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Oven for oppo-deputies

Today it is known that some field commanders, who became the mandate-bearers and safely “retreated” from personal participation in the ATO, hiding in the hall and toilets of the building under the dome, want to continue the war in a new place. And for starters, do not let those 64 colleagues into the hall, whom regular snitchers from the Česno movement, who feel they are losing production and fees, were accused of involvement in the adoption of the so-called дикт dictatorial laws of 16 January 2014 of the year ’. These are 12 laws on streamlining protest actions.

And, of course, to toughen responsibility for bestial and overtly hooligan behavior during the protests. If anyone has forgotten, then I remind you that it was in time. The coup d'état, launched in the fall of 2013, entered its final bloody stage in January. This is when the rebellious and disgruntled people slowly but surely on the Maidan began to replace the militants trained in the special camps and the idlers who joined them, who smelled blood and the possibility of impunity, but for money to fool around.

After all, this is only a romantic fool and a paid troll can claim that the power of Viktor Yanukovych overthrew the "people." Yes, the people, Kiev onlookers, youngsters, students and other assholes requiring changes, either at the behest of the heart or the then new fashion, really went out on the central square of Kiev and in sweet obstsikaniya nearby entrances merged with the crowds of the same rural Raguli loafers, which was important to break away from the "snickering Kyyans".

The curators of the coup since the “Orange Revolution-2004”, the results of which successfully slandered “the Messiah Maidan” Viktor Yushchenko, took into account this negative experience. And in addition to the crowds of peaceful protesters, several thousand militants prepared to overthrow the government by force weapons. Even the current head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Valentin Nalyvaychenko, who personally supervised the future Right Sector and its leader Dmitry Yarosh (today, they say, counselor Nalyvaychenko and people's deputy), was engaged in this, as we remember.

And when it became clear that Yanukovych, though he had crap from fear, would not leave the government voluntarily, they decided to replace the “people” with militants and go on assault. I repeat, thousands of other idlers and hooligans joined the camps prepared in the special camps. They created all these “right-wing sectors”, “Maidan’s self-defense”, “Narnia” and other evil spirits, which were brought in huge amounts of tires, Molotov cocktails, smoke bombs, bats, batons, holders from shovels, flares, explosives, etc. D. That is, the entire arsenal of the young terrorist, going to storm the authorities. And, of course, firearms. Simply snipers while only selected positions, in nearby buildings, to kill for sure and with impunity. This is the first.

And secondly, already at that time a “play in the long run” unfolded - a total discredit of law enforcement officers who were betrayed by everyone, even their immediate commanders, headed by Yanukovych, but remained loyal to the military oath and from the last forces held back as best they could this mad and frantic crowd from the smell of blood. Yes, the “Berkut” in the first days of the attack on their positions could have left a so-called “ryvolyutsyoneriv” in a matter of hours in a wet place. But he was not even given a weapon. Not to mention the order to defend ourselves as they were taught and how the situation dictated them. "Berkutovtsy" became "whipping boys."

Western curators knew what they were doing, discrediting law enforcement officers. Thus, they for a long time deprived the state of one of the most important institutions, which stands on the defense of law and order. There will be no such body - it is very easy to control the authorities, all these collaborators, who come to high offices after the coup. Here the current rulers came, and there are no law enforcement officers. But there are militants from all sorts of “self-defense battalions” and even the National Guard under, who are not subordinate to the authorities, but to the purses that contain them. And these wallets are different - from oligarchs to Western intelligence agencies, who need Ukraine submissive and on a silver platter.

But then, in January, an attempt was made to defend themselves. And laws were passed, which, according to, in particular, Wikipedia, stipulated that:
- the movement of vehicles more than five in a convoy, without the consent of the traffic police, in case of interference with traffic, entails administrative responsibility;

- it is prohibited to operate media without state registration;

- it is easier to attract deputies who have committed a crime to criminal liability;

- violation of the rules for holding meetings is punishable by a fine or imprisonment up to 10 days. Participation in demonstrations with the use of means that impede personal identification, the presence at a meeting with an open fire, pyrotechnics, weapons, gas cartridges, explosives, etc., was forbidden with means of a fine or arrest up to 15 days. A similar punishment was provided for installation without the permission of the stage of sound-amplifying equipment;

- imposes a penalty for non-compliance with legal requirements of the Security Service of Ukraine or obstruction of their actions;

- criminal liability for “extremist activity” - distribution and production of extremist materials (which call for a violent change of power, violation of territorial integrity, incite ethnic or religious enmity, etc.);

- criminal liability for defamation - fine, correctional work or restriction of liberty to 2 years (in the case of a knowingly false accusation of a felony crime);

- criminalized for blocking public buildings (up to 5 years);

- criminalization of the illegal collection and dissemination of information about a law enforcement officer and his relatives;

- criminal liability for unauthorized interference with the work of state information resources or the dissemination of secret information.

