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Protocol on freezing of Donbass

After the dismissal of the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC), Andrei Paruby, the holder of a certificate of mental retardation, which does not prevent him from leading everything that his kind, sympathetic and, apparently, intelligent people like that appointed in independent Ukraine, it is even difficult suggest who in this body (NSDC) could think of this. And yet, the case of the person who entered history modern Ukraine with a smoke bomb in the house, lives. On November 4 of this year, the NSDCU made a decision: to recommend abolishing the special status of Donbass.

That is, to introduce in the new Verkhovna Rada a bill on the repeal of the law on the peculiarities of local self-government in certain regions of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The NSDC could not disobey, for it was done on the recommendation of ... the President of Ukraine. Of course, with such an approach to affairs in the state Paruby will still lead the club of young (or not so) intellectuals of Ukraine. He has someone to follow and to whom to look like ...

However, the leader of the nation and the supreme commander can be understood. He is offended. First of all, by how the people made him and his strength - a nominal unit - in the early parliamentary elections. And he awarded the victory to a certain “Popular Front” (NF) headed by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the Speaker of the Rada Oleksandr Turchinov. Now, most likely, personal staffing will not change - all will remain with their positions.

And then they put the pig under the guarantor and the residents of the self-proclaimed DNR and LNR, who together went to the November 2 elections and voted for their candidates, thereby confirming that they saw this “happiness” in the coffin - life in the cathedral neo-Nazi ethnocratic Ukraine under the banner of Stepan Bandera and under singing “Sche ne vmerl ...” when visiting public toilets, patriotically painted in yellow-blue.

This is probably what forced the president, together with the NSDC and Rada, to abolish the law, which he had just signed on October 16 of this year. And on the grounds that the self-proclaimed republics de violate the conditions of the Minsk Protocol on a cease-fire in the civil war zone.

Well, let's take a look at this document, signed by 5 September 2014, by the participants of the Trilateral Contact Group: OSCE Ambassador Heidi Tagliavini, second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, who was commissioned by President Fifth, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov and DNR representatives Alexander Zakharchenko and LPR Igor Yaroslav Carpentry. The last two, by the way, in the November 2 elections became the legitimate heads of their state formations. Here is the text: “The protocol on the results of consultations of the Tripartite Contact Group on joint steps aimed at implementing the Peace Plan of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and initiatives of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Following the consideration and discussion of the proposals made by the participants of the consultations in Minsk on September 1 2014, the Tripartite Contact Group composed of representatives from Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe reached agreement on the need to take the following steps:

1. Ensure immediate bilateral termination weapons.

2. To ensure monitoring and verification by the OSCE of the non-use of weapons regime.

3. To carry out the decentralization of power, including through the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On the temporary order of local self-government in certain regions of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions" (Law on Special Status).

4. Ensure continuous monitoring of the Russian-Ukrainian state border and verification by the OSCE with the creation of a security zone in the border areas of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

5. Immediately release all hostages and illegally detained persons.

6. Adopt a law on the prevention of prosecution and punishment of persons in connection with the events that occurred in certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.

7. Continue inclusive national dialogue.

8. Take steps to improve the humanitarian situation in the Donbas.

9. To ensure the holding of early local elections in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the temporary procedure for local self-government in certain districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions” (Law on Special Status).

10. Remove illegal armed groups, military equipment, as well as militants and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine.

11. Adopt a program for the economic revival of Donbass and the restoration of vital activity of the region.

12. Provide guarantees of personal safety for the participants in the consultations. ” Everything, total 12 points ...

As we see, Ukraine was only partially able to fulfill only one point out of twelve, and he is going to cancel it. Because it was Kiev that didn’t bring the matter to mind - it was not able to precisely define the boundaries of the districts of the two regions covered by the law on special status. And the DPR and the LPR, which, in accordance with their referendums on the independence of 11 in May of this year, generally claimed the territories that were under their control at the time of the plebiscite (that is, practically in the territory of two regions), responded by holding the elections of 2 in November. And not December 7, as Kiev intended in accordance with the intention of the Minsk Protocol.

And this discrepancy occurred for several reasons. First, there are too different external factors influencing the sides of the civil war in the Donbass. Militiamen of the DPR and LNR are actively assisted by those Russian political, economic and public circles who would like to see on this, in fact, a former Ukrainian territory, the rebirth or birth of Moscow-controlled Novorossia. This is actually what many people want in the DPR with the LC. And Kiev completely fulfills the commands of Washington in fulfilling the main task - turning the Donbass into a territory of instability, which would weaken Russia. Involved it into a conflict and thus brought it under international sanctions as an "accomplice of terrorism." Kiev somehow cope with this task.

