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Finland's Atlantic Choice

The incident in the Baltic Sea between the Finnish research vessel “Aranda” and the Russian corvette “Boky” on closer examination has all the features of deliberate provocation and, judging by everything, it is. After the events in the Crimea and in Ukraine, Finnish society is oscillating between neutrality and joining NATO as soon as possible.

The North Atlantic Alliance attracts Helsinki with security guarantees, but at the same time the Finnish elites are afraid that the entry will be a severe blow to the country's economy if Russia imposes an embargo on Finnish goods and blocks or significantly reduces the supply of raw materials. After all, it was the special status that allowed the Finns to dance "both ours and yours", receiving solid bonuses from both the western bloc and the eastern neighbor.

However, the case in the Baltic may become the drop that will push Finland, and at the same time neighboring Sweden, into the arms of “Euro-Atlantism”, where these countries have drifted so slowly in recent years. In the short term, he must force them to toughen sanctions against Russia, which the Russian Federation will undoubtedly answer with its counter sanctions. Relations will be seriously and permanently damaged, and this is exactly what the United States sought for decades during the Cold War.

Unlike Japan and Germany, Finland, who fought in the Nazi bloc, was neither occupied nor dismembered. Neither the Soviet troops, nor the Allied armies deep into its territory have ever passed, the ruling elite incurred no punishment for their crimes against the Soviet civilian population and was not removed from power.

Finland suffered relatively minor losses. The eastern provinces were slightly trimmed, the islands in the Baltic Sea crossed over to the Union. In addition to the directly attached lands, in the post-war period, the USSR rented the Porkkala peninsula from Finland for its military base (it was supposed to be located there for 50 years, but Khrushchev returned the territory to the Finns in a rush of feelings), and now Finland rents the Saimaa channel strategically important for it .

If you take the postwar history two countries, it is full of contradictions. The USSR agreed to have capitalist Finland at its side under the conditions of its strictest neutrality. The Paris Peace Treaty of 1947 of the year established the boundaries between the countries and consolidated the current status of Suomi. Since then, what has been called “finlandizatsiya” in the West, hinting at the betrayal of “common values”. However, for Finland itself this was a boon, since interaction with the Soviet Union (and then Russia) in all areas, from the nuclear industry and shipbuilding to small-scale trade, brought current prosperity to it. There are cases when Finnish experts came every day to work from their border towns to enterprises located on the Soviet side.

And yet, in spite of the enormous benefits of economic cooperation, Helsinki continued to look towards the West, hoping to finally merge into its structures when the time came. The time began to come in the 1990 year, when, seeing the critical weakening of Gorbachev's USSR, Helsinki announced the abandonment of any military restrictions imposed on it after the war. From the middle of the 2000-s Finland began to actively cooperate with NATO, although no military threat to it was seen either then or now.

Although formally there are no territorial disputes between our countries and Eastern Karelia is definitely a Russian one, the “Karelian question” continues to haunt our neighbors. In the translations of some Finnish newspapers, you sometimes read that, they say, Karelia should return to us if it presents an opportunity. That is how is it? According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the separation of subjects is unacceptable, which means that some other "opportunity" is meant. This is, of course, not the attack of Finland on Russia, for we do not consider science fiction. But if the Russian Federation is drawn into a hypothetical serious conflict with a strong country or a group of countries, then Helsinki may well think about the fate of Karelia - this is how you need to understand these hints.

In the meantime, in the Finnish media and culture, the heroization of the partnership for arms with Nazi Germany. An “illusion of victory” is being created in the information space. Like, in 1944, we ourselves heroically stopped the Russians - how strong we are. Rave? Of course. But many people believe in this nonsense. Recalling the truth is either embarrassing or uncomfortable. We do not discount the traditional Finnish Russophobia.

After the events of February-March, the Finns, with surprise and horror, discovered that the bear, which they used to be considered dead, is not just alive and well, but can bite if it is well teased. The United States plays on Finnish fears, which, through their levers of influence, are trying to achieve complete isolation of Russia along the entire perimeter of the borders, and the Scandinavian direction is an important link here. The ultimate goal in this game is to draw Finland and Sweden into NATO. For this, all possible and impossible provocations will be organized and the current one is far from the last.