But all the same, nothing that would not exist in all democratic states that protect the rule of law on their territory, protect the power and lives of law enforcement officers, the Verkhovna Rada of January 16 did not accept. Simply, the concepts of “extremist activity” and “foreign agent” were introduced into Ukrainian legislation. And this, it seems, was most feared then, and now politicians and their attendants from the so-called “third sector” are afraid. That they would be called by their real name, and not covered by the stupid phrase "chromadak aktyvist." And they are all patriots and “Evuropeici”, and not corrupt collaborators, attendants and mercenaries who perform any other people's tasks, but not acting in the interests of the country and its people.

In the United States, as is well known, such a “chromadsk aktyvist” would not have lived a second in this sinful world for a second. If a policeman stopped him, and he didn’t obey in response and began fumbling in his pockets in search of a thunderbolt, he would have been shot like a dog, and the policeman would have been discharged for rescuing the public from the troublemaker and moron. I am wrong? Why then do not punish the police officer who in August of this year in Ferguson shot a black teenager who seemed suspicious to him and did not obey the order? Because the United States knows that the police officers who are on guard of the law must be defended, and not thrown into mud and “Molotov cocktails”.

A national guard was imposed on Ferguson and a curfew was imposed. Then, after the protesters opened fire on a police helicopter, despite the protests, a ban was imposed on flying at a height below 900 meters. And everything went into decline - “the revolution on the Maidan” did not happen. On August 19, the curfew was lifted in the city, but after that the unrest did not subside. During the riots, a 30 man was detained. The police used stun grenades and tear gas against the crowd. And when the demonstrators responded with "Molotov cocktails" and firearms, another black man was shot and killed by 20 in August in Ferguson. And everything resolved. Nobody punished the policeman: the investigation established that he and the teenager were face to face, and the deceased did not obey the request of the guardian of the law ...

But apparently, it is possible in the USA. But in Ukraine, which the Americans need to confront with Russia as an uncomplaining and submissive training ground and bridgehead, everything should be under control. And first of all - submissive and defenseless authorities.

Today, the Ukrainian post-coup power allegedly became legitimate, because the crucifix of the people's will passed. But she didn’t become stronger and able to fully perform her functions because of this - it wasn’t for this that she was “muddied” on the Maidan. But the unexpected happened: the danger of "rebellion on the ship." The fact is that in order to create the appearance of democracy and pluralism, the new Ukrainian parliament was graciously allowed the so-called “Opposition bloc” (ON) - people who mostly betrayed Yanukovych as they saved their hatys and statki abroad. For it from them, I hope, they will ask in heaven where they make up such moral falls ...

But there is another side to the coin: it’s not only those who went through the list that can be in this RL in the Rada. They can be joined by 53 people who have passed to the Rada in majoritarian districts. And these are all people, of course, “posipaky Yanukovych” and secret “hirelings of Putin”, but they are also experienced managers, competent managers, successful businessmen. That is, people who understand all the fatality and the utter futility of the course, which is being pushed by the current curators and customers.

These people can resist. And to do it in a well-reasoned and competent way, they are not bare Cossacks tea, they can read and write at least. And so that they were more submissive and obedient and not buzzing, and all this hype around “dictatorial laws” was invented. They have long been canceled - another 28 January 2014 of the year. But voting for them is a politically inclined vote for all disobedient deputies. A brush and a bludgeon in the hands of thugs who also have mandates in their pockets. Interesting promises to be events in the parliament toilets. This is where the real battle for the “orthodox democratic, patriotism” will unfold. Militants will pay, they will fight. And nothing else they can not do - you saw those faces. They are easy to train, but never - to tame and domesticate. There are simply no brain parts responsible for it ...

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  1. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 7 November 2014 06: 24
    Spiders in the bank, the one who will devour everyone and come to power, another Hitler will appear there soon.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 November 2014 06: 47
    To be honest, I personally don't give a damn about what they will do there in their council, with whom to fight, what laws to adopt. They simply cannot be taken seriously anymore. The only headache and mental pain is the war in the southeast, to which these little women also had a hand.
    1. Egoza
      7 November 2014 10: 01
      Quote: rotmistr60
      To be honest, I personally don't give a damn about what they will do there in their council, with whom to fight, what laws to adopt. They simply cannot be taken seriously anymore.

      But in vain! It is this "Rada" that can make Ukraine officially fascist. Petya was thrown there, with a personalized weapon and a Semenchenko grenade they would elect a new Hitler, and away we go ...
      1. washi
        washi 7 November 2014 12: 55
        Quote: Egoza
        Quote: rotmistr60
        To be honest, I personally don't give a damn about what they will do there in their council, with whom to fight, what laws to adopt. They simply cannot be taken seriously anymore.

        But in vain! It is this "Rada" that can make Ukraine officially fascist. Petya was thrown there, with a personalized weapon and a Semenchenko grenade they would elect a new Hitler, and away we go ...

