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Korean People's Army. Small and heavy infantry weapons. Part of 1

After stories The Iraqi Navy and the Bulgarian Air Force decided to devote the next block of articles to the not-less-studied topic of the Korean People’s Army (KPA). The DPRK is in itself a mystery country, and what the KPA is armed with is even less known. therefore, I will start with small arms.

The armed forces of the Korean anti-Japanese resistance were armed primarily with trophy Japanese weapons: 9-mm revolvers "Hino" "type 26" arr. 1893 g., 8-mm pistols "Nambu" arr. 1925 and 1934; 7, 7-mm rifle "Arisaka" "type 99" arr. 1939 g., 6, 5-mm 96 type light machine guns arr. 1936 g. And "type 97" arr. 1937 g., 7, 7-mm machine gun "type 92" arr 1932 g.

Korean People's Army. Small and heavy infantry weapons. Part of 1

Japanese revolver "Hino" "type 26" arr. 1893

Japanese gun "Nambu" type 14 arr. 1925

Japanese 7, 7-mm rifle "Arisaka" "type 99" arr. 1939

Japanese 6,5-mm manual machine gun "Nambu" (Type 96) arr. 1936

Japanese 7, 7-mm machine gun "type 92" mod 1932 g.

Partisan detachments operating on the border with China and in Manchuria were armed with Chinese weapons: 7,63-mm Mauser K-96 pistols (for example, Mauser K-96 was a personal weapon of Kim Il Sung), 7, 92-mm Mauser rifles . 1898 and its Chinese copy of Mauser Chiang Kai-shek, 7,92-mm ZB vz.26 light machine guns, bought in large quantities by China in Czechoslovakia in the pre-war period.

North Korean painting depicting Kim Il Sung and his wife Kim Jong Suk, shooting back from the "Mauser" from the advancing Japanese

Chinese copy of the 7,92-mm German rifle "Mauser 98" - "Mauser" Chiang Kai-shek

Machine gun Zbrojovka Brno ZB vz.26

After the defeat of Japanese troops by the Soviet troops, the people's militia units were created, which later became the backbone of the Korean People’s Army, on the establishment of which 8 was officially announced on February 1948 in February, that is, seven months before the DPRK was proclaimed (9 in September 1948).

Soviet small arms began to be supplied to the armament of both the people's militia and the KPA created: 7, 62-mm TT pistols. 1933 g. And 7, 62-mm revolvers "Nagan" arr. 1895 G., 7, 62-mm pistols machine guns ППШ-41 and ППС-43; 7,62-mm store carbines arr. 1938 g. And arr. 1944; 7,62-mm storefire Mosin arr. 1891 - 1930; 7,62-mm self-loading rifle SVT-40 arr. 1940; 7,62-mm machine guns DP (DP-27) arr. 1927 and PDM arr. 1944; 7,62-mm company (manual) machine gun RP-46 arr. 1946; 7,62-mm machine gun SG-43 arr. 1943; 7,62-mm machine gun "Maxim" arr. 1910 g. And 12,7-mm heavy machine gun DShK mod. 1938

So, in March 1950 of the USSR, it was decided to supply the following small arms to the DPRK:
7,62-mm rifle arr. 1891 / 30's - 22 000 pcs .;
7,62-mm carbines arr. 1938 year and arr. 1944 of the year - 19 638 pcs .;
7,62-mm sniper rifles - 3000 pcs.
7,62-mm machine guns "DP" - 2325 pcs .;
7,62-mm Maxim machine guns - 793 pcs .;
14,5-mm anti-tank rifles PTS-381 pcs ..

And just before the start of the Korean War, it was delivered: rifles more than 300 thousand, carbines - more than 100 thousand, submachine guns - more than 110 thousand, machine guns (light, heavy and anti-aircraft) - more than 36 thousand units.

Fighters of the Korean People's Army during the Korean War 1950-1953.

1. Sergeant in summer field uniform, 1950.

2. Private in the winter field uniform, 1950 (Figure controversial, the use of SCS in Korea is unlikely).

3. Colonel in service uniform, 1952.

During the Korean War, Chinese copies of Soviet weapons were received from China in the DPRK: 51 type and 54 type pistols (TT), 50 type (PCA) and 54 type pistols (PPS), light machine guns type 53 "(PDM), as well as a copy of the American submachine gun M-3A1-" type 36 "

student members of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Guard (RKKG) with Chinese 36 type machine guns at a parade in honor of the 60 anniversary of the end of the Korean War, July 28 2013 of the year

In the DPRK itself, production of PPSH-41 under the designation "Type 49" and PPS-43 was established.

