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The three tasks of Putin, Novorossia and Ukraine

The three tasks of Putin, Novorossia and Ukraine

In addition to the cease-fire regime, which in fact does not stop for a minute in the Donbass, there are two more points that attract close attention. First, the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine 26 of October, which the authorities of the self-proclaimed DNR and LNR have already outlawed on their territory. Secondly, the elections to the authorities of the republics themselves 9 November, which Kiev also does not recognize, as it appointed its elections to local authorities on December 7. That's all they think: who will overpower whom in this electoral game, who will win - the capital or the rebels.

In fact, all this does not matter. For Donbass, it seems, everything was decided far beyond its borders. And even outside of Kiev. In Washington and Moscow, they warned Brussels, Paris and Berlin, where they habitually took a visor towards America and sneaked at Russia.

However, the situation is really stuck. Strictly according to Trotsky Lev Davidovich: no war, no peace, and blood flows in streams from both sides. And the most popular thought today is that Russia, under the weight of sanctions, allegedly “merges Novorossia”: withdraws “polite” personnel, slows down supplies, stops overly active militia commanders who know the price for the inflated cheeks of Ukrainian generals and future people's deputies from punitive and police commanders battalions. Thanks to them, oh, and Rada will be in Ukraine - no one will find an average IQ with the latest mine detectors even under the table in the deputy buffet.

But that's not the point. "Drain", of course, is the place to be. In the sense that Moscow could: a) not encourage Donbass with its unconditional help and example of the Crimea; b) not to stop the militias, when they picked up the course and went on the offensive, turning the valiant Ukrainian army led by Geletey into a non-aromatic substance. However, it seems that other arrangements worked out, predetermined by opaque reasons. Moscow and Washington are most likely prepared to transfer the civil war in the Donbass to the category of a “frozen conflict”. As in Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh, Abkhazia, South Ossetia or North Cyprus. There will be, of course, its own specifics, but the “frost” comes to the long-suffering land not only in the climatic sense of the word. The USA and Russia achieved only intermediate goals in the Donbass - they are today recorded in the form of a semi-victory (Novorossia) and a semi-defeat (Ukraine).
For the United States, the burning Donbass was both needed and remains a pin, a splinter, an awl in the underbrush of Russia and the eternal causative agent of anxiety in relations between Moscow and Brussels (as the capital of the EU). Russia, having failed to translate Novorussia under its complete control (like the Crimea), will try to fix some kind of buffer in the Donbass, which does not allow the Americans and the NATO members who are submissive to them to brawl too directly at the borders. And a springboard for the future expansion of the Russian world at the first slightest possibility.

The fact that Russia will “merge Novorossia” definitively, as Lutsenko or other political scientists and media whores predict in Ukraine, is unlikely. If this happens, it will be not only for a long time how the idea of ​​“gathering Russian lands” will be launched, but also the technology of “draining” the main land collector of modernity, President Vladimir Putin, will be launched. Many in Russia, and especially abroad, are asleep and see how this is happening and Putin is losing his credibility. They rub their sweaty little hands, involuntarily erupt at night, they come from anticipation. But this is precisely why, as it seems to me, this is unrealistic: Putin has never once allowed anyone to enjoy his own humiliation. Or he is not allowed to do this: there are always as many patriots in a hundred liberastov-Westerners in Russia.

However, another thing is also obvious: the international sanctions imposed on Russia by the Western world showed that Russia was partially overstrained in Novorossia and took the hat not according to Senka. Because the Russian economy turned out to be too open to strikes and sanctions and tied to Western economies. They imposed sanctions, and it became clear that the government talkers in the White House only waxed at television cameras about the modernization of production, about the growth of the Russian national economy, about the diversification of supplies of all that is possible and necessary, about import substitution, about its own financial and banking and payment systems. In reality, all this was only on paper, in reports to Putin. The government of Dmitry Medvedev only eats off oil and gas dollars, blowing bubbles of complacency and in fact deceiving both his people and the president.

