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Won Kolomoisky and Washington

The extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada, Russia, through the mouth of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, "recognized as valid." But ... not congratulated. She recognized the political reality in the former Ukraine (now the United Krajina Bandera). The realities of life must be recognized ...

Won Kolomoisky and Washington

Observers have already summed up the results of the elections to the Rada of the “victorious Maidan”. Sergey Markov drew attention to the centralized falsification of the voting results: in the “independent” exit poll, the data coincide to a few tenths of a percent, which is crying ... But none of the western “independent” observers noticed this.

The results were falsified against Poroshenko’s “political force”, because the Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov controlled the voting process. Is it any wonder that the “Popular Front” Yatsenyuk-Turchinov-Avakov won “unexpectedly”? Sociology before the election predicted him half the result, and he pushed the party of President Poroshenko to second place! In the form of "democracy", and in fact - a sophisticated mockery, and Petro Poroshenko, some sources say, is furious.

Other results: also the unexpected success of the regional Lviv “Self-help”, which became the third finalist, followed by the “Opposition bloc”, and the losers of the elections, the more radical Lyashko and “Batkivshchyna” Tymoshenko. The last place “Mrs. Yulia” says that everyone left her to the mercy of fate, and she herself knows how to inflate her cheeks only ...

Thus, President Poroshenko lost this election, he expected to get a significant pro-presidential majority in the Rada, but those hopes buried the second place in the bloc of his name. Parliament will be a coalition, and will be able to dictate their will to the president. And who won this election? Yatsenyuk associates? Formally, yes, but in reality Poroshenko won them over his “best enemy” - oligarch-governor Igor Kolomoisky.

A number of independent observers point out that he helped Yatsenyuk’s front-line soldiers draw additional percentages of votes in the areas he controls. And they are already paying for it: the same Avakov publicly called Lyashko’s party “pederastic”, therefore the NF will not enter into a coalition with it. Lyashko, the “best enemy” of Kolomoisky, has already accused him of all the troubles of his political force and received another blow from the “Popular Front”, and rather nasty ...

“Self-help” is also financed by Kolomoisky; these suspicions by political scientists confirm that Semen Semenchenko’s entry into the top of this very young Lviv party, apparently, as a spectator. The battalion of bandits Semenchenko was funded by Kolomoisky, and, what a coincidence, he also noted in the battle with Lyashko: he threw his “black mark” in the televised debates.

Kolomoisky controls the “Popular Front” Yatsenyuk, the “Self-Help” of Sadovy and, apparently, the “Batkivschyna” of his compatriot Tymoshenko is half of the parliamentary parties. The Lyashko Party is ostracized for pederastic motives, the Opposition Bloc is politically motivated, and the same oligarchs Lyovochkin-Firtash-Akhmetov (possibly) and Poroshenko himself (most likely) are behind both of these political forces.

Poroshenko in the "pro-European coalition" will remain alone with the parties of Kolomoisky, and therefore to deprive him of the Dnepropetrovsk patrimony, and to reduce the influence, can not, but this "devil revolution" from behind the scenes can spoil Poroshenko ...

The “pro-European coalition” in the Rada is actually a coalition of Poroshenko-Kolomoisky, and it is very unstable, just explosive! In fact, after all, the “European Party” (Poroshenko) under the boot of the “pro-American party” (Kolomoisky). The American ambassador in Kiev, Payette, called the elections to the Rada a “step towards democracy”, and “the father of Maidan’s democracy” US Vice President Joe Biden hurries to Kiev to look at his brainchild, but Europe, the formal winner, notes a low turnout and big problems waiting for the "pro-Ukrainian Rada".

Maydanna Rada with the pro-fascist face of volunteer commanders of battalions will push Poroshenko to resume the war with Novorossia. Even the officials of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declare the danger of breaking the truce. But his head, Sergey Lavrov, recognizes the elections to the Rada as held ...

The contradiction here is apparent. Putin’s very tough Valday speech in Sochi says, according to a number of observers, that Moscow will no longer retreat before Washington, and on the sidelines of the summit, Putin recommended not even thinking “to finally solve” the issue of South-Eastern Ukraine. Recognition of elections to the Parliament - this seems to be the last warning: “we wanted the best” ...

