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The Second Coming of the "Warrior"

Equipment of the Ground Forces with new combat gear will begin this year.

We have already addressed the problems of the development, creation and supply of military equipment to the Armed Forces of military personnel ("MIC", № 15, 2014). It was then, however, about the means of protection, intended mainly for special purpose units, performing assault operations and actions in mountainous areas. Today "Military Industrial Courier" continues this current topic.

In the army of the Russian Empire, the great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov was a proponent of the “all-in-one” concept. The personnel of the Suvorov regiments for the long years of campaigning were accustomed to wearing multiplayer shoulder packs, which at that time were called “winds” (apparently, for the ease with which the soldiers carried them). Suvorov correctly selected the allowable payload for his fighters and never forced his subordinates to carry more than he could carry. This made this experience unique in its kind for that time. Nevertheless, until the Anglo-Boer wars of the end of the XIX century, most of the equipment of military personnel was transported in a wagon train and was almost completely impossible for permanent wear.

Soldier as part of the combat system

In modern conditions of warfare, more and more items of equipment are constantly on the military. Moreover, the importance, quantity and cost of items of equipment grow quickly enough. According to the American brigadier General Mark Brown, in 40-ies the soldiers went to the war in uniform, with a rifle, helmet, skatka and a flask. Their equipment weighed about 16 kilograms and cost around 170 dollars in current prices. During the war in Vietnam was added a bulletproof vest, updated weapon and equipment began to cost thousands of dollars in 1,1. Now in Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans are necessarily equipped with body armor and helmets made of composite materials, goggles, fireproof form, including gloves and boots, night vision devices, and laser designators. Their equipment includes more than 80 items with a total weight of about 34 kilograms. According to estimates today, infantry equipment costs from 28 to 60 thousands of dollars and in the future its price will increase.

In economically and technologically developed NATO countries, intensive work is under way on promising military equipment for military personnel. The most ambitious and effective programs that fully reflect the general trends and main directions of R & D in the field of creating an infantry combat kit are deployed in the USA - Land Warrior and Mounted Warrior, Germany - IdZ, UK - FIST, Spain - COMFUT, Sweden - IMESS, France - FELIN. The task in the coming decade will be solved in accordance with the principle of an integrated approach by integrating all elements of equipment into a single promising modular-type combat complex, the use of which will significantly enhance the combat capabilities of personnel.

The equipment currently available in our troops can be conditionally attributed to the first generation. It should be noted that all elements were developed separately, not interconnected, and their weight exceeds 34 kilogram. Frankly, the burden is not easy. This was the main reason for the development of combat equipment of second-generation soldiers. The development takes into account the experience of combat operations, the results of comparative tests of domestic and foreign elements, as well as the results of initiative development of industrial enterprises.

Modern combat equipment is a functionally and structurally integrated elements of the systems of destruction, control, protection, life support and energy supply, designed to carry out their functional duties as part of units, and independently.

At present, the program of creating the second generation “Ratnik” combat gear is being completed, to which dozens of Russian defense enterprises are involved.

The Second Coming of the "Warrior"

Andrei Sedykh collage

The kits are built according to the modular principle and when creating new elements (sights, instruments, protective equipment) there will be no need to recycle all equipment. It consists of dozens of elements, including:

-protective overalls made of flame-retardant fabric, capable of reducing the damaging effects of splinters, grenades, mines and shells;
- a set of armor, including, depending on the purpose, a bullet-proof vest of various protection classes and armor-jackets, which by its characteristics surpasses the existing foreign analogues, allows to protect the vital organs of a military man (the marine type of the bulletproof vest also has positive buoyancy);
-Automatic machine equipped with a night-vision sight, thermal imaging aiming system, a collimator sight, or a video module for firing from the cover consisting of a helmet-mounted mini-monitor and a television sight;
-active headphones that allow you to negotiate during the battle and inside combat vehicles;
-a set of energy supplies;
- protective glasses that can withstand the ingress of small fragments;
-shields on elbow and knee joints;
is a system of life support, which includes various types of backpacks (Raid backpack, backpack patrol, Vest with interchangeable quick release elements), camouflage kits, foldable insulating lining, removable insulation for use in the winter, -ventiliruemaya shirt, rug, cape, helmet liner, mosquito net, tent, water purification filters, autonomous heat sources;
-New combat knife.

