Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 13 2014 year

Yesterday at 2: 45

Message from Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky

“Now at least you can see who breathes what and who has what goals. Even those who will not take part in the elections have closed their mouths and are sitting quietly (all of a sudden the owners do not like it ...)“ But the Brain is still lousy. ”Because I it is not clear how to build a new, just, popular state and at the same time not take into account the interest or opinion of the people? " Unfortunately, the Military Council commanders of the militia of New Russia with might and main oppose. Someone really doesn’t want a united army of Novorossia to emerge - strong, purposeful, cohesive. Someone really doesn’t want the People’s Republics to get truly people's leaders.
We will remember this. We will draw conclusions, as Aleksey Mozgovoy made conclusions about fellow commanders. This situation clearly shows who is who. Who is construct and who is real. Who for the people, and who just PR in the war. Who is engaged in business, and who only creates an activity.
And it's good that there are Brainstorming and Strelkov - this gives Novorossia a chance. "

Yesterday at 3: 25

Donetsk. "Trophies" militias from the battlefield

The Nazis came to us with an insane and unrealistic idea that burned out their brains - to conquer Novorossia. For this, they were ready for anything (the US government allowed to commit any crimes against the Russian-speaking population), including the complete destruction of civilians. However, the people's militia of Donbass faced an insurmountable mountain in front of the pro-American aggressors.

Yesterday at 4: 10

Message from "Borisych"

"In Nikishino, a truce is in full swing ... the disco began today early ... after a long truce the artillery began to put up small arms weapons. Comrades dill drove Nonna and continued to put up with it. Today was completely next to the Ukr block ... about a hundred meters from our guys, and from several sides. I did not see it myself, but they say that ukry is all well-dressed, in armor, helmets ... but only the militia move along Nikishino up and down. "

Yesterday at 5: 20

Two videos from Donetsk airport

The first video from Gram Phillips, the second from the militia.

Yesterday at 5: 35

Message from the militia about the battles at the airport of Donetsk

"The weekly posting to the airport before the Motorola units ended. The rally began to justify everything
the most terrible thoughts that are spinning, if you want, you don’t want, probably, in any head of the newcomer to the hottest section of battles at the moment. Already on arrival, on Stratonautov Street, in the “nine” area and the empty, broken private sector, you literally get caught in the rain of mortar shelling from the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are being hit from Sand, Avdiivka and Water. Our first group, put forward on the front end at the motor ship KrAZ, ran into a mine. KrAZ returned with a torn wheel, two of our three hundred (lightly), several heavy three hundred and one two hundredth. One three hundredth died before our eyes. Eternal memory to you Brothers. Such a beginning!

We took a position ahead of the hotel, straight across the runway, in a building adjacent to the old terminal - the last hearth from which the defense of the APU was kept. We, like the rest of the groups, were sort of on the sidelines of the Givi “Somalia” and the Motorola “Sparta” groups. What can I say, the guys are cool, they are fighting furiously, they didn’t shift their tasks on the rest. They shared everything they had themselves.

All the main losses that occurred during the storming of the airport, passed a couple of days before our arrival. They said in the internet about the great losses of “motorolovtsev” - this is true. Heroism is incredible - to storm the fortified positions supported by armored vehicles and incessant artillery fire. You get used to it, and the closer the mines and shells flopped from the hail, the more fun and louder the laughter of the boys was. The building is trembling and falling apart from the explosions of loved ones, but to everyone, if only for henna, rzhach stands and jokes one after another.

I will note the guys of "Somalis" Serge (commander) and the Dwarf. Fighting bravely and tirelessly. Excellent human qualities. Generally a great atmosphere, without moralizing and obliging. Everyone is aware of his responsibility there. And no coolest motor trader will hurt or show his superiority over the green rookie. Together with Somalis and Spartans side by side there are fighting there and the strongholds, and the guys from the SD, and the Slavs, and the guys from other units, so abundantly living nonch in the DPR. The picture of the broken-up airport and everything that is there looks like some kind of apocalypse, of course. Hails and mortars, zushka are hammering on both sides. We work with large-caliber machine guns and various modifications of grenade launchers. Ukry are working more like snipers, but our guys don’t give them any light, just like their tanks, who are afraid of approaching at a direct shot distance, since our guys are quite quick to burn something that dares to drive this way. "

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 13 2014 year

Yesterday at 10: 11

Message from Jan militia

"The night was relatively calm. Two explosions with gunfire (wrote in the previous day) and another shelling of the airport area with a large caliber MLRS.
Also from the incidents: an attempt was made on Pavel Gubarev, with injuries he was taken to one of the Rostov hospitals. No health information available yet.
The morning in Donetsk has begun relatively calmly, a link of Nazi fighters is flying over Mariupol (sou-24). "

Yesterday at 10: 39

Photos from bloggers

"Ukrainian rocket Tochka-U and a girl from the village, at which Bandera punishers shot out with a tactical missile."

Yesterday at 10: 58

Video from the militia

"In the territories liberated from the Ukrainian fascists, the relatives are looking for the remains of their loved ones. Warrior Eugene, 16 died in August under mortar attack in the Zhdanovka area and was buried by local residents. Novorossia has no unidentified soldiers. Unlike the punishers who hide corpses on the bottom of ponds and nameless pits, none of the militia’s fighters will be forgotten, and every drop of spilled blood is not in vain. "

Yesterday at 11: 15

Material from military observer Boris Rozhin ("colonelcassad")

"A great interview with the militiaman with the call sign" Old ", who directly participated in the first assault on the Donetsk airport and whose squad lost the 31 man from 46 killed. Many details about how this happened and who caused the death of people.

