Altai Cossacks, sworn allegiance to "United Russia", hoping to sit on budget funding

Altai Cossacks, sworn allegiance to "United Russia", hoping to sit on budget fundingAltai Cossacks are experiencing their best times in the post-Soviet stories, quotes 13 in August, the opinion of atamans of a separate Cossack society is the official organ of the regional authorities - the newspaper "Altai Pravda". As two facts confirming this assessment, the newspaper cites the following. In July, a law on the development of Cossacks in the Altai Territory was passed at the session of the AKZA, which clearly regulates the activities of these public formations. The second fact testifying to the prosperity of the Altai Cossacks is that one of the first Cossacks in the region declared their desire to join the "Popular Front" created by the party "United Russia", within which they intend to actively participate in the social and political life of the region.

“I think that today more than enough has been done for the Russian Cossacks,” said Viktor Trutnev, acting Ataman of the Altai otdelsky Cossack society of the Siberian Cossack Army. “We are grateful to the President, the government and the United Russia party, who managed to hold The laws on the Cossacks. The basic legal framework for our movement is actually prepared ... A huge amount of work was done by the regional administration. A regional law on the Cossacks was adopted, which provides the legal basis for Further development. In particular, members of Cossack societies on the basis of contracts with executive authorities will assist in organizing military-patriotic education of young people, in preparing military conscripts, preventing and eliminating emergency situations and natural disasters, and protecting public order and the border. Since then we have been doing this on a voluntary basis, now we will be full partners, which gives the Cossacks social security. In subsequent years, it is possible to finance the state service of the Russian Cossacks from the regional and local budgets. Support is also possible if the Cossack component is included in the regional and other target programs financed from the budget of the appropriate level. "

The official publication, however, complains - "and yet you remain a public organization ..." However, this status does not confuse the brave ataman: "No public organization or party today has as many rights as the Cossacks are endowed. We have the opportunity to engage all types of public service without the formation of legal entities on the basis of laws and statutory documents. " He hopes that soon Cossack associations will be directly financed from the budget: “Now everything depends on how the Cossacks show themselves. So far we have not been put on the budget, and formally we are a public organization. By the way, one of the largest in the region and even beyond. In Altai there are 36 Cossack organizations and societies entered into the state register. They include almost 4,5 thousands of people in the region, 1800 of them serve. The Altai Cossacks are considered one of the best in Siberia. "

Commenting on the strategic alliance with the party "United Russia", the leader of the Altai Cossacks tried to identify the reasons that led his followers to unite with the "party of officials" that is losing popularity. "It should be understood that the decisions and proposals made within the framework of the Popular Front will be transformed into laws that will become the concrete embodiment of the tasks of developing our movement and the region as a whole ... There are plenty of questions, it is obvious that they can be solved under the wing of the All-Russian We have concluded an agreement with the United Russia party on cooperation. I must say that United Russia members are meeting us in our endeavors, we, in turn, propagate the ideas of the party, support it in all matters and projects. This is a normal phenomenon, when political forces seek representation in power. Throughout the whole of pre-Soviet Russian history, the Cossacks also participated in lawmaking, we face a similar task. "

In response, the authorities for its support of the Cossacks of the Altai Territory would like to receive funds from the budget. “We are preparing for the adoption of a regional target-oriented comprehensive program for the development of Cossacks in the Altai,” said Viktor Trutnev. “Of course, this is not a matter of a single day, it will most likely be accepted by the new composition of the AKZS. It will determine its financial component. We are actively cooperating on a contractual basis with regional management, fishery supervision and other organizations. But this is not the way out of this situation: to work on a voluntary basis such a multifunctional organization as ours, simply does not have the opportunity. Unfortunately, there are no other financing mechanisms. Similar comprehensive programs for the development of Cossacks have already been adopted in the 24 regions of the country, others are being approved. I think that with the support of the regional administration, and it turns out to us, the Altai Cossacks are completely Soon he will take another big step towards his rebirth. "
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