80 BTR, ukry recognized the 7 wounded, confirmed yesterday’s my info about the destruction of the crossing through the Seversky Donets, according to official 1 data, the dead dill. In the area Chernukhino-Debaltseve go shootout.
Now fennel actively frowning in Marinka (a suburb of Donetsk). Under Volnovakha - Novotroitsky began to punish dill for yesterday.
Dill continue to be punished in the Mariupol direction as well - their positions around Granitny, Lomakino and Novolaspa are shelled.
By the way, dill today in the media raised a wave (with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Dill) about the death of Bezler - bullshit is. "

Yesterday at 17: 07

The story of Odessa, survived the Ukrainian captivity

Alexander Voskoboinikov and Vladimir Vityukhovsky told about what they had experienced in the dungeons of the SBU and in captivity at the Dnipro battalion.
Alexander and Vladimir learned firsthand what the Ukrainian media are. After the arrest in March, the guys were kept in prison in the dungeons of the SBU, stuffed with anti-Russian propaganda. UkroSMI's work is not even a one-sided presentation of facts, but an outright lie. Why, one wonders, should the militia bombard themselves, their own cities, houses and schools? There is no limit to the cynicism of pro-American puppets.
Alexander Voskoboinikov and Vladimir Vityuhovsky have information that the port of Odessa is already mined, and during the retreat the Nazis are planning to destroy it. As the saying goes: “yak not z'їm, so take a snack!”
There is one very interesting point: Ukrainian punishers, all, as one, communicate with prisoners in masks. They realize that there is no longer a way back, and sooner or later they will have to answer for crimes.

Yesterday at 17: 29

Message from blogger Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky

"From the power structures of the former Ukraine, our allies report to the National Guard this week in Mariupol, Izium, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and other cities near the front line, instructions were received to install roadblocks as close as possible to residential buildings. Thus, the" national guardsmen " they are planning to defend themselves against the actions of militant militant groups, that is, to hide behind peaceful houses and civilians.
Residents of the occupied territories, require that roadblocks be installed as far as possible from residential buildings. Leave the whole entrances and houses. Insist that Ukrainian punishers are not hiding behind your backs. Protect yourself and your children from provocations of the criminal Kiev authorities.
Please maximize the spread. We must protect civilians. New Russia to be! "

Yesterday at 17: 34

Message from residents of the territories occupied by Ukrainian Nazis about the upcoming provocation

“In Kharkov, Ukrainian soldiers dress in Russian uniforms. I heard that ukry delivered sets of Russian military uniforms - they are going to stage a bloody show, dressing oligarchic hyenas in this uniform to deceive everyone into putting the militia on. They are going to literally cut out people like in the middle ages. I'm shocked ... "

Yesterday at 18: 00

Message from the militia

“Ukrainian punishers had just struck a mortar blow (120 mm) on the outskirts of Gorlovka. Ukry was attacked in Donetsk (Putilovka region) from the Grad RSRS. Now, Sand is also very hot in the area, shooting is firing, there are outgoing volleys from ukrov and incoming from the army of Novorossia. From the side of the Sand, ukrofashisty very strongly attack the area of ​​the Oktyabrskaya mine dump, something heavy is falling. In the area of ​​the airport, Ukrainian reconnaissance groups are trying to penetrate into its territory. "

Yesterday at 18: 30

Message from Alexey Toporov

"The Ukrainian army subjected the city of Kirovsk (LPR), the Frunze and Trekhizbenka villages to massive artillery fire and Grad installations, there are civilian casualties. The data on the death toll among the civilian population is being clarified, refugees from the affected settlements have already begun to arrive in Lugansk. The positions of LPR units located in the Slavyanoserbsky district along the Bakhmutka highway were also subjected to massive shelling. For their part, the Luhansk side launched a series of counter-attacks on enemy positions in the area e of the villages of Gorskoe, Zolotoe, Chernukhino, and Alder.According to sources from informed sources, LPR units managed to prevent the attack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with precision strikes that wanted to strike at Lugansk from several dozen Grad, Smerch and Uragan rocket launchers.

From the residents of Lugansk.

"All morning volleys are heard: our howitzers are driving the fascist scum away from the city. It's sunny in Lugansk."

