And again on the old rake ...

And again on the old rake ...After lowering the credit rating of the United States by S & P, the situation in the world began to resemble the events of three years ago. The global economy did not have time to recover from the collapse associated with the past crisis, as its new round again delays the leading financial systems and centers at a sharp peak. Many experts are inclined to think that the world’s distrust of the American economy has reached its limit, and therefore the new crisis promises to be much larger. Against this background, the collapse of the markets of Southeast Asia has continued every day. Even large corporations are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses every day, remaining forced to pay the notorious transcendental American debt. The situation is reminiscent of how the driver stubbornly presses on the gas in the car, rushing along the road into the abyss, in the hope that he will fly over the abyss. Indeed, how long do the Americans intend to hope for a miracle, increasing endlessly the ceiling of their debt and continuing to live beyond their means. Gone are the days when investing in the American economy meant 100% reliability. Today, or rather, just yesterday, many farsighted financiers began to get rid of the US debt obligations, investing their money in more durable resources. Gold remains one such resource. If oil prices behave as if someone is having fun on a roller coaster, the price of gold is rising steadily, showing a stable trend.

What should the Russians expect if a new crisis wave covers our country? Analysts believe that this will lead to a tremendous economic and political crisis, as many social programs, whether the state would like or not, will have to be curtailed. The endless devastation of the stabilization fund of Russia, formed at the expense of petrodollars, and investing money in the American economy will not bring any positive. The older and middle generation of our compatriots remember very well what happened to the USSR when the price of oil in the late eighties fell to a historical minimum. If this happens today, no even the most adorable and competent politician will be able to consolidate society and keep the economy at a decent level. The thing is that Russia cannot abandon such a sweet cake as the sale of oil and gas. Billions of barrels and cubic meters of raw materials are sold abroad, and the money received is converted into dollars and folded into a money bag. But this bag is nothing more than the airbag of the car flying into the abyss. Do you think it will save passengers? The answer is unequivocal. The only strange thing is that once again we are attacking the very rake of investing in the American economy and getting more and more heavy blows. Then we get up, shake off the dust and with the new force attack the same instrument. Enviable constancy, do not say anything!

It remains to wait again for the person who is still able to press the brake in this car in order to choose another way to move forward.
Alexey Volodin
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