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Evgeny Pozhidaev. Economic suicide of Ukraine: the second wave

Evgeny Pozhidaev. Economic suicide of Ukraine: the second wave

The elections in Ukraine 26 of October will, among other things, also be a starting point, after which the next round of the collapse of the Ukrainian economy, postponed by non-economic methods, will become embodied in an explicit form.

Let me remind you that on September 22, the Ukrainian hryvnia, devalued by 7% over the week, updated historical a record drop in the interbank market (up to 15,1 grams per dollar). It is noteworthy that this situation arose against the backdrop of draconian measures by the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), which was trying by administrative methods to stop the rapid depreciation.

Subsequently, the course returned to the level of 12,95 gr. - but only due to the measures of the NBU, which practically paralyzed the normal functioning of the foreign exchange market. The National Bank does not have and will not have any resources to stabilize the exchange rate by market methods. Meanwhile, under the cover of artificial “currency calm” (trading volumes on the interbank market have almost halved due to the unwillingness of players to sell currencies at the current rate), pent-up demand is rapidly increasing - increasing three weeks to 1 billion dollars. This means an immediate and significant devaluation immediately. after the inevitable "inclusion" of market mechanisms.

With the huge import dependence of Ukraine, this means a new round of inflation and a decline in real incomes. Further, the banking system, artificially maintained afloat only by gigantic refinancing scales (in fact, only by the unrestricted operation of the printing press), will face significant challenges - only 5 from 15 of the largest Ukrainian banks have acceptable stability. Accordingly, the NBU should either continue the policy of increasing the money supply (which is fraught with another round of inflation, devaluation and causes objections of the IMF), or accept the fact that the banking crisis will become a reality.

The dive of the hryvnia, in fact, is an illustration of the rapid contraction of the Ukrainian economy, which began in June and sharply accelerated in the second half of the year.

Consider the situation in dynamics. The first half of 2014 was passed against the background of quite favorable conjuncture in foreign markets. It was particularly successful for metallurgy, which a year earlier provided 22,5% of Ukrainian exports. The dynamics of world steel prices on the London Metal Exchange looked like this. A year ago, in September 2013, the price per ton was about $ 200 (the minimum was reached in July - $ 101); in January 2014-th - about 300; in June - approached $ 400. Up to April, prices for grain and crop production as a whole corresponded to those of the previous year (meanwhile, agriculture accounted for 27% of Ukrainian exports last year). At the same time, for example, prices for coking coal declined - to $ 120 in the second quarter from $ 152 a year earlier - and iron ore. However, in this case we are talking about secondary positions.

In parallel, Ukraine received quite significant amounts of financial assistance. The key sponsor of the Ukrainian economy turned out to be Gazprom, which until June inclusively supplied Kiev with 11,5 billion cubic meters of gas worth $ 5,15 billion (based on the price of supplies for March-June at $ 384 per thousand cubic meters). 3,13 billion provided by the IMF, about 1 billion - the United States.

Nevertheless, in the first half of the year, GDP fell by 3%. At the same time, according to IMF forecasts, on the basis of which the assistance program was developed, the fall in GDP should have been 5% during the entire 2014 year. Meanwhile, it was only the beginning.

First, the development of the long-standing structural crisis of the Ukrainian economy continues. Secondly, as was initially clear, the Ukrainian economy, in principle, could not survive Yushchenko 2.0. - i.e. attempts of sharp reorientation from the Russian to the western markets. This already a priori meant the agony of Ukrainian engineering and "advanced" metallurgy.

Thirdly, the conjuncture on foreign markets in the second half of the year became more and more unfavorable. So, iron ore from the beginning of the year in the world market has fallen in price by 38%. Prices for grain and food products in general began to plummet under the pressure of record harvest data - thus, grain stocks reached their maximum values ​​since 2004.

Steel prices continued to rise, reaching $ 455 - but in July and August, Kiev was too actively killing its own metallurgy. In other words, fourthly, by unleashing a war in the southeast, the “revolutionaries” accelerated the course of relatively slow processes to the speed of the car.