On the other hand, the head of the presidential administration, Ivanov, also in Sochi, spoke about the importance of the November 2 elections in Lugansk and Donetsk, that is, Moscow can recognize these elections, and will thus balance the recognition of the Rada. The tour of Joseph Kobzona in Donetsk and Lugansk, which are, indeed, very demonstrative, is already called informal recognition by Moscow.

Whether Valdai speech will be cooled by hotheads in Washington (McCain-Biden heads) and their talking heads in Kiev, we will find out soon. In general, the situation in the Donbass during the truce is somewhat calmed down, and serious provocation is required to resume the war. Washington thinks about it: journalist Udo Ulfkott (“German Snowden”) warns that “now the Americans are even thinking about how to blow up a nuclear power plant in Ukraine and then declare that they were separatists or Russians” ...
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  1. shishakova
    shishakova 29 October 2014 08: 17
    Thank you, Victor!
    Money can do everything, but, as life says, not always (about Kolomoisky).
    It seems to me that Russia is on the right track with a pure soul and a sound head, devoid of the mania of "genius"
    1. Sensatus
      Sensatus 29 October 2014 08: 25
      Personally, I don’t even worry about how the votes in Ukraine were counted. Now politics is not being done there, not in Europe, and not even beyond a puddle. Now politics in Ukraine is already being done by Russia. This is what Putin’s actions need to be watched.

      And this cannot but rejoice. We return our self. Someone will say that this is garbage, the main thing is salary. But I do not agree here.
      1. Finches
        Finches 29 October 2014 08: 35
        It's cool anyway! Petya was put on cancer by the Maydan fellow soldiers! It is still tender, but if Petya soon repeats the fate of Yanukovych, I personally will not be surprised!
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. Kushadasov
          Kushadasov 29 October 2014 09: 19
          Petya will soon repeat the fate of Yanukovych

          Yeah. The only difference is that this *** will explode to the mattresses or to the London rat-successor ... If he has time)))
          1. Karabin
            Karabin 29 October 2014 19: 59
            Quote: Kushadasov
            The only difference is that this *** will rush to the mattresses

            Is not a fact. Russia is also an option. And they will accept it.
        3. Lelek
          Lelek 29 October 2014 10: 28
          Quote: Finches
          It is still tender, but if Petya soon repeats the fate of Yanukovych, I personally will not be surprised!

          Yes, puppeteers begin to merge it "gently". Reckless Yaytsenyukh and defrocked Turchynov are more preferable for the West, because do not have an opinion. negative
          1. Drednout
            Drednout 29 October 2014 11: 13
            “Now the Americans are even considering how to blow up a nuclear power plant in Ukraine and then declare that they were separatists or Russians” ...

            Are the Boeings over? You can, after all, slap a pig from the VSS "by the hands of the militia".
            Here you can catch two birds with one stone. This is the reason and the elimination.
          2. ArhipenkoAndrey
            ArhipenkoAndrey 29 October 2014 11: 20
            The punitive soldier was called dill, now egg-laying should be called.
      2. saag
        saag 29 October 2014 09: 12
        Quote: Sensatus
        Now politics in Ukraine is already being done by Russia.

        Putin only reacts to events, because he has no politics of his own
        1. APES
          APES 29 October 2014 09: 27
          Quote: saag

          but reacts with lightning speed, which indicates a complete readiness for this scenario

          Quote: saag
          its policy

          Its policy will appear when Russia goes on a full-scale offensive
          1. comprochikos
            comprochikos 29 October 2014 10: 00
            I hope Europa will soon see the result of his efforts and be horrified at the sight of a flourishing "democracy"
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Cynic
          Cynic 29 October 2014 19: 43
          Quote: saag
          Putin only reacts to events

          And this reaction continues for a dozen years, a strong man!
        4. Karabin
          Karabin 29 October 2014 20: 28
          Quote: saag
          because he has no politics of his own

