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What is war? War is the destruction of everything and everything. Civil war is a war in a square, a war in a cube, a war, in one way or another - “all against all”, on which fault lines fancifully run over human fates and single families until then.

The civil war that we see firsthand in Ukraine is by no means an exception to this “rule of war”. I already wrote about the “war of attrition” between Novorossia and Ukraine.

The notorious Minsk agreements have left from the nascent Novorossia “stumps” of two under-governments and stopped the war of attrition for both sides — for Novorossia and for Ukraine.

But at the same time, neither side achieved a final victory in the war. What awaits us next?

As I wrote in my series of articles on social dynamics in the old blog, entropy only grows in a closed system. Ukraine and Novorossia now have a lot of problems with external energy supply (a gas agreement with Russia is no more than “some soft straw so as not to fall”), and a critical mass of “people with guns”, who are completely unwilling, sets the measure of internal disorder forget about from the very end this gun shoots.

As one local man with a gun told me - “peaceful life in the ass - if only zinc with cartridges did not end, and if only I reached my native city”.

And such people across the country - we already have 100 000 people.

Enough PR and political technologies - these people with weapons today it is already deeply parallel to Poroshenko and Plotnitsky, to the communists and to monarchists, to the recently elected People’s Council or to the new Verkhovna Rada.

They could have very different ideological prerequisites for entering into conflict, but today, at the present stage of the civil war plot, no one from the opposite camp can say which of the Colorado monarchist, Russian nationalist or communist, and which of the Dill Bandera, single Ukrainian or just a fascist.

The civil conflict, having reached the stage of civil war, reached its climax when “the enemy was there, beyond the river” —but he was right there, in a purely political-technological way, stopped.

But - people with guns have not gone away. As political activists from both sides did not share, the volunteers did not die and the soldiers of the information front did not stop writing.

The accumulated, but not consumed energy of both sides of the conflict is looking for a way out. And, most likely, soon she will find her way out.

And, strictly according to the classics of the growth of entropic processes in closed systems - due to the impossibility of maintaining a conflict between the “dill” and the “Colorado” - both sides will start a war already inside their own camps.

The virtual wall, which divided the two parts of one, formerly united country, will extinguish this energy of struggle in every possible way, while the internal, purely destructive processes will undermine the structure of society in Novorossiya and in Ukraine - from the inside.

The “rope pulling” model will start working again inside each of the parties to the conflict.

And here it will be affected by the unpleasant fact that the modern territory of Novorossia is no more than “stumps” from the two most eastern regions of the former Ukraine, and even undermined by the semi-annual war and the already beginning economic and energy blockade from Ukraine.

As I wrote, the configuration of Novorossia as of "now" is absolutely unsuccessful. And to sign the world in such a configuration was pure suicide for Novorossia, even if stretched in time.

“Once again, in the current configuration, pressed to Russia and deprived of access to the sea, in a situation when the main cities of Novorossia are under constant artillery and mortar fire, Novorossia loses the exhaustion fight.

The vital task that solves the question of survival is for her to ensure tranquility and rear life in the main cities of Donetsk-Lugansk agglomeration - Donetsk, Gorlovka, Lugansk. This task can be solved from a purely military point of view only as a result of reaching certain natural defensive lines - in the clean steppe near Donetsk it will be impossible to organize any kind of solid defense.

New Russia needs a seaport for its subsequent survival, and therefore, sooner or later, it needs to free and secure Mariupol, resolve the issue with Berdyansk and Genichesky, eliminating them as bases for deploying the Navy of the united Ukraine, which, of course, will try to ensure the Mariupol naval blockade obstruct shipping from this port.

New Russia needs the Dnieper as a natural water barrier - two bridges in Kherson, a dam in New Kakhovka, a shallow Karkinitsky Bay - in the south of New Russia, in historical Northern Tavria, it’s easy to organize a strategic defense. ”

What do we have in hand as of today?

We have everything exactly the same as September 1 - and the inept and short-sighted manipulations of the republics, carried out from Moscow, only aggravated the situation.

I'll tell you how this situation is seen from the inside of New Russia. At least half of the militia is very skeptical about the so-called “contract of the militiaman of the LPR” that he proposed, which reduces the militia to the role of someone who is incomprehensible and incomprehensible in what.