Of course, this could be some kind of diabolical-Byzantine plan — to throw dust into the eyes and put down the vigilance of the Western world with the supposed weakness of Russia, but in fact gather strength and then strike fully armed and omnipotent.
But for some reason it seems that this is just a version - this is just what many people like who rely on Russia. But she is not strong enough yet ...

Now she does not have too much free money and resources to keep Novorossia in full and to restore everything that has been destroyed by the Ukrainian troops of the ATO and the cartels — the housing stock and infrastructure. And also to find markets for the products of the industry of Donbass, to modernize production, to overcome unemployment, to solve other socio-economic problems of the population, etc., etc. This all costs a pretty penny for anyone who wants to take Donbass under the wing.

Therefore, the first task that Putin is currently deciding is to find money for the maintenance of Donbass in a more or less digestible form. The ideal option is to create a certain “club of friends of Donbass” and work on restoring the ruins of the war to pieces. In addition to Russia, this “club” must include Ukraine, the European Union and, of course, the main failed beneficiary of the slaughter in the Donbas from overseas - the United States. All of them, by the way, promised to help with money.

Two other tasks that are directly related to Putin and affect the future of Novorossia and, of course, Ukraine, the Russian president will have to solve in Russia itself. First, to determine how to avoid the burden of sanctions with minimal losses and to extract the maximum benefit from them. That is, to make the Russian economy not closed to world markets, technologies and financial flows, but to be maximally protected and able to resist unfair competition caused by geopolitical tasks and vile politicking of the West. As it is now demonstrated by the United States, trying in every way to weaken Russia.

Putin will succeed in this - there will also be money for the Novorossia project. A lot of money, and to confront their influence on the integrity of Ukraine Kiev will be oh so difficult. Despite the support of the West. Although already without money it is clear that Ukraine will never be the same as before. Profukali in Kiev such an opportunity, when meekly and mindlessly went in the wake of Western wishes. However, at the lackeys there is always a poor choice when they need to thank the owners for their alms ...
Secondly, Putin urgently needs to do something with those whom the Russian political analyst Oleg Bondarenko extremely successfully called “Parmesan in the civil service”. Those who work in different positions in the bodies of all branches of government in Russia use it to run their own business, withdraw capital (including a weak corruption component) abroad, buying everything there (from real estate to industrial enterprises and sports clubs) and therefore does not bind its the fate and fate of their descendants with Russia. With life in it.

It is these people in Russia who are already called the “sixth column”. They are not open enemies, like the “fifth column”, but involuntary silent saboteurs who inhibit everything connected with the real independence and power of Russia. It is simply unprofitable for them - enrichment flows will be interrupted if the law triumphs and the same corruption is defeated. It is they, these “Parmesans”, who are terribly afraid of personal sanctions against Russian officials. Sanctions simply will not allow them to fly to the West every weekend and enjoy it there for "hard earned" in Russia.

It is this mob, as Lermontov said, eagerly standing by the throne, is actually slowing down the Novorossiya project, forcing Kiev to make concessions in gas matters, putting sticks in the wheels of Donbas militiamen, stopping them, for example, before Mariupol, which they would take run in a matter of hours and a half months ago. The "Parmesans" have, as it seems to them, two iron excuses for such deviant behavior and conciliation with the neo-Nazi're coming out. They convince the Kremlin that if: a) Russia actively supports Novorossia, this will cause a general, even stronger Russophobia in the rest of Ukraine; b) if they do not give way to Kiev in the gas issue, then Russia will be accused of freezing the "fraternal people" on purpose, and this again leads to an escalation of Russophobia.

Sermyazhnaya truth in this, of course. "The Sixth Column" is really difficult to live in Moscow without Parmesan, oysters and jamon. But another result of this approach to Ukraine is also known: the Russian leadership today is trying to achieve in the Ukrainian elite the love of those who, Russia, will never fall in love with it for any money. And people who do not see their fate without Russia and defend their views with weapons in hand. That is Novorossia.

