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Carte blanche. Crimea does not need nuclear ammunition

Carte blanche. Crimea does not need nuclear ammunition

US congressmen wrote a letter to US President Barack Obama in which they expressed concern about the deployment of operational-strategic Tu-22М3 bombers and modern Iskander-M missile systems by Russia in Crimea. Both are capable of carrying precision and nuclear weapon.

Politicians from Washington claim that this is being done ostensibly in a foreign territory and in violation of the Medium and Small Range Missile Treaty (DRDMM), since, according to the head of the subcommittee of the lower house of the US tactical air and ground forces, Iskander-M capable of striking with high-precision cruise missiles P-500 at a distance of up to 2600 km.

The RF Ministry of Defense does not yet confirm or refute this information. Although two months ago, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov had already stated that the Americans’ allegations of Moscow’s violation of the INF Treaty "are part of the anti-Russian campaign launched by Washington because of events in Ukraine." Last Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also spoke in the same vein. Meanwhile, the intensity of passions around this topic is not decreasing, and now, after the next statements of the Americans in connection with the military arrangement of the Crimea, various forecasts are circulating among experts about what kind of defense Russia will build on the peninsula. Most experts agree that nothing prevents us from placing on the peninsula a strategic Aviation, and Iskanders, and other types of weapons. Crimea is now Russian territory, and in accordance with Russian laws any military infrastructure can be formed here, including Moscow entitled to deploy nuclear weapons here, as it was during the Soviet era.

But let's think about the question: why should the Americans inflate talk on this topic? To reveal Russian military secrets or to once again expose Russia to the world community as a potential aggressor? It seems that both are present here. And, of course, a letter from Obama to Congress about the deployment of weapons in the Crimea is an important element of the information war. Meanwhile, apparently, the Crimea is hardly threatened with excessive militarization. Rather, there will be the principle of optimality.

From the point of view of military strategy, the territory of Crimea is a certain springboard, which has somewhat advanced towards the borders of NATO. But a practically similar alignment of forces between the Russian Federation and NATO existed earlier, since, according to the Russian-Ukrainian agreements, the main forces of the Black Sea have already been deployed on the peninsula fleet. True, now the Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea can be strengthened by strategic aviation, a more powerful surface and submarine fleet, which can be armed with nuclear weapons, which the Americans are so afraid of. But where are they and where are we?

For Russia, the possibility of placing nuclear weapons on the carriers of the Black Sea Fleet is a forced and generally asymmetric response. Americans are ready to use drone drone near the borders of the Russian Federation and in the water area of ​​the Black Sea, which fall under the definition of ground-based cruise missiles contained in the INF Treaty. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, “recently, the topic of the Mk-41 launchers, which the United States intends to deploy in Poland and Romania, has acquired particular urgency. These installations can be used to launch medium-range cruise missiles, and their appearance on land will be a gross violation of the INF Treaty. ”

Of course, Russia needs to respond to such threats. But Tu-22М3 is not necessary to be placed on a permanent basis in the Crimea. The airfield near Dzhankoy, where these aircraft were based at the time of the USSR, can be used as a hop airfield. And the main basing of bombers may be outside the peninsula. For the same purposes, apparently, the airfield in the Belarusian Bobruisk will be used in the Polish direction (see NG from 16.10.14).

It is no secret that until 1996, the Central Base for the storage of nuclear weapons, known as the “Theodosia-13” facility, operated not far from Sudak. It contained nuclear ammunition (YaBP) for artillery shells, torpedoes of submarines, air-launched and sea-based cruise missiles (ALCM and SLCM), etc. But now it is expensive and inappropriate to reanimate this object. In the threatened period, nuclear warheads for carriers in the Crimea may be supplied from other nuclear-technical storage facilities. Moreover, in recent years, the role of tactical nuclear weapons in the modern war has diminished. And, judging by open sources, in the post-Soviet time in Russia, new types of high-precision weapons were delivered to the troops, which by their destructive factors are not inferior to the nuclear weapons.