Ps. And by the way, on the topic of unbelievers, who claim that there are no underground communications. The contact came out a man who still 80x participated in anti-terrorism exercises in these facilities. The man gave a number of useful tips on "smoking out", which were transferred to the Abkhaz detachment with opportunity. I really hope to put it into practice. "

Yesterday at 11: 48

Summary from the militia Prokhorov

"Regarding the night, damn such a" silence "was that it was better not to.
Again, Donetsk and the airport were shelled with dill. In response, at night they negotiated over the Sands.
Under Debaltsevo continue to press dill - even the new Gauleiter of Donetsk region Kikhtenko hid for 1.5 hours with his retinue in the dugout - well, Cossacks left a little mine. Also ukrov extruded nearby - in Chernihino. Again, in the Lisichansk area, dill were humiliated in the area of ​​the Peace Valley (with the help of Grad).
Nikishino successfully continues to fight back.
At Mariupol - in the area of ​​Talakovka a bit of tanks they fired at the checkpoint of dill, and in Mariupol itself, scouts at 20 mkr did not make noise at the checkpoint of dill.
There is a flight message aviation over the positions of the militia - something dill is clearly plotting. "

Yesterday at 12: 30

Summary of the Army of the South-East on the morning of October 13

The situation continues to be tense, there were 7 truce violations by the Ukrainian side:
in 17.40, 18.10 from firing positions in the area of ​​the settlement DEBALTSEVO using shelling artillery and multiple launch rocket systems "Grad" made shelling n. COMMISSION, BROKEN, REJUVA. 2 killed and 3 injured locals;
19.30 produced artillery shelling NIKISHINO. Destroyed 2 at home;
in 19.35 from firing positions in the area of ​​n. ASSISTED with the use of barreled artillery, shelling of residential areas and communal infrastructure objects of the settlement was carried out. TEPLOGORSK. Damaged 2 home and broken power lines. One civilian was seriously wounded;
in 20.40, 21.00 from firing positions in the areas of the settlement SVETLODARSKY and RED PARTISAN the southern edge of the settlement has been subjected to a raid of jet systems of Grad volley fire. GORLOVKA. 1 killed and 4 civilians injured;
in 21.15 from positions in the area of ​​n. SANDS made an artillery bombardment in residential areas of the Kuibyshev and Kiev districts of DONETSK. Damaged 2 at home, killed 1 civilian.
According to the DPR intelligence, kidnapping for ransom continues in the occupied territories of Novorossia. According to local residents, late in the evening in the area of ​​the roadblock in the settlement of VOLNOVAKHA, the militants of the battalion "Azov" on charges of having links with the militias, detained a man. For his release, relatives were asked to pay a ransom of 5 thousand dollars within 24 hours. In case of failure to comply with the conditions, the man was threatened to be shot.

Yesterday at 13: 10

Message from a resident Svatovo

“In Svatovo, they again caught up with a bunch of hideout warriors. Local people only retreated from the last raid, and then a new attack. The head of the district administration gathered the chairmen of the remaining collective farms and offered to contribute voluntarily (for the time being) to the military.

For 10 pieces of hryvnia from each. Those by the way obviously do not starve and sell everything they can reach. Diesel at a gas station on 16, take off on 10-12. Then the valiant Internet warrior Semenchenko will tell you that again the equipment from Russia goes in three streams.

And it comes from such warriors. Diesel and gasoline will be sold and everything will be abandoned, because you cannot go far without fuel. From hard zhitukha sell everything they see. And the money goes on booze. Sinyachat on black. What discipline is there?

For a grenade, they ask for an 3-liter can of moonshine, but after bargaining, they can drop more cartridges from Kalash. Most imagine a trip to the ATO area as normal fees at the Union. Come, sweat and dump back to the hut.

Uporotyh Natsik kept apart from all, with them, and it is useless to talk, bullish bull. Ponto above the roof. "

Yesterday at 13: 25

Message from the militia from the Motorola squad

“Star commanders, Motor and Givi do not forget their positions, regularly visit. They are adored by their fighters. Many friendly reporters, partly omnipresent Graham Phillips, came to the Life News report, the guys from Novorossia TV. A sweet report from me. And there death is walking. And there there is no our "armor" that has disappeared at once. And there guys from Kirovograd, protecting not the country and unity, but the ugly fat rich ***, plundering Ukraine and its inhabitants (present and former), kill kids from Donetsk region under the guise of ATO and adult fathers of families from Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, D erzhinska, shouting to the world that this is some terrorists at once somewhere accepting the Donbass. A DNR busy rush of absurd and contrary to every election in this time, in order to draw on the power of our main oplotovtsa ".

Yesterday at 13: 51

Message from journalists

"About an hour ago, the sounds of cannonade were heard again in Mariupol.
The sounds of volleys are very audible in the Illichivsk district of the city. Residents of the village Talakovka reported black smoke over the sky. The walls in the houses are shaking very much, stronger than they were during the past shelling, residents are forced to hide in the basements. "

From a local resident

“Yesterday evening, there was a bit of noise, and today they’re making a lot of noise. The Comintern and Talakovka area has artillery. Regarding Azov ... from many people and from taxi drivers I hear that people are taking people from the streets and raping girls and women. Only that a volley of hail arrived. Tired of walking around the city and being afraid that they would shoot you. "

Yesterday at 14: 40

Photo from the militia with the call sign "Fidel"

“Despite the agreements signed by the politicians, the militia are determined and ready to continue the struggle until the victorious end. In Novoazvoska many volunteers join the militia, the people after the liberation from the Ukrainian occupation sighed freely, smiles on the faces of the people, they welcome the militia on the streets. Kurahino is controlled by mobile armored militia groups. "

That's how the militia patrol the coast.

Yesterday at 14: 46

Message from Catherine Gubareva

“Yesterday between the 23.00 and 24.00 MSCs on the territory of the DPR, the car on which Pavel Gubarev was moving was really attacked. At night, unknown people cut and fired, allegedly from Pavel’s automatic weapon, the driver lost control and crashed into a reinforced concrete pillar. Investigative actions are being carried out at the scene of an incident.The driver is alive - a light concussion. Paul is provided with medical assistance on the territory of the Russian Federation. Pavel is alive, has no gunshot wounds, no fractures or damage to vital signs. There is no rgan. I didn’t regain consciousness. According to experts, a preliminary diagnosis is a closed head injury. A clinical examination is carried out. As the doctors explain, as long as you do not need to sound the alarm, you can recover at any time.

