Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 28 2014 year

Yesterday at 11: 05

Message and photo from the militia

“The Ukrainian side (in this case, the 93-I Ombre), following the militia, also began to use unmanned aerial vehicles to bombard enemy positions. The Bomb consists of the RGO grenade, 500 grams of TNT, bolts and nuts.”

Yesterday at 11: 35

Commentary from a political analyst about the election

“After processing the ballots by the CEC of Ukraine, we see that the conditionally pro-Russian (against NATO and the EU, for neutral status and multi-vector nature, from the former people of Yanukovych)” in the key for the Russian Federation of the Kherson region (the road to the Crimea) - on the third. At the same time, in Odessa, the pro-Russian Tigipko took 5%, and in Kherson and Zaporozhye, the pro-Russian KPU took 2% of votes. In other words, while the cunning oligarch Poroshenko tells about "convincing victory of European forces ", when broken down by p Gionam, we clearly see the borders of Novorossia, where, despite all the intimidation, round-the-clock propaganda, mass landings of political activists and extrajudicial killings, no less than 10% of voters are supported by pro-Russian forces. There is no “United Ukraine". And never will, because even after 9 For months of frantic information terror, the division of Ukraine into West and East that has developed over the years of 50 has not changed.
And since half or more of the population in the east occupied by Ukraine is still Russian, then ... then there is no choice. Russians don't abandon theirs, this is the law. "

Yesterday at 11: 55

Message from the militia

“Artillery fire began near 7.30 in Donetsk, volleys from the MLRS were heard. Around 8 in the morning, a blow was struck at the Donetsk airport. Smoke rises over the airport. The artillery of the Novorosiya army struck ukrov positions in the Pesok area. According to observers, several barreled guns were covered and caponier with shells. In 8.00 in Avdiivka, explosions were heard in the area of ​​"Tsar's hunting" and "Sports"

Yesterday at 13: 30

Message from journalists

"A few days ago, in the village of Kirilovka, punitive punished a girl in front of her husband and mother-in-law.
Residents of the village of Sartana in the Illichivsk district of Mariupol today blocked the road to the village of Talakivka. As the Sartan village head explained, the military began to erect some structures behind the bridge, which is located in 100 meters from residential buildings. Residents did not like it and they came out to protest. Shelling renewed in the village of Talakovka last night. "

From eyewitnesses:

“A few hours ago, the positions of the forces of the so-called ATO, located under Talakovka and Sartana, were fired from Gradov and mortars. Shelling was also carried out in the Bezymenny area. Volleys from heavy and on 20-oh !, Grad somewhere in Cominternovo. On Mirny in the house, the chandeliers are shaking, fire is being fired from the concrete along Talakovka, and something is burning in Talakovka itself, woke up because the house was shaking! "

Yesterday at 14: 09

Message from the blogger El Murid

"To finish the topic of elections in Ukraine, the last news from Kiev.

The night was fun. Votes are reduced in district commissions. Immediately after the voting, people in balaclava arrived at all district commissions, who brought with them the “right votes” and told the chairmen of the commissions that they knew their addresses, wives, children - and offered to transfer the “right” numbers peacefully to the official protocols. No one but one chairman broke off (seemingly in Obolon) —and Avakov personally spoke on him, saying that there was information that a reptile was trying to falsify the results, a doctor had already been sent to him.

At the same time, all the media were given the "correct" results of exit-pools.

In fact, the votes of the Poroshenko bloc, the Lyashko and Self-help parties were cut. In favor of the Popular Front Yatsenyuk. By a strange coincidence, Avakov, whose people went to the chairmen of the commissions, is included in this block.

Poroshenko is furious, but he can’t do anything - Payette spoke a week ago and vaguely but firmly warned that America would not tolerate any statements about the election results. Some changes in the handings are possible after the vote-counting of majoritarian shareholders - but in general, bargaining is already underway on the current situation. The Poroshenko Bloc and Yatsenyuk will, apparently, create a majority, Yatsenyuk - the prime minister, Avakov - the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to Turchinov, while there is a bargaining for the position of the chairman of the Rada.

The Popular Front was drawn by more than half of the voices voiced, so that the pre-election polls, according to which he struggled to overcome the barrier, were quite correct. According to the actual votes cast, Lyashko walked second and third along with Self-help.

The US quietly and without much pomp did everything as it should, shutting naive natives with a belt who were ready for falsifications - but such a turn, when no one even tried to respect the propriety, was not ready at all. "

Yesterday at 14: 26

Morning report from the militia Prokhorov

"The night passed quietly. Well, how quiet - they shot everywhere along the front, but so, without much enthusiasm, without a twinkle :). With one exception - Nikishino fennel was actively working.
With a. The bold (LNR) invaders recognized the loss of only 1 WRI. It is even insulting - they burn them, and there is still no recognition.
Here and in Debaltsevo - they were shooting at night, and forty minutes ago they began to work from the heart in the suburbs. Dill actively pours shells around. And according to him (Chernukhino) they also work. Orlovki and in general - in the outskirts of Avdiivka.
Now they gave - the battles began near Mariupol - they frown around dill in the area of ​​Pavlopol-Butov. "

Yesterday at 15: 10

Message from Lugansk militia with the call sign "Whirlwind"

“They finally brought warm uniforms, handed out winter“ Hills ”to everyone. In the forest belt near Happiness, our squad is now reinforced with trophy tanks, dug in hard and is preparing to clean the city from the yellow-blocking fascist evil spirits. Many unnecessary trucks were brought from the former boilers, we now use them as additional protection for lightly armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers. Those who were at the "scrap metal" gathering say that in the south of the republic there are still apocalyptic landscapes with piles of burnt Ukrainian equipment, which our mechanics and local men are pulling for spare parts for metal. They say that locals are especially valued tank batteries. From the fields until now, the wind sometimes brings a cadaverous smell - the bodies of many Nazis have probably not yet been discovered and continue to lie in the open. "The morale in the squad at an altitude, all as one waiting for the order, ready to tear and throw the invaders."

