Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 19 2014 year

Yesterday at 9: 20

Photos from volunteer searchers from the People's Memory organization

“Now, for several days now, bodies of dead punishers have been collected in the fields near Donetsk. We have now managed to find 155 bodies of APU fighters. The bodies are in terrible condition, many of them are torn to pieces by wild animals. The Ukrainian military did not bury their dead fighters, but simply they threw them in the fields and on the sides of the roads. At best, the soldiers simply drove a small layer of earth to their comrades, or laid their bodies with foliage and branches. "

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 19 2014 year

Yesterday at 10: 30

Message from the militia headquarters

"In the area of ​​Donetsk airport again collisions: Ukrainian security forces tried to break into the airfield. The positions of the militia fired from mortars and howitzers. The Kuibyshev and Kirov districts of the city came under fire. Part of the houses were left without water and light, two mines were de-energized. Over the last 24 hours 15 civilians were killed in Donetsk. A border guard service was created in the DPR, the first customs point on the border with Russia was set up, two more are planned to be created. "

Yesterday at 10: 45

A letter from a resident of Donetsk

"Dill finally went mad, shooting where they saw the outbreak, haphazardly. A familiar militiaman heard their talk on the radio - neighing like horses and saying - shoot it anywhere, hahaha ... Is it really that they supply the grass instead of food? Or what mysterious drug?
The city was shelled from all sides. Again, on the Gladkovka unhappy bombed ... October, Fifth, Vetka, Kirovsky, Smolyanka, Putilovka by itself ... there was a roar from all sides at once. On Gladkovka, the remaining glass was popped ...

They are really crazy, thirst for blood, thirst for death, and at the same time a mocking neighing ... These are no longer people.

Today went on business through the city. Here and there, the explosions are heard, closer-on. That hail, then mortars. Once so close to the center, I almost crouched from the crash.
At the bus stop I saw a woman with a cart, on which a big bag and a tight little dog on a leash. The woman said that she was from Putilovka, the houses were on fire. She was assigned a place in a hostel in the center, and she goes there. Such a sad, so kind woman, with such a cute little dog ... Tears rolled to her throat ... It's one thing to see videos on the network, another is to see sad eyes next ...

In the trolleybus I was traveling with a man who was driving from the dacha. He told her neighbor on the phone that her house was intact, but the tree was cut down by fragments. He told me how a neighbor tried to plant a nut that was knocked out of the ground ... Hopefully it would take root ... As it was at the posts, the dacha was stopped on the territory occupied by Ukrami. They checked the trunk at different checkpoints ... And there pumpkins ... just pumpkins ...

As usual, I am pursued by hungry cats and dogs. They do not just catch the eye, but they run after me and ask. Whether they ask everyone, whether they smell like cats, or feel that they are kind :)

Bought sausages for animals - then there it is here ... distributed. Ate with greed.
Then she bought gobies elsewhere. They begged and ate. One cat did not eat, fluffy - he does not like fish, they say. I wanted to buy herring home ... not, another time, the limit is exceeded :)
Prices have gone up, there are goods in stores, almost as before. Only part of the shelves are empty. In principle, everything is fine ...
But sad.

Called a friend. I wanted to go to Gladkovka, check how my mother's house is there. But from there came the sounds of explosions. Returned.
She lives in the Kiev district. Explosions very near. She is not a hero - she is very afraid. But not leaving. Mom went to the Far East, 11 thousand hryvnia road. She has no money, she is a nurse, and they are only promised to pay something. Colleagues wrote applications for financial assistance, she was not invited. She is offended and sad. She lives alone with her mother's cat. Somehow survives. Well, like most of Donetsk. They do not drown. Coldly.

And today we flooded. The batteries are barely warm, but still ... This is good. Today there is water and electricity.

A friend calls to visit. I can not. For the first time this year, mother asked for an overnight stay at the dacha. You need to dig up the garden. Grandma cries, she generally cries almost all the time ... I sit next to her almost all the time, she is so calmer. "

Yesterday at 11: 30

Message from Jan militia

"From Maly-8 with hangers on Artyomovsk to Gorlovka, tensions remain in Gorlovka, very restless in Dokuchaevsk and Volnovakha, there are permanent artduels.
The situation in Donetsk is tense. The Nazis inflicted several artillery strikes - in the area of ​​Gladkovka and at the airport, the enemy applied MLRS and heavy mortars. Fighting resumed in the airport area, the work of the "cliff", KPVT, small weapon, the intensity of the battle periods is high, sometimes calms down and resumes with a new force. For the last 24 hours, at least eight strikes were inflicted on the Kievsky Prospect area and the airport only by multiple launch rocket systems (BM-21 Grad). Ukry are shelling with howitzer artillery and mortars, including heavy. Donetsk public utilities work as quickly as possible, restoring power supply to the areas of the city suffering from shelling. There are fires in the side of the airport. "

Yesterday at 12: 19

Photo from the militia

"Ukrainian punishers smashed the school number 61 in Donetsk with artillery raids."