Yesterday at 19: 25

Analysis of the prospects for the onset of the army of Novorossia from a military observer

"In brief, let us touch upon the prospects for the BHC offensive this year (I think still in the coming days rather than later, but there may be factors that may slightly shift this date). The tactical construction problems of the junta’s combat arrangements have already been described. We will not return to them. He singled out the northern direction, where there are "interesting" battles, where the VSN is testing a new tactic to overcome the defenses built on the principle of individual fortified company posts.

The entire system of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / NG is built on the same principle as at the infamous roadblocks on the Bakhmutk road. These are company fortifications that, due to lack of power, control communications nodes. Moreover, they are driven into these fortified areas primarily by parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (for example, not all of them, but many yes. For example, on the “bakhmutka”, there are parts of the 95-I amembrods and 24-I mbr). I do not know what a moron in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine thought up this, but he definitely needs to be given an order ... from "Novorossiya". In fact, the best parts of the junta are scattered around the front and attached to the shelling / shooting points. And they cannot get out of the shelling without destroying the entire defense system. Also, they cannot be used as part of the reinforcement in hazardous areas. Meanwhile, many terbats still sit in the rear, absolutely incapable, and therefore useless in the oncoming battle with the mechanized units of the BCH. It was more logical to shove ALL terbats into the first line under the first blow (although there are probably no fools after Ilovaysk), and to use the mechanized units of the Armed Forces as a mobile reserve. Undoubtedly, the resistance of the checkpoint defense in this case would be an order of magnitude weaker and the current VSN offensive would have gone much faster, but it gives a chance to avoid defeat with the boilers (as I already wrote, the APU / NG has no chance to keep the line of defense in this form).

The initiative to strike is completely at the militia. Consequently, they can apply the main advantage in any war — the concentration of forces and means (which the Ukrainian Armed Forces could not use in the summer). Even with parity in armaments (tanks, armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery systems), the BCH can concentrate fire impact on the front areas of interest to them, which already gives them an undeniable advantage. And given that the militia acts along internal operational lines and can transfer, for example, parts of the breakthrough and gain across the front in a matter of days (for the APU this will be the 1-2 of the week), it is logical to assume a series of powerful blows on remote areas of the front. In this case, it is necessary to advance in advance the mechanized reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a series of unpromising battles. In this case, this is the area of ​​the Donetsk airport and the neighborhood, Debaltseve, Marinka. By the way, tonight, the mobile reserve of the North command was transferred to the Bakhmutk highway area (before the 1 BTG. This will certainly stabilize the situation there for some time, but it will spend such a necessary and few mechanized reserve. If it is simply thrown at posts, this is the idiocy of the second level. The BCH will gladly crush it with artillery. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine clearly has no idea what can be opposed to the new militia tactics, therefore it makes a mistake after mistake).

Well, now to the prospects. The main attacks can be expected in the north and south.
Purpose. The defeat of more combat-ready parts of the junta and access to the borders of the LC and the DNI. This is a minimum plan. Further, there’s no special meaning yet. For the capture / liberation of Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, there are no forces (or rather, it can and can be captured, but this is politically unwise. By spring, the local population will hate not the junta, but the BCH). Of course, a big plan is also possible: the seizure of one or two districts of Zaporozhye, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions in order to proclaim the respective republics in them and to start creating the respective administrations. Judging by the October 26 elections, the most logical would be Berdyansk, Pavlograd, and Raisin. Big plan can be applied according to the situation. If parts of the APU / NG will be crushed and disorganized sufficiently.

Well, now that can prevent this. No, this is not the APU or NG. This is the absence of an order. Although it is very unlikely that this will happen. Judging by those markers are available, the order will be. "

Yesterday at 20: 02

Photo report from journalist Alena Kochkina

"In the photo, the fragments of that terrible weapon that killed two Donetsk guys ... I haven’t seen such until today ...
These pink pieces in the photo are called fragments of the skull, the dog found one of the fragments in 20 meters from the dead children. Fragments of the shell of the killer showed me the locals, like I had never seen. Local residents, who saw the explosions, unanimously say that these killers came from Peski, Avdiivka. "

At the site of the death of the dead children in Donetsk. Fragments of the shell of the killer showed me the locals, like I had never seen. Locals who saw the explosions in one voice say that these killers flew from Peski, Avdiivka.

