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While they measured the "legitimacy" ...

After a series of elections to the Verkhovna Rada and separately elections to the authorities of the DPR and LPR, the process began in the style of “who is more legitimate?” The start of the process was not even given in Kiev or Donetsk, but in Washington. The local authorities said a millionth of a second after the end of the elections in Novorossia that they could not recognize such elections, which they advised others. After such advice, Washington’s friends could not go otherwise either in Paris, or in Berlin, or in London, or in Brussels. It is quite understandable that in Kiev, after the Washington speeches, they howled that we were supposedly a thousand times more legitimate than those who were chosen "at gunpoint tanks"In the Donbass, and therefore neither Zakharchenko nor Plotnitsky are going to recognize.

Among those who follow the events in Ukraine and Novorossia, the following question emerged: if Kiev needed the elections as the final point for self-legitimization of all crooks who used the Maidan, what does Donbass expect from the elections? This is not about what ordinary residents of Novorossia expect from the elections, because this is understandable: the overwhelming majority of people who came to the polling stations of the DPR and the LPR voted for peace and quiet development. Speech about what the Donetsk and Lugansk political elites expect after the elections. And this question is gaining additional urgency given the fact that Russia de jure does not recognize the independence of New Russia.

And the sharpness is obvious here. After all, with all due respect for the policy of the Russian authorities (let's say, the Crimean model of this policy) is less and less clear with each day, and what kind of future does Moscow see for the New Russia? Recognition of independence - no. It turns out that Moscow recognizes the DNI and LC components of Ukraine? But even here it’s not so simple, if only because even Ukraine itself does not de facto recognize the DNR and the LC. Yes, and in the speeches of high-ranking representatives of the Russian authorities, the term “Novorossiya” instead of “south-eastern Ukraine” is increasingly heard. It turns out that independence is recognized not de jure, but de facto. But, to be honest, some doubtfulness of such a “confession” lurks, because such uncertainty does not play into the hands of either Russia, or New Russia, or even Ukraine. It is on hand to the West, as one of the instruments for destabilizing the situation directly at the Russian borders.

The only, seemingly, plus for Moscow in the current status of New Russia is that Ukraine in this form will not be taken into NATO. But if this is the main goal of the suspended status of Donbass (de jure - no, de facto - yes), then forgive, but it does not look like it in Russian, in all fairness, and in general does not look like a super task in connection with by the fact that Ukraine will not be taken to NATO without the Crimea ... On the other hand, what kind of justice can we talk about when the West itself has taught Russia by its example with the international “diplomatic norm” - double and triple standards. Yes, he taught ... But is this the case when such lessons from such teachers need to be taken? Herself история Our country says that we won not at the moment when we answered with lies to lies, but at that moment when we defended the truth in spite of everything. In spite of neither Polish-Lithuanian, nor Teutonic, nor French, nor German “sanctions”. Let's make an effort and present the headline of a sample newspaper of the beginning of 1943 of the year:
The Soviet Union provided the green corridor of the Paulus army so that Berlin did not introduce a new package of anti-Stalin sanctions ... Brad! Bre-ed!

After the elections in Novorossia, some domestic political analysts expressed this point of view: the elections of Kiev are for legitimization, and the elections in Donetsk and Lugansk are for the security of these regions. Like, the voice of the people will provide an opportunity to build a full-fledged security system in the DPR and LPR, and bring peace and tranquility. The voice of the people - this, of course, is great, it was gratifying to watch how the queues lined up for the polling stations willing to vote. But on the other hand, there was a feeling of deja vu. Didn't the Donetsk residents and Luhansk go to the polls to vote in a referendum? And then the people, inspired by the examples of Crimeans, hoped for peace, stability, well-being. But it turned out, unfortunately, otherwise. That is, as they say, at least kill, but it seems that for the safety of Novorossia, and, in fact, of Ukraine itself, it is necessary not only and even not so much the free will of the citizens, but the fact that ATO ends in Kiev ... it will say that this is militarism, multiplied by the Colorado-vatnichesky illusions, but this is the personal opinion of the author, and the author expressed it.

