Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 23 2014 year

Yesterday at 9: 55

Message from Jan militia

"The militia groups have been successfully doing counter-sabotage work for the past day, there are positive results. There have been no particular changes in the theater of military operations.
In the area of ​​Trudovskys there was another attempt to break through, the airport was shelled, the enemy snarls from the side of Sand and Avdeevka, uses howitzer fire, self-propelled guns, MLRS, heavy mortars.
An attempt to break through the enemy from the northern part of the city was also stopped in the area of ​​Petrovka. The Nazi subdivisions to Donetsk continue, but the activity of the enemy’s actions has somewhat decreased. However, tensions remain fairly high.
In the area of ​​Gorlovka, the enemy's attempts to attack the city from the side of Majorca continue for the third day, the Nazis use the MLRS and howitzer artillery. "

Yesterday at 11: 05

Message from the commander of the 4 Battalion of the Ministry of Defense of the LPR "Batman" Aleskandr Bednova

"I appeal to the Ukrainian nationalists. To Irina Fahrion and others like her. What you do is immoral and immoral. I am a soldier and I have seen a lot of cruelty and I can hardly be surprised, much less scared, but listening to you, I shrink heart of your cynicism, which can not be described or compared. You and others like you sowed chaos and discord in Ukraine. We were forced to take weapon, in order to protect, first of all, their children, and later the children of all Ukraine from your vile and Nazi ideology, which leads to the fact that fascists grow out of good, clean and bright-hearted children. Not we, but you are the real terrorists. And no matter how hard you and the like have tried, we all see the “wolf's mouth” that you are trying so hard to hide under your fake smiles. Tu "wolf mouth", which methodically devours children's souls. The hour of reckoning is near. In the end, you and your accomplices will answer for all their crimes. It doesn't matter what the name of the child is, Lena or Olenka. Our children will speak the language they want. To live according to their customs and traditions. "

Yesterday at 11: 55

Message from the militia with the call sign "Bison"

"Late in the evening, we struck out heavy howitzers at the enemy's cluster in the Avdeevka area. The night in Donetsk passed surprisingly calmly, and even now there is relative silence. Motorists brought additional humanitarian aid to the airport yesterday, now everyone is dressed and shod. Uniform, though not uniform , but warm and comfortable, but those who serve in the city and on the blocks also fall, but less - everything goes to the belligerent units that are in contact with the enemy.
Under the Volnovakha battalion "Cherkasy" did not feel sick of Grad, it is said that one of the roadblocks covered so much that there was not even much left of the concrete slabs. "

Yesterday at 12: 09

Comment from the commander with the call sign "North"

"The strength of the militia, of course, is high motivation. People fight for their homes, volunteers for the idea. They fight famously, with passion. Steadily. Losses are taken for granted. They don’t panic. They study fast. I used to organize training for specialists So, then I could only dream of such soldiers! People studied literally with full dedication. Artillery calculations, tank the crews literally in days grasped what usually took weeks. In the militia, the unconditional authority of the commanders. They will follow their commanders anywhere. In contrast to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where promotion to any position is a complex bureaucratic process, often not associated with any candidates' abilities, but only with proximity to superiors or belonging to a political group, the most courageous and capable fighters, regardless of rank and length of service. Natural selection, so to speak. "

Yesterday at 12: 40

From the summary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

"... In the Luhansk region during the shelling of the convoy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, three BTR-4Es were destroyed, five servicemen were missing."

Yesterday at 12: 45

Summary of the Army of the South-East on the morning of October 23

In areas along the line of contact between the parties, Ukrainian troops stepped up their combat operations. Despite the “Silence” regime, the enemy continues shelling residential areas and infrastructure in the Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics. During the night, at least 7 cases of violation of the cease-fire regime by the Ukrainian side were recorded:
in 19.10 from positions in the area of ​​n. LENINSKY positions of divisions of the DPR Army in the western outskirts of the settlement were subjected to artillery fire. GORLOVKA. 1 killed a fighter of the militia forces;
in 20.00, 21.05, from positions in the area of ​​populated areas of WAVENAKHA, FORESTNEY, with the use of “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems, a raid has occurred on residential areas in the settlement of Dokuchaevsk. Damaged 2 at home; 2 civilians were injured;
in 20.40, from positions in the area of ​​settlements KAMENKA, REDKOUBUB, mortar shelling of positions of militia forces in the area of ​​the settlement of NIKISHINO. Wounded 1 fighter of the militia forces;
in 20.55, 22.30 from positions in the area of ​​n. KAMENKA using barreled artillery and mortars, shelling of the positions of DPR Army units in the areas of the settlement was carried out. STRYUKOVO and PUNCHER. 2 killed, 1 soldier fighter of the militia forces;
from 21.40 to 22.05 from positions in the area of ​​n. CHERNUHINO using shells artillery shelling of settlements NIKISHINO, TOWN and KRUGLIK. Destroyed one and damaged 4 at home. Wounded 3 civilians.
According to the intelligence of the DPR Army, the management of the punitive operation continued the regrouping of Ukrainian troops in the main areas, staffing them with weapons, military equipment, engineering equipment of their positions on the contact line of the parties.

