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The special status

The special status

Poroshenko signed the law on the special status of Donbass. As mentioned, this special status is granted temporarily - for three years. There are no guarantees that after this period the liberties granted above will not be selected, no. Moreover, all Ukrainian politicians say that, in essence, they regard this special status as a forced assignment, which will be immediately terminated as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

However, this is not even the main thing. Until now, the leadership of the republics declared that they did not see their future as part of Ukraine. The only way in which they can agree that the law of a country to which they do not attribute themselves to words will apply to them is possible if such a law becomes the first step towards a civilized divorce. However, Kiev’s position on this issue is adamant and leaves no double-digit interpretations: only a single Ukraine. Moscow’s position is similar.

There is a deadlock situation in which the DNI and the LC have driven themselves, going to the Minsk agreement. On the one hand, Poroshenko made a step that can be regarded as a step towards peace. On the other hand, by going to its terms, the DPR and the LPR recognize themselves as territories within Ukraine. Even if the current leadership in words from this tries to disown.

Kiev, having suffered a military rout in August-September, managed to completely replay Donetsk and Lugansk "at the table." The republic did not achieve any independence, and, in fact, it is difficult to call this law federalization so far, given its temporary status and the frank statements of the Kiev Nazis in the spirit of "And we will hang up later."

Naturally, both the DPR and the LPR are completely dependent on Moscow, which insisted on a similar end to the war. However, the readiness of the leadership of the republics themselves to surrender all positions should not be minimized.

How exactly in Donetsk and Lugansk will be negotiated with commanders and militias, who fought for something else completely, is difficult to say. The internal conflict really exists, and how it will be resolved, now no one will say. Moscow and the leaders of the DPR and LPR have two ways to reverse the situation - bribing and blackmailing commanders. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the entire militia will so easily agree with the arguments of the overbought commanders.

The conflict is objective, but it lacks an organizing principle. The territory of the DNR and the LC is essentially divided between different units, which makes them look like some Bedouin tribes and allows them to play on the contradictions between them. The main task of Moscow, Kiev and the leaders of the republics is to prevent the military opposition from uniting. In this case, three years is just the time for which it will be possible to slowly return everything back and fix the final result.

The Maidan has demonstrated how easy it is to deceive people who have come out to protest against thieves and oligarchs by setting them around their necks instead of one gang. Exactly the same, if not worse. Donetsk and Lugansk demonstrate how you can return everything to its place even where people are willing to die for their freedom. In a year they will be exactly the same yoke under the same oligarchs, except that the capos will be others - those who today talk about independence and freedom.

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  1. Old Man Leader
    Old Man Leader 18 October 2014 07: 59

    Why do you need a truce in the South-East of Ukraine.
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 18 October 2014 08: 06
      She didn’t die ..?
      1. Leonidych
        Leonidych 18 October 2014 08: 30
        aaaaaaaa ipu and cry! strong!
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 18 October 2014 09: 31
      The law on the special status is a piece of paper for suckers, and the leaders of New Russia are not like them.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. askort154
    askort154 18 October 2014 08: 00
    Poroshenko believe - do not respect yourself.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Момент
        Момент 18 October 2014 08: 41
        The club is fun and resourceful. Two questions: gas and Minsk agreements. Europe and Ukraine did not answer correctly, the prize goes to Russia.
        And the president’s clear position, already voiced in Milan, that Russia will not supply gas to Ukraine on loan, As for the transfer of control over the Russian-Ukrainian border to Kiev. Here, the Russian Federation also managed to maintain the status quo, and the EU simply had to admit: for Moscow, this issue is “non-negotiable”,
    2. huut
      huut 18 October 2014 10: 35
      Quote: askort154
      Poroshenko believe - do not respect yourself.

      muridou to believe - do not respect yourself. No matter how he shines with his face next to Strelkov.

      He elementarily divides New Russia and Russia in the minds of people with his texts.

      However, the position of Kiev in this matter is adamant and does not leave any double-digit interpretations: only a united Ukraine. Moscow's position is similar.

