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"UPA - not Ukrainian, not rebel and not army"

Poroshenko clogs the heads of Ukrainians with garbage to keep power

Petro Poroshenko decree postponed the celebration of Defender of the Fatherland Day from February 23 to October 14, that is, to the date of the creation of the so-called Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).

Russian analyst Anatoly Wasserman specifically for KM.RU comments on this decision of the Ukrainian authorities.

Ethnically Galicia is much farther from Ukraine than Ukraine is from the Russian Federation

- To begin with, Petro Poroshenko is not the president of Ukraine. The Supreme Council of Ukraine 22 February adopted several decisions, which together made all its further activities legally void. I will not tell you in detail, I wrote about this in the article “Legal Insignificance”, so google if you need details.

Accordingly, all decisions of the Supreme Council, including the decision on the appointment of extraordinary presidential elections, have no legal force. Viktor Yanukovych remains president until 25 February 2015. This is the first.

Secondly, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army is not Ukrainian, not insurgent and not army. It is not Ukrainian, because the personnel was formed not in Ukraine, but in Galicia. Galicia was half a century before the First World War training ground, where methods of transforming Russians into anti-Russians were practiced. As a result, a significant part of the population of Galicia was already long ago zazombirovanna until complete loss of understanding about the world and about themselves. Ethnically, Galicia is much further away from Ukraine than Ukraine is from the Russian Federation.

The stories that the UPA fought against the German invaders - linden

The UPA is not a rebel, for it has not rebelled against anyone. The stories that, they say, the UPA fought against the German invaders - linden. President Yushchenko, addressed in his time to the German authorities with a request to find in the German archives information about the struggle of the UPA against the German occupiers.

Germans are honest people. They combed all the archives and finally reported that the total number of German citizens affected by the clashes with UPA members was a couple of dozen people. Including the dead - less than a dozen people. And they all suffered in the shootings that happened by mistake. Either the Germans took upashnikov for partisans, or upashniki attempted to plunder a peasant convoy, not knowing that he was going to a German warehouse and was guarded by the Germans.

There were cases of targeted attacks by UPA fighters on the Germans, but this was another UPA, led by Borovets. Later, UPA, subordinate to Bandera and Shukhevych, crushed this Borovets, but its activities turned out to be of little effect. The total number of Germans injured in the clashes with the Borovets units is considerably less than a hundred.

Everything UPA has done has nothing to do with defending the fatherland

Thus, the UPA can not be called a rebel, and finally, it can not be called an army. From the very beginning, it was organized not by the army, but by the police principle, representing in essence the auxiliary police guarding the German rear. And they guarded the rear is not by fighting with the partisans. In any clashes with the partisans, they lost, and only having fired at partisans from an ambush and immediately ran away, they had a chance to survive. They destroyed the peasants: and Russian, which they themselves called Ukrainian, and Polish. The peasants supplied the partisans with food, and, massively destroying them, the UPA hampered the food supply.

So, everything that the UPA did, has nothing to do with the defense of the fatherland. The celebration of the creation of this auxiliary German police could be called a crime, but in my opinion, this is just nonsense. I believe that Poroshenko and his advisers do not know all these details, and they are not interested in it. It is important for them to beat the heads of the citizens of Ukraine with any garbage, so that this garbage somehow justifies their own power.

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  1. Federal
    Federal 17 October 2014 14: 27
    In order to survive, they were ready to at least lie under someone, but it doesn’t matter how they are called, they are very corrupt.
    1. provincial
      provincial 17 October 2014 14: 52
      Modern Ukrainians are no different from these in the photo.
      1. Federal
        Federal 17 October 2014 15: 38
        I agree with you, the transformation in time was successful.
      2. 1812 1945
        1812 1945 17 October 2014 16: 20
        Quote: provincial
        Modern Ukrainians are no different from these in the photo.

        Yes sir. Modern is even dumber than that. Those Germans bargained for something. Modern - almost without exception masochists.
    2. CALL.
      CALL. 18 October 2014 05: 49
      Quote: Federal
      In order to survive, they were ready to at least lie under someone, but it doesn’t matter how they are called, they are very corrupt.

