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Self-destruction of bulk

Here we must honestly say that the populism of Navalny was at first liked by those who are tired of corruption, arbitrariness and rampant ethnic crime. No need to all en masse to write in the liberals and traitors - sincerely believing in the "honest hero of the Internet" is also enough.

Worked and the psychological effect. The effect of novelty - yes, yes, those same notorious "new faces". In addition, the showman Navalny did not just convey information, but by the American method he entertained the audience. The audience liked this. And the ideas of fighting the vices of society could not help but generate support. Many adults sincerely believed in modern Robin Hood, forgetting that they are not in a fairy tale.

And Navalny continued to conquer the minds of the Internet public because she obviously would like it. Take at least the nationalist part of his speeches or the proposal to legalize a short-barrels. And these thoughts went inseparably - one with the other, and Navalny gave them exactly like that.
Seeds fell on fertile soil. When you almost every day read that people from the Caucasus or Central Asia with impunity killed someone, raped or shot ... you know what thoughts arise. On these, of course, fair feelings Navalny and played.

Of course, he never said words like “shoot everyone, to hell” or something like that (he is too clever for that), but, of course, that is what was meant. Just watch his performances. And, God sees, many agreed with him in this part, because amid the admonitions of official officials about "multinationality" and "tolerance" tough guy Lesha offered a simple solution.

Another part of the image of Alexei Navalny is an uncompromising fighter against corruption and a rotten system. It got to the point that many on both sides of the barricades 2011 began to consider it as a real alternative to Putin. Now it even sounds funny. Nevertheless, corruption is really the scourge of the country and the exposes of Navalny hit the mark.

The third part of the image of Navalny is visual. Memorable appearance, athletic build, the right family: a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. Beautiful, clever, racially correct ... Now you understand that there was an image, a beautiful picture created using established technologies. How to create an image of a pop star or a candidate for the US Congress. And they worked on Navalny’s image too: political technologists, stylists, psychologists. I am sure they even picked up the right color for his T-shirts so that the public remembered better ...

And yet something made me doubt Navalny. As Goebbels said, intellect is a terrible enemy of any propaganda, and the more I pondered everything, the more questions arose to Lyosha.

The first thing that unpleasantly surprised me was the proximity of Navalny to liberals like Nemtsov and Kasyanov. Any decent person did not let these "comrades" to himself and to a cannon shot, not what he would have performed with them on the same podium. And if the first time Navalny could somehow justify himself (they didn’t know that they would be there), then for the second and third time the doubts had already disappeared - they have some kind of common cause.

Self-destruction of bulk

The second unusual detail concerned the actual exposure of Navalny. Yes, he brought out many corrupt officials to clear water, and this is commendable, but ... Navalny himself would never physically be able to dig out a similar amount of classified information. Here we need not just a team, but an organization. A very serious organization with very serious connections. Attention question: what kind of organization and for what purpose it provides Navalny this information?

Further strangeness only increased. For example, the slogan “Stop feeding the Caucasus!” And its content. Bulk proposes to solve the problem simply by giving the republics of the North Caucasus independence. Like, then the huge money in them will not go anymore and we will get rid of any criminal trash on our streets.

Stop, I thought, but this is complete nonsense. The republics of Transcaucasia and Central Asia separated and what did it give? Not only did the national criminal act only become more, Moscow also continues to generously finance local kings, buying their loyalty. If before, under the Union, there were ways to call local elites to order, now they have to curry favor with them, because everyone knows that Moscow will not decide on the deployment of troops. That is, instead of carrot and stick, there is only gingerbread, and it will corrupt anyone. Worse, the republics of the Caucasus, separated in a navalnovski manner, can instantly turn into a kind of Maskhadovsk Ichkeria, or an ordinary civil war can begin there.

Thus, the separation of the North Caucasus will not solve a single problem and will add new ones, which will only benefit the United States. What kind of nonsense, Lesha? You propose to create on the borders of the Russian Federation gangster-terrorist state, a la Chechnya 1996-2000, only several times larger. Are you out of your mind?

Another example is the dark deeds of Navalny in Montenegro. If you build your reputation on the image of an uncompromising fighter against corruption, then it, the reputation, should be as pure as a tear of a baby. Owning property abroad is not a crime if you are not a government official and if you honestly earned it. If everything in Montenegro was fair, then why not admit: yes, mine? They say that I saved up for ten years, ate one shredder, but all honestly, here are the receipts. Instead, we heard an indistinct bleating, like, whether mine or not. There is no need to have a big mind to understand - the business here is unclean.