Having adopted the tactics of unlimited terror in the hope of a quick victory, Kiev tried to reproduce the Slavic scenario regarding the key centers of the Big Donbass - Lugansk and the giant Donetsk agglomeration. The stake (under the savage cries of the conscious public) was made on the scheme “destruction of infrastructure, blockade, prevention of aid — humanitarian catastrophe — capitulation of the demoralized population”. In another way, the APU cannot fight and, most importantly, do not want to.

However, the blitzkrieg broke. At the same time, Kiev destroyed the Donetsk economy at an increasing rate. By August, industrial production in the Donetsk region fell by 28,5%, and in Lugansk — by 56%, both due to the direct attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and from the concomitant rupture of economic ties.

For example, Mariupol metallurgical plants Azovstal and them. Ilyich because of the lack of raw materials switched to a reduced mode of operation at the end of July. At the same time, the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine put a fat cross on the prospects for the resumption of the Lisichansk refinery. 1 August DTEK (the largest coal mining and energy company in Ukraine, owned by Rinat Akhmetov) published a rather panicky message. “Currently, the largest mine in Ukraine is not working - DTEK" Mine Komsomolets Donbassa ". This is 4 million tonnes of coal per year, this is 8% annual coal mining in Ukraine. ” “The first and main reason is near Kirov, where the mine is located, fighting is underway. These are risks to people's lives. The second is the lack of rail cars. Let me remind you in the Donetsk region traffic collapse. The railway infrastructure is destroyed, the movement of trains is impossible, there are no empty cars, we cannot export coal. Third - explosives. This is a dangerous substance that is prohibited from being brought into the area. But it is necessary for penetration to ensure the production process. Those brigades using explosives have stopped their work. ”

In August, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continued the practice of unlimited destruction of infrastructure and strikes on squares. Donetsk and Lugansk agglomeration lost light and water, but it had its “costs”. Due to massive power outages, the flooding of mines began, some of them stopped working. Because of the shelling, work was stopped at four plants belonging to the SCM group (Enakievsky and Khartsyzsk coke-chemical plants, Enakievsky metallurgical and Khartsyzsk pipe). In other words, Kiev continued to intensively destroy the key export sector of its economy and the basis of its own energy.

On the same day (only one of the days of the ATO), the Nord plant in Donetsk, which produces household appliances, was also stopped (due to the blockade and the inability to deliver components).

At the same time, the consequences of the ATO were affected far beyond the Donbass. So, at the Zaporozhye automobile plant 25 suppliers in the Donetsk and 11 in Lugansk regions. As a result, the Armed Forces of Ukraine actively destroyed not only the industry of Donbass, but also the industry of loyal regions. Thus, due to interruptions with components in July, ZAZ was able to produce only 8 vehicles, and the production of buses stopped three months before that.

At the same time, the government helped the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and in the same Zaporozhye aluminum production, which is owned by Rusal, is also closed. Motorsich, in fact, is also doomed because of Poroshenko’s ban on any military-technical cooperation with Russia. This situation as well as possible sets off the crowd of Zaporozhye ultras, screaming Russophobic slogans on the streets of the city.

From the more exotic - before the start of the ATO, Donbass accounted for about 20% of air traffic. As a result, the start of hostilities sent the corresponding market into the knockout.

In other words, the destruction of the largest industrial region had a systemic impact on the Ukrainian economy, one way or another affecting almost all the industries - including those that are extremely far from the face of the Donetsk mines.

Let's return to the statistics. Coal production (which accounted for 47% of the energy balance of Ukraine) as early as June 2014 went down by 28,7% compared to June last year, machine building shrank by 23,8%, chemistry - by 22,2%, refining - by 15,9%, metallurgy - by 12,3 %

The July “victories” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine cost the economy an additional 14,8% of coal, 8,3% of coke and 1,6% of metallurgy. At the same time, it is obvious that the “moderate” nature of the last digit was an illusion, and the production of metallurgists would rather “mirror” the production of raw materials even in the optimistic case for Kiev. Machinery for the month decreased by 2,9%.

The results of August were even more catastrophic - the fall in industrial production relative to August 2013 was 21,4%. At the same time, the fall again was not limited to Donbas - the Ukrainian economy as a whole received a very sensitive rebound (including in Kiev - industrial production in the capital fell by 14%). At the moment, the results of the government’s struggle with its own economy at any cost look like this.