Yesterday at 13: 30

Photo from the militia

“Another captured SAU was repaired at the militia repair base and put into service. The second photo shows American Hamera destroyed by the militia.”

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 23 2014 year

Yesterday at 13: 35

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

"In the evening, 8 dill began shelling Dokuchaevsk and the surrounding area. In response, the militia attacked their battery in Nikolayevka and the reconnaissance unit - the Ukrops checkpoint at the traffic police station directly at Volnovakhi.

According to the 32 roadblock at Bakhmutk, water was never delivered to them. "Water carriers", contrary to the agreement reached, went to the military (the new Krazakh "Special Forces"), and not civilian vehicles. Yes, and - with a few BMP captured. The Cossacks had to multiply them to zero, and those surrounded at the checkpoint had to collect dew and urine to continue to drink. Yes, Kraz's 2 is taken as a trophy. One with killed and wounded dill sent back.
The Cossacks were asked to convey that they were waiting for the next batch of morons.

In the Donetsk airport - Sands in the evening there was again a tough disco - briefly enough dill. Well, in a sense, a day of silence.

Traditional dill summary
"Over the past day more than 30 once fired at the positions of the forces of the ATO. The greatest activity was recorded in the Debaltsevsky, Donetsk and Mariupol directions.
There were 3 clashes - at the airport in Donetsk, near n. Novolasp and Pishevik.
The greatest number of attacks by terrorists was made on the positions of our forces in the following areas:
Neighborhood n. Debaltsevo - 5 fire strikes;
Near n. p. Starognatovka, Redkodub - on 3 shelling;
The checkpoints and strongholds of the anti-terrorist operation forces near N also were fired. P. Happiness, Nikolaevka, Avdiivka, Nekishino, Krasnogorovka, Talakovka, Pavlopol.
The shelling was carried out from the Grad MLRS, artillery systems, tanks, anti-aircraft installations, mortars and small arms. "

Dill (ZSU Seleznev press officer) reported on battles with the use of mortars and tanks near Pavlopol (Mariupol direction).
True, he said that the main danger is Debaltsevo direction. But it's still quiet there. "

Have Bakhmutki 2 brand new Kraz with food and water taken by the militia as a trophy (photo from ukrov, when it was still them :)
Ukry already confirmed.

Yesterday at 14: 25

Message from Dmitry Steshin

"A grandmother from Lugansk said:" How do we live? I have eaten my "deathly money", but all the old women have eaten. "Think about what was said.
A wish to couch analysts from Brain: stop drawing boilers in your maps in the Luhansk region! No boilers here for a long time already there! "

Yesterday at 15: 05

Interview with the deputy head of the Motorola Zhukov division ("Cedar")

“Donetsk airport is needed by Ukrainian troops as a convenient place for firing on the center of the city where the DPR headquarters are located. This is a strategic place. There are well-fortified underground communications ... supply of ammunition, you can hide a very large amount of equipment and personnel. It’s really difficult to take ... bombard the center of the city where the DPR headquarters are located.
The airport (Ukrainians) got free then. He gave the previous leaders without a fight. What remains "on the ball", really do not want to give. "

Yesterday at 16: 00

22 October Report from East

"The junta in the framework of the" truce "is deploying new" Grads "and" Hurricanes. "
Yesterday, on the territory of the Donetsk People's Republic, it was relatively calm, in fact, the regime of "silence" was observed, and the clashes were local. At different parts of the front, small skirmishes and skirmishes continued, and shelling of residential areas did not cease.
Junta troops from positions in the area of ​​settlement Sand, Avdiivka, Skilled, Thin with the use of barreled artillery and tanks made multiple shelling of the position of the DPR army units in the northern and north-western outskirts of Donetsk. 3 fighter wounded by militia forces.
From the village Sands, n. Skilled, Avdiivka, Merry, Krasnogorovka there was a massive shelling of Donetsk. Over the past day in the city killed 1 civilian, 5 injured. As a result of the shelling, dwelling houses of Vzlyotnaya, Vakhrushev, Stratonautov streets and near the Oktyabrskaya mine (Kuybyshevsky district) suffered. Putilov Bridge was subjected to mortar fire. With the use of multiple launch rocket systems, artillery and mortars, Kievsky Avenue, Petrovsky and Kievsky districts of the city, as well as the neighborhood of the Lidiyevka mine, were subjected to multiple shelling. Also the shells of the Tochmash.
The junta continued to transfer new equipment and units to strengthen its position. So, on the mountain Karachun (near Slavyansk), batteries of the Ukrainian MLRS of the Grad and Uragan type were deployed over the past 24 hours. The forces of the junta were concentrated near the Donetsk airport, near the village of Peski and the city of Avdiivka, ”the Cat noted.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted artillery shelling of a number of settlements in the Donetsk region, as a result of shelling 6 civilians were injured. From the position in the area of ​​settlement Volnovakha artillery shelling of residential areas Dokuchaevsk. Destroyed private household. The hostess was seriously injured. From the position in the area of ​​settlement Avdiivka committed mortar shelling of the village Spartak, Yasinovataya. Damaged house, injured 2 civilians. From the position in the area of ​​settlement Granite with the use of artillery shelling carried out shelling n. Embankment and Lukovo. Damaged 2 Residential Home. On the part of the settlement Krasnogorovka with the use of jet systems of volley fire. Shelling of residential areas was committed. Elenovka. Damaged 4 at home, injured 3 civilians. "

Yesterday at 16: 45

Unbendable women of Donbass. Militia Inna

"Donetsk land is our land. Never Donetsk and Lugansk were Ukraine, if you read and study history. Ukraine took a lot of friends from us. They say that we kill ourselves, but when we find the mass graves, we tear up our stomachs and cut off our heads? This is a terrible sight, when blood is shed, children and old people are dying, "says militia Inna.