The equipment integrated management complex, consisting of communications, targeting, processing and displaying information, as well as identification. It allows you to transfer information about the location of the soldier to the command post, determine the coordinates of the fighter and navigate the terrain using GLONASS and organize sustainable control at the tactical level. The complex allows the soldier to become part of a unified combat system, managed using the latest information technology.

Basic kit, special kit

Elements of combat equipment systems for functional purposes are combined into sets. Sets are divided into group and individual, basic and special, wearable and portable parts. This separation is made for ease of development and organization of delivery to the troops, as well as issuance and use.

An individual set of combat equipment is a set of interrelated in purpose and functionally elements and means of individual purpose, ensuring the effective performance by an individual soldier of combat missions, both independently and as part of a unit.

Group set of combat equipment - a set of elements and means of group mission, ensuring the effective performance of combat missions by the unit.

Basic individual set of combat equipment - a set of elements of individual equipment, designed for all military personnel, regardless of their military occupation, and are the basis of an individual set of combat equipment.

Special individual set of equipment - a set of elements of individual equipment necessary for the performance of combat missions by military personnel in their military specialty. Elements of a special set are compatible with an individual set and do not replace them, but complement. The composition of the kit is determined by the specialty of the serviceman, and its average predicted value can reach 550 thousand rubles.

In order to reduce the maximum load on military personnel and increase their mobility, individual and group kits are divided into portable and portable parts.

The wearable part of the combat equipment kit is a combination of the means of individual and group sets, the presence of which with a serviceman is necessary for the performance of a combat (official) task.

The carrying part of a combat equipment kit is a combination of individual or group kits, which are not required by a soldier under the conditions of a combat (service) task, or is impossible due to the excess of the maximum load on them. The carrying part can be placed and transported on military equipment or vehicles of the units.

To the soldier of the future

The state tests and experimental military operation of new sets of military equipment on the basis of military units of the Ground Forces, Airborne Forces and Naval Infantry have not yet been completed fleet, however, the main conclusions can be drawn now:

- Reduced the weight of wearable equipment in 1,4 times;
- increased protection class of general armored vests;
-the integration of the control system and means of communication with the rest of the equipment;
-Increased effectiveness of small arms 1,2 times;
- ensured the livelihoods of a serviceman in the conduct of hostilities in any climatic conditions.

The equipping of the Ground Forces with combat equipment of the second generation will begin this year, it is planned to be completed by 2020. This will ensure an increase in the efficiency of the performance of combat missions by the units by 1.5-2 times.

When creating equipment of the second generation, the domestic industry did not use all the available scientific potential and potential. For further development, there is an active search for new technologies and design solutions in the conditions of constantly increasing demands of the troops on equipment.

Research in the field of development of protective equipment, carried out in recent years, shows that the main directions of their improvement are weight loss, increased ergonomics, the creation of ballistic materials and new generation armored structures that allow the military man to be protected from modern attack elements, thermobaric and explosive weapons. .

The most promising direction is the creation of a new generation of high-strength materials developed on the basis of nanotechnology for elements of bullet and splinter protection, as well as for adaptive masking. This will reduce the mass of individual body armor by one and a half to two times, reduce the visibility of military personnel in different wavelength ranges, as well as the likelihood of their being detected by radio and optical electronic reconnaissance devices of the enemy.

An important area will be the provision of comprehensive protection against weapons of mass destruction and actively developed at present non-traditional means of destruction.

In order to provide timely and high-quality medical care to the serviceman, to maintain and maintain his health, biomedical life support technologies and human protection will be more widely applied.