      Please - Kiev and Moscow are on the same rung. Since Putin is also talking about peace talks, it means that he represents Moscow. Do you trust anyone more - Putin or murid?
      Look, or something like that, once freshly formed Novorossia, with the efforts of such skilled provocateurs will fight not only against Ukraine, but also Russia. In Russia, the position is similar to Kiev, and in Kiev, the Nazis ...
      Only for some reason he prefers not to mention that activity Moscow and Ukraine are different, with the appearance of the same position.
  3. saag
    saag 18 October 2014 08: 06
    when, on the one hand, the oligarchy of Ukraine, and on the other, Russia have one goal, the future becomes quite predictable
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 18 October 2014 11: 24
      Enough to "drain" Novorossiya. You have been draining for half a year, and you will not merge in any way. The DPR and LPR will no longer be part of Ukraine. The people of VVP will not forgive this and they understand it perfectly. And having lost the support of the people, he will be an easy prey for the Westerners. GDP is not suicidal.
  4. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 18 October 2014 08: 06
    The price for those commitments in Donetsk region and Luhansk region that no one is going to fulfill is worthless. The understandings of Kiev and Moscow are nothing if not approved, not even by commanders, but by the vast majority of the LPR and DPR people.
  5. Neophyte
    Neophyte 18 October 2014 08: 07
    After October 27, a massive offensive by the Ukrainian Nazis is expected and the army of New Russia should again
    prove that it is combat-ready. After all, the truce is temporary, especially since the Ukrainian side does not
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 18 October 2014 11: 27
      Did Poroshenko tell you personally, or do you have connections at the Dill General Staff? After the Minsk "truce", it was announced several times that there would be an offensive "just about". And he still does not exist, only the dill militias have nightmares at the airport and near Debaltseve. I think they won't fight in winter. And until spring we'll see what remains of the dill.
  6. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 18 October 2014 08: 07
    These agreements are for both parties a good mine in a bad game. And no one will fulfill them. There will be no civilized divorce, everything will be very tough and not civilized
  7. Name
    Name 18 October 2014 08: 08
    And what is the law in general? text to the studio please. repeat
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 18 October 2014 11: 28
      Why do you need it? Anyway, no one is going to fulfill it.
  8. Gardamir
    Gardamir 18 October 2014 08: 09
    It would be nice. if in this article, the opinion of the Russian president would be given. which he has already expressed.
  9. quote
    quote 18 October 2014 08: 10
    Laws written by a team of ukrogopniks, led by Poros, have no legal force. I don’t know why they are puffing, posing as a government? They are forgotten that they are criminals.
  10. Serge Mikhas
    Serge Mikhas 18 October 2014 08: 10
    All this is political lace and tricks in order to once again give occasion to European and overseas masters, once again to raise barking about the indivisibility of Ukraine. It will not have any political influence on ending the war. The tension between the parties has acquired the character of intransigence and military confrontation and fierceness he has already accepted a degree of mutual hatred, abruptly irrigated with blood. The point of no return is passed. and therefore there is no doubt that the Republic of Novorossia should not be from two areas either ...
  11. 89067359490
    89067359490 18 October 2014 08: 18
    I would like to write about Svidomo-holobchik, but I don’t find decent words for them am
  12. saag
    saag 18 October 2014 08: 21
    They already say on Russian TV that the South-East is not needed - the price is too high


    “... So, perhaps one of the most scandalous press conferences of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The main conclusions, theses and gems of the day:

    Lukashenko: An unconstitutional coup has taken place in Russia.

    Crimea is Ukrainian and should only be part of Ukraine.

    Lukashenko: Smolensk and Bryansk are ours, but Belarus does not need them now.

    Ukraine itself gave rise to the annexation of Crimea. It was necessary to fight for him, and not surrender.

    Lukashenko: if not for Russia, then the LPR and the DPR would not have existed for a long time!

    Lukashenko: I am very good with the Ukrainian people. Do not believe that the Ukrainians are fascists. There are, but they are in Russia.