Yesterday at 17: 27

Message from I. I. Strelkova

The promotion of ukrov from all directions to Donetsk to the initial positions for the offensive began.

- C Debalcevo too?

- Brain says, yes, and there began to stir.

Yesterday at 17: 30

From a letter to a resident of Lugansk

"There are four types of my countrymen.
Those who left and continue to love their homeland, small and big. With all my heart and soul. They are here with us. Only registration or citizenship changed.
Those who left and in every possible way repudiate their homeland, small and large. Are ashamed. Justified by small and big nastiness towards the Motherland.
Those who stayed and nevertheless methodically whine at the tune "how bad everything is."
Those who live here, work, know and feel the happiness of being here. They are always at the forefront. Like my brother. Like my husband. Like my friends. Like thousands of my countrymen. "

Yesterday at 17: 45

Militiaman of the Ghost Brigade Tanai Cholkhanov. Personal opinion

Militiaman of the Ghost Brigade Tanai Cholkhanov expressed a personal opinion about the possibility of reaching an agreement with the punishers about peace and the existence of an "alternative point of view", according to which Stepan Bandera is a national "hero."

Yesterday at 18: 00

The militia restored the helicopter

The militia on their own restored the helicopter Mi-2. In the video, a young militiaman shows a complete launch of a flying device from scratch. The process is not easy. If someone is ready to help restore this unit, the guys will be happy.

Yesterday at 19: 01

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

“Debaltseve is under fire from ukry with Kozlyachey on Vergulevka, in response to them and Chernukhino.

A little bit about Mariupol - local collaborators in a panic. According to rumors, the military enter the houses of local svidomites, appear to be the battalion of Vitoria and kidnap them :) No one else has seen them.
But from rumors to real information — last night to the northeast of Mariupol a group of Saint Mary’s special baton of dill was set up — several militants were killed. The division is headed by D. Korchinsky (who left Shakhtersk without permission and with his accomplices joined the Azov regiment).
Also yesterday at s. Pishevik (to the north of Mariupol near the Kalmius river), the scouts blew up an armored personnel carrier - ukry recognized the death of 1. In reality, more.

Skirmishes continue near Volnovakhi. The morning attack on the checkpoint at the traffic police post was effective - all the ambulances in the city, as well as military jeeps, evacuated the wounded.

On Bakhmutka periodically shoot Grad.

Ukry has once again fired at Makeevka ".

18: 51 MSK. Message from the channel Zello:
"SNOW, now: a cannonade is heard from the area of ​​the village of Grabovo.
ALWAYS: in the area Olkhovatka is fighting!
NIKISHINO: the Nikishino district cannonade is heard. "

Yesterday at 19: 05

Current map of the fighting

Yesterday at 19: 32

Message from eyewitnesses

In the northwestern direction of Donetsk, there was just a very bright glow. They are reported to be bombarding the city with incendiary shells, a strong fire. "

Yesterday at 21: 07

Message from journalists

"Plastic bags marked by the National Bank of Ukraine, with millions of banknotes destroyed, were found on one of the wastelands of Donetsk. In the summer, the National Bank of Ukraine stopped delivering cash to the Donbass areas not controlled by Kiev, arguing that it was impossible to guarantee the safety of money transportation. social benefits and public sector wages. It’s impossible to calculate how much money was destroyed, according to the Defense Ministry employee. Judging by the colors, and in bags there were notes of all denominations fishing hryvnia. They were crushed on special equipment. In words, caring for the population of Donbass, in fact, the Ukrainian authorities, apparently, ordered the destruction of cash for fear that it would go to the militia. Although they could pay pensions and not deprive retirees and state employees of the source to existence. "

Yesterday at 23: 25

Message from military observer Boris Rozhin ("colonelcassad")

"Sources in the military units on the front from Volnovakhi to Yasinovataya confirm that with a certain decrease in the intensity of fire, the movement of the enemy troops towards the front, active movement of vehicles and trucks through Izium and Artyomovsk to the front." Voentorg at this stage works, measures on the cupping of a possible strike being undertaken. "

Yesterday at 23: 55

Combat summary from the armed forces of New Russia

The situation in Novorossia (Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic) remains tense. In areas along the line of contact, security forces intensified hostilities.

Shelling of residential areas and infrastructure of the DPR and LPR continues. Over the past night, 7 recorded cases of violation of the cease-fire by the army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Donetsk: the night from 22 to October 23 was relatively calm. Militias from their positions in Donetsk struck from heavy howitzers at the enemy in the Avdeevka area. Additional humanitarian aid was brought to the airport by the militia.