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  1. quote
    quote 16 October 2014 10: 16
    Finns !! You are either stupid, or your brain is frozen! NATO is just paying grandmother, no more. Georgia was thrown, Outskirts, Iraq, (until a moment, Saddam was loyal to Fashington) Gaddafi too. And so on and so forth. etc. Live peacefully and Russia will never pose a threat to you!
    1. Andy
      Andy 16 October 2014 10: 33
      NATO is like a flock of jackals. They are waiting for the opportunity to cling to the skin of a bear, and one by one it’s scary. It’s a pity that there are enough stupid people not only among the Finns, but also among Russian "politicians" who have betrayed and betray the interests of their country since the mid-80s and up to now.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Cresta999
      Cresta999 16 October 2014 11: 47
      In fact, Finland is the territory of Russia. So to threaten their lands - no, of course, but you can hit on the head with those who forgot about it. Apparently they understand this - that's why they are nervous. Does the dog feel whose meat he ate?
    4. Giant thought
      Giant thought 16 October 2014 12: 09
      We hope that the leaders of Finland will be smart enough to stay away from NATO.
  2. valentina-makanalina
    valentina-makanalina 16 October 2014 10: 28
    The Finns already have experience of union with fascist Germany. Let now try with NATO. History has not taught them anything. They probably want to return to the framework of the Russian Empire again.
    1. Ilya22558
      Ilya22558 16 October 2014 10: 38
      The Finns still remember well how in 1944 they had to fight with the Fritz when the Red Army broke their souls. It is unlikely that they will again step on the same rake.
    2. denis02135
      denis02135 16 October 2014 23: 13
      Dear Valentina-Makanalina
      But Russia has the experience of an alliance with the Entente and a coalition of countries in WWII, so what? and in the 20th century, never fought with America and England (do not count the short period of the civil war). You live in the Russian Empire or want to live in it, since the tsar already has a little to do, Zorkin has already said that serfdom is good for Russia or something like that. They will try with NATO and will live as they lived and nothing will change.
  3. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 16 October 2014 10: 28
    "if the Russian Federation is involved in a hypothetical difficult conflict with a strong country or group of countries"

    If Russia is drawn into such a conflict, the Finns will need to have time to dig holes in granite so that it does not scorch light radiation.
  4. itr
    itr 16 October 2014 10: 38
    Not just like wearing a beautiful uniform))))
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 October 2014 10: 40
    In the meantime, the Finnish media and culture continue to heroize the partnership in arms with Nazi Germany.

    And the bacillus of neo-fascism crawled into Finland. Sorry. We had a tolerant normal relationship with the Finns. Let us hope that the common sense of the Finns outweighs the efforts of the United States.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 16 October 2014 10: 41
    Finns ate from our hands .. the muscles poured into NATO wanted to ... well, well ...
    1. Dreamwriter
      Dreamwriter 16 October 2014 14: 03
      C'mon - there are no special muscles and forces there. Otherwise, what for them NATO
  7. tolyasik0577
    tolyasik0577 16 October 2014 10: 44
    It is necessary to cast monuments to Khrushchev, or rather a bust. Not even, just a head with an open mouth. and placed in public toilets as urinals. So many years have passed and we still cannot collect his stones from the garden.
    1. Kibalchish
      16 October 2014 12: 04
      In addition to Porkkala, he also gave Port Arthur to the Chinese
  8. Dibur
    Dibur 16 October 2014 10: 58
    Dates sat on two chairs for 60 years. It can be seen ... she got sick. Now, no matter how you had to lie on the dirty floor.
  9. Gardamir
    Gardamir 16 October 2014 11: 05
    Ours are good too. The Finnish company "Valio", quickly pierced all the prohibitions, quickly built a factory in the St. Petersburg province. And so, the bans do not concern them, allegedly Russian butter called "Valio" on the Russian market. With such venality of bureaucrats, we will not even notice how NATO troops will approach Moscow.
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 16 October 2014 12: 22
      Quote: Gardamir
      The Finnish company "Valio", quickly pierced all the prohibitions, quickly built a factory in the St. Petersburg province