When traveling on foot, additional weapons, ammunition and property can be carried by robotic vehicles. For example, in the USA, a system has been developed that moves through four pillars, surprisingly accurately reproducing the motility of an animal. It can move where no other vehicle passes. Conducted research in this area and with us.

One of the important areas is the introduction of biomechanical technologies (unloading clothes, the development and inclusion of exoskeleton structures in the combat equipment), which will ensure an increase in the physical capabilities of a soldier.

At present, a scientific and technical reserve has been created, which allows us to speak about the appearance of the third generation in the next decade. The development and introduction of new technologies will significantly reduce its weight and size characteristics, improve ergonomics, functionality, and security of military personnel. This, in turn, will certainly increase the effectiveness of their combat missions on the battlefield.

In general, the use of modern means of protection of the new generation in military equipment of servicemen will make a solid step towards the look of a soldier of the future. Significantly reduce their vulnerability in combat confrontation with the enemy, increase the combat capabilities of units and units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Oleg Salyukov,
Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces, Colonel General

Fiction on the march

“Military Industrial Courier” appealed to those who had already tried out the first sets of equipment “Warrior”. The feedback is mostly positive.

“We participated in the testing of the elements of the“ Warrior ”equipment. We had body armor, "unloading", protective helmets, sights, both day and night, and even a thermal imager. Separately, we were taught to work with Sagittarius (complex of intelligence, control and communications. - Approx. A. R.), ”said a soldier who was directly testing a new outfit. In general, he and his colleagues liked the elements of the “Warrior”:

“The bulletproof vest and unloading are very comfortable, the helmet is protective, lightweight, one might say, weightless. We were told that he protects an order of magnitude better than our regular ones. I don’t know how true this is, we haven’t experienced it on ourselves, but what sits comfortably on the head, even with prolonged wearing, you’re practically not tired - that’s yes. ”

Another test participant noted that they were most afraid of jumping with a parachute in Sagittarius: Bronik, helmet, unloading - this is all clear and familiar. But there is also a whole bunch of wires - to the radio station and the Sagittarius terminal, sights on weapons, all kinds of surveillance devices on the helmet are attached. Well, how to jump with all this? There were thoughts that they would hook onto the lines, prevent the dome from opening ... "

But the fears were in vain. Landing with all the elements went well, with no noticeable problems, not to mention the incidents.

However, as interlocutors recognized, not all electronic stuffing, including night-vision sights and thermal imagers, works steadily.

“Once at a time it’s not necessary, it happens that devices are“ buggy ”. Still, some of the elements are still raw. Of course, I would like everything to work properly. But honestly, a lot of things look to us in general from the field of science fiction, ”one of the test participants shared with sensations.

All interlocutors are worried about one question: what kind of automaton will it be? "Sniper" we saw. And large-caliber, and SVD modernized. Machine guns have seen. But we all argue whether AK-12 or AEK. But here we are no longer deciding. And to be honest, neither one nor the other has yet been held in their hands. It will be somehow unusual if the new machine is given instead of the usual Kalashnikov. ”

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  1. azbukin77
    azbukin77 18 October 2014 10: 10
    I wish the fastest introduction of such developments into the armed forces of Russia!
    1. Juborg
      Juborg 18 October 2014 19: 28
      To be honest, I'm tired of all these tales and promises. There are no real, mass deliveries and ALL of their promises are gloomy, as are the Armata, UDC, cruisers, helicopter carriers, etc. The bobs were spent incredibly, and the result, as in the fable of IA Krylov, "... but things are still there."
      1. bullet
        bullet 18 October 2014 20: 22
        Sorry for the minus, missed on the phone, there should be a bold plus ...
        1. smershxnumx
          smershxnumx 18 November 2014 13: 39
          Hmm! The soldier's overcoat "retired" ... But it was not cold in winter, and not hot in summer ... if anyone remembers laughing laughing laughing
        2. smershxnumx
          smershxnumx 18 November 2014 13: 39
          Hmm! The soldier's overcoat "retired" ... But it was not cold in winter, and not hot in summer ... if anyone remembers laughing laughing laughing
  2. Silumin
    Silumin 18 October 2014 10: 22
    The main thing is that something falls into the troops.
  3. pogis
    pogis 18 October 2014 10: 22
    Glory to Russia!
  4. Massik
    Massik 18 October 2014 10: 37
    In the last photo, more or less, the protection of the shoulder joint is not enough.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 18 October 2014 11: 16
      In theory, it is modular, shoulder protection can be fastened. Like the collar