Yesterday at 20: 39

Message from the deputy of the Lugansk city council Natalia Maksimets

"Aleksandrovsk and Yubileyny, it is difficult to say when you will have electricity. Perhaps, in time - from a week to three.
Substation purposefully fired Ukrainian troops. Two main transformers burned, the third - backup - damaged by a mine. Experts repaired it. The next stage is to add oil: more than 20 tons, it was received from Russia. Then you need to return to normal. I did not begin to delve into the features of the process, I realized only that it took time, and quite a long one. "

Yesterday at 21: 02

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"The war continues
From lunch they worked on the positions of dill near the town of Happiness and the Village of Lugansk. Dill again beat on Kirovsk and Pervomaisk.
By the way, today there was an exchange under Happiness - 5 of ours on the 7 of the ukrop military (8 Special Forces Regiment. 80-I Brigade, Aydar) and 2 volunteers.

Also continued to purse dill in the Golden and Gorsky (north of Pervomaisk).
In the area of ​​Bakhmutka, the fencing of the dill ferry near the village of Nizhnyaya continues.
Under Sokolniki, the Dremov Cossacks attacked the dill patrol - the 5 injured only the initial infa.

The bravura reports of the Ukrope command about providing warm clothing are refuted by life - even the elite 1 tank (“Honduran”) tank team “forest wolves” sting.

They continue to destroy the dill batteries in Avdiivka - they are located in the dacha, and they are hitting other positions with mortar - ukry retreated to the city.
Under Debaltsevo - in Chernukhino periodically shootout.
At lunch at the entrance to Mariupol there was an exchange of fire (on the Volodarskaya highway).
Fights are in the area of ​​Gorlovka. "

Yesterday at 21: 16

"We are ready to defend and attack" - a report from Givi on the airport

According to the commander, the enemy lost a large number of dead and wounded during the fire strike of the militia. Under the airport of Donetsk, 10 officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed, among which the colonel was the commander of a tank regiment.
"4 tank destroyed, 2" hail ", 2 artillery batteries, destroyed a convoy in the Ural 4 Sands with ammunition, 4 tank and 2 BMP," Givi reported. - The mortar calculations were destroyed in the military unit in Avdeevka destroyed. The 2 radio receiving station, the locator-trap that made radio interception, according to the infantry - about 160-170 people. In the evening there was an attempt to break through with tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. The attack was successfully repulsed ... "

Yesterday at 22: 25

Battlemap Overview

Yesterday at 22: 59

Summary of the military situation from the militia with the call sign "Yan"

"In the Dachnoye rate in the direction of Mariupol between Kremenevka and Volodarsky an accident occurred. On the eve, the Kiev Nazis brought reinforced concrete blocks and slabs to the bridge, did not put warning signs and abandoned everything, and left in the early morning a serious accident occurred - the taxi driver was late in the fog noticed an obstacle and crashed at speed, no one survived.
Yesterday, a new event took place in the Krasny Liman area, which added four divisions to the heavenly division, after clarification there will be more details.

The first half of the day was relatively calm. In the first half of the day, tears were heard in Avdiivka’s side. At half past three near Avdeevka fighting began. In Gorlovka, still not calm, artduel continues. About four days in Mariupol in the area of ​​the roadblock at the exit to Donetsk, the work of small arms was heard.
Aviation the enemy intensified in the afternoon, in the air no less than a link of the attack aircraft and two transporters.
In the afternoon, the Petrovsky district was subjected to Nazi shelling from the RSZO (six shells): ul. Resort, md. Briquette, bus and transport company, 29 mine; Kuybyshevsky district: mine dump Oktyabrskaya. Information about the destruction and injuries has not yet been reported.