These are just a few examples that made me think. In fact, Navalny began to bury his reputation long before the Crimean events. And by February 2014, he was in fact a marginal clown with no particular political perspectives. When he openly opposed the annexation of the Crimea, the last doubts disappeared altogether. It was just a political suicide and Navalny could not understand this. But, obviously, Alexey is so dependent on his masters from Washington that he could not do otherwise. It is terrible to imagine what such a figure could have done if he were in the chair of the President of the Russian Federation.

Do not be his American curators are so incompetent, this year Navalny could just make a huge political capital. He could show off with two hands the annexation of the Crimea, and then the uprising in the Donbas. Under the cries of "Putin betrayed Novorossia!", He would have picturesquely collected help for the DNR and the LC. Now for him, and this is impossible, and the Washington masters would not allow him that. Here is something to disconnect from Russia is yes! But to attach - a person who is on a salary at the US embassy can not even allow such a thought.

Bulk is now a political corpse, although, perhaps, some people will try to reanimate it. In the end, we have a lot of the living dead in politics. However, the very fact of exposing a liar and a traitor in him should not cast a shadow on quite sensible ideas of fighting corruption or ethnic crime, which quite clearly destroy our country. But let them fight with them without Navalny.

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  1. DRA-88
    DRA-88 14 October 2014 09: 22
    Bulk ....... And who is it?
    1. IMHO
      IMHO 14 October 2014 10: 25
      I agree .. I just really don't like how the author tries to be smart
      They say that in the evening he rereads a volume of Goebbels and quotes easily. They say his inquiring and perspicacious mind sees at the root. I typed in the Internet "journalist Igor Kabardin" - did not find an answer. Who is it? Then about "crystal purity". All anti-corruption fighters are not clean on hand. Same Yarovaya .. from the Anti-Corruption Committee. She "resisted" a lot. And my daughter has an apartment in the center of Moscow.
      And how is it not clear from the article, if you need political capital, shout "Crimea is ours"?
      The rest is a failure? That is, the opposition comes out - this is a failure ... It is necessary to "wet" thinner ..
      And then, as in the song Nau "In the light of lightning it becomes clear that everyone has blood on his hands .."
      1. viktorrymar
        viktorrymar 14 October 2014 12: 27
        I typed on the Internet "journalist Igor Kabardin" - did not find an answer. Who is it?

        Here is his article on VO

        From this article:
        And yet something made me doubt Navalny. As Goebbels said, intellect is a terrible enemy of any propaganda, and the more I pondered everything, the more questions arose to Lyosha.

        The question arises: So the author used to be a supporter of Navalny? And only his constant appearance in the society of Kasyanov and Nemtsov cast him into doubt? Political blindness is unacceptable for a person who is trying to scribble paper in this direction ...
        1. Kibalchish
          14 October 2014 13: 01
          Igor Kabardin is me. I am truly a journalist by profession, have a higher historical education. Diploma Specialization: US Foreign Policy and History. But now I mainly work in East Asia. But sometimes I unsubscribe on other topics. For example, Ukraine and the domestic policy of the Russian Federation.
          I myself am from Donbass, but the last time I was there in 1995 and now I don’t know all the layouts.
          I try to write on interesting people and relevant topics. Ready to listen to fair criticism.
          1. Gomunkul
            Gomunkul 14 October 2014 13: 32
            Igor Kabardin is me. I am really a journalist by profession, have a higher historical education .....
            Ready to listen to fair criticism.
            An act worthy of respect. Not many in our time are ready to listen to criticism. An example is the new project of the West - Makarevich, the latter is extremely sensitive to criticism. hi
          2. matross
            matross 14 October 2014 13: 56
            Quote: Kibalchish
            Ready to listen to fair criticism.