      There were different Ukraine. The West is the West, the East is the East, and together they will never converge. Joseph Rudyard Kipling Although Banderas are trying to Ukrainize the Russian East.
  2. RUSS
    RUSS 17 October 2014 14: 28
    All on the shelves!
    1. Juborg
      Juborg 17 October 2014 14: 53
      On the shelves, then on the shelves, but today in dill this movement is gaining momentum like a brown plague at one time in Germany. Already today, the number of its members is almost three times its number in the 40s (Ii is only officially and does not take into account the sympathizers and other scum masquerading as them). And this is only half a year of "democracy!" and the path to association with the EU, one can only guess about the future of this country, and this is all happening on the money of the EU and the IMF (USA!).
      1. oblako
        oblako 17 October 2014 17: 22
        All is correct. There is a paid-up organizational core, there is an idea around which there is a rallying of the Ukrainian population, no matter how anyone relates to this - this is a real force that must be reckoned with and which must be fought with accessible methods. It is necessary to study its strengths and weaknesses. Destroy the idea with scientific and emotional arguments, make it insignificant, convey the insignificance of the idea to the population, both in the scientific and in the emotional sphere. Remove the carriers of this idea from the political arena, disrupt the functioning of the means of disseminating these ideas, and forcefully respond to the forceful manifestations of the embodiment of these ideas. And remember that they speak the language of power, and they only understand this language. Well this fascism ... was already.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. enot73
      enot73 17 October 2014 14: 55
      Quote: RUSS
      All on the shelves!

      Ardent "fighters" against the German invaders Bandera and Shukhevych in the service of the Fuhrer. Apparently for their "struggle" they even received titles and awards of the German Reich
      1. kryuger.mark
        kryuger.mark 17 October 2014 17: 42
        In the service notes of the Wehrmacht and the SS, Bandera appeared as Poppel (spit)
  3. Vend
    Vend 17 October 2014 14: 28
    In any clashes with the partisans, they lost, and only by shelling the partisans in an ambush and immediately escaping, they had a chance to survive. They destroyed the peasants: both Russians, whom they themselves called Ukrainian, and Polish. UPA impeded food supply.
    Well, the National Guard continues the traditions of the UPA, even makes caches now, only more modern ones, from iron. The Ukrainian government systematically leads the National Guard to the UPA model. Then piss off laughing
  4. siberalt
    siberalt 17 October 2014 14: 32
    So it is, the puppet government of the Kuevskaya junta, just for that is intended. Precisely as an armed appendage of the pi * ndos police state. Just like recognizing the UPA as a "liberation army", Parasha considers himself a president, Ukraine is a state, and the gangs hired by oligarchs are an army.
  5. major071
    major071 17 October 2014 14: 35
    That is why I respect Anatoly Wasserman, because he will briefly and intelligibly explain everything. The smartest man. That's just how to bring it all to Svidomo? He doesn’t care. Bandera - a hero, Shukevich - in the mausoleum, Mosko.Yaku - on gilyaka, UPA - taxis! fool
    1. Koshak
      Koshak 18 October 2014 00: 33
      Quote: major071
      That's just how to bring it all to Svidomo?

      Useless. Zombies are not reeducable. Leopard change his spots.
  6. dnepropetrovsk
    dnepropetrovsk 17 October 2014 14: 40
    Strange, I living in Ukraine know about it, but there isn’t gunpowder?
    As they said in one very good film - "Listen," assistant professor, "and your mom, dad is Bill? Well, then, are you as evil as sabaka?" Yes, they know everything, and this makes it scary !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ISKANDER25 17 October 2014 14: 41
    Hello! The descendants of the UPA performed by Komarov!
    1. ISKANDER25
      ISKANDER25 17 October 2014 15: 53
      Hello, another minus signer! I will calculate or justify you! Don’t you understand humor? hi
      Write in PM if the site is dumb !!! tongue
    ISKANDER25 17 October 2014 14: 42
    Hello! Or so ...
  9. mivmim
    mivmim 17 October 2014 14: 47
    Accurately and intelligibly.
  10. Ober.K
    Ober.K 17 October 2014 14: 50
    The story of Anatoly Wasserman is an explanation of one of the episodes in the general sequence of planned activities of the West to split, dismember and destroy the Slavic world. Several centuries have passed since Poland was torn away (the Poles are also Slavs). They (the leaders of Poland) hate everything Russian so much that they are ready to "lick" and "lick" Germany, nationalists and fascists in the Ukrainian leadership, etc.!?
    Forgetting their pride and their grief associated with the genocide of Poles in different years. On the territory of Poland there was a huge number of concentration camps in Nazi Germany, where the Slavs, including the Poles, were simply burned in ovens like firewood !!! Forgotten the massacre in Volyn staged by Bandera punishers and much more !!! But they remember Katyn, where the guilt of Soviet soldiers has not been proven! According to historians, this is a provocation by "special units" by the same fascist Germany. The main goal is to dismember the Slavic world and destroy it in parts !!!
  11. Panikovsky
    Panikovsky 17 October 2014 14: 54
    UPA is a pack of Hutsul marginals and Gopniks.
    1. RUSS
      RUSS 17 October 2014 16: 38
      Quote: Panikovsky
      UPA is a pack of Hutsul marginals and Gopniks.