      So fast, only a doghouse can be built ... laughing
      This factory has not been working there for the first day. And the Finnish president has already broken off all the thresholds in the Kremlin, trying to achieve some preferences. However, he is not alone. The Italian "League of the North" recently came with the same question. Everyone was given one answer: "Exercise influence on your governments and the EU, lift the sanctions ... And we will think ..."
      1. jjj
        jjj 16 October 2014 14: 47
        Valio several years ago in all seriousness wanted to buy the Severodvinsk dairy. It did not grow together. Although Valio's products are excellent. They work seriously on quality with farm milk suppliers. This is a big plus for Russia. Besides, Valio from Finland supplies lactose-free dairy products. They are not banned
        1. Gardamir
          Gardamir 16 October 2014 15: 04
          I agree with both. But what did I mean. First, what are the sanctions against the West, if the West is already here. And yet, why does not develop its own production? Two years ago, in my homeland, a large dairy plant was closed, which until the last day produced a lot of dairy products. and recently the governor, being with the president, throughout the country said that the plant did not fit into the market.
  10. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 16 October 2014 11: 28
    The Chukhland economy is tailored for export to Russia. 60% of their GDP is tourism and trade cooperation between our countries. Straightforward ukropskiy choice: "to spite my mother's ears frostbite."
    1. RAE8
      RAE8 16 October 2014 15: 37
      Well, this is hardly the wrong mentality. The article has peculiar moments, for example:
      We do not discount the traditional Finnish Russophobia.
      - the obvious lie, who faced, that knows. The ratio of Finns to Russians is an order of magnitude higher than that of the Baltic states and Westerners back in the USSR. It was not from scratch that the opinion arose of Finland joining the Russian Federation. So, for the pro-NATO declarations, reasons should have appeared.
    2. bagel
      bagel 16 October 2014 16: 31
      And why not just 80% or 100?
  11. Thompson
    Thompson 16 October 2014 11: 54
    Quote: Vladimirets
    "if the Russian Federation is involved in a hypothetical difficult conflict with a strong country or group of countries"

    If Russia is drawn into such a conflict, the Finns will need to have time to dig holes in granite so that it does not scorch light radiation.