Due to the fact that a large number of people in the real militia of Novorossia come from Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye or Dnepropetrovsk - their own homes and destinies are sacrificed to some virtual political technology construct with the vague name "LC".

Which, as it turns out now, raises the question of some kind of "peaceful coexistence with Ukraine." And Ukraine, as it turned out, in fact simultaneously cancels for itself the special status of the “areas of the ATO”, and raises the question of the abolition of the announced amnesty for the militia.

Thus, the people who yesterday defended the LC and the DPR as the beginnings of the future Novorossia, the people who did it with arms are suddenly criminals, even in the eyes of the “people's republics” themselves.

Indeed, until now, against the background of the six-month sitting of parliaments and the discussion of “very important” issues (for example, the “Law on Smoking and the Trade in Tobacco Products” was discussed in the last month), the basic laws that would protect the militia inside the rescued It is through the efforts of the militia of the republics.


- The law on citizenship;
- The law on combatants;
- Militia Act;
- the law on the Cossacks.

With minimal political will, one could adopt them in the form of decrees (martial law laws, which very schematically organize the principles of future lawmaking) and give people a future solution to their problems and a reasonable hope for a better future.

In the meantime, people are given a kind of "staffing of the LC police" on 200 individuals - despite the fact that the squad that receives this shkatu consists of 1500 people, of whom at least 750 - actually sit on the front lines in the trenches or freeze at roadblocks.

Therefore, such a “policy” of the new authorities of the LNR, if I may say so, is called “the drain” by anyone else.

Where should the militia go in this case? The logical answer is that the militia will have to go to the Lugansk administration sooner or later.

An internal explosion inside the republics is very likely. The militia (in the sum of the two republics) now has more 30 000 bayonets.

And if the militia is rather difficult to stand alone against the regular army (here “vacationers” of Publisher Quintilian of the North help them in every way), then as part of the confrontation with the police, suddenly LNR can break the militia “through the knee” - it’s not good for the formed policeman forces LC or DNI.

In addition, we must understand that the credit of trust issued by the people of the LC and the DNI is also not unlimited.

The situation on the ground is very specific. On the one hand, the formal “formation” of a new civilian power is underway, but on the other hand, all the inertial processes of its decomposition are proceeding at the fastest possible pace.

I don’t know what Moscow’s “cunning plan” for personnel building is, but the situation on the ground looks very simple: many local officials have joined the fascinating game called “we depict and declare to the curators one thing, but in fact we are doing something completely different”.

In this case, the militia catastrophically quickly "eats" the local economy. This is generally the specifics of all armed formations - they do little in the economy, but in the war. The problems of civilians worry them already in the third place, after they have fed on their personnel and at least several cigarettes per day have been issued to them. And, of course, solved the issue with zinc ammunition.

Yes, some business in the republics, if the situation will roll by inertia, will still remain by spring. Women will be even more affordable than they are now, and opium poppy will definitely be planted. There will be smuggling and will be scrap metal.

Well and still – people will be stolen and kept on local cellars on fabricated charges – the benefit bodies of a consequence and inquiries here are utterly simplified. I think the field commanders will be able to hold on for another period of time on all this.

And what is the central government doing at this time to run the economy? Never mind. Many officials from the Plotnitsky government are more concerned with “fast” money than normal investment or even elementary launching of existing enterprises. And there will be no investment in something serious in the people's republics while they are at war with Ukraine - or an economic blockade.

And this means that the plants will be cut out and taken out for scrap, and people will be thrown out onto the street. Well, business will look at the examples of its less successful neighbors - and it will turn all its entire production and take out: who to Russia, and who to Ukraine.

Well, warlords even provide security for convoys with equipment. For braised meat, cigarettes, zinc with cartridges. And this is more important than the CNC machine, which is exported from here, paying a "revolutionary tax."

The issue of the budget sphere has not been resolved. Doctors, teachers, social workers - while sitting without salaries. After a month or two (exactly to the tree), any Ukrainian propogandon will unwind the local disgruntled people to a meaningless riot in five minutes.

Who will stop the rebels then, by the New Year?

The militias? They will be in the forefront of the rebels.

Vacationers Publius Quintillian North? I think not - they have other tasks. The court troops of the LC? So the crowd will go to demolish the local government already immediately armed, and the militia snipers will immediately sit on the roofs of nearby houses.