Yesterday at 12: 35

Message from "Borisych" from the position under Nikishino

“Yesterday evening I went to Fashchevka, slept for 14 hours at a row. There is“ peace ”... breaks come from Nikishino's side, so everything is unchanged - a fierce truce. By the way, yesterday - the day before yesterday, the guys noticed that the Ukrainians were going to BMP with The Russian Flag! The guys asked to pass - dill, this will not help you, this BMP will go to Bandera after a tank and armored personnel carrier! Although, if you just try on how the Russian flag will look on it soon, it is commendable! So to speak as a prophecy, because thoughts are material. "

Yesterday at 13: 40

Message from the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky

"Poroshenko said:" We have agreed ... that we will soon fully resume the work of the Ukrainian border guards. In Gukovo and Izvarino, according to him, the situation will be brought into the legal mainstream, all goods will be inspected in accordance with the Ukrainian law. "

They agreed.


Long laughed.

I will put Poroshenko on notice that in the near future, the work of the Russian volunteers on the delivery of goods to the Donbass, which can harm the life and health of the Ukrainian military, will continue in full.

Poroshenko’s statement means one of two things: either the Russian Federation acts as an accomplice to the junta, which plans to brutally suppress militia positions in the near future to regain control of the “Russian-Ukrainian border,” or Ukraine, feeling illusions about Moscow’s treaty capacity (which will always be able to dump the agreements on the militia) , simply decides to make of the Ukrainian border guards suicide bombers, which they will inevitably become if only because it is vitally necessary for us to transport the mentioned goods to the militia, while rainskie border guards, we are in this very way.

All the best to you, Ukrainian border guards. "

Yesterday at 14: 21

Message from the militia with the call sign "Bison"

“In Donetsk, from early morning everything is unchanged, ukry from the Sand and Avdiivka areas are beating around the Airport area. The 15 section and the Metro are also taken. With D-30 batteries, even Grada did not seem to have used it. At night, our detachment left on a signal from local residents and caught ukro-gunner on one of the roofs. It turned out that the peasant had sold ukram for only UAH 500. noise to accumulate people and r Fuck the immediate trial. We are not barbarians, brought the "poor fellow" to the basement, let the counterintelligence decide what to do next, maybe for whom they will exchange it then. This was reported by the media. Aydarovtsy are filtering the peacemakers, just yesterday, around 7 or 10 men disappeared from the village without a trace, by the way, they had nothing to do with the militia. "

Yesterday at 14: 55

Comment from the blogger El Muride

"Poroshenko refused to dismiss military servicemen other than those who sign the contract. The situation in the Ukrainian army is close to critical - a new wave of mobilization is no longer possible; peace, no war "with constant shelling and sluggish fighting, such a decision will still somehow work. However, if the fighting stops, the decomposition of the army will take on irreversible forms. Yesterday’s interview with Givi, commander of the Somalia detachment, in which he spoke about the desertion of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 20, only confirms the extremely tense situation in the Ukrainian army. just robbers. But ordinary people, for whom war is far from being the norm (and most of them) to keep in excess of their service life will become more difficult. "

Yesterday at 15: 30

Post press service of the Donetsk City Council

As a result of the October 18 military actions in Donetsk, 4 civilians died, 9 received fragmental wounds of varying degrees of severity.

The night in Donetsk was extremely tense. Starting from 13.40 18 in October and until 3 in the night of 19 in October, shelling was carried out in the city, the epicenters of which were 4 of the region - Petrovsky, Kirovsky, Kuibyshevsky and Kievsky. As a result of hitting shells, numerous destruction of the housing stock was recorded:

- in the Kirov district not on the street. Savrasov 5, Azure 28, 29, 32, 33, Lomonosov St. 30, Chekalin St. 5, 13 and 15, st. Pashinnaya 5, Sergeevskaya 20;

- in Petrovsky district - st. Kramarchuk 1, ul.Gastello 62 and ul.Kirpichnozavodskaya 30;

- in Kuibyshevsky district - houses No. 54 and 56 down the street Stratonauts;

- in Kiev district - st. Average 3, Artemovskaya St. 133, ul. Kutuzov 29 and st. Savchenko 10.

In addition, one of the shops of the Donetsk State Plant of Chemical Products was completely destroyed. Damaged school building number 61, located at Zvyagilsky 68. In the Kuibyshev district, one of the shells hit a transformer at the Smolyanka 220 substation on Zavarzin Street, which caused a fire.

As a result of the shelling, numerous damage to gas pipelines in the Petrovsky and Kiev districts was recorded. For security reasons, disconnected from the gas supply 6 houses on the street. Kramarchuka, as well as 17 houses along the streets of Kutuzov, Zvyagilsky, Savchenko.

As of 13.00, there have been reports of fire due to shell strikes in the Kuibyshev and Kiev districts. Due to the incessant shelling, fire brigades cannot proceed to their elimination.

Today in the 1-th half of the day there was an emergency disconnection of the 20 substation in the Petrovsky district - the villages of the Trudovskaya and 12 mines. Experts of Energougol PES are working on the renewal of energy supply to the residents of these microdistricts.

Life support systems of the city work.

