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Yulia Tymoshenko: a yeast wand in a white parliament vessel

Yulia Tymoshenko: a yeast wand in a white parliament vessel

Kytsünder, peacefully folding his wrinkled legs, emphatically tolerantly awaits an invitation to a new, super-powerful coalition that is being created by someone in the Rada of the new convocation. Yulia Vladimirovna demonstrates complete resignation and sends extremely positive signals. She, of course, is sent to the return address, but we must pay tribute: the grandmother of Ukrainian politics still managed to get into parliament.

Yes, Matkivshchyna received a little more than five percent of the vote (5,68), but the fact of “crawling” is important. Look at the fascists from Freedom: they have cut off the 0,3 percent - that's all, there is no such parliamentary party anymore. And Tymoshenko survived. She hardly adapts to the new reality, when everything around is even steeper populists and tantrums than she. But adapts. I won’t repeat banalities like “ana will show everyone, he will rape and mock everyone”, “you shouldn’t write off your grandmother.” As an expert-pathologist for BYuT (I have been working on this carcass since 1996), I can only assume: Yulia Vladimirovna is still capable of something. It has enough of a minimal political platform to arrange a universal srach. In the role of the head of the budget committee, she put the whole Cabinet in the knee-elbow position. At the post of energy deputy prime minister, she spoiled the blood of such a large number of people that it is simply terrible to imagine. I deliberately omit the well-known episodes from Tymoshenko’s premiership.

She pathologically hates the supreme commander. Until the crunch of ossified brain convolutions. She will wait for her moment. This is the purpose of its existence. Yes, twenty deputies in the “Batkivshchyna” faction are a miser, which can be ignored in the general scenario. And who is interested in these breakdowns in the conditions when everything goes to a denouement? But! I bet on the last shot of Yulia Vladimirovna.

In fact, the entire Verkhovna Rada and the government are currently filled with people from under the skirt of the “orange princess”. Who is, for example, Lyashko? In 2004, this boy ran with his newspaper "Freedom", trying to curry favor with Tymoshenko. He even stuck out his tongue when he listened to the words of Yulia Vladimirovna. Having received a place in BYuT, Lyashko was used for the dirtiest public actions. He did what even the faithful Yulka disdained to do. For example, he accused the speaker of Frost of receiving millions of dollars from Donetsk. And so on. This former yulek, like a parrot, copied all the grimaces and habits of his former shefini. It worked, oddly enough.

See the list of the Popular Front. In fact, this is all BYuT. Speaker Turchinov for decades was a confidential Tymoshenko. Blok Petro Poroshenko ... Need to decipher? I think no. Opposition bloc: have not Natasha Royal been forgotten yet? Only in "Samodrocherhekhora" is not revealed yet yulkov. But they certainly are, if you delve deeper. The whole parliament is like a big leper colony, where all those who got infected with Yulkism in various forms gathered. The most important thing is that it is not treated. Do you think that they didn’t try to cut her electorally? And how. But the Europeans intervened, who still consider Tymoshenko a "victim of the regime." She noticeably reduced her public activities. She promised to stay in the shadows. Grandma realizes that in two years she missed a lot and lost her charisma. An attempt to master the masses on the move failed. But Tymoshenko was smart enough not to force things. She began to rebuild her mob skills during her regional voyages. Do not think that the granny does not work. In Romny, she managed to hypnotize several thousand at once. Shaw is your Kashpirovsky. Rovno got worse, but the level of exaltation of the mass was very high. Tymoshenko never really hid the fact that she specializes in the nearby rural electorate, who perceived her as a symbol of her unrealized opportunities. Aunts under sixty simply idolized her. Very carefully, without past aggression, Yulia Vladimirovna pulled out her electoral piece. Yes, compared to past successes, this is simply a miserable, insignificant stub. However, she won over him in an ugly dog ​​fight. This is an achievement, I must admit. In Yushchenko, almost immediately after the end of his presidency, everyone spat. He actually died in his second year in office. Tymoshenko survived after two years of isolation at the Kharkov Railway Hospital. Her hard, systemically and quite creatively soaked. Not home. Arseniy Yatsenyuk owes his career to her. If it were not for the “Matkivshchyna”, its galymy “Front for Change” would never have got into parliament. Yes, he threw Tymoshenko, in fact, having appropriated her structures and inclined the main Julian to his side. In his place, Yulia Vladimirovna would have acted in the same way.