Russia does not acquire new friends, but pays in Kiev to political speculators and beggars who take the money, spoil the cash, but spit on coat tails, should the benefactors inadvertently turn their back on such "friends." And in parallel, the Kremlin pushes away genuine friends. So much for all the "soft power" in Russian. What a contrast with the actions of the USA!

... And the elections in Ukraine and New Russia, of course, take place. And they unequivocally legitimize both the Ukrainian government (after the president and the parliament with the government), and the power of Novorossia. Between them will begin a new round of competition, who is more legitimate. But what does this have to do with the above? All will decide not in Kiev ...

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 20 October 2014 07: 38
    And the most common thought today is that Russia, under the weight of sanctions, allegedly "merges Novorossia":

    Do not rush to conclusions ... the story of how a huge ship turns in the right direction not immediately but after some time ... you need to have patience for at least a year to make some more or less normal assessments of the actions of the KREMLIN and PUTIN in particular.
    1. Stinger
      Stinger 20 October 2014 08: 33
      And they finished off Russia sanctions against Kadyrov’s horse.
    2. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ 20 October 2014 09: 08
      Minus article, read the first two paragraphs and did not waste any more time. The author is a provocateur and just a piece of shit.
      This sofa mess was not even the slightest idea of ​​the real situation on the fronts of Novorosia.
      1. ermolai
        ermolai 20 October 2014 16: 58
        Posted by Vladimir SkachkО
      2. vladmetro
        vladmetro 20 October 2014 19: 48
        Quote: Gluxar_
        Minus article, read the first two paragraphs and did not waste any more time. The author is a provocateur and just a piece of shit.
        This sofa mess was not even the slightest idea of ​​the real situation on the fronts of Novorosia.

        I fully support!
      3. vladmetro
        vladmetro 20 October 2014 19: 48
        Quote: Gluxar_
        Minus article, read the first two paragraphs and did not waste any more time. The author is a provocateur and just a piece of shit.
        This sofa mess was not even the slightest idea of ​​the real situation on the fronts of Novorosia.

        I fully support!
    3. zao74
      zao74 20 October 2014 09: 16
      there are always as many patriots per hundred liberal Westerners in Russia.
      Not as much, but several orders of magnitude more!
      1. rom8726
        rom8726 20 October 2014 10: 47
        zao74, close the quote tag, otherwise the layout flew)
      2. ovgorskiy
        ovgorskiy 20 October 2014 13: 07
        ... Moscow could: a) not reassure the Donbass with its unconditional help and the example of Crimea; b) do not stop the militias when they gained momentum and went on the offensive
        The article is too simplistic and is based on erroneously interpreted events and conclusions.
        a) that I did not hear Putin say that as soon as the city administration is taken in Donetsk, Russia will immediately introduce tanks to Ukraine. Or Crimea did not need to be attached so that there was no example? Putin said that there would be support, and there is, but he did not say that support would be military means.
        b) the militia attack stopped long before Putin's initiatives, for example, militiamen have been standing for 2 weeks near Mariupol and the militia had no opportunity to seize this city. The offensive simply ran out of steam. And no one would have prevented the militia from continuing the offensive if there was an opportunity. Absolute stupidity to say that the city would have taken in 2 hours.
        Author, "shirshe" you need to think.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 20 October 2014 11: 20
      Author Vladimir Skachko

      The author is the one who rides? hence the surname (rather pseudo)?

      Dushkom solidly rushing!
      In fact: All that can be done!
      Each paper has its own weight, it can be turned for both good and bad. Every word is weighed. Each act is thought out a hundred times. Alas! around Russia a pack of "hungry" dogs looking for the slightest opportunity to grab onto Russia and tear off a piece!