After the end of the Korean War, the flow into the weapons of the KPA, both Soviet and Chinese weapons, and weapons of its own production continued. In the DPRK itself, production of pistols, self-loading carbines, machine guns, light machine guns, anti-tank grenade launchers was launched. Thus, at present, the North Korean military-industrial complex produces 11 types of small arms independently and its annual production capacity is estimated at 200 thousand units.

Let us turn to their products:

The main personal weapon of KPA officers' self-defense is the 68 Type pistol, created on the basis of the Soviet TT. Its production was organized in 1968 g. It is shorter and more cumbersome than TT or Chinese analogues TT "Type 51" and "Type 54". They are easily distinguished by the presence of notches in the back of the pistol shutter Type 68. Internal mechanisms have undergone serious changes. Swinging earring under the breech breech replaced by a cam, embedded in the protrusion under the chamber, according to the principle used in the gun "Browning High Power." Latch store moved to the outer lower end of the handle. The TT store fits this gun, except for the mismatch of the cutout for the latch. The drummer is held in the gate by the plate, and not by the transverse pin, as in the TT. Significantly enhanced shutter lag. The disadvantage of the gun is too large an arc radius in the back of the frame at the point of articulation of the bolt and handle, which strongly presses against the hand of the shooter between the thumb and index fingers. This can not be fixed without a major change in the design of the trigger mechanism. The locking method is based on the Browning High Power scheme. Currently, the production of gun "Type 68" discontinued,

Caliber - 7, mm 62
The used cartridge - 7,62x25 TT
Initial speed of a bullet - 395 m / s
Weapon Length - 182 mm
Barrel length - 100 mm
Height- 132 mm
Weight - 0,79 / 0,85 kg
Store capacity - 8 cartridges

Based on the Browning pistol of the 1900 model of the year, a Type-64 pistol is produced using the 7,65 × 17 HR Browning cartridge. With the exception of the name, the Korean gun is fully consistent with its prototype.

The action of the automatic gun type "64" is based on the use of recoil energy. He has a fixed barrel and a massive shutter. Return spring is above the barrel. The shop is designed for 7 cartridges. The sighting device is stationary, the slaughter range is 30. The fuse is located on the left side of the handle and is actuated by the thumb of the right hand. In addition to the standard model, there is a version with a silencer, which is screwed onto the threads of the barrel. This weapon has a shortened valve body.

Caliber - 7,65 mm
Applicable cartridge - 7,65x17HR
Initial bullet speed - 290 m / s
Weapon Length - mm 171
Barrel length - 102 mm
Weapon height - 122 mm
Curb weight - kg 0,624
Magazine capacity - 7 cartridges

Baekdusan pistol ("Pektusan") - North Korean copy of the Czechoslovak pistol CZ-75

Caliber - 9 mm
Used cartridge - 9 × 19 mm Parabellum
Initial bullet speed - 315 m / s
Weapon Length - mm 206
Barrel length - 120 mm
Weapon height - 138 mm
Curb weight - kg 1, 12
Magazine capacity - 15 cartridges

Baekdusan pistol

Baekdusan pistol "bonus version"

In addition to their own-made pistols, the Soviet PM and their Chinese copy, “Type 59”, are in service.

Chinese PM clone - "Type 59"

In the armament of the special forces units of the DPRK is the Czechoslovak submachine gun Vz. 61 "Scorpion" and its modification with a silencer.

a mannequin in the Seoul military museum, depicting a North Korean underwater saboteur with a submachine gun Vz. 61 Scorpion

PPSH-41 and PPS-43 submachine guns, as well as their Chinese and North Korean copies, as well as Chinese copies of the American M-3A1- "Type 36", are now removed from service and transferred to the divisions of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Guard (RKKG), which is the North Korean counterpart of the national militia.

North Korean women members of the RKKG with PPS-43 submachine guns at the parade in honor of the 60 anniversary of the end of the Korean War, July 28 2013

In the DPRK under the designation "type-63" was produced and the Soviet self-loading carbine SKS-45. The carabiner was produced in three versions: with a needle bayonet similar to the Chinese "Type 56", with a blade bayonet, with an elongated barrel equipped with a barrel grenade launcher, similar to the Yugoslav carbine Zastava MXNXX / 59. Moreover, unlike the Yugoslav variant, the North Korean version could have a shotgun barrel fired for rifle grenades. Currently, the 66 Type carbines are being removed from the KPA and transferred to the RKKG, and also used as ceremonial and ceremonial weapons.

