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Ukraine: the scale of hidden losses remains to be assessed and recognized

Ukraine: the scale of hidden losses remains to be assessed and recognized

The losses of the Kiev forces during the so-called ATO (if you follow the terminology of Poroshenko, then the “2014 national war of the year”) for the month of September, according to official statistics of the National Security and Defense Council, amounted to all 789 people. These data are very different from the data that lead the militia Novorossia and Ukrainian volunteers. Both those and others call numbers where big. For example, the militia claim 8 thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers. If we consider how often the Ukrainian soldiers get into the "boilers", to listen to the surviving warriors, it becomes obvious that the losses in 789 people. - this is a bluff.

But this is the tip of the iceberg. In the smoke of battles and defeats, few in Ukraine are aware of the fact that every conflict has hidden losses. These losses are not the soldiers on the front line, but the population of the country. From economic turmoil, technological accidents and depressing social atmosphere. What's in Kiev, in Chernihiv or Uzhgorod.

Here are a few examples.

The first victims of the energy policy of the Kiev authorities appeared. With the onset of the autumn cold on the background of the energy crisis, people begin to heat their homes with electrical appliances. Electric networks do not withstand voltage, short circuits and fires occur, people die. Of the latest cases - the death in the fire 25-year-old woman in one of Kiev nine-story building. The press service of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine in its time presented a report on the reduction in 2013 of the number of fires by 23%, the number of dead by 34%, and material damage by 54%. Then I had to report a rapid increase in such incidents, victims and damage in 2014.

According to statistics, voiced by the Kyiv Institute of Emergency Situations, it is possible to estimate the scope of this phenomenon across the country. So, in September, 2014 Kiev firefighters made 61 departure, and in October - already 70. During the winter, fires due to cold batteries in the apartments of Ukrainians and their stubborn desire to keep warm will reap a new “harvest”. Only these deaths are unlikely to be included in the statistics of the total losses of Ukraine from the reigning political chaos. The fire service has already appealed to citizens with a request not to abuse electric heating devices. In the meantime, there is social advertising on Ukrainian TV, where adult characters, pretending to be fools, explain to the viewer how it is comfortable to live without electricity and by candlelight.

Death from fires is only one side of trouble. In Ukraine, seriously ill people die from a shortage of drugs. Essential drugs are running out, and the authorities are in no hurry to take care of patients suffering from diabetes, hemophilia, cancer, HIV or tuberculosis. Among the patients are many children. They can be saved on condition of timely medical care. But government procurement of medicines failed.

Every day in Ukraine, these children pass the point of no return - remain disabled for life or die. Prices are rising, money in the budget is not enough for the healthy, not to mention the sick. Ukraine is plunging not only into the energy crisis, but also into a drug crisis.

October 21, the so-called black Tuesday, relatives of seriously ill patients held a mourning rally at the walls of the Cabinet. The action is held weekly, but the list of participants is reduced. Some die without waiting for help. In a token of their grief, the protesters spread a black cloth at the entrance to the building. A poster appeared on the street demanding the Cabinet to urgently purchase medicines guaranteed by law and sad statistics were given - 1607 deaths every day from serious diseases, many of which could be prevented.

The action is coordinated by the Patients of Ukraine Charitable Foundation. But even after “Black Tuesday”, the authorities did not take care of providing medicines for seriously ill patients. Instead, one of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada said that “Patients of Ukraine” is a pocket organization of the Minister of Health Oleg Musia and they pay a lot of money for participating in rallies. At the same time, the Ukrainian media reported on the initiation of a criminal case against the head of the organization, Dmitry Sherembey, that D. Sherembey himself was later forced to refute.

Whatever it was, but dozens and hundreds of deaths due to a shortage of drugs that were not procured in time due to the fault of Kiev, will not be included in the official list of losses of post-Maid Ukraine.

Behind the scenes is information about social losses caused by political instability in the country. Ukrainian psychiatrists claim that the percentage of irreversible psychogenic disorders among servicemen participating in the ATO is 40%. This means that, for 40%, psychogenic problems develop into psychiatric problems requiring treatment in relevant clinics.

Ukrainian specialists refer to exceeding the allowable length of stay of military personnel at the front line (at the normal rate of 30-40 days, Ukrainian soldiers are there for 4-5 months). Without denying the importance of such a factor as the duration of staying at the forefront, let us point out that the militias of Donbass have been on the front line for more than six months. They have nowhere to go, and their houses and apartments have long ceased to be a safe haven. But the psychogenic loss of the militia is not reported.