By September 1, only 24 from the 91 mines subordinate to the Department of Energy were operating normally. Coal production in September compared with the same month 2013-th declined by 60%, while the decline was not limited to the Donetsk basin - a decline was observed in the case of Krivoy Rog.

As a result, firstly, the shortage of coal for the production of electricity, according to the Ministry of Energy, was 30%. Coal stocks in September declined by 10% over the month, appearing to be 55,9% less than in September of 2013.

Kiev does not have a chance to “play back” the situation - the LPR and the DPR control a small part of the country, but a very large part of the Donets Basin (its commercially viable zone, where coal mining has an economic sense), which accounts for about Ukrainian 2 / 3. Transition to import from far-abroad countries in a short time is impossible neither technically (Ukrainian TPPs are designed to work on local coal), nor, apparently, financially — Ukraine does not even pay for coal from Poland; possible costs of importing the required 8 million tons of coal will be slightly less than $ 700 million.

As for other energy carriers, in fact Ukraine needs not 5, but 10 billion cubic meters of gas. At the same time, the results of Milan show that there will be no charity. This means that Kiev will have to spend $ 3,68 billion on imports and pay off a debt of $ 3,1 billion. Let me remind you that the gold reserves of Ukraine now amount to $ 16 billion, and by the end of the year it may receive from the IMF another 2,2 billion.

In other words, the country is in a resource crisis, and its consequences are already visible.

Electricity production fell by 12,1% with the prospect of further decline. Coke production - at 16%. Steel production in September increased by 2,7%, but in August it decreased by 37% compared to the same month of the previous year. Chemistry, according to the latest data for August, lost "only" 15,7%.

What will happen to the Ukrainian economy next? First, in general, it will be overtaken by a delayed effect from a fall in industrial production. Secondly, the fall of the industry, which the energy crisis is pushing into the abyss, will hardly stop at what has been achieved. So, after the start of the heating season, industrial consumers should reduce gas consumption by 30%, fertilizer producers (that is, a huge part of Ukrainian chemistry) should completely eliminate gas consumption. Coal crisis promises to be no less problematic.

The external conjuncture in the least affected sectors will remain unfavorable - for example, iron ore prices will decline further, and there are no reasons to revive the agricultural market either.

In other words, Ukraine, with the hands of Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Co., made a rather successful economic suicide attempt, having approached the Moldovan model by several steps at once, and the only question is whether it will bring the matter to the end. Strategically, this means that chaos on the south-eastern borders of Russia is a very long time. The tactical situation in the economy can generate a series of very unpleasant surprises for Kiev. So, although the authorities have learned to suppress well the grassroots protest of the “wrong” Ukrainians in the east, the fact is that after the loss of Donbas, the coexistence of a unitary state with a gigantic burden in the form of overconsuming Kiev and regions to the west is becoming less profitable.

In fact, the Ukrainian economy rested on two main regional hubs (the Donbass and the Dnepropetrovsk-Zaporozhye combination). Kharkov played a supporting role here. At the same time, the very same Kolomoisky (although not only to him) hardly seems an attractive prospect of turning his “feud” into a key sponsor of the rest of the “Square”. As a result, the actual disregard of official Kiev and the slogans of decentralization came into vogue at the very beginning of the crisis. Now the slogans of decentralization are actually becoming a general trend.

In other words, it is quite likely that the fragmentation of Ukraine in a relatively specious "wrapper" will continue and further - while the reaction of the population of Kiev, deprived of traditional privileges, may turn out to be peculiar.

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  1. Stalevar
    Stalevar 23 October 2014 14: 08
    Great Ukrainian insanity. For more than twenty years of Western propaganda, agitation and brainwashing, common sense has not been left stone unturned. Before us is the complete degradation of humanity, decency, reason, and so on. And civilized people, Europeans and Americans taught them all this. And if the students have ripened so much rot and poison in their souls, then how much their mentors have !!!
    1. 1812 1945
      1812 1945 23 October 2014 16: 35
      As Ukraine collapses, so it will. With the capital in Moscow.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 23 October 2014 16: 53
      October 26 elections to the funeral Rada of Ukraine. There is a corresponding hymn. Well, what else do they want?
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 23 October 2014 16: 53
      October 26 elections to the funeral Rada of Ukraine. There is a corresponding hymn. Well, what else do they want?