North Korean self-loading carbine "Type 63"

honor guard KPA with carbines "Type 63" in the "ceremonial" performance

Of course the main small arms of the KPA is a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The first appeared Chinese copies of AK-47 under the designation "Type 56".

Chinese copy AK-47- "Type 56"

The North Korean comrades were satisfied with the received automata and already in 1958, at the state plant No. 22, copies of Soviet AK-47 under the name “Type-58” and its landing version “Type 58B”, made of pressed steel with a folding butt, were launched.

North Korean copy of AK-47 - automatic "Type 58"

KPA fighters with machine guns "Type 58"

The North Korean machine guns were rather rude in terms of the quality of the finish, however, like their Soviet counterparts, they were quite reliable and fired in any conditions.
In 1968, the DPRK’s weapons enterprises launched the production of a modernized Kalashnikov assault rifle, called "Type 68" and its version with a folding butt "Type 68В." The North Korean AKM differed from the prototype in that its trigger was more curved. The folding metal shoulder rest had a different shape, while the “Type 68B” was lighter than any modification of the Soviet AKMS machine gun.

KPA fighters with machine guns "Type 68"

North Korean fighter in the post with the "front" version of the machine "Type 68В"

On some machines "type 68", a barrel nozzle was worn, allowing you to shoot rifle grenades, similar to the Yugoslav variant of AKM- "Outpost M70".

According to rough estimates, the DPRK has released at least 50 million units of 58 Type, 68 Type and their modifications, and this is about 25 million people in the country. Currently, these samples are being actively decommissioned by the KPA and transferred to the RKKG, being replaced by a copy of AK-74, chambered for 5, 45х39 mm, which became the main small arms of KPA soldiers, whose production was launched in 1988 year under the designation "Type 88".

For a long time, due to the fact that the leaders of the TPC (Labor Party of Korea) were hard-nosed people and did not differ in the spirit of haggling characteristic of the Romanian or Chinese leadership, North Korean weapons were very rare in the world. However, recently, due to the catastrophic shortage of freely convertible currency, the DPRK began to actively sell stocks of automatic machines in the caliber 7,62x39 mm.
"Type 88" (in other sources there is a designation "Type 98") is a copy of AK-74, but in the design there are minor changes: a different shape of the butt version is Type 88A (analogous to AKS-74), like the GDR MPi-74., Metal shops, identical to the device stamped shops AK machine.

Some of the machines have a wooden body kit, and some of the weapons have plastic fittings, like those of AK-74M. That is most likely imported from Russia. In the early version, the shank is wooden, but the butt is plastic. On modern versions and the shank and plastic stock.

There is a possibility of mounting a grenade launcher "Type 88" (copy GP-25 "Bonfire").

Once again I draw your attention to an interesting phenomenon - the parade units in the DPRK army, as well as the distinguished soldiers have polished chrome weapons.

distinguished soldier of the KPA Army with a chrome-plated "Type 88" submachine gun, handed to him by Kim Jong-un when visiting a military unit

For guns "Type 88" in the DPRK created various types of sights.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with an automatic "Type 88" with a telescopic sight

But recently, the North Koreans again managed to surprise the whole world. A photo appeared in which Kim Jong-un, the leader of the DPRK, communicates with the people and is accompanied by military personnel armed with unusual machine guns with auger magazines made in the shape of a long cylinder.

Experts believe that this weapon is nothing like the North Korean variation on the AK theme. According to the TFB gun blog, the capacity of the new screw shop is 75-100 cartridges. There are no details regarding this North Korean modification of the Kalashnikov type automaton yet. In particular, it is not known whether the North Korean leader’s guard automatons are equipped with auger stores or this is a common army modification.

In the screw shop, the cartridges are arranged parallel to its axis in a spiral. In such a shop, cartridges are fired by bullets forward along a special spiral guide (auger) with an additional cocking spring. Shnekovy shops differ in the greatest relative capacity.

The fighters of the special forces units of the DPRK, when entering South Korea, use unlicensed Chinese copies of American M-16-CQ 5,56 automatic rifles and Colt MXXUMX-CQ-M4 (4) carbines

Thus, among the weapons of dead North Korean special forces from a submarine performing a reconnaissance mission in the territorial waters of South Korea, and due to carelessness stranded near the coast near the town of Kannin on the night of September 18 1996, the North Korean submarine, except for Kalashnikovs, were discovered Chinese assault rifles CQ 5,56.