It seems that moral motivation plays a significant role here. The militiamen are confident that they are fighting for their land, for their loved ones, for a just cause. Ukrainian soldiers understand that they are fighting for the interests of the oligarchs, for the implementation of the nationalistic hallucinations of Lyashko, Tyagnibok, Yarosh, etc. The morale of the militia is higher than that of the Ukrainian forces of the “anti-terrorist operation”.

The overwhelming amount of psychogenic losses later will result in a worsening of the criminal situation in the country. The anger of tens of thousands of men with a cracked psyche and skills to handle weapons, crippled by the junta war, multiplied by the availability of the weapon itself, weakness and corruption of the law enforcement system, as well as a sense of social loneliness (the state is not in a hurry to take care of the wounded and demobilized soldiers) will result in an increase in the number of serious crimes.

The first swallows are already there. In Odessa cafe, a drunken visitor blew up a RGD-5 grenade. Three people were injured. In the Dnipropetrovsk region machine collectors were shot from machine guns and a grenade launcher. Four people killed. When in Ukraine, in broad daylight, were they collecting collector cars from grenade launchers? This is a new trend with a tendency to continue.

Let's remember how difficult the criminogenic situation in the Soviet Union was in the post-war years (the film “The Meeting Place cannot be changed” is just about that). Then it was possible to restore order only thanks to a solid vertical of power and the coordinated work of all government departments. Ukraine does not have anything like this, so robbery, robbery and banditry become frequent phenomena of the Ukrainian everyday life.

The Kiev junta dealt a serious blow to the educational system and the intellectual elite of the state. School and university programs in Ukraine will be changed to give students ideologically narrow, historically incorrect and distorted knowledge.

With such an approach, it is extremely difficult to cultivate deep-minded intellectuals. And the question arises: who will rule the country in 10-15 years? Where will the minds, capable of penetrating through the thickness of temporary events and foreseeing the right route of development of the state, be taken if the youth and school are scared by primitive horror stories about famine, Muscovites and legends about the great ukrov?

Already, the Kiev junta is clearing away too clever ones: under the so-called Lustration included leading experts in the field of the military-industrial complex, aerospace industry, generals and senior officers, teachers and managers. The only fault of these people is the lack of puppy delight about the coming to power of the “chocolate Petit”. Petr revenge.

Another mass category of the population that is rapidly filling up the lists of hidden losses is the old people. They, unfortunate, have to rely only on themselves. Miserable pensions, expensive medicines, an unhealthy ideological atmosphere in society, when everything that the older generation lived in their youth and what they considered to be their achievements, is spat upon and maliciously mocked, they do not add to their health. The mortality rate among the elderly will increase, and the long-livers among them will be less and less.

Ukraine is slipping smoothly into the sad 1990, when, due to political and social disorder, the scale of early mortality from heart disease, alcohol and drugs rapidly creeping up, entire segments of the population turned out to be behind socially active life, their representatives were marginalized and left early, and killings, explosions, and gunfights have become commonplace.

All military conflicts have a clear, external side of losses, and an internal, hidden one: the latter, as a rule, eludes the attention of everyday consciousness, which does not see direct causal connections between what is happening on the front and what is happening in the rear. The massacre unleashed in the Donbas by Kiev ricochets throughout the entire Ukrainian society, and the full scale of the damage inflicted by the Kiev junta to its own country and its own people has yet to be assessed.

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  1. mig31
    mig31 6 November 2014 18: 41
    Where are you Mother of Ukraine !? Your turn Maternal Maidan .....
    1. herruvim
      herruvim 6 November 2014 18: 46
      I read a textbook on the history of Ukraine. For the extermination of dinosaurs, s.uki, answer!
      1. Gradus HuK
        Gradus HuK 6 November 2014 20: 01
        Dill humor. Only humor is black!
    2. Corsair
      Corsair 6 November 2014 19: 06
      Quote: mig31
      Where are you Mother of Ukraine !? Your turn Maternal Maidan .....

