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Sergey Ivanov: Statements about the conversation between Putin and Tusk about the partition of Ukraine - lies

The head of the Russian presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov, said that the statements that Vladimir Putin had offered Donald Tusk to “divide” Ukraine were common lies.

Sergey Ivanov: Statements about the conversation between Putin and Tusk about the partition of Ukraine - lies

“Distorting the facts when white is called black and black is called white, there are also numerous statements, often it’s just a lie. It’s enough to recall the last statements of Mr. Sikorsky, before that there were statements of a different kind, I’m not talking about the statement of other politicians about nuclear weapons and bullets that pierce any body armor. This is a clinic, it is no longer being treated, ”RIA quotes Ivanov "News".

The head of the administration also stressed that the Russian president never turned to the individual in his public speeches, although many foreign leaders use this technique to destabilize the situation in Russia.

“Direct offensive attacks against the president have already begun, and I interpret it in such a way that, realizing that you can’t tear up Putin’s entourage, you don’t wedge a wedge, the president’s popularity grows, and does not fall, they came to their inevitable conclusion that, without knocking down Putin, you will not do anything with Russia. And they began to move on to direct, including personal attacks on our president, ”said Ivanov.

According to him, over the past ten years, the Russian economy has become stronger, although Western countries have introduced various restrictive measures against the Russian Federation.

“Russia over the past 10 years is not so much even militarily as it has become stronger economically. Yes, now we have a lot of difficulties and problems, including because of the so-called sanctions declared against us, ”he stressed.
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  1. vsoltan
    vsoltan 24 October 2014 11: 16
    Ivanov’s words are words ... but why is the idea bad? I personally, for the division of Ukraine ... Galicia, Volhynia - to the geyropu, the rest - to us wassat
    1. Oleg NSK
      Oleg NSK 24 October 2014 11: 18
      Ukraine to divide? ... well, there can’t even be a conversation ... but Poland, another thing ... with Germany bully .... Tusk - Germany, Poland to us
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Sergey Medvedev
      Sergey Medvedev 24 October 2014 11: 21
      Quote: vsoltan
      Ivanov’s words are words ... but why is the idea bad? I personally, for the division of Ukraine ... Galicia, Volhynia - to the geyropu, the rest - to us

      I do not agree with you. Share ours with the Poles? Our whole Ukraine! And also the Bialystok region of Poland. And West Prussia. Oh, the Poles are jumping!
    5. Giant thought
      Giant thought 24 October 2014 11: 32
      They lied, they lie and they will lie, as they enfold Russia, they will continue to do so, because politicians from the West cannot do otherwise, they have such a clinic.
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 24 October 2014 11: 36
        Quote: Thought Giant
        They lied, they will lie and they will lie

        They don’t lie! They are so dreaming! lol
        1. jjj
          jjj 24 October 2014 11: 50
          But I’m anxious: they can also fine-tune Putin’s attempt. In this regard, the recent meeting in Milan was very worried. Some strange people in the Italian security service. Winding routes with close contact with strangers during crossings. If the decision to eliminate Putin is made at the state level, then the opportunity for this will be real. They will invite to some country, which is not a pity, and will do a dirty deed. I’m not wandering, but really afraid
    6. The comment was deleted.
  2. APS
    APS 24 October 2014 11: 20
    Give pans wishful thinking. They would only snatch their piece ...
  3. Cetegg
    Cetegg 24 October 2014 11: 22
    And for what to share it ?!) who wants to be friends with us - we ask you for mercy!) And let the rest be free and independent, we are "not when we will not be brothers", fuck such "relatives"!)))
  4. qQQQ
    qQQQ 24 October 2014 11: 28
    The Poles and the whole West never considered us people equal to themselves, and in relations with the "lower" race everything is possible. Therefore, nothing surprising. Probably, they were sincerely surprised when they were caught by their tongues, and they are even ashamed by this.
  5. Abbra
    Abbra 24 October 2014 11: 31
    Let the Poles take Galicia. This will be their next problem for the entire twenty-first century.
  6. Ober.K
    Ober.K 24 October 2014 11: 37
    This lie a week ago was denied by the Poles themselves. They apologized and said that they took advantage of the "gag"! But ... the smell remained! This is called a "dead cat" thrown in. The size is small, but the stink .... more than a lot! This is their freakiness !!! wassat
  7. Leonidych
    Leonidych 24 October 2014 11: 47
    Change Medvedev to Ivanov
  8. azbukin77
    azbukin77 24 October 2014 12: 04
    I repeat once again: the Poles are a gall, thieves nation, offended and omitted for centuries, dreaming of a great Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, going to the lowest, meanest insinuations regarding Great RUSSIA-so that the owner would give her bread crumbs from the lordly table !!!
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 October 2014 12: 25
    Well, Sikorsky lied. So he had to pray before AMers for sins. After when he said how and where "have" Poland USA.
  10. PWG
    PWG 24 October 2014 12: 47
    It's time to cut this apple of discord into Galicia (Magyaram), Volhynia (Lyakham), ma-ah-a-little Zaporizhzhya section (Khokhlam) and New Russia (Russian-speaking peoples)!
    Well, maybe the Hutsul will break off something else, but it’s nonsense - nevermind!
  11. mamont5
    mamont5 24 October 2014 12: 59
    Such things (section of Ukraine) are not discussed in this format. Especially with Tusk.
  12. Prager
    Prager 24 October 2014 17: 10
    if you share dill, then not with the Poles! am