Power engineers continue to connect substations from the damaged power supply station Smolyanka 220.

Yesterday at 15: 50

Photo from Yegor Zemtsova

Serbian sniper Deyan continues to fight in the ranks of the army of New Russia.
Many militiamen come to the detachments not only with their weapons, but also with private vehicles. Here is one entrepreneur who threw everything, went to the militia with his foreign car, repainting it in a "jihad-mobile". At checkpoints it is now damp, dull and cold, in the summer it was much more fun. Well, at least the winter uniform was distributed, but until recently, the soldiers were carried at night in the summer guard. "

Yesterday at 15: 55

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

"After yesterday's hellish day, an infernal morning began in Donetsk. With the morning of Babakhi and the bells ringing on 5 (as in Slavyansk and Donetsk, church bells are used as alarm sirens). In a number of areas fires broke out. Dill flew over the city.
Although, after 7 in the morning, dill at Avdiivka and Peski also began to fall. Dill also fired at Makeevka.

In Nikishino fought off the night attack dill.

From 8 in the morning, battles began at Popasna. Yesterday, dill also arranged a real assault on the Cossacks' positions at Chernukhino (Debaltseve) - they did not spare either people or equipment. The reason became clear - in the environment of a whole batah guard, a gauleiter Moskal arrived in the village. Having been a little bit, I dumped it, along with it the dill - the Cossacks have now returned and are restoring the roadblock.
At the Village-Lugansk - in with. Lower warm covered positions of dill from mortar. Since positions were among the houses, civilians may have suffered as well.

With 4 in the morning, dill delivered a massive blow to Dokuchaevsk. Minutes through 20 received otvetku on Volnovakha. Now in Volnovakha there is a serious fight (Zhuravel region), but the fire of dill in Dokuchaevsk is something with something! such intensity only seen at the airport.

By the way, the Cossacks, you see, they took up the entire Lugansk-Lysychansk route — an hour ago they worked on the positions of dill in s. Lower and Toshkovka (on roadblocks near villages).

Across Volnovakha - having received it on the outskirts, the dill took the artel to the city, and from the northern part of Volnovakhi now worked in Dokuchaevsk.

Dill with 7 in the morning again trying to unlock Bakhmutku - see, Lviv paratroopers are not over yet. Bakhmutka - destroyed tank dill (see photo)
According to Bakhmutka, dill broke through (partially) at the 32 roadblock. On arriving dill works gang. As for the release there ukrov - I have already posted about the partial unblocking of one of the 4-x roadblocks - just the victim himself - 32-th. If the details are interesting, then the Lvov paratroopers brought them water and ammunition, but under the fire of the militia for the most part they left

On the positions of dill in Debaltseve 2 released the full package.

About the partisans in Sumy. What are there partisans. Sumy artillerymen are known for their shelling of residential areas of the LC (as Zapirozhskie - DNR) - they love to beat Hurricanes by peacekeepers, they have torn off entire neighborhoods by Tornadoes in the villages of the LC, people in the region are svidomo for the most cowards. In Avdiivka in August, their squad "Sumy" was spotted with the Miners in mass rape and robbery
All I do not smear - there are also normal. But they are either in the militia, or - silent.

In the DNI go to Moscow time :)
And also - the snow has gone. First this year. "

Yesterday at 17: 10

Comment from the blogger "yurasumy"

Ukrainian demobilization is a contract service.
That is what Poroshenko thinks. That is, all the military personnel who were not lucky enough to be dumbed up to the Nazis kipish in February 2014 will pull the strap to the very end of Poroshenko’s powers (since the war before his expulsion will not end).

All conscripts who express a desire to serve in the army under contract will be demobilized.

About this in an interview with Ukrainian media, said President Petro Poroshenko.

According to Poroshenko, the total demobilization will not be.

“Do you want me to declare demobilization during military operations? No! So I disband the army, leave the country defenseless? No, it will never happen,” Poroshenko said.

"Soldiers of military service will be demobilized," - he said, explaining: "Anyone who wants to go to the contract will be able to do it."

"This applies to those who want to serve and receive greater cash security," Poroshenko added.

According to him, the corresponding decree has already been prepared and will be announced next week.

That is, the soldiers remain in the service, but the war (officially) is not and is not.
One more step to the coup is made. Now conscripts of NG, and it is they who make up the garrisons of the cities, are declared "serfs of the state." I do not think that this is exactly what they wanted to hear (October 13 was promised to them with three boxes. And here's the answer: Sign a contract and march to the ATO zone to serve for money. Or be silent and hear the syudy). One gets the impression that Poroshenko himself is doing everything so that he is quickly overthrown and he finally could safely go into exile in his beloved Europe. Bastard Decided to get off easy. "

Yesterday at 18: 50

Givi's appeal to Zhirinovsky asking for help

The commander of the Somalia battalion with the call sign of Givi, through Ikorpus, appealed for help to the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky Volodymyr (19.10.2014 Airport Donetsk).

Если есть желающие оказать помощь в транспорте для командиров Гиви и Моторолы, помимо Владимира Вольфовича, просим писать на почту info[email protected] and we will help arrange delivery.