    4. Darek
      Darek 24 October 2014 13: 52
      Quote: Stalevar
      And if the students have ripened so much rot and poison in their souls, then how much their mentors have !!!

      But not how much. The usual zh.dovskoy pragmatism.
  2. Abbra
    Abbra 23 October 2014 14: 09
    There is great joy in Ukraine ... "The first consignment of coal from the Republic of South Africa has been delivered to Ukraine, Fakty reports. According to Ukrinform, a ship with such a load arrived at the port of Ilyichevsk (Odessa region) at night." The lads will bask with African coal ...
    1. alex-s
      alex-s 23 October 2014 14: 32
      In Ukraine, a great joy ...

      Soon, apparently, there will begin to rejoice in beads and various chatter! fool
      Complete degradation!
    2. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 23 October 2014 14: 33
      Quote: Abbra
      a vessel with such cargo arrived at port of Illichivsk (Odessa region) at night

      Logically, the ship will bring back bananas, well, or wildebeest meat. wink
    3. pahom54
      pahom54 23 October 2014 14: 33
      Quote: Abbra
      "The first consignment of coal from the Republic of South Africa was delivered to Ukraine,

      Ohhhh !!! Instead of their coal they asked for negro ... They asked for why? So there’s nothing to pay, Poland won free of charge (!!!) the eggman asked them for brown coal, so the Polish prime minister twisted his finger at his temple in response ...

      In short, to the heroes - lard and black coal !!! Let them get warm !!!
      PS By the way, fat also has a limit of reserves. Where will they take him soon ???
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 23 October 2014 15: 01
        Quote: pahom54
        lard also has a limit of reserves. Where will they take him soon ???

        They say that in Lesotho ordered a batch of fat warthog. smile
        1. fisherman
          fisherman 23 October 2014 15: 11
          but only not to Ukrainians
        2. pensioner
          pensioner 23 October 2014 15: 41
          Quote: Vladimirets
          They say that in Lesotho ordered a batch of fat warthog.

          And if he fails and refuses to give fat? what Animal! am
      2. qQQQ
        qQQQ 23 October 2014 15: 56
        Quote: pahom54
        By the way, lard also has a limit of reserves.

        Ukrainians complain that they ate everything fat ... I repent I didn’t put my hand to it, but I can return everything, which I can do and return.
  3. Magic archer
    Magic archer 23 October 2014 14: 13
    Well, here’s how they are going to live !! ??? Well, no one will help them! From the beginning it will be cold, and then there will be nothing to eat! Europe now thinks about itself, mattresses are not up to them now (ISIS), and others always didn't give a damn!
  4. major071
    major071 23 October 2014 14: 16
    Well, well, you’ll save the economy: lol
    1. Blondy
      Blondy 23 October 2014 14: 27
      Quote: major071
      Well, well, you’ll save the economy: lol

      They are awarded the Nobel Prize or handed?
    2. opus
      opus 23 October 2014 14: 41
      Quote: major071
      Well, well, you’ll save the economy:

      is this a REAL ("live") billboard?
      / I appreciate the "humor" of Ukrainians ...
      During his short life (or rather, for the part that began after the wedding) he managed to work:
      - Minister of Economics of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea;
      - Acting head of the National Bank of Ukraine;
      -First deputy head of the state administration of Odessa region;
      - Minister of Economy of Ukraine;
      - An employee of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine;
      -Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
      -Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

      In this post, he received the nickname Rikki-Tikki-Tavi in ​​honor of the mongoose of the same name from the Soviet cartoon and Kipling's bookstore. The nickname is due to the fact that because of him the elite unit of “Cobra” was disbanded. Reason: Cobra commander showed
      Arseny obscene gesture from the car window.

      (oh, the Rabbit is lying "Porsche Cayenne 2007, the average cost of such a car is $ 200"! oh how (business in 000))
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 23 October 2014 17: 02
        Quote: opus
        is this a REAL ("live") billboard?