Who will shoot at people, rise the people here the day after tomorrow?

"Bekrut" because there is no longer here either, people will immediately get wet to defeat. A topla will shoot back, by the way.

Yes, some may jump to New Russia, pose against the background of the old tank or take a photo of “peaceful Krasnodon” from the window of your car or scream aimlessly in a cozy blazik that “New Russia is to be,” but it’s impossible to remain silent about the mass of catastrophic problems that are now growing in the republics.

And, of course, you need to wait for the Ukraine-Ruin "to come on its own." Who would argue. Only here, in Novorossia, there are some problems, and, due to the small size of the current stump, on which “Novorossiya will still be,” it can happen much faster than in the sleeping areas of Ukraine.

So sorry, but we have very little time.

Otherwise, tomorrow it will still be necessary to shoot again at the insurgent people. In the people of New Russia.

And this will be the end of all that the mass of people sincerely believing in the new world and in the New Russia has been doing all last year.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 6 November 2014 06: 27
    For the concept of what a CIVIL WAR is for an individual, read the classics QUIET DON SHOLOKHOVA ...... this is a tragedy for the people on both sides of the conflict and woe to the people who embarked on this path.

    Fortunately for RUSSIA, she went this way and gained immunity from this ....
    and the attempts of liberals and new reformers (revolutionaries) to plunge us again into chaos and the tragedy of war in the near future are doomed to failure.

    What the author describes in his article of all this is his personal forecast ..... wait and see.
    1. Russian jacket
      Russian jacket 6 November 2014 06: 32
      Not only "Quiet Don", but also "Sliver" ... True, I don't remember the author ... hi
      1. domokl
        domokl 6 November 2014 06: 44
        I wouldn’t say so confidently ... Have you forgotten the separatists of Tatarstan? Siberia? The Far East, the Caucasus? They have quieted down just now because the people will gnaw at Putin's throat. But it will become more comfortable, more satisfying and will come out again.
        Quote: The same LYOKHA
        and the attempts of liberals and new reformers (revolutionaries) to plunge us again into chaos and the tragedy of war in the near future are doomed to failure.

        In the near future they will not try ...
        It seems to me that now our fate is largely decided in New Russia. It will turn out, we will be strong and respected .. It will not work out, we will become outcasts.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 6 November 2014 07: 33
          Quote: domokl
          .You forgot the separatists of Tatarstan? Siberia? Far East,

          Sanya, and where did you see the separatists on Dv, 5 cry, at least look at the real ones.
          1. domokl
            domokl 6 November 2014 08: 30
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            Sanya, where did you see the separatists on Dv

            I’m healthy ... Sanya, and you quickly forgot something that was posted here by the Tomsk Siberians ... You quickly forgot the Kazan ... Did you see all the materials here? Did you see it in your city and saw ... So far, a bunch of students, but they said it’s openly about the richest, but impoverished region for the people, and about the hand of Moscow .. haven’t Muscovites bought everything in your city yet, because salaries are so low =?
          2. domokl
            domokl 6 November 2014 08: 35
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            where did you see the separatists in Dv

            Already wrote the answer .. But it was remembered here .. Do you remember these partisans, would their mother be there? Incidentally, there was, among other things, the demand for separation fellow And remember how many people even here supported them ..
        2. Horst78
          Horst78 6 November 2014 07: 51
          Quote: domokl
          . Have you forgotten the separatists of Tatarstan?Siberia? Far East, Caucasus?

          Be careful about Siberia. We crushed them ourselves. And the remnants, if they get out in the "Vasyugan swamps" (the largest in the world), "we will lose" am
          1. andj61
            andj61 6 November 2014 08: 33
            It was not worth talking about Siberia or the Far East! So A. Romanov does not risk his five thousand at all.
            And in Tatarstan, the Wahhabi-Salafis were muddied, but the question was raised about the caliphate, and not about the secession of only Tatarstan. But even these are now completely inaudible. Separatism was real in Chechnya, but now there are only patriots, which is nevertheless somewhat alarming, although Kadyrov’s actions are encouraging.
            1. domokl
              domokl 6 November 2014 08: 40
              Quote: andj61
              It was not worth talking about Siberia or the Far East!
              Andrew welcome hi Romanov knows me well and I, too ... Scare him or something else that is useless to me.
              And about Siberia ... I wonder why I can’t speak honestly about my land where I was born and raised? The tales that I just read in Horst’s comment are just tales for me ... I have not seen struggle ... There are some demonstrators for something ... From the windows of a minibus or car I see ... But they are interesting to me just as much as the rest, that is. No way ... Wander and wander ... at the fountain and administration smile
              1. Horst78
                Horst78 6 November 2014 11: 08
                Quote: domokl
                the tales that I just read in Horst’s comments are just tales for me ...