Yesterday at 19: 16

Actual map of hostilities and review with comments

The review is conducted by the beloved "old" browser.

Yesterday at 19: 55

Message from the militia

"Today, an attempt to break through ukrov in the Airport area has been stopped, all attacks have been repulsed in the military unit area, the intensity of shooting has fallen a little. Ukry from the Sand area carried out periodic shelling during the day, mostly shells went to the railway area. About 19: 00 the artillery of the New Russia army fired a volley on ukrov positions in the Pesok area, after which the punishers stopped the shelling of peaceful areas. Attacks by punishers were recorded in Olkhovatka, there were serious battles there today. An enemy drone was circling over Yenakiyevo. 19: 30 ukry in Donetsk started to mortar and artillery bombardment of the area of ​​the mine waste heap and October. "

Yesterday at 20: 50

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"Regarding Bakhmutki - the units of the 95 th aerogony, 24 th mechanized, 8 Special Forces regiment and 24 battalion Aydar participate in its release, and the Cossacks did not enter into a close combat. Now unlocked and the 31 th post. , but I remind you - they are under constant shelling, but dill continues to move along the highway.
Another - dill took an empty with. Crimean (Cossacks Moskalenko left him last night).
Dill is served in Nikishino, in Sofiyivka and Chernukhino (Debaltsevskaya group of dill).
Dill in the sand is now covered.
Under Volnovakha, battles were fought in Burgas and Nikolayevka (between Dokuchaevsk and Volnovakha) - there are fortified areas near the dill, as well as Stepnoy (west of Dokuchaevsk). "

Yesterday at 21: 13

Message from the militia

“Now the artillery of the Novorossia army has struck at ukrov positions at the airport near the control tower and at the end of the runway where punitives were trying to break through. Ukry half an hour ago fired at the center of Donetsk, there were a lot of damage, there are injured. The Kiev Nazis continue shelling the Panfilovskaya mine district”

Yesterday at 20: 50

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"Regarding Bakhmutki - the units of the 95 th aerogony, 24 th mechanized, 8 special forces regiment and 24 battalion Aydar participate in its release, the Cossacks didn’t engage in melee combat. Now the 31 th checkpoint has been released. , but I remind you - they are under constant shelling, but dill continues to move along the highway.
Another - dill took an empty with. Crimean (Cossacks Moskalenko left him last night).
Dill is served in Nikishino, in Sofiyivka and Chernukhino (Debaltsevskaya group of dill).
Dill in the sand is now covered.
Under Volnovakha, battles were fought in Burgas and Nikolayevka (between Dokuchaevsk and Volnovakha) - there are fortified areas near the dill, as well as Stepnoy (west of Dokuchaevsk). "

Yesterday at 21: 35

Message from "Borisych" from the position under Nikishino

"About the day before yesterday the work of art on Zelenka, ukropians kishey, came infa about several units of armor killed! And today the Army of New Russia has worked through the fields of dill on the outskirts of Nikishino. ! "

Yesterday at 22: 21

Message from the militia Tonaya Cholkhanov

“I don’t understand anything already! If Izvarino passes - and even from OUR side, it will be a betrayal of us all ... How many people died! How many houses were destroyed! It’s better to die in these trenches than to live like a slave!
Does anyone really think that, experiencing everything with these People, fighting shoulder to shoulder, we will now just calm down and lay down our arms? For whom do “effective managers” keep us? And what about the burnt children, the shot and looted villages? They talk about "stopping the bloodshed", so let them come to Komissarovka or Vergulevka, let them look into the eyes of the relatives who have killed relatives and children! And we stood up - not for the "managers", but for the People! But, apparently, betrayal in the highest echelons of power is becoming common in Russia, and they now call it “politicheskaya” ...

I just want you to understand my position. These heaps are already in me. I can already smell the gun grease, it became everything to me. Before being wounded, in Lugansk, I saw a sniper and mortar men smash a bus with children. There were many children, and their mothers. They wrote on the bus - "CHILDREN", and mothers showed the children to be seen from the windows. But the sniper took off the driver, and 80-millimeter mortars finished with these children.
I also know the guy who took the children out of here. Once he went to Russia with children, and slipped through a roadblock. Back then, the ukroarmiya had helicopters, and they started firing from the side of the van. But he, apart from a few holes in the back, broke through. These are all peaceful people, and without weapons. Then this Circassian (and he Circassian) crossed the Ukrovsky territory, and at night he saw how an 14-year-old girl stuck a cutting from a shovel into her vagina. I'm writing as I am, sorry. Then they ripped her belly open. Circassian could not do anything, he just saw it all. And now we are offered to leave here, they put pressure on my wife and daughter, and with me they promise to “sort out the correspondence ...” I can’t just go and leave after what I saw, heard, learned. Understand that if we really leave, if Izvarino is closed, a catastrophe will begin. And here are the children. They have nowhere to go. The women here ... I am ready to protect every local woman, as my wife - because they are all in this meat grinder on a par with us, and help. Two of my friends tore. One was still alive, but his insides were on the ground, and he died in the hospital. The war is coming. There is no peace. But as long as there are those who can’t be lured by gingerbread and don’t get a whip, we have chances. "

Yesterday at 22: 38

Message from the militia

"In Donetsk, the area of ​​the Second Site, the Ukrainian punishers had just begun to fire with incendiary mines. A semipacket of Grad (20pcs) flew out of the Sand to Kievsky Prospect. In the Airport and Putilovka area, half of the package also flew in."