Now in the media and the Internet spreads mass speculation and blatant lies. Enemies of the DPR and Novorossia are now trying to take advantage of any excuse to sow discord between the commanders and political leaders of the republic. Any incident trying to give a political color. On the eve of the first democratic elections in the republic, this is beneficial primarily to the former Donetsk oligarchs and the Ukrainian government. They could not defeat us by force, they are now trying to split us with civil strife. Anyone who spreads panic in the networks and supports unsubstantiated accusations in any direction, now pours water on the mill of Kiev fascists.

In order to stop all the speculations around recent posts, I will make an explanation: representatives of the New Russia party GO TO THE ELECTIONS to the Parliament of the Republic as part of the Free Donbass bloc. This unit is already registered with the CEC DPR. Let us hope that Pavel will quickly recover from his injury and continue our common struggle, but for the time being the political council decided to appoint me as the leader of the movement NovPosiya Novorossiya.

I will report the status of Pavel on his official Facebook and Vkontakte pages.

Catherine Gubareva. "

Yesterday at 15: 05

Message from the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky

“Sorry, I can’t answer questions on the situation in the DPR right now. I don’t want to make hasty conclusions, the next few days can still change a lot. The warlords are dissatisfied and will react.

"Strelkovtsy", to put it mildly, in a difficult situation. Under these conditions, they all the more need material assistance, which we are trying to coordinate.

For example, we are now engaged in the transfer of several dozen volunteers, trucks loaded with cargo (warm clothes, shoes, equipment, special means) and 10 cubes of fuel and lubricants.

Russia helps. Ukrainians. Because cargo for the militia simply does not carry, at least in some areas. Yesterday, at the checkpoint, they did not even miss one gazelle with humanitarian aid (there were no documents for it), therefore, they didn’t even try to transport our "non-humanitarian" truck,

Either they do not allow through the “holes” at the border, or they are closed - for example, at the entrance to one of the roads through which we passed earlier, there are plates, and we dug the road so that it simply did not pass.

Now we are looking for solutions to the problem and we will definitely find it. Your help will surely reach the militia. "

Yesterday at 15: 05

Message from the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky

“Sorry, I can’t answer questions on the situation in the DPR right now. I don’t want to make hasty conclusions, the next few days can still change a lot. The warlords are dissatisfied and will react.

"Strelkovtsy", to put it mildly, in a difficult situation. Under these conditions, they all the more need material assistance, which we are trying to coordinate.

For example, we are now engaged in the transfer of several dozen volunteers, trucks loaded with cargo (warm clothes, shoes, equipment, special means) and 10 fuel cubes.

Russia helps. Ukrainians. Because the goods for the militia simply can not be transported, at least in some areas. Yesterday, at the checkpoint, they did not even miss one gazelle with humanitarian aid (there were no documents for it), therefore, they didn’t even try to transport our "non-humanitarian" truck,

Either they do not allow through the “holes” at the border, or they are closed - for example, at the entrance to one of the roads through which we passed earlier, there are plates, and we dug the road so that it simply did not pass.

Now we are looking for solutions to the problem and we will definitely find it. Your help will surely reach the militia. "

Yesterday at 15: 55

Post military unit of Motorola Gennady Dubovoy

“The airport. Yesterday, our group attacked a group of Ukrainian troops at the terminal - they processed from RPGs, PCs and AKs. The enemy had many dead and wounded. Today, ukry launched a counterattack (according to our soldiers, 3 tank and several armored personnel carriers). Direct hits by tank shells the first floor of the hotel being defended by motor trailers was seriously damaged. Our soldiers were fired right at the hotel to the right of the hotel. Several of our soldiers were wounded, one was 200. Ukrov offensive was repulsed. In general, the situation at the airport has not changed. "

Yesterday at 16: 05

Message from the militia headquarters

“According to the DPR intelligence, in the occupied territories punitive continues to kidnap people for ransom. So, in Volnovakha, in the evening around the checkpoint located near the bridge, punitive agents from the Azov battalion seized a man accusing him of having links with the militia. His wife was asked pay a ransom in the amount of 5 thousand dollars within 24 hours. If the conditions were not met, the man was threatened to be shot. And in the evening of October 10 by Aydarovites on suspicion of having links with the militias, Andrei Komarovsky was seized on Chizhevsky Street. biv, Bandera took the young man in an unknown direction. Also, the national guardsmen stationed in the Gornyk culture house earlier attacked a grocery store located nearby. Threatening the merchants with guns, the marauders took several boxes of alcohol and canned meat. "