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 28 2014 year

Yesterday at 15: 31

Message from a resident of the city of Kirov

“Kirovskoye: it was noisy in the distance somewhere in the morning. Perhaps in the direction of Olkhavatka.
A neighbor came from Balakley (Harkov.obl). Says: granddaughter-pupil at the local school began to humiliate because she is from the Luhansk region. Children at school shout to this granddaughter from the LC, so that bombs tore at her and the house. And one of them fought, the granddaughter answered him, since her father teaches karate. After the fight, the teachers called the granddaughter's parents, and the complaint was rolled at the girl. Mother stood up for her daughter. After granddaughter began to put bad grades. She is blacklisted. The biology teacher first lowered her grades. The rest through one try to keep up. This is not idiocy, it is, unfortunately, pure Nazism and racism. "

Yesterday at 15: 53

Message from writer Zakhara Prilepin

“Yesterday, humanitarian aid was taken to school No. 49 of Lugansk from the school named after SV Mikhalkov and from myself. 200 children are now in school (700 before the war). Many have a disastrous situation, many are raised by single mothers, or even one grandmother. They left the head teacher of their phones to make targeted lists.
Transferred to one hundred thousand drugs and quilted jackets in the medical service of one of the militia units. The next delivery of drugs will be in the local hospital.
We stopped at a point at the administration for assembling humanitarian aid - we unloaded several dozen bags of warm clothes for civilians.
On the way, we jumped in on a woman named Nina — they dropped her contacts yesterday, they said that people are starving, Nina’s mother is the core. They called - she did not expect, they brought money and packing of stew. Money for drugs and for a month of life should be enough.
Here earlier, canteens worked, where everyone could always have dinner, work out points for feeding from humanitarian aid warehouses. Now it is not, or almost not. The question is for the Russian leadership. Must be.
In the morning the city is almost busy around the market - a lot of cars, people. Prices are insanely high. Now shuttle traders are actively working here - they import products from Russia, they resell here, a one hundred percent profit, at least.
We talked a little with one commander - the call sign Serpent. A man of fifty, thin, almost aristocratic facial features, calm, cordial, smiling. By type - a drawing teacher from a very good Soviet, and even pre-Soviet school. Supervises the intelligence here. They threw cigarettes and stew.
In the morning yesterday in the village not far from Lugansk (10 km) there was an artillery fire. Work howitzers, heard from here. From the 49 school I could hear very well. "

Yesterday at 16: 45

Message from journalists

"The soldiers of the APU checkpoint under the Bold bear losses, prepare for the assault. Yesterday two humanitarian convoys attempted to break through to a distant post: the first crew was blown up by a reactive mine, the second was captured. The Ukrainian soldier wrote:" In the morning an armored car did not reach the 32-th post. and kraz with water. The armored car hit a mine, the crew was intact, but everyone was contused. In the evening there was another attempt to break through. Our volunteer with 3008 himself got behind the wheel, said he would take water, food and transfers from the house to the guys. Then the fighters called us from the 32 station, they were told that the militia stopped a truck a kilometer away, unloaded everything for themselves, the driver and the car were also taken away. According to the National Guard, the militiamen promised to release the military personnel, and “send to the ground” volunteers. It is reported that there are few ammunition at the roadblock, except for one fight. "

Yesterday at 18: 25

Summary from the "East" on October 27: Punishers shoot residents of Donbass for links with the militia

“Last weekend in Donetsk and most other settlements of Novorossia were relatively quiet. At the same time, there were numerous attempts by reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the Ukrainian army to penetrate the territory of Donetsk and Donetsk airport. Unmanned flying vehicles were operating over the city. The junta troops stationed in Peski and Avdiivka, received another replenishment in engineering and manpower. The junta divisions regroup and concentrate forces in the position The militia conducted round-the-clock monitoring of the movement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine troops and took the necessary measures for the possible relief of a breakthrough.
Shooting took place in the region of the. Mariupol and Debaltseve. It was reported that during the night from 25 to October 26, the situation in the Mariupol region, where an exchange of gunfire between the junta units and the militiamen had been exacerbated, worsened. Novoazovsk, too, was preparing for a possible attack by the junta. The militia still controls a vast territory up to the settlement of Shyrokino. On October 25, junta units fired on militia positions near the town of Debaltseve, the militia struck back. The junta troops have losses in manpower and equipment, the exact number of losses is unknown. October 25 in Slavyansk was shooting. Junta soldiers tried to shoot down a UAV. The city has developed a tense atmosphere. On October 24, the local population crushed several Ukrainian propaganda tents, while shouting: "Glory to Russia."
The parliamentary elections in Ukraine were remembered by numerous irregularities and low voter turnout. According to numerous reports from the polls, the elections on the territory of Ukraine were sluggish than ever. The polling stations opened very late, somewhere more ballots were delivered, they were spoiled somewhere, some polling stations did not open at all, since the election commission did not appear at all. At the same time, moral and psychological pressure was put on the population of the occupied territories of Donbass. October 25 in the village of Krymskoye captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Slavyanoserbsky District of LPR), in the central square, Ukrainian security forces shot two elderly men accusing them of having links with the militia. At the beginning of the week, the Ukrainian Armed Forces seized all the documentation and unwittingly attached the village to the Novoaydarovskiy district, but the militia tried to free the village. In the area of ​​the Crimean-Sokolniki, there are periodic clashes. "