16: 20 (NR) In the area of ​​Sand there is a shooting battle with the use of heavy armored vehicles, CPVT, AGS; the intensity of the battle is high, in some areas of the clash bear the character of close combat.
16: 30 (NR) In the Experimental and Thin Smoke area, the work of small arms, CPVT is heard. The fighting continues.
17: 00 (NR) In the side of Gornyak you can hear the work of a tank gun
17: 30 (NR) Re-applied artarm with MLRS in the area of ​​the First site, Privokzalny, Main.
17: 35 (HP) Petrovsky district, in the area of ​​the 110 mine close shooting.
17: 45 (NR) The Nazis are shelling the October with the MLRS. In the area of ​​the Privokzalny DRG of the enemy. Aside, the sand is still not calm. "

Yesterday at 23: 25

Message from bloggers

“The arrival in the Donbass of the Chechen unit, which had sworn to Ramzan Kadyrov to take revenge on the“ shaitanists ”fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Nazis, brought the first fruits. Today, it was reported that this group destroyed Vakhid Bamatgireev, the commander of the Ichkerian militants of the times of the Chechen wars who fought in the war against the Chechen wars. and its surroundings. "

Today in 1: 15

Overview of the XBUM Interbrigade Southeast

"The past 24 hours in Novorossia were a bit quieter than the previous ones, but the battles were fought on all the more or less significant sectors of the front.

Donetsk People's Republic
Donetsk - during the night the jackals of the junta, due to a misunderstanding, referred to as the Armed Forces of Ukraine, continued shelling the city (mainly, Kiev, Kuibyshev and Petrovsky districts), using all types of weapons (SAU, mortars, RSOR Grad). From midnight, the punishers intensified the shelling of the Panfilov mine using incendiary ammunition; in the morning - m / r Gladkova and Oktyabrsky district.

Avdiivka: Early in the morning, the militia inflicted several artillery strikes on the firing points of the ukrovermht, after which the intensity of the shelling of punitive artillery in Donetsk decreased slightly.
Gorlovka - artillery continues with a punisher in the settlement of Maiorskoe (Ukrovermht from the Grad MLRS, fired at the Bessarabka police station; By evening, the punitive again struck a powerful mortar strike on the outskirts of the city.
Marinka district - armed clashes are reported, starting in the afternoon, in the suburbs of the Marinka settlement and in the Krasnogorovka settlement, as well as in the mortar shelling of the national guard post near the settlement of Glorious.

Other settlements DNR
Debaltsevo - artduely and local clashes do not subside, the situation is stable and tense.
Dzerzhinsk - at night, the militia artillery dealt a powerful blow to the ukrovermht fortified area in the area of ​​the Yuzhnaya mine, a large ammunition depot was destroyed.
Dokuchaevsk - the punishers continue shelling residential areas from the direction of Volnovaha settlement (2 was hit from the Grad MLRS)
Telmanovsky district - clashes continue on this sector of the front: during the day, the militia artillery methodically fired at the fortifications of punitive troops in the area of ​​the village of Granitnoye and Novolasp.
Yasinovatsky district - during the night, clashes in the suburbs of the village of Yasinovataya and PGT Pesky did not abate. The militia fired a number of shelling of the firing points of the punitive artillery in the villages of Tonenkoe and Orlovka.

Mariupol - the situation in the suburbs is restless (in the PGM area of ​​Lomakino, the National Security Forces checkpoint was hit by the MLRS Grad by the militia)

Lugansk People's Republic
Popasnyansky district - during the night, the militia repeatedly bombarded Ukrovermhta's strongholds in the village of Popasnaya (from the Grad MLRS) and Chernukhino (from mortars). In the afternoon, militia attacks on punitive checkpoints in the Gorskoe region resumed. The National Guardsmen also conducted shelling, but in residential areas - in the evening the outskirts of the settlement were subjected to a mortar attack. Mountain, Chernukhino and Golden.
Slavyanoserbsky district - the epic on the highway "Bakhmutka" and in the nearby villages continues. At night, the militiamen twice from the Grad MLRS struck at the punitive checkpoint in the area of ​​Krymskoe, then added several times from mortars. In the area of ​​the settlement of Sokolniki, the 7 punishers were injured and were injured on a land mine. In the afternoon, the militia forces resumed the artillery suppression of the NKGDs in the Frunze settlement. In turn, the punishers fired at residential areas in the settlement of Trekhizbenka and Frunze (there is an unspecified number of victims among the civilian population)
Stanichno-Lugansky district — fighting intensified in the area of ​​Olkhova and Old Aydar in the afternoon. It is reported that the militia are making efforts to reach out and operational environment of the punishers who occupied the settlement of Schastye. In the suburbs of the Stanitsa Luhanskaya itself is also restless - firefights flare up, the DRGs of the punishers act. And during the day, the MLRS “Grad” militia also inflicted several blows on a pontoon ferry across the Seversky Donets river near the village of Nizhny