        The leadership of the Kiev principality - MIND, HONOR and CONSCIENCE of the former Ukraine:
        -UM - Yaytsenyuh,
        -HONOR - Lyashko,
        So that - "SMIRNO" and alignment in the ass. bully
        1. opus
          opus 23 October 2014 20: 17
          Quote: Lelek
          The leadership of the Kiev principality - MIND, HONOR and CONSCIENCE of the former Ukraine:

          And eggs, then in that case WHO?
          / Well, who the ass is understandable, Lyashko, or are there other candidates?
          No eggs
    3. mihasik
      mihasik 23 October 2014 16: 06
      Quote: major071
      Well, well, you’ll save the economy: lol

      But why Yaytsenyuk was called a rabbit?) And here the dillies stole the topic: Rabbit Yaytsenyuk is a copy of a rabbit from the Soviet cartoon "Winnie the Pooh"!
      Plagiarism however!)))
      1. Commissar of the NKVD
        Commissar of the NKVD 23 October 2014 20: 43
        This is probably why.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. vovich
    vovich 23 October 2014 14: 23
    As they say ... what they fought for. After all, this is their conscious choice.
    1. blizart
      blizart 23 October 2014 14: 38
      Quote: vovich
      As they say ... what they fought for. After all, this is their conscious choice.
      Rather unconscious
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 23 October 2014 20: 35
        This is the result of corruption when it comes to the root cause. hi
  7. Nychego
    Nychego 23 October 2014 14: 24
    And how are they doing with sweets? Go, the parasite promises everyone a sweet life again.
    It would be a hell with their economy, as long as ordinary people did not suffer, because it is quite possible to live with small pearls, but with cabbage empty it’s already sour.
    A friend's mother lives in the Poltava region. In the spring, they had the main problem of dropping out on time, but now the main problem seems to have been robbed. The house cannot be left unattended in the village - the nimble lads will "work out" on it faster than we have in the "fun 90s". The woman was still lucky that her husband was local, otherwise the supervision would not have helped.
  8. Prager
    Prager 23 October 2014 14: 24
    After all the so-called reforms of the government of Ukraine, Ukraine has completely become a colony of states and geyrops.
  9. Mihail29
    Mihail29 23 October 2014 14: 24
    Even as a kind!
  10. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 23 October 2014 14: 26
    At the same time, the very Kolomoisky (although by no means only him) hardly seems attractive the prospect of turning his “feud” into a key sponsor of the rest of the “independent” one. As a result, the actual disregard for official Kiev and the slogans of decentralization became fashionable in the “feud” at the very beginning of the crisis. Now the slogans of decentralization are actually becoming a universal trend.

    Hmmm ... it will be fun if, against the backdrop of the Ukrainian economic breakthrough, the specific prince Kolomoisky will hold a referendum in his patrimony on joining the Russian Federation. belay
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 23 October 2014 16: 05
      Yes-ah ... In the States there are North and South Dakota, we will have East and West New Russia ...
  11. pavel_SPB
    pavel_SPB 23 October 2014 14: 26
    sad then ...
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 23 October 2014 14: 30
    It's funny It turns out that Donbass is quite able to live well and satisfying! And the one trying to coerce him into unnatural cohabitation in order to feed at his expense. Such an overgrown parasite. But it doesn’t work out, and she decided to kill him, along with him herself.
    1. Committee
      Committee 23 October 2014 14: 35
      But there is Russian gas!
  13. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 October 2014 14: 30
    Ukraine hands Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Co. made a rather successful attempt economic suicide, immediately taking several steps closer to the Moldovan model, and the only question is will she finish what she started

    Of course it will. They learned how to break in the U.S. region. Continue in the same spirit of hohlocracy.
  14. Lolo
    Lolo 23 October 2014 14: 31
    Quote: Alexey RA
    Hmmm ... it will be fun if, against the backdrop of the Ukrainian economic breakthrough, the specific prince Kolomoisky will hold a referendum in his patrimony on joining the Russian Federation.

    take the region, Kalomoisky kick in the ass.
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 23 October 2014 16: 08
      I don't think so - in Donbass Akhmetov (and Firtash) can't see any "kick in the ass". Rather, on the contrary - all of Mr. Surkov's "activities" are aimed at more active participation of these gentlemen in the project "NovoRussia (DPR, LPR)"
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 23 October 2014 16: 23
      Quote: Lolo
      take the region, Kalomoisky kick in the ass.

      I doubt it. In the Second Chechen and not so reconciled - and turned the militants into legal gangs.