Yesterday at 17: 25

A letter from a resident of Slavyansk

"For some reason, suddenly I remembered the time in Slavyansk under fire. And now I can write everything.
I remember everything from the very beginning to the very end. How did a huge crowd gather in the square for rallies in support of the Golden Eagle and against the EU, how the mountains were captured. Department. How people gathered there and asked how they could help and what was needed. All supported. They carried what they could, who had food, who brought warm tea, who brought bags, and who simply came to watch the night. As people came to the roadblocks, women with icons who believed that the military wouldn't go to women. How everyone warmed around the fire in the rain and drank tea from their thermoses with sandwiches. Yes, it was scary. The helicopters flew at the level of the fourth floor ... But then we also could not imagine that everything would be much worse.
Every day everything was gaining momentum.
While everything was calm, we even managed to visit each other. Miraculously, I even managed to go to my girlfriend in Makeyevka, and from there to get to Kharkov and stay there for a week because of the shelling of the city (it was not possible to enter the city). But everything seemed to have calmed down a bit, and by the way, I traveled to Slavyansk for several days from Kharkov.
The difference between the Ukrainian military checkpoint and the militia is colossal. At the militia checkpoints, our bus always smiled and treated kindly. At Ukrainian military checkpoints, I wanted to squeeze myself into a chair or just disappear. I have never seen such anger and hatred in my eyes. And constantly the weapon was aimed at me. Just imagine, I'm with a bag and a bouquet of roses, and they are in me. Fearfully.
After a week of peace and tranquility, I was terribly afraid of explosions. But over time it passed. And now, under shelling, I am already going from one end of the city to the other and I think what place the shell has flown this time.
I remember how helicopters flew to Karachun. The helicopter flew in, silence, the helicopter flew away - and shelling began on a new one.
And how we all prayed to the city that it would rain, so that it would not stop. After all, in the rain we were not bombed.
As we wept and cursed the National Guard, when they were the most terrible shelling of the district of Artyom. As with each news about destruction and injuries, we were even more horrified. Like old women crying and cursing. Cursed Ukraine, cursed the junta.
And how, over time, they changed sighting training shells for combat ones. This terrible poisonous smell after the shelling. At that moment you are already sleeping not according to the regime, but when it is quiet. I even managed to watch a cooking show and at that time to sit with a face mask. And terribly indignant that the explosions prevent to watch the preparation of a new interesting dish.
And then began the shelling of my area. The bag with the essentials is always collected and standing next to, warm shoes next to the bed, and when you go to bed, you think, "Or maybe go to bed in clothes? So as not to lose time, but put on shoes, take everything you need (which has already been collected) and run in the shelter. " But even at that moment we managed to go to visit friends in their shelter.
Emotions after the time spent in the shelter I still have not subside. Old men and small children. In a cold, raw shelter. Without food they sit constantly there. They go outside just to warm themselves when the explosions subside.
I tried not to go there, but to stay at home, it was hard for me to look at it. For the last money I bought them food, played with them and left.
And I immediately remember how I stand and iron my clothes. And here my house is surrounded by shells. Everything is by, but right around it. Terrible explosions, fear, hands are shaking, turn off the iron, bags in the hands and in the shelter. An 3 ambulance immediately appeared. The wounded. Near me, near my house. But it could be those kids or their parents. For myself at that time did not even think.
So the days went by. Then information appeared about the assault attempt. Therefore, an hour before the expected assault, I decided to dye my hair. (Great female logic) At this time I baked a chicken leg in the oven. Quiet. Already even laugh from it. The night passed quietly. Breathed a sigh of relief. But then in the morning they start bombing. With a fighter. Semenovka. The heart is shrinking. After all, there are close. I sit roaring, trying to cram the ham in me that I cooked at night. Again, quickly going to the shelter. At that time, even the sedatives almost stopped helping.
In the next of these days call. "You're leaving in 20 minutes. Hurry up." Again shelling. All canceled, in the basement. 10 minutes of silence and again the call "Are you ready? Faster. We are already leaving." Just like in a fog, again tears, all the most necessary things in a bag and run. To be in time, because the nerves already pass. You say to yourself, "The week, and come back. I will come to my senses and back. After all, there are kids in the basement, and I promised them an exhibition of their drawings." Had time. We leave. Our checkpoint. All already relatives and familiar faces, smiles. "Bon voyage. Call me when you get there." And then the National Guard post. Evil faces, machine guns that are aimed directly at me. All shakes. At that moment it seemed to me that this was the end. Not. After half an hour miss. We are going.
We are going to detour. So quickly, you need to catch a train. Ukrainian roadblocks are always delayed, ours are missing, worried.
The train was delayed for 3 hours. Waited for us. All people are watching us. We roar and go to the train. Sat down. I can not believe it. Like a dream, like waking up again now from an explosion.
This week did not work, news about the shelling of native places, tears. And then all the news about the release of the militia. There is no going back. Without anything, left for a week to rest from shelling.
In the thoughts "And how are those children? Are they alive?" and through people you will find out that they managed to leave, and this family is fine.
All as relatives have become.
I was going to call the neighbors, find out how they are. Two weeks could not decide. Call Awesome news. Now I begin to understand that something was stopping me correctly. After all, so much you can not cry.
Time passes, I calm down and start life anew. On another land. Yes, hard. But I am sure that everything will turn out, that everything will be fine. "

Yesterday at 17: 50

Militiaman from the brigade "Ghost" Nikolai spoke about the military-strategic situation in Novorossia

According to the fighter, he came to defend the Russian people because he once defended his native Moldavia. It is impossible to remain indifferent when the West nurtures a new hand beast against the Russian world. When the Nazis burned people in Odessa, armed conflict became inevitable.

Subversive actions on the part of Ukraine were both conducted and continue. The guys are fighting with ukropeytsami, doing everything to prevent their crimes against civilians Novorossiya.

Every furuncle in Ukraine poses like Napoleon. There is no unity in their ranks. The Nazis may be removed and not come to the aid of their own fighters, and, instead, go to rest on the nature directly with weapons instead of skewers. This suggests that their attack in the autumn-winter period is unlikely. But in the spring, collecting the forces, punitive can go on the attack. Therefore, for the army of New Russia it is extremely important to prepare well and maintain unity, in order not only to stop the Nazis, but also to finish off reptiles in their own lair.

Yesterday at 17: 51

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"Well, silence has come to Mariupol - now there is not a weak rubilovo near Komintenovo and Talakovka (north-east of the city) using artels and tanks.

In Donetsk, there is such silence that you do not know where to run. Ukry pounding with terrible force, and - they are clearly not interested in where they will get - they themselves have covered Avdeevka with Tonky - see, they wanted on the outskirts, and got in the old part.
And so - Putilovka, the airport and the Sands - silence is such that the ears are laid and the sand from the eyes is picked out with a spoon.
Dill tried to storm the old terminal. Concerning the rest of the sites, activity is incomprehensible. Well, or ukry in general, they drank their last brains - tension in all places. It was used offensive - in one or two. Although - maybe they are just probing, looking for weak points.

Silence mode is now actively in Novotroitsky - between Dokuchaevskiy (DPR) and Volnovakha (the Ukrainian-occupied south of the DPR).
And - using the artel of large colibri.

About the misinformation from Avakov: "Under Mariupol, the militants shot an ambulance, killed a 3 man."
In fact, this is already quite famous. история to all who stayed in the Donetsk region. This October 10 happened - the wounded in Krasnogorovka, in coordination with the militia, should have been brought to Donetsk for an operation, next to Kurakhovo (they were going around to avoid the shelling) the car was shot at by the national guard.
How and why the story has surfaced now and why they have localized it to the south of the real place - for "They heard a ring, but they do not know where he is."