As long as there is uncertainty in the status of Novorossia, as long as it is not legally recognized by Russia, while there are talks about some ridiculous Minsk agreements, which are composed only to disobey them, and as long as people continue to measure themselves with their "legitimacy" barricades, about any security can not speak.

While they measured the "legitimacy" ...

There is only one alternative: either to solve a problem, or to start a disease, each time confronting everything with new and new complications: it will shoot in the ear, it will give in the kidneys, or in the head - bumps! bums!

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  1. viktorrymar
    viktorrymar 7 November 2014 07: 26
    Elections in the Donbass provide an opportunity to create a full-fledged government that will gain experience and, after the liberation of the whole country from fascism, will head ALL New Russia !!!
    1. Samaritan
      Samaritan 7 November 2014 08: 22
      And then what? Throughout the entire article, the question is: Will Novorossia be the new republic of Russia, because it cannot survive by itself, the duck may already be doing something!
      1. jjj
        jjj 7 November 2014 12: 10
        There is a certain subtlety. Recognizing the legitimacy of an election is simply an act of goodwill without legal consequences. A legal act is a recognition of a new state. So far, there is no new state in the former eastern lands of Ukraine. And there is no one to recognize. But we see how the representatives of New Russia are constantly in Moscow. This allows us to hope that there is a dense fruitful work
        1. Very smart
          Very smart 7 November 2014 15: 26
          I absolutely agree with you, colleague. The author of the article is excited and in a hurry. There is a war going on. Who should be recognized under such conditions? Unfortunately, the LC and the DNI cannot always agree among themselves. Uniting so far does not work. The recognition of Abkhazia and Ossetia nevertheless occurred after the war, and not at its peak. Everything has its time. In the meantime, maybe someone else wants to join. But somehow real people are not visible.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 November 2014 07: 31
    There is only one alternative: either to solve a problem, or to start a disease, each time confronting everything with new and new complications: it will shoot in the ear, it will give in the kidneys, or in the head - bumps! bums!

    "Cut to hell and immediately!" - as it was said in the film "Pokrovskie gates".
  3. Name
    Name 7 November 2014 07: 58
    As far as I remember, the Kremlin recognized the "legitimacy" of the elections in the DPR and LPR, and the formation and dispatch of humanitarian convoys one after another says not about that New Russia merged. Remember the immortal: soon the tale affects, but not soon the thing is done.
    1. cyberhanter
      cyberhanter 7 November 2014 12: 25
      Quote: name
      As far as I remember, the Kremlin recognized the "legitimacy" of the elections in the DPR and LPR

      No, the Kremlin "respects the will" :(
      1. vtnsk
        vtnsk 8 November 2014 03: 46
        Quote: cyberhanter
        No, the Kremlin "respects the will" :(