        This is good.
        NSDAP and EVERYONE who collaborated with them are considered Criminals and are subject to trial (decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal).
        If the arrest of Nazi accomplices requires a special, or military operation, then the American special forces are ahead. And then we can publish ALL documents on the participation of Anglo-Saxons and Jews in the organization of the 2nd world.
    2. Andrea
      Andrea 7 November 2014 11: 21

      To be honest, I personally don't give a damn about what they will do there in their council, with whom to fight, what laws to adopt. They simply cannot be taken seriously anymore. The only headache and mental pain is the war in the southeast, to which these people also had a hand.
      . adenos

      Seriously, not seriously, but they can do a lot of things, there’s not enough life to scoop the dung behind this Rada’s sack.
      One hope that they will bite over before they have time to spoil.
  3. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 7 November 2014 07: 31
    I’m waiting, I won’t wait for the start of the meetings of the Supreme Rada to watch the circus live as deputies beat their faces to each other.
  4. Finches
    Finches 7 November 2014 07: 35
    Personally, my opinion is that for all kinds of marches, but Maidan, a normal person will not pass! He just has no time! It is necessary to work, feed the family, and there are so many household trifles that there is no way to save time for it is not clear! Most often, they will be kicked out from under the stick for some kind of event in order to indicate to the authorities popular support ... Therefore, any action in big politics is coordinated from and to! Only directors can’t always foresee what their posturing will lead to, especially here, Pushkin noticed that the Russian revolt was ruthless and senseless, since the Malarossians didn’t go far from us in mentality, that’s how the devastation, the civil war, thrusting those who disagree into garbage cans, the mayor in the capital, all the morons, ... American directors did not take this into account! They thought the Slavs would swallow the pill! A bite to bite! Now they themselves do not know what to do with this Ukraine! The Europeans are all in shock, what an alliance with Ukraine! ? Yes, ask any German burgher, he will surpass!
    For 23 years, Ukrainians could not create at least some semblance of a state, but the most wise ones perfectly understood how to live comfortably! It is necessary to be closer to the feeder and it does not matter under what slogans! If you need to be Bandera for this, please! It is necessary to give amers in the ass, no question ...! Here on this principle for 23 years, power in Ukraine is being formed! Spit on everyone in this Ukraine, in Ukraine itself!
    The directors already use this by inertia, but they themselves have no answer, but why the hell is this Ukraine for them ???
  5. Evgen2x
    Evgen2x 7 November 2014 09: 18
    This macaque would still have a grenade in his hands))) and the average portrait, ukrov government is ready)))
  6. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 7 November 2014 13: 18
    Today it is known that some field commanders who have become mandate-bearers and thus safely “deflected” from personal participation in the ATO, hiding in the hall and toilets of the building under the dome, want to continue the war and in a new place. And to begin with, do not let into the hall those 64 colleagues whom full-time snitches from the Chesno movement, who feel that they are losing booty and fees, are accused of involvement in the adoption of the so-called "dictatorial laws on January 16, 2014."

    Well, finally, the history of the Ukrainian state has returned to the track.
    February 28, 1933: In response to the burning of the Reichstag, the decree "On the protection of the people and the state" was issued, terminating fundamental rights and freedoms and creating the illusion of a legal basis for the persecution of political opponents.
    February 28, 1933: Decree of the Reich President "Against the betrayal of the German people and the machinations of the traitors to the motherland"
    March 8, 1933: Revocation of mandates from deputies from the KKE, their seats in parliament are considered liquidated.
    March 21, 1933: Decree of the Reich President "On protection from treacherous attacks on the government of a national uprising"
    March 23, 1933: The Reichstag, sitting at the Krol-Opera, in the presence of the armed forces of the SA and SS, adopts the Emergency Powers Act, transferring legislative power to the imperial government.
    March 31, 1933: The first law "On the equalization of lands with the empire" dissolved the land parliaments, and their new composition was determined in accordance with the results of the elections to the Reichstag on March 5. Länder governments were empowered to legislate without the approval of parliaments. The second law of April 7 introduced the positions of imperial governors in the lands, which ensured the implementation in the lands of "the main directions of policy determined by the Reich Chancellor."
    March-April 1933: Those arrested in numerous uncontrolled round-ups by the SA and SS are taken to the basement of the SA or "wild" camps.
    June 22, 1933: Prohibition of the SPD charged with treason.
    July 7, 1933: Decree of the Reich Foreign Minister "On ensuring the security of the state leadership"
    July 14, 1933: Ban or self-dissolution of all political parties with the exception of the NSDAP. The law "Against the formation of new parties" establishes a one-party state: the formation of new and the continuation of the activities of political parties is a criminal offense.
    January 30, 1934: The Federal Reorganization of the Empire Act abolishes the federal structure of the Weimar Republic. The sovereign rights of the lands are transferred to the empire. The government is empowered to establish new constitutional legislation.