    Lukashenko: There are wonderful people in the west of Ukraine. Hardworking. We should learn from them.

    Lukashenko: Yanukovych financed the "Right Sector" to throw Tymoshenko. But in the end, they drove him out of the country.

    Lukashenko: refugees from Ukraine come different. They come and believe that we have arrived and you must provide us. Work!

    Lukashenka: don’t gouge me about Crimea as you did about Abkhazia. We do not recognize! ... "
    1. 18 October 2014 08: 27
      Quote: saag
      They already say on Russian TV that Southeast is not needed

      There is not a bad saying: "They say: in Moscow, chickens are milked, but our women went - and they didn't even find a tit!"
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. nvv
      nvv 18 October 2014 09: 00
      ............... You have plucked everything. That's what Lukashenko said. Why, I don’t understand, are you doing this?
    3. anfil
      anfil 18 October 2014 09: 14
      The "chairman" is worried about his place.

      In general, behind the ritual rhetoric about "brothers-Russians" one could hear the firm idea that Belarus is an independent country. “Belarus is not yet a part of Russia, so you are careful,” - this phrase of Lukashenka can be considered the main one. Of course, you can focus on the word "bye". Still, the dominant idea of ​​the press conference was in the last words of this phrase.

      1. nvv
        nvv 18 October 2014 09: 24
        Lukashenko openly mocks Ukraine. Only deaf, unable to understand this.
    4. alicante11
      alicante11 18 October 2014 11: 48
      Well, are you lying, huh? Are you yourself in the fifth column, or are you just fasting their rehashings insanely?

      At the same time, the Belarusian leader noted that an “unconstitutional coup” took place on Maidan.

      According to Lukashenko, Ukraine itself gave rise to the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation. “Look for the reasons not in Russia, but at home. You (the Ukrainian authorities - ed.) Yourself gave the reason for the annexation of Crimea to Russia,” he said. The Belarusian leader rhetorically asked why Kiev "gave Crimea away without firing a single shot," and he himself answered his own question: "So, they did not think that this was your territory. This is a plus for Russia."

      Returning to Crimea, Lukashenko said that the country was ready to develop economic cooperation with the current Crimean authorities.

      At the same time, he is sure that without the support of Russia, the Donbass militias would not have held out for long. "If not for Russia, the days of the DPR and LPR would have been numbered long ago," Lukashenko said. “Russia, I think, is forced to defend these territories. Brothers live there, and you cannot leave them in trouble,” the Belarusian leader said.
  13. valokordin
    valokordin 18 October 2014 08: 26
    I do not know the details of the agreement of the presidents in Milan, but Porosyonko will not give up her and there will be no peace. All these negotiations are for stupid inside and west to satisfy them. Vladimir Vladimirovich, help Donbass, do not bother them to deal with the Nazis and traitors.
  14. unknown
    unknown 18 October 2014 08: 31
    Near the village of Bakhmutovka in the Novoaydarsky district of the LPR, about 200 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were surrounded, half of them died
    This was written on his Facebook page located at the scene of the militia Alexander Ivanov.
    “Bakhmutka is already outside the city of Happiness. It is between the city of Happiness and the city of Novoaydar, north of the Seversky Donets River. That is, hostilities are already underway in the territory occupied by the junta, ”the militia said.
    According to him, the attempt of the 80th separate airmobile regiment, reinforced by tanks, to break through to the aid of the surrounded soldiers was repelled by militia forces. The fighter is sure that after the capture of Bakhmutovka, the punitive group in the city of Happiness will be in a hard boiler.
    “Moreover, it will be very difficult to escape punitive from the city of Happiness due to the peculiarity of the terrain with a large number of forest zones. Most of the Armed Forces troops will enter the boiler. In this way, the entire territory of the LPR and the western part of the Kharkiv region will be completely liberated, where “Kharkov Republic - Novorossia” is currently being created by resistance forces, ”Alexander Ivanov explained.
    After that, there will be the possibility of an almost unimpeded breakthrough up to Kharkov, the capture of which, according to the militia, will lead to the collapse of the remaining part of Ukraine.
    1. 73bor
      73bor 18 October 2014 08: 41
      Judging by the way in Donbas, now, there is a "truce", then I think after October 24 ukram and there will be nothing to attack!
  15. Revolver
    Revolver 18 October 2014 08: 31
    This of course is just my personal opinion, but nonetheless.
    In many ways, the Minsk agreements are such because no one needs the formal independence of the DPR and LPR, at least now and within the present borders.
    Porosenko - it’s clear why. His own svidomity tear if he signs it.
    DNR and LC - because it will be the final decision. Kharkov and Odessa will have to be forgotten. And in the form as it is now, Novorossia as an independent country is not viable. Joining the Russian Federation is also unlikely to take place in the near future. The result is something like Transnistria with obscure prospects in the economy. And so, in a state of uncertain status within Ukraine, there is a chance to expand at the expense of other areas of historical New Russia, especially if the standard of living in Ukraine falls sharply.
    And finally, Putin. But what he wanted and had in mind, I can’t guess. Too many tried to guess and predict, and didn’t say what and where, but anyone with a concept would understand. But there is one thing that he definitely does not want. This is Ukraine, even without the LPR and the DPR, hostile to Russia and oriented to the West. And so, in a state of internal instability, Ukraine will not be able to join the West, even if it really wants to.
    What will happen next? Closer to spring it will be seen, largely depending on how the winter goes. And winter is very unpredictable.
    1. saag
      saag 18 October 2014 08: 41
      Quote: Nagan
      Kharkov and Odessa will have to be forgotten. And in the form as it is now, Novorossia as an independent country is not viable.

