Influential Shiite says Iraq is capable of dealing with terrorism without US help.

Muqtada al-Sadr, the radical head of the Iraqi Shiites, calls on the US military to leave Iraq. Otherwise, the US military, according to al-Sadr, will meet "resistance".

Al-Sadr's statement was announced on the eve of the consideration by the Iraqi rulers of the question of a possible extension of the military presence of the American military in the country. This statement was published on the website of al-Sadr. In a statement, the Shiite leader calls on the US military to "return to their families who are waiting for them with impatience." In his words, otherwise the Iraqis "will provide the fiercest resistance" until the US leaves Iraq.

The detachments of Muqtada al-Sadr himself participated in combat operations against the American army until the middle of 2008. Subsequently, al-Sadr disbanded military formations and concentrated on political activities. The Sadrist Shia leader’s party plays a pivotal role in the formed coalition government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

It is known that recently Maliki, as well as some of his coalition supporters, decided to hold talks with the American side on granting the US permission to continue special training for Iraqi armed forces after 2011, that is, when America should withdraw its troops from this state. Al-Sadr spoke out categorically against such agreements.

In his message to the representatives of the American side, al-Sadr said that the American occupation of abuse and terror would suffice. Iraq does not need American help. Iraq can defeat terrorism and achieve cohesion.

Official representatives of Iraq and the United States stated earlier that the Iraqi Armed Forces are able to independently maintain security within the state, but they require training on the use of heavy weapons to ensure the protection of state borders and territorial waters.
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  1. cVM
    cVM 11 August 2011 10: 22 New
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    when the Americans want it to come and go, and this Shiite Americans, if necessary, hang
  2. mitrich
    mitrich 11 August 2011 16: 20 New
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    Well, first of all, cVM, if they could catch and hang, what prevented it from being done earlier, when Muktada al-Sadr "jihad" against the Americans? I still remember how they fought to death in Nasiria in 2004. It's not so simple, given the fact that this Shiite leader is most likely hiding in Iran, where it is difficult for amers to reach him.
    Here, it seems to me, such a “big game” is going on: the Maliki regimes in Iraq and Karzai in Afghanistan are unstable, it is impossible to predict anything, since with the departure of the Americans the governments of both can easily fly off, because they do not control and do not enjoy authority among the population.
    The Americans are looking for alternate aerodromes and are actively working on Tajiks and Uzbeks (have they noticed how Karimov and Rakhmon began to show their asses more and more to Russia?), Referring to the creation of military bases on their territories. Most likely, they plan to “evacuate” their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, so as not to lose control of the Middle East at all.
    1. cVM
      cVM 12 August 2011 15: 09 New
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      do you mean that in Iran there are no American intelligence or Israeli? every day there is an attempt in Iran, I am amazed how else Ahmadinejad lives, in principle he is not the main one but the chief monarch Ali Khomaini who is behind possession of the yao of Iran, but what Tajiks and Uzbeks do what we want to do, where will they escape? All the same, our region
  3. cabin boy
    cabin boy 12 August 2011 00: 35 New
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    mitrich pendosy in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are not looking for alternate aerodromes, but expanding their direct presence. In Iraq and Afghanistan, they basically completed the tasks they set, it’s time to “carry democracy” further.