Yesterday at 20: 40

Message from journalists

"Near Mariupol, local residents are aggressively blocking a convoy of Ukrainian military. While militiamen enjoy the unquestioning support of local residents, the militants of the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine increasingly face opposition from unarmed local residents. So, residents of the village of Sartan, in the Ilyichevsky district Mariupol, today they blocked the road going to the village of Talovka. The indignation of local residents is caused by the fact that the soldiers of the Ukrainian army in order to protect themselves from return fire from the fighters They put their guns right in the courtyards of residential buildings. The locals managed to stop the advancement of the column, which made the column commander enter into negotiations with the crowd. They said they were refusing to let the military to their houses even under fear of being shot. At this point the column stands still. the military is satisfied with the fact that even if they do not occupy the necessary milestones, they are still safe. "

Yesterday at 21: 20

Message from the militia Andrei Afanasyev

“The last three days we have, in Nikishino, an amazing silence! If the day before yesterday there were several explosions and bursts of machine guns, and yesterday a couple of blows with VOGs, then today there was absolute silence (associated with a local truce to exchange bodies of the dead)! after the strike by the Ugirs by the ukrov, on the air, which is obeyed by both sides, sounded something like the following: "What the freaks are you doing? We are not shooting at you - we give you your choices quietly to hold, so what the hell are you starting to shoot !? "- and the shooting stopped and did not resume. We were ashamed. We are preparing for winter, burrowing, warming ourselves, getting dressed. We received a couple of packages from family, friends and from Sasha Zhuchkovsky with a number of warm and useful military things, for which many thanks to everyone! Today, our military officers came, took pictures, took an interview, including an interview, so wait for the video-developmentalization. "

Yesterday at 21: 45

Message from the militia

"In the area of ​​the Airport and the Sand is now silence. In the area of ​​Avdiivka you can hear shooting from weapons. In the area of ​​Debaltsevo audible work of artillery. Today a lot of 300 are delivered to the hospital of Volnovakhi ukry. The eyewitnesses did not observe the arrival of 200, most likely, the punishers drop their dead as usual on landings. "

Yesterday at 22: 00

Interview with the commander of the GDI "Batman" A.A. Bednovym

Interview with the commander of the rapid response team "Batman" Alexander Alexandrovich Bednov. In an interview, Alexander talked about stories the creation of their units, in which fights they participated, about the heroism of the militias, about the "truce", about what it is necessary for the Ukrainian side and about the current situation in Lugansk.

Yesterday at 22: 40

Summary of the most significant events of the past day from the Center for Operational Interaction

"In the morning, 2 combat aircraft were observed from the south to the north in the sky east of Donetsk. High altitude.
Talakovka. In the morning, the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck from the MLRS. Our began to respond. Artillery duels passed in the rifle.
Sands. First, a few artillery shots from the Sand in the district of the old airport terminal, then the work of our artillery in response, then the nomination of our armor, short-term shooting battle.
Artillery duel in the district of Debaltseve.
Avdiivka. Short artillery duel, after which several fascist armored personnel carriers took out their "200" and "300" on armor through the fields. Immediately after the artellery attack, a very intense rifle battle broke out. According to the radio intercept of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reinforcements are being sent to Avdiivka. Apparently Avdiivka was well treated, the losses of the Nazis were serious there. From Volnovakhi they report that all medical institutions are overwhelmed with the wounded. "There is no place for a long time, but everything is being driven and driven! ...". Apparently from under the Talakovka. "

Yesterday at 23: 21

Photo from the militia

"The photo from under the Bold, BTR-80 and T-64BV burned with the crews while attempting to break through to the blocked checkpoint. In the second photo, the VS, which also burned down the BMP-2, also burned under Bold, Bakhmut."

Today in 0: 17

Message from locals

"Artillery of the Ukrainian Nazis around 23: 00 began shelling of Donetsk from Avdiivka and from Sand. The sounds of explosions are heard in all areas, falling mainly on the district of the old airport terminal and Spartak." In 23: 09 Avdiivka (Donetsk) had a terrible roar On the approach to Avdiivka, an artillery strike on the Nazi convoy, which comprised the 2 tank, 10 armored personnel carriers, and several trucks, has just been dealt. A part of the machinery is on fire. The Debaltsevsky boiler also connected, now fighting in the Maloorlovka area. "

Today in 0: 35

Message from bloggers

"It was reported that this morning the militia forces launched a group of Ukrainian military reconnaissance of the outskirts of Donetsk with a volley of BM-21. According to the data received, there was a high-ranking foreign military adviser who was seriously injured.
An indirect confirmation of this message was the tremendous speed with which he was evacuated, leaving the wounded Ukrainian officers in place. They were engaged only after the VIP-wounded was removed from the scene of the shelling. "