      "... As a separate formation, Novorossia can take place without Odessa or Nikolaev, having lost shipbuilding, or without Kharkov, having lost the Kharkov Tractor Plant, but in no way can it take place without those regions that provide its raw material base: Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye regions - deposits iron and manganese, Donetsk and Luhansk regions - coal basin ... "
    2. arkady149
      arkady149 18 October 2014 09: 06
      Dear Nagan, judging by the flag next to the nickname, you are in the United States. The question is a little off topic - does Peter Chocolate eyes have the same meaning?
    3. g1v2
      g1v2 18 October 2014 10: 26
      Well, in the near future it is clear that a truce is necessary in the first place in order to hold elections in both the DPR and LPR. Therefore, they pretend that it exists, although this is not a ceasefire, but rather a temporary abandonment of large-scale offensive operations.
      Then, the building of a vertical of power and the subordination of field commanders to the hands of the DPR and LPR will begin. Serious databases are also undesirable at this time. However, both sides understand that these are not borders, but the front line and the battles for the rest of the territory of New Russia are yet to come. But for starters, elections and the unification of all militia forces under the leadership of the DPR and LPR Defense Ministry. Then the organization of a regular army, headquarters and rear services and supplies. But then serious offensive operations will begin. Agreements, of course, do not force anyone, since Kuchma is not an active official of Ukraine, and Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky do not have a mandate to sign such agreements before the election, but since the agreements are needed by both parties, they will more or less be followed.
  16. Leonidych
    Leonidych 18 October 2014 08: 32
    to NG then parashanko hold out?
  17. awersa
    awersa 18 October 2014 08: 34
    Quote: askort154
    Poroshenko believe - do not respect yourself.

    The earth is burning under the impostor, and the throne is swinging ... that it doesn’t know what to do already, because the State Department’s main licking will be called to account negative
  18. 18 October 2014 08: 35
    The "R'gussky" oligarch will not peck out the liver of the "Uk'rainsky" oligarch. For it is not kosher. Both of them do not care about the "electorate". The main thing for them is that the wallet is intact. Hence the Minsk "agreements", the removal of I.I.Strelkov and other large and small podlankas for the inhabitants of the LPR and DPR, with whom they indicate "their" place.
    1. 18 October 2014 13: 03
      The "R'gussky" oligarch will not peck out the liver of the "Uk'rainsky" oligarch.

