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"Inescapable determination" to start a war

"Inescapable determination" to start a war

The United States will conduct the largest, since the days of “Desert Storm,” an international special operation against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group banned in a number of countries in Syria and Iraq. She received the name "Intractable determination" (Inherent Resolve). About this on Wednesday evening, October 15, reported the Pentagon.

“The name should reflect the unshakable determination and deep US commitment to the task of destroying the Islamic State terrorist group. In addition, the name indirectly reflects the danger that terrorism carries to Iraq, the Middle East and the entire international community, ”says a press release from the American department.

Earlier, the United States said that over the past two days 22 air strikes were inflicted on its IG positions. As a result, the attack of militants in the city of Kobani was slowed down, according to the website of the US Central Command. In addition, the units of the Lebanese army was able to stop the attempts of the IG to seize several heights on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

US President Barack Obama has already said that the goal of the international coalition is the complete destruction of the "Islamic state". According to Obama, it is imperative that the IS militants no longer pose a threat to either the region or the world community.

“I am deeply concerned about the attack on Coban. The United States will support air strikes in this area, ”said Barack Obama at a meeting with the heads of military departments of the coalition countries 20, which took place on October 15.

What will in fact be represented by "Inescapable determination", will the Americans succeed in defeating the terrorists?

“A geopolitical moment is present in the special operation against the IG,” said Academician of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Colonel-General of the Reserve Leonid Ivashov. - All experts understand that the "Islamic state" is the brainchild of the United States themselves. It was the Americans who fostered the Islamists, because they wanted to have a force in the region that would threaten Iran and Syria. But today, the IS is out of control, and this is a serious defeat for the current administration of the White House.

In the US, they understand that now with the "Islamic State" you need to do something. Single airstrikes on the positions of the IG do not give effect. To stop the insane mass of armed militants, we need a ground operation. And just the ground forces of the Americans today are weak.

"SP": - What follows from this conclusion?

- It can be assumed that the United States within the framework of “Inevitable Determination” will nevertheless be limited to a powerful aviation plaque supported by naval artillery. They are unlikely to throw American soldiers, or even mercenaries from Latin American countries, into the business: such a move will inevitably lead to large casualties among the coalition forces, and will hit Barack Obama in the most serious way.

But another option is not excluded: the United States is mobilizing soldiers from the countries of the Persian Gulf - Saudi Arabia, possibly some North African countries. In this case, some Arabs will fight against others.

"SP": - Militants of the IG are fighting well?

- Well - once they capture the territory and defeat the regular parts of the Iraqi army. Yes, they are fighting with a comparable opponent and the same weapons. But the main thing is that offensive fanaticism is present in the terrorists of the “Islamic State”; they are not afraid of death. There are no such qualities for the pro-American land grouping.

"SP": - What should be the number of such groups?

- At least three divisions of ground forces capable of fighting "in the field."

"SP": - The newspaper The New York Times writes that "Inescapable determination" will be similar to "The Storm in the Desert." Is this really true?

- I do not think. During the “Storm in the Desert”, the Americans were opposed by the traditional units of the armed forces of Iraq, in addition, the troops of Saddam Hussein were tied to certain places of deployment and theaters of military operations. In short, it was a classic war.

In the operation "Inescapable determination" everything will be different. First of all, there will not be a united front, and this will not allow the coalition forces to turn in full force. As we see, today the Americans already have a complete superiority over the "Islamic state" in the air, but this does not bring victory.

"SP": - As the "inescapable determination" will affect Russia?

- This is a key question. Speaking at the 69 session of the UN General Assembly at the end of September, Barack Obama named the actions of Russia in Europe and the terrorists of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq among the world's major threats. And on Thursday, October 16, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel called on the US military to be prepared to "deal" with the Russian army, which, he said, "is on the threshold of NATO."
This, in my opinion, suggests that the preparation for the special operation “Inescapable Decision” may also result in the preparation of an operation against Russia.

"SP": - What could it be for the operation?

- It can be a quick strike on Russian territory without the use of nuclear weapons. The concept of a global non-nuclear strike on Russia was approved by 18 in January 2003, George W. Bush. It involves, within four to six hours, strikes several thousand cruise missiles at our strategic nuclear forces, control centers and critical infrastructure. It is assumed that after such a strike Russia will be paralyzed, and the Americans will be able to present us with an ultimatum.

Let me remind you: the bombing of Libya and Yugoslavia also began with the accusation of the leadership of these countries in all mortal sins. Now the Americans are demonizing Russia from the highest rostrum - the UN General Assembly. This is hardly done thoughtlessly ...

