T-80BV for Yemen


The andrei-bt.livejournal.com blog provides a link to photos posted on the website of the Belarusian OJSC 140th Repair Plant (Borisov) tank T-80BV in desert color, apparently intended for delivery to Yemen.

T-80BV for Yemen (c) OAO "140 Repair Works"

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  1. Superduck
    9 August 2011 14: 34
    In vain Belarusians merge 80s. This car! Better merged 55s and 72s.
  2. Siberian
    9 August 2011 20: 34
    I do not quite understand the author - "apparently to Yemen" or "exactly to Yemen"? Desert camouflage is suitable for the armed forces of most countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Maybe the Belarusians will drive him to some exhibition? Again, to deliver it to Yemen, you need to train crews and technical personnel.
  3. nnnnnnnnn
    9 August 2011 20: 49
    This is for Kazakhstan
  4. raf
    14 August 2011 21: 57
    I wonder who owns the rights to the T series tanks? And then I look at them, they are being traded by all and sundry.
    1. Superduck
      14 August 2011 22: 23
      virtually all weapons that were produced under the USSR are now produced in the former republics without restrictions. Specifically, the t-80 was developed in Leningrad as a modification of the 64-ki with a gas turbine installation. 64 in Kharkov, there was a modification of 80s from Omsk. In short, on a campaign, few plants were able to protect intellectual property rights for their products that were developed during the USSR.