Korean People's Army. Anti-tank weapons

Well, let's continue the North Korean theme. It's time to talk about anti-tank weapons. Believe me, there are really many interesting things here.

The Korean People’s Army (KPA) is armed with about 2000 ATGM units, 2000 recoilless guns and a large number of anti-tank guns of Soviet models from 57 to 100 mm.

Let's start with ATGW. ATRA has become the first of the KPA, of course, the Soviet 3M6 "Bumblebee", and it was his version of 2K15 "Bumblebee" - a fighting machine 2P26 based on car chassis of the GAZ-69 with four guide rail located at the rear.

Korean People's Army. Anti-tank weapons

The ATGM was supplied to the DPRK in the 60s of the last century, the number of the delivered complexes is unknown. It is also not known on which chassis the complex was installed - on the “native” Soviet or on its North Korean copy, produced under the designation Kaengsaeng 68.

Currently, the ATGM is considered obsolete, taken out of combat units and is stored in the warehouses of the mobilization reserve.

The next ATGM delivered to North Korea was the 3М11 rocket of the Phalanx complex 2K8.

Rocket 3М11 2K8 "Phalanx"

Moreover, only helicopter versions of the Phalanx-M and Phalanga-P missiles were transmitted to the DPRK, which are armed with Mi-4 helicopters and its Chinese clone Z-5, Mi-8, Mi-24D, which are in service with the DPRK's air force.

Multipurpose helicopter Mi-4, armed with anti-tank missiles 3М11 complex 2K8 "Phalanx"

But the main 9K11 "Baby" became the main ATGM of the KPA, which the DPRK began to receive at the beginning of the 70s. According to experts, the DPRK was supplied about 3000 "Baby", and not only the Soviet, but also the Chinese HJ-73 "Red Arrow". The North Koreans liked the “little one” so much that under the designation “Susong-Po” they began to release its version of the 9М14П “Baby-P” independently.

There are several options for the use of ATGM "Baby":

Portable frame 9P14M:

Launch ATGM 9М14 anti-tank complex "Baby" on KNA exercises

On the basis of the North Korean-made BTR VTT-323, a combat vehicle armed with Malyutka ATGM with the designation “Type 85” was installed, on which a fixed-turning installation from the Soviet ATGM 9P110 was mounted on the BRDM-1 chassis.

As an auxiliary weapon, the “Baby” is used on amphibious 82 type tanks (PT-85) of North Korean production, which is a very dubious decision, since the slow-moving and difficult to control (exclusively from a fixed vehicle) rocket of miracles in the fight against enemy armored vehicles will clearly not show .

DPRK Type 82 Floating Tank

"Baby" are armed with light helicopters Mi-2 and Hughes 369E (MD 500E), as well as Mi-4 and its Chinese clone Z-5, Mi-8 / 17 Air Force DPRK. So, for example, North Korean MD 500E carry 4 ATGM "Baby".

Of course, the line of ATGM Baby / HJ-73 / Susong-Po is still developing, but as a modern anti-tank weapons they are already difficult to consider. However, they cost mere pennies, and the DPRK can afford to change a couple of such anti-tank systems for one enemy tank, and you will not go bankrupt with the consumption of ammunition.

From the end of the 70s, the DPRK began to receive the new generation of ATGMs 9K111 Fagot, and the DPRK also started its production under a Soviet license. According to some data produced 110 ATGM 9М111. Under what designation it is produced in the DPRK, I do not know. It is possible that KPA also has an improved version of the complex with the 9М111М Factoriya / Fagot-M missile, in which the design of the hull and warhead funnels for accommodating the increased mass and armor penetration are changed. The maximum firing range of the advanced complex is 2500 meters.

There are several options for the 9K111 "Bassoon" complex: portable with the 9ПХNUMX launcher.

As well as its self-propelled options installed:

- on a Soviet-made off-road vehicle UAZ-469;

- truck ZIL-130, produced in the DPRK under a Soviet license;

- light wheeled armored vehicle "M-1992" (analogue of the Soviet BRDM-2), its own design, produced in the DPRK.

Light wheel North Korean armored vehicle "M-1992", armed with an AGS-17 heavy-duty grenade launcher and a Fagot 9М111 ATGM

Also in the DPRK a number of ATKR 9K111-1 "Competition" was delivered based on the BRDM-2 (9П148), but how much is unknown. There is information that the KONKRAS anti-tank missile system is also issued under license.