    Well, will it prolong their agony for a month, another and sense? it’s hard to look further than the nose, especially if you’re still paying ...
  12. ISKANDER25
    ISKANDER25 16 October 2014 12: 02
    Hello! Do not rush Hot Finnish Guys, otherwise you will be in time! wassat
  13. Very smart
    Very smart 16 October 2014 13: 12
    The article is correct, the author - respect.
    I myself live in St. Petersburg. For us, a trip to Chukhlyashka (this is precisely what is called) is an ordinary matter. A shopping tour by bus costs 600-700 rubles for one day. They buy basically all kinds of crap: tea and coffee, laundry detergents and detergents, ironing boards, cheap frozen caviar, and occasionally clothes on sales. But the grandmothers there, in aggregate, bring very decent ones and pay them for nonsense, nothing sensible. So the Chukhonts became proud. But at the same time, I would like to note that renting a cottage for the weekend in Chukhlyashka is two times cheaper than in the Leningrad region. And the service there is much more curly. Our home-grown "Businessmen" riveted the hut, called it in an imported way "Cottage" and want everything at once. So people are drawn to where it is better and cheaper. Everyone knows how to count money. And the Chukhons on our grandmothers are getting stronger. And thoughts in the nerdy, blond little head begin to wander - how to bite the giving hand? After all, they won't give you a piece of bread - they'll come and buy something anyway. Indeed, in St. Petersburg the prices in stores are high and the quality is so-so. From the same opera: prices for vacations. Perhaps, I really want to have a summer vacation in the Far East or on Lake Baikal. But the price just for the flight there is equal to a week in Turkey "all inclusive". And the local service is clearly worse than the Turkish one. I am leading to this: while our President is fighting for the country's interests in foreign policy, inside a certain Medvedev with a group of "comrade ministers" is busy "increasing the thickness of his own face." There is no clear tax policy, the pension reform is "out", prices are rising, and the FAS stupidly "does not see price collusion." Everyone sees and even chews on their own wallet, but FAS does not. The grandmas are being taken out of the country, and the punitive authorities are only counting how much they have withdrawn during the reporting period. Confiscation of property for bribes and economic crimes is not introduced - as if thieves and crooks cannot be left without money. All this encourages people to travel and make purchases abroad. And the money brought there allows any "poor Chukhontsy" (A.S. Pushkin) to come out ... with or without reason and think that they can do something. So, in my opinion, all the performances of the Chukhonts, the Balts and other large and small bastards are due to our internal reasons. You need to start with yourself. Raise the Russian self-awareness and their native economy. And if no one goes for tea, milk and cheese will be brought from the Oryol or other region, and not from the Baltics, many will immediately shut up, and the President will be able to more calmly and confidently promote Russia's interests in the world.
    1. jjj
      jjj 16 October 2014 14: 50
      We went to Finnish, so you, go and have a Schengen multiple-entry visa straightened like a resident of St. Petersburg?
      1. Very smart
        Very smart 16 October 2014 21: 48
        A visa is issued at every corner, costs 3-3.5 thousand rubles. for half a year or a year. And if you run yourself it’s cheaper. The first time for half a year. And now I have no visa! The Chukhons are overwhelmed, they demand to open through them and not through Europe and travel several times. And so many times they have nothing to do. And if violated, it will affect the general Schengen. Can be wrapped when contacting any country. Therefore, in St. Petersburg, many abandoned the Finnish Schengen if they are not going to specifically travel a lot.
  14. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 16 October 2014 13: 14
    Joormaa, do you speak a house built? Yes, one-story. And why? I thought it all over, it doesn’t make sense less.
    Wise chukhra in foreign policy do everything deliberately, but not correctly. Here again, in the ass of the Chukhonskaya "sisu" (national financial pride) began to stir. Nazi worms must be removed from the body! stop
  15. wulf66
    wulf66 16 October 2014 13: 41
    ... in 1990, when, seeing the critical weakening of the USSR Gorbachev ...
    Critically incorrect judgment. Not the weakening of the USSR by Gorbachev, but the weakening of the USSR by Gorbachev. He has many long years and good health (he must live to see the court, for this he must be responsible during his lifetime). And about the Finns ... is it any wonder? How do these differ from other geyrops?
  16. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 16 October 2014 13: 51
    <<< In the meantime, the glorification of the partnership in arms with Nazi Germany continues in the Finnish media and culture. >>>
    The brazenly Saxon and Geyropei fossil Russophobes are trying by all means to drag Finland into a confrontation with Russia, although Finland, its post-war history, is an excellent example of many years of safe and mutually beneficial cooperation with the Russian bear, which the West scares the whole world today! And it will be the greatest and unforgivable stupidity if Finland succumbs to Western pressure, because this time the consequences of Finland’s participation in hostile actions planned by the West in relation to Russia can be disastrous for Finland!
  17. sv68
    sv68 16 October 2014 14: 31
    there was an otlantic herring — now an otlantic chonka wakes up! you want in NATO, only now we will show you a couple of terretorial pritenzies on the day of entry. So, nothing personal, just return everything to the last meter that was Russian land.
    1. bagel
      bagel 16 October 2014 17: 06
      Themselves there in Iceland in NATO sit and Chaiton Hait, nonsense!
  18. andrereu74
    andrereu74 16 October 2014 14: 47
    grandmother europe went completely crazy with her politicians ((((So, there are no sensible people left there ???
  19. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 16 October 2014 14: 52
    The Finnish government has long needed to click on the nose, so much so that the ears are swollen. Here, in truth, they do not value good. Paul-Peter and Len. Oblast go there for the weekend for packing, leaves money. And if you also remember what they are doing with our children, their juvenile justice? Here's from the news: "Finnish social workers suspect Russian citizen Anastasia Zavgorodnaya, who lives in the city of Vantaa, and her husband of bullying the kids. First, according to the school teacher, they took their eldest daughter. Then they took two-year-old twins. And recently, the mother also lost her newborn child. who is only 10 days old. The woman is not allowed to fully communicate with the baby. " Yes, just some PPC, what do they think of themselves? The navel of the earth? It is possible under the breath ...
    1. bagel
      bagel 16 October 2014 17: 14
      They imagined nothing, they have a stupidly blind bureaucracy here.
      If there is a suspicion, then they will take it away.
      And there Russian or Finnish they honestly sneeze.