Occupied Territory
Slavyansk - continue to receive information about the movement of large subdivisions of Ukrovermht in the direction of Donetsk (during the day a convoy of 20 units was seen, including 3 Ural trucks with howitzers, LAZ 3 bus personnel, 4 BTR, and 10 trucks with ammunition). "

Today in 1: 24

Strelkov Igor Ivanovich answered the questions of readers in his forum

QUESTION: It is time to build statehood. The Makhnovshchina is inevitable at the beginning of the struggle, but now as never before, unity of command is necessary both in the army and in civilian structures. Thank God, people just leave, but they are not removed.

ANSWER: Your lips would be - yes, the medica ... They leave, yeah ... Someone has to leave, and run off. And it is often those who “pulled out” the most difficult first months in battle and gained nothing on it (I’m not talking to myself). But in their place come the men concrete, not previously distinguished, but well aware, "which side is the butter on the sandwich".

QUESTION: Igor Ivanovich, as they said in the press, you put Zakharchenko in your place. Was Brainstorm's Best Candidate?

ANSWER: Do not confuse. Zakharchenko put Surkov - after meeting with him in Rostov Zakharchenko returned as "prime minister" (instead of Beard, who immediately resigned). And if Boroday did not interfere in military affairs, then Zakharchenko immediately began to pull upon himself the functions of “commander-in-chief” according to the Constitution of the DPR. And I formally wasn’t even one. I could only hand over the position of the (largely formal) Minister of Defense by order. I gave it to Kononov (who, by the way, was also chosen by Zakharchenko, although I supported this nomination).

QUESTION: Unanimous authority is needed, and even before you wrote about it in the military leadership. Perhaps it is for this that there is a change of commanders. I thought that everything was fine with them, because they (and you) go to Russia, and S.N. today spoke of a pleasant surprise and a new position for Bezler.

ANSWER: Bezler, perhaps, after some time, will really be returned. She and Zakharchenko fully understand each other. Although not a fact.

QUESTION: To devour, to merge, what else is there? .. a similar scenario, similarly ... Two days already this record is being played ... We know a lot? Wait.

ANSWER: Brain going - in the near future. Today only talked about it.

QUESTION: Is the beard too Surkov's man? Or I'm wrong?

ANSWER: Initially - no. But very quickly he became one. And it remains to this day.

QUESTION: Badly, if pulled out and smashed ...

ANSWER: Nothing. All the same, "sewed in a bag you will not conceal." In addition, I in no way call for “overthrow the constitutional order of the DNR-LC”. On the contrary, I regularly urge and persuade the overly hot commanders to humble themselves and obey. Because there is no way out - in the conditions of an external war, internal political clashes are unacceptable.

QUESTION: Russia has come under severe pressure from economic and political sanctions by the United States and its European allies. Putin is demonized by Western media and declared a threat to the integrity of Europe and the interests of the United States. In your opinion, is today's Russia capable of real (military and economic) confrontation with the Western coalition, and is such a development of events as a war with NATO possible?

ANSWER: NATO is not going to fight with us. The international oligarchy is going to overthrow Putin and put a more appealing "Menager" in his place, simultaneously robbing him once again, completely disarming and greatly reducing the size of Russia, which was not completely finished with the collapse of the USSR. All this is planned to be done at the expense of "internal resources" - without risking war - according to the pattern beaten in Yugoslavia, Libya and Ukraine.

QUESTION: What do you think of such an opinion that there is no opposition between the US and the Russian Federation, but in reality we are dealing with confrontation between two “towers” ​​of the Russian authorities, one of which is deliberately dumping the country into a serious economic crisis against the background of sanctions and local war, who, in sum, should create in our country a fertile environment for unrest and interception of power? I understand clearly? that the United States performs a certain "order" from Russia.

ANSWER: There are no "towers". There is Putin with a small group of inextricably linked officials and "everything else" (inextricably linked with his savings in foreign banks).

