Riots do not subside in north London

New riots broke out in the north of London. Around 200, young people broke shop windows. This time it happened in the area next to Totenham - Endfield. Last Saturday, 6 August, young people in Tottenham staged a real massacre. It is worth noting that it all began with a peaceful protest demanding a fair investigation of the murder of Mark Duggan. Later, the crowd threw a cordon with incendiary bottles and stones, and fires began. Young people began to destroy parked cars and smash private houses. Special Forces arrived at the scene and detained 55 people.

The circumstances of the death of Mark Daggan, 29-year-old, are not completely clear. Last Friday, he was shot dead by a local policeman. Authorities claim that the young man first opened fire. Relatives say that weapons he didn't have it.
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  1. datur 8 August 2011 13: 47 New
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    and this is in the most democratic state in Europe. ay-yay. probably the bad Russians had no one to settle on.
  2. mitrich
    mitrich 8 August 2011 18: 11 New
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    I look zomboyaschik and wonder what (yes, that’s just such a face!). Tolerance in action !!! What did this Duggan (the color is darker than my boots, I have no doubt): he opened fire on the police, wounded the officer, after which he was rightly shot. So no, the black MOST, instead of being silent in a rag, ran out into the streets and let's ruin everything, burn, and most importantly, rob ... In France 6 years ago it was similar: a dark-skinned idiot, running away from the police, hid in an electric booth, turning into a scrap of ash. And riots too!
    The British and French at one time, in 1960 and 1970, actively hosted blacks from the former colonies. They thought that they would dig in the factories and clean the streets. Yeah, naive ... There are enough topics and benefits + social package, they have bred like cockroaches, African youth and you won’t get to work at gunpoint. Angles got what is happening rightly deserved ... Let them now "enjoy"!
    It worries me how domestic Gaster from Tajikistan with descendants would not have noticed this in 5-10 years. They beat the Russians at their place, they cut them out, now they are crowding into Russia. Rake on your ass, easily.