      "A kind of country Pavlik Morozov"
  20. witch
    witch 16 October 2014 16: 06
    Yes, the campaign will soon be a great scuffle. someone’s face will be smashed to the fullest, and see me that this time in Washington we will write on the ruins here. Vasya was happy with the ruins. They are playing with fire.
  21. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 16 October 2014 17: 32
    you, Finns, will die without Russia like insects. Will you be Americans or something with a geyropa to give such privileges as you had from Russia? Try it, we will survive, but you are unlikely.
  22. lexx2038
    lexx2038 16 October 2014 18: 06
    As soon as the Americans form an alliance, we need to wait for guests - as has happened before more than once. The first will be the non-Europeans, whom we will quickly recycle, we will pay the price ourselves, then we will trample high-tech Europeans with remote support for the Anglo-Saxons, and in conclusion, a supernation of divisors of other people's goods - blacks, whites, Latinos - marauders of all colors and races will directly connect ... Apparently a similar scenario is calculated by world sculptors - a supernation created from emigrants and other scum. Of course, we can not withstand such a massive blow, many times superior in terms of resources and technology, people will have to make an asteroid belt from the earth, let the Americans fly in space ...
  23. semuil
    semuil 16 October 2014 19: 50
    2+ 2 soldiers can run over? Guys sit already on the ass and not you ... smiling.
  24. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 16 October 2014 20: 28
    Right now, they torn off another piece of islands from the dates. There are territorial problems until they are resolved - the path to NATO is closed to them hi
  25. sky diver
    sky diver 16 October 2014 22: 12
    And the Chukhites in Russia, home time. wink
  26. PValery53
    PValery53 17 October 2014 01: 04
    America's hands are completely dirty from dictating Europe. It's time to knock on the ass for such little hands. According to the old custom, "the instigator is the first whip." So hot Finnish guys decided to stand under NATO's deceptive security umbrella. It will definitely come out sideways (by co-optation into the "native" empire).
  27. voveim
    voveim 17 October 2014 04: 26
    The North Atlantic Alliance attracts Helsinki with security guarantees, but at the same time the Finnish elites are afraid that the entry will be a severe blow to the country's economy if Russia imposes an embargo on Finnish goods and blocks or significantly reduces the supply of raw materials. After all, it was the special status that allowed the Finns to dance "both ours and yours", receiving solid bonuses from both the western bloc and the eastern neighbor.

    Backfill questions: security guarantees - from whom? Suomi is someone threatening? How is this expressed? Or are the "stupid-lineers" tired of a calm, well-fed life and want a thrill? So it is necessary for them to organize them so that the retaliatory sanctions of this summer seem like childish amusements ... They themselves are running into!
  28. Zaus
    Zaus 17 October 2014 05: 26
    And Russian timber is still exported to "chushka"? It seems like they used to have many factories for processing our timber. But now, how are things? "Wooden" sanctions can hit them hard?
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 17 October 2014 08: 29
      Greetings! Yes, carry.
      Each time with an increase in duties, they grind their teeth, they say, that's it, we won’t take it anymore! Then they take it again.
  29. den3080
    den3080 17 October 2014 06: 43
    My opinion on this article:
    The article has all the features of a deliberate provocation, and with careful reading, as well as after reading the comments to it - that is.
    I was not surprised by the comment of a "resident of St. Petersburg". Another surprise is how Russians (Russians) manage to visit their neighbors (Finns), buying cheap caviar, washing powders and "every little thing" (which is better for washing and so on.) ... to have a rest in summer and winter in cheap Finnish cottages, to use more "curly service" and infrastructure, and then these (Finns) all sorts of dirty tricks in "kamenty"

    What are you, gentlemen commentators, better than Svidomo jumping across the cities and towns of Ukraine?

    The easiest way to get Schengen is - yes, they got sick, they demand to enter through themselves. Duc is a general rule in Schengen, gentlemen. If you get a visa to the country, be kind enough to come to Spain ... from Moscow, and don't lie in the questionnaire, saying that I should go to Finland, I can't live without it.

    Maybe sometimes you need to look at yourself from the outside, gentlemen? He can drive to Finland through Svetogorsk to Imatra and back and compare the "pictures" and think about why the Finns have everything clean and beautiful, but in Russia there are such slums (there is no other word for it). The difference is a kilometer from the force (border) and how another world.