      Minusyam dedicated:
      Oh, don’t sing me in the ears, minus - anyway:
      Repeated and repeat the oligarchs - all .no!
      Their same magazine servants, Hari enemies - all one thing:
      Repeated and repeat the oligarchs - all .no!
  19. sv68
    sv68 18 October 2014 08: 36
    a special status is a certain form of slavery that imitates a form of freedom. Moreover, the guarantor has already given the command to begin the active phase of the drain, you just have to look at the news on those konals where yesterday they said-unrecognized republics-today they say-ukroin. that is, Putin agrees to endure Novorossia an openly fascist state is at hand and even feed it with our money and gas. and if this is the case, then Maidan on Red Square is just a matter of time. PS-I’m waiting for urryakolak and cunning planes forward! am
  20. A.Thschukin
    A.Thschukin 18 October 2014 08: 39
    Good day to all. Rambler notified that the GDP accused the militia of non-compliance with the agreement in Minsk. For the sake of justice, the National Guard has blamed the same.
  21. arkady149
    arkady149 18 October 2014 08: 52
    There are two ways to turn the tide - bribery and blackmail of commanders.
    Chesslovo, nepoyma in its naivety, is this really the way of thinking of the author? How can one outbid or blackmail a person who is at war and is going to his death (without pathos and ridicule) for the Idea, for Freedom. Well, not all the same, in the end it is measured by money and armchairs, or am I in my dense province forever behind the modern worldview?
    1. saag
      saag 18 October 2014 08: 59
      Quote: arkady149
      for the Idea, for Freedom

      Idea and Freedom is good and wonderful, but there is ruin, infrastructure must be restored, food security must be restored, medicines are needed, and all this needs money
    2. fif21
      fif21 18 October 2014 12: 10
      Quote: arkady149
      There are two ways to turn the tide - bribery and blackmail of commanders.
      And can he take ALL dill into New Russia? Piglet for one and indivisible, let him pack his bags and no questions. In general, he can issue any decrees, only this is an empty concussion. Dill will never again be in the borders where Grandpa Lenin made it and the stupid crest of Khrushchev!
    3. The comment was deleted.
  22. Ascetic
    Ascetic 18 October 2014 08: 54
    in general, this law, coupled with the Minsk agreements, is no more than a political game. On the one hand, Putin claims that
    “Maybe this is not an ideal document, but it's a step in the right direction, and we expect that this will also be used for the final solution of security problems ”
    , on the other hand, Zakharchenko said his supporters do not intend to obey Ukrainian laws.
    “Ukraine can pass any laws, they don’t concern us, we are an independent state ”,
    ... This is exactly the same as the story of the referendum on independence, when Putin "asked" not to hold a referendum, but he was "disobeyed" and held. In the future, everything ended with the almost complete defeat of the ukroverrmacht, as you know, without any military and political support from Russia repeat
    That’s why Merkel and American friends get so angry that Poroshenko is pushing Putin, because formally in this situation, Russia fulfills all the agreements on the peace process and sanctions must be lifted, and the militia is against. So we have nothing to do with it. This is Ukraine’s internal affairs request What are your questions? We cannot force them to stop resistance because
    we are not participants in the Ukrainian process
    .And in general, confusion and vacillation in the ranks of the DPR-LPR, the "voentorg" is closed, Putin merges Novorossiya, it's time to continue the ATO. So welcome to the next boiler of hybrid war with the continuation of the Maidan in Kiev and the beginning of the partisan movement in Kharkov and Zaporozhye.

    Why can they pursue a policy of "double standards", but we cannot? How in judo, turn the opponent's strength into his weakness
  23. ed65b
    ed65b 18 October 2014 09: 02
    GDP is playing its game. so the victory will still be with Russia and Novorossia. the rest is in favor of the poor.
  24. 18 October 2014 09: 12
    Battle of Donbass - III

    Muscovites and guests of the capital will hold another rally in support of the Donbass. The event will take place on October 18 from 14:00 to 17:00 on Suvorov Square.