      Judging by the actions of GDP, immediately kick in the ass - This is not his method.
      You, dear friend, first restore what you have destroyed - and then we'll see. Maybe you’ll become a prince again (it’s good that the people will calm down during this time), or maybe you will hang yourself on a scarf.
  15. blizart
    blizart 23 October 2014 14: 33
    sad then ...
    By economic figures, everything is clear (complete f ...), but the processes there are not only the economy. Recently my son flew to me, he lives and studies in Odessa. Arrived "empty" to zero. I ask: Why didn't you take money at all? He took - he says - but in Kiev he had to give up for a friend. ? !! It turns out right in the museum of Kent in the army almost raked. The son of a citizen of Russia (he looks like a Chechen) gave 380 "baks" for a Ukrainian friend. How glad the military commissars were! They have a long time restriction on the sale of currency, this is to keep the hryvnia 12. Now at least I know whose propaganda pisses less
  16. Committee
    Committee 23 October 2014 14: 33
    However, the "ratings" of Ukrainian companies are growing, while those of Russian companies are decreasing. It seems like they stuttered to get out of the dollar, everyone, quiet down? and who sets these "ratings" is even interesting!
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 23 October 2014 16: 10
      Yes, the same "department of statistics" of the Washington "regional committee", as we have in the days of the Communist Party
  17. shinobi
    shinobi 23 October 2014 14: 36
    There’s nothing to rejoice about here. All this will turn into refugees. And where will they break in the first place? Guess the first time it’s called. The USA needs chaos and they get it everywhere.
  18. s30461
    s30461 23 October 2014 14: 44
    What does propaganda mean:
    in Russia, a 3% GDP growth or its absence causes a panic: everything is gone, the country is heading into the abyss! Take off your pants, run to Europe.
    to / on Usrain - minus in GDP, civil war, lack of gas, rampant crime and the rise of Nazism in the religion of millions, and EVERYTHING IS GOOD !!!
    In Russia, all Liberal Democrats clutch their heads: "The ruble has collapsed, the end of the world is near!"
    To / from Usrain: currency exchange was closed - and everything is fine, the hryvnia has strengthened. Does someone lack dollars and euros? Go to Poland, change there.
    And try now in Kiev or in the same Zaporozhye to say that something unimaginably bad is happening with the country and you can’t exist any further. No! The country is heading towards prosperity for the evil of the enemy, and those who disagree with this need to be lustered ruthlessly and mercilessly!
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 23 October 2014 16: 11
      Orwell is resting
      1. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 24 October 2014 10: 44
        Orwell fiercely applauds furiously from there people who brought to life both "1984" and "Animal Farm".

        For all domestic policy in Ukraine is strictly according to the precepts of "Animal Farm": "All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others". You can at least remember how the Chocolate King wriggled out of the law on lustration - and in fact he was a minister at Profesor.

        Well, propaganda goes strictly according to the precepts of the Ministry of Law from 1984:
        There seemed to be even demonstrations of gratitude to Big Brother for raising the rate of chocolate to twenty grams per week. But only yesterday they announced that the rate was reduced to twenty grams, Winston thought. Will they really believe in it - in any day? Believe. Parsons believed easy, stupid animal. Eyeless at the next table - fanatically, with passion, with a frantic desire to identify, expose, spray anyone who says that last week the norm was thirty grams. Syme also believed, only more intricate, with the help of doublethink. So, he didn’t get his memory off one?

        Reminds nothing. Right: "we managed to gain an edge over the Russian Federation and Gazprom - the gas price for Ukraine was reduced to $ 385". And few people remember that the price of 385 dollars was announced by the Russian Federation in the spring of 2014.
  19. 999isk
    999isk 23 October 2014 14: 57
    Time works for us. Hold on to New Russia ...
  20. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 23 October 2014 15: 48
    Quote: pavel_SPB
    sad then ...

    It seemed to us, we were a scribe, it turned out, it did not seem! wassat
  21. Rohon
    Rohon 23 October 2014 16: 04
    It has long been a couple of Maidan in the United States stir up .............
    I think there are enough tires there, if our export is organized ....
  22. APASUS
    APASUS 23 October 2014 22: 20
    Cases in the Ukrainian economy resemble a famous picture