Yesterday at 22: 55

Photo from the militia

“This is how the approaches to Snezhnoy look, where Ukrainian punitive forces were crushed by the forces of the militia. Exclusive photos from the militiamen. Twisted technology still rolls all over the Donbas.”

Yesterday at 23: 29
19.10.14. Message from the Motorola squad (transmits wife Oak).

"Voenkor Gennady Dubovoy broke his leg at the airport in Donetsk. Now he is taken to the hospital, his condition is satisfactory. He cannot get in touch yet, as soon as he comes out, he will immediately tell everything."

Yesterday at 23: 40

Message from journalists

“The former head of the Luhansk People’s Republic, Valeriy Bolotov, opposed the elections and urged to continue the offensive for the liberation of the occupied territories. As for the elections, Bolotov called them untimely in terms of the actual martial law. He called their outcome“ predetermined. ”He also said it was necessary to liberate the territory of the proclaimed republics, which will allow to negotiate on equal terms and not as “asking.” Bolotov called for the early unification of the separate forces of Novorossi and he said that the region is still quite a lot of loyal field commanders. "I've never betrayed and will not betray the people of Lugansk region. I was with you from the very beginning and will stay until the end, continuing the struggle in all possible ways, "the leader of the resistance summed up."

Today in 0: 10

Message from "Borisych" from the position under Nikishino

"By today's news from Nikishino: the militia has worked on the positions of the Ukropiants of the MLRS, plus from all types of rifle, AGS and mortars. Ukropians suffered losses in manpower and technology, not all the Shrovetide cat. Now the guys came from there, they say, thoroughly extinguished several machine-gun points, in the positions of the fascists. It is pleasant to hear. Finally, Biker received help in the form of art, otherwise he and the guys were crowding ukrov there on their own. I will say in secret, this is clearly not the end, there will be a thorough continuation of the ballet. Behind this I take my leave, I hasten to dream. "

Today in 0: 20
19.10.14 Overview report from the 1-th InterBrigade SE for October 19

The past day (and even three days until I was gone) did not become a significant turning point on the fronts of Novorossia, but brought a significant aggravation of the situation.

Donetsk People's Republic
Donetsk - the situation in the capital is extremely tense. Yesterday the city was fired upon again from the Tochka-U shopping and entertainment complex: the Gornyk metro station, the DZRHI administrative building and the No. 17-bis mine (the kindergarten building nearby was destroyed). Mortar and shelling again fell on residential areas - Kiev, Kuibyshev, Petrovsky districts. At the airport ukrovermaht shot from the MLRS "Grad" and heavy mortars. In the morning, an attempt was made to break through reinforcements for the punishers squeezed in there, accompanied by howitzer shelling. UkroSMI continues to fill the contingent with triumphant reports of full control over the airport.

Gorlovka - tension remains, local clashes and movement of punitive are noted aviation (several MI-8 helicopters) in this direction from Artyomovsk.
Makeevka - around 7 in the morning the city was shelled by artillery of the National Parks.
Avdiivka - the militia forces destroyed three firing positions of ukrovermaht.
Enakievo - on the night of the DRG the militia fired on a punitive checkpoint in the area of ​​n. p. Olkhovatka.
Mariinsky district - ukrovermht positions in the area n. n. Krasnogorovka at night were fired from mortars and small arms.

Other settlements DNR
Debaltsevo - after a short break, by the evening, clashes on the outskirts resumed.
Dokuchaevsk - early in the morning in the city from the direction of the settlement of Volnovakha a massive blowout was inflicted, comparable in strength to the “work” of punitive artillery at the Donetsk airport
Volnovakha - in response to the shelling of Dokuchaevsk on the firing points of the ukrovermakht, the militia artillery worked. Then a fierce battle ensued (lasted all day) in the m / r Zhuravel, following which the militia managed to push the punishers from the outskirts of the city inland.
Miner's district - the battles in the area of ​​Nikishino and Orlovo-Ivanovka do not subside.
Yasinovatsky District - PGT Sands remains a tense zone, battles periodically take place, and the militia forces fire at the punitive positions. Local clashes also flare up in the area of ​​Nevelskoye.

Thus, the Donetsk direction of the front has not changed. In Debaltsevo vague “ceasefire” regime with periodic mortar and artillery duels. “Hot spots” such as Avdiivka, Peskov, Nikishino and the airport all also flare up with different intensity.