Yesterday at 18: 56

Message from the militia

"Under Mariupol, Kamenka’s punitive side inflicted artillery strikes from the MLRS in full package on Talakovka, in Talakovka numerous fires. After lunch, the Ukrainian punishers struck another artillery strike on Putilovka, there were injured. attacking the airport. The Nazi armored vehicles advanced to firing positions and opened fire from tank guns at our units. After the ammunition was shot off, the Ukrainians retreated, and our In the 17: 00 area, the militia launched an additional counter-attack on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard in Peski, after which the observers in the Ukrainian positions recorded smoke. In Gorlovka, the Mikhailovka and Beam areas were fired at the Ukrainian positions. Our artillery on punitive positions in the area of ​​Kirovsk. "

Yesterday at 21: 04

Message from Catherine Gubareva

"He returned from Pavel. He was in intensive care until he regained consciousness. He is breathing with the ventilator. The condition is stable. As a result of a complex of examinations, the doctors came to the conclusion that Pavel has small local contusion foci of 1 type in the left parietal part of the head. How do I Doctors explained - this is a slight swelling of the brain as a result of a blow, which is supposed to come to life within 24 hours.
Let us pray that he will quickly recover.
Received today a huge number of messages and calls. Thank you very much, comrades and friends, for your support!

Ekaterina Gubareva "

Yesterday at 21: 21

Message from "Borisych"

“Today, Nikishino is much calmer than all the previous days. I woke up from the voice of Commander Krava from the radio from the next room:“ Good morning, leave for morning exercises. ”In the morning hours a few minutes from ukrov flew, and now occasionally they shoot and fly vogi, but mostly it was quiet during the day ... and it was still very warm, the sun somehow was not at all childish.
A strange armistice just happened in Nikishino. Heroic ukry began to violate it, apparently Nonna ... violated-violated ... And then ... from somewhere behind us came the exits ... I don’t know from what ... a volley, but not grads, and ukry were reconciled ... There were two or three more exits, and ukry recalled that our truce was finally ... silence. By the way, while I was writing, two more exits were sounded, shots of two or three ... And finally, now Krava and Era have secured a truce a little bit to the advanced ukrov checkpoint from AGSA. "

Yesterday at 21: 30

Message from bloggers

“In the Kharkov school, SBUshniki question children about the political views of parents. The SBU has found a new way to calculate dissidents. In the 117 school of Kharkov (Dzerzhinsky district), unknown people will learn the political views of their parents from children. The mother of one of the students of this school.
According to her, the above-mentioned personalities move around the school without any obstacles from the management. Conversations with schoolchildren are started up in classrooms in the format of "psychological counseling", but all questions are devoted to the political views of the family - what news do parents watch, how are they discussed, do they take part in rallies, etc.
According to the schoolboy who told the mother about what is happening, the "consultants" do not even remotely resemble psychologists and are, apparently, employees of the SBU. "

Yesterday at 22: 05

Review of the 1-th International Brigade for October 13

The past day on the fronts of Novorossia preserved, on the whole, invariably the position of the opposing sides and were marked by the intensification of electoral chaos (attempt on P. Gubarev)

Donetsk People's Republic

Donetsk - contradictory information comes in during the night (Donetsk mayor says it was quiet, the militia representatives, on the contrary, report a very noisy “truce”). The night before, Kiev and Kuibyshevsky districts of the city were fired at, today at lunchtime Putilovka metro station, in the evening shelling of the airport’s territory intensified (fire was conducted from the Grad MLRS from Pikt Sands and tank guns). It is known about the next evening attempt of the militia to make an attack on the airport buildings occupied by the ukrovermaht (the attempt was successful only in part of the mowed dill). In turn, the punishers launched a counter-offensive in the morning (with the help of tanks and armored personnel carriers), but also ineffective. In general, the situation is stable.


Gorlovka - late in the evening, she was twice fired from the Grad MLRS (from the positions of punishers in the area of ​​the settlement of Svetlodarsk), 1 was killed, 4 civilians were injured.

Marinka - the punishers report shelling, however, the city is coquettishly called “Mariinka” (ukroSMI often admits such blunders, referring Zhdanovka to the LC, calling Nikishino “NyksheNo” - either from New York pointers are poorly visible, or illiterate ” daughters of an officer "compile them reports).

Other settlements DNR
Debalcevo - on the eve of the militia fired a massive mortar shelling of punitive positions (it is reported that the new head of the Donetsk region, a certain citizen Kikhtenko, was forced to hide in a bomb shelter).

The mining district - fighting in n. v. Nikishino continue (ukrovermaht complains about the shelling of his checkpoint from the MLRS "Uragan").

Yasinovatsky district - PGT Pesky remains a place of concentration of particularly active artillery of the Ukrovermakht, leading almost continuous shelling of Donetsk (the night before and periodically during the day, the militia artillery attacked retaliatory attacks). A similar situation develops in n. p. Thin and Novokalinovo (local clashes, interspersed with shelling)

Thus, Debaltseve (where the promised giant cauldron is ripening and in no way mature) and Donetsk (airport) remain the most tense front points in the DPR. There has been an increase in the movement of equipment and personnel of the Ukrovermht in the Novoazovsk and Telmanovsk districts (on the outskirts of Mariupol).

Lugansk People's Republic

Bryanka - last night, ukrovermaht inflicted art-strike on residential areas n. Lomovatka and Vergulevka from the Grad MLRS (2 died, 3 civilians were injured).

Perevalsky district - in the evening punitive with direction n. n. Debaltsevo struck from the Grad MLRS by n. P. Komissarovka. In response, the militia during the night several times made an invigorating mortar shelling of ukrovermht positions around n. P. Chernukhino.

Popasnyansky district - fortified punitive in the village of Mirnaya Dolina (Lisichansky direction of the front) was fired at night by Cossacks from the Grad MLRS.

Stakhanov - last night ukrovermaht fired from a barrel artillery, located in n. Popasnaya, PGT Teplogorsk (1 civilian injured).

Thus, the situation in n. Happiness stabilized (traditional mortar duels and local battles are the only thing that is reported, and only by the junta), but the Lisichan and Severodonetsk directions of the front intensified.

Mariupol - intensified fighting in this area. Ukrovermaht (in the intervals between observations of the rotation of Kadyrovtsy, Russian special forces, combat tripods and mutated bears) reports at least 4 UAVs, which carried out reconnaissance of the area in the Novoazovskiy region, the militias say about the flights of Ukrainian aviation over the city. The activation of the DRG of the militia is also noted (at night, the checkpoint of the national ambassadors in the village of Talatkovka was fired from tanks).