By the way, the main submarine forces of the Black Sea Fleet will also not be based in the Crimea. According to Navy Commander-in-Chief Viktor Chirkov, the backbone of these forces will be deployed at the Novorossiysk naval base. Now the corresponding infrastructure is being built there. Russian submarines equipped with SLCM and torpedoes with nuclear warheads, of course, will be a headache for Americans and other NATO countries. But in the current situation it could not be otherwise.

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  1. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 24 October 2014 14: 19
    The southern underbelly of Europe should be well protected by Russian missiles deployed in Crimea.
    1. Siberian German
      Siberian German 24 October 2014 14: 26
      and even better wherever you are in Serbia, or in the territory where the former GDR was - ... hehe
      1. DRA-88
        DRA-88 24 October 2014 14: 28
        The nuclear shield is the most reliable shield of our homeland!
        And the point!
        1. sanja.grw
          sanja.grw 24 October 2014 15: 28
          Exactly, the more the better
        2. m262
          m262 24 October 2014 15: 38
          Quote: DRA-88
          The nuclear shield is the most reliable shield of our homeland!

          Gentlemen, let's call a spade a spade, not a shield, but a SWORD, but from this its importance does not decrease!
      2. vaaaaadik
        vaaaaadik 24 October 2014 14: 41
        in Serbia, it’s time to place our military bases, with iskander and missile carriers
        1. Dym71
          Dym71 24 October 2014 15: 39
          Quote: Siberian German
          and even better wherever you are in Serbia, or in the territory where the former GDR was - ... hehe

          Quote: vaaaaadik
          in Serbia, it’s time to place our military bases, with iskander and missile carriers

          Shaw there, little things repeat
          "Viva la Cuba libre", "Cuba - si! Yankee - no! " wink
      3. avia1991
        avia1991 25 October 2014 02: 11
        Quote: Siberian German
        and even better wherever you are in Serbia

        Nah, this is far .. Cuba! Brazil! Argentina! wink
        Moreover, Christine de Kirchner is very indifferent to talking with our President lol
        Yes, after all, Nicaragua also needs protection from Amer’s aggression .. In general, Russia has a choice! fellow
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 24 October 2014 17: 21
      Our Crimea, and here we place what we consider necessary, we are not going to ask anyone and notify about the placement of our weapons here too.
  2. Altona
    Altona 24 October 2014 14: 21
    It’s not necessary to pay attention to someone’s crying ... They whine, weary, then everything is very good ... What and where we place it, this is not their ass anyway ...
    1. Serg 122
      Serg 122 24 October 2014 14: 51
      But the Tu-22M3 does not have to be deployed permanently in the Crimea. The airfield near Dzhankoy, where these aircraft were based during the Soviet era, can be used as a jump airfield. And the main base of the bombers may be outside the peninsula.

      Why suddenly? And the time for which he (TU) should "jump" to the Crimea? Why should US in general be concerned about the statements of anybody from the USA? There was an airfield, there will be a new one in the same place. Once the amerikokosy howled - then everything is being done (or planned to be done) right!
      1. aleks 62
        aleks 62 24 October 2014 16: 29
        .....Small clarification:
        1. Tu-22M2.3 never stood in Dzhankoy .... There was a transport aviation regiment (IL-76) .... Tu-22 stood in Veseloy and Oktyabrsky (along the regiment of naval aviation) + Guards (Tu-16 )
        2. "It's no secret that the Central Nuclear Weapons Storage Base, known as the Feodosia-1996 facility, operated near Sudak until 13. It stored nuclear ammunition (YAB) for artillery shells, submarine torpedoes, and air and sea cruise missiles. basing (ALCM and SLCM) ... "
        ...... Not entirely true .... Each of the above-mentioned airfields had its own base for storing aircraft cruise missiles and storage of vigorous warheads for them and sea mines with nuclear warheads .... On "Feodosia-13" only weapons were stored for ships ...
  3. Gluxar_
    Gluxar_ 24 October 2014 14: 22
    I am surprised by the bone structure of our diplomatic structures. It is high time to introduce the expression "Americans are lying" into the trend.
    Do not respond to their stupidities with extended answers and explanations, at least not in all cases. The simplest answers must be given to such statements - the Americans again lie, as in the attack on Iraq, as in the attack on Libya. And that’s all. This will be a brilliant trend in world politics and the weight of the perception of the United States in the eyes of ordinary citizens will fall ...
  4. Magic archer
    Magic archer 24 October 2014 14: 26
    Yes, they would go know yourself where !!! Our territory where we want to go there and put ANY armament we need!
    1. nablydatel
      nablydatel 24 October 2014 17: 02
      There is such a needle system not to be confused with the Soviet one. amerikosy do not know her and are afraid of a new needle working on the principle of a sewing needle shoemaker entered and opened ----
  5. pahom54
    pahom54 24 October 2014 14: 27
    " Moreover, in recent years, the role of tactical nuclear weapons in modern warfare has decreased"...