Lugansk People's Republic
Pervomaisk - this morning the militia fired at the punitive checkpoints in the area of ​​the village of Nizhny and Toshkovka.
Popasnaya - artduel continues with the settlement of Pervomaisk; there were no clarifications on losses and destructions.
Alchevsk - it is reported about the shelling of the outskirts of the city during the day (presumably from howitzers).
Bryanka - clashes continue in the area of ​​urban-type settlement Lomovatka, there are mobile DRGs of both sides.
The village of Luhanska - the situation in this sector of the front became sharply aggravated, the punishers began active hostilities, in response the militia fired at the ukrovermht positions (in the morning the forces of the militia fired from mortars at ukrovermakht positions in the settlement of Nizhneteploe).
Happiness - it is reported about a major attack of the militia units on the city. Also ukry complain of night shelling from the direction n. p. Merry Mountain. In general, the situation here began to change for the better for the militia: it is possible to cut off the punishers here and form the boiler (the main thing is to have enough strength to clean it up).
Slavyanoserbsky district - the latest events with the entourage of the natsgadov at two roadblocks in the area of ​​the Bakhumtovk highway (where punitive reinforcements were subsequently pulled in, attempting to break through the encirclement with tanks), led to the formation of a “bowler hat”. Now in the area n. p. Bold and Good is blocked over 100 of the national natures (according to other data - up to 200). It is very touching that the brave banderlogs, having pressed the tails of the jackals and left without ammunition, food and command help, called the journalists of the ZIK news agency. UA and asked for help (it’s unclear just what: video message to the Cossacks, they say, release, or with a couple of military microphones and an 120-mm video camera?). Today, the paratroopers tried to break through, but the militia retreated under artillery fire, an attempt to deliver ammunition and food to the surrounded national guard failed.

Thus, the Lugansk direction of the front heated up. Finally, a truly active militant militia activity in the Happiness region appeared.

Fresh psaki
In Kiev, citizens like Olezhki Lyashka became enraged, but only in a bad sense. Thus, the notorious citizen Yarosh, whose party was executed in the colors of the UPA chastisers, said lively on the “Press Club” about Vladimir Putin, “I will fill him up, of course!”.
But after all, they felled, felled the vil ukry of the retarded Mongols Katsap. Not only did "the Pskov paratroopers refused to fight after having lost a fighter 234 in one battle," the website Tsenzor.No tells us the quintessence of truth on earth (we assume that everyone fell in an unequal battle with a Ukrainian colonel who closed a nuclear mine ). So after all, and ukroSMI not lagging behind - they managed to get something for which the CIA and Mossad staff have already bitten their heads. Again, if you believe Censoru. There is no (and you need to believe him, otherwise you are a quilted jacket, a colorado and zombie Kiselev), "secret documents and maps of the General Staff of the Russian Army fell into the hands of Ukrainian journalists." Yes, like this, on a large scale, this is not a sluggish provocation by the FSB with garbage lustration, this is a completely different level. So, what do secret cards tell us? They are secretly written in secret letters that “at the time of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian units were much more numerous than the Ukrainian ones, and were much better equipped. The first battles for the Russian army were really successful because of the surprise effect. But soon, the elite units of the Russian army became practically incapacitated. At the same time, the Russian special services carefully cover their tracks: the 76-I Pskov Airborne Division has been destroyed. ” All this is signed by the secret signature "Director of the General Staff" and sealed with a secret seal, it is worth the signature stamp "to devour and self-destruct before reading." And only the Svidomo sharks of the pen managed to get this information (probably, one survivor of the 76 Airborne Division under heavy fire from the military NKVD detachments broke into nenki territory, kissed the ukroevropeysky land gang, and handed reconnaissance information to non-habitable people who lost their hands. True, in the light of this, it is absolutely incomprehensible, what kind of such troops of the Russian Armed Forces are still sending to Ukraine? According to my personal calculations, the entire Russian army, military forces (including the famous armored police), prosecutors headed by Nyasha and the entire Chechen people (including Ramzan Kadyrov, 100-olds and infants) three times unnoticed by the whole world crossed the border and was destroyed three times secret annihilator them. Geleteya. Anyway. The bloody Putler mastered the techniques of necromongers.

For losses:
Civilians - 15 / 30
Punishers - 0 / 13 (according to the NSDC), the militia do not specify.
BVP - in the National Security and Defense Council say 5 missing national parks.

Thus, the war that bears the name of a truce in our crazy world continues. Rumors that the junta will go all-in (either before the cold, or on the eve of the elections in Novorossia) are justified in general - there is an intensification of hostilities on all fronts (although the militia do not sit out, but diligently do the cleaning -crop works). Glavukr is frightened by the refusal to demobilize all those mobilized in the third wave of mobilization, except those who have signed a contract with the Ukrainian Armed Forces - schizophrenia on the march. What tomorrow will bring us - we will see.

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  1. nikrandel
    nikrandel 20 October 2014 11: 14
    When will all this end? am
    1. APES
      APES 20 October 2014 11: 29
      Quote: nikrandel
      When will all this end?

      9 MAY !!!!!!!!!!!
      1. nikrandel
        nikrandel 20 October 2014 11: 41
        Quote: APES
        Quote: nikrandel
        When will all this end?