    The action was approved by the Moscow Mayor's Office, TV Center notes. This was stated by the head of the department of regional security and anti-corruption of the Moscow mayor's office, Alexei Mayorov, reports TASS. According to the official, an initiative group of citizens became the organizers of the Battle for Donbass-3 event.

    The announcement of the rally

    We urge you not to remain indifferent and to take an active part in the third “Battle for the Donbass”.

    Donbass became the first stronghold of the nascent Russian world, Donbass is a lonely Russian, surrounded by enemies and traitors, fighting alone for his and our freedom, the right to live and speak Russian.

    Western countries unleashed this war in order to destroy not only Ukraine, but also Russia. The Russophobic regime in Kiev is fully aimed at the destruction of Russia and the rupture of the people of Ukraine with the peoples of Russia. 70 years after the Great Victory, we again see the evil grin of Russophobia in our native land.

    We demand:

    - the complete cessation of domestic political pressure on the movement in support of the Donbass, Igor Strelkov and his supporters; - the suppression of all attempts by the left-liberal forces and pseudo-patriots, merging Novorossia, to organize riots in Moscow;

    - stop all military operations on the territory of the DPR and LPR, withdraw all Kiev military units to their places of permanent deployment;

    - political recognition of Novorossia as an international political entity;

    - An international investigation of all war crimes of the Kiev regime on the territory of the DPR and LPR with the involvement of the UN, OSCE, The Hague Tribunal and the Venice Commission; - payment of compensation to the families of all the dead and injured residents of New Russia, allocation of funds for the full restoration of Donbass;

    - seizure of all illegally seized property of the Donetsk and Lugansk oligarchs in favor of the people of New Russia;

    - the cessation of the ideologization of Russophobia in Ukrainian society, as the main and only factor in the internal political stability of Ukraine;

    - an objective investigation into the shooting of people on Maidan in Kiev, the burning of people in Odessa, the shooting of people in Kharkov and Mariupol. We stand for the victory of New Russia, the liberation of Kiev and the return of Ukraine to the fold of Russian civilization, we stand for the militia of New Russia, for a free and peaceful Donbass !.

    The organizer of the action is the “Battle for Donbass” social movement in support of New Russia. This social movement unites dozens of public and political organizations, hundreds of independent political activists, thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of supporters, the movement has official thanks from Igor Strelkov, other political leaders of the DPR and LPR.

    Place of action: Moscow, Suvorovskaya Square, metro Dostoevskaya. Start time: October 18, 14 p.m.
  25. 18 October 2014 09: 16
    Source: Igor Strelkov may appear at a rally in support of the Donbass

    Former Minister of Defense of the DPR and one of the most famous figures of the uprising in the Donbass Igor Strelkov can come to the rally "Third Battle of the Donbass." The organizers of the action were negotiating with the former commander in chief of the DPR.

    “The probability is 50 to 50. Strelkov is now in Moscow, he knows about the action and may visit it,” an informed source of Gazeta.Ru, close to the organizing committee, said. A rally in support of the republics “Battle for the Donbass III” will be held in Moscow on October 18 at 14.00 in Suvorovskaya Square. Nationalists and right-wing conservative organizations will take part in the action.

    The action is organized by social activists from the Battle of Donbass. Co-organizers of the rally were the National Liberation Movement of the Deputy of the EP Yevgeny Fedorov and the Eurasian Youth Union. The rally participants demand recognition of Novorossia as a political entity and the withdrawal of troops controlled by Kiev to the places of their permanent deployment.
  26. Great-grandson
    Great-grandson 18 October 2014 11: 53
    Such a state as Ukraine has never been. These lands belonged to the Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian. Lenin and Stalin gathered them together and created such a community as the Ukrainian SSR. After the treacherous division of the Union’s lands, the so-called Ukraine was formed, which is now an apple of discord for all, moreover, with a pro-fascist ideology. The conclusion is simple: you just need to tear this territory into pieces, restoring historical justice, and transfer them to the former owners of these lands - Russia, Hungary and Poland.
  27. Dimy4
    Dimy4 18 October 2014 13: 20
    Poroshenko signed the law on the special status of Donbass. As mentioned, this special status is granted temporarily - for three years. There are no guarantees that after this period the liberties granted from above will not be taken away, no

