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Ebola: Cui prodest?

Ebola: Cui prodest?

Despite international emergency measures, Ebola fever (1) continues to spread throughout the world. On October 25, people infected with the virus were recorded in seven countries. Most of these occur in three countries in West Africa - Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, (2), where the natural distribution of the virus lies. October 23 received a message from Mali about the first confirmed case of a virus infection now in this country. (3) The Ebola case requires consideration of two interrelated aspects - the medical and the political.

History It began in March 2014, when the world media began to report on all new cases of the spread of the deadly virus. Since the end of summer, international organizations and world leaders have joined in the dissemination of information about fever.

At the end of August, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an “international emergency” in connection with Ebola. WHO Head M. Chen visited a number of countries, and everywhere she was received at the level of heads of state. 18 September The UN Security Council adopted an unprecedented resolution in its history, in which the outbreak of the disease was qualified as "a threat to international peace and security." (4) This formulation allows the Security Council to take any coercive measures under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, but the main thing is that for the first time in the history of the UN the “threat to the world” is recognized as a virus. What are the reasons for this? Note that the resolution was sponsored by the United States. The priority of the issue was confirmed by US President B.Obama in his speech at the 69 session of the UN General Assembly. (5)

The issue of Ebola was extraordinary submitted to the UN General Assembly. Delegations were addressed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who introduced the draft resolution (6) on the establishment of the UN Ebola Emergency Mission. And this, too, is an absolutely unprecedented step. The states adopted the draft resolution submitted unanimously and practically without discussion. Let us note the speed with which this resolution was carried out: a letter from the UN Secretary General (7) to states proposing to establish such a mission dates back to September 17, that is, the decision was made within one day! (8)

How to explain a similar reaction? When you try to answer this question, you begin to face a number of oddities.

First, the Ebola outbreak is not the first, but previously this virus did not attract much attention of the world community. The Ebola fever has been known since the mid 1970s, when in 1976, it took the lives of 280 people in Zaire. (9) Since then, the fever outbreaks have been fairly regular. Among the largest are Ebola outbreaks in the USA and the Philippines in 1989-1990, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1995 (254 dead), in Uganda in 2000-2001 years (224 dead), in Gabon in 2002 (53 dead) . (10) Why is this virus just now getting such attention?

Striking and too obvious disinformation in the media about the lethality of the disease. In some cases, 100% mortality was formally noted, but these were cases of infection of a small number of people when statistics are not indicative (for example, one death case per one patient). More reliable statistics give the above-mentioned outbreaks of the disease, in which the proportion of deaths was 75 - 88%. This is a very high percentage, but it should be noted the low level of medical care in these countries. As for the picture of the lethality of the current Ebola outbreak, it is either not present or distorted. It is often stated in the media that the death rate from Ebola reaches 90%, (11), but this is not confirmed. The official WHO statistics for October 19 states that 9936 was recorded as a result of all infections, of which fatalities were 4877. (12) That is, the mortality rate is about 50%. It is much lower than in previous epidemics, which did not attract the attention of the international community at all. The same can be seen on the example of individual countries: Liberia (4.665 cases of infection, 2.705 cases of death of patients, ~ 50% mortality), Sierra Leone (3.706 diseases, 1.259 deaths, ~ 35%), Guinea (1.540, 904, ~ 60% ). Why did it take so much to exaggerate the deadliness of the virus?

In the absence of any vaccines, the mortality rate in 50% means that in half of the cases a person can develop immunity and recover without any medication. People who survived Ebola infection can now be attracted to almost safe work with this virus. At the same time, some vaccines are still used. This is suspicious, because the scale of the catastrophe very much resembles, on the one hand, a large-scale experiment on the development of natural immunity, and on the other - mass testing of certain vaccines. Several incidents of reprisals against medical personnel, which were reported in passing to the media, were attributed to the “ignorance” of the local population, but they may have more serious grounds. What is really behind the attacks on the medical staff by those who seem to be most interested in their help?

Thirdly, the emergency declared by Ebola looks somewhat grotesque against the background of the general situation with deadly diseases raging in the modern world. But an objective assessment of the Ebola virus epidemic can only be given in the overall assessment of the global epidemiological situation. For example, malaria does not cause any extraordinary measures, killing around 700 thousands of lives each year. And just in the very same countries of West Africa, where Ebola is now rampant. Some forms of malaria lead to death within a few days or even hours, that is, this disease kills much faster than Ebola. No emergency measures are taken in connection with ubiquitous tuberculosis. According to official statistics from WHO, only in 2013, the 9 of millions of people became infected with this disease. In 2014, a million people died from tuberculosis in 1,5. (13) It should be noted that overall tuberculosis mortality has decreased by 45%, but if we talk about a special, relatively recent form of tuberculosis - multiresistant tuberculosis, (14), here the mortality rate is comparable to that of Ebola. Why, then, did Ebola become the basis for global anxiety at a time when there are other, more dangerous diseases that take a lot more lives, are more deadly, and are spread throughout the planet?