      I like the location of the pouches, for the infantry the most.
      1. Massik
        Massik 18 October 2014 13: 16
        Therefore, and more or less, chest pouches in the previous versions create slight discomfort when crawling on the belly).
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 18 October 2014 14: 01
          It depends on the specialty. For those who have a "sedentary job", for example, drivers or those who sit in armor, it is preferable still on the chest.

          But there seems to be slings on the chest, and you can tighten it. It’s good when there are many options.
  5. Prager
    Prager 18 October 2014 11: 22
    great form! for the infantrymen the very thing! and it is important that it is modular. And there are still reserves for improvement.
  6. Vadim237
    Vadim237 18 October 2014 11: 58
    To equip all our military with this equipment you need billions of seven hundred rubles.
    1. Dreamwriter
      Dreamwriter 18 October 2014 13: 41
      Given that 20 trillion has been allocated for everything - a little less than 5% of the total. And it covers the entire infantry of the army.
  7. Astartes
    Astartes 18 October 2014 12: 56
    I think the complication of equipment will put an end to the millions of armies. It is not enough to dress every soldier even in such a complex, and in fact, recruits will put on a one-year modern complex in peacetime a couple of times, during exercises and that version is cut down so that "they do not break any of the valuable equipment." For the elite units of the permanent service, this complex will go, and the rest will continue to run in old armor and Soviet helmets.
    1. Massik
      Massik 18 October 2014 13: 19
      Previously, in addition to the "field" uniform, each soldier was supplied with a "front dress" and a camouflage coat, now there is one field uniform for all occasions, and then the costs are "incredible" for our rear personnel.
      1. SergeySh
        SergeySh 18 October 2014 15: 24
        The warrior is a field, no one canceled the front.
    2. SergeySh
      SergeySh 18 October 2014 15: 26
      With such volumes of purchases, I think they will very well fit into 50 thousand per set. If the kickbacks are cut in the bud - this is ridiculous money, taking into account the service life of the kit.
      1. Astartes
        Astartes 18 October 2014 16: 20
        The warrior is not only a new armor and helmet, it is also a tactical electronics complex, but how much it will serve and how is not yet clear. And the question of what components did the communication system, navigation, night vision ??? Exactly from Russian ??
        1. SergeySh
          SergeySh 19 October 2014 16: 12
          About the composition of the warrior we are aware of:

          Kamenskvolokno aramid overalls made of fiber "Alutex", capable of withstanding the ingress of fragments of grenades, mines or shells, and also has a certain fire resistance; [4]

          the protection kit includes body armor 6B43 (with ceramic plates) of protection class 6A (according to GOST R 51136-98, GOST R 51112-97, GOST R 50941-96): in the advanced configuration (weight - up to 15 kg) or in the standard configuration (weight - up to 9 kg) without inguinal protection (armored plate and anti-fragmentation module), lower lumbar bulletproof module (armored plate and anti-fragmentation module), shoulder pads (only anti-fragmentation module). As well as a multi-layer helmet that can withstand a pistol bullet (protection class 1) from a distance of 5-10 m. [10] [11]

          the kit is equipped with a Sagittarius control system, which includes communication, target designation [4], information processing and display, and identification — which allows transmitting information about a soldier’s location to a command post;
          a communicator that determines the coordinates of a fighter using GLONASS and GPS, to solve the problem of orientation on the ground and target designation and other applied calculations; [4]

          energy supply kits;

          safety glasses capable of withstanding the ingress of 6 mm fragments flying at a speed of 350 m / s;

          shields on the knee and elbow joints;

          water purification filters, autonomous heat sources;

          an assault rifle, machine gun, or sniper rifle equipped with a night vision scope and thermal imaging aiming system; [12]

          video module for firing from cover. It consists of a thermal imaging sight and a helmet-mounted monitor with a control system, which displays an image from the sight (developed at TsNII Tsiklon OJSC, which is part of the Roselectronika holding) [13].