      Artistic whistle torn author.

      Everything will not be decided in Kiev ...

      Woo-t, but in Moscow they will decide without the participation of "not"!
    7. cyberhanter
      cyberhanter 20 October 2014 12: 27
      today they are recorded in the form of half-victories (Novorossia) and half-defeats (Ukraine).

      rather, on the contrary, in the current form, Novorossia is not a victory, and not a half-victory, but a real geopolitical defeat
  2. Samaritan
    Samaritan 20 October 2014 07: 38
    Yes, so quickly we passed our president with giblets, why it became so fashionable to be a dog or a bitch ...
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 October 2014 07: 43
    ... the Russian leadership today is trying to achieve love in the Ukrainian elite for those who love it, Russia, never and for any money will not love. And heit people who do not see their fate without Russia and defend their views with weapons in their hands. That is, heit Novorossia.

    Who is Russia kh.erit? Here the author clearly adheres to the "patriotic slogans of the liberals." And from whom exactly in Kiev is the Russian leadership seeking love? Maybe Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, or maybe Yarosh?
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 20 October 2014 08: 20
      Quote: rotmistr60
      This is whom h.erit Russia?

      Not Russia - the Russian leadership, led by Ayfonchik ..
      1. Eragon
        Eragon 20 October 2014 08: 59
        Quote: avia1991
        Not Russia - the Russian leadership, led by Ayfonchik ..

        And you try to fill your crazy friend’s face, so that the brains become in place, but at the same time all your teeth are left in place, and your nose shouldn’t be curved to the side and bruises so that there is less. And the boys around did not strongly condemn. The task is not easy.
  4. Enot_33
    Enot_33 20 October 2014 07: 50
    All this transfusion from empty to empty. The Minsk agreements have not been implemented for a long time. Ukrainians are building up the group and are preparing for a large-scale offensive. If this happens there is a big chance that New Russia will fall. It really will look like a drain of New Russia by Moscow, which itself initiated negotiations at a time when the militia had real military and tactical successes.
    1. The Art of War
      The Art of War 20 October 2014 08: 03
      As some deputies suggest, the dill-fascist troops will go either the day or the day after the elections to the parliament.
  5. patriot-rf
    patriot-rf 20 October 2014 07: 55
    everything doesn’t happen at once, only cats will be born quickly. Give time, and our President will justify all our hopes, and all the credit of trust issued to him personally, but let him deal with the team, including the fifth and sixth columns.
    1. saag
      saag 20 October 2014 08: 08
      Quote: patriot-RF
      Give time, and our President will live up to all our hopes

      Yeah, after the natural demise there will be talk that he did not have enough time
    2. Gardamir
      Gardamir 20 October 2014 08: 12
      How many thousands of years are you going to live? Until the president begins to justify your loans.
    3. avia1991
      avia1991 21 October 2014 10: 31
      Quote: patriot-RF
      , but let him deal with the team, including the fifth and sixth columns.

      This is precisely the most difficult thing. And the lion's share of the time is spent on at least something being done on the path of the revival of Russia.
      I think Putin would prefer to take a gun, and volunteer to fight for New Russia .. it's easier than breaking through a stupid gayropey lobby! Especially when those who are close and strive to put the bandwagon on, and do not obviously do this just because they are afraid of popular anger - then they can’t sit in warm places.
  6. shishakova
    shishakova 20 October 2014 07: 56
    Thanks to the author!
    Unfortunately, Russia has enemies both inside the country itself and beyond.
    Among the fifth column, it has become fashionable to praise Putin, holding his fist behind his back.
    Nevertheless, the people together with Putin will win, and New Russia will stand.
  7. MIV999
    MIV999 20 October 2014 08: 00
    They don’t sit in the Kremlin ... The situation is not simple ... But the main thing is clear:
    Merge New Russia now negative - equivalent to surrendering Russia itself tomorrow negative negative negative ...
    And no sane Russian politician will agree to this. yes ...
    So let's hang out soldier
  8. Barboskin
    Barboskin 20 October 2014 08: 01
    In my opinion, everything is too gloomy in the article and confused. Of course, there are problems, but there are also attempts to solve them; for now, the matter really stands in an oscillating state. But I think the movement will begin abruptly according to Putinsky, unpredictably, impudently and brilliantly.
  9. Egoza
    20 October 2014 08: 01
    Speaking of the elections ... here's a great memo
    How to save life and health from October 26 to ....... when it is all over