Fresh psaki

Putin again reached out of the secret nooks of the Kremlin, eliminating the genius of the military thought of Geletei - our merry man resigned, the head of the chair appoints the dismal Poltorak in his place. Let's hope that invigorating drugs used in the Defense Ministry, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Security Service will improve the situation, and the new defense minister will burn the verb no worse than the previous one.

But this is not the only reason - the next mini-Maidan was held today in Kiev (reports TSN). This time the instigated (in all senses) rebelled the natsgada. But they rebelled not trivially, with tires and Molotov cocktails, but intricately with a twinkle. First, during the previous day's 4's, the punishers demanded "to pay them money that they had not received for a long time." Are the FSB agents under the guise of the sons of Bandera penetrated to the cloister of democracy Kiev ?! After all, everyone knows that true patriots of Great Ukriya cannot demand money in principle (they put their lives on the altar of the visa-free regime for the idea of ​​European integration). Secondly, the national teams "asked to give them a winter uniform." It is also strange - doesn’t the ardent heart of a true svidomit warm him in the fight against the Muscovites ?! Also, the ukroariums demanded that they be treated “as with people, and not with cattle”. Of course, this is what it is in general: only a Polish sir can whip up a zapadensky slave with a whip, so for now there is no visa-free regime with Poland — no, no! Dill, by the way, went to the protest case thoughtfully - “before leaving the unit, they locked the commanders in the economic premises”. However, the Ukrainian officers, "having got out, tried to dissuade the soldiers from the march on Kiev, but without success." What a plot, what a passion! But official Kiev is not far behind - “the leadership of the National Guard explains to the servicemen the position of the state regarding the delay in demobilization.” Nobody specifies what kind of position this is; one can only guess by the number of coffins and nameless graves.

However, the punishers today do not stop sharing revelations; commit, so to speak, coming out. Another torch of nepolivosti, the UNIAN news agency, publishes an interview with the commander of the Azov regiment, candidate Andrei Biletsky. The Punisher from the first words is revealed in full, saying “everything was done at first at random, but there was an understanding that it was necessary to act quickly and actively”. Biletsky is broadcasting that his career as a passive punisher began with “cleaning the street from the Russian-communist misfortune in Kharkov.” It is worth noting that, by age, Andryusha was born 1979 in the USSR, in a free hospital built by bloody commies; went to a free kindergarten and school built by bloody commies; ate and clothed the fact that the bloody commies were raised on collective farms and sewed on the bloody communist factories.

By casualties: civilians - 4 / 7
militias - 1 /?
natsgadi - 1 /? (NSDC)

Thus, the electoral whistle continues. The fighting situation remains unchanged (with the exception of the movement of active hostilities from one village to another), however, rumors are floating in the air about the imminent attack on Mariupol (why not immediately to Lviv?), Contrary to recent statements by the leadership of the DPR. The exchange of prisoners, about which everyone has already forgotten, constantly fails through the fault of Kiev. Thus, none of the goals of the Minsk agreements has been properly fulfilled. What changes will bring us soon - we will see.

Yesterday at 22: 25

The statement of Pavel Dremova: "Deputies are crooks, and the Carpenter VOR"

“Rally in Stakhanovo (LNR). Pavel Dremov’s speech. The oligarchs’ appointees didn’t manage to divide portfolios, and they were already stealing, completely forgetting the needs and aspirations of the people. And thanks to whom they came to power, on whose blood. ”

Yesterday at 22: 40

Interview with the commander of the militia "Batman" about the situation in Novorossiya

"The commander of the rapid response group, Alexander Bednov, callsign" Batman "spoke about the military-strategic and political situation in New Russia.
Those who signed an agreement with representatives of the Ukrainian side in Minsk did not think about the hundreds and thousands of people who died for wanting to be free from Bandera invaders and live in a state with real people's power. The militiamen were simply stunned when they were stopped, not allowing the punitive army to be driven outside the borders of the DPR and the LPR. "

Yesterday at 23: 04

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Jan

"In 18: 50 Our artillery inflicted artillery on enemy clusters under Grodovka, as a result the Nazis suffered very serious losses in manpower. There are damage to the equipment and destroyed armored vehicles, the Nazi camp was defeated. In 18: 05, the Nazis shelled the area of ​​the airport and the Putilovki unidentified gunmen of the unidentified gunmen. Acrid smoke. Grigorievka and Yakovlevka in heavy smoke, the situation is heating up. From the side of Loginovo in the direction of Lugansk opened fire with the MLRS of large caliber ("hurricane").
During the day, the Kiev Nazis attacked the Kuibyshevsky and Kievsky districts, the Chervonogvardakey district from Avdeevka. In Shakhtersk, Torez, the situation is heating up. In the area of ​​Mariupol, as before, intensely, in the area of ​​Talakovka, battles and artdueli, at least two combat units of enemy equipment were destroyed, a fuel truck was destroyed, two Nazi checkpoints were broken down; our Nazis covered well under Zarya. The Nazis open fire with howitzer artillery and MLRS in the Novoazovskiy area. Heavy situation near Novotroitsk, fierce battles and artduel, also battles go under Debaltseve. "

Yesterday at 23: 55

Statement of Catherine Gubareva

“In order to stop all the speculations around the recent posts, I will clarify: representatives of the Novorossia party are going to ELECTIONS to the Parliament of the republic as part of the Free Donbass block. This block is already registered by the CEC of the DPR. Hopefully, Pavel will quickly recover from his injury and continue our a common struggle, for now the political council decided to appoint me as the leader of the OPD party “Party Novorossiya”.
I will announce the status of Pavel on his official Facebook and Vkontakte pages. "

Today in 0: 25

Message from the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Donetsk People's Republic of Edward Basurin

"Over the past day, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made two attempts to break through the positions of the DPR militia around the Donetsk airport, all punitive attacks were repulsed. The DPR militia prevented Ukrainian armored vehicles from moving to the air terminal. During the fighting in the airport area, three DPR militiamen were killed, 11 were seriously injured."