Finally, it should be noted, and such strangeness as a source of funding for research on the development of Ebola vaccine in the United States. It turned out that the financing was carried out not by medical companies, but by the US Department of Defense (jointly with the National Institute of Health). By itself, this fact is not proof of the use of Ebola as a biological weapons, but the system of modern medicine in the capitalist world itself makes investments in vaccine development unprofitable. On the one hand, these are small “market” sizes - until the last outbreak of the disease in 36 years, only 2200 cases were recorded. On the other hand, it is a low financial capacity of such a “market”. Even in the event of a massive spread of the disease, practically none of the people of Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea could pay for the medicine.

Consideration of all the oddities in the story of a new outbreak of the Ebola epidemic suggests that the spread of the virus is not only medical reasons. Regardless of the natural or man-made nature of the epidemic itself, there is reason to believe that some states and the international organizations controlled by them, as well as the media, acted as agents of certain pharmaceutical companies. In hysteria around the Ebola epidemic, we see the goal of expanding the vaccine market in order to make this vaccine not only payable, but also bringing super-profits - if we succeed, of course, in making a permanent dependence on it a number of states. If the trade can be deployed, it will be put on the state level. Only more precisely, it is not called trade, but international racket. Or a special operation. Once, something similar had already been done with regard to South Africa, when an entire state was made dependent on the supply of a specific medical product produced by a particular pharmaceutical company, allegedly for the treatment of AIDS.

The saddest thing is that the level of cruelty of the special operation means that it will be impossible to refuse the services offered. It cannot be ruled out that the Ebola epidemic is an element of the total destabilization of the world community, which the United States itself is doing today, and a new form of introducing a multi-level crisis, the cure for which will be offered only to the “elect.”

(1) Ebola febris haemorrhagica (Latin) is an acute viral disease with a high degree of infection.
(2) The remaining states are Nigeria, Senegal, Spain and the United States.
(3) The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Mali reported a disease in the city of Kayes.
(4) See UN Security Council Resolution No. 2177 (2014) of 18 September 2014.
(5) UN document: A / 69 / PV.6
(6) “Measures to contain and combat the recent outbreak of Ebola fever in West Africa” - draft resolution submitted by the President of the UN General Assembly // UN Document A / 69 / L.2 // http: // daccess-dds-ny / doc / UNDOC / GEN / N14 / 539 / 35 / PDF / N1453935.pdf? OpenElement
(7) Identical letters from the Secretary-General dated September 17 to 2014 addressed to the President of the General Assembly and the President of the Security Council // UN document: A / 69 / 389 – S / 2014 / 679 // http: //daccess-dds-ny.un .org / doc / UNDOC / GEN / N14 / 538 / 81 / PDF / N1453881.pdf? OpenElement
(8) The swiftness of the decision is emphasized by the fact that we had to specifically circumvent the 78 article of the Rules of Procedure of the UNGA, which states: “As a general rule, no proposal is discussed or put to a vote at any meeting of the General Assembly, unless it was communicated to delegations no later than one day before the meeting. ” UNGA delegates were given only a few hours to make a decision.
(9) There are several types of virus, in particular Zairian, Restonian, Sudanese, Bundibugio (detection zone - East Africa) and Cote d'Ivoire (detection zone - West Africa). The 2014 epidemic of the year is caused by the Zaire type of the Ebola virus.
(10) There are two known cases of death from Ebola in Russia in 1996 and 2004. Both cases were virus infected in laboratories for scientific research due to the careless actions of laboratory technicians.
(11) See, for example: "The Ebola fever today is not amenable to treatment, the mortality in the case of the disease is 90 percent." //
(12) UN press release from October 22 2014.
(13) In Russia, 2013 infected thousands of people with tuberculosis in 106 year, 17 thousand people died.
(14) Almost half a million people were infected with this form of tuberculosis in 2013, about 5% of all cases.

