What is reputation and why did we do it? (Poll)

Do I need a raiting on the site (titles, epaulets)

Needed - 61 (59.22%)
Only needed for negative rating - 4 (3.88%)
Not needed at all - 15 (14.56%)
Anyway - 23 (22.33%)
Reputation, or rating, is made to assess the user's activity on our site.
Reputation is affected by voting for comments written by a registered user, as well as voting directly for a particular visitor in his profile.
In order to vote for a user, click on his nickname, and a pop-up window will open, where you can raise or lower his rating.

What is reputation and why did we do it? (Poll)

Also, the rating increases when adding your articles on the site.
Reputation affects the rank of the user, which is reflected in the form of epaulets under the avatar.
Bad that soldier who does not dream of becoming a general or even marshal .
With a negative rating, shoulder straps change to black: .
The higher your rank, the more you influence the rating of other visitors when evaluating their comments and voting for the user in his profile.

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