    1. Do not agree to work on election commissions. This is, at least, killed nerves. And if God forbid, several "reshuns" with administrative resources (automatic weapons) will be nominated in your district, it is simply life-threatening.

    2. It is better to go to vote in the morning (if you definitely want to participate in this). Why in the morning ..... In the evening, interested people will roughly know the "layout" and the mask show can begin. Do you need it? For those who do not want to .... This is the right decision. Right now nothing depends on your voice.

    3. If you live near a polling station, do not take a walk before going to bed in the evening and at night before going to bed. Almost certainly in the evening all the "homework" (with brass knuckles and possibly with "Kalashnikovs") will crawl out of the caches and wait for the command "face". Even if the command does not follow, you will still be easy prey for them. Do you need it? These are not gentlemen on whose decency I would rely.

    3.1. If God forbid, there are two charismatic applicants in your district (you can see it already now. By the way, you can use police reports. Where and how many times was beaten, kidnapped, etc.) and you live nearby .... Spend the night with your relatives and friends ... You obviously haven't seen your relatives for a long time and they will be glad to see you ALIVE and HEALTHY (as the experience of Donbass shows, stray bullets they are "evil").

    4. If you live in a city with a population of one million people (Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and not only) you do not need to go to the central squares of cities after the closure of the polls and celebrate the end of the election process or the victory of your candidate. It may well be that your opponents will do the same. And as you soon see, the election process is far from over. On the contrary, it has just begun.

    5. When you see an armored personnel carrier or a tank through the window, you do not need to call the SBU and shout "Russians in the city" into the phone. It may well be that this is just someone's agit point. Or a "stabilizer" of the situation. For your own good (if you do not accidentally have an ATGM or RPG lying around), move away from the window and accept the inevitable (the opinion of the majority ... of people with guns).

    6. In the morning, having learned that contrary to the exit polls your favorite party (candidate) did not pass (5% barrier) do not do step 4. Most likely your candidate (party) simply didn’t have enough people with machine guns and they automatically lost and your torn corpse in the next forest plantation will not change anything (and your family will be pleased if you follow section 3.1).

    7. And finally accept as inevitable the Nazi choice of "Ukraine" (the part of "Ukraine" that now decides everything). I assure you this will not last long. And your health can be useful to you for a long time (if you are lucky to survive these turbulent years).
  10. parusnik
    parusnik 20 October 2014 08: 05
    The main ally of Russia, the DNI and LC is this time .. But you should not rush it .. This is the USA in a hurry, time is pushing, it will play a cruel joke with them .. The most important thing .. The West and the USA did not manage to force Russia to send troops to the Donbass. provoke a war between Russia and Ukraine ..
  11. UralMan
    UralMan 20 October 2014 08: 10
    And what will happen ...?

    Yes, it will remain so, they will stagnate - they won’t be able to freeze and advance.
    And what has anyone seen and knows that in recent years, something that has been started has been brought to its logical COMPLETION - NOT?!
  12. Gardamir
    Gardamir 20 October 2014 08: 11
    The fact that Russia will merge Novorossia
    Yesterday I heard some interesting words from Putin from Italy. "According to the Minsk agreements, the militias must leave individual villages, but they cannot, because they are residents of these villages." My question is, why should the militias leave anything behind? And how do Putin's defenders envision plums?
  13. saag
    saag 20 October 2014 08: 11
    Quote: parusnik
    The main ally of Russia, the DPR and LPR this time