After the “revolution” there was a unique situation in which all the power in the country actually belonged to Tymoshenko’s appointees. Starting from the interim president and ending with the Minister of the Interior Ministry. Now the same people in power. Including in the "Tymoshenko" parliament, paradoxically it sounds. Shot by botox, pulled up so that her right eye climbs on her forehead, Tymoshenko goes to the last and decisive battle in her life. According to the degree of cynicism in modern politics, no one is good enough for her. If necessary, she would personally strangle the female pilot Savchenko to mourn this loss at the funeral. You can negotiate with anyone, including Putin and the leaders of the DPR and the LPR. She has absolutely no moral bottom. But there is an extremely perverted mind. Yes, age is not the same, and you have to revise the arsenal of the impact on people. However, Tymoshenko is able to play his last role. Vanghuy: in a relatively short period of time, the first scandal will break out thanks to Kyzünder’s “meek” and “submissive” behavior. Today, she is ready to wash clothes in the coalition of Petro Poroshenko, and tomorrow the laundry will be spent on such a grandmother. We know which one.

I emphasize once more with a felt-tip pen: I haven’t been noticed in sympathy with Tymoshenko Exaggerate the role of "Bagini" is not inclined. However, if you throw a small stick of yeast into the toilet, the whole parliament will be filled with crap. Believe in the objective laws of chemistry.

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 30 October 2014 06: 51
    This lady with a scythe will still mock ... And while in ambush, the snake is preparing to jump ...
    1. Nevsky_ZU
      Nevsky_ZU 30 October 2014 06: 57
      And she began with pornocasses in the video salons of Dnepropetrovsk at the turn of the 90 year.
      1. bytkeev
        bytkeev 30 October 2014 13: 04
        started with p-o-n-o ....
        Well, it turns out that she is accustomed to "go to bed" under all who are stronger ... With such a biography, she will sell her own mother too.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 30 October 2014 07: 25
      Look at the fascists from Svoboda: they cut off 0,3 percent - and that’s it, there’s no longer such a parliamentary party.
      Lezers of the year laughing
      1. Name
        Name 30 October 2014 08: 04
        Welcome all! "Svoboda" declares large-scale falsifications and demands a revision of the election results .... Otherwise, it’s probably fresh from the Maidan. winked And so on to infinity ..
        1. Finches
          Finches 30 October 2014 08: 39
          "Svoboda", if now it doesn’t stumble and, stepping on the throat of its own song, will unite the second number with the "Right Sector" and together they will go to the "last and decisive", having in the storerooms also armed to the teeth, already fired at battalions of Nazis .. ., here it is really difficult to predict what it will result in!
          And if these guys seize power, then the lady with the scythe, and the rabbit, and the pastor and the chocolate hare will be hung in Feng Shui all over Khreshchatyk!
          1. xbhxbr-777
            xbhxbr-777 30 October 2014 09: 17
            That's right! wassat They will be hung, just like Feng Shui in Ukrainian!
      2. Omskgasmyas
        Omskgasmyas 30 October 2014 09: 59
        It’s just that fascist Zionists don’t need fascist anti-Semites on one hectare. I won’t be surprised if soon the Svobodovites quietly begin to be dealt with by friends on the Maidan.
        1. Egoza
          30 October 2014 10: 21
          Quote: Omskgazmyas
          soon Svobodovtsev quietly begin to contour friends on the Maidan.

          Already! All the same, several Svobodovites went through the majority, BUT they did not learn anything, and here is the result ...

          The passage to the Verkhovna Rada of the heir to the Party of Regions, the Opposition Bloc, does not mean yet that deputies of this political force must be reckoned with. This was aired on Channel 5 by Yury Levenko, a candidate for people's deputies from the Freedom Party.

          According to him, the fact that more than 9% of voters voted for them can be ignored, because the "true patriots of Ukraine" did not vote for the "followers of Yanukovych."

          “They got a certain percentage. This does not mean that they must be reckoned with. You can not reckon with everyone who has a passport of a citizen of Ukraine. Because the passport of a citizen of Ukraine is with terrorists, criminals. Those who kill our people in the east of Ukraine also have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine. So if someone voted for the Opposition bloc, maybe even terrorists, this is normal, ”said Levenko.