Secondly, Ukraine does not even want to hear about a federal reorganization of the state, on which the DPR and the LPR insist. If negotiations about this had begun in the spring of this year, immediately after the coup, then, in the opinion of many, Ukraine and the Crimea would have kept, and the Donbass would not have lost. And so the rebellious regions were saved by raising their status from neo-Nazi and neo-fascist rhetoric and changing the foreign policy course from hidden pro-Russian to frank pro-European.

Thirdly, Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk do not trust each other. Therefore, almost all paragraphs of the Minsk Protocol are not met. There is neither a cease-fire (the parties hope to solve everything by force), no inclusive dialogue (Kiev does not negotiate with terrorists and reflects “Russian aggression”), or border control (Ukraine cannot establish it, because the DPR with the LPR do not give) neither the program of reviving the destroyed Donbass (Kiev does not give money, which he also simply does not have), nor a full exchange of prisoners (Kiev does not want to amnesty and give away "terrorists" and "separatists", whom it intends to indicatively judge others to discourage them) . The only thing the parties have achieved is security guarantees to the participants of the meetings. And only because they cannot reach each other for the time being ...

And finally, fourthly - and this is the main thing! - Ukraine, based on the above three reasons, cannot offer the DPR and LNR anything that the self-proclaimed republics did not win and would not defend with arms. I repeat - NOTHING! Neither the Russian language (he is de facto dominant), nor respect for culture and identity, nor for the historical and religious preferences of the residents of Donbass, nor even a distinct political, economic and moral course. And this is called a full deadlock.

In response to Kiev’s readiness to repeal the laws on the special status of Donbass and on amnesty for members of the clashes, Donetsk and Lugansk are ready to prepare a new Minsk protocol and submit it to the new Tripartite meeting, scheduled for late November. And the heads of the two republics will no longer go to Minsk, but will send their representatives there. It seems that they do not believe in the effectiveness of such meetings. Or they simply demand that Kiev raise the status of negotiators, and not entrust this to the “incomprehensible” Kuchma.

All this leads to the fact that the conflict in the Donbass can move from the stage of “hot” civil war to the category of “frozen”. That is, those whose decision is postponed until better times and is a constant source of instability and a threat to peace and order on their borders. And after all, what is surprising is that Ukraine should first think about this not to happen. If only because it has already lost it and will still lose territory in case of anything. She must (and can) either by force restore the status quo (to which she has no strength). Or to show wonders of diplomatic and other flexibility in order to attract the rebellious regions to their side by making them such offers that they, speaking in the cinematic mafia language, could not refuse ...

Kiev, it seems, is choosing the third way - it hopes that the pacified Donbass will be brought to a leash by some third forces. Whether the West, providing all possible assistance. Whether Russia, abandoning the practice of "collecting land" and "protecting Russian compatriots." So tell me afterwards how clever and feasible in practice are the calculations of the Kiev geopolitical pseudo-strategists. No wonder that Parubiy was issued in childhood the mentioned certificate of headaches. Medicine in the USSR was on top, it’s the future Ukrainian “heroes”, in my opinion, I saw right through and they spanked the correct diagnoses on time ...

... But're coming out-intellectualism flourishes further. Recently, the speaker of the Right Sector, Borislav Bereza, suggested counting on Donbass to help return the new US president, who comes from the Republican Party. Because the current one, Democrat Barack Obama, to put it mildly, does not pull, and in Ukraine, he doesn’t pimpet. “We need a new US president who would be more resolute, and, most likely, we will wait for him from the Republicans, but we would like the Congress to start the pressure now. ... There will be pressure, because Republicans need to show Obama’s shortcomings as an international leader right now. After all, the US is an international gendarme, this is their backstage name. To maintain this status, you need to match it. And just the loss of image for Americans is very painful for ordinary voters. They are used to thinking that America is a great country. So it is, but they prefer to assume that this is not just a name, a fact. In order for this fact to remain a reality, you need to confirm the words with deeds. And this can play very seriously, ”the Ukrainian fighter offered the American“ brothers ”. Well, an absolutely independent Ukrainian politician ...

... If only they knew, they and Parubiy were examined in one clinic? ..

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  1. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 8 November 2014 06: 45
    [quote: Recently, the speaker of the Right Sector Borislav Bereza suggested that Donbass help return the new US president, a native of the Republican Party. Because the current, Democrat Barack Obama, to put it mildly, does not pull and does not cry out in ukrodely.]