North Korean sailors and special forces decided to break through to their homeland, however, they were noticed by a local taxi driver. For several weeks, tens of thousands of South Korean soldiers were combing the surrounding mountains in search of them. 12 North Korean special forces and 5 submarine crew members were killed, and surrounded North Koreans committed suicide. Of the special forces themselves, by the way, no one gave up. With incredible difficulty, the armada of the pursuers managed to capture only one of the team of northerners - Li Kwang-su. South Koreans incurred incomparably large losses - the total number of casualties came very close to 140, and in a ratio of almost 1: 1 in the number of dead and wounded, in addition, 4 American soldiers died. A few years later, according to information leaked to the South Korean press from local intelligence, it became known that the only North Korean commando surviving from that ill-fated boat, even being wounded in the stomach, managed to pass through the heavily fortified demilitarized zone and return to his homeland, where he was accepted as a hero. And the team of the submarine itself, as we are sure now, was shot right after landing on the coast by its own special forces. Probably the commandos felt that the sailors, because of their poor physical fitness, would not be able to make their way back and could give up. To the taxi driver who discovered the North Koreans, the government of the Republic of Korea paid a reward of several hundred thousand dollars.

The ending should ...

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      Machine model 36, caliber, 45

      In 1947, the production of this machine was started immediately by two Chinese companies: in Mukden and Nanjing. The weapon produced under the designation Model 36, or machine gun model 37 was not its own development, but was a copy of the American machine gun MZ A1.

      After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the production of these weapons continued. The machines manufactured by the state-owned enterprise, as before, were called the 36 model, the version manufactured on the Chinese island of Taiwan was designated the 39 model. When in the 1950 year in the People's Republic of China mass production of an 50 model assault rifle, which was a copy of the Soviet Shpagin PPSh 41 assault rifle, began, the production of other types of weapons was discontinued.

      The automation of the 36 model is based on the use of recoil energy, the weapon has a fixed barrel, a massive shutter and a fixed firing pin. It consists of a small number of mechanisms and is manufactured according to a relatively simple technology: on the receiver, welded from two pre-made from sheet steel, semicircular parts, a handle with a built-in trigger mechanism, as well as a store handle, are fixed. After two springs and a shutter are mounted in the casing, a disk carrier with a barrel is screwed onto the front.

      The sight, permanently mounted on the housing, is configured for an effective range of 100 m.

      However, the bullets fired from this machine have a lethal effect at a distance of up to 1550 m. The practical rate of fire is from 80 to 100 rds / min. Although the weapon is designed for automatic firing, experienced shooters can also fire single shots from this machine gun.

      The collapsible shoulder rest is just a metal strut with a downward-facing end having a shape adapted to the shape of the body. On the left side of the receiver fixed loops for the belt. Despite the simplicity of design, this weapon has shown high reliability in use.

      Features: machine model 36
      Caliber - 45
      Muzzle velocity (v0), m / s - 280
      Weapon Length, mm - 579
      With spread out shoulder rest, mm - 757
      Rate of fire, rds / min - 450
      Ammunition Supply - Direct Barbell Store on 30 Ammo
      The mass in a charged state, kg - 4,52
      Weight with an empty magazine, kg - 3,89
      Cartridge - 45 ACP (11,43 × 23)
      Barrel length, mm - 203
      Rifling / direction - 4 / n
      Sighting range, m - 100
      Effective range, m - 100
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        Quote: Novel 1977
        Ammunition Supply - Direct Barbell Store on 30 Ammo

        sho tse take - "rod shop"?
        Quote: Novel 1977
        After two springs and a shutter are mounted in the casing, a disk carrier with a barrel is screwed onto the front.

        Is this probably a description of a super duper nano blaster? so to speak, the terms of the future weapon are "shell shell", "disk media".
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          Infa is not much but she is
          KPA as a whole
          спецназ КНА
          Separate known facts (often disastrous and that is why they became known) of KPA Special Operations operations speak of a high level of training and, as it is not beaten up, sounds of a high level of moral and political motivation of military personnel, and translated into the generally accessible, about their fanaticism.
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    PS but with types 36 and 37 I still figured out, type 36 is the original American M3A1 armed with the Taiwan Army (ROC), type 37 is M3A1 chambered for 9X19 manufactured in Taiwan for the Republic of China Army, it was also and M39 is the same type37 only with a curved trunk.
    So, the presence of Type 36 / Type 37 in the DPRK army is extremely unlikely and most likely captured American M3 and M3A1 in the photo (which, in principle, is hinted at by the presence of a PP with a platoon handle characteristic of M3, respectively, the Taiwanese Type 37 was a clone of M3A1 and did not have it.
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