            I have no criticism. On the contrary, advice to Navalny on the Crimea and Novorossiya in retrospect is very accurate, in my opinion. There would be an exceptionally strong move that could change the political alignments in Russia, and in the world, perhaps. It is good that our "friends" did not calculate this alignment. Although they could, if not Navalny, then put one of the recognizable libero-fosterlings to work out such a scenario. The enemy is getting smaller ...
          3. Buran
            Buran 14 October 2014 13: 58
            I will not criticize. It's just that you, somehow surprised, oval, initially set out to make a name, first as a fighter for justice, then as a guardian of national purity. But the dividends did not materialize, you can’t earn a vote on nationalism and truth-seeking in Russia. Just a slap on the shoulder. The baggage of the manager is needed. But with this, Lyoshinka is not at all so hot. Where do not stick, smell on all limits. So where does he go? Correctly in orderly ranks of pasta, nemtsov, ksuloshadi and other Chubais ensigns.
          4. CB activist
            CB activist 14 October 2014 22: 34
            Kibalchish, there is no reason for your article to criticize.
          5. krpmlws
            krpmlws 15 October 2014 08: 56
            Kibalchish, it seems to me, Navalny should have criticized the Kremlin’s decision to satisfy the results of the referendum in Crimea. Its active position on including Crimea in Novorossia and the ostentatious support of Novorossia, the firm position of the need to introduce peacekeeping forces throughout the territory of New Russia to protect compatriots could bring him political dividends. while remaining oppositional to the Kremlin. The fact is that the benefits of returning Crimea are really not so straightforward, since the West will never put up with this and lift sanctions, it will always be used as a bargaining chip in the political struggle. The West is also beneficial since Crimea really strengthens the position of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea region. Being included in Novorossia, the hypothetical probability of the return of Crimea to Ukraine will remain and, accordingly, it will be possible to carry out the planned plan of the West to introduce Ukraine to the EU and NATO. The Western curators of Navalny, in connection with the unexpected actions of the Russian Federation in Crimea, come it was impromptu to act, which led to the inevitable mistakes.
      2. CAMS
        CAMS 14 October 2014 13: 05
        IMHO you are here NO.
        1. IMHO
          IMHO 14 October 2014 14: 07
          And .. understandably, I was wrong about the forum. Here they walk in formation and shout "KrymNash"
          And Yarovaya is a freedom fighter)
          Okay, I’ll go to the State Department for sn, there’s just the fifth knee giving out bonuses)))
          1. Buran
            Buran 14 October 2014 16: 44
            And I still think that it’s you who woke up at VO, and you have a salary fellow
      3. IMHO
        IMHO 14 October 2014 13: 07
        As I understand it, corrupt officials will go without comment .. and they are the majority in our country, as usual)))
        1. kush62
          kush62 14 October 2014 17: 51
          As I understand it, corrupt officials will go without comment .. and they are the majority in our country, as usual)))

          And .. understandably, I was wrong about the forum. Here they walk in formation and shout "KrymNash"

          Yes !!! Our Crimea. Was, is and will be !!!
        2. gray
          gray 14 October 2014 18: 23
          Hello. Well, why are you all rowing one size fits all, you are not at all a stupid person and you perfectly understand why you will be "avoided." failure ... "I will say for myself, yes, with such opposition is a failure. The main problem of people like you, I have already said, that you row everyone with the same brush and think everyone is stupid or you were dumb.
        3. Ezhaak
          Ezhaak 14 October 2014 18: 31
          Quote: IMHO
          Minute without comment corrupt officials

          On what basis is this conclusion?
          Here I read the comments and do not yet see what to put a plus sign. And I picked up the minuses, that's enough for a long time.
          And yet, yes, our Crimea! Was, is and will be Russian. Who doesn’t like to follow the beaten track.
      4. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson 14 October 2014 22: 43
        And why was the person being mined? Forgot to completely read? Or are patriots now similar to liberals, that is, hysterics?
      5. The comment was deleted.
    2. Metal
      Metal 14 October 2014 10: 39
      The State Duma banned the promotion of oral, anal, and bulk laughing
    3. Tyumen
      Tyumen 14 October 2014 10: 52
      Quote: DRA-88
      Bulk ....... And who is it?

      And you look at the VO archive. How many idiots shouted here: Bulk-to the presidency!
      1. jjj
        jjj 14 October 2014 11: 16
        They are still shouting a lot
      2. Denis
        Denis 14 October 2014 11: 37
        Quote: Tyumen
        And you look at the VO archive. How many idiots shouted here: Bulk-to the presidency!
      3. goose
        goose 14 October 2014 12: 01
        Quote: Tyumen
        And you look at the VO archive. How many idiots shouted here: Bulk-to the presidency!