                Oh, sorry, please. I completely forgot that my city in which I was born and grew up does not belong to Siberia. Siberia is only Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, etc. And here we are so in the colony for all oil extracted.
                Quote: domokl
                .I haven’t seen a fight in our country for a long time.
                So it would be right at once in honesty that the brains in 10x have relaxed from consumer progress. You can’t fight for survival. So that
                Quote: domokl
                From the windows of a minibus or car I see ..
                Look at the world and further hi
            2. CONTROL
              CONTROL 7 November 2014 10: 00
              Quote: andj61

              And in Tatarstan, Wahhabis-Salafists drank water,

              What is characteristic: such a picture (in one of the cities of Tatarstan) - Kashapovites (nationalists-Tatars) and Barkashovites (well, clearly, they are also nationalists ...), offices are in the same building, on the same floor ... the entrances are different! they go to one cafe ... communicate, peacefully, love, expensive .. how is it? Where do "these" legs grow in general? ...
    2. alicante11
      alicante11 6 November 2014 09: 16
      The author is too thick paint. Lugansk diesel locomotive launched, an order from Russia for 300 sections, this is not a pound of raisins for you. Power lines are pulling, preparations for the winter were. Not so bad. Wintered, and in the spring further west.
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 6 November 2014 09: 18
      Pessimism in the article.
      1. Basarev
        Basarev 6 November 2014 14: 13
        I would still prefer absolute self-sufficiency. Helping Novorossi with orders is, of course, good, but it is also direct economic and political damage to Russian plants. After all, it is clear that any foreign order is always to the detriment of its own production. It's a shame that our engineers can do at least no worse (and most likely much better), but instead we order from fraternal feelings alone. I always said: friendship is friendship, and tobacco is apart. After all, you need to think about the economy! There is nothing more important than economics!
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Velikoruss
      Velikoruss 6 November 2014 14: 55
      What the author describes in his article of all this is his personal forecast ...

      Actually, not only him, and there are a lot of such "not only" ones. But at VO such people are usually called "putinvsekhslil", they are all "sofa generals". Although even a fool understands that the Minsk agreements imposed by Moscow are a real shot in the back of Novorossia.
      ..we will see.

      And before the eyes open not leisure? How long are you going to live? In my opinion, it is enough to turn on the brain in order to understand that Moscow is doing everything to eliminate from power the people with whom Novorossia began and to replace them with those who will observe the interests of Russian bigwigs. Nearby, they need the center of socialism no more than the independent New Russia Poroshenko
    6. Karabin
      Karabin 6 November 2014 18: 56
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      Fortunately for RUSSIA, she went this way and gained immunity.

      It depends on what is considered Russia. If within the "Belovezhskaya" borders, then the war is ahead, because the liberals in power, from the Kremlin to Courchevel, will bring the country to the zugunder. If you look at it in a civilizational way, the war is already going on in Novorossiya and Little Russia.
    7. Karabin
      Karabin 6 November 2014 19: 12
      I repeat. New Russia outside Russia stillbirth formation. The author is right. If Russia does not recognize the people of New Russia as their own, with all the ensuing consequences, it will be as described. In the actions of our government, I do not see this recognition. Support, just enough so that neither war nor peace. I consider this the most vile, the most harmful. Is it lack of strength? Hardly. Crimea showed the opposite.
  2. subbtin.725
    subbtin.725 6 November 2014 06: 29
    Bottom line: Without a military component, the establishment and borders of New Russia cannot be resolved. And that means that war is inevitable. Only an article, well, a very gloomy one.
    1. SHILO
      6 November 2014 06: 56
      Quote: subbtin.725
      Only an article, well, very gloomy.