QUESTION: Extremely negative events in Russia are developing rapidly. Injections are made, which are obviously designed to sway negative in the society. And this is not so much from the media, but from the “liberal” part of the bureaucracy. It is puzzling why Putin is not taking any real steps to remedy the situation. There is a complete impression that there is some kind of "delaying time", although at the same time, the time is clearly not in favor of Putin. What is it, lack of resources or disbelief that the people will support him?

ANSWER: Rather, a complete lack of understanding that the people generally play any role, except for the "statistical". And the fear of going beyond the protected area to the "wild" (that is, pre-selected and not filtered FSO) people. And the environment, which together, loudly and harmoniously performs the imperishable hit "Everything is fine, beautiful marquise!"

QUESTION: Decipher a hint for dull ones, please.

ANSWER: We have hints since the time of the Munich speech - a whole collection. And from the cases unless Crimea can be called. I have already said and will repeat as many times as desired - with the current "team" intended for "infusion into the world community" and already there personally "infused" (as top Soviet officials - into communism), it is mortally dangerous to oppose this "community" completely unpromising - they will first all drown in sabotage, and then they will betray them directly.

QUESTION: In my opinion, the more they put pressure on us from the outside, the higher is Putin’s rating. Maybe these are all the pessimistic predictions that someone seriously thinks to deprive the president of people's love?

ANSWER: A couple of months of such inflation, as it is now (with a freeze of wages), and "people's love" will dry out a lot. In addition, in Moscow, and so (despite the high standard of living) does not "break records" - people who went to the Swamp, have not gone anywhere. And most importantly, does something really depend on the people in the current realities? The people long ago and reliably removed from the influence on power. And the power itself in the hands of high-ranking officials, who closely merged with the oligarchy, is a kind of surrogate for the “Central Committee of the CPSU”. If you remember, in 1991, the overwhelming number of citizens of the USSR voted to preserve it. This stopped the conspirators from the Central Committee of the CPSU? Not at all! But the masses remained extras and only a part of them participated in the "show" called "the national resistance of the Emergency Committee." Purely for the picture and for the creation of the legend of the "nation-wide revolution" (so that the same people could later be duped by this legend).

QUESTION: The question is not about high politics, but about more mundane things: Are there any types of small arms that are most of all "like"? (except "Maksimov" on the PRC of course)

ANSWER: AKM 7,62. I think the most reliable "machine" of all that I tried. Respect "Val". From pistols I prefer the “good old” models - “Colt-1911”, “High Power”, “Beretta”, “Walter-PPK”. Well, of course, "Mauser". (albeit inconvenient and "morally obsolete", but what a chic thing !!! :)). In spite of the size and small capacity of the stores, they like P-08 and P-38 very much. Of the domestic samples, “Korovin” is most liked, and in the practical plane - “Vector”. With a silencer - no options for PB. From machine guns - I consider it undeservedly forgotten and decommissioned RPD.

QUESTION: Recent events have shown in Ukraine that people cannot organize themselves locally, the same happens in the republics, but imagine chaos on the scale of Russia? Power will not be given up just like that, it is taken on bayonets, that Pu doesn’t want to loosen the “construction” with all external challenges - a very dubious success.

ANSWER: Remember the fairy tale of Saltykov-Shchedrin (I love to reread it - still relevant!) "Bear in Voivodeship"? There, Major Bruin 3, having seen enough of the failures of his predecessors, came to the conclusion that it is better not to do anything — not a few evil deeds (Bruin 1-s “chizhika ate” - ridicule and shame), nor great ones (XTNXX-B the result was planted on the count), but to accept the practice of "natural evil". That is, I laid myself in a den, ate the tribute that was brought directly to it, and did nothing - did not interfere anywhere. He first became a lieutenant colonel, then a colonel, and finally ... but then the men came to the forest, and at that time Toptygin came out of his den. And they made him either a fur coat, or a scarecrow.
We got out of the den with the Crimea. Lying on all sides and having forgotten how to fight (and even growling is rather menacing - no one is afraid). And now we need to do something - otherwise the skin will surely be torn off.

Today in 2: 25

Video from Ukrainian punishers

“This is how the Ukrainian punishers are operating in Piski and the vicinity of the Donetsk airport. The filming was done by the punishers of the OUN division.”

