Information for reflection. Retaliation weapons

Russia has the only one in the world weaponsguaranteeing a nuclear retaliatory strike against the enemy, even in that dreadful situation, if we already have no one to make a decision about this strike. The unique system counterattacks automatically - and cruelly.

Imagine the worst option. The world, balancing on the very brink of war, collapsed. The patience of the “Western democracies” was exhausted, and a preemptive nuclear strike was launched on the territory of the Soviet Union. Deadly missiles launched from mine launchers, from submarines and aircraft. The power of many thousands of warheads has fallen on cities and military facilities. And while the Soviet leadership, in shock and panic, figured out what had happened, if it was not a mistake, and how to remedy the situation — there was nothing to correct. Major megacities, industrial and military centers, command and communication centers were destroyed in one massive blow. The mighty nuclear arsenal of the USSR simply did not have time to use: the team did not enter, and in the absence of a leading center, the dangerous rival is blind, he is still.

But at the very moment when NATO generals raise their glasses of victory, something unimaginable happens. The silence seemed forever as if the enemy had come to life. Thousands of missiles rushed towards the western countries - and the generals did not have time to finish off a bottle of champagne, many of them, having broken through the built antimissile defense with such efforts, wiped out large cities, military bases, command centers. No one won.

That is how the Perimeter system worked, which received in the Western press the chilling name of The Dead Hand, the last argument of the Soviet (and now the Russian) state. Despite the large number and variety of doomsday machines doomed by science fiction writers, guaranteeing retribution to any enemy and capable of obtaining and guaranteed to destroy it, only the Perimeter, apparently, really exists.

However, “Perimeter” is a system that is kept in such a strict secret that there are some doubts about its existence, and all information about its composition and functions should be taken with a great deal of doubt. So what is known?

The Perimeter system launches an automatic massive nuclear strike. It guarantees the launch of underwater, airborne and silo-based ballistic missiles in the event that the enemy destroys ALL the points capable of giving an order for a retaliatory attack. It is completely independent of the remaining communications and command systems, even from the notorious “nuclear suitcase” of the Kazbek system.

The system was put on combat duty at 1985, and five years later it was modernized, called Perimeter RC, and served 5 more years. Then, as part of the START-1 agreement, she was removed from duty — and her current state is unknown. According to some data, it can be “turned on” again after START-1 expires (this will happen in December of 2009), and according to others, it has already returned to the current state.

It is believed that the system works like this. The "perimeter" is on permanent alert, it receives data from tracking systems, including the early warning radar of a missile attack. Apparently, the system has its own independent command posts, which are (externally) indistinguishable from the set of similar points of the Strategic Missile Forces. According to some reports, such items are 4 pieces, they are separated by a large distance and duplicate the functions of each other.

At these points, the most important — and the most secret — component of the “Perimeter”, an autonomous control-command system, operates. It is believed that this is a complex software package created on the basis of artificial intelligence. Receiving data on negotiations in the air, radiation field and other radiation in the control points, information systems, early detection of launches, seismic activity, it is able to draw conclusions about the fact of a massive nuclear attack.

If the "situation is overdue," the system itself is translated into a state of full combat readiness. Now she needs the last factor: the lack of regular signals from the usual command posts of the Strategic Missile Forces. If the signals are not received for some time - "Perimeter" starts the Apocalypse.

15A11 command rockets are launched from mines. Created on the basis of intercontinental missiles MP UR-100 (starting mass 71 t, flight range to 11 thousand km, two stages, liquid-jet engine), they carry a special head part. It is harmless in itself: it is a radio engineering system developed at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic. These missiles, rising high in the atmosphere, flying over the territory of the country, broadcast launch codes for all nuclear missiles.

Those also act automatically. Imagine a submarine stationed at the pier: almost the entire crew on shore has already died, and only a few confused watch submariners are on board. Suddenly she comes to life. Without any outside interference, having received a signal to launch from a highly secret receiving device, the nuclear arsenal is set in motion. The same happens in the immobilized mine installations, and on strategic aviation. A retaliatory strike is inevitable: it is unnecessary, perhaps, to add that the Perimeter is designed to be particularly resistant to all the damaging factors of nuclear weapons. Reliably
disable it almost impossible.
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