However, the DPRK would not be the DPRK if it were once again unable to surprise the whole world. And in the parade on the newest North Korean tank, the Seon'gun-915 saw a launcher mounted above the gun mask for two anti-tank missiles Bulsae-3 (presumably, an analogue of the Russian Kornet anti-tank systems), which have a range of 5,5 km.

How the ATCM "Competition" could be in the DPRK is not known for certain. Supposedly, from Iran, which received the Kornet-E ATGM from Syria, where they were delivered from Russia, established its own unlicensed production, called Dehlavieh.

Iranian copy of "Cornet" -Dehlavieh

However, the supply of the complex from Russia is not excluded.

In the years of the Korean War, the KPA became acquainted with the recoilless guns during which the North Koreans seized a large number of 75-mm recoilless guns M-20 from the Americans and South Koreans.

75-mm American recoilless gun M-20 during the Korean War

Assessing their simplicity and ease of movement around the battlefield, the North Koreans adopted the Soviet 82-mm recoilless B-10 guns and their Chinese copies "Type 65" and "Type 65-1".

A North Korean sailor firing 82-type 65 Chinese recoilless rifles

Also, X-NUMX-mm recoilless B-107 guns were obtained.

It is possible that both B-10 and their Chinese copies and B-11 are currently decommissioned and transferred to the RKKG or are stored in the mobilization reserve depots.

The KPA is equipped with LNG-9М Lance grenade launchers, but it is not known in what quantity.

As anti-tank guns in the KPA are used:

- 45-mm anti-tank guns model 1942, delivered before and during the Korean War. Despite the fact that it is impossible to hit modern tanks with them, they can effectively deal with light armored vehicles (armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles). However, they are decommissioned and transferred to the RKG or are stored in the warehouses of the mobilization reserve.

American soldiers during the war in Korea study trophy "forty-five"

There are also 57-mm anti-tank ZiS-2 guns of the 1942 model of the year in the RKKG and in storage in the mobilization reserve warehouses.

The 76-mm ZiS-3 divisional gun of the 1942 model of the year and its Chinese copy "Type 54" are also used as anti-tank. Moreover, it still consists in parts of the KPA, the so-called. "second line", near the borders of Russia and China. However, part of the guns still transferred RKKG.

Also, 85-mm D-44 divisional guns of the 1944 model of the year and its Chinese clone "Type 56" and D-48 of the 1953 model of the year are used as KPA anti-tank guns.

KPA artillery crew firing during drills from the X-NUMX-mm divisional gun D-85

The KPA is armed with a certain number of 100-mm divisional guns BS-3, used as anti-tank, perhaps they are used in the coastal defense system.

Whether the X-NUMX-mm anti-tank guns T-100 and MT-12 "Rapier" are armed or not in service with me is unknown to me. Data on their deliveries to the DPRK did not come across to me. It is possible that their Chinese copies of 12 Type were shipped to the DPRK. However, there is no photo or video evidence of their presence there.

Presumably photograph of a North Korean anti-tank gun, made on the basis of the Soviet 152-mm howitzer D-20

In addition to being towed, the DPRK (probably one of the last countries of the world) also has self-propelled anti-tank weapons.

Chinese anti-tank gun "Type 86" -clone MT-12 "Rapier"

During the Korean War, a certain amount of 100-mm anti-tank SAU SU-100 was supplied from the USSR. Currently, they are decommissioned and are stored in the warehouses of the mobilization reserve.

However, the North Korean designers have developed a number of their own ACS. So, on the basis of the North Korean tracked BTR VTT-323 production and the X-NUMX-mm divisional gun D-85 a tank destroyer was created. In this case, the gun is installed in the stern in an open fighting compartment of the type of the Soviet SU-44 or German "Marder".

A tank destroyer with an 100-mm cannon, called Tŏkch'ŏn, has a similar layout.

The tank destroyer with an 103-mm gun was also made according to this scheme.

However, a tank destroyer was created with a completely rotating turret located at the rear of the hull. Armed with self-propelled guns allegedly 100-mm instrument, similar to the MT-12 "Rapier".

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