    And why are they still not asking for another state to America? Shale gas is already Americans, the bowels smoothly migrate into their own pocket. Ukrainians will be renamed to Indians, it is convenient to remove scalps for Kaklyak chubs ... wassat
    FREGATENKAPITAN 8 November 2014 07: 08
    So the Head of the MIL of Poland so bluntly calls Ukraine his colony! ...... National People hails as they say! Ukrainians ... really not a bit of pride and memory left with you?
  2. Момент
    Момент 8 November 2014 07: 47
    Here the Poles are dividing Ukraine, and the junta is hoping to return the Donbass. So they slept through their brains when they gave them away to such "smart"
  3. Denis fj
    Denis fj 8 November 2014 13: 26
    As in the water looked.
  • Revolver
    Revolver 8 November 2014 07: 14
    but I would like Congress to start pressure now.
    According to the US Constitution, Congress is not involved in foreign policy, this is the prerogative of the president. All that Congress can do in this regard is to allow the use of military force or not. And also to allocate money for certain foreign policy actions carried out by the president, or not. And apparently, the Republican Congress does not intend to allocate extra money to Obama for foreign policy scams, because, firstly, such are the relations between Obama and Congress, and secondly, a waste of money on some kind of Ukraine, which not every congressman, but the more an ordinary American will find it on the map, it is not very popular among taxpayers, they are voters. They will also be allocated to the Middle East - after all, there is oil and Islamists, this is understandable to voters, but to Ukraine - only if symbolically, about a box of cookies will be enough, and even then not some Italian or Belgian thread, but cheaper and simpler, like Roshen.
    So, Mr. Birch, learn the materiel. And get ready for the earth.
  • mamont5
    mamont5 8 November 2014 07: 25
    "We need a new US president who would be more decisive and, most likely, we will wait for him from the Republicans,"

    Well, the great-Ukrainians have a task in the near future - the election of a new Svidomo US president.
  • pest
    pest 8 November 2014 07: 30
    Dill constantly need an external threat, even if from the Jedi and MacLeod clan, it would still be nice to have a targeted Luntik attack on various special objects. How else, the newborn democracy is in danger! The enemy does not sleep! The search for saviors begins, not free of course. But the "saviors" are ready to save only the parts of the earth's surface for which they have a view and interest, and no one needs fleas that jump on this surface. These are parasites, and they are usually corroded. So good luck to the dill to revive the serfdom and be slaves to the lords, herrs, sirs. Russia abolished the serf system in the 19th century, and these rams at 21 themselves stick into it.
  • Stinger
    Stinger 8 November 2014 07: 56
    Poroshenko was not going to do anything. The course of suppression has not changed. And arrangements of any format are a smokescreen for the outside world. He is fighting against the mythical Russian troops that captured a piece of square. This is voiced at every opportunity under the friendly assent of the West, which with its keen eye watches the columns of tanks rushing to Kiev, which crush the European values ​​obtained by overwork.
    SHILO 8 November 2014 08: 25
    “We need a new US president who is more decisive,

    Damn yourself clinic! belay
  • Egoza
    8 November 2014 09: 14
    And not only the new US president, but also the Hungarian prime minister must be changed! Why did he decide to build South Stream ?! Bypassing Ukraine! Yes, we are already organizing pickets under the Hungarian Embassy !!! Here we are .... wassat
  • Olga Sinigrosova
    Olga Sinigrosova 8 November 2014 11: 04
    Obama got stuck. Now at home, now the ukriki promoted by him kicked. But he tried so hard, pressed so hard for them, frowning at the camera and shaking his finger ... The lesson to the whole world is not to trust the Ukrainian authorities. Isolation for this "country" is just that.
  • Aleut65
    Aleut65 8 November 2014 12: 58
    well, soon next elections in Ukraine ... the US president.
  • ermolai
    ermolai 8 November 2014 13: 36
    here the kid said everything for sure

    Andrey Shabala »Yuri Toporkov 25.10 22:15
    Hear Svidomo, I know where we want to break, away from you. How did you get it already. 1. A visible Ukrainian must be stupid. If Svidomo Ukrainian is not stupid, he automatically becomes a Jew or eat.

    2. The visible Ukrainian should be tricky. (Note: but with the mandatory observance of paragraph 1).

    3. A visible Ukrainian is obliged to be economic - everything that he sees, pull to his home, bite and never share with anyone - even with other Svidomo Ukrainians.

    4. A visible Ukrainian should speak exclusively in Ukrainian language. This mov must be so incomprehensible to the pits and the Jews that there is nothing wrong if the Svidomo Ukrainian himself does not understand it.

    5. The visible Ukrainian should be deeply religious. He must believe that everything in the world, except for the Jews and her, was invented by Svidomo Ukrainians.

    6. A visible Ukrainian should develop his own culture. This means that at the same time he is obliged to spoil someone else's culture - especially the culture of the Jews and her.

    7. Svidomo Ukrainian is obliged to lead a healthy sex life. He is allowed to have a healthy sex life only with persons of his own nation and not his own gender - best of all with his wife or godfather. The best name for a true Ukrainian wife is Oksana. The best name for Ukrainian kuma is Galya. Females with other names should be considered fake Ukrainians.