          You are unfair buddy. According to reports from VO of faithful Putiners, the GDP has muddied up a very cunning chess game. Penetrating Ukraine, this is not a failure in foreign policy, but an archy move, a sacrifice of a figure, so to speak. Soon (as soon as Putiners, even if you crack, do not recognize) will be followed by another strong move (maybe even some piece in expense), but in the end, check and checkmate. In vain you doubt the Grandmaster, and therefore the cons.
          1. Cynic
            Cynic 29 October 2014 21: 01
            Quote: Karabin
            but in the end, checkmate

            Hardly a check, most likely just a mate.
            But this is so rhetorical, in fact _
        5. mazak
          mazak 30 October 2014 14: 26
          do you really think so ??
      3. APES
        APES 29 October 2014 09: 22
        Quote: Sensatus
        Now Russia is already doing politics in Ukraine

        the funny thing is that judging by the pathological hatred of Svidomo Ukrainians towards Putin, they are all latent Putinists, i.e. how would they all want them to have someone like Putin
        1. ArhipenkoAndrey
          ArhipenkoAndrey 29 October 2014 11: 16
          It was the name of the country before - Ukraine, now Yaytsenyuhovshchina or Kalomoyshchina, as you like.
          1. Tektor
            Tektor 29 October 2014 12: 24
            I would find among the epithets "serpentarium" or "like-minded terrarium". And I would remember about "spiders in a bank".
        2. The comment was deleted.
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. wow
        wow 29 October 2014 12: 07
        I agree with you, the salary is really good, but not only (and not so much) it determines being!
      6. kotyara
        kotyara 29 October 2014 18: 56
        Salary is its size, and most importantly, its availability largely depends on the actions of politicians, if they began to defend their interests, then there will be work and there will be orders from the side, if they surrender their interests, they shut down half of the enterprises in the 90s!
  2. MIV999
    MIV999 29 October 2014 08: 18
    What is the difference in fact, which of the Nazis wassat won the parliamentary elections?! ... For me, this EVENT is much more interesting and revealing:
    The tours of Joseph Kobzon in Donetsk and Lugansk, which are really quite demonstrative, are called by Moscow their informal recognition.
    Hold on, Donbass !!! Hold on, Lugansk !!! soldier
    1. Owl27
      Owl27 29 October 2014 08: 27
      And also Gum.Help, without any decisions and approvals !!! And the statement that Russia, by any means, recognizes the elections in New Russia !!! Explicit transition from words to deeds!
  3. a52333
    a52333 29 October 2014 08: 19
    / Soloviev also believes that after the elections in Novorossiya conclusion of agreements follows, all the way to the military.
  4. x.andvlad
    x.andvlad 29 October 2014 08: 20
    The realities of life must be recognized ...
    That's right. And a tough stance on recognizing the elections in New Russia must be maintained.
    1. jjj
      jjj 29 October 2014 15: 29
      I was only embarrassed that these ballots were made public at a time when there was a vote and the ballot boxes were not opened. Well, if you assume that they were simply carried away from the sites. But then the whole highlight disappears.
      And so the idea is good
      1. Agarkov Vitaliy
        Agarkov Vitaliy 29 October 2014 21: 05
        Why wait for the opening of the ballot boxes? It is enough to photograph these ballots in the voting booth, and then lower them into the ballot box.
  5. apolenkov
    apolenkov 29 October 2014 08: 27
    Glory to Russia!!! Glory to Donetsk and Lugansk !!!!
  6. Silumin
    Silumin 29 October 2014 08: 28
    Ukraine no longer exists, European Somalia exists.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 October 2014 08: 30
    Whether Valdai speech will cool off hotheads in Washington (the McCain-Biden heads) and their talking heads in Kiev, we will find out soon.