    Actually, I agree with the author of the article in the main points:
    1. Crimea is our territory, what we want is what we base it on.
    2. It is not necessary to equip a special technical storage facility for nuclear weapons in the territory of Crimea.
    However, I completely disagree with the author with the text presented as a quote ... TNW is not advisable in the case when the "station left", that is, a war of defeat suddenly broke out between the United States (NATO) and Russia ... the sluggish current form of some kind of semi-local conflict (on the territory of the European theater of operations) is precisely TNW that will come in handy ...
    And in general, after all the cuts and cuts, there is nothing to say about what we need and do not need. EVERYTHING IS NEEDED AND NEEDED!
  6. Sailor
    Sailor 24 October 2014 14: 27
    For TBA Crimea as the main airfield of the jump, this is more expedient than permanent deployment, plus layered air defense, but the storage certainly needs to be reanimated for nuclear weapons, I think the SU-30M2 is equipped for its use, and no one canceled the coastal complexes.
  7. Abbra
    Abbra 24 October 2014 14: 30
    Crimea is the best aircraft carrier for the Black Sea. Invented by Catherine the Second and Potemkin-Tauride. It is relevant today.
  8. Leonidych
    Leonidych 24 October 2014 14: 33
    even with the EBNe drunk, only because of the presence of a nuclear shield, no one was scurrying about Russia.
    1. nablydatel
      nablydatel 24 October 2014 17: 05
      A nuclear shield is needed, but they must be used.
      hammer on the head but do not activate. that's enough soldier
  9. Enot_33
    Enot_33 24 October 2014 14: 37
    Yes, yes, dear fellow Americans. And soon our missiles will be in Cuba! Let's see how you frustrate.
  10. Loner_53
    Loner_53 24 October 2014 14: 39
    our missiles should be everywhere. And different states, with tanned macaques, we are not ordered soldier
    1. nablydatel
      nablydatel 24 October 2014 17: 07
      don't call innocent animals americos are not worth them
  11. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 24 October 2014 14: 40
    Well, what a normal concern. Now they will have to adjust their plans to attack Russia. Now Russia can do anything that it could not before. Well, they will try, so that plans not to change, "agree with partners" so that Russia would continue to behave as if Crimea did not join.
  12. Denis fj
    Denis fj 24 October 2014 14: 41
    Congressmen use every excuse to complicate relations between Russia and the United States. Let the sanctions be lifted and we turn Crimea into a special economic zone. Moreover, the Americans are happy to travel by sea to the Crimea. We will decide which weapons and where to hold our weapons for ourselves based on threats to our security posed by the aggressive US policy and their bases at our borders.
  13. Bassoon
    Bassoon 24 October 2014 14: 42
    If Topol-M / Yars or Iskander appears in Crimea .... Then we should expect rivers of analysis throughout Europe from fear.
    1. nablydatel
      nablydatel 24 October 2014 17: 09
      manufacturers of gappers will be delighted
  14. RAV174
    RAV174 24 October 2014 14: 43
    Merchants are inability to remain silent when they are in pain or are vulnerable. If they whine, then we must do with a vengeance what they whine from.
  15. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 24 October 2014 14: 44
    Who cares where I sit down to relax on my territory. What do you need in general the United States, located on the opposite side of the globe, from Russia. Yes, you yourself live peacefully on your continent and do not rock the boat and everything will be calm on the European continent.
  16. Sirocco
    Sirocco 24 October 2014 14: 46
    Yes, how many times I have been in those parts near Kara Dag, but I did not suspect the existence of such an object in the neighborhood. That's really what life-giving mystery does.)))) For those who are interested, follow the link. Http:// abandoned-objects/feodosiya-13-object-7b/
  17. shliapnik
    shliapnik 24 October 2014 14: 52
    What difference does it make to where and what we place in their territory. Get it all off Texas b ...!
  18. Russian soldier
    Russian soldier 24 October 2014 14: 55
    Another nonsense stoned:

    According to the commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, "a very decent withdrawal of Russian forces from the territory of Ukraine," recorded Reuters. “But there is no doubt about that,” they remain in the east of the country, he told reporters at NATO headquarters.
    Bridlaw also noted that part of the Russian troops stationed near the border with Ukraine was withdrawn, and some units are also obviously preparing to change their location. According to him, however, the forces that Russia maintains on the border and, apparently, is not going to withdraw "are still very, very powerful"

    What are they eating there all, fly agarics or what?
  19. Committee
    Committee 24 October 2014 14: 58
    It must be there, this nuclear shield! And then there are only "friends" around.
  20. kafa
    kafa 24 October 2014 15: 08
    He was born and lived for 20+ years, served in Sevastopol and learned 20+ that even under Dzhugashvili, an arsenal was being built nearby. then the arsenal became special ...
    I learned about him as a tourist. the guide heard my dialogue with a friend very lively. I didn’t take a photo wink from the old woman that the construction battalion spanked.
    but Crimea was just like ours ... there is a secure storage of special ammunition winked where I will not say smile
    1. Committee
      Committee 25 October 2014 00: 06
      where I will not say
      already said ... Chatterbox is a godsend for spies.
  21. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 24 October 2014 15: 12
    The RF Ministry of Defense does not yet confirm or refute this information.
    Well, in vain does not confirm. Let it publicize that nuclear power supplies have a place to be in Crimea. Let all sorts of "talkative" be speechless.
    Russian submarines equipped with SLCMs and torpedoes with nuclear warheads, of course, will be a headache for Americans and other NATO countries. But in the current situation it could not be otherwise.

    Better have their head hurt. And a good sleep will be gone!
  22. 3vs
    3vs 24 October 2014 15: 36
    It is better to develop Crimea as a resort and health resort so that people do not break into Turkey and Egypt but
    I spent money at home to keep the price / quality level.
    Well, the defense must be attached, of course.
  23. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 24 October 2014 15: 43
    Comrade Mukhin, heightens passions somewhat. Tactical nuclear warheads, since the 90s, have been removed from carriers of NK, submarines, front-line bombers under a contract. I haven’t heard about their return, the official statements of our leaders and representatives of the Ministry of Defense. But theoretically and practically it is possible at any moment. Therefore, the commander-in-chief says, so as not to tease our "partners", that potential carriers of nuclear weapons will be based on Novorossiysk.
    1. Stinger
      Stinger 24 October 2014 16: 48
      As I understand it, Americans are pumping, not Comrade. Mukhin.
  24. mik0588
    mik0588 24 October 2014 15: 46
    Comrade Stalin said at one time: "if they scold, then we are doing everything right."
    1. Prager
      Prager 24 October 2014 16: 35
      I completely agree with you and with Comrade Stalin!
  25. kush62
    kush62 24 October 2014 17: 59
    The only thing I do not like about our foreign policy is our constant excuses.
    whom ... (worries) someone else's grief. The point is so beneficial for us.
    1. Barghouta
      Barghouta 24 October 2014 18: 55
      So diplomacy am
  26. Fedor
    Fedor 24 October 2014 22: 08
    Moreover, in recent years, the role of tactical nuclear weapons in modern warfare has declined.

    The author is a great original. That is Russia categorically refusing to discuss its superiority in tactical nuclear weapons with the United States.
  27. voliador
    voliador 25 October 2014 01: 33
    Well, we will not ask them.
  28. maks197010
    maks197010 25 October 2014 07: 32
    Our Iskanders! Where we want, we put it there! (Shoigu)