      Hutsuls are highlanders in the Carpathians, and the UPA mainly consisted of Galicians
  12. Odessa-mama
    Odessa-mama 17 October 2014 14: 54
    When I was little, my grandmother used to tell me about the war. They have Ilyich's plant in Mariupol, there was a prisoner of war camp there during the war, and so the soldiers were fed every 3 days and, as children, they collected food in their yards: potatoes, eggs, bread, who gave what. They ran to the factory to feed the soldiers, the fence was stone and very high, so the soldiers tore their clothes into strips, made a rope, and at the end they tied a sleeve or trouser leg, making a bag into which the children threw food. So, always, the children gathered in a company of 7-10 people, 3 threw, and 5-7 people. stood on the naughty, tk. if Ukrainian policemen appeared on the horizon, as their grandmother called them, they would shoot at the children. I will never forget her words: "Policemen and Romanians were the most cruel." And she also said that her mother with 4 children, the police were kicked out of the house and made a headquarters in their house, and they lived in a dugout for a year. How they shot their neighbor in front of 3 children, just because she did not know the Ukrainian language. So there is a lot of "HEROIC" in their deeds (
    1. screw cutter
      screw cutter 17 October 2014 15: 31
      Almost word for word, my grandmother told me how in a movie about the Germans "hammer, egg", etc. Also from the hut to the dugout with three small children, a boy of five years old for stopping cigarettes from the windowsill and hanging them on a pole in the middle of the street and For three days they did not let the policemen, Romanians and Latvians take it off, and the German treated it to chocolate (I tried it for the first time in my life (my mother already told this)). the tank in its place turned around several times. Here's a story, not from textbooks and televisions, what a pity that fewer and fewer eyewitnesses of that dashing time ...
  13. sever.56
    sever.56 17 October 2014 14: 54
  14. fridge
    fridge 17 October 2014 14: 57
    How much can this Galician hemorrhoids endure. Played dill in the independence and rolled down.
  15. Dormidont
    Dormidont 17 October 2014 15: 14
    For more than 20 years of stupid national policy, the current generation has been lost, which is maidan and raises its hands in a Nazi salute. Unfortunately, fixing their brains is no longer possible. They are so firmly entrenched in the conviction that Russia and the Russians are to blame for all their troubles, that this defilement can only be burned with a hot iron. And who will do this with them? Complete denial and ignorance of history, call the whole world black white ...
  16. screw cutter
    screw cutter 17 October 2014 15: 19
    Onotole, as always, briefly and to the point. Respect!
  17. brdnxela
    brdnxela 17 October 2014 15: 20
    The current HEROES have already surpassed those freaks-kill the SLAVES by the thousands!
  18. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 17 October 2014 15: 25
    Kravchuk was a young Bandera man, Yushchenko made Bandera a hero of Ukraine, Parashenko made the day the UPA was created a state holiday. So what is this state? -Fascist! But fascism needs to be destroyed !!!
  19. Federal
    Federal 17 October 2014 15: 46
    As a result, a significant part of the population of Galicia was zombified a long time ago before the complete loss of the idea of ​​the world around us and of ourselves. Ethnically, Galicia is much further from Ukraine than Ukraine from the Russian Federation.