    You shouldn't hope for that. The project "Ukraine" was not started for that, so that the hot and talking heads suddenly cool down and take up their minds.
  8. slizhov
    slizhov 29 October 2014 08: 34
    All captured by the Nazis. How long?
    Such a statement by Lavrov can be "forgiven" only in one case, if, as Peskov and the same Lavrov put it, "NEXT there will be no reason not to accept the elections in the LPR and DPR." The fool understands that this recognition is hidden or subsequent to the recognition of the elections of the republics themselves. And you shouldn't think too much, WHAT DOES HE MEAN ??? And behind this is the fact that this election MAY BE UNDER THE PROTECTION of Russia! Let's live and see, but I think that Putin, after his SPECIFIC recent statements, made it clear that the chaos will not continue further.
  9. Drunya
    Drunya 29 October 2014 08: 36
    in principle, to me at their elections as well ....
    but still the people somehow feel sorry. where are they going ????
    excuse me.
  10. hellriker
    hellriker 29 October 2014 08: 43
    The viper is straight. When will they kill each other?
  11. Oldwiser
    Oldwiser 29 October 2014 08: 48
    We are waiting for a new attack of the junta. We are waiting and getting ready.
    1. navara399
      navara399 29 October 2014 09: 06
      It is doubtful that there will be an offensive this year, again some kind of provocation will stir up.
    2. Chex
      Chex 29 October 2014 14: 28
      enough matches?
  12. navara399
    navara399 29 October 2014 09: 07
    Everything goes according to a cruel but correct plan of GDP, damn it ...
  13. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 29 October 2014 09: 11
    As a matter of fact, the election results were not in doubt for a long time. All this badyaga lasts and lasts and will continue for a long time. The situation in the southeast is of greater interest now. U.K.R.y, beating themselves in the chest, proclaim their quick victory and the destruction of the militia and Russia in one. Against this background, the leaders of the militia and especially the commanders look interesting. A sly squint and a reinforced concrete confidence that the Ukrainians who have gathered their forces will crush themselves into dust about the militias on something, after all! At the forum, the President makes it clear that that's enough, we won't stretch our hand anymore. East European "weather vane" swept away. Winter is coming. In short, everything is ready. We wait.
  14. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. 29 October 2014 09: 11
    The Maidan Rada with the pro-fascist face of the volunteer battalion commanders will push Poroshenko to resume the war with New Russia.

    I understand emotionally, and it seems that I understand the logic of two parties.
    And precisely for this reason, the continuation of the war seems inevitable.
    Ukrainians will not give up their positions without military defeat ...
    New Russia cannot be satisfied with that tiny territory and leave the Ukrainians of the Russian people behind the front line.
    Ukrainians are now open fascists, for they rallied on the idea of ​​war with New Russia, Russia and the Russians. Noworossians, just Russians, all the people of the Russian world, as well as all true anti-fascists around the world, now perceive ukrov as dangerous exhibits from the zoological museum, like a saber-toothed brontosaurus with ebola viruses.
    An obstacle to the war is the external surroundings. with geyropov, and Novorossiysk leaders and even Moscow patrons need a provable reason to declare that the war began exclusively by a stranger.

    As a result, no one calls hypocrites daily war as war, war turns into an attribute of political life, and the life of the New Russians and ukrov itself is becoming increasingly unbearable.
    And each side is waiting for the opponents to surrender from the economic blows of "fate."

    My prediction:
    People just won’t give up. Even the Ukrainians ... After all, they are also ours, but they have heavily blasted the people.
    The war will inevitably continue in a hotter phase.
    New Russia will expand.
    The West will break something else with Russia, but will pay for gas.

    But Victory, as in 1945 will not be. New Russians will not be able to destroy the city of ukrov and ukrov themselves.
    For victory in a civil war can only be a harsh repressive method. This we have already passed, and the Russians will no longer go for it again.
    And this is a sad conclusion.

    Only political nihilism and the steady desire of the Orthodox to live according to concepts inspire optimism.
    Time heals, it is an ancient axiom. Over time, Ukrainians will recover ... only to live in this happy time ... will today's participants in the events survive to reconcile the parties?
    1. al-kazaz
      al-kazaz 29 October 2014 23: 06
      Well, thank God! Enough of New Russia, why do we need Galicia, let the Poles and Hungarians deal with them there!
  15. little thing
    little thing 29 October 2014 09: 13
    The Zhidobandera power in Kiev is illegal and there’s nothing more to say! A bunch of murderers, bandits and perverts!
  16. aszzz888
    aszzz888 29 October 2014 09: 23
    [quote] [/ quchto "now the Americans are even thinking about how to blow up a nuclear power station in Ukraine and then declare that they were separatists or Russians" ...

