Afghanistan July 2011

In July, 2011, after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, 54 soldiers, including American 32, died. It was planned that by the end of this year the 10 of thousands of military men would leave the country. In the past month, the number of murders has increased. Among the dead are President Hamid Karzai’s brother and Kandahar Mayor. Responsibility for this fell on the international terrorist organization "Taliban". Despite all the assurances of the coalition and the Afghan authorities, the killings and brutal attacks do not stop, which increases the uncertainty of the procedure for the withdrawal of troops from the country. In this issue, selected photos from Afghanistan in July 2011.

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Afghanistan July 2011

1. Soldiers of the third platoon of the second battalion fire flares from the M777A2 howitzer at enemy positions, operating base Pasab Zarai, Zabul province.

2. Refugee camp, Kabul.

3. Twentynine Palms Military Center, California, The Bell V-22 Osprey tiltrotor hovered over the heads of the Marines at a height of 3 m during loading. The cargo was transported to Afghanistan.

4. Peasant in the field, the village of Salam Bazar, Gilmed province, Afghanistan.

5. A building in the center of the Mussa Qala district, a column of militants painted on the wall by the Taliban. On the graffiti of the Taliban who set fire Tanks, capture prisoners, shoot at American, Russian and coalition aircraft. Now in this room is the headquarters of the second battalion. Earlier in this territory there was a large opium market and a place for the overnight stay of drug addicts.

6. Province of Kunar, skirmish between Afghan, American soldiers and the Taliban. The explosion of an American bomb dropped from an F-15 aircraft.

7. French Prime Minister Francois Fillon and President Nicolas Sarkozy at a memorial service for the dead soldiers in Afghanistan. Seven coffins of the dead are wrapped in French flags.

8. Kaneoe Bay, Hawaii Marines patrolling the Kayaki region came across a Soviet tank that was left over from the war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan.

9. Airfield Hawaii, intelligence engineer Anthony Nolly-Crosson launches the RQ-11B Raven drone. In a few months, the lance corporal and his comrades will launch the Raven system in Afghanistan.

10. Dumping 16556 kg of JP8 carbon fuel over Afghanistan, Sgt. Stephen Adams controls the process of ejection from the cargo hold of a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft. During the 15-hour operation, this aircraft shipped food and fuel with a total weight of 54884 kg.

11. Gulistan district, Farah province, an operation to deliver containers with water and fuel over the Ice base.

12. Kandahar Airfield, Petty Officer First Class Christopher Cruz takes the oath. The ceremony is led by NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander General David Petraeus.

13. Protest against violence and aggression on the streets of Kabul. Participants of the action in bright scarves took to the streets of the capital to express their indignation at the aggressive behavior of men. The inscriptions on the banners call for an active fight against street cruelty, illegal violence and humiliation of the fair sex.

14. The operational base in Afghanistan, a member of the security service of the Zabula group, Christopher Fox, fires a lighting rocket from an M203 grenade launcher.

15. Base of the province of Helmand, Kindle bunker, Sergeant Jordan Davis reads "The Feast of the Straw Hatters."

16. Sokharab Ahmed with his son Amir in the house, Kabul.

17. Forward Base "Mehtar Lam", two helicopters "Chinook" and "Boeing" landed to transport soldiers.

18. An Afghan soldier during a firefight between the Taliban, the Afghan National Army and coalition forces.

19. The board of an ambulance helicopter over the province of Kandahar, Sergeant Scott Monsieur was wounded by a fragment of a mine.

20. Family photo of Sergeant Ryan Crane inside a helmet. Sergeant Crane is the Reconstruction Team Operator responsible for documenting military operations for stories.

21. The long-awaited meeting of American troops at Fort Carson. On July 9, a solemn ceremony was held to welcome 530 servicemen who returned home after a year in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar.

22. The house of a local resident of the village of Helmand province. The woman asks the Afghan and American soldiers to leave the village, as she is afraid of the revenge of the Taliban.

23. Afghan and American soldiers are to the helicopter of their comrades, wounded after the explosion of a roadside bomb, Kandahar.

24. The assassin of the President's brother Sardar Mohammed on a building in Kandahar. He was hanged by a group of people in civilian clothes. The body hung for 20 minutes, after which it was taken away. According to the Kandahar police, Ahmad Wali Karzai was shot dead by his security commander.

25. Dand district, Kandahar province, a service in memory of the President's brother Ahmed Wali Karzai, which was attended by the President of Afghanistan. Without hiding his tears from the heavy loss, Hamid Karzai led thousands of mourners to his brother's funeral. Ahmed Karzai was accused of corruption and drug trafficking. Sudden death was an incredible shock to the Afghan government and NATO, which counted on the power of Karzai in the south of the country.

26. Sheva district, Nanagarhar province, a NATO helicopter in a firefight between Afghan, coalition forces and the Taliban. About 10 people were killed when foreign forces discovered a Taliban group lurking in a school building in the Sheva district.

27. Base Jahan Zeb, Lashkar Gah, a member of the British army goes on an operation.

28. Helmand Province, a fire spotter spotted an enemy behind a roadside bomb.

29. Sergeant Leroy Arthur Petrie at the presentation of the Order of Honor at the White House. US President Barack Obama presented Petri with an honorary award for his heroism during the fighting in Paktia.

30. Base Zeebrugge, Kayaks, orderly Luke Rhoades plays golf.

31. Camp for nomadic boys, outskirts of Kabul.

32. Lance Corporal Kyle Delany climbs to an observation post located on a mountaintop near the banks of the Helmand River, Kayaks.

33. Base of Operations Jackson, Sangin, District Governor Mohammed Sheriff at a memorial service for Sergeant Ralph E. Pate, Jr., who fell during a combat operation.

34. Shot at the vehicle of the Afghan National Police, Lashkar Gah, Helmand province.

35. Cemetery Arlington, Virginia, Sergeant Teresa Dodge at the funeral of her fiancé Kyle Schneider. The 23-year-old corporal died in the province of Helmand.

36. Board ambulance helicopter, Kandahar, the son of Khan Mohammed Jaali lost his leg in a landmine explosion.

37. Skirmish between the Taliban and Afghan soldiers, a member of the Afghan National Army launches a rocket-propelled grenade.

38. Dawn breaks over the Arghandab valley.

39. Jahan Zeb Patrol Base, a British Army soldier inspects an American armored personnel carrier.

40. An Afghan on a motorcycle rushes past the soldiers of the Afghan National Army, near the camp "Leserneck" in Helmand province.

41. City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, memorial service for Sergeant First Class Terrill L. Pasker, at the coffin of Sgt. Todd Epperl. Both soldiers were injured on July 9 during a military operation in the province of Panjshir.