Today in 1: 28

Video from journalists

“Over the past few days, Ukrainian punishers on Bakhmutka have lost about 150 fighters and 22 units of armored vehicles. The whole road is littered with skeletons of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. The bodies of the destroyed punishers lay on the sides for several days and were stolen by wild boars and wild dogs. killed co-workers. At the blocked checkpoint, there are about 80 fighters, they are afraid to leave their positions and go along the humanitarian corridor, as according to Ukrainian laws they face up to 7 years in prison. "

Today in 2: 15

Igor Strelkov's comment on elections in Ukraine

“I, thank God, have never been a citizen of the idiot and traitors of misunderstanding called Ukraine, translated into reality.
I consider non-attendance to be the most correct act in the situation in which Ukrainian voters were. I think the one chosen in the atmosphere of total zombies and so-called military hysteria. "Parliament" is no more worthy of respect than a collection of crazy cannibals. "

Today in 2: 30

Message from journalists

"The reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the Ukrainian punitive battalions are increasing their activity. The skirmishes intensified around the Donetsk airport, the use of UAVs was noted. On the territory of the DPR, clashes continued near Debaltseve, as well as in the Novoazovsk and Shakhtar districts. and Petropavlovka, four civilians were killed, six were wounded. The most tense situation was in the Luhansk direction. the militants of the subunit of the Aydar battalion rushed about, several militants of this unit were captured in the militia. In the Perevalsky district, the punishers fired at the settlements of Sofiyivka and Bayrachka. Popasnaya (the checkpoint was destroyed) and the fortifications in the area of ​​the village of Stakhanovets.According to the militia, the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reinforce their groups and prepare for the attack. The attack may take place before the elections in Novorossia, which will be held on November 2. "

Today in 2: 33

Message from the "Bad Soldier"

"We throw a junte of matches a little at a time. They warm up and even fry a little.
I will try to answer point by point. Kobzon in 15.00 started the concert in Donetsk, but alas, with time ... In addition to the matches, we throw in different ways. The plan of the ukropitek generals, as usual, did not differ in elegance - imitating the attack on the pontoons from Granite to Telmanovo, and we are sending troops from Donetsk there, and here they are bangs - all of them are strategists - strike at the capital from the 3 sides. Nobody went anywhere, ukry grieved. But an offensive is possible in the coming days, right up to Election Day. "

Today in 2: 45

Interview with the commanders of the Kot and Machete militia

"In Donetsk, the victory was stolen. Money ...
In Slavyansk everything was according to conscience and honor. There was an idea. "Machete and Cat.

Today in 3: 00

Video from the Motorola unit

Ryzhik: "When I realized that I could do something against the events on Maidan, I went to the militia."

The shooter from the Motorola division told how she came to the militia back in Slavyansk, why she believes that death is not the way out and what beautiful women dream about in Novorossiya.

Today in 3: 15

Elections in the occupied Luhansk region. Message from a local resident

"A pre-election show took place in our city and district for a month, there were no tents at every corner, and processions walked with Yaytsenyuk flags, and Yulkina distributed nonsense to tents, and Verigina distributed food packages, though not personally, but her assistant, and the people of Lyashkovtsy traveled all over the district in a truck, where his face on the entire car, newspapers and all sorts of leaflets filled up all the mailboxes. In general, the circus could envy their program. People were persuaded and intimidated as much as they could.

And finally it happened - it was their long-awaited day of October 26.
So today, for the sake of interest, I went to the polling station, where a friend in the commission works there. I saw the following: the site in 12 was empty for the hours of the day, the lists too, here and there the signatures. Well, for example, the street from 100 houses, only 2 people came, and in the house in each does not live on 2, but more. Just before me came two ukrovoyaki with passports and absentee ballots, they were not in the list, added them to some unknown list, one of them got a pack of such coupons from his pocket, which means he would vote in all parts of the city. Dill were from the city of Rivne, dirty, shabby horror, in appearance bums. They asked to find the party of Yatsenyuk in the list, the girls from the commission suggested they look for themselves in the booth, which they were offended by. Such vozovolschikov in the city brought a lot. In one area, which is not very noticeable, not in the center of the city, there were 6 trucks with such golos. At the market, local entrepreneurs were threatened — those who would not go to the polls, would take the place, the old people — that they would not receive a pension and would not give a certificate for a subsidy (especially for rural pensioners). In short, the turnout at any cost. But there were almost no people anyway, they would turn up the turnout as if they were presidential at the expense of the military. Familiar from Severodonetsk called in a good mood, the husband asked what you have there, they say, a holiday, and they laugh. They went and voted, they wrote Novorossiya on all the bulletins and threw them into the ballot box, and so almost everyone did who had to go under the threat of being fired from their job, there were inscriptions on the steeper. Even Moskal admitted that Severodonetsk votes the worst. But seriously, everything was decided a long time ago, a few weeks ago, the Aidar battalion, armed to the teeth, granted the district commission, and all the votes among the applicants were divided in private. And our mayor is running from the party Lyashka, so today's election is an empty place. In the city of emptiness, the output, all the houses, few people went to vote, and even those who do not know how they voted. But tomorrow they will tell you about all the ukrokanalam of TV, what is our pro-Ukrainian region and that there was a turnout above all. From us does not get out Gromadska TV. Verigina drags them everywhere. It is interesting that Lyashko was in second place in our presidential office, I will never believe this, before all the events our district always voted for the Communists, even for the regions only in the last elections there were more, and suddenly Lyashko. This is not plausible only because there are more pensioners in the area who will not vote for him at all.

The headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for Lugansk region. October 27 transferred from Starobelsk to Markovka. In Starobelsk remains only the military prosecutor's office. A battalion assembled from prosecutors is also transferred there. Half of the prosecutors dismissed of their own accord and went to the LC with the words: And spit on you and your fights, got it. "

Today in 3: 20

Commentary by military observer Boris Rozhin

“Alexey Mozgovoy summed up the second teleconference held between him and the representatives of Kiev. According to him, at these talks he didn’t see the rank and file that representatives of the Ukrainian units promised to bring in the first round of negotiations. no relation to military actions in the Donbass. Brain refuted the current opinion that he allegedly surrendered his position. In fact, this is a chance to break through the information blockade and show that the militia doesn’t rroristy, and ordinary citizens of Donbass, which defend their choices made in a referendum is also the commander of 11 of May. warned all punitive battalions that the militia did not intend anyone to take the prisoner, and advised them to guard.
Separately, the commander of the brigade "Ghost" appealed to the residents of Kiev with a request not to let go to all those who are now in power in Kiev. He recalled that the militia are ready to reach the capital of Ukraine and deal with the criminal power that came illegally.
The result of the speech of Alexei Brain was that he made it clear to everyone who hears and sees that the fighters of the army of Novorossia will defend their people, their goals and ideas to the last drop of blood. "

Today in 3: 45

Interview with Givi

“The guys are in a fighting mood — everyone is ready for an offensive. As they say, waiting for the go-ahead. It will be a go-ahead, we will begin immediately. No mercy for anyone. Nobody even thinks about the delivery of positions and cities. There is one task, and we will do it. What "Somalis", what "Spartans". The militia is ready to fight on, ”said Givi.

Today in 3: 55

Summary of Southeast Army on October 27 Evening

In areas along the line of contact between the parties, Ukrainian troops stepped up their combat operations. Despite the introduction of the “Silence” regime, the enemy continues shelling residential areas and infrastructure in Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics. During the day, at least 8 cases of violation of the cease-fire regime by the Ukrainian side were recorded:
in 07.35 from positions in the area of ​​n. NOVOGRIGOROVKA and STAROGNATOVKA produced artillery shelling n. WHITE KAMENKA. 1 house damaged, 2 civilians injured;
in 10.45 from positions in the area of ​​n. NOVOGRIGOROVKA and STAROGNATOVKA was subjected to artillery shelling NOVLASPA. Destroyed one and damaged 2 at home. 4 civilians injured;
in 08.10 from positions in the area of ​​n. KOMINTERNOVO, using multiple launch rocket systems, fired a blow at the locomotive. TALAKOVKA. 2 was destroyed at home, 1 people died, 3 civilians were injured;
in 08.40, 14.00 from positions in the area of ​​n. AVDEEVKA using artillery guns and mortars produced artillery shelling n. SPARTACUS. Damaged farm building;
in 09.30, 10.00, 17.00 from positions in the region of the settlement TINY with the use of automatic machine-gun grenade launchers, mortars and multiple launch rocket systems “Grad” inflicted a fire attack on the northern and north-western regions of the settlement. DONETSK Damaged 4 apartment buildings, injured 3 civilians.
According to the intelligence of the DPR Army, the management of the punitive operation continued the regrouping of Ukrainian troops in the main areas, staffing them with weapons, military equipment, engineering equipment of their positions on the contact line of the parties.

Today in 4: 05

Video from Gram Phillips (18 +, foul language)

"Phillips Phillips again visited the airport and interviewed the 17-year-old militia, who left the family and went to fight for the New Russia .."


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  1. Sensatus
    Sensatus 28 October 2014 08: 16
    Well, all the key events in Ukraine have occurred. We are waiting for the development of the situation.

    Directly at least organize a tote that the Kiev authorities will do in the coming days:
    1. They will begin a large-scale offensive, because it was not in vain that they pulled in such a mass of troops there and waited only for the end of the elections.
    2. The bladder will not withstand and they will nevertheless begin to withdraw troops, at the risk of getting an answer from their own radicals and economic collapse.

    One thing is clear: they have nothing more to wait and need to act.

    With all the desire for an enchanting defeat of the junta, I still for the second option. Very innocent people feel sorry.
      MIKHALYCH1 28 October 2014 08: 22
      Before the start of the election ... We are waiting!
    2. Owl27
      Owl27 28 October 2014 08: 36
      The militia’s mood is fighting, which cannot but rejoice. Locals are also set up right. These elections, figlyarnye, showed the attitude of people to everything that happens. Looking forward to victory!
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 28 October 2014 09: 07
        Then the news from Poland was extremely unpleasant! Oh, all this is not good!

        Moscow. 27 October. INTERFAX.RU - Poland intends to deploy several thousand troops near the border with Ukraine, Defense Minister Tomasz Semonyak told AP on Monday.