    There is no doubt that there will be a provocation from the dill. As they say "There would be a man, but there is a reason"
  17. parusnik
    parusnik 29 October 2014 09: 29
    About the new Parliament we can say so, scandals, intrigues, investigations .. trash can .. Coup ..
  18. Victor-M
    Victor-M 29 October 2014 09: 43
    Won Kolomoisky and Washington

    In the short term, and in the long term, more than half of Ukraine’s population did not vote at all, this is not counting New Russia, so an unenviable future awaits banderlogs (pro-Westerners) No. ... The one who is in alliance with Russia will win, so that the Zionist "soothsayers" do not predict there. laughing
  19. demon184
    demon184 29 October 2014 10: 12
    You can’t leave Ukraine, you have to fight for the minds and heals dill. If everything is left as it is, then the brains of Khokhlam will be completely washed out and the anti-Russian state will turn out worse than logs and brake baltics.
    1. Kirzhak
      Kirzhak 29 October 2014 10: 25
      demon184 (3)
      You can’t leave Ukraine, you have to fight for the minds and heals dill.

      And the best medicine is their own economy. During the winter, all the nonsense will be knocked out of my head.
  20. Artyom
    Artyom 29 October 2014 10: 37
    At one time, like many, I was wondering why Moscow stopped the offensive of New Russia and so quickly recognized the elections in the Outskirts, the answer in my opinion is simple! If the militia quickly defeated the dill regime, then who will pay the gas debts? Bandera or what? The current power in the Ruin is needed by Moscow, as long as it does not shake money from them, the dead do not return debts! Everything ultimately rests on the headstock!
    1. Black
      Black 29 October 2014 10: 58
      Quote: Artyom
      The current power in the Ruin is needed by Moscow, as long as it does not shake money from them, the dead do not return debts! Everything ultimately rests on the headstock!

      Firstly. Where is that money? Who will return them? Out of 10 lard-return from the force of 1,5-2. And is the price of this bedlam near?
      Secondly. At a different turn, economic integration would be preserved and enhanced. And this is not 10 lard but more.
      The elections showed that despite the impending cold, a third of the outskirts continues to "skip" .... Why do we need this gemmor. Let them get tired.
      1. tracker
        tracker 29 October 2014 11: 38
        one snag Yatsenyuk rested and did not want to pay, but he walks under the "smoked". The SGA is frantically looking for an excuse not to pay and force Russia to supply gas to kaklam without prepayment, in order to bend over the money and at the same time troll Europe
  21. tracker
    tracker 29 October 2014 11: 33
    It is very early to recognize, first to form the authorities, the armed forces, in the event of a resumption of hostilities, despite no opposition from the 5th column in Russia, to expand the territory to the maximum, and then to recognize the legitimacy of Novorossia and Ukraine will crumble by itself. I think our strategists think about the same about the choice of "time and place".
  22. Georg Shep
    Georg Shep 29 October 2014 11: 53
    Liberalism and fair elections are not compatible.
  23. Khagysh
    Khagysh 29 October 2014 13: 00
    I will not be surprised if in a couple of months, the United States begins to bombard dill, declaring the fascists terrorists.
  24. Seriv
    Seriv 29 October 2014 13: 03
    "Russia recognized elections in Ukraine"
    in the other place
    "Russia recognizes elections in Novorossiya"
    That's right, gentlemen. In order not to have double standards, elections in Ukraine are admitted in order to be recognized later in New Russia. To recognize the elections in New Russia means to be able to help her more openly, right up to her full recognition.
    SVAROGE 29 October 2014 14: 51
    Harvester in full! The performance continues !!!
  26. andrew42
    andrew42 29 October 2014 15: 14
    It turns out that half of the Ukrainians are Nazis. It is sad. Because it is treated only by force of arms and the extermination of at least half of the carriers of this worldview. So it was with the Germans, and this is proved by history. This is not a call for the genocide of Nazi-Ukrainians, because the Nazi beast itself will sooner or later throw itself at us. The Nazis simply do not live differently. Even the national-socialist Germany, which developed the economy, could not stop drang tries, before digesting Europe, Hitler was forced to work out the main plan, for which all Nazification began. What can we say about the impoverished Ukraine, where the Nazis have nothing more to do but to fight, and it does not matter with whom. There is little hope that the cold and ruin will straighten the brains of more Ukrainians. There is an even weaker hope that Ukraine will be divided into Ulra-Nazis and pre-Nazis, and they will open a new round of civil war outside New Russia. But all this is very weak. I have long ago got used to the idea that it is necessary to prepare for a hot war with the participation of the RF Armed Forces without cover, or undercover, but in large quantities.
  27. s30461
    s30461 29 October 2014 15: 23
    Quote: ArhipenkoAndrey
    The punitive soldier was called dill, now egg-laying should be called.