      What life is - such an article request . And by the way, one of the few closer to reality - I say as a direct witness.
      1. Finches
        Finches 6 November 2014 07: 50
        The most amazing thing is that nobody needs the world! Neither Kiev, nor Moscow, nor Washington, nor Brussels ... all solve their problems through this massacre: economic, political, personally material, etc., but the worst thing is, the world itself is unnecessary for the direct participants! Everything will settle down when the big uncles decide their tasks, and the people will be tired of the war in an elementary, concrete way!
        1. Tatar 174
          Tatar 174 6 November 2014 08: 06
          Quote: Finches
          The most amazing thing is that nobody needs the world! ... neither to Moscow

          Why is Moscow not needed the world ??? Who in Moscow does not need the world ???
          Arguments in the studio!
          1. Finches
            Finches 6 November 2014 08: 26
            Yes, I really cannot present any special arguments. I expressed my own point of view on what is happening. When we needed Crimea, no one had time to meow, but here there is some sort of sluggish diplomatic butting! And after all, no one will deny that ours are working in Novorossiya, let's call it "military advisers", plus secret supplies of weapons and ammunition, I emphasize that this is also my guess!
            1. aleks 62
              aleks 62 6 November 2014 11: 52
              ..... Crimea is an accident ..... Happy ..... As a local I tell you ... hi
          2. CONTROL
            CONTROL 7 November 2014 10: 06
            War is a continuation of politics ... by means armed to the teeth! ...
      2. andj61
        andj61 6 November 2014 08: 37
        That's right: you cannot conserve this conflict - it will not work. Conflict must be fully resolved, as they say, victory or death. And to be in limbo can only be a very short time.
      3. avt
        avt 6 November 2014 11: 12
        Quote: SHILO
        . And by the way, one of the few that is closer to reality

        The article is neither plus nor minus. The tone is mournful - at least right now, lie down in a coffin, well, yes, well, the author listed a bunch of problems that have been and will be in ANY revolution, and even more so in the Civil War. That it is necessary to deal with administrative and economic issues very tightly and toughly, within the framework of war communism "at the first stage and" mobilization economy "in the case of successful hostilities and restoration - building the economy, so these are common truths that were successfully implemented in the USSR - take and use. As I said about this since the first , the unsuccessful storming of the airport, when Borodai, who called himself prime minister at the time, was running with a gun, then received several angry responses in his support. This, in the words of one historical character who coped with him quite well, is “daunting.” But nowhere without it.
        Quote: Finches
        The most amazing thing is that nobody needs the world! Neither Kiev, nor Moscow, nor Washington, nor Brussels ...

        Quote: Finches
        , but the worst thing is, the world is unnecessary for the direct participants themselves!

        Avona how did the article poke you! laughing You are somehow easier with emotions. Remove Moscow and Brussels from your commentary, and add to the "direct participants" in this new light the Kiev puppets and "Benyu" with his minions, then it will be closer to life.
      4. Corsair
        Corsair 6 November 2014 16: 55
        Quote: SHILO
        What kind of life is such an article. And by the way, one of the few closer to reality - I say as a direct witness.

        Kostya, here instead of the expression "witness" it is more appropriate "eyewitness".

        Otherwise, the "witness" in the general situation sounds like in a movie scene that has become a classic:
        "Who is the witness? Я!,Я!...BUT WHAT happened...? yes
    2. mamont5
      mamont5 6 November 2014 10: 24
      Quote: subbtin.725
      Only an article, well, very gloomy.

      Well ... Igor Ivanovich also frowned constantly. That's just dill from this constantly in shock.
    3. CONTROL
      CONTROL 7 November 2014 10: 04
      Life is a few orders of magnitude frowning! ...
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 6 November 2014 06: 32
    tin of what the author painted! right now even though the militia to run to the egg, ask sorry!
  5. viruvalge412ee
    viruvalge412ee 6 November 2014 06: 42
    The clever author of thoughts drew an ideal picture of the stupidity of Ukrainians, Russia (though he didn’t say anything about amerikosis), subtly outlined possible negative scenarios for the development of events already right now !!! However, what does Cospodin Anpilogov offer himself !? Typical Jewish instructive demagogic chatter
    1. saag
      saag 6 November 2014 06: 51
      Quote: viruvalge412ee
      However, what does Cospodin Anpilogov offer himself !?