    There is no guarantee that they will not be selected the next day, if we hypothetically imagine that Donbass would suddenly agree.
  28. Yasondinalt
    Yasondinalt 18 October 2014 18: 54
    Namutil something. Bedouin tribes. And these tribes staged a rout to the fascists. That's what the squabble inside of New Russia can ruin everything, no options.
  29. Radikal
    Radikal 18 October 2014 20: 18
    Quote: alicante11
    Enough to "drain" Novorossiya. You have been draining for half a year, and you will not merge in any way. The DPR and LPR will no longer be part of Ukraine. The people of VVP will not forgive this and they understand it perfectly. And having lost the support of the people, he will be an easy prey for the Westerners. GDP is not suicidal.

    You can not drain right away, and in such a way that you will not even notice - everyone will be sitting in "pink" glasses and clap their hands (you decide for yourself)!
  30. Vladimir I
    Vladimir I 18 October 2014 21: 01
    Excerpt from the article
    "A deadlock arises, into which the DPR and LPR have driven themselves by agreeing to the Minsk agreements. On the one hand, Poroshenko took a step that can be regarded as a step towards peace. On the other hand, by agreeing to its terms, the DPR and LPR recognize themselves as territories within Ukraine. "

    Do not tell, the DNI and LC agreed to the Minsk agreements, as the Kremlin demanded.
  31. CB activist
    CB activist 18 October 2014 21: 05
    The article is false and provocative, El Murid is a blogger with a capital "B", a scoundrel. It turns out that Moscow helped Donbass by supplying weapons in June, July, August, organized a second wave of militia only to hand over everything to Poroshenko ?! Do you believe it? Personally, I don't. There is a reinforced concrete pattern: if Donbass falls - the question of returning Crimea will be raised, Crimea will be returned - the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation will be problematized. But this will not happen, Putin will not merge Donbass, Crimea will not return to Bandera.

    "... all Ukrainian politicians say that, in fact, they regard this special status as a forced concession, which will be stopped immediately as soon as the opportunity presents itself" - no one will give them such an opportunity. I wonder by what forces this "temporary concession" will be "terminated"? If now the forces are not enough and the junta is forced to make concessions, then where will the forces come from later? All this consolation for the total losers.

    "However, Kiev's position on this issue is adamant and leaves no ambiguous interpretations: only a united Ukraine." It is like laughing - the adamant position of those who were bent over and forced to make concessions, temporary, of course, only there is nothing more permanent than temporary.
  32. Cristall
    Cristall 19 October 2014 02: 52
    Quote: SV Activist
    There is a reinforced concrete pattern: the Donbass will fall - the question will be raised about the return of Crimea, the Crimea will be returned - the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation will be problematic. But this will not happen, Putin will not merge Donbass, Crimea will not return Bandera.