Today in 2: 55

Message from the militia

"The army of Novorossiya destroyed the AFU crossing across the Seversky Donets River - according to official data, 1 Ukrainian military was killed. Fighting is going on in Lisichansk, militia DRGs are working. beat out of a mortar - Ukrainian security forces retreated into the city, endangering residential buildings. By evening, fighting continues in the Gorlovka settlement of the village. T. Chernukhino shows periodic skirmishes. In the afternoon at the entrance to Mariupol there was a shootout (at Volodar highway.) In the afternoon, the Ukrainian Armed Forces aviation stepped up; no less than two ground attack aircraft and two transport workers were seen in the skies over Donetsk. "

Today in 4: 10

Message from bloggers

“As a result of the shelling of the Donetsk school, several schoolchildren died. Plots on this subject were passed on by a TV man. How do you think Ukrainians reacted to this event? Their first reaction was reflex and familiar to Ukrainians -“ it’s not us ”, immediately voiced by Savvik Schuster. But the source suddenly outraged ...
Yes, they say, it is we, Ukrainians, who are shooting at children. But we, Ukrainians, have an excuse, because the saints of the “onizhedeti” of the heavenly hundreds shoot, but already in the military uniform of the Ukrainian army, and not in the uniform of the Ukrainian right-wing sector. In the eyes of Mr. Pan, the Ukrainians show up confusion, how is it, why can we kill people on the Maidan in Kiev and Odessa, and then some Donetsk schoolchildren can not be suddenly? Dissonance slightly injured the brain of the ancient Ukra, he was even offended, but he immediately found support in other program participants.
Yes, they agreed amicably, killing is not only possible but necessary. After all, the residents of Donetsk did not take a pro-Ukrainian position, dared to have their own opinion, different from that of Kiev. They must be made to love the new Kiev authorities, even by killing children in the school by artillery fire of the Ukrainian army. "

Today in 4: 50

Message from bloggers

"Listened to the edge of the ear ukro-news. In short Briefly - Russia is to blame for all of Russia (!) At she frustrated the Minsk agreements .. What? That
1. Concentrates troops on the border
2. The correspondents of the shopping center Vesti - “knew for sure” that the schoolchildren would die, for they ended up there first of all. And that's all.
Here I read that they are shooting at the APU. Pa TV say-not even the militia, and the Russian troops. No more, no less.
They say about the militia - that the militia bears (in response (!)) Great losses. And the APU lost something 3 man killed and so wounded. pt
In short, why should the Russian Federation here violated the Minsk agreements and it is not clear. Hedgehog ff fog) "

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  1. Very old
    Very old 8 November 2014 06: 26
    Hedgehog ff fog) "

    Like all of Europe, knowing the situation only from media reports of dill am
  2. Federal
    Federal 8 November 2014 06: 38
    This "Pandora's Box" was not opened by us, but apparently all the same Russia will have to close, no matter how much it wants to and no matter how our country resists from it.
  3. shishakova
    shishakova 8 November 2014 07: 01
    Scary frames ...

    The blessed memory of the fallen ...

    "Whoever comes to us with a sword will perish by the sword." So dill dies even at night thanks to night vision devices.

    Dear defenders of New Russia! For your victory!
    God bless you.
  4. mamont5
    mamont5 8 November 2014 07: 07
    "So, on November 6, a Ukrainian tank platoon, consisting of four tanks and one armored personnel carrier, tried to carry out reconnaissance in force in the area of ​​the settlement of Yasinovataya. The attempt of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was suppressed by the militia, the Ukrainian armored vehicles, along with the personnel, were destroyed."