The situation in the DPR on October 23: the Ukrainian military from positions in the Lenin area from artillery fired at the positions of the DPR militia in the western outskirts of Gorlovka. As a result of a raid, one militiaman was killed.

Siloviki from positions in the settlements of Volnovakha and Lesnoye struck from the Grad MLRS for residential areas of Dokuchaevsk. As a result of the fire attack, two civilians were injured, two residential houses were damaged. The militia also fired at the enemy’s positions - the Cherkasy battalion from the Gradot MLRS, informs Novorossia news on 23 10 2014.

Ukrainian military from positions in the area of ​​Kamenka and Redkodub from mortars fired on the positions of the national militia in the area of ​​Nikishino. As a result of the fire attack, one militia soldier was injured. The shelling of Nikishino, the Settlement and Kruglik was also carried out from the enemy’s positions in the Chernukhino area. Three civilians were injured, 4 was damaged at home, one house was destroyed - this is the situation in the DPR on 23 10 2014.

New Russia news, the situation in the LPR (Luhansk People's Republic): security forces from positions in the Kamenka area from barreled artillery and mortars fired on militia positions in the Stryukovo and Fashchevka areas. As a result, two militiamen were killed, one was injured.

The situation in the LC: by the end of this week, the plans are to fully supply Lugansk with electricity. The situation with the power supply of Lugansk is gradually stabilizing - the Krasnodon and Lutugin transmission lines are restored. However, some areas of the capital of the LC and populated people remain without electricity, and some even without water.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the security forces, even during the declared truce regime, fired at the substations that power the city and its environs. And Lugansk TPP is located on the territory of Happiness, controlled by the Ukrainian side. In addition, according to the head of the LC, Igor Plotnitsky, a slate was brought to Lugansk to repair the roof of buildings damaged by shelling.

Situation in the LPR: LPR authorities introduce a social card to serve the citizens of the republic. From October 20, the map takes effect. It gives you the right to free service in medical and practical establishments of the Lugansk People's Republic, free service and provision of medicines when you call an ambulance, 50% discount on travel in electric transport, 5% discount on a number of food products in Narodny supermarkets. The scope of such a card will be expanded in the future.

In addition, in the post offices of Lugansk began social payments to disabled children and families who have lost their breadwinners. In the near future, the payment of pensions to pensioners will be restored - such is the situation in the LC.

Today in 0: 21

Message from blogger Alexey Zotyev

"In Mariupol provocation is possible at Illichivets stadium 24.10 in 13: 30 shelling from the MLRS. Children will be gathered there from 2 districts of the city for football. This will be blamed on the militia. The picture will be terrible. this situation, any precaution will not be superfluous. "

PS Late in the evening I received a call from a Ukrainian number on my phone. The militiaman, who had begun his military way back in Slavyansk and is currently in Donetsk, asked me to check the mailbox where he had dropped important information. Opening the box, I saw a letter containing part of the correspondence of two people. One person asked another to distribute among the residents of Mariupol information about the alleged provocation in the city.
I do not undertake to evaluate this information - perhaps this is another provocative throw-in, perhaps information has indeed been obtained from undercover sources. I would never print materials whose authenticity has not been verified, but in this situation the date of a possible event is too close, and the price of indifference is hundreds of human lives. If the information is reliable, and the provocation is indeed planned and will be implemented by the Ukrainian military, then the junta’s media coverage of the juncture will be able to prevent the terrible drama and save many lives. If this is all no more than an informational stuffing or someone's evil joke, this publication will remain only on my conscience. "

From the Administration: we hope that this is a "duck", but still we think that leaving such information unattended is not worth it just in case.

Today in 0: 30

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"According to Volnovakha - they report that there is an artillery fire in Bugaz, as well as near Debaltseve.

According to Bakhmutka - in general, ukr assistance was sent - came with the OSCE mission. Those dill brought some water and food and, with the permission of the Cossacks, they allowed the fennel to collect the bodies of the dead between the 31 and 32 checkpoints.
The new composition - I do not remember what it is, there, as in Via Gre, the composition changes constantly, the 128 brigades are sent to the Donbass again. Without a winter uniform. At all. But the soldiers do not grumble - the officers told them that when they got sick, they would immediately be sent to the hospital. In general, everyone is happy.

Kiev-2 began evacuation from Novotroitsky - they say that to Kiev. By order or decided to blame themselves - is still unknown.

They reported that in Mariupol, there were long bachs near the brewery - it looks like partisans. And also in the vicinity.
“We started intensive shelling from two directions at once in the direction of Mariupol,” the commander of the battalion “Saint Maria” Dmitry Linko reports about it on his Facebook page.
“At the same time they are beating around Pavlopol (reservoir dam) and Kominternovo. Beating actively and accurately. About the victims and injuries so far no information. There was no such activity for a long time. They want to break through the reservoir. There can pass tanks. ”

More about the partisans. In Belovodsk (occupied north of the LC), 3 grenade launchers bombarded the camp of the mercenary baht Donbass ".