        Something I did not notice this trend. Corruption exposed, well done. Thank. No more. In China, he would become a prosecutor. But we have different selection rules in Russia.
        1. Tyumen
          Tyumen 14 October 2014 12: 23
          I repeat, look at the archive. 2-2,5 years ago, when articles about Navalny appeared here.
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. sledgehammer
        sledgehammer 14 October 2014 12: 26
        Quote: Tyumen
        And you look at the VO archive. How many nonsense shouted here:

        you are 100% right. BUT! it’s enough to appear on VO articles or news about Serdyukov or something similar, as 80-90% of wrestlers with corruption on the likes of Navalny crawl out in comments.
        as one person just noticed - if the article is about military equipment, it’s like all people are like people, but if God forbid something about corruption, then the commentators turn into inadequate.
        I’m sure that as soon as an article on VO about corruption or the collapse of something appears, commentators automatically turn into hamsters. In general, hamsters do not comment on anything, they just run and plus / minus to form a public opinion for the comment, judging by the pros and cons . note, the pluses and minuses of 5-7 years ago almost never used on any site. putting a plus or minus is one of the ways of information warfare.
      6. g1v2
        g1v2 14 October 2014 12: 53
        And they shouted at the presidency of Khodorkovsky, Prokhorov and so on. The people, is it really incomprehensible, anyone who calls for revolution, the Maidan, marches of the world or Russian marches is an ENEMY.
        Both the Natsiks and the ultra-patriots and liberals have the same sponsors and they want only one thing - to start the Maidan and the civil war in the Russian Federation. Only they can defeat the Russians themselves - feudal fragmentation, troubled times, 1917, 1953, 1985, 1992 - each time a blow was delivered by our own hands. And each time it all started with beautiful right slogans - freedom, enough to feed the gerontocracy, down with corruption - but the result was always the same. Fortunately, every time everything ended the same way - a tough guy came, multiplied revolutionaries by zero and for a long time led the country out of the swamp where it was driven under beautiful slogans.
        Bulk = Nemtsov = Limonov = Khodarkovsky = Dugin. Therefore, I will not go to any rallies organized by such people neither against corruption, nor in support of the Donbass, nor against deforestation, nor for world peace because this rally will be used to harm the Russian Federation informationally. That's it, point.
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 14 October 2014 13: 56
          If I were the president of the country, I would specifically instruct the FSB to create such a "bulk", so that all this "opposition" was tame and under the hood.
          This would be done in order to keep abreast of the protest movement.
          Although we don’t know much, and our Security Service may be underestimated.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Botanologist
            Botanologist 14 October 2014 14: 56
            Quote: СРЦ П-15
            If I were the president of the country, I would specifically instruct the FSB to create such a "bulk", so that all this "opposition" was tame and under the hood.

            If you watched the events carefully, then after the bulk headed the "belolentochnik", they somehow quietly and imperceptibly disappeared request .
            There were only relaxing beau monde creatures who did not care what to scream, if only they would not be forgotten, such as Makar and Ksyusha.
            So ... draw conclusions.
            1. SRC P-15
              SRC P-15 14 October 2014 18: 01
              Therefore, I wrote my post above.
          3. ssergn
            ssergn 14 October 2014 19: 36
            My plus. And such an opinion exists. Have a joke in tyrnet PROJECT BULK. wink
          4. EvigKrig
            EvigKrig 15 October 2014 10: 49
            Yes you are a dictator
    4. valokordin
      valokordin 14 October 2014 18: 38
      Quote: DRA-88
      Bulk ....... And who is it?