    By the way, about the Russian money and the prosperity of the Finns on this money. This is more or less true for the southeast of Finland, and in general Finland is the largest trading partner of Sweden, then Germany, and then only Russia.
    Yes. And why not set up your own timber processing in Russia yourself? Why is it necessary to carry round logs to the Finns, gas and oil to Europe-China, that there is enough mind only to pump out, cut down and litter their land? But there’s a lot of it, we’ll move to a clean place, we’ll sleep there, and then, along the way, we will take the thread from our neighbors ...) we are kind, we are Russian, we must love and respect us all.
    What is different from Svidomo gentlemen commentators and patriots? Nothing! The mentality is exactly the same in my opinion.
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 17 October 2014 08: 50
      Why Svetogorsk? Why not through Wärtsil? lol
      What, the Finnish Friday alkotourism has already ended? laughing
      As for the Schengen, I agree here, there are "smart people". But they end up punishing themselves wink
      As for the processing of timber, these are the consequences of the 90s, how many factories were closed. Well, if after the war they managed to fix it, then I think they will be able to do it now too, time is simply necessary.
  30. den3080
    den3080 17 October 2014 10: 14
    Through Svetogorsk because this city (the Finnish name of the city is Enso) is located directly on the border, however, like Imatra.
    That is, the impressions of Russia at the entrance to Finland do not have time to dull. And if you go through Brusnichnoye - Nuyamaa or Torfyanovka - Valimaa, then there are about 50 kilometers from the nearest roadside Russian slums (visible from the car and felt by your own ass and car suspension), it seems like the tourist has time to prepare mentally for the "chukhlyashka"
    Alcotourism has long been in the past.
    But the Finns go to the foundations of their ancestors, to the Karelian Isthmus, commemorate. The foundations even in the villages were solid, granite and still stand in the forest, a lot ... Why? Yes, because the Russians came and evicted, drove the Finns from their native places of residence according to the principle: Suitcase, train station, cart, for two of us .... bring down in general ... especially harmful to shoot or to Siberia ....
    Sound familiar?
    And Finnish farms, villages - Russians destroyed in those days to the bottom, in the literal and literal sense. The grounds only turned out to be strong, remained.
    Next to the destroyed, Russian villages were built, with the Russian way of life and life. NEARBY!! And the conditional "wart" appeared, as it were, almost in place of some thread of the conditional "yoki". This is apparently so as not to return anything, "if anything" ....
    So it was, it's true. What is there to wait for love?

    Take an interest, dear patriots, go to the museum, what kind of Finnish time is it all the same for the Schengen woman to "work off"))) it's not difficult at all))) maybe the view of the world will become clearer. I sincerely wish you this.
  31. Belisarios
    Belisarios 18 October 2014 10: 55
    The article was written by a person who is absolutely not versed in the issue. Yes, the Finns fought against us along with the Nazis. But they left the alliance with them and fought with the Fritz on their territory. The country's leadership was removed from power and convicted. The president of the war sat on a quiche for a long time. As a result of the war, the Finns lost the Pechenga region with rich reserves of resources and access to the Arctic Ocean.
    In short .... the author, before writing, read.
    The debate in Finnish society is intense. But the Russian press only writes about hawks. The positions of the neutrals are still more solid. "Dates" are not a monolithic nation, here each farm has its own opinion on any issue. The main thing for Finns is that no one gets involved in their affairs. Therefore, there are no less Eurosceptics than there are supporters of "Aunt Nata".
  32. Prager
    Prager 18 October 2014 17: 27
    definitely, it was a well-planned provocation. Suomi and Swedes will soon enter NATO under pressure from mattresses.
  33. den3080
    den3080 18 October 2014 20: 50
    The Finns are just a very monolithic nation in culture and language, this is their happiness and misfortune at the same time. And they really don’t like it when someone climbs to them from the side.
    There are still few supporters of NATO membership in Finland, I'm afraid to lie with a percentage, something like 16%. Check it out.
    Only here it is not necessary to provoke them (Finns) and everything will be fine. And provocations this summer were more than enough. 12 times Russian military aircraft violated Finnish airspace, unmotivated, silently and without any apology. The last time the Finns announced that they would try to forcibly plant such violators in the future, using combat aircraft. And it all stopped.
    Have any of you gentlemen heard about this in the Russian news? Not a sound, as I understand it ...
    I personally watched, waited ... Well, Russia can’t be such a stupid semi-aggressor, or what? Lavrov’s phrases came up saying that we are against Finland’s joining NATO ... To which he received an absolutely predictable answer: Finland is an independent country and has the right to decide its own affairs.
    This is against the background of airspace violations ...

    Answer me questions, ladies and gentlemen of the forum: Are allies so attracted? Is it good neighborliness?
    What great wise Russian strategist was smart enough for these provocations? And now what to expect in return?

    So Aranda waited, then more ... I suppose .., ....... only one word is born as a summary.