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  1. Listen grandfather
    Listen grandfather 28 October 2014 18: 18
    One biological weapon
    1. Enot_33
      Enot_33 28 October 2014 18: 21
      Very doubtful. To use it against poor blacks in whom even without it the death rate goes off scale is at least stupid. In Russia, I remind you that this virus does not spread due to the geographical location of the country.
      1. Giant thought
        Giant thought 28 October 2014 19: 14
        Mattresses in their own style, first infected, now show that they seem to be fighting the epidemic, have introduced troops that will remain there forever.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Siberian German
        Siberian German 28 October 2014 20: 16
        and why not - Africa is very rich in minerals - and the blacks began to ask too much - why do we need blacks who ask a lot. Remember the blankets that were distributed to the Indians. Amers have rich experience. Draw conclusions
      4. UREC
        UREC 28 October 2014 20: 34
        It is necessary on someone to demonstrate the horrors of Ebola, and on whom it is even easier and safer ???
      5. Belarus
        Belarus 28 October 2014 21: 15
        Well, why not and not apply, or rather, not check the new strain of the virus and not look at its behavior. Yes, and in fact what is Africa - in fact, this is a world dummy that is beaten up on the case and without and which costs nothing on the world arena.
        If I'm wrong, please correct.
    2. Magic archer
      Magic archer 28 October 2014 18: 22
      Most likely .... The other day I was reading an article in Komsomolskaya Pravda about our scientist who got infected by pricking himself with a needle. Before his death he described everything in a diary! And he died from a disease in a few days ... I hope our scientists will create a vaccine for this terrible disease .
    3. herruvim
      herruvim 28 October 2014 18: 25
      Billionaire Trump accused Obama of Ebola infiltration in the US
    4. Performance
      Performance 28 October 2014 18: 29
      There was swine flu, avian, too, they wanted to launch a cockerel into everyday life - but tolerant Europe opposed it, asked to avoid unnecessary associations. Therefore, the next project to agitate the public on behalf of WHO and in the interests of the global pharmaceutical industry was called Ebola ...
    5. Alex_Popovson
      Alex_Popovson 28 October 2014 18: 35
      One biological weapon

      Well, yes, but about the flu with pneumonia, we immediately took and forgot.
  2. svp67
    svp67 28 October 2014 18: 21
    This is not the first time the Ebola virus has been raging, but earlier it somehow "managed" to calm down. Of course, globalization carries the threat of widespread spread, but not as much as Obama is trying to show. Although I think that next year he will receive another Nobel Prize.
  3. Leviton
    Leviton 28 October 2014 18: 24
    And here the United States "noted" how tired this empire of evil ...
    1. clidon
      clidon 28 October 2014 20: 15
      This evil empire is doing the most to cure this virus. Therefore, there is more attention to the problem on her part.
      1. deleter24
        deleter24 28 October 2014 21: 17
        * ready for minus * And in my opinion, she [the evil empire] does nothing like that. I admit the idea that there is already an antidote, but it is kept in the strictest confidence. It's just that this evil empire wants to spread the disease as far as possible. The next step is to sell this antidote to anyone with the means. In this way, the United States is seeking to kill two birds with one stone: supporting the dollar and bringing the population closer to the "golden billion".
        1. clidon
          clidon 29 October 2014 17: 37
          And in my opinion, sending the military, doctors and medicines does not "do anything."
          And thoughts, horses, you can think of anything.
  4. kikume
    kikume 28 October 2014 18: 24
    Something does not fit the ebola to the role of biological weapons, rather informational. Here is an article on the topic.
    1. Samarin
      Samarin 28 October 2014 18: 35
      An article with arguments from the category: "here we close our eyes and it will disappear by itself" and "yes a thousand times nothing has happened", as well as a stupid optimistic: "yes, it will be harasho!"
  5. Magic archer
    Magic archer 28 October 2014 18: 26
    What a wise guy minus all. It is interesting that he did not like in the comments ... Well, okay, I do not mind)
    1. svp67
      svp67 28 October 2014 18: 32
      Quote: Magic Archer
      What a wise guy minus all.

      Contact "ListenDeda"
      1. Listen grandfather
        Listen grandfather 28 October 2014 18: 33
        remove the shoulder straps "marshal"
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. Listen grandfather
            Listen grandfather 28 October 2014 18: 46
            Ulym (son is Turk.) If you are not strong in biology, but strong in mathematics, go while you dig up the cubic root from the garden or divide your term into a polynomial
      2. The comment was deleted.
  6. s30461
    s30461 28 October 2014 18: 26
    Quote: ListenDeda
    One biological weapon