        And you could not find anything else on this "topic"? smile
    TECHNOLOGY 7 November 2014 07: 58
    I recall, for some reason.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 7 November 2014 08: 05
    I recall a phrase from the movie Pokrovsky Gate:
    “And how did it all develop for you?” Gradually?
    - He's breaking, I'm fixing it ..
    - Yes, you broke a strong Soviet family into smithereens ..
    So stepwise, it will be with Ukraine, to smithereens ...
  6. shishakova
    shishakova 7 November 2014 09: 06
    Thank you for the article.
    How little we know about Russia's steps to recognize New Russia.
    I would like decisive action, but the situation is too acute.
    I constantly read Rostislav Ishchenko. He is sure that only the elections in Novorossia are legitimate, because during the attack the juntas of the LPR and the DPR registered their state status. The elections in Kiev, which started the war, cannot be legitimate, since there the power itself is a junta.
  7. Loner_53
    Loner_53 7 November 2014 09: 09
    on the table, cut and remove the tumor! am
  8. skeptic2999
    skeptic2999 7 November 2014 09: 11
    While everything rests on a thin thread: Novorossiya and Ukraine mutually restrain and exterminate each other. Our gain is small - they did not allow the pro-Western forces of Ukraine to achieve a complete victory. Europe rather lost - forced to pay for the inefficiency of the Ukrainian junta. The USA won - it was possible to foment a conflict near the borders of Russia, to tightly fasten Europe to itself, to some extent isolate Russia.
    The unstable situation will not be able to last long: either the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard are finishing Novorossia, or the ATO will end in Kiev or Lviv. May God grant the second option. Everyone will benefit from this: Russia, Ukraine, Europe, the people of the United States as opposed to the Phashington and Brussels politicians.
  9. DPZ
    DPZ 7 November 2014 09: 19
    what fussiness? now, after the election of the real government, for sure there will be recognition and everything else too! but not in a week, because management institutions are being built. today I read that in October taxes from Kiev from Novorossia were withdrawn (I converted from the hryvnia at the rate of 14) about $ 2 million. is this also Russia hesitantly listed? how so! why don’t they moo or calves themselves ?! monthly they give such money to the enemy, and the war is already six months !!!
    1. bytkeev
      bytkeev 7 November 2014 13: 59
      Where can I read about what was listed ... this is some kind of absurdity ...
      1. vtnsk
        vtnsk 8 November 2014 03: 43
        Nowhere (at least I couldn't find it). It was just the "author's text" reflecting the author's subjective opinion about the current situation in Novorossiya and his level of awareness of the political processes taking place there ... smile
  10. WETER
    WETER 7 November 2014 09: 36
    It's nice, of course, that the author, with all his doubts and misunderstandings, addresses the reader immediately. It somehow elevates it in my own eyes. As regards Novorossiya, one can only say, a thousand times said, - the process is in dynamics, the final result is not clear, and until it is clear - there can be no talk of any "de jure". And about "in spite of everything and in spite of everything" - it's kind of too early yet.
  11. gsg95588
    gsg95588 7 November 2014 10: 15
    The author’s conclusion is clear enough, to finish faster with the Kiev rioters.
  12. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 November 2014 11: 27
    All this meritic and geyropovsky fuss around the elections in the DPR and LPR was very predictable. What else could you expect from these crap?
  13. African
    African 7 November 2014 11: 55
    We actually do not live in a vacuum. Around Russia there are more enemies than friends. In the case of the DPR and LPR, the evolutionary way of resolving the issue is more effective than the revolutionary one. 3-4 a month ago it was worse, now the elections have passed, people who got the right begin to form the attributes of the States (LPR and DPR). Russia clearly told everyone that we recognize the election. Official recognition will be a little later, at the grave of the enemy. There is a war, not staff exercises, and what is happening in the South-East of Ukraine is tactical actions within the framework of a big war. The course is growing, oil is getting cheaper, they are putting pressure on us, and in the 2000 years it was essentially the first (God forbid the last) but the most frank and decisive battle in which Europe went against Russia, and here either we, or us, and all those who with us. How many convoys with humanitarian aid have already been sent, and now we are not asking anyone. Remember the first one, how much the stench was, and now we’re going there to ourselves. So, Victory will be ours, the enemy will be defeated.
  14. Agent 008
    Agent 008 7 November 2014 11: 57
    With the junta you have to finish! After all, the Junta will not give a quiet life to Donbass in any case. Even if ukrovermaht does not go on the offensive, then all winter, every day it will shell the DNI and LC with artillery, and peaceful people will die every day ... If Putin does not understand the 5 column and traitors in his circle, then Russia is also nothing does not expect good! It’s necessary to bring down the Kiev junta, otherwise Putin himself will be blamed - because of his indecision ... Prices for everything are slowly growing, the dollar is 48 rubles, gasoline is said up to 50 rubles. will rise, but no one has ever fought corruption, it hasn’t fought ... That is, hu ... it will be for the common people, and the rich will live and will live! So Putin needs to deal with the Junta, and as soon as possible, otherwise ...
  15. kig
    kig 7 November 2014 12: 51
    It all started from the Crimea, it was painfully awkwardly framed. From a technical point of view, of course, everything went beyond praise - polite green men, a minimum of victims and unrest, but in other senses, it seems, our leaders did not understand. Our president several times in different places said that the annexation of Crimea was not planned. If this is true, then it is very bad, because such things should be planned. Ponder and ponder. But in the end, what do we have? We call Crimea reunification and annexation, and Ukrainians as occupation and annexation. Crimea caused an outbreak of patriotism and nationalism in Ukraine (by the way, here too). The Kiev authorities got the opportunity to poke a finger and blame Russia for all troubles, even greater persecution of Russian-speaking began. Donetsk and Lugansk looked at the Crimea and thought about why not to try. Most likely, our advisers also pushed them to this, promised support. They received support, otherwise wherever the militia would take weapons, ammunition, ammunition, medicines, where they would treat their wounded. We composed fairy tales about paratroopers patrolling the border (???) and accidentally wandering 20 km into the territory of another's territory. As a result, we have a sharply hostile state at our borders, right outside the threshold, and we can loudly say that Russia must now be reckoned with. Are ruined cities and dead people worth it? In general, nothing personal, only politics.
    1. Alekseev
      Alekseev 7 November 2014 20: 42
      Quote: kig
      As a result, we have a sharply hostile state at our borders,