“The current tactics of the coalition against the IS are clearly ineffective,” said the director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia, Colonel Semyon Bagdasarov. - This is evidenced by the fact that the “Islamic State” manages to successfully fight on two fronts. It conducts a large-scale operation in Syrian Kurdistan, and at the same time plans to seize Fallujah and Romadi to advance on Baghdad. All this suggests that militarily IG continues to feel good.

Naturally, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States thinks about what to do in such a situation. At the end of September, the chairman of the committee, General Martin Dempsey, stated that a land operation in Iraq and Syria is necessary for a successful fight against the IS grouping. And so it came to planning a strike.

For the time being, different numbers of the grouping are called for, which is necessary for the operation “Inescapable determination”: from 30 to 50 thousands of servicemen. At the same time, members of the international coalition pretend that there is no Iraqi army in the region - these are 400 thousand people - nor the Kurdish militia groups of the Peshmerga - these are also 200 thousand. Simply, the effectiveness of these armed forces is small, and if the same Iraqi army invades Sunni areas, the situation will also worsen.

"SP": - How can strategically look "inescapable determination"?

“During the special operation, the task will surely be set to take control of two million Mosul and Rakku, the informal capital of the Islamic State.” Probably, mobile groups will be involved, which will be engaged in the defeat of the armed formations of the "Islamic state". I think that to fulfill these tasks a land group of about one hundred thousand people will be needed.

"SP": - Special operation will solve the problem with the IG?

- I think no. Militants of the IG, most likely, will act in the same way as the Afghan Islamists in their time. They themselves will surrender large populated areas, and will go to the countryside, where they will be supported by the local Sunni population. And then the guerrilla war. As Burhanuddin Rabbani, the head of the Islamic Society of Afghanistan, once said, “they (the Soviet troops in Afghanistan) will lose one person per day, and we will lose a hundred, but they will get tired before us and leave.” Similarly, the Americans will get tired and leave Iraq and Syria. And then the monster of the "Islamic State" will come out of the underground - even more powerful and powerful - and will again go on the offensive ...

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    ISKANDER25 18 October 2014 08: 50
    Hello! Oh, how hard it will be to fight against fanatics from the IS; they have really strong fanatical motivation!
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 18 October 2014 08: 59
      Quote: ISKANDER25
      Hello! Oh, how hard it will be to fight against fanatics from the IS; they have really strong fanatical motivation!