    I don’t know how about biological weapons, but the fact that all Soviet baklaboratory and centers in Central Asia and Kazakhstan were taken over by the Americans is very alarming. After all, there are diseases worse than Ebola. Including plague and leprosy.
    1. Listen grandfather
      Listen grandfather 28 October 2014 18: 32
      and there is a native narrow-eyed biological weapon as you say worse than this
  7. Bigship
    Bigship 28 October 2014 18: 30
    Yes, it is very noticeable how the USA is actively lobbying Ebola. Nominated her to third place in danger. Good vaccine advertisement ...
  8. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 28 October 2014 18: 31
    Yes, all this dance with Ebola is Obamkin PR. Like in the cheapest Hollywood movie, an American hero saves the world. All previous Ebola outbreaks faded out by themselves, the chain of infection was interrupted. From simple flu in the world of people perishes even more. Isolation, quarantine of patients, hygiene of the rest - this is the solution to the problem. Well still - do not eat monkeys, bats and other creatures that carry this infection. But Obama, kissing with the nurses, knew this very well. Well, I can’t defeat Russia, I decided to swipe at Ebola. You can fight as long as you like, as with terrorists.
    1. clidon
      clidon 28 October 2014 20: 17
      Over 10 thousand infected, it's not so much fun anymore. Moreover, they "faded themselves out" most often under conditions of strict quarantine and a smaller scale of globalization.
    2. Egen
      Egen 29 October 2014 13: 38
      Quote: surovts.valery
      Yes, all this dance with Ebola is Obamkin PR. Like in the cheapest Hollywood movie, an American hero saves the world.

      IMHO, it is necessary to divert attention from existing problems. And if there is nothing to do with what. in our hospital collectively believe that
      a) yes, of the widespread (if it suddenly becomes such with someone's help) the virus is not good, the probability of death is high
      b) however, the methods and ways of its transmission are very relatively limited, not like flu, quarantine, for example,
      c) according to WHO forecasts, 1 - 1,5 million people can die from ebola worldwide, so there is no question of a pandemic, and indeed more die of the flu
      d) the conclusion is that this is more hysteria inflated by pharmacists.
      - either, pharmacists were asked by politicians to inflate this, which is even worse. Although, they are all at the same time :(
      1. clidon
        clidon 29 October 2014 17: 39
        That is, if in Russia, in the southern regions, an Ebola outbreak will take away, well, just 15 thousand, then there’s no reason to worry? Indeed, much more dies on the roads.
  9. Stinger
    Stinger 28 October 2014 18: 31
    This virus will evaporate as quickly as a bird. They will collect money in hysteria, and he will disappear. Market! No wonder that Obama kisses his sisters.
    1. Wheel
      Wheel 28 October 2014 21: 21
      Quote: Stinger
      This virus will evaporate as quickly as a bird.

      Gee-gee, "bird" was revived again in China.
      On a box in a running line inform.
      1. clidon
        clidon 28 October 2014 22: 45
        But he didn't seem to go anywhere. The Spanish flu of the 1910s was a variant of the swine flu, avian flu was later. The strains change.
  10. Samarin
    Samarin 28 October 2014 18: 32
    Despite emergency measures

    What are the "emergency measures" ?? Where is the refusal to accept flights and citizens from "those countries"? that would be "emergency measures".
    There are already suspicions in Russia of the disease - a student in this one, in Penza, from Nigeria, apparently brought a damn on purpose.
    And some muddy devices at the airports - this is so, crap is complete, the incubation period of 3 weeks - the devices will not help, and the temperature can be brought down with medication in addition.
  11. vsoltan
    vsoltan 28 October 2014 18: 36
    Definitely, crap ... another serious viral disease ... who would argue ... on which politicians, pharmaceutical companies do business ... nothing new ... bird flu, swine flu ... how much vaccine we made for this song , in the RF? Then - a large - unused part - was "disposed of" - that is, they simply broke the ampoules and sent them to the trash cans ... the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation coolly lathered the money then ... I watched all this with my own eyes / I am a doctor / ... I was just convinced that everything is complete bullshit and empty money making ... I have no doubt that the same thing will happen to Ebola, which is absolutely non-endemic in Russia - they stamp unnecessary vaccine vials, announce general medical examination and vaccination - they will steal budget money again - then t .n. "surplus" / and there will be a lot of them / - "utilized". In short, all the panic is just another divorce for suckers ... let's remember how many lives the "Spaniard" claimed at the beginning of the XNUMXth century? Correctly, the author gives statistics about tuberculosis ... hepatitis also does not interfere with remembering ... ebola is crap, I do not professionally believe in an epidemic in Russia, in Africa, America, Europe - I do not care, God forgive me, let them get out on their own, but we are all in once again just bred ... am
  12. Olga Sinigrosova
    Olga Sinigrosova 28 October 2014 18: 44
    They threw it to the masses on time, especially considering the secret negotiations between the Americans and the EU, where they are trying to make Europeans directly dependent on American medical facilities. God, educate America ... or do something useful to the world with it.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. SveTok
    SveTok 28 October 2014 18: 53
    The Americans had a hand in this infection, it’s as clear as day, the question is when will we get the vaccine and how effective will it be?
  15. siberalt
    siberalt 28 October 2014 18: 59
    Quote: Enot_33
    Very doubtful. To use it against poor blacks in whom even without it the death rate goes off scale is at least stupid. In Russia, I remind you that this virus does not spread due to the geographical location of the country.