    "To magnify" is too good a Russian word for this category of dung. Pogonyalovo is what suits them better in meaning and content.
  28. Prager
    Prager 29 October 2014 15: 28
    defeated by the Nazis and Fashington. Ukraine, welcome to fascism!
  29. Booms
    Booms 29 October 2014 15: 30
    Not long to wait for the elections in New Russia. And then we will see how Kiev will react. Unless, of course, they will allow elections to be held, and they will not arrange a mess with shooting. And with the borders of New Russia, the question is still.
  30. _my opinion
    _my opinion 29 October 2014 16: 21
    ... approaching ukrov: cold, hunger, devastation, sober jumpers ... there will be another maidan ... but there will be many more victims ... the egg and the company will no doubt give the command to shoot to kill ...
  31. mihasik
    mihasik 29 October 2014 16: 22
    The recognition of the parliamentary elections seems to be the last warning: “we wanted the best” ...

    What is it like? Recognizing (yielding once again to the USA) we warn that we will resist?)))
    It looks like a girl who "giving" to the rapist once again warns that she will "not give" any more because he treats her badly!
    Damn, even slippers are laughing!
    It was necessary to resist for a long time, the USA is already on our border. Or will you "warn" to the Bering Strait?
  32. van50man
    van50man 29 October 2014 18: 32
    A rearrangement of forces has occurred (i.e., shrinkage, utruska and sediment). Negotiating (as well as talking in general) is only necessary for those who really have a management resource, even through intermediaries. Leaving overboard, “worked out material.” De facto recognition is not a recognition in fact! ,, streamlining "of parliamentary factions. Here, here we must expect surprises, both from the military and from non-members of the Rada (who would expect?).
    1. mihasik
      mihasik 29 October 2014 20: 18
      Quote: van50man
      It’s worth negotiating (as well as talking in general) only with those who really have a management resource, even through intermediaries

      So the real force is there-Kolomiyskiy with its punitive battalions, declared in our world on the international wanted list. Shall we cooperate?) If we do, then it is imperative to notify the relatives of the killed and tortured about this. Yes, and warn Odessa. I forgot! And explain that it is for their benefit! Like the truce now. If our people had not "participated" in the truce, they would not have fired near Donetsk for a long time. And the front line would be somewhere near Dnepropetrovsk. But no! We agreed all the same to hell with them ....!
  33. Cynic
    Cynic 29 October 2014 19: 52
    Quote: Victor Kamenev
    serious provocation required to resume war

    Recalled the signature of Ukraine under the protocol on the delimitation of troops, the first step?
    Hope this _
  34. ars_pro
    ars_pro 29 October 2014 20: 10
    Well, yes, here is the confirmation
  35. SveTok
    SveTok 29 October 2014 23: 53
    What kind of provocation is being discussed, there are no obstacles for Yatsenyuk, they are not going to pay for gas either, everything will happen stupidly and brazenly.
      MIKHALYCH1 29 October 2014 23: 58
      Quote: SveTok
      What kind of provocation is being discussed, there are no obstacles for Yatsenyuk, they are not going to pay for gas either, everything will happen stupidly and brazenly.

      Russia is waiting and then, too, stupidly and impudently Kiev will deliver cancer ... (we have nothing to lose in sanctions and we bear colossal losses) and then we will take our money "stupidly" further .. bully
  36. Vladimir VR
    Vladimir VR 30 October 2014 04: 45
    In Donbass, the beginning of the resumption of the war is expected from day to day. I think it will be so.
  37. velf
    velf 30 October 2014 10: 27
    By toughening its policy towards Ukraine, observe how they bite each other in their coalitions. There are no concessions.