        According to him, the reason for this decision was the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine and "a threat against which the military in eastern Poland would be more effective."

        "The geopolitical situation has changed, and we are witnessing the greatest security crisis since the end of the Cold War. We must draw conclusions from this," the agency quoted Semonyak as saying.

        At the moment, about 30% of all the country's troops are in the east of Poland, the number of which can be increased to 100% "only in case of war," the minister said.

        How do you like this comrades? And this is after Putin’s words about the bear and the taiga. We are waiting for new provocations!
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 28 October 2014 09: 11
          Quote: Sid.74
          How do you like this comrades?

          Hi Zhenya! And to us what is before this? Do a fuck, let them sit there
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 28 October 2014 09: 50
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            Hi Zhenya! And to us what is before this? Do a fuck, let them sit there

            Greetings, Oleksandr! What if "Russian or pro-Russian troops" attack them in border areas, for example, from the hail of lupanut! And for the sake of preserving peace in the world, Polish troops will enter the territory of Ukraine with the permission of the freshly legitimate Ukrainian parliament. And there NATO, the United States and etc., etc. Third World War! Washington and Brussels to ashes. God forbid, of course, but the Poles before that sat quietly and here on you, the troops began to move. And this while a new assault on Novorossia is expected, as the EU ceased to be indignant Russia and accuse it, as they began to accuse US President Obola (Obama + Ebola = Obola, as Americans call their black master now! laughing ) and Merkel in all mortal sins. what That is the time for a new provocation! I hope nothing will happen!
    3. GSH-18
      GSH-18 28 October 2014 09: 34
      The United States, quietly and without much fanfare, did everything as it should, plugging into the belt naive natives who were ready for falsifications - but for such a turn, when no one even tried to somehow respect decency, they were not ready at all.

      This technology is honed in the states themselves, and is used by them in all presidential elections in the state! And the whole world is silent, like all media! Democracy, b..t! And they want to introduce such "democracy" all over the world ... am
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. 1812 1945
        1812 1945 28 October 2014 10: 24
        Quote: GSH-18
        This technology is honed in the states themselves, and is used by them in all presidential elections in the state! And the whole world is silent, like all media! Democracy, b..t! And they want to introduce such "democracy" all over the world ...

        Now it is necessary to calm down the whole CIA creature, which has gone wild, by shooting the most iconic ones: Yatsenyuk, Nalyvaichenko, Avakov, Porubiy ... Another method of persuading rats who have gotten into the taste of the lawlessness they create will not work. Execution requires a lot of effort, but the effect of this "talent management" is worth it. And then - "elections!" ... - A referendum in a concentration camp!
      3. Lelek
        Lelek 28 October 2014 10: 38
        Quote: GSH-18
        And the whole world is silent, like all media! Democracy, b..t!

        The other day, a correspondent from the Federal Republic of Germany, Udo Ulfkotte, told in his interview how public opinion is being typeset in the West with the help of the Western media (Udo himself is hiding from the special services, since he is threatened with kidnapping and even liquidation). "The CIA and the BND bribe with money, promotions, expensive gifts, correspondents of publications so that they publish articles written by specialists of these special services under their own names. Refusal entails demotion, removal from coverage of" hot "events, dismissal under a plausible pretext, contractual prosecution and even threat of liquidation. " Udo himself from the "underground" continues his revelations, guided by the motto "if not me, then who?" yes
      TECHNOLOGY 28 October 2014 15: 02
      Mnd. There would be a couple of dozen "drones", such as the Su-39. Under the guise of "drones" Su-30MK. That was the topic. Yes - "! WOULD" interfere ...
    5. ADK57
      ADK57 28 October 2014 16: 55
      One gets the impression that the states gathered to quietly drain Poroshenko (they untied the hands of Yatsenyuk’s gang). An indirect confirmation of this is the teleconference between the militia and the commanders of some units of the National Guard.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 28 October 2014 08: 21
    You can buy such flying quadro in our DNS stores .... craftsmen all over the world fit everything from shotguns, drugs, video cameras to them and now they thought of hanging bombs .... what the world is heading for ... just to kill your neighbor.
    1. Enot_33
      Enot_33 28 October 2014 08: 27
      In war, all means are good. The idea is not bad. Just I do not understand how the fuse is activated.
      1. Hubun
        Hubun 28 October 2014 08: 48
        they don’t especially think too much, the ring checks are additionally tied to the UAV, flies under its weight. Having straightened the antennae in advance, of course. That's just, I think, it’s a bit heavy upgrade with bolts, tnt and rgo for such a toy
      2. Sid.74
        Sid.74 28 October 2014 08: 50
        Quote: Enot_33
        Just I do not understand how the fuse is activated.

        The militiamen put a grenade into a glass beaker with the check drawn, the glass fell, broke, and the grenade was released.
        But the fact that in the photo, FIG knows him. request
        1. archi-man
          archi-man 28 October 2014 09: 53
          The method with the glass was used if the drone was shot down - the UAV was shot down, the glass was broken - the grenade exploded. I think so ...
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 28 October 2014 10: 56
            Quote: archi-man
            The method with the glass was used if the drone was shot down - the UAV was shot down, the glass was broken - the grenade exploded. I think so ...