    Well, actually the conflict itself is very convenient for the Kremlin to occupy Ukraine and distract it from the Crimea.
    About the Crimea. Without a bridge, it is completely dependent on Ukraine. Instead of just a base and fleet of the Russian Federation, Kiev received both a fleet and a base and another 2 million hostages of Kremlin policy. In cases of which it will put pressure on the possibility of blockade.
    So at the moment, Crimea serves the interests of Ukraine. Being a strong trump card KIEV.
    Eh, if the Russian Federation would have been more careful with this "transition" to come to an agreement with Kiev and transfer the fleet, there would be no strong leads. And so ... well, you can't wash off with the military and the blockade and the capture of the fleet.
    I adhere to the opinion of Kiev-Donbass is Ukraine. The divisions are not viable. By the way, recent leaflets about the dreamers of Novorossiya finally beat off all sorts of "separatism".
    As I said, either the whole country or nothing.
    About the special status. They needed to give it before the ATO. Like all Russian speakers. In terms of freedom and protection of Russian. Well, more independence. Not federalization of course.
    It is a pity Kiev in the person of Turchinov and the rabbit showed just a sample of bloody mediocrity or conscious killers. I hope someday this particular couple will be responsible for the so-called ATO. Especially Turchinov.
    26 there will be elections. Going to the polls, I never decided who the Russian Federation was. This is the aggressor (the reason for this is the entry of the military into the territory of Crimea from the bases, the blocking of the army and navy and the capture and retention of the fleet) or all the same a fraternal country.
    One thing I know for sure, since the Russian Federation chose Crimea, then we are on our own. And here, perforce, you need to fight for your country. It remains to choose methods. 26 indirectly need to contribute to the chosen methods, radical or not.
    And by the way, they began to often write that we are Little Russians ... leave this nonsense (well, maybe for chauvinists)
    Little Russians, we were quite small, and only when we destroyed the Hetman. We have been Ukraine for a very long time. USSR, UNR Ukraine - it doesn’t matter. I strongly dislike the operation with the introduction of such a division (very little white). I personally do not see the difference between a Ukrainian and a Russian and a Belarusian. And if they call me Little Russia it sounds insulting. Since the Soviet era, these tsarist little things in my Soviet consciousness will not pass.
  33. CB activist
    CB activist 19 October 2014 12: 49
    "That would be our calf, but catch the wolf!"

    Even the USA is not able to carry out the blockade of Crimea (who does not believe, let him remember Syria). But Ukraine should not think about blockades, let the survival of Crimea not concern you, this is the concern of the Russian Federation, think better about the survival of Ukraine. And yet, the more ambitious plans Ukraine will build now (blockade, and the like), the worse it will have a real situation.

    "I adhere to the opinion of Kiev-Donbass is Ukraine"

    I feel good about your opinion, I firmly know that Ukraine, which is occupied by the fascist-Bandera junta, does not have sovereignty and territorial integrity, because fascism is a crime against humanity without statute of limitations. And from it, as from the plagued, any regions can be separated in order to protect the life and human dignity of the people living in them.

    "Sections are not viable. By the way, recent leaflets about the dreamers of Novorossiya finally beat off all sorts of" separatism. "

    Even if you do not care about the viability of the seceded, think better about the viability of Ukraine, it is at zero, and only Russia can really help here, of course, if it wants to. And the "separatists" are acting very wisely, fleeing from Ukraine, where you can only get a bullet, to Russia, on which life is supported, incl. and the life of Ukraine. Throw "recent leaflets" into your ..., all this is a dense-pop lie and primitive blackmail, designed for broken, disoriented people, the compiler of the leaflet cannot even lie convincingly.

    "No company will invest in the economy of an unrecognized state where international law does not apply."

    Cristall, are you really fucking up? Think in Ukraine, the rule of law? When Bandera burned the House of Trade Unions, who protected the rules of the law of someone in this house? But after that, in Ukraine, much more happened that was incompatible with the rule of law. And then, do you seriously think that someone will invest in the Ukrainian economy? Your Poroshenko asks for money all over the world: from the USA, from the European Union, from the IMF, but they only smile at him, but they don’t give money (for paying for gas).

    Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia have been living in a regime of independence (with the closest ties with Russia), this is a fact. Cristall, compare this fact with the silly horror stories from your Bandera leaflet. In reality, "If you are a student", then your diploma will be recognized in the Russian Federation, "If you are a sailor", you can get a job in the shipping companies of the Russian Federation.

    The most important thing. The Ukrainian people will get lost in consciousness, realize over time, what a shame they drank under Bandera’s power, what evil they have done, there will be a new Pereyaslav Rada and a fraternal union of Ukraine with Russia. And you, Cristall, the Bandera bastard, not your brother to me.