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BBO sappers have received the latest protective suit "Falcon"

Established teams of sappers of the Eastern Military District received the first new protective suits "Falcon", which provide protection from fragments flying at speeds up to 550 m / s.

BBO sappers have received the latest protective suit "Falcon"

"The first batch of 10 kits entered the regular demining groups of the engineering compound stationed in the Khabarovsk Territory," the head of the press service of the TSO, Colonel Alexander Gordeyev, RIA "News".

The weight of the new suit is 8.5 kilogram, which allows sappers to clear all day. In the manufacture of armor plate "Falcon" was used lightweight and high-strength polyethylene, and not steel, as in other protective suits.

“Thus, the sapper in the Falcon becomes protected from mines having a contactless fuse and reacting to the presence of a number of metal. The fabric of the costume is made of non-combustible material, ”emphasized Gordeev.

The protective properties of the suit are maintained at temperatures from minus 40 to plus 50, it can be used in rain and sleet.

Earlier, the Falcons began to receive other units of the Russian armed forces.
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  1. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 28 October 2014 05: 32
    Not bad at all. If you read between the lines, the high-tech industry in Russia is developing, despite the cries of various liberals like "Mustache is gone, soon we will export bast shoes ...." let the suit help them good
    1. Sunjar
      Sunjar 28 October 2014 06: 41
      Since the days of the USSR, it has become a tradition, at first, for inventing something for the military, and then for the civilian population they find application for their inventions. A lot of pure military medicine then goes into the usual (which is completely logical). So for example, at one time, secret equipment for the restoration of the muscular system for astronauts now migrated to civilian medicine.
      1. Dreamwriter
        Dreamwriter 28 October 2014 12: 14
        This is not from the time of the USSR - it is from the time of the existence of mankind. Worldwide, military technology has always made a huge contribution to technological development as a whole.
  2. horoh
    horoh 28 October 2014 05: 36
    Well done, move forward !!!!
    1. Kazakh
      Kazakh 28 October 2014 06: 54
      Quote: horoh
      Well done, move forward !!!!
      The sappers walk slowly but it is not recommended to overtake them laughing
    2. Blondy
      Blondy 28 October 2014 07: 04
      In my opinion, a very clear confirmation of the thesis about the role of the individual in history. If under Serdyukov they tried to impress on us that lynxes and mistals are better than the products of our defense industry. Under Shoigu, it turns out that not a damn thing - our made in oboronprom is no worse, and in some places it will be better than import.
  3. shishakova
    shishakova 28 October 2014 05: 44
    Scientific and technological achievements for our Army are a true humane and professional goal.
    Thanks to the engineers of creative thought!
  4. The Art of War
    The Art of War 28 October 2014 06: 04
    I apologize for off topic. The base complex of special clothing for the MTR Very similar to A-TACS camouflage
  5. The Art of War
    The Art of War 28 October 2014 06: 09
    Corvettes. Corporate identity of "Almaz" .http: //
  6. Same lech
    Same lech 28 October 2014 06: 19
    more about FALCON can be found in a long-published article in HBO ... Sappers will receive a new protective suit "Falcon" in the near future
    April 10 2013
  7. The polar
    The polar 28 October 2014 11: 44
    Very happy for the sappers. In the photo on the left in the glass is a crack or it seemed?