      So this is Anal and is Anal.
    5. timer
      timer 14 October 2014 20: 03
      This is a liberal bastard from a dunghill of liberals Kasyanov-Nemtsov and their owner Chubais (to die bastard)
  2. rafaelich
    rafaelich 14 October 2014 09: 24
    Well, a corpse and to hell with it! What else once again publicize it? ..
    1. RAE8
      RAE8 14 October 2014 10: 14
      Here the method of determining "bulk" is rather promoted and it is emphasized that, faced with an unforeseen move, the United States begins to make mistakes.
  3. La-5
    La-5 14 October 2014 09: 30
    No wonder Uncle Sam tried to teach future "revolutionaries" at Yale University, later supporting them through 5 columns in their countries. Money rules the world and you can do a lot for money.
  4. Shesternyack
    Shesternyack 14 October 2014 09: 34
    This is an epitaph for the politician Navalny: "He gave promises, but did not justify them. And to hell with him!" But Lyosha said quite seriously that he was going to become the President of Russia. Now it is clear to everyone (well, except, probably, those who are completely liberated) that then he would be the last President of Russia.
  5. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 14 October 2014 09: 35
    Whether the project was good or bad is not the most important question, it just turns out strangely, the Americans could not help knowing that even a hint of the appearance of an "American trace" in opposition circles automatically sends all the work to the dump, at least in Russia. a layer of liberoids will applaud and chant odes to "heroes", but any prospect immediately goes down the drain.
  6. Gray 43
    Gray 43 14 October 2014 09: 45
    Colleagues, can someone explain why it seems to me that Navalny and Udaltsov are the same person ?? Navalny had a good idea in the Kirov region that the investigation had questions for the Belykh governor, but then somehow it settled down
    1. sledgehammer
      sledgehammer 14 October 2014 12: 36
      Navalny is being cherished for the 2017-18 election. Now he is exposing everyone on Twitter. Someone must bring dissatisfied angry Muscovites out onto the street with Putin’s banners, we are for fair elections. Why don’t they come out with slogans - Down with the oligarchs, we are reduction of prices for housing and communal services and for products. There are no such slogans for them, because the natives are not profitable to shift the aligarchs and lower prices for food, they need to remove Putin and put their man in the Kremlin.
      therefore, the fifth column will NEVER have a slogan for example - you give gas prices at 20 rubles, you give a 2-fold reduction in apartment prices .. they will have a slogan like in 2011-12 - down with Putin, we are for fair elections.
      and Udaltsov, by the way, is the only one from the fifth column who held militias in the Donbas.
  7. provincial
    provincial 14 October 2014 09: 49
    "Navalny is now a political corpse," - I would like it to be real.
  8. Hell's Angel
    Hell's Angel 14 October 2014 09: 54
    Remember the early 90s, Russia almost then became another US state (exaggerating, of course, but ...) And what happened? The Americans themselves ruined everything, Russians do not forgive such an attitude towards themselves! It is clear that they still hated the Russians and will hate them, but it was necessary to tell us "how good we are" in our eyes and not to go into another's monastery with their charter. And now the train has left, we have finally seen the light. Any honest person in Russia has no illusions about relations in the modern world. The law of the chicken coop is the claws of the neighbor and us and the lower.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 October 2014 09: 55
    ... and the Washington owners would not have allowed him that.

    It is strange that the author did not immediately doubt Navalny. Almost from the first days one could feel his closeness to the "liberals", support from America. Navalny's entourage spoke for itself. The fact that he is a "political corpse" does not make it cold or hot. Normal people don't give a damn about him.
  10. Horst78
    Horst78 14 October 2014 09: 56
    Quote: rafaelich
    Well, a corpse and to hell with it! What else once again publicize it? ..

    That's it. Article PR Navalny since already forgot about him
    Quote: DRA-88
    Bulk ....... And who is it?
    I myself don’t remember when and what he said about Crimea what
  11. Major_Vortex
    Major_Vortex 14 October 2014 10: 03
    The article is addressed primarily to those who pay little attention to any Navalny, Ponomarev and Kasyanov, or even hear the first time about them.

    The thinking public analyzed and made the right conclusions about the motives for Leshik's appearance "on the people" in the first year of his "public" career.

    It was simply a sin not to take advantage of Leshik's activity in the common interest. And when Leshik was exhausted and tired of the public with his bragging, you can find a new jester. According to Leshik, a well-deserved prison is crying.

    There were more thoughtful adventurers in history, but their fate is always sad.

    Although the article itself is correct and smart. Everything needs to be written down, for historians.
  12. umka_
    umka_ 14 October 2014 10: 10
    I am surprised how he had not yet entered the zone ..
    1. IMHO
      IMHO 15 October 2014 09: 33
      I agree, he has more chances than Serdyukov-Vasiliev.
      Anyway, it’s time for the whole opposition to go to Siberia, to leave Zhirik and Zyuga.
      And Putin to the table and let him rule the serfs in vain.
      The opposition is the fifth column. The unified line of the party is unanimous, Hurray !!!
  13. albi77
    albi77 14 October 2014 10: 19
    When you follow the path of "truth-teller" and "megapatriot", which is what Navalny tried to do, then you need to be 100 times neat and unmatched.
    How could one shout about embezzlement and sit on amicos contentment itself?
    how can one shout about patriotism and yell that the Russians in Crimea are not our question?