          several types of thermal imaging sights - 1PN139 (large-caliber) [14], 1PN140 (for normal observation) and an option for reconnaissance (without a name). Developed at the Central Research Institute "Cyclone", part of the holding "Roselectronika" [15].

          Shahin thermal imaging sight - provides for the detection, recognition and firing of aimed fire at targets at any time of the day in a simple and complex meteorological setting [13].

          “Krechet” collimator sight and other devices (in addition to the sight, a 3-fold telescope or a “Lun” night vision monocular can be installed) [16] [17];

          the life support system includes different types of backpacks (universal backpack with a volume of 50 liters, a raid pack of 10 liters; an unloading vest for 24 kg of weight [18] with interchangeable quick-detachable elements), camouflage kits, a folding heat-insulating pad, a removable heater for use in winter, ventilated T-shirt, vest with ammunition compartments, rug, cloak, hat, cap comforter, mosquito net;
          tent, sleeping bag; [2] [19]

          Frost-resistant battery for powering electronic devices. You can connect several batteries. The modular charger allows you to charge from almost all sources of direct and alternating current. One battery lasts 12-14 hours of active use. [20]

          active headphones that allow you to communicate during the battle; [21]

          knife "Bumblebee". [12]

          (from 2017+ years) sensors for military vehicles and “friend or foe” soldiers. The device will allow to distinguish associates from opponents in battle conditions - regardless of their uniforms and disguises. A fighter equipped with such a sensor will be able to distinguish “his” from a “stranger” by looking at the screen of a special device that looks like a mobile phone. It displays on an electronic map the location of the soldier and the location of friendly forces at a given time. [22]
        2. SergeySh
          SergeySh 19 October 2014 16: 22
          Regarding the accessories, the Sagittarius in the army since 2007, only then it weighed 5.4 kg :) In Ratnik, the modernized Sagittarius weighs 2.4 kg. there is nothing supernatural in the complex to use foreign components.