      Where are the protests of mothers and wives? The question is of course interesting ...
      But in general, protests over the death of loved ones were in the not so distant past ... And then ...
      Got used to the loss? Or did their mouths choke?
      Apparently for the awakening of "Mothers of Ukraine" a "push" is needed in the form of another Southern cauldron (about which ukroSMI tried to shyly keep silent) or Illovaisk, here is such a "life" in the territory.
      In another already visible NO...
      1. Wellych
        Wellych 6 November 2014 21: 33
        Where are the protests of mothers and wives

        Well, there, for every conscript, I think two or three volunteers, to whom neither wives nor mothers care.
    3. GRF
      GRF 6 November 2014 19: 22
      maybe even they ... wiser ...
    4. Denis fj
      Denis fj 6 November 2014 19: 41
      What do you want - the population wants war, chooses Poroshenko Yatsenyuk, etc. to speak, to make conscience is useless. nationalistic fervor, as the most primitive - prevails and dominates in the minds of Ukrainians.
      A falling country.
      That way down to Somalia. laughing
    5. Koshak
      Koshak 6 November 2014 19: 45
      Quote: mig31
      Where are you Mother of Ukraine !? Your turn Maternal Maidan .....

      Mothers of Ukraine are watching the same zombie dog as everyone else. The main thing for them is that the son is in the bronze, dressed, shod and fed, and the fact that the son of children kills is normal.
    6. ALABAY45
      ALABAY45 6 November 2014 19: 59
      I do not know...! Hitler and Bandera, too, had mothers ... But we don't appeal to "them"! Does it make sense to waste your nerves and time ?! And, most importantly, the lives of peaceful people, to awaken the supposedly "maternal" instinct ?! "Pennies, son, good luck ..."
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 6 November 2014 21: 48
        Ukraine has crossed the line beyond which there is a degeneration of the nation.
        And so the non-brilliant demographic situation with the outbreak of hostilities becomes tragic
    7. asiat_61
      asiat_61 7 November 2014 05: 53
      Moms will ask for body armor.
  2. Samaritan
    Samaritan 6 November 2014 18: 41
    Explain to me a stupid man, what do these bastards need in New Russia? After all, they themselves understand it will never be Ukraine, never !!!
    1. Finches
      Finches 6 November 2014 18: 46
      The black lord ordered!
      1. Samaritan
        Samaritan 6 November 2014 18: 57
        Well, parashenko is understandable - on the salary! And the warriors?
        1. Finches
          Finches 6 November 2014 19: 05
          APU is fighting about hopelessness and fear, plus brainwashing! Nobody canceled the order in the Armed Forces, the execution was not a tribunal, plus hostages ... And in the battalions, there are enough outcasts and complete fanatics, ordinary bandits from the highway!
          So not everything is clear in Ukraine laughing
        2. Donch4ak
          Donch4ak 6 November 2014 22: 19
          And the warriors are looting ... they pull everything, caravans of "New Poshta" cars are coming to Ukraine, which they cannot take out - they shoot ... This happened in Novosvetlovka of the LPR
    2. qQQQ
      qQQQ 6 November 2014 18: 57
      Quote: Samaritan
      Explain to me a stupid man, what do these bastards need in New Russia? After all, they themselves understand it will never be Ukraine, never !!!

      There are many reasons, for example: recycling the most active part of the Maidan, which cannot work, but only Maidan, switching the attention of the country's inhabitants from internal problems to war, making money, etc. the war is very beneficial for the Kiev authorities.
      1. Samaritan
        Samaritan 6 November 2014 19: 10
        That's all right, but they die like flies, and then more, well, God be their judge!
    3. Corsair
      Corsair 6 November 2014 19: 11
      Quote: Samaritan
      After all, they themselves understand it will never be Ukraine, never !!!

      The limited outlook and thinking does not allow us to realize even the obvious ...
      And besides, the people were right when they uttered wisdom: "Foul with a rich thought"
      1. Samaritan
        Samaritan 6 November 2014 19: 30
        ... and in a truce, shoot civilians, cripple children ... This is not stupidity and not money, it is a GENOCIDE!
        1. Baloo
          Baloo 6 November 2014 20: 26
          This is not "shoot" it is zeroing in coordinates.
    4. Baloo
      Baloo 6 November 2014 20: 24
      A group of macaques from Fashington and geyrops are interested in developing shell (for example, the main Dutchman) and a shale gas chevron, and not only at the Yuzovsky field. Kaloma and Macaque Biden, with their bourgeoisie, want to do this where the fighting is now taking place. Why are they killing people? According to clause 37.2, Ukraine must vacate the territory. Here Ukraine frees them.
      That's something like that, dear Samaritan.
  3. Giant thought
    Giant thought 6 November 2014 18: 41
    The junta, which is obvious, that hidden losses are all worthless. They, like zombies, have one goal - the destruction of Russia.
    1. Iline
      Iline 6 November 2014 19: 08
      Judging by the incoming messages, there will be much more losses. And, unfortunately, on both sides.
      Moscow, November 6 - AiF-Moscow.
      The Ukrainian military, in fact, launched full-scale hostilities, the DPR militias are forced to defend themselves, RIA Novosti reports citing a statement by the Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR, Andrei Purgin.
      “A full-scale war is going on now ... They are attacking us, we are defending ourselves,” he said, emphasizing that it was the security forces who violated the ceasefire. Purgin also noted that the ceasefire was not observed on 75% of the contact line, while "now they are fighting where they have not fought before."
      We will remind, earlier militias of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) announced the resumption of fighting for the airport of Donetsk. Also, the militias said that Ukrainian security forces attacked a suburb of Donetsk - the city of Yasinovataya.
  4. Turik
    Turik 6 November 2014 18: 44
    All ATO losses are Tymchuk’s scratched helmet.