    For everyone for whom Navalny was trying to earn a rating, he had it outlined in a month.
    He is an even more political corpse than Yanyk. he has at least ghostly chances, semi-fantastic.
    Navalny doesn’t even have fantastic ones. proved to be fully. handsome man what can I say.
  14. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 14 October 2014 10: 29
    Quote: umka_
    I am surprised how he had not yet entered the zone ..

    It's not evening yet - it will hit. Will be there at the library or at the boilers in charge of the status of "prisoner of conscience".
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 14 October 2014 10: 56
      Quote: Nyrobsky
      Will be there at the library or at the boilers in charge of the status of "prisoner of conscience".

      Political in camp idiots do not take.)
  15. Normal
    Normal 14 October 2014 10: 30
    It is necessary to judge not by intentions, but by results.

    Intentions of Bulk.
    The fight against corruption, ethnic crime and Putin covering up all this.

    The result of Navalny.
    The complete discrediting of the ideas of the fight against corruption and ethnic crime, as well as the strengthening of the power of GDP, the rise of Putin's rating.

    So whose project is Navalny? USA? Oh well...
    Not a US court left Navalny at large. So Navalny was needed, and not the United States is needed.
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 14 October 2014 11: 01
      Quote: Normal
      and it’s not the United States that is needed.

      Or maybe he was left free so that the image of a martyr fighter would not have fashioned from him, otherwise liberal media would do their best.
      1. Normal
        Normal 14 October 2014 13: 30
        Quote: Tyumen
        Or maybe ...

        The image of the martyr fighter is a literary stamp in our northern latitudes that has nothing to do with reality. Try to give examples.
        The authorities are not afraid to make heroic martyrs from:
        Limonov and his National Bolsheviks
        Martsinkevich (Tesak)
        Why did she have to get scared of this in relation to Navalny?
        1. Tyumen
          Tyumen 14 October 2014 21: 06
          Sincerely. But after all of the above, they are not related to the youth party of liberals at the level of Ksyusha. Cleaver-gangster, Khodor, it’s clear who, and the rest of the people of the old sourdough, they can’t raise young people. Motivation is not enough.
          1. Normal
            Normal 15 October 2014 08: 58
            Quote: Tyumen


            Quote: Tyumen
            But after all of the above, they are not related to the youth party of liberals at the level of Ksyusha.

            That's it. For a youth party of the level of Ksyusha, a martyr wrestler is not an authority.
            And here is Kvachkov with Khabarov for the officials who are still some authorities.
            And Limonych is an authority for a certain part of radical youth.
            The cleaver will certainly be thinner (also to me - a bandit ... from the ruble lol) but to him the Authority was not afraid to add authority by another imprisonment.
            I mean that the stamp "fighter-martyr" does not work for us. We are not radical Muslim Arabs.

            Quote: Tyumen
            Motivation is not enough.

            As it turned out, it was Navalny who lacked "motivation". What's Navalny? Molodtsov was "not enough", but this leftist is much more frostbitten.
    2. Userpic
      Userpic 14 October 2014 12: 48
      Quote: Normal
      So Navalny was needed, and not the United States is needed.