      And under what conditions would we not have
      Quote: kig
      "a sharply hostile state on our borders?

      If all the thoughts of the creators of the situation with the coup in this same unfinished state, this was precisely what they sought to make it sharply hostile.
      Moreover, too much of the people in this state are a naturalistic nationalist city ... request
      Here, brother, one medicine, well known. And it (bloodletting and starvation), unfortunately, is hardly replaceable.
    2. miladiz
      miladiz 7 November 2014 23: 29
      It is stated simply and intelligibly. I totally agree. Russia has already thrown Novorossia twice, first having promised support in the event of aggression from Kiev and now after the elections in Novorossia, when Lavrov clearly spoke about the recognition of the elections, and Ushakov said today that the Foreign Ministry clearly expressed respect for the choice of citizens, not recognition of the elections and that everything should be decided in the format of the Minsk agreements. That is, Russia confirms the indivisibility of Ukraine. The cynicism of our government goes through the roof. There was no need to climb to Ukraine at all if they were not ready to protect people and it was not necessary to give false promises. All these delays lead to the death of civilians, the destruction of infrastructure, instability in Russia with a loss of confidence in the actions of the authorities. Russian humanitarian convoys look like miserable handouts. They cannot change anything in resolving the conflict, they only slightly support people dying of hunger and cold.
    3. vtnsk
      vtnsk 8 November 2014 03: 40
      Quote: kig
      Our president several times in different places said that the annexation of Crimea was not planned

      But from this place it is possible in more detail: where and when did he say this? ... smile
      I’m not going to ask about "fairy tales about paratroopers who patrolled the border (???) and accidentally wandered 20 km deep into foreign territory", since it looks more like a "fairy tale" (just not from Russia, but from you - about I read "20 kilometers" for the first time here) ... laughing
  16. undusk
    undusk 7 November 2014 13: 40