    But seriously, the ukram are still lucky that they are fighting with the militia (yesterday's loaders, turners and collective farmers). If the "Putin horde" had been thrown against them, it would have been at all seams.

    All this homeless brigade from Aidarites and others like them would have been dispersed in 6-8 days.
    1. smart Fox
      smart Fox 6 November 2014 19: 00
      I really want this, but ...
    2. 23 region
      23 region 6 November 2014 21: 31
      Quote: Turik
      All ATO losses are Tymchuk’s scratched helmet.

      Comrades, militias, when you hang Tymchuk, do not forget to hang up a sign "No loss" for him.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. MIV999
    MIV999 6 November 2014 18: 44
    If someone from ukrov thought that the war in the Donbass would not personally affect him, then he was cruelly mistaken fool ... Lawlessness drove its "cheerful" carriage on an independent wassat ... collecting corpses into it am ...
    Soon sobriety maydanutykh will sooner or later what ... and will be very bitter am ...
  8. lav67
    lav67 6 November 2014 18: 44
    near Ilovaisk only 4000 were lost. and no one considers missing. there sometimes even ashes from a person do not remain there. so no one really knows. and Kuev is unlikely to want to know.
  9. GRAY
    GRAY 6 November 2014 18: 46
    Losses of Kiev forces during the so-called ATO (if you follow the terminology of Poroshenko, then the "national war of 2014") in September, according to the official statistics of the National Security and Defense Council, amounted to only 789 people.

    How many of these bastards non-combatants ruined, they do not think so. Western ghouls.
  10. Vadim237
    Vadim237 6 November 2014 18: 47
    From today, their losses will go even greater.
  11. DMB-75
    DMB-75 6 November 2014 18: 51
    ... well, Kuevsky fascists, where are we going to run? This time we will drive without stops, so to speak by express until ...
  12. KERTAK
    KERTAK 6 November 2014 18: 56
    Power grids cannot withstand voltage
    Haha, funny. should be:
    Power grids do not withstand current, not voltage.
  13. max702
    max702 6 November 2014 18: 56
    For all of the above, we can say that all this fits into the ideology of the new government .. Those in need of medicine .. and tries? Parasites! The same thing was written off with the old people, education, medicine, what is this for the current temporary workers? none of them are going to live in Ukraine, right now they’ll get the most out of their potential, they will work out the tasks of the hosts and permanent residence in completely different countries .. Although in Georgia there was also one such faithful Washington citizen, but the former owners were in no hurry to give him a visa .. They used a condom and in the trash .. the junta is still worth considering, but then what? After all, the owner will throw it, more than once it happened ..
    1. O_RUS
      O_RUS 6 November 2014 23: 46
      Quote: max702
      After all, the owner will throw it, more than once it happened ..

      Oh! That's right ... but Russia knows how to forgive (NOT ALL)
  14. smart Fox
    smart Fox 6 November 2014 18: 58
    Ukraine is smoothly slipping into the sad 1990s,