      Have you read inattentively? The necessary laws that were not adopted are listed, and the need to start up enterprises was written, which was not done, and therefore the salary for the public sector was not paid
  6. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 6 November 2014 06: 42
    A reliable rear is needed for warfare. But the rear is not and is not expected. If we add to this the uncertain legal status of the militia fighters, the picture becomes completely bleak. Russia will help, there is no doubt, but it would be necessary to speed up the construction of state institutions themselves, otherwise it would be completely bad.
  7. Rohon
    Rohon 6 November 2014 06: 43
    Pitiable, but true ..... To whom is war, and to whom is mother dear ... Business in the blood ...
    Lousy politicians .... But you need to think about the good, dream about the bright ...
    No pasran soldier
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 6 November 2014 06: 44
    The war will continue, that's understandable. And it's not just the "man with the gun." If everything depended on him, then perhaps today the DPR and LPR would be within their administrative boundaries, and not as the author said ""Stump" of two subregions". And again it runs like a red thread that Moscow is to blame for everything. Stop blaming everything on Moscow. Take a look and see how many countries have had a hand in this conflict.
    1. tor11121
      tor11121 6 November 2014 07: 08
      Stop blaming everything on Moscow. And who to blame? Who needs it? Why are the Minsk agreements? To show the world how good we are? No one in the world of illusions builds on Russia’s account and presses us specifically. Played a democracy, maybe enough? Profukaem Novorossia, the next will be the Crimea.
      1. paul1992
        paul1992 6 November 2014 07: 36
        Quote: tor11121
        Stop blaming everything on Moscow. And who to blame? Who needs it? Why are the Minsk agreements? To show the world how good we are? No one in the world of illusions builds on Russia’s account and presses us specifically. Played a democracy, maybe enough? Profukaem Novorossia, the next will be the Crimea.

        minus mine, because, tired of reading every day: everything is gone! we are in the pope! Putin leaked! Moscow is to blame! traitors were sitting in Minsk! lose Crimea and blah blah blah ....
        come up with something new already ..
        or do you have, as they say, neither mind nor imagination?
        1. tor11121
          tor11121 6 November 2014 07: 43
          with brains it seems to you. Besides as phrased phrases, nor anything intelligible.
          1. paul1992
            paul1992 6 November 2014 07: 55
            Quote: tor11121
            with brains it seems to you. Besides as phrased phrases, nor anything intelligible.

            and your previous comment carries a different semantic load that does not correspond to the "excerpts" that I have cited? and Moscow is not to blame for everything?
  9. Grbear
    Grbear 6 November 2014 06: 51
    The problem is that the concept "folk"The leaders of the republics and the militias put completely different meanings. The leaders, trying not to lose the support of the people, will not be able to resist their own and Russian oligarchs, who understand with horror that the militias will not want them to return to their former meaning. This means the beginning of nationalization, which will become a precedent that is unacceptable from the point of view of the modern model.

    Slipping between Scylla (militia) and Charybdis (oligarchs) in the republics, in the current configuration, is unlikely to succeed. Without the expansion of the controlled space and a clear policy towards the oligarchy, the republics are moving to failure with every passing day.