    Every day in Donetsk, people die from shelling, what kind of ally is the time, it is against them that it works, and the military organization was covered so that the "active" commanders there would not suppress the firing points, it is probably beneficial for someone, since they stopped it
  14. saag
    saag 20 October 2014 08: 13
    "... And a springboard for the future expansion of the Russian world at the first slightest opportunity."
    Yeah, believe me, dear electorate, in the Donbass they believed it once, now they pay with their lives for this faith every day
  15. Vardan
    Vardan 20 October 2014 08: 17
    In my opinion, Russia has long understood that it has NO friends in the west.
    There will be no discharge. Think for yourself - why the hell do we have such happiness as a pocket country of NATO at the border?
    The Americans were given a bone - Slavyanovsky deposits of oil shale, so far they are not very eagerly blathering.

    Everything will be back - at the moment, Time for New Russia is more expensive than money and ambition.
    Our brothers need time - that’s all.
  16. avia1991
    avia1991 20 October 2014 08: 18
    Such a messy article .. He hesitated for a long time with the assessment, put "+" for work.
    The braking of the militias, the reduction in supplies, the desire of Mr. Surkov to push "friends" into key posts in Novorossia - all this is taking place, one can argue about this to the point of hoarseness - the essence will not change. Just as there are "cuts" of the money allocated to support the Donbass - in part, and therefore the help is less noticeable than it could have been.
    But regarding "it was decided in Moscow and Washington" - I would argue: perhaps it was decided in Moscow, but Fashington was presented with a fact, and he had to agree, because For all the "weakness" of Russia, the Americans will not go into open armed confrontation now - they have a lot of guts.
  17. Signature
    Signature 20 October 2014 08: 23
    DOWNLOAD - THANKS! The article, for sure, was not easy for him, because after it, it would very likely not be invited to Moscow ... Especially - MANY THANKS for human and civil courage!