Today in 0: 50

Video from journalists from the place of the defeat of the Ukrainian positions in the LC under p. Bold

“The dead Aydarovtsy have been lying in a hole in the middle of the field for several days. Ukrainian punishers are not taking their people away.”
In the first video, the very same Ukrainian column in the Bakhmutovka area (LPR), which came to the aid of the 32-th checkpoint, besieged by the soldiers of the LPR: 22 armored vehicles, about a hundred 200's.
In the second video, the militiamen are in the process of destroying the column of enemy armored vehicles. On the frames you can see how the fresh Nazi technique of Kiev Nazis burns.

Today in 0: 55

Message from journalists

"The Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, said that Kiev was not originally going to comply with the Minsk agreements. Regrouping and preparation for the continuation of hostilities is underway. Answering the question whether the DPR itself was in compliance with the truce conditions, Zakharchenko said Ed.) conscience is clear. If there is even the slightest attempt to save the lives of children and the elderly, it must be done. "
According to him, “the Ukrainian government itself is not monolithic: there are those who believe that it is necessary to negotiate, but there is a“ party of war ”that wants to continue the fighting.” According to the leader of the DPR, “Poroshenko himself does not control his army — there are people among the field commanders who do not obey him.” In addition, Zakharchenko is confident that the Ukrainian government specifically "drives people to the desire for war."

Today in 1: 00

Appeal special forces DNI

The guys of the "Bad Soldier" shot the clip. All the people in the video, with the exception of artillery, are the Special Forces of Gloomy!

Today in 1: 06

Message from I. Strelkova:

The answer to the criticism of the video with the appeal.

"In response to all the comments I will say briefly: 1) I don’t like the video itself, but it was recorded on video for the sole purpose - to demonstrate that the text belongs to me, and not to Dugin or El Murid, or anyone else. I wrote myself 2) I am not in shape because I am fired from the FSB to reserve "without uniform" (if 20 has not calendars "calendars" - only 18) and I don’t have the right to wear Russian military uniforms I can not wear, because I was not enrolled in them by order, and also I was not fired - it seems I didn’t serve in them at all.: D N This is a joke. In fact, I am now an absolutely civilian person who has nothing to do with military actions. And if A. Mozgovoy has the full moral right to be in military uniform under any conditions, since he commands a belligerent unit, then I have no such right. 3) I don’t intend to take in a “casting” for an announcer or a participation policy. I perfectly understand that any of my performances at this time are subject to “viewing under a magnifying glass” and hurricane criticism in the widest range - from a shirt and shifty eyes to “memories of flight” from Slavs ska "and" shooting down a Boeing. Accordingly, as many believe, with each of my performances, "I lose credibility and charisma." I answer: I don't give a damn about the popularity, the “charisma”, and all the other “image” things. I write and speak not in order to “get” (to preserve) popularity, but in order to draw attention to the dangerous situation in which Novorossia and my comrades are in. At the same time, I think with my own head, because the information and analytical departments behind my back do not work. Accordingly, I can be wrong about something. "

Today in 1: 15

Message from "Borisych"

"Right before my departure from the Donbass, familiar mortar workers kindly provided me with a video of their work ... now I will show it to you ... In general, the guys are very helpful in Nikishino, and it is completely unfair that nobody anywhere talks about them. In general, have a look, people Sanycha - Slavic Heavy Duty ... Farik, Firefly and all-all ... guys, you are the best! "

Today in 2: 10

Message from military observer Boris Rozhin

"One undoubted advantage of the farcical elections in Ukraine is still there. Participants in the heat of political struggle" cut the truth-womb, "discarding dirt and trying to drown their competitors. Kolomoisky, Avakov and Semenchenko were accused of killing thousands of soldiers Igor Mosiychuk Deputy of the Kiev City Council from Radical Party Lyashko Igor Mosiychuk blames the leaders of Dnipropetrovsk region, the head of the Interior Ministry and the Donbass battalion commander of the death of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk. It is quite clear that the wind of revelations is blowing from Poroshenko, who is trying to putting blame for the defeat at Ilovaisk on Kolomoisky and his henchmen, as well as on the previous military leadership. Nevertheless, it’s symptomatic that only the junta lost more than 2000 people near Ilovaisk. Concerning Khomchak, the punitive battalion commanders shortly after the defeat, there were accusations that Homchak was not just stupid and cowardly, but deliberately substituted punitive troops under attack. The question of whether Homchak knew about the threat was purely rhetorical, as well as the question of where the General Staff looked and The operational department of the southern group.
Yesterday, already again, "by chance" under the election, documents appeared on the subject of the investigation of the military disaster near Ilovaisk. "

Today in 2: 20

Summary of Southeast Army on October 23 Evening

In areas along the line of contact between the parties, Ukrainian troops stepped up their combat operations. During the day, 3 recorded a case of violation of the cease-fire by the Ukrainian side:
in 14.25, units of the people's militia in the area of ​​n. were fired from artillery and mortar shells p. STRYUKOVO. 1 fighter wounded;
in 15.50 from positions in n. p. Stargazing using mortars and multiple launch rocket systems “Grad” made a raid on the position of the DPR Army in the area n. p. Novovlaspa. Fragment wounds received 2 militant fighter;
16.00 was hit by an artillery strike KUMSHATSKOE. 2 dwelling damaged, 1 civilian injured.
According to the intelligence of the DPR Army, the management of the punitive operation continued the regrouping of Ukrainian troops in the main areas, staffing them with weapons, military equipment, engineering equipment of their positions on the contact line of the parties.
According to operational data, kidnappings continue in the occupied territories of New Russia.
At the roadblock in the area of ​​settlement REDNIKOVKA, located at a gas station, on suspicion of having links with the militia were arrested and taken away in an unknown direction by two young people. So far, their fate and whereabouts information is missing.