          At the same time, even the presenter of the channel besieged the ardor of the free man: “Your proposals are dictatorial. Do not forget that they scored 9% excluding the Donbass and Crimea, so they would have much more. ”

    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 30 October 2014 12: 19
      The old guard will still show itself that we are waiting for the swan song from Mrs. Yulia.
    4. The comment was deleted.
  2. vdtomsk
    vdtomsk 30 October 2014 06: 53
    yeast stick in a white vessel of parliament

    It hurts affectionately No. Cholera stick in diarrhea winked That’s more accurate.
    1. andj61
      andj61 30 October 2014 09: 20
      Quote: vdtomsk
      yeast stick in a white vessel of parliament

      It hurts affectionately No. Cholera stick in diarrhea winked That’s more accurate.

      When the yeast stick begins its activity in the "white vessel of parliament (is it a toilet, or what?), Then there will be diarrhea, and cholera bacillus, and hell knows what else. Yulka destroyed everything perfectly - to her benefit, of course, but creative activity for the good of the country is a thing she does not know. And I agree with the author - she will still confirm her qualifications as a destroyer.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Alex_Popovson
    Alex_Popovson 30 October 2014 06: 53
    Tymoshenko - X * YLO, La La La La La.
  4. Lukich
    Lukich 30 October 2014 06: 56
    Julia will not miss her. let everything fly to tar tarara, but she will be torn to power
  5. Dbnfkmtdbx
    Dbnfkmtdbx 30 October 2014 06: 58
    Yulia, yes, not a woman
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Turk
    Turk 30 October 2014 07: 00
    However, she recaptured him in an ugly dog ​​fight. This achievement, I must admit.
    SAHALIN 30 October 2014 07: 02
    First it starts to creep, lick, and then, at the direction of the mattresses, it’s just that they haven’t yet developed an action plan for it, will start to throw its smelly yeast sticks into the cesspool, it will stink, it’s just horror. wassat
  9. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 30 October 2014 07: 04
    I would not want to be and cook in this cauldron under the name of Verkhovna Rada! There is such a zoo of wild animals and reptiles that you can’t live more than a minute ... Or even less ... request
    The trouble is .... laughing
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 October 2014 07: 10
    She pathologically hates the supreme commander

    It is noticeable that Rabbit does not really adore him either. Yatsenyuk's personal ambitions and his "Napoleon's disease" prevail over common sense. Ahead of the battle in the Rada on the body of a defeated and wretched u.kropia.
  11. sv68
    sv68 30 October 2014 07: 12
    it was necessary to put the Minister of Defense-psychiatrists do not mind laughing what ukraidiniya-such and heroes-scum on the bastard. then it will be even worse, she will begin to tear everyone who will be objectionable to the atomic rat.
  12. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 30 October 2014 07: 14
    I remember once in a pioneer camp they threw a pack of yeast into a push repeat
  13. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 30 October 2014 07: 15
    I disagree with the author. Granny has worthy students. And toothy, and hysterical, and mean. They will not allow her to the feeding trough, especially since she "shrank" to a liquid stream of "sponsorship" help.
  14. Wolka
    Wolka 30 October 2014 07: 18
    Yes, at least call her, one devil in a skirt, only a side view ...
  15. SAM 5
    SAM 5 30 October 2014 07: 22
    Yes, "Motherland" received a little more than five percent of the vote