            Well, I think that a grenade pendant was hooked to the drone! When laying a sharp bend over the position of the National Guard, the glass with the pendant jumped down and flew down. Although the hook with a separate servo-drive for bombing can also be done.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. shishakova
    shishakova 28 October 2014 08: 27
    Dill is dying near Mariupol. Who's guilty?!
    I don’t know if I understood the map correctly, but it seems that the centers of hostilities are expanding.
    People more and more understand on whose side the truth is.
    Victory to you, dear defenders of New Russia!
    God bless you.
  5. Serge Mikhas
    Serge Mikhas 28 October 2014 08: 27
    Yes, the situation is usually tense. And the truce, the lull has no effect - people continue to die. Already some kind of madness, all the intensification of hostilities are just waiting and wanting. The strength and patience of the Orthodox army. God help you.
  6. MolGro
    MolGro 28 October 2014 08: 30
    It was reported that this morning, the militia in one gulp from BM-21 covered a group of Ukrainian military reconnaissance in the vicinity of Donetsk.

    Among the victims, according to the data received, a senior foreign military officer is probably an adviser who was seriously injured.

    An indirect confirmation of this message was the tremendous speed with which he was evacuated, leaving the wounded Ukrainian officers in place. They were dealt with only after the VIP-wounded was taken out from the place of shelling.
    1. Enot_33
      Enot_33 28 October 2014 08: 34
      who did it? to you personally? link to the source in such cases spread.
      1. The Art of War
        The Art of War 28 October 2014 08: 39
        -voennogo.html Military -Materials
      TECHNOLOGY 28 October 2014 15: 05
      senior foreign military They beat foreigners. Not news. Many more will be killed.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 28 October 2014 08: 31
    As for the pro-Russian Tigibko-smiled when he managed to become pro-Russian.
    And vobory, well, no comment laughing Shary has already been noted, sorry removed.
    1. PiP
      PiP 28 October 2014 12: 22
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      As for the pro-Russian Tigibko-smiled when he managed to become pro-Russian.
      And vobory, well, no comment laughing Shary has already been noted, sorry removed.
      For the future, if you want to save the video on your computer with YouTube, you just need to add an ss example to the link:
  9. Serge56
    Serge56 28 October 2014 08: 40
    The practice of any war shows that you can only win if you fight before the victory.
    Who needs this ??? What is happening now.
    Look at the Maidan on YouTube - a pitiful sight of drunken idiots. I live in Moscow, went to a couple of rallies "for Donetsk and for" ours "- this is also a pitiful sight by no one knows who ... the same" jumping "ones.
    What the fuck is a war ??. People are completely sick. We haven't played enough of "sulkers". It is necessary to recover with your head, and not to Maidan.
  10. wanderer
    wanderer 28 October 2014 08: 42
    The truce is not bad, but it is the calm before the storm, I think so.
    ===== GOOD LUCK TO YOU MAN! ===== SAVE YOURSELF ======= WITH YOU GOD AND TRUTH !! =======
  11. navara399
    navara399 28 October 2014 08: 44
    It is doubtful that the dill will decide to attack, now the alignment of forces is not the same as it was at the beginning of summer. Yes, the weather "whispers with frosty lips" ...
    1. The Art of War
      The Art of War 28 October 2014 08: 58
      Let's see, it will be seen already this week.
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 28 October 2014 10: 45
      Quote: navara399
      It is doubtful that dill will decide on the offensive,

      And you have no doubt - they will decide no further than before the elections in New Russia. Another time for an attack is clearly losing for them. soldier
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. The Art of War
    The Art of War 28 October 2014 08: 54
    The radius of the video / radio channel is 50 (70 *) km / 50 (70 *) km
    Flight Duration 3 (4 *) h
    UAV wing span 2815 mm
    UAV length (without TsN) 1020 mm
    Maximum flight altitude 3600 m
    Takeoff Pneumatic or mechanical catapult
    Parachute landing / net
    Engine Type Electric Pusher
    Speed ​​65-100 km / h
    Maximum take-off weight 8,0 - 10,5 kg
    Target load weight up to 1,5 kg
    ANN navigation with GPS / GLONASS correction, radio range finder
    Target loads Type 16E +
    Optional Digital Camera 16MP Built-in Camera
    Glider Two detachable consoles and fuselage
    Battery 21000 mAh 7S or 10000 mAh 10S
    Maximum allowable wind speed 15 m / s
    Operating temperature range -30 ° C ... + 40 ° C
    1. The Art of War
      The Art of War 28 October 2014 08: 56
      These UAVs will not interfere with the militia for reconnaissance and fire adjustment.
    2. archi-man
      archi-man 28 October 2014 09: 58
      Most importantly, how much does it cost and where to buy?
  14. Serzh73
    Serzh73 28 October 2014 08: 58
    I'm worried about "Ryzhik" - such a beautiful girl must defend her land from the Nazis with arms in her hands.
  15. Egoza
    Egoza 28 October 2014 08: 58
    Now they will try to disrupt the elections in the DPR-LPR. - 100% However, they can pay for it, because people there are determined, they can "accidentally" expand the borders indicated by Kiev. As for their elections ... those who run for top positions confuse me very much. No matter how it turns out that there will be a government "both ours and yours", i.e. they will safely agree with the oligarchs, and this is not at all what the Donbass fought for.
    Threat. If Kiev hires foreign advisers, and this is normal, why the DNI will not invite I.I. Strelkova as an adviser-consultant? !!!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 28 October 2014 09: 01
      Quote: Egoza
      Now they will try to disrupt the elections in the DPR-LPR. - 100%