      The US economy is once again trying to get out of the recession through military orders for the economy that will pay for the oil monarchies. It seems that the Americans have no other choice.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. siberalt
        siberalt 18 October 2014 09: 48
        Wait for pi * ndosy transferring the war to its territory. That will be their unshakable resolve laughing
        1. arkady149
          arkady149 18 October 2014 11: 30
          “Inevitable determination” may result in the preparation of an operation against Russia.
          These inevitable Reshimtsy have completely lost the instinct of self-preservation. To poke a head in Russia is an outright suicide (a grave sin, if anyone does not know) It is fraught with sideways turning away from Nature - at first they turned away from the instinct of reproduction in the form of a gender theory, now they refuse to self-preserve. Further non-being is a dead end. I would like to shout "THINK!".
      3. ISKANDER25
        ISKANDER25 18 October 2014 09: 50
        Hello! I agree the United States will increase the volume of military orders, but this will not save it! A GREAT WAR IS NEEDED! THANKS +++ hi
        1. RU-Officer
          RU-Officer 18 October 2014 11: 52
          I beg your pardon, dear "ISKANDER25", I am plagued by vague doubts ... It's even a shame to ask ... repeat
          Are you by any chance not from Alpha Centauri? Well, judging by the manner of communication (Hello ... Thank you ...) with us earthlings, so to speak? hi
          If that - we are also to you in peace! wink
          1. ISKANDER25
            ISKANDER25 18 October 2014 15: 05
            Hello Konstantin! Do you have communication problems? I just respect the elders of whom there are many on the site, my parents taught me! Thank you hi
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 18 October 2014 09: 22
      Mattresses released gin from the bottle, and now they don’t even know exactly how to cope with it, and so always, well, stupid ...
  2. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 18 October 2014 08: 59
    Not weak appetites at pind..sov, in four hours to put Russia on its knees, and the navel will not untie.
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 18 October 2014 11: 56
      Unleash. Even petty Yugoslavia with antediluvian anti-aircraft defense and almost zero air forces were bombed for a month by the entire NATO coodla. And on our S-300, 400, Bukah, Torah, shells, on the Su-27, 30, 35, 31-hour flashing lights with guidance from the A-50, they will break their spine.
  3. Krsk
    Krsk 18 October 2014 09: 08
    hopeless stupidity
  4. prio124
    prio124 18 October 2014 09: 12
    In terms of the fight against right-wing Islamism-terrorism, I am for it. The threat is terrible for the whole civilization, and the system itself is the worst. Yesterday Mr. Satanovsky looked across Russia ... hmm. The question is, but who created this monster and for what purpose? Someone understands, but for what purpose and task?
  5. sv68
    sv68 18 October 2014 09: 17
    I remember that we have the doctrine of a preemptive strike — as soon as the Yankees get bogged down in the war with the igil — you need this moment and take advantage — the world must be multipolar and controlled by Russia and China — and third-rate formations such as the United States or Britanos must go into oblivion
  6. Signature
    Signature 18 October 2014 09: 39
    One idle (and even somewhere politically incorrect) remark: neither 400 thousand soldiers of the Iraqi army, nor 200 thousand soldiers of the Kurdish Peshmerga - as potential ISIS fighters - do modern military strategists really take into account: in view of ... the fact that "efficiency these armed forces are small. "
    And it already seems to me an overwhelming task - to repel the attacks of the "guests" of the VO, expressing contempt for the "criminally passive people of Ukraine" on the grounds that, you see, he is not trying to overcome the junta that enslaved him, for example, with his bare hands / rotten tomatoes or rotten eggs ... As a result, the common chorus makes a joint verdict: cowards!
    Is this what these "analysts" think?
    1. Denis 60 rus
      Denis 60 rus 18 October 2014 10: 15
      hands will be bare if you keep them in your pockets. And passivity, by the way, is also enough in Russians (in peacetime).
      1. Signature
        Signature 18 October 2014 11: 31
        Time - to be an irrationally perceiving poet of the world (overcoming the "dullness of everyday life") and time - to be a sober rationalist (so that at least occasionally not to contradict - in practice - the multiplication table).
        But making a mechanical medley of both is simply not knowing where the "genre boundaries" lie. As a result, rational Americans achieve their own and others', while being driven by the wind of poetic enthusiasm, undoubtedly good (mind you!) And absolutely disinterested heroic personalities cannot save either themselves or others. There is something to think about (for the sake of those last - "others").

        "Plus" to you - for the steadfastness of convictions and for objectivity (about the Russians).
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. Belij
    Belij 18 October 2014 09: 40
    According to this principle, the Americans, in my opinion, plan all operations. Again thousands of civilian casualties.
  8. valokordin
    valokordin 18 October 2014 09: 46
    I read the article; anxiety arose not without foundation. It is time for us at the UN to officially declare to the whole world that the United States is ready to launch a military strike against Russia, and, until this happens, demand an explanation from the United States on their further actions. Armed forces put on full alert. Ask the Donbass militias to begin to liberate Ukraine from the Nazis, helping them with weapons. Hoping for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine is at least naive.
    1. asar
      asar 18 October 2014 11: 06
      Good afternoon, Vladimir!
      From the staff to demand clarification - that the water in the mortar to crush!
      As for bringing the RF Armed Forces into a state of "full combat" - this counts!
      As for the Donbass - be patient, comrade officers! In a word - to the snow, so fluffy and white!
  9. Olegmog
    Olegmog 18 October 2014 09: 51
    Not frail ammunition in the photo! Almost the entire village was covered ...!
  10. Listen grandfather
    Listen grandfather 18 October 2014 10: 01
    Another scarecrow - we in the Ministry of Defense are also not snot chewing any attack with cruise missiles will automatically lead to a retaliatory nuclear strike
  11. mamont5
    mamont5 18 October 2014 10: 04
    Yes, a terrorist monster is easy to grow, but then driving it into oblivion is much more difficult.
  12. Denis 60 rus
    Denis 60 rus 18 October 2014 10: 22
    Are all these IGs, Alkaids, and other bastards really so independent? why not send your suicide bombers to you? to blow up there a little? a lot of people do not need this. I personally think that the leadership of such organizations is on a short leash with Amers.
  13. azbukin77
    azbukin77 18 October 2014 10: 25
    Quote: ISKANDER25
    Hello! Oh, how hard it will be to fight against fanatics from the IS; they have really strong fanatical motivation!
    And God forbid that they would transfer this fanaticism to the territory of the United States !!!!
  14. asar
    asar 18 October 2014 10: 37
    "Fanatical motivation" ... under the control of the American Russian ?!
  15. Kazanec
    Kazanec 18 October 2014 10: 44
    And as always with a bunch of dead civilians and without much result :( If only they would not remove Assad from the noise !!!
  16. Funnels
    Funnels 18 October 2014 11: 21
    Lord, when already these "peddlers of democracy" will normally get snot, maybe they might wiser. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, who is next?
  17. Abbra
    Abbra 18 October 2014 11: 31
    Essentially - ALL is - = US war with the US. On the one hand, the USA itself, on the other hand, the fed USA. And under this noise, global tasks that are beneficial to the Americans are being solved, starting with huge orders for the VPK complex and ending with the resolution of the White House’s geopolitical tasks.
  18. 18 October 2014 11: 50
    The main terrorist of the world (states) unleashes another war to fill his pockets hi ! USA must be destroyed !!! am am am am am am am am am am am am am
  19. 18 October 2014 11: 53
    Quote: Funnels
    Lord, when already these "peddlers of democracy" will normally get snot, maybe they might wiser. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, who is next?