Today in 4: 20

Review report from the 1 Interbrigade of the South-East for October 23

The past day on the fronts of Novorossia, the so-called silence mode was broken at least 30 times - maybe it's time to count how many hours (or minutes) were quiet during the day?

Donetsk People's Republic

Donetsk - a relatively stable but tense situation remains in the city. At night, according to the Donetsk City Hall, the cannonade died down. However, shelling of some microdistricts (Petrovka, Trudovskikh) and the airport (from the direction of urban-type settlement Peski and NP Avdeevka) from the entire spectrum of heavy weapons - howitzers, self-propelled guns, Grad MLRS and heavy mortars continue. Late in the evening, another attempt was made to break through a large group of ukrovermaht to their punishers who remained at the airport (repulsed). There is a general decrease in the intensity of attacks and individual, local offensive punitive, but the increase in the overall grouping of ukrovermaht, as well as the activities of the DRG, including in the city, remains. 1 is dead and 5 injured civilians.


- Gorlovka - the third day remains a high level of tension; punitive persistently trying to attack the city from the direction of n. Mayorsk, using the MLRS and howitzer artillery (which, in general, also confirms the punishers' intention to repeat the previously uncovered coverage of Donetsk in the ring). Also on the western outskirts, where the positions of the militia are located, was an artillery strike from the direction n. v. Leninskoe (Amvrosievsky district), 1 militia killed. Ukrovermaht fired at Izotovo railway station from tank guns several times.

- Avdiivka - in the evening the militia struck a powerful howitzer blow at the punishers, after which, according to some reports, their firing points here were somewhat silenced.

- Marinka - on the outskirts of the city restlessly, local clashes periodically flare up (perhaps, the DRG, both punitive and militias, are active). In the area n. p. Krasnogorovka during the night the militia attacked the roadblock of the National Security Councils.

Other settlements DNR

- Debaltsevo - at night, the militia forces fired at positions of punishers from the Grad MLRS and mortars (at least 5 times). Also ukrovoiny complain about the work of sniper groups of "militants" in this direction.

- Dokuchaevsk - Last night, the national districts of the city from the Grad MLRS from the direction N. Volnovakha and Lesnoye (Volodarsky district), 2 civilians were injured.

- Volnovakhskiy District - during the night, the militiamen twice “awake” ukrovermht in the area n. n. Nikolaevka from the MLRS "Grad" and heavy mortars. It is also reported on the complete destruction of the punitive station in the area of ​​Volnovakhi itself (the traffic police checkpoint on the outskirts of the city) to the actions of the DRG militia.

- Novoazovskiy district - late in the evening, the militia intensified its work on the fortifications of punishers in N. p. Pavlopol, natsgadov subjected to intensive shelling, including from tank guns. In the area n. P. Pishevik at night there was a clash in the use of small arms.

- Telmanovsky district - at night the artillery of the militia inflicted several strikes from the MLRS Grad on punitive positions in AD p. Starognatovka and Zamozhnoe (for less than three). In turn, punitive tank guns fired at n. n. Michurino (about midnight). In the area n. p. Novolasp during the night were fighting with the use of small arms.

- Miner area - continues to be extremely difficult situation in the area n. P. Nikishno and Stryukovo. In addition to the clashes on the territory of the villages, the militia forces were subjected to a double mortar strike from the firing points of the national militaries in n. Redkodub and Kamenka, 1 militia wounded. In response, punitive under n. Redkodub had been fired three times from the reactive artillery of the militia.

- Yasinovatsky district - nothing fundamentally new: the periodic suppression of especially malicious fire points of punitive artillery in the village Pesky continues.

Thus, in addition to the ongoing redeployment and the pull-up of large groups (estimated at thousands of people) to strategic settlements around the capital of the DPR, the situation on the rest of the Donetsk front is constant.

Lugansk People's Republic

- Popasnaya - during the night, the militia attacked the positions of the punishers in the area of ​​the city (2 of the vehicle and the 3 of the minibus were destroyed, the losses among the personnel were not specified).

- Antratsitovsky district - from the territory of the DPR (Yasinovatsky district) from artillery punitive shelling militia positions in n. Fashchevka (twice in the evening), 2 militiamen were killed, 1 was wounded.

- Lutuginsky district - in the evening from the direction of the settlement Chernukhino Ukrovermaht artillery shelled n. Kruglik (3 civilians injured).

- Slavyanoserbsky district - on the highway “Bakhmutka” in the area of ​​the settlement The bold, where the surrounded national guards groups are still at the checkpoint, almost unchanged - an attempt to miss the supply for the surrounded national guards provided by the militia was not evaluated by the ukrovermht - instead of civilian cargo with drinking water, the punishers sent several military vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles to their accomplices KNAZ 2 vehicles are captured by the militia, the enemy has losses in personnel).