    The fact that Africans, like the rest are not Americans, is not people at all for them. And the USA is very profitable to launch an outbreak in Africa. Because they were the first to scream about it. Downed with their participation, a Boeing turned out to be a topic not relevant for them. Something did not grow together. Ebola appeared. Little Ebola, there is also the IGL, Russia, Iran. Yes you never know.
  16. Reinhard
    Reinhard 28 October 2014 19: 10
    Another psychosis? Something too many analogies. Passed by.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. Lyolik
    Lyolik 28 October 2014 19: 42
    Something Abama with a glass is somehow painfully sad, as if he is saying goodbye to life.
    Oh maybe it seems to me that he threatens with the whole glass the whole glass? belay
  20. Cat man null
    Cat man null 28 October 2014 19: 43
    About Ebola and other Ebony - can be read here:

    It is written in 2009 yet, still relevant, IMHO
  21. targitai
    targitai 28 October 2014 19: 45
    Bullshit and not an article. As can be argued, mortality is only 50% if it is not known whether the remaining 50% will survive.
    1. Cat man null
      Cat man null 28 October 2014 20: 38
      Ummm ... as if the rest 50% - recovered. From Ebola.

      The same that they will someday die - no doubt, essno)))
  22. targitai
    targitai 28 October 2014 21: 00
    As of October 19, 9936 were infected, with a fatal outcome of 4877. When did the remaining 50% recover?
  23. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta 28 October 2014 22: 12
    We ought to rename the "Ebola virus" to "Obama virus" .. Cool, plausible and will remain in memory for a long time ..
  24. Lyolik
    Lyolik 29 October 2014 00: 30
    Ebola is an ebola, and people are dying. Faster would be in all countries there was a vaccine, who is to blame can only speculate and guess.
    Human life is already a moment, and here such a terrible disease. Let Ebola disappear completely.
  25. nomad74
    nomad74 29 October 2014 00: 36
    How they work with genes I advise you to read:
    Four years have passed since Venter announced in 2010 that his team had created an artificial life form, calling it "the first self-reproducing biological species on the planet whose parent is a computer." During this time, controversies and problems have already arisen regarding dual-use research (DURC). Before the group of Venter decided, imitating the Almighty, to create an artificial organism, she went to the White House to receive an appointment with Obama and informed the country's top officials about the political and ethical issues that arise in connection with the creation of artificial life forms. At first, the Obama administration was thinking of classifying the Venter project, worried about the serious problems this project could potentially lead to. However, later, to Venter's delight, the White House allowed the publication of the results. “There must have been a gigantic change in our way of perceiving life at the philosophical level,” Venter said at a press conference in Washington, shrugging uncertainly. But Venter had no doubt that synthetic biology, which is a "very powerful set of tools," will lead to the creation of a vaccine against influenza, and possibly AIDS. And the day is not far off when microorganisms that can consume carbon dioxide and release energy will create a safe alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Now that synthetic biology is beginning to take root, our task is for future generations to consider it a blessing rather than a curse.
    Lori Garrett, Senior Fellow, Global Health Program, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
    Original publication: Biology's Brave New World
    Опубликовано: 26/11/2013 13:21
  26. hitech
    hitech 29 October 2014 01: 22
    Yes, 100% of the Americans are pressing blacks to extract their diamonds and other natural resources in exchange for "vaccines" for a pittance.
  27. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 October 2014 02: 05
    Looking at all the oddities in the story with the new outbreak of the Ebola epidemic suggests that the spread of the virus has not only medical reasons

    What, just started to understand? Already under the "guise" of the military, measures are being introduced, allegedly for construction purposes. Then combat units will be required, supposedly to protect military builders. Then some native with a machete will attack the A.Merovsky military. And away we go ...
  28. mik0588
    mik0588 29 October 2014 06: 11
    Caucasus, Syria, Ukraine, Boeing - NOT grown together. Ebola, IHL - away we go.