    How completely fear will be lost and will go directly to RUSSIA-read the story of how the war with RUSSIA ended !!! laughing
    1. 23 region
      23 region 18 October 2014 12: 32
      Quote: Funnels
      Lord, when already these "peddlers of democracy" will normally get snot, maybe they might wiser. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, who is next?

      How completely fear will be lost and will go directly to RUSSIA-read the story of how the war with RUSSIA ended !!! laughing

      So half amers can not read, you need to draw a comic book on mailboxes.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  20. Watson J.
    Watson J. 18 October 2014 12: 30
    The main trouble is that if they manage to "liberate" a part of the Syrian territory from IS, they will never be kicked out of there, they will supply the "moderates" in Syria with weapons and support from the air, Assad will have a much harder time. than now. Heh, it would be good times, it would be possible to provide large-scale assistance to Assad within the "framework of the coalition" and to clear the Syrian territory before the "shitcrats" descend there.
  21. Ober.K
    Ober.K 18 October 2014 14: 12
    Something is wrong here! Today there was information that the ISIS troops surrendered several important objects without firing a single shot ... What are these tactics or "instructions" came !? All this is strange !? They keep quiet about the accounts of this organization and do not "authorize" freezing !? Channels (underground) oil sales do not block, as well as the supply of weapons !? I recall the wisdom of the ancient Romans "To understand what is happening - look who benefits from it ..."
    Quote: ISKANDER25
    Hello! Oh, how hard it will be to fight against fanatics from the IS; they have really strong fanatical motivation!
  22. andrew42
    andrew42 18 October 2014 17: 21
    The name of the operation is already ridiculous. I remember "Enduring Freedom". All names are clearly deceitful and downright stupid. What do you call a yacht .. Adherence to such stupid tendentious names speaks of posturing and the feeling of one's own mediocrity. And the question of IS controllability remains open. No one has yet denied the possibility of executing the command "To the leg!" from American curators. I would not hope for the "contradictions" widely announced by the State Department between the US and IS. No one has yet canceled the unstructured control through the leaders of the IS. But the introduction of the NATO contingent in Syria, by replacing IS, is a real danger. Turkey (also a NATO member) is quite interested in placing the Syrian and Kurdish (!) Territories under strict American control. Just like Israel agrees to "cut" this region with Turkey on the lower level. On the upper one, the American metropolis certainly intends to dominate, which will organize an oil pipeline through Syria and fit into the Transcaucasus.
  23. Raider
    Raider 18 October 2014 19: 25
    The Americans live comfortably on their unsinkable "aircraft carrier" called North America. Somewhere there is a war, they cut heads, bomb, shoot and kill. But it's there - on the TV screen. All the past wars were far from them and they do not know what war smells like. They will send planes - for them it is a "shooting game". The last war is "north" and "south". This is if they fell asleep to the cannonade ... And Europe stupidly does not understand that the smoke will soon smell in their homes. Oil, resources, what kind of freedom is there. And so I would like them to feel at least a fraction of what the peoples and children are experiencing, where there is now a war started by them.
  24. Prager
    Prager 19 October 2014 17: 19
    if the mattresses decide on a land operation against the Muslims, this will be the beginning of their crushing defeat. even children will go against them with Kalash, they hate them not so much in the east. and in other places.