Thus, in the Lugansk theater of operations, the situation and the front line have not undergone significant changes for a long time. Local fights, mutual exchanges of fire and periodic artduels go under the direction important for both sides of the city. None of the parties in their positions is inferior. There is information about the elimination in the territory of the LC of all boilers and kettles, which are periodically reported (under Dyakovo, for example) - how reliable it is, knows, perhaps, only Brainstorming.

Mariupol - in this direction of the front as a whole is calm, with the exception of individual attacks on positions and roadblocks of the national youths (they complain of a sudden raid on a roadblock in the vicinity of the settlement of Talakivka during the night).

Fresh psaki.

Paromoga, citizens, - the first ship with coal from South Africa arrived in Ukraine. That's right, nothing to export - it is better to buy, it is so European-style! That was what happened in Ukraine before European integration — a solid legacy of the Soviet past: a good mining industry (coal, ore), steel mills (steel), and agriculture. Klyaty Muscovites, occupying Vilna Ukriyu, with special cynicism, built plants, dams, mines - there is no place for a decent maydaun to ride). And now everything is like that of civilized people - cleaning Polish toilets for men and brothels for women (although Zrobites and Zrobites more hang out in cotton wool Muscovy, but temp is temporary, because the visa-free regime is just about, a little bit more) . Sala Heroam!

And still the Vilna Ukriya is actively lustrated and, most importantly, this process, like everyone else in this bright, democratic country, is guided by reason and decency. Thus, “a number of officers of the Supreme Court of Ukraine who served in the Crimea and decided to continue to serve Ukraine, that is, falls within the law on lustration. remained loyal to the Ukrainian oath, but because they had previously served during the reign of Viktor Yanukovych, they would be transferred to the reserve, ”Admiral Igor Kabanenko, former deputy minister of defense of Ukraine for European integration, said on the air of Gromadska TV he had a song, not a position). And such a submission. Well, right, why litter ... i.e. sorry, NATO's strategic ally, officers of the old Soviet school with the notion of loyalty and duty - fuuu, these are natural padded jackets, scoops and obvious KGB provocateurs. In Vilna Ukriya there are so many people and geniuses of military thought worthy of their country - Geleta, Poltorak, Tymchuk. The real ukropatriots, with whom the Ukrainian army survived nuclear bombing, destroyed the stopitsot divisions of the Russian Airborne Forces and oriented on Eurosever. Peremoga!

And why worry about some officers, when handsome punishers, the pride of Lviv and other Galician suburbs, stand on guard of the erupted Khokhlostan. But even in the Ukropitek camp, not everything is so smooth - the next pigeons are publicly cursing (they have seen enough of Lyashko and Avakov, I also wanted hot passions on cold autumn evenings). So, a certain Igor Mosiychuk (media representative of the “Azov” battalion) claims that “the battalion commander of the punitive battalion“ Donbass ”Semyon Semenchenko deliberately led his subordinates to death in Ilovaisk, and he himself fled.” At the same time, Mosiychuk (outwardly, by the way, the same true ukroarium, “Mr. Lviv-2014”) declares: “My challenge to you, Semen Semenchenko, to the debate remains in force!”. What are they formidable and brutal, these punishers - they will put on stockings, then they will cause a debate. Purely severe male disassembly "cyborgs."

For losses:
Civilians - 1 / 10
Militiamen - 3 / 2
Punishers - 1 / 2 (according to the NSDC), the militia do not specify.

Thus, during the last 24 hours, battles continued both directly in Novorossia and on ephemeral political fronts. Alexander Zakharchenko announced his intention to return Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol. Unrest in Kiev - Ukraine is shaken by the gangrene of Bandera in dying convulsions before the elections. What tomorrow will bring us - we will see.
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  1. Giant thought
    Giant thought 24 October 2014 11: 11
    In general, the picture is clear: the Nazis are preparing for the offensive, the militias are on the defensive.
  2. shishakova
    shishakova 24 October 2014 11: 11
    If I get cons, I understand that I expressed my thought poorly. Thank!
    And again I want to say that it’s on my mind how stupid a person can be (about Poroshenko).
    Why is he stupid? Because smart people calculate their steps, not succumbing to any influence.
    I believe in the sincerity of I.I. Strelkov.
    There is no doubt about the victory of New Russia!
    I wish you health and courage, dear militias.
    God help you.
  3. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 24 October 2014 11: 18
    It may already be outdated, but it will not be superfluous:
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 24 October 2014 16: 32
      Strelkov I.I.
      "... I deeply do not give a damn about popularity, and" charisma ", and all other" image "things. I write and speak not in order to "gain" (maintain) popularity, but in order to draw attention to the dangerous situation in which Novorossia and my comrades are located. "

      Warnings Strelkova I.I. serious. You need to be ready not only in New Russia, but also in Russia.
      God forbid, crush Novorossia, Russia's position will weaken. And then war will be inevitable for Russia. New Russia is fighting for Russia, this is the first frontier. It’s a pity that the leadership of Russia doesn’t understand this, probably they are more rooting for their savings and capital in the West.
  4. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 24 October 2014 11: 21
    The militia of the St. George battalion in the village of Frunze spoke about the situation at the front and reported the appearance of European weapons in the Ukrainian army.