      1. Normal
        Normal 15 October 2014 09: 15
        Quote: Userpic

        Ah yes userpic. Ah well done! good good
        This is no worse than the German Navy’s trip to the US Embassy.
  16. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 14 October 2014 10: 57
    By the nature of his activity he is connected with the Internet. However, I learned about this megamind and the "conscience of the nation" only from the news on the Central Television, when he was named there. Question: where and when did this guano allegedly earned fame and authority? That is, until an unexpected emergence in the news.
    Conclusion: if the central heating station and the Internet media did not begin to mention it massively, then it would still be nobody.
    So what ...
    A corpse is a corpse. There is nothing to do with exhumation. Unless, on general grounds, bring an existing court verdict into effect. With serving also on general grounds, i.e. with ordinary criminals.
  17. Bonham
    Bonham 14 October 2014 11: 14
    Most of all, what I do not like about our liberals is that they do not try to contribute to the development of Russian culture, but rather question the value of existing symbols (St. George’s tape, the defense of Leningrad, etc.). They don’t know the culture and history of Russia and do not want to know, in a word, network hamsters.
  18. kvapu1976
    kvapu1976 14 October 2014 11: 17
    The United States has never been distinguished by grace in its anti-Russian projects. The whole calculation of money and a show of strength. The stupid ones are unable to evaluate, let alone understand, the unpredictability of the Russian people and the true attitude to the American way of life, which is based on the law of the chicken coop and plus snitching.
  19. provincial
    provincial 14 October 2014 11: 22
    Why again, pick your nose. His mayor wanted Muscovites, not the president of the Russians.
    1. Kibalchish
      14 October 2014 13: 03
      And not all Muscovites wanted him as mayor.
  20. press officer
    press officer 14 October 2014 11: 33
    Quote: Shesternyack
    This is an epitaph for the politician Navalny: "He gave promises, but did not justify them. And to hell with him!" But Lyosha said quite seriously that he was going to become the President of Russia. Now it is clear to everyone (well, except, probably, those who are completely liberated) that then he would be the last President of Russia.

    awesome president would be. fool ..which steals paintings from a street artist ..super .. fool and the forest is stealing .. recourse hurt yourself ... can put him along with the hodor? forever.. good
  21. demand1
    demand1 14 October 2014 12: 16
    bulk piled up, so to speak showed his gut. The stench, of course, is worse than in a public toilet. And everything like that gives americosinomi ...
  22. ISKANDER25
    ISKANDER25 14 October 2014 12: 49
    Hello! To rot H (anal) in the zone !!!
    1. ISKANDER25
      ISKANDER25 14 October 2014 16: 31
      Hello! Who is this for Anal writes, minus! Also anal !!!!
  23. Roland
    Roland 14 October 2014 12: 52
    Of course, he never said words like “shoot everyone, to hell” or something like that

    Well, he didn’t say ...

    Well, for dessert Zhirinovsky carries oval 18+

  24. Yugra
    Yugra 14 October 2014 13: 41
    In pursuit of the bullet in the forehead of Khodorkovsky, the second should have long flown in the back of the head
  25. Sultan
    Sultan 14 October 2014 14: 04
    By the way, I also once read him LJ ... Indeed, I thought of him as a fighter against corruption and hoped that at least one appeared ... However, as soon as he opened his face and began to flicker live, something suspicious crept in. And finally - a final in the style of a comedy, our "friend" Navalny is another doll of the Indian people ...
  26. Shkolnik
    Shkolnik 14 October 2014 14: 12
    Navalny has done more for the country and society than any "patriot" or politician in power.
    And only extremely narrow-minded people can condemn him, in my opinion.
    1. yehat
      yehat 14 October 2014 15: 28
      and again disagree about did more. everyone does what and where he can.
      I am sure that Shoigu, Stepashin, Primakov, Lavrov brought no less benefit.
      Maybe even the odious Gref. People are not few who work for conscience.
  27. yehat
    yehat 14 October 2014 14: 41
    I strongly disagree with the article. I don’t give a damn about whose salary Navalny is or was, I don’t care what and where his property is. I don't care what sins he had. I am only interested in what he is doing now and most of this is definitely useful to society, and the rest, excuse me, we have democracy, and not the power of the party "we love bureaucrats." He may be wrong about something and this is not a crime. Moreover, it would be foolish to suppress all opinions, even those contrary to the general mood. This would make it difficult to perceive reality adequately. Many very strange things are happening in Ukraine, which our media cannot rationally explain, excluding the description of dill. And how will we understand this, if the whole herd is like Ukrainian zombies yelling fat to heroes, yelling "Crimea nyayayasch", without listening to anything else?
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 14 October 2014 15: 01
      Quote: yehat
      This would make it difficult to perceive reality adequately.

      If you perceive only slogans, then what is so adequate? You are a victim of propaganda.
      1. yehat
        yehat 14 October 2014 15: 30
        I don’t perceive slogans at all. They just drown out almost everything.
        open the Internet - 80 posts about Crimea, 100 about dill, 10 about Putin 0.5 about reality. They simply hammer in spam so that it is difficult to find out something.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  28. 555somebody555
    555somebody555 14 October 2014 14: 57
    Bulk failed, and why rejoice? There is no alternative to either edr or Putin in the elections, this is abnormal. Probably because life in the country is beautiful and there is no need to change anything?
  29. Erland
    Erland 14 October 2014 16: 33
    The surname "Navalny" is Polish with Jewish roots.