    And at first, something even tempted to polemicize, for example, this "humanistic" concern about blood from two sides: for example, I am selectively worried about only blood from the Donbass: the aggressor must wipe his tears himself, and rush to his aid with a cambric Only those who don’t want to think in principle (some Borisnadezhdins and Sergeimitrokhin’s) can use a handkerchief ...
    But further - in the text - everything somehow "settled down" and closer to the end to such an extent that it was no longer necessary to guess whether the author was aware or unaware that the strained thesis about Russia, which "no one is nothing (no, no !!) does not merge "- this is natural from the series (sorry for the harshness!)" Do not believe your eyes! ". That is, if there is a "painfully cunning plan", then it is designed for the survival of only the cunning ones themselves.
    Moreover, with a well-functioning propaganda machine, it will always be possible to convince 80-85% of fellow citizens that with the fulfillment of fraternal duty, everything is even better than is possible in rainbow dreams.
    In order not to get rid of emotional unfounded words - there is only one question: if there is now no money for the restoration of Novorossiya, then why was it necessary to bring it to the point of restoration? After all, it turns out that the more they - New Russia - heartily wish to "help" (stretching and driving the process itself into eternal dead ends), the more and longer it suffers!
    And they found a glorious argument: they say that the lack of Russian gas and the help of Novorossia will finally destroy the fraternal love of Ukrainians in Russia, who is in a lethargic dream. If this love suddenly melts into hatred, it is precisely for the reason that the promised assistance remained provocative incitement, and all Russian attempts to influence Novorossia turned out to be (objectively) support to those who today keep the Ukrainian people in total fear, driving in parallel and into impassable poverty ...
  18. Semenov
    Semenov 20 October 2014 08: 45
    Time works for Russia and Novorossia. Armed groups will not be able to share power in proportion to the available weapons, plus war, where everyone can be killed and the economy, from which relatives are bent. It is easier to take power in Kiev, shoot the agents of Moscow and dispossess the oligarchs.
    1. Signature
      Signature 20 October 2014 08: 58
      Dear True Russian Patriot Semenov!
      The meaning of you expressed is clear to me. But you are a patriot, and very likely a Muscovite, and even (100%) a fan of GDP (?)!
      Why are you taking such a risk using this phrase - "agents of Moscow": after all, a good half of the readers will not understand you, that is, they will understand "vice versa". They will begin to stigmatize, shame! And I would like to save you from this a priori - as a patriot, Muscovite and like-minded VVP (each of us wants to believe in the best: that's why I, infantile, occasionally give myself the opportunity to admit that VVP is interfered with, deceived, etc.). ..
  19. Magadan
    Magadan 20 October 2014 08: 56
    Habit, damn it, to write "Moscow is not profitable"! "Moscow" is it specifically to whom? To Putin? Strelkov? Resident of Russia? Which one? The one who is now a volunteer in Novorossia or who is fed from the hands of the State Department?
    Hence, all the nonsense from the adherents of the idea of ​​"Everything is Good Fine Marquise"
    1) Moscow understands that it is impossible to merge, because then there will be no “gathering of Russian lands”, therefore, the author says, “there will be no discharge”.
    Question: But to the bureaucrats-oligarchs of the Russian Federation, do you really need “collecting Russian lands”? Or do you still need to follow the State Department’s decrees so that you don’t lose your dough / houses beyond the hill?
    2) “Moscow understands that then Putin will be merged”
    But do the bureaucratic elites in the offshore RF not have to eliminate Putin himself? Wouldn't it be better for them as with EBN in 90?
    So, the author naively believes that Putin controls everything. Those. Putin is a monarch who, if anything, will chop off the head of the “negligent boyar” ...
    And also, let me remind you: in 24 hours of the day and be Putin 7 spans in the forehead, he stupidly does not have enough time to chase every bastard. Which, fulfilling the will of the State Department, is looking for new options for the discharge of New Russia. There are a lot of ways - from introducing internal discord to sabotaging direct instructions for “plausible reasons”, and in conjunction with other bureaucrats-oligarchs working for the State Department.
  20. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 20 October 2014 09: 10
    If Russia had brought its troops into Novorossiya, then nothing particularly terrible would have happened - sanctions would have been introduced anyway, but there would not have been so many human casualties, the infrastructure and production base of this region would not have been destroyed. And so ... we have what we have. Novorossia will be unambiguously "merged" - the advantage of surprise has already been missed, the West has already united against Russia and the center of counteraction to it in the person of "interested countries" has already been formed and is functioning, it develops and introduces more and more "sanctions" against us and it has one goal now - "to put pressure on Russia once and for all." Thus, having occupied Crimea, without reliable means of communication and supply with it, and without occupying the Novorossiysk Territory with its infrastructure and production base, Russia actually acquired itself only another "headache", constantly "sucking" money and resources, in return for economic and political isolation, without any hope of successfully overcoming it in the future ..., in fact, this is exactly what the United States sought by spinning the "Maidan" in Ukraine.
  21. sherman1506
    sherman1506 20 October 2014 09: 18
    What garbage is that. In my opinion, Putin has already proved that there will be no one to bend under. It does not immediately respond to sanctions, but for that, each of his answers is very painful for the West. Therefore, without much bloodshed, he will bring America and Europe to a heart attack.
  22. Cristall
    Cristall 20 October 2014 09: 47
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    Thus, having occupied Crimea, without reliable means of communication and supply with it, and without occupying the Novorossiysk Territory with its infrastructure and production base, Russia actually acquired itself only another "headache", constantly "sucking" money and resources, having received in return economic and political isolation, without any hope of successfully overcoming it in the future ..., in fact, this is exactly what the United States sought by spinning the "Maidan" in Ukraine.

    I support this point of view (he expressed it in a slightly different form)