    Volunteers of the LPR army spoke about a large number of foreign mercenaries in the ranks of the occupying army of Ukraine.

    According to the militias, a German tank Leopard was hit in the Bakhmutka area, which went to Ukrainian troops after exercises with NATO. Also, APU received Polish armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and other European weapons and equipment.
    information from "military materials" photos and videos are missing, which is a pity!
  5. domokl
    domokl 24 October 2014 11: 31
    Special forces in honor of the holiday posted a wonderful movie good I watched it twice and enjoyed it drinks
    Otherwise, everything is as usual ... Bang there, bang here, and the muzzles on TV talk about the days of silence, about the ceasefire and other nonsense ...
  6. Hellraiser
    Hellraiser 24 October 2014 11: 33
    Dance Russia and weep Europe, and in Ukraine it’s full, full of OPA !!!! wink
  7. Not served
    Not served 24 October 2014 11: 51
    Yesterday we met with the guys who came from there. I learned a lot of interesting and useful things.
    Some quotes:
    There is only one thing in this war - the Moscow emissaries. They flock to Donetsk in a crowd and get their brains out. Some "generals" are openly carrying out destructive work.
    For the rest, I’ll simply say - everyone decides for himself. I made my choice a long time ago. My grandfather went through a war.

    Really grit, the first two or three phrases are patriotism, then comes the business.
    But thank God, not all of them are.
  8. 31rus
    31rus 24 October 2014 12: 01
    everything is correct, people speak from the bottom of their hearts and the truth, not only politicians are both these and those, but a photo of a leopard would not be bad
  9. yurgenovich
    yurgenovich 24 October 2014 12: 18
    Eh Volnovakha Volnovakha. Bugas, My close father was born and lived there, I grew up there. Relatives there are brothers. There are four of their grandfather in the DPR 90 to him. I read a summary of the fights and I don’t believe any kind of surrealism.
  10. Anatole Klim
    Anatole Klim 24 October 2014 12: 23
    It is impossible to calculate exactly how much money was destroyed, according to an employee of the Ministry of Defense. Judging by the colors, and in the bags were banknotes of all denominations of the hryvnia. They were crushed on special equipment. In words, taking care of the population of Donbass, in fact, the Ukrainian authorities, apparently, gave the order to destroy the cash out of fear that the militia would get it.

    Well, if only they remembered the work of Lenin, who were older, they studied a lot, once again I understand what comrade Lenin was a wise and far-sighted person.
    "Advice of an outsider" ... that the post office, telegraph, telephone, railway stations, bridges are certainly busy ... "
    "April Theses" ... Immediate merger of all banks in the country into one national bank and introduction of control over him by S.R.D. "
  11. Siberian German
    Siberian German 24 October 2014 12: 27
    And what to comment on - I’ll say one thing is right; I think the Minsk agreements were beneficial only to Kiev and to someone in Moscow. The guys stopped - wherever they are now - in Kiev it’s unlikely but very close - and all these puppets would have already showered - it’s a pity that they stopped them
  12. Valery Siberia
    Valery Siberia 24 October 2014 12: 28
    Good afternoon friends!
    I have a proposal for all of you: let's create the Fund together on behalf of those who come to this site who are not indifferent to what is happening in New Russia.
    We will collect warm clothes, food, medicine and transport all this stuff to New Russia.
    Personally, I am ready to carry.
    I need a working Gazelle (rights only category B). I live in the Moscow region. Here we will accumulate and transport everything to the right place. I really hope that people who live in my region will respond to my call. They can always, if desired, check how everything is done.
    Warm clothes: sweaters, jackets, sheepskin coats - not necessarily new, can be worn, but clean - I have already collected two bags.
    Warm shoes, warm socks, warm hats. Something fighters-brothers will not take, we will give to the residents.
    Food: cereals, pasta, stew, thickened, cookies and more.
    Medication is all that is needed and that we can purchase.
    Who can, even a kilogram of buckwheat and a can of stew.
    If you are interested, write to the mail: [email protected]
    Or call the number: +7 985 729 15 21
  13. mamont5
    mamont5 24 October 2014 12: 33
    "I appeal to Ukrainian nationalists. To Irina Farion and others like her. What you are doing is immoral and immoral."

    I found someone to contact ... It's useless. Here only such words come to mind: humpbacked, grave, spade.
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. feokot1982
    feokot1982 24 October 2014 13: 16
    It is necessary to sign a photo with the Hamers - "Russian sun in action" and on the censor who want to fight would have diminished ...
    1. Not served
      Not served 24 October 2014 14: 07
      The sun is too clear. I like the Soviet "Buratino" more.
  16. Vorlon
    Vorlon 24 October 2014 15: 34
    I liked the message from the commander of the 4th battalion of the LPR Ministry of Defense "Batman" Aleskandr Bednov. Tactfully, without obscenities, well-mannered (Without getting personal!), But tough with specific requirements. Here is the future Minister of Foreign Affairs of Novorossiya.