    Honestly, I can't imagine how to "jump out" of this situation. Alternatively, incomplete nationalization, i.e. part of the property (50% + 1 share) is transferred to the republic's management with, possibly, subsequent compensation for the property confiscated. hi
    1. Basarev
      Basarev 6 November 2014 14: 26
      So, leaders should decide. The complete destruction of the oligarchy in one moment will give the republic enormous resources and no less enormous popular support, even a political rating and not weak chances for re-election in the elections ... In general, the absolute nationalization and criminal prosecution of all oligarchs and private traders in general will be a politically correct decision disappearances. After all, a planned economy and private capital are two things incompatible even theoretically.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  10. Glowworm
    Glowworm 6 November 2014 07: 11
    In some ways the author is right, the conflict must be resolved in a short time. Otherwise, the war in Novorossiya is inevitable. It is necessary to look for a way out of the Minsk agreements about nothing. Go to the borders of Novorosiya. Then in the DPR and LPR, there may not be any Maidans. If we leave the republics as they are, they will not hold out for long.
  11. 31rus
    31rus 6 November 2014 07: 56
    That's right, but not all, on the contrary, small Novorossia is more manageable and even economic support from Russia, dill is now weakly managed and motley and economically (internal struggle between aligarchs), political (different parties, for different interests), religious (split of the church), and most important ideological (not to count, the most serious tangle, here from the ultra-right to pro-Russian), and who falls apart faster, do you think I deliberately do not write about Novorossia, who pays and orders few options, but they are radically different from each other
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL 7 November 2014 10: 12
      Who will support Ukraine? (except Russia, of course ...) EU? well-oo-oo ... USA? oooh ... they won’t give money - for sure, don’t go to the grandmother! perhaps morally ...
      And what about New Russia (except for Russia, of course ...)? Yeah ... and give money ... and not only ...
  12. Quantum
    Quantum 6 November 2014 08: 43
    The author is too obsessed with pessimism, it is understandable, the Minsk agreements seriously undermined the development of New Russia in the southeast.
    Military operations on the part of the ukrovermacht intensify and everyone becomes
    it is clear that a way out of this situation is needed. Only a single military
    the command of both republics is able to develop a strategy for a new war
    against the fascists. The enemy has strengthened, military factories are constantly releasing
    military equipment, and under the Svidomo gun you can put a lot more. What should I do? It seems to me that the militia already has a solution to future victories
  13. calocha
    calocha 6 November 2014 09: 23
    I think this is such a situation when you need to chop Russian troops as a saber and clean up the whole country, forbidding the word Ukraine to hold lustration from Bendera and their accomplices in general, and to give Ukraine to the protectorate of Belarus and Russia, dividing it across the Dnieper!
  14. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 6 November 2014 09: 34
    We are again threatened with sanctions, and therefore again the question arises of the answer. However, this answer should turn into real losses for hostile forces, and not be another profanity. So, for example, the notorious “Dima Yakovlev Law” or the recent “food embargo” harmed our fellow citizens to a greater extent than the European Union or the United States. This explains why Europe reacted quite calmly to the “food answer” of the Russian Federation, knowing that it would cause discontent among ordinary Russians. More discontent - the power will soon change. The logic is just that. When it came to a truly effective answer - closing the skies for flights to Asia for European airlines - then this initiative was curtailed by Medvedev on the very first hint from Brussels. The question is what kind of "counter-sanctions" are these that harm their fellow citizens, and not the enemy? What is their true purpose? Who is their author? The Russian official wording about the November 2 elections is also very incomprehensible. Although initially they were promised to be recognized, then only “respect” of the results was announced.
  15. Alekc1000
    Alekc1000 6 November 2014 10: 42
    The author is unfortunately right !!! The top management of the LPR is really busy with the scrapping of the remnants (Plotnitsky and his entourage) !!!! As a leader Plotnitsky is complete zero !!! Judging by personal experience, when he was the Minister of Defense of the LPR !!! After the second meeting, he sent him in three funny letters, and took up the defense of Izvarino, according to his understanding and combat experience ...... !!! You know the results (Southern Cauldron, Sanechek Rim finished off his pussy ...) !!! The fact that to date nothing has been formed and no further steps have been announced is very alarming. The mood at the front end is really pessimistic, many field commanders are busy filling their pockets. In general, it turned out as always. (((((((
    1. Kilo-11
      Kilo-11 6 November 2014 15: 44
      I agree with you that in the Republics now it’s not getting the best, but as always. There are a lot of examples to talk about and a lot of examples can be criticized and exposed, as you know, this is easy, it may be time to put things in order in the territories under control, otherwise though it may end sadly. About the defense of Izvarino, the southern boiler, etc. maybe it’s worth modestly being silent. I suppose you should be well aware of who was there and how he acted, I almost beg your personal merits and the merits of your colleagues.
  16. LukaSaraev
    LukaSaraev 6 November 2014 11: 02
    Quote: domokl
    they are interesting just as much as the rest, i.e. No way ... Wander and wander ... at the fountain and administration

    I understand that we are talking about Novosib. then I fully confirm and support.
    As for the article itself: very quickly outdated. The Russians went on the offensive. As long as you can children from howitzers. I also could not stand it.