Today in 3: 30

Evening report from the militia Prokhorov

"The mode of silence was not limited to Donetsk, Mariupol, Dokuchaevsky.

All also loudly silent at Debaltseve and Chernukhino. Today, generally covered the position of dill west of Debaltseve - in the village. The commune.

There is silence near Slavyanoserbskom (LNR) - at the village. Bold. There dill stormed militia checkpoint.

In the morning they are silent on the positions of Aidar at the TEC in Happiness.

Zaporozhye to the day of the liberation of the city from the spiritual fathers of dill - the German fascist troops made a gift - liberated 17 prisoners-residents of this city (all from the National Guard)

In the area of ​​Nikishino seriously also very silent.

Silence was on the Lisichansk direction - dill pickled near the village of Lower (near Toshkovka). Yesterday there was a Gauleiter Moskal, saying that, they say, the Cossacks will chase. And look - again, the opposite happened :)

In Avdeevka, fennels broken by the Sparta detachment of Motorola went away, but there, again, armor went to that area.
Fennel and Makeevka were also shot at - houses on 2 streets and the nursing home suffered.

Near Mariupol the silence regime began again - the population in a panic is hiding in the basements.

And it seems that the mercenary bat Dnepr-1 is running, although it is presented as if it is being diverted from the airport. "

Today in 3: 45

The commander of the DRG "Magadan" - "On a truce and elections"

Commander DRG "Magadan": We will not go to a truce, we will fight for their land. We did not declare this war. Those who compromise with the Ukrainian government are traitors.

Today in 5: 15

Comment from Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky. "Beginning of the end: united Ukraine began to crumble"

Today, protests have been held in many large regional centers. Military protests deceived conscripts. Hardest flared in Kiev.

So, the conscripts dispersed from Bankova in their units.

But they promise to return.

For a start: there were not only BB shniki. There were soldiers of all types of troops, protesting today in virtually every regional center of Ukraine. Really - about a thousand soldiers.

The guys have one specific requirement: to fulfill the requirements of the Law and announce the demobilization of conscripts. However, a detailed conversation reveals interesting details that absolutely do not fit into the image of the “ukrofashist punisher” blown up by the zombie media.

"This Bandera all with their glitches and shizami have done"
"Poroshenko is not only a terrorist, but also an embezzler"
"Poroshenko earns money on the ATO"
"They are afraid to send us to the front, they think that we will side with the separatists as the first parts of 25"
"It is necessary to drench all radicals from any color with a flag, and establish democracy"
"If there was a Soviet army, it would have put in place all this pack of oligarchs"
"Azov and other terbats - scoundrels, because of them they hate us"
"The guys are forced under the penalty of death, we are also weak people, we do not have the strength not to execute the order - and it’s good that they will send others if they shoot us and some volunteer will be happy to shoot."

This is the beginning of the end of the war.

PS First soldiers began to come to life in Ukraine. They understood that they were dying for the oligarch Jews Kolomoisky, Valtsman-Poroshenko. Because where death is very near, the truth is more clearly visible. "The closer to death, the clearer the people. The farther to the rear, the fatter the generals ..."

Today in 9: 00

Photo from the militia

"The militia documented another fact of the use of Ukrainian punitive point-U missiles.
In fifty meters from the road scattered debris of a rocket, in peacetime, such a message would be news number one. Now this will surprise few people. Kiev is not at all embarrassed by the fact that the use of such weapons is prohibited by international conventions. There are about fifty such missiles in Ukraine. In skillful hands, the error when a missile hits a target is no more than 7-8 meters. But the big question is whether such specialists remained in Ukraine. And for aiming fire, satellite data or digital maps of the terrain are necessary. In Ukraine, there is neither the first nor the second. "

Today in 9: 39

Message from the militia

"Ukry continue to fire from the Sand area at our positions in the Airport area. In the Sand area, automatic gunfire is heard."

From "Borisych" (from the position at Nikishino).
"It has just traditionally been awakened by the Ukr greeting, it seems [mortar] 82 mm."

From a local resident.
“In the evening in Mariupol there was again a cannonade using hail, self-propelled guns, mortars and howitzers were working. There was also a tank battle in the Comintern area. It feels like the city is intimidated by ukrami. This is a forbidden topic. They may even be fired from their jobs. At the moment, at least in the East, while they are resting, they are gaining strength, so to speak. "

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  1. vdtomsk
    vdtomsk 14 October 2014 10: 00
    In the meantime: Kiev authorities are preparing for air raids and publish lists of city bomb shelters
    It turns out that the Kiev authorities are seriously considering the possibility of massive power strikes against the Ukrainian capital. Probably, you always need to prepare for the worst, all the more, it is unlikely, for example, six months ago, residents of Lugansk or Donetsk could imagine that their cities would be bombed again and again by Ukrainian "heroes". And now, the civilians of New Russia could tell the people of Kiev a lot of useful information about where it is better to hide during shelling.
    1. 1812 1945
      1812 1945 14 October 2014 11: 08
      Quote: vdtomsk
      In the meantime: Kiev authorities are preparing for air raids and publish lists of city bomb shelters

      Let them prepare. The junta cannot be appeased by persuasion. And the fuss around the people's grief and the People's Future ... Who would doubt that the rats are oligarchs and their bureaucratic servants will arrange a fuss !? In this regard, the reaction of the people to everything that happens is not unambiguous ... Even on VO "marmots" have time to hurry up - they will post provocative SBU material in the comments, then they fool their heads with "minuses" and "pluses" ... Thank God - here, on the Military Review, there are few of them, though.
  2. shishakova
    shishakova 14 October 2014 10: 02
    The regime of silence has reached Mariupol. New Russia will win, and we should not know the military and political secrets yet.
    I wish you health and courage, dear militia! God bless you.