    While they measured the "legitimacy" ...
  17. Berserk
    Berserk 7 November 2014 16: 06
    It is impossible to recognize New Russia in its current form, because this means giving up the rest of New Russia. Therefore, I think that the Kremlin has chosen the standard tactics for Russia: to wait for the strike (and it will be necessary), to defeat the last more or less combat-ready parts of dill, to take over as much hands as possible during the counterattack. Next, the next cycle, until the complete depletion of the already dying chimera called dill
  18. Andrey609
    Andrey609 7 November 2014 16: 28
    how did they get all these deflections and misunderstandings! When will we spit west and go our way? Send them all to the forest and do as we need, but they want war ... we need to arrange it for them all the way to the nuclear war and to get them all am
  19. SveTok
    SveTok 7 November 2014 18: 50
    The elections were held and it doesn’t matter who bothers them with their legs, they took place and this is a historical fact.
  20. Alex
    Alex 7 November 2014 19: 02
    while there is talk of some ridiculous Minsk agreements, which are composed only in order not to comply with them
    With these "agreements" in general, everything is somehow muddy. It seems that these negotiations were created with only one goal: to stop the offensive of the army of Novorossiya, not to allow the occupation of Mariupol and to save at least the remnants of the army of punishers from complete disappearance.
  21. Allax
    Allax 7 November 2014 20: 57
    Elections are needed to form the local people's power. While there were no elections, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fought (formally) against Strelkov, Bezler, Brain, etc., after the election, she will have to fight against the people.
    And it’s much more convenient for Moscow to deal with state structures of Novorossia than individually with Strelkov, Bezler, Mozgov, etc.
  22. Allax
    Allax 7 November 2014 21: 01
    Quote: Alex
    while there is talk of some ridiculous Minsk agreements, which are composed only in order not to comply with them
    With these "agreements" in general, everything is somehow muddy. It seems that these negotiations were created with only one goal: to stop the offensive of the army of Novorossiya, not to allow the occupation of Mariupol and to save at least the remnants of the army of punishers from complete disappearance.

    The Minsk agreements gave some kind of peaceful respite. This is especially important for civilians. Look at least at how many people began to return to New Russia after the Minsk agreements.
    1. vtnsk
      vtnsk 8 November 2014 03: 31
      The main thing is that they (the Minsk agreements) "gave" the opportunity to hold elections in the territories of Novorossia. For, it is very difficult to recognize as "elections" what is being held in the conditions of the actually ongoing war ... smile
  23. Starik72
    Starik72 7 November 2014 23: 35
    Dear forum users, do not chop off your shoulders. For everything, the Russian proverb says so, but I’ll remind you two more: HURRY Slowly, ALWAYS SUCCESS, HURRY DO NOT HURRY. Something like this, maybe I'm wrong, time will tell.
  24. vtnsk
    vtnsk 8 November 2014 03: 28
    Elections to the DPR / LPR Russia recognized (as opposed to ...). If new states (state) are created on the basis of them on the territory of New Russia, they will be recognized (him), as was already the case with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. And this will be enough for international legitimization. The fact that they will not be admitted to the Russian Federation has long been stated and has its objective reasons.
    It is only unclear from what thoughts the author writes about Russia's “non-recognition” (de jure) of the newly formed states, when (in fact) there is nothing else to recognize? Either he is clearly in a hurry with "conclusions" (politics does not tolerate fuss), or banally mixes "warm" and "soft" into one vessel ... smile
    PS "Everything has its time, but haste is needed when catching fleas and one more thing" (C) ...
  25. Tribuns
    Tribuns 8 November 2014 11: 09
    Now the Russian media do not particularly comment on the "vaguely vague" statements of Russian officials on the recognition of the November elections in Donbass ... Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics: "The official position of Russia is expressed in a short but succinct statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the election results. The word" respect "is used there ... the equal sign between the words" respect "and" recognize "cannot be put ... The word" respect "specially chosen" ...

    Russians associate the Kremlin's respect for the choice of the DPR and LPR with the question of Abdullah from the movie "White Sun of the Desert": "How do you order you to understand, Said?"

    There are questions for Russian strategists: "What do we, the Russians, care about the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which is destroying the Russian-speaking population of Novorossia?" And is the integrity of Ukraine worth the lives of Russians who have already died in Donbass and the future deaths of Novorossiysk children, women, and old people? "