        9 MAY !!!!!!!!!!!

        I'm afraid to upset you repeat - EARLIER! 23 FEBRUARY! fellow
    2. herruvim
      herruvim 20 October 2014 11: 31
      When will all this end?

      Only after the victory of the DNI and LC
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 20 October 2014 11: 35
      The war in Ukraine can end only with the complete destruction of the Nazis, otherwise it will all continue indefinitely.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. APES
        APES 20 October 2014 12: 11
        Quote: Thought Giant
        only the complete destruction of the Nazis

        I think the question is on a different plane:

        Maxim Gorky: "Destroy homosexuality - fascism will disappear!"

        for dill, this is the diagnosis and prescription ........
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. UralMan
      UralMan 20 October 2014 11: 38
      A child of Poroshenko with a poster here "WHAT ARE YOU DAD DOING - STOP !!!"
  2. Serge Mikhas
    Serge Mikhas 20 October 2014 11: 18
    God help the Orthodox army these troubled and bloody times ...
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 20 October 2014 11: 29
      one thing in my head ... DEATH TO THE Fascists ... NOT ANY CAPTIVES ... RAPID DOGS ---- ONLY DESTROY ...
  3. ALEXX.
    ALEXX. 20 October 2014 11: 19
    Maybe winter dill calm down forever.
    1. Serge Mikhas
      Serge Mikhas 20 October 2014 11: 32
      It would be frivolous to hope for a cessation of hostilities in the winter. Yes, their activity will naturally decrease, but for the most part the Soviet weapons, which means all-weather, and even against New Russia, are fought by the same Slavs who are perfectly adapted to low temperatures. A mediocre and corrupt one can help standardization, but betting on it on a full scale, I think, is not necessary. The shells will not freeze, and the gunners will hit the civilians who will suffer in the first place. And the smoke from boiler rooms and stoves, in winter, are great landmarks for artillery raids.
  4. 222222
    222222 20 October 2014 11: 21
    zinc ... yesterday, in the Solovyov’s program, representatives of the oligarch Akhmetov were simply smeared
  5. fomkin
    fomkin 20 October 2014 11: 27
    When you read this, a sense of unreality encompasses.
  6. DMB-75
    DMB-75 20 October 2014 11: 29
    ... with ukrovermahtom it's time to end am :
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Loner_53
    Loner_53 20 October 2014 11: 31
    kuevskie bastards, you Novorssians not to break !!!
  9. Prager
    Prager 20 October 2014 11: 32
    Our cause is right - the enemy will be defeated, victory will be ours! Donbass militias, quickly destroy the fascist reptile!
  10. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 20 October 2014 11: 35
    The first battles for the Russian army were really successful due to the effect of surprise. But soon, the elite units of the army of the Russian Federation became practically unworkable. At the same time, the Russian special services are carefully covering their tracks: the 76th Pskov Airborne Division has been destroyed. ” All this is signed with the secret signature "Director of the General Staff" and sealed with a secret seal, there is a stamp "before reading gobble up and self-destruct".

    It’s a pity that this wish is practically impracticable ... I’m talking about self-destruct crying
  11. shishakova
    shishakova 20 October 2014 11: 36
    It’s hard to read, but how great is the suffering of people ...
    It is thought (possibly wrong) that Bolotov is right - it is necessary to completely free the Republic from the occupiers, and then the elections.
    Victory to you, courageous defenders of your land. God help you.

    The blessed memory of the fallen ...
    1. MAXIMUS
      MAXIMUS 20 October 2014 12: 13
      Quote: shishakova
      It’s hard to read, but how great is the suffering of people ...
      It is thought (possibly wrong) that Bolotov is right - it is necessary to completely free the Republic from the occupiers, and then the elections.
      Victory to you, courageous defenders of your land. God help you.

      The blessed memory of the fallen ...

      Do not be mistaken! Vladimir Putin made a mistake in stopping the advance of the BCH at the most inopportune moment, although, of course, he did it out of good intentions - to stop the deaths of civilians. But, this is a mistake. People also continue to die. It was necessary to throw dill out of the territory of the LPR-DPR so that they could not fire. Bolotov is absolutely right and the election is now inappropriate.
  12. s30461
    s30461 20 October 2014 11: 42
    You read, and your hands are clenched into fists not arbitrarily, reflexively.
    We will not abandon New Russia; the Cossacks have not all been there. The main thing is that in terms of internal political leaders and ways of further development, they decide ...
    Today in Moscow at 17-30 the next Sabbath of "Leberasts" will begin on the occasion of the fascist gunner Savchneko. At the moment she is at the Institute. Serbian on examination.
    The Sabbath will begin at the central entrance to the institute.
    Personally, I will go there right at the appointed time. Without weapons, but with a clear intention to "spoil" these ub.l.dkam mood.
    I have long wanted to get on such a show ...
    Anyone else interested?
  13. Appius
    Appius 20 October 2014 11: 45
    A fierce truce continues, the main thing is not to surrender your territory and gradually move forward during the truce.
  14. s30461
    s30461 20 October 2014 11: 55
    Quote: Giant thought
    The war in Ukraine can end only with the complete destruction of the Nazis, otherwise it will all continue indefinitely.