    Ukrainians in their forums complain that their tankers "do not know how to shoot on the move" and therefore Russian tanks quickly destroyed them from an ambush. Still, after all, the elite Kantemirovsk division was opposed to the tamers. smile
  5. red rocket
    red rocket 8 November 2014 07: 10
    Children are sacred, life is not fair! These scum, will answer with their lives yet!
  6. SveTok
    SveTok 8 November 2014 07: 48
    Well done, you have such a job to defend your homeland and you are honorably doing it, drive Banderlog to Poland.
  7. staryivoin
    staryivoin 8 November 2014 07: 49
    Eternal memory to the boys of Donetsk. And it’s time for you, Petro Poroshenko, to prepare the plane and the landing site, otherwise they’ll "put" him on the bench of the military tribunal !!!
    1. Junior, I
      Junior, I 8 November 2014 07: 55
      Do not tell what and how to do it, let it think its own ..., well, what is there or remains.
    2. Siberian German
      Siberian German 8 November 2014 09: 19
      Yes, and in the direction of take-off of his S-300 aircraft, put it - and then say this is not us like banderlogs about Boeing
    3. Siberian German
      Siberian German 8 November 2014 09: 20
      Yes, and in the direction of take-off of his S-300 aircraft, put it - and then say this is not us like banderlogs about Boeing
  8. andj61
    andj61 8 November 2014 07: 59
    I.I. Strelkov: We climbed out of the den with the Crimea. Having tracked all the sides and forgotten how to fight (and even growl menacingly enough - no one is afraid). And now something needs to be done - otherwise the skin will definitely be torn off.

    In principle, everything is clear: for the West, all actions of Russia - except for frank surrender - are unacceptable. Therefore, one must proceed only from one's national interests. These interests now lie in protecting the population of the people's republics. The Ukrainians buried the Minsk peace agreements with artillery fire and armored vehicles attacks. Again, negotiating with them is futile. It is necessary, at a minimum, to provide a security zone - 30 km - by force, but it is better to go to the administrative borders of the republics.
    Inside the country, prices must be immediately contained! True, I do not believe that the Medvedev government is capable of this - they are terribly far from the people.
    1. Siberian German
      Siberian German 8 November 2014 09: 23
      The most regrettable, in my opinion, is this - They are leaving, yeah ... Some people have not to leave, but to run as fast as they can. Moreover, these are often the very ones who “pulled out” the most difficult first months in the battles and did not gain anything from it (I'm not talking about myself). But in their place come concrete men, who have not distinguished themselves in any way, but who know very well "from which side the butter is on the sandwich" - that is, now everything that was waiting for someone to win comes up - as always, some win for the sake of bright ideals and the victory benefits from all scum
  9. Fire
    Fire 8 November 2014 08: 01
    This horror will soon reach Russia as if we did not want it stop We, both old and young, and the military and couch should understand everything that is happening and with this concept we will give our lives for our homeland as our fathers and grandfathers did, and I am sure that RUSSIA, as it was at all times, will erase the unread from the inhabited land! angry
    1. Junior, I
      Junior, I 8 November 2014 08: 10
      It’s a pity that they didn’t remove all the odds from the earth until America!
  10. mira. 36
    mira. 36 8 November 2014 08: 03
    The state - neither peace nor war continues. It is not clear how long this ember will smolder. To whom this condition is at hand - of course the junta. The shelling of cities continues with a quiet glanders, deliberately destroys the infrastructure and dies civilians. Time does not work for the militia, the patience of the people is not unlimited, and the Ukrainian side calculates this. As they say, they do not happen to be half pregnant, so here you have to make a choice - peace or war until victory. At this stage, the expansion of territories does not make sense until the issue of the buffer zone around Donetsk is resolved. It is fundamentally and strategically important to resolve this issue and allow people to establish a peaceful life without the constant threat of shelling in Donetsk.
  11. Gray 43
    Gray 43 8 November 2014 09: 32
    Do not shit yourself splinters !!!!!! What kind of ammunition is this ??? About 30 mm thick-man in the trash will carry. I was surprised that the junta still had salutes, they even fly, at times.
  12. siberalt
    siberalt 8 November 2014 09: 45
    After the "winter quarters" the militia may be out of work. Although, on the other hand, why cannot the newly elected government protect the inhabitants of Donetsk from shelling? People are dying, but there is no order.
  13. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 8 November 2014 11: 14
    About ukrooborona: "not to teach father and BASTA!" (C), I will give an example of the Maginot Line. The French defense supermonster never came in handy. The Germans simply went around from the flank, went to the rear and went wherever they wanted. But the threat of circumvention created would force the Nazis to stretch their forces even further. Rubber cannot be stretched indefinitely - it will tear. The artillery means of the murderers of the People of Novorossiya will shut up on the condition of the cessation (difficulty) of supply. And the militia forces are generally correct. Here, as in a fight. By the centimeter, catching on errors to press and go to the control with painful, preferably on the neck with relic oxygen overlap ...