      Elena hi What elections are still, according to TSN, there the elections have already passed and the turnout is 99.9% laughing
    2. The Art of War
      The Art of War 28 October 2014 09: 07
      Good afternoon, Lena, regarding I.I. Strelkov, they didn’t remove him for that. As a commander and tactician, he’s excellent yes it was seen in Slavyansk, such minimal forces gave such a rebuff. And the traitors stayed there and ala patriots who sold themselves to oligarchs — someone Akhmetov, someone Kolomoisky.
      1. Uncle
        Uncle 28 October 2014 13: 44
        Quote: The Art of War
        And the traitors remained there and ala patriots who sold themselves to the oligarchs — someone Akhmetov, someone Kolomoisky.

        Who are the traitors? Zakharchenko? Gubarev? Who!
  16. Gray 43
    Gray 43 28 October 2014 09: 01
    It's better not to describe Shnur's songs to describe the Ukrainian elections - those candidates who have their own illegal armed groups won and the percentage of votes is directly proportional to the number of "guns" in these illegal armed groups. Every day in Donbass, as on the eve of the Battle of Kursk, if you knew when and there would be something to hit, then the story with a preemptive strike repeated itself
  17. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 28 October 2014 09: 03
    Everything goes to the fact that this week the junta will launch another "victorious" offensive on the DPR and LPR! But to fight on a foreign land and for other people's interests somehow does not really want either the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the national gadam: these are not computer games and not robberies against civilians, but here they can easily tear off the "boss". So that the gentlemen "svidomye" you will not see New Russia as your own ears! And here's another thing: while you have time, practice long-distance running, soon it will be very useful to you, you will have to run to Lviv, and maybe even further!
  18. 511
    511 28 October 2014 09: 04
    I see there are no third parties in Ukraine, there are fascists and their parents and Novorossi militias, and how long they won’t drag out the world. Ukraine will be divided into West and East. The elections showed this.
  19. Appius
    Appius 28 October 2014 09: 41
    GIVI taxis, a real field commander, God grant him good luck in all his good deeds.
  20. Rokossovsky
    Rokossovsky 28 October 2014 10: 03
    The situation is still difficult ... Let's hope for the best!
    Z.Y. And it’s funny and sad, but today is the Day of the liberation of Ukraine from fascism ... what
  21. s30461
    s30461 28 October 2014 10: 31
    Thanks for the article, thanks to the militia!
    I can not get rid of foul thoughts: why did not rebellion erupt in the rest of the Ruin? After all, just they could become a catalyst for a SUCCESSFUL offensive in New Russia. Now all the forces are thrown at her, a blow from the rear can be a disaster for the Nazis. And these are hundreds of lives of fighters against fascism.
    I do not understand...
    Apparently, this is still the lack of a single headquarters. During the Great Patriotic War, all partisan formations received not only weapons and replenishment, but also clear combat plans linked to the actions of the Army.
    This proves once again that Russia is not actively interfering in the situation, the war is on PEOPLE. Confronting the militias is not only the Nazis and the oligarchs Ruins. There are also Russian tycoons whose influence cannot be discounted. The oligarchs of Russia are afraid of the consequences: after all, the socialist New Russia is dangerous for them. Her example can serve as an impetus for the demolition of their existing and gilded little world in Russia. It is for this reason that their proteges appear in the DPR and LPR, the Minsk inter-war party is coming, humanitarian aid supplies are being cut off ...
    But the situation is not unambiguous for them either - harsh actions against the authorities and New Russia can lead to an acceleration of the process of eliminating these parasites.
    In any case-to be New Russia! Russians do not abandon their own. And everyone has to reckon with the opinion of the people, including the oligarchs. This is not the 90s, the oligarchs and democrats themselves successfully knocked out liberal husk from our heads. Thank you so much for that. Now it’s their turn to choose: either they change their attitude to this country and become the locomotives of its development, or the victims of a popular rebellion or revolution from above, at the head of which the President should become. There is a third option, proposed by the US State Department and consisting in eliminating Putin and seizing power. But this is a guaranteed step into the abyss not only for the country, but also for the oligarchs.
  22. IAlex
    IAlex 28 October 2014 12: 21
    Unpleasantly, but the Debaltsev bridgehead is increasing every day ...
  23. Prager
    Prager 28 October 2014 13: 40
    dill is preparing a second Kursk Bulge for the militias. This cannot be underestimated.
    1. alien50
      alien50 28 October 2014 16: 07
      dill is preparing a second Kursk Bulge for the militias. This cannot be underestimated.

      Bent them into an arc on this arc!
      It will be "GOOD HUNT" for the army of Novorossiya.
      Guys, beat the fascist bitch! Victory to YOU!
  24. lonovila
    lonovila 28 October 2014 17: 26
    -It’s not entirely clear ... -Do the airport in Donetsk take militias or not ..? - Under whose control is he currently ..? -I recently watched video news about this airport and ... it turns out that the control tower at the Donetsk airport is still occupied by dill and is under their full control ...
    -That is news ... -So, but what about the assurances on the part of the militias that they supposedly keep the airport in Donetsk under their full control ..? -So who controls the airport at the moment ..? -It seems that the militias could not recapture the airport from dill ...