    And you need to destroy immediately the focus of this infection - the United States.
    Without eliminating the source of infection, treatment of the periphery will be pointless !!!
    Washington must be destroyed!
  15. sever.56
    sever.56 20 October 2014 11: 56
  16. Aleksander
    Aleksander 20 October 2014 12: 16
    Some Wonderland: Poroshenko directly leads the killing of Russian people, and the Russian president recognizes him and talks with him ...
  17. little thing
    little thing 20 October 2014 12: 19
    The illegal Judeo-Bandera government wants to "legally" return the frontier territories of Donbass conquered by the militias !!! Waltzman is infinitely impudent! Jews have it in their blood! Who rules in Russia - the Jews or is it the government that cares about the interests and protection of the Russians and the Russian state?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Aleksander
      Aleksander 20 October 2014 13: 56
      A rhetorical question...
  18. Romin
    Romin 20 October 2014 12: 28
    What are we pulling! Sanctions will not be canceled anyway! It’s already ridiculous (now Ukrainians will destroy the last infrastructure of Donetsk, and we will again restore it from the budget. We know the locations and artillery positions (there are both aerial and satellite data). We would destroy them quietly! Okay with the infrastructure, but the children and women are dying! Local men in general I don’t understand) they are extinguished, but they are in the mines in the face or tax! Clowns!
    Arthur ukrov need to be rusty in powder, they won’t get a new one. So a truce will come immediately.
  19. ermolai
    ermolai 20 October 2014 12: 35
    they won’t let it calm down, the pig demobil canceled, the pshek closed the border, now who has delayed urgency, they will dutifully wait when they are sent to the eastern front for orders in cellophane bags? those whom lustration will catch up with nosh will expect chocolates? so there's a wedding in the robin ahead. with New Russia the topic is not finished, but also Odessa. Kharkov and others did not say their word.
  20. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 20 October 2014 12: 44
    In fact, there will be no conscripts in the Ukrainian army. The conscripts transferred to the contract will become mercenaries of the junta and will receive money for killing people.
    How now captive dill to make excuses? It turns out that they, like the battalions of oligarchs, become volunteers who volunteered to kill civilians in another country - New Russia.
  21. DPZ
    DPZ 20 October 2014 13: 22
    who will tell me: why do dill have passports available? because we got into the army - I passed my passport!
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. Drunya
    Drunya 20 October 2014 13: 58
    bomb there is not sickly
    Donetsk 20.10.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX Presumably hit by TPO Point u in the area of ​​the site

    20 10 2014 Donetsk Point-U mushroom time 12-00

    Donetsk, explosion at DKKHI ~ 9-50 20/09/2014
  24. Alexander I
    Alexander I 20 October 2014 14: 33
    Politics can only be built by rigid methods. You can not choose the tactics of negotiations with the aggressor, concessions to him in the hope that the enemy will appreciate our efforts, will understand our good aspirations. I recall the statement of Winston Churchill: "The policy of appeasing the aggressor is akin to communicating with the crocodile in the hope that he will eat you last." It seems to me that some Russian officials are trying to pacify Ukraine and hope that this country will not attack us. But the aggressor must be stopped in all possible ways.
  25. DPZ
    DPZ 20 October 2014 15: 13
    secret documents and maps of the General Staff of the Russian army fell into the hands of Ukrainian journalists
    again, our General Staffists went to barbecue in New Russia and they lost everything in a drunken state. what a country of drunks! whether they’re in geyropa is a complete order lol
  26. mira. 36
    mira. 36 20 October 2014 15: 22
    How much longer can one endure the provocative shelling of Bandera’s people, you won’t call this pig vermin otherwise. I completely agree with the opinion of the majority of the militias that the ceasefire was signed at the wrong time. It was necessary to fight for their territories to the end, reach the borders, then start negotiations. After this, they would try to dill shell artillery on the territory of New Russia, would receive an otter in Dnepropetrovsk or Kharkov, and at once there would be no desire to kill the civilian population of Donbass. It turns out, with impunity, the junta kills the civilian population of Donbass, destroys the infrastructure of cities, and the militias, before giving an answer, still have to think, so as not to harm their population. The height of cynicism to pursue such a policy against their people - the Nazis have one word and not a gas whatsoever, let them die. Odessa and Kharkov, but patriots, where you’ve hid or are thinking of sitting out, don’t hope that you won’t get into a batch. They waved Russian banners at the monument to Lenin, thought they would just take Russia to Russia and get all the material benefits. It doesn’t work, you have to fight for freedom and sacrifice a lot, but we don’t want to, because slaves. Wait on your shoulders the Nazis will come to power, then it will be late to hold a meeting, they will filter out all those who disagree and send them to the concentration camps or build a wall named after Yatsenyuk at the border.
  27. yurgenovich
    yurgenovich 20 October 2014 21: 55
    Not Burgas but Bugas. Damn I have relatives there and nearby in the Near and Volnovakha. I called, they say it is heard somewhere there is a battle and they come to say they don’t need to dill the machine. My grandfather has 90 to him there and the brothers are all in the DPR