  8. uwzek
    uwzek 18 October 2014 13: 39
    Pr multi-poured satchels of Suvorov miraculous heroes, the author bent. An experienced tourist himself, I know what gravity to carry. Many pounds in a soldier's satchel and will not fit.
  9. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 18 October 2014 16: 15
    many pounds is how much? pood-16kg !!! fool
  10. padonok.71
    padonok.71 18 October 2014 20: 58
    The main thing is weight. For motorized infantry, it may not be so critical; for miners, intelligence, and other specialists, this is a trumpet. Although, in principle, this is not necessary for specialists.
    And further. The article mentions some "walking bunnies", I would like more details. It is important.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 18 October 2014 21: 12
      For intelligence and other specialists, as far as I remember, they also developed something. Ballistic jumpsuit and chest plate, plus a lightweight helmet.
  11. Belbizback
    Belbizback 19 October 2014 00: 34
    Finally, our guys will dress decently in the army .... Although there is something to be proud of !!!
  12. artalex32010
    artalex32010 19 October 2014 17: 43
    I am only very annoyed by one thing - why again SVD (even SVDM) ??? Where is VS 121? What was it created in vain? VS 121 is much more practical and modern than even the latest version of SVDM - in addition to the fact that it has picatinny rails (what talks about a wide selection of rifle scopes), the VS 121 can replace three rifles at once: SVD, SVDM and SVU. It's just abnormally that somehow it turns out "Pecheneg-M" and "Pecheneg-SP", AK12 or a new version of 6P67 - everything is new and even the latest, and then suddenly the old SVD is in another wrapper.
  13. Romin
    Romin 20 October 2014 12: 43
    It will be somehow unusual if instead of Kalashnikov they give a new machine gun ... Somewhere I already heard it ... If instead of the core and gunpowder they give a certain shell with a shell, what will we do either instead of a silicon gun and a cartridge or instead of a mosquito, automatic (so you don’t have enough ammunition) ...
    Conservatism is certainly good, but technology has long gone ahead. Kalashnikov is an excellent base, but it was necessary to modernize back in the eighties! Like all rifle. I’m not tired of bullet shop after shop in milk !!! There are statistics on how much you need to spend a cartridge on 1 result, and statistics are far from in our favor with Kalash. Defense is growing, as is the distance of the battle. Improving accuracy, 7,62 and modern sights access to the future.
    1. Hell's Angel
      Hell's Angel 1 November 2014 15: 22
      Have you tried teaching people to shoot? No, not all sorts of UKS, but for real? You will be surprised, but with the right approach to training the shooter, the result from AK is not worse than from the notorious M - 16. And this is not only single, we have a fighter in a month standing with his hands, 30 rounds of rounds into a chest target at 75 meters. Not an indicator, of course, but it speaks of the correct preparation and control of weapons, which is very necessary for a fleeting, maneuverable battle. The 7,62 also has enough minuses and not only the weight of the wearable B / C. In one thing, you are right, the AK is morally outdated, but this concerns mainly ergonomics, "hardware" with a little modernization will still serve. PS In my opinion 6,5mm is more promising.
  14. Maksus
    Maksus 21 October 2014 15: 03
    I’m much more interested in what’s happening with communications and medicine. Where to charge batteries for all electronics ??? We do not have stalls with free batteries for the army ((((Do you remember the orange first-aid kit? Where are the antidotes from FOV and radioprotectors? And where are the new antiseptics, painkillers and stimulants ???
  15. frame5
    frame5 29 October 2014 01: 40
    Quote: juborg
    To be honest, I'm tired of all these tales and promises. There are no real, mass deliveries and ALL of their promises are gloomy, as are the Armata, UDC, cruisers, helicopter carriers, etc. The bobs were spent incredibly, and the result, as in the fable of IA Krylov, "... but things are still there."

    They promise much. On the other hand, it is clear that nothing directly happens right away. All the time you need.
  16. Alex_good
    Alex_good 11 November 2014 04: 53
    and where is the honey complex with artificial intelligence doing operations on the march ???? cn again ... whether!

    well, if seriously ... something will be there by the year 17, something else sometime ... how it will go in part, then it will be clear what it is.

    and the form turned out to be the most standard for the Western armies (it seems to me =) where is the innovation? in the year 17?
  17. arslan23
    arslan23 12 November 2014 09: 50
    Only headphones and a helmet with a bronic will greatly facilitate the life of fighters. And a good machine. Well, another collar and protection against fragments. 80 percent of the result will give 20% of the equipment. The rest is also necessary, but not always. I wonder what will happen to the helmet if from 500 meters from ak12 get into it ?? The gun is clear, but the rifle?
    I read that there are even antibacterial socks and remain dry for a long time, even if they are dipped briefly in water. This is also important. Feet must be protected. In general, the characteristics are much better than they were. Although in a year we will be able to read more complete reviews, from those who actually use the warrior, the most interesting is to come.
  18. Boxwood
    Boxwood 4 December 2014 14: 59
    Quote: smerx24
    Hmm! The soldier's overcoat "retired" ... But it was not cold in winter, and not hot in summer ... if anyone remembers laughing laughing laughing

    maybe in winter (without NOT) it's cold, but in summer someone wore an overcoat? well, besides the fact that it is terribly inconvenient and not practical, in everyday life, and even more so in the conditions of a field exit. For good, this element of uniform was required to say "goodbye" in the first half of the 20th century, at least as an element of tactical uniforms.