    8. Every Svidomo Ukrainian should be a Galician. This does not mean that he is obliged to live in Galicia. On the contrary. Svidomo Ukrainians are best to live in Kiev - in government bodies or close to them, but constantly tell that the true Ukraine is in Galicia.

    9. Svidomo Ukrainians must constantly fight with national traitors. If he establishes that he himself is a traitor, then he must fight with himself, having previously reported to himself. If for some reason the Svidomo Ukrainian cannot convey to himself, then he must convey where he should and who he wants.

    10. Svidomo Ukrainians must fight for the independence of Ukraine. The highest form of independence of Ukraine is its independence from Svidomo Ukrainians.

    Note. If the Svidomo Ukrainian does not observe the ten commandments mentioned above, he is subject to the highest degree of punishment - a reference to his historical homeland - that is, to Galicia. The reference to Galicia is by no means permitted to be replaced by deportation to Moscow, Siberia or even Canada.
  • Cristall
    Cristall 8 November 2014 16: 29
    Quote: ermolai
    here the kid said everything for sure
    Andrey Shabala »Yuri Toporkov 25.10 22:15

    interesting - I read not a Galician, it’s kind of not stupid like a Ukrainian .. some kind of wrong gradation.
    In general, I am not in this list.
    But I am Ukrainian.
    I repeat - NOTHING! Neither the Russian language (it is de facto predominant), nor respect for culture and identity, nor for the historical and religious preferences of the inhabitants of Donbass, nor even for a distinct political-economic and moral-social course. And this is called a complete dead end.

    The bill presupposes “the right of linguistic self-determination of each resident in certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions according to the language that he considers his mother tongue, the choice of the language of communication, the free use of Russian and any other language in public and private life, the study and support of Russian and any other language, their free development and equality. ”
    The authorities are instructed to promote in certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions the use of Russian and other languages ​​in the field of education, in the media and create opportunities for their use in the activities of state authorities and local authorities, in legal proceedings, in economic and social activities, cultural events and other areas of public life.
    As you can see, Ukraine was only partially able to fulfill only one point out of twelve, and even that one is going to cancel. Because it was Kiev that did not bring the matter to mind - it could not precisely determine the boundaries of the districts of the two regions to which the law on special status applied. But the DPR and LPR, which, in accordance with their referenda on independence on May 11 of this year, generally claimed in the territories that were under their control at the time of the plebiscite (that is, almost in the territory of two regions),

    Well, Ukraine does not want to kick here on the site just lying. I would rather intercede. In fact, they tried on all counts. But this is a two-way process. And everything rested on politics. Who recognizes whom and how.
    What Ukraine could do, pass the law, do something with its group - it did or tried to do it. It can also be understood. These "nightmares", as the "militias" call them, are also a violation, and it does not matter if it is "retaliatory" or just like that. I can say that everything just happens. This is a 2-sided process.
    Although I’m rather judged on the site. The opinion of all is formed only at one angle. It is difficult to look at both angles and even better not from the Ukrainian and Russian sources.
    And yes - even if you take into account the point that the territories are under control, then why did the militia move to the Airport? The security forces were also there. It turns out under the guise of "prevention of shelling" (although they are not from there but from Avdeevka) the militia deliberately violates the point?
    In general, in that confusing situation when one and the other are just not capable of any kind of gestures other than pulling the trigger, the guns are much more eloquent than the actions to ensure peace and harmony.
    In general, the information feed remains the same - you have one thing, Ukraine is diametrically opposite. But it’s true in the middle. And both sides are to blame.
  • andrew42
    andrew42 8 November 2014 18: 00
    "Well, Ukraine to kick here on the site do not want just lying." - So far, no one has kicked Ukraine. There will be an air-missile strike against punitive forces in Donbass, there will be only the first kick. So far, we are just spitting - everything in the Square has become so disgusting. Let Ukraine crawl out from under Uncle Sam, let it crawl out from under the Jewish oligarchs put from behind the hill, let it pay for gas and not steal, let it stop shooting at cities and towns, let it stop burning, rape and kill civilians who are alone with us blood - then no one will "kick". You professionally shift responsibility from a sore head to a healthy one. There is such a trick in stupid educators - one kid hit the other, a roar, a scandal - both are to blame, both are in the corner. It’s time to KICK, and not just be indignant. Fascist regimes themselves never fall, only from an external kick. What prevents you from separating your National Guard and terror battalions across factories / factories / fields? - That's it, you want to fight! It's easier than plowing. And to whine that the Ukrainian economy is being destroyed is also easier. It's easier to steal gas than pay for it. "In general, the information feed remains the same - you have one thing, Ukraine has the diametrically opposite" - indeed, the concepts of a working person are really the opposite of the concepts of a parasite, a swindler and a robber-rapist. And there was no such compromise, and there cannot be. Go work! No work? - Ask the authorities with your Svidomo, not the Kremlin. From these we will ask, and you were not standing next to me.