    “Bulk” - translated from Hebrew - “madman”, can appear in the meaning of “fool”.
    1. yehat
      yehat 14 October 2014 17: 31
      if the madman and the cucumber have the same endings, this means that the madmen are recognized by the green pimples laughing
  30. Captain45
    Captain45 14 October 2014 20: 06
    May the moderators forgive me for a long repost, but to the topic of Navalny from an article from June 2012 of the year:
    Where did Navalny come from.
    In 2010, on the recommendation of Garry Kasparov, Evgenia Albats, Sergey Guriev and Oleg Tsyvinsky, he completed a six-month training at Yale University (USA) under the Yale World Fellows program. The project was created by the university's rector, Richard Levin, in collaboration with former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo (an agent paid by George Soros) to form a "global network of emerging leaders." Its members were honored to study under well-known British agents such as Lord Malloch-Brown (former British Foreign Office employee and associate of Soros, with whom he created a patchwork government in Georgia), head of the Soros Open Society Institute Arie Nayer (Aryeh Neier) and former chief of staff of Gordon Brown Tom Scolar (Tom Scholar).
    Yale World Fellows Curriculum: Grand Strategy
    American Exceptionalism and Human Rights Transnational Governance
    Strategy, Technology, and War (School of Management) Universitywide_Fellowship_Yellow
    He was involved in politics, joined the liberal party Yabloko, became one of the originators of the YES! Youth movement, was a member of the Union of Right Forces, one of the authors and co-founders of the People movement with a certain nationalist formula.
    Finnish columnist Juha Molari published an article claiming that human rights activist Alexei Navalny, the Golos election monitoring organization, and Chechen terrorists have one boss: the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The National Endowment for Democracy sponsors the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society, which is registered in Finland and recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation; as pointed out by Juha Molari, the company also provides hosting services for North Caucasian terrorists. At the same time, the fund gives money to Golos, and Alexey Navalny studied at Yale University under 2010's program. There, according to a Finnish observer, he learned the skills of revolutionary struggle on the Internet: for example, according to Juha Molari, Navalny used 200 Internet bots to distribute political messages that were beneficial to him on RuNet.
    (My note - usually the Helsinki human rights committees in different countries - are non-governmental organizations, but in the USA such a committee has been composed of members of the ruling party duumvirate for 150 years).
  31. Captain45
    Captain45 14 October 2014 20: 08
    Who does Navalny report to:
    Members of the Helsinki Commission of the US Congress on Tuesday spoke about corruption in Russia. At a meeting with the chairman of the commission, Senator Benjamin Cardin and his colleague from the lower house of Congress, Elsie Hastings, a Russian anti-corruption fighter, lawyer Alexei Navalny, who created the Shareholder Protection Center, was invited to present. In addition, the head of the Business Solidarity business union, Yana Yakovleva and Forbes.Ru editor Olga Romanova presented a written report to the commission. The testimonies of three Russians have official status and will be published in the Congress Gazette.
    Navalny did not rule out that American lawmakers could impose the same visa sanctions as in the Magnitsky case regarding the leadership of “pro-Kremlin youth groups.”
    The Helsinki Commission (or the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also called the Helsinki Commission) is an independent body operating at the US Congress. The co-chairs of the commission are representatives of both houses of Congress. Created in the 1976 year, it monitors the execution of the final act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe 1975 of the year, which, in particular, established uniform rules for the interpretation of human rights throughout the Eurasian space, as well as in the United States. Being, in fact, an independent body of the State Department, interested in promoting democracy in foreign countries, the Helsinki Commission is usually much freer in its assessments and actions and has long sharply criticized (including Russia) for human rights violations.
    Correspondence of Navalny with the real owners:
    The illustration for the post is a screenshot of a letter in which Navalny apologizes for the delay with the financial report to an employee of the National Endowment for Democracy. Remember I wrote about him? This is a fund that serves to finance US foreign policy goals. IRI (International Republican Institute, head - John McCain) and NDI (National Democratic Institute, head - former general secretary. Madeleine Albright) also live on his money. It is not difficult to guess that Navalny is working with these organizations. More