    Continuous misunderstanding, Galicia - Ukraine.
    Her face is similar to Farion, the similarity is 100%, apparently a portrait was painted from her grandmother.
    1. Kilo-11
      Kilo-11 17 October 2014 16: 01
      And friendship grew in the hay. Ukrainian pro.title.
      1. Oldwiser
        Oldwiser 17 October 2014 16: 59
        Galician or Volynyak
    2. pest
      pest 17 October 2014 22: 11
      And so it means where did the popentrachen come from
    3. serkoff
      serkoff 18 October 2014 00: 29
      And apparently the little finger was amputated to her.
  20. Belarus
    Belarus 17 October 2014 15: 47
    In the abbreviation UPA forgot to put the first letter D, and it will turn out to be DUPA. Who knows the Ukrainian will understand, Semenchenko was injured at the DUPU. In short, in our opinion, this is p.p.a. And then everything falls into place and it becomes extremely clear what kind of organization it is.
    1. maks197010
      maks197010 17 October 2014 16: 29
      lol laughing wassat Something like this!
  21. lav67
    lav67 17 October 2014 16: 28
    Come on, everything is already clogged with garbage. And see for a long time ...
  22. Gray 43
    Gray 43 17 October 2014 16: 38
    As soon as the money is finished, immediately remember about Russia
    1. sv68
      sv68 17 October 2014 17: 30
      gray43-they always remember about Russia and will continue to prostitute, both yours and ours. will fall under the one who will give more or just brazenly go ahead! a little time will pass and these garbage will suddenly remember, no, not that Russian and Ukrainian are one people- they’ll invent a new tale for themselves that Russia didn’t put them to work — someone else could fill the Ural Mountains and the Kuril Islands.
  23. oreh72
    oreh72 17 October 2014 17: 52
    It is important for them to hammer the heads of citizens of Ukraine with any rubbish, if only this rubbish somehow justifies their own power.

    Briefly and accurately!
  24. Siberian
    Siberian 17 October 2014 20: 09
    Quote: oreh72
    Petro Poroshenko decree postponed the celebration of Defender of the Fatherland Day from February 23 to October 14, that is, to the date of the creation of the so-called Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).
    .................. In general, no matter what Ukrainian politicians do today, all this looks like attempts to anger, unbalance the Russian leadership .... well, the direction of all this is being done Of course, not in Ukraine, that's why it is a pity that the desire = to annoy = Russia -Ukrainian leaders do not notice that they have become political sixes ................
  25. Leonardo
    Leonardo 17 October 2014 21: 47
    The entire bureaucratic apparatus of the former Soviet Union republics is corrupt bliadi who fell in love with foreign currency (in particular, green.) And you shouldn't even be indignant, surprised by all the decisions, orders, decrees they made. All the same, WE ARE ONE IN THE SOUL and .... WE do not care about their "decrees". Let them amuse themselves. They didn't have much time left.
  26. Kosta153
    Kosta153 17 October 2014 22: 20
    Quote: maks197010
    lol laughing wassat Something like this!
    If not fake, then yes, neighing from the heart! UPA Hall good
  27. Alfizik
    Alfizik 17 October 2014 23: 10
    What do the actions of the leaders of Ukraine indicate? About their inferiority and short-sightedness. Where will this lead in the end? It would be more accurate to ask not "why", but when. Very soon. Therefore, New Russia does not need to rush.
  28. serkoff
    serkoff 18 October 2014 00: 27
    Read the article. If it is even 10% true, then probably the Ukrainian nationalists of the fascists surpassed ...
  29. Red Army of the USSR
    Red Army of the USSR 18 October 2014 00: 41
    Ghouls they are not upa
  30. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 October 2014 05: 55
    The fact that the UPA in the years of World War II and in the post-war period outdid the Germans with their atrocities is a historical fact. The Germans shot, hanged, poisoned in gas chambers, and Ukrainian nationalists, in addition to the above, dismembered at sawmills, boiled in boilers, crucified, etc. And now this fool is claiming power. There is only one remedy for this "disease" - the loop.
  31. Neophyte
    Neophyte 18 October 2014 07: 27
    Their bestial cruelty in the past and now amazes! These are not people, but .... ki!