    He laughed heartily. The author used a capacious word for Yulkina company. good
  16. APASUS
    APASUS 30 October 2014 07: 27
    Early rejoice, Julia is still in power.
    They sit out, rest and still her poison is enough for everyone!
    1. FACKtoREAL
      FACKtoREAL 30 October 2014 08: 29
      Well, there is in this WOMAN, in addition to the bitter sour "uzyuminki vnutryakh", also strength and will! good
      Here are such enemies can ... RESPECT! hi
      Between the legs of Baushka Yulia, she "stands" stronger and stronger than that of ... Urki Yanyk! wassat
  17. Panikovsky
    Panikovsky 30 October 2014 08: 01
    SW Alexander Zubchenko, thanks for the article, but for some reason it seems to me that Tymoshenko has had a systemic menopause, and not only in the physiological aspect. yeast stick does not work in a barrel of shit ... because of the expired shelf life.
  18. fevg
    fevg 30 October 2014 08: 15
    Did not read the article and comments. But how do you tolerate it, citizens of Ukraine? It's impossible! No pros or cons!
  19. Kilo-11
    Kilo-11 30 October 2014 09: 03
    The article is not bad, with a twinkle. The author is right that Mrs. Tymoshenko is a person without conscience, moral principles and honor. She will do anything to achieve her selfish goals, satisfy political ambitions. This is all correctly noted. That is otherwise ready to argue. Not any last role. This person will no longer have. All her time has passed, the US State Department wrote off her, she is no longer interesting to them. Of course, the lady can still sprinkle her poison, but no more. She will sprinkle a lot, the curators from the State Department can very hard put in place, which would not get underfoot. In the parliament of "matkivshchyna" they dragged in in view of the former "revolutionary" merits of Mrs Tymoshenko herself, and even so, to create the appearance of democracy. Ko. And Mrs. Tymoshenko is no longer even on the side track, she is in a sump for old steam locomotives.
  20. Demon
    Demon 30 October 2014 10: 10
    Thanks to the author for the article! Amused, for a long time did not laugh.
    "However, if you throw a small stick of yeast into the toilet, then the whole parliament will flood with shit. Believe in the objective laws of chemistry." good
  21. PWG
    PWG 30 October 2014 10: 10
    She is even too late to stand in Leningrad ...
    1. Egoza
      30 October 2014 10: 25
      Quote: PWG
      She is even too late to stand in Leningrad ...

      On the contrary! Put it there! To carry out educational work among men who like to "jump into buckwheat". The main thing is that they do not exceed the speed very much as they will slip by
  22. crambol
    crambol 30 October 2014 10: 23
    Yulia Tymoshenko: a yeast wand in a white parliament vessel

    Have you tried to throw yeast in the toilet to a neighbor? The effect is amazing!

  23. Egoza
    30 October 2014 10: 31
    I believe that Julia will first of all grapple with Lyashko, she painfully imagines himself, "that's where she told him." wink
  24. galantmen1980
    galantmen1980 30 October 2014 11: 53
    Yulia is a thief and a man without principles - something else is important - Freedom was not allowed + Yarosh with his Corps - the situation resembles the beginning of the 90s when independence was gained on the shoulders of the "people's ruk of Ukraine" and then they were slowly merged, and whoever did not merge was killed (Chernovol + Getman). Keane will not be. Again everything in a circle. Our task is to use the contradictions - I don’t understand one thing - if Yanyk was so disposed to us - why did we not enter during the Maidan.
  25. The comment was deleted.
  26. python
    python 30 October 2014 12: 06
    They don’t understand ...
  27. vlad223
    vlad223 30 October 2014 12: 16
    In Ukraine, they share power ... (only 30 seconds - look!)
  28. Bort radist
    Bort radist 30 October 2014 12: 25
    Quote from the article."Believe in the objective laws of chemistry."
    Biology respected, fermentation and excretion is biology.
  29. velf
    velf 30 October 2014 13: 19
    Pretty accurately noticed.
  30. Prager
    Prager 30 October 2014 13: 40
    Tymoshenko is a time bomb. She will still show herself in all her vileness and nastiness.
  31. qQQQ
    qQQQ 30 October 2014 14: 12
    I always admired the beauty of the game Julia, what kind of pressure, what expression - this is not seen in any theater. All the rest are not suitable for her. After all, how many years have been crushing, but still nothing. This one ... that doesn’t drown.
  32. Tektor
    Tektor 30 October 2014 17: 07
    Well, the script is simply striking. What is the current constitution there? AND? Who said? The time of severe uncertainty, revolutionary necessity ... RADA - the most representative and legitimate body in the circle of an incomprehensible separation of powers, it is not clear how. In a single outburst, in the wake of a constantly worsening situation and falling living standards, she can vote for the right to make decisions on any issue at the suggestion of Yulia. But what if there is a question of transferring the powers of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief from the president to Yulia? Otozh it as.!.
  33. wow
    wow 30 October 2014 19: 21
    As our course officer used to say; "... the one who shoots last laughs ...". That's for sure, but in this case the bullet will be made of goat ... ah, so it won't fly far!
  34. Aibolit64
    Aibolit64 30 October 2014 21: 06
    Tymoshenko is a yeast stick in an outskirts vessel with feces.
  35. hard
    hard 31 October 2014 02: 33
    Guys! Enough of joking over the old fool. Stop torturing the animal. Release the cattle.