Libyan armor

Libyan armor

Tank, in which the role of additional armor is played with sandbags
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  1. 0
    8 August 2011 11: 32
    T-55 desert upgrade
  2. Siberian
    8 August 2011 12: 45
    This is a normal occurrence. Naturally, the guys do not have money for modern 55s and the installation of DZ. In Chechnya and Afghanistan, they also got out of the situation with the help of improvised material. The behi and the bathers were hung up with ammunition boxes with soil, tires from the Zilov, the Urals and, in general, everything that could disperse the cumulative stream.
    1. Superduck
      8 August 2011 14: 27
      And no one noticed that he has an almost perfect desert 3D camouflage?
  3. 0
    8 August 2011 16: 31
    And what are these fighters in NATO boots, I wonder. Either the army, or the "povstantsy", they seem to have captured tanks.
    1. Superduck
      8 August 2011 17: 32
      So such bots are also sold here.