    The blessed memory of the fallen ...
  3. Magic archer
    Magic archer 14 October 2014 10: 11
    How many missiles do they have to the "Points" ?! I read that there were no more than 70. And photos and videos with the wreckage appear every day ...
  4. provincial
    provincial 14 October 2014 10: 14
    The soldiers of the United Ukraine were the first to recover. They realized that they were dying for the Jewish oligarchs Kolomoisky, Valtsman-Poroshenko. Because where death is very close, the truth is seen more clearly. "The closer to death, the cleaner the people. The further to the rear, the fatter the generals ..."
  5. qQQQ
    qQQQ 14 October 2014 10: 15
    There are many detachments - all are heroes, but when will they unite all under one principle ?. Field commanders will not win the war.
  6. ALEXX.
    ALEXX. 14 October 2014 10: 23
    Yes, a good truce.
  7. A.Thschukin
    A.Thschukin 14 October 2014 10: 33
    In yesterday's bulletin there was a message from a "bad soldier" promising surnames. I waited today.
  8. leglun
    leglun 14 October 2014 10: 35
    I suggest that the militias collect spare parts from point U - then collect it and flop it on Kuev !!!
  9. mira. 36
    mira. 36 14 October 2014 10: 38
    Most of the militias in their statements are against the shameful Minsk agreement, but for some reason the matter does not go further than talk. Who or what is preventing the militia from uniting into a single army? The peace agreement is inherently shameful for the simple reason that it was signed at the time of the successful offensive of the Novorossiya army and the liberation of the occupied territories of Donbass. The junta's army was demoralized, on the verge of complete defeat, and at that moment a "truce" was established on unfavorable and treacherous conditions. It was necessary to come to a peace agreement only after regaining control within the borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, then it was possible to negotiate with the junta from the position of the strong, and not as it is now, bargaining is not clear for what, but no sense - mistrust and tension are growing between the parties. Everyone understands perfectly well that it is necessary to introduce a unified military command, but the political forces of the DPR and LPR, controlled by the oligarchy, persistently impose their implementation in order to legalize their power and continue to drain the idea of ​​NOVOROSSIA. All the unwanted will be let into the expense and deprived of all support with finances and weapons.It is necessary to ask Zakharchenko why the Motorola and Givi units were left at the airport without proper fire support - tanks and artillery, where all of this weapons suddenly disappeared. Why does the dill armor calmly enter the airport and hit the guys with direct fire? It smacks of betrayal ...
  10. ajkapojka
    ajkapojka 14 October 2014 10: 57
    Gas must be smoked by mercenaries with law enforcement from caticombs at the airport of Donetsk!
  11. Romass
    Romass 14 October 2014 10: 57
    At the expense of honest ordinary people, patriots, as always, the fat-torn "figures" are making a profit with harsh and hassle words ... Long live New Russia! Death to kapizdalismus and others like them.
  12. Victor-M
    Victor-M 14 October 2014 11: 06
    PS First soldiers began to come to life in Ukraine. They understood that they were dying for the oligarch Jews Kolomoisky, Valtsman-Poroshenko. Because where death is very near, the truth is more clearly visible. "The closer to death, the clearer the people. The farther to the rear, the fatter the generals ..."

    But it’s so easy to end a fratricidal war. Generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine to the wall, then a friendly popular move with weapons to Kiev to ukrorada to fry its contents or crumble the Rada assembly into a small "salad" right in the meeting room. And that's all.
  13. Alcoholic
    Alcoholic 14 October 2014 11: 08
    Reading the reports, I thought: it’s true that a big surprise for our elite was the understanding that ordinary people can fight no worse than regular military personnel :))
    Not forgotten how to fight, learns quickly, fieryly brave.
    Then all this peel of Euro-value is complete nonsense.
  14. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 14 October 2014 11: 46
    And there is no our "armor", all at once disappeared somewhere
    But such news does not need to be exposed. The enemy also knows how to read and make decisions.
  15. Monetniy
    Monetniy 14 October 2014 11: 49
    New Russia is merging on all fronts. We urgently need to unite all the field commanders who are against the Minsk Agreement, send Zakharchenko to resign and Occupy the territories of the regions.
  16. askort154
    askort154 14 October 2014 11: 53
    I read the bulletins and, unfortunately, I am convinced that Novorossia is needed only by militia heroes. They are left alone with the problems. Their problems are not only free from the Nazi invaders, but
    and from oligarchs with politicians who are afraid of losing their "nests".
  17. Terminolol
    Terminolol 14 October 2014 12: 19
    A true truce is evil! Evil for the rebels in the first place. According to reports, the war is in full force, and fucking memoranda only tie the men’s hands!
    The rocket did not seem to explode, but simply fell apart from old age when approaching the ground, it was too painful to leave a lot around the fall. Actually, this was to be expected judging by the state of the army of dill.
  18. Papabear
    Papabear 14 October 2014 12: 52
    What is happening in Novorossiya and what are the militias fighting for? The militias are doing military work as part of restoring true sovereignty to the country that was once called Ukraine. And the plan for the return, perhaps, provides for a truce to reduce the number of people killed. Apparently, Poroshenko showed this plan, and even presented the "fulcrum" of this plan, so Nuland came to him, so he would supposedly meet with Putin, and therefore the States reduced the information intensity. This does not mean that everything is over, but it may indicate that there are opportunities to continue solving the problem in a non-violent way. Sorry guys. With regard to elections, a good military man is not necessarily a good and competent specialist deputy, in a good and correct sense of the word. And as for Gubarev - the guy is simply "unexpected" for the leaders who are fighting. Much bigger questions are raised by those involved in mmm
  19. Drunya
    Drunya 14 October 2014 12: 55
    video from the enemy - not really what they there and XXXX .... in

    1. Vitali-46
      Vitali-46 14 October 2014 17: 12
      Givi even seems to be who he is and what he ..... And who are you? Another dick Outskirts! ????
      1. doctor
        doctor 15 October 2014 09: 27
        He is already dead. He knows that.
  20. Nina Zima
    Nina Zima 14 October 2014 13: 46

    Lord, do not leave our commanders !!!
  21. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 14 October 2014 21: 04
    Some kind of crap is going on there. The posts are divided, the supply is removed, the soldiers die in packs. Something seems to me that if the militia does not go on the offensive, then they will be quietly put down ...
  22. doctor
    doctor 15 October 2014 09: 31
    Health to you, courage, strong and reliable rear, good luck, victory and a minimum of losses dear militia!