    nifiga yourself, smoothly. With the speed of a courier train!
  15. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 6 November 2014 19: 01
    Recall our 90s !!!!! Russia, in its entire history, has not experienced such a shame / even though they survived. So they don’t have sales cards yet.
    1. traper
      traper 6 November 2014 20: 52
      And we didn’t have cards in the 90s, there were cards in the late 80s
  16. igordok
    igordok 6 November 2014 19: 01
    Unfortunately, the author of the article is right.
  17. wanderer
    wanderer 6 November 2014 19: 13
    The fascist rulers of Ukraine with their own hands are pulling a noose around the neck of their people!
    ... in other matters, this is - REAL FASCISM !!
  18. Leonidych
    Leonidych 6 November 2014 19: 13
    and this is just the beginning
  19. pest
    pest 6 November 2014 19: 21
    0, to drive them into the sea that they dug up, no Schaub sailed
  20. sv68
    sv68 6 November 2014 19: 25
    it’s too early to consider losses — unless Kiev is completely freed from the Nazi scum and all the former ukrodiniya got rid of the frenzied hatred that they artificially instilled in it? until this happens, you need to slaughter nonhumans and let their number decrease with a catastrophic speed for them.
  21. NDR-791
    NDR-791 6 November 2014 19: 26
    Again I'm talking about my friend from Kostopol. I noticed one oddity behind him - as what is planned in Ukraine, so he immediately comes to us in Siberia. Before the referendum in Crimea - here. Two days before the elections, Poroshenko - here. Now, just two days before the parliamentary elections, I was here again. This is the hidden loss. I don’t think he is the only one, let alone deviators ... And everyone here "WORKS". One thing is not good - we have distributed the "refugees" to the districts of the region. By the nature of my work, I often communicate with ordinary collective farmers from the same villages. So the most widespread phrase is not that "they are tearing up work from the hands", but about the fact that they have come in large numbers and RUNNING, men are being taken away from the case, and the harvest was just there. This is definitely a loss and not only in dill.
  22. Ivanhoe
    Ivanhoe 6 November 2014 19: 39
    Novorossiys would publish a list of all those in captivity and immediately there would be another Independence Square, many relatives hope that their loved ones are alive and are held captive by the Militias !!! believing that dill cannot call home in the 21st century being practically free is unreal !!!
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 6 November 2014 20: 29
      Ivanhoe offers a case. Militias, pay attention. One of your weaknesses is insufficiently active propaganda and counter-propaganda.
  23. SAM 5
    SAM 5 6 November 2014 19: 47
    For a long time this bacchanalia will hiccup to everyone.
  24. hard
    hard 6 November 2014 20: 26
    Quote: KERTAK
    Power grids cannot withstand voltage
    Haha, funny. should be:
    Power grids do not withstand current, not voltage.

    Sorry, correct: load.
  25. mivail
    mivail 6 November 2014 20: 58
    Kiev junta do not care about their population, the more disposed of the better for them. All the same, Russia, the traditional national fun, will be blamed for everything.
  26. Alfizik
    Alfizik 6 November 2014 21: 28
    "Ukraine is smoothly sliding into the sad 1990s,"

    No, Ukraine is not sliding into the 90s, it is sliding into absolute moral chaos, when society degrades and is destroyed forever.
  27. Evilcat
    Evilcat 6 November 2014 21: 49
    Ukrainian experts refer to exceeding the permissible length of stay of servicemen at the front line (with a norm of 30-40 days, Ukrainian soldiers are there for 4-5 months).

    The Great Patriotic War lasted almost 4 years. And the "liberators" were set the standard of one month. AND
    psychogenic problems turn into psychiatric
  28. Beeram
    Beeram 7 November 2014 00: 06
    all this is very sad, as they say, they wanted to and ran ...
  29. Zomanus
    Zomanus 7 November 2014 00: 28
    At one time, the Germans honestly, not hiding, killed the incurable and inferior. Well, here we decided to go the other way. Not surprised. At the expense of loonies with weapons, even glad. For the war should come to the houses of those who demanded genocide in the Donbass. And I hope that the current attack of ukrov will not be regarded as yet another provocation and the militia will finally go on the offensive.
  30. mamont5
    mamont5 7 November 2014 02: 23
    "The massacre unleashed by Kiev in the Donbas ricochets all over Ukrainian society, and the full extent of the damage inflicted by the Kiev junta on its own country and its own people has yet to be assessed."

    So this was the goal of their owners from the United States.
  31. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 November 2014 02: 49
    The main loss - Ukraine has lost itself. And this loss is not compensated, no matter how they puffed up and writhed the state out of themselves.
  32. Djuma-13
    Djuma-13 7 November 2014 05: 58
    Quote: KERTAK
    Power grids cannot withstand voltage
    Haha, funny. should be:
    Power grids do not withstand current, not voltage.

    can still load
  33. Evilcat
    Evilcat 8 November 2014 17: 43
    Quote: EvilCat

    Oh how, zaminyusili. Guys, I would not want to insult you, but you have publicly poured out your wretchedness. Do you even know that, for example, the American pilots during the 2nd Miroi set the rate of departures. Flew off, go on vacation. True, hell who got this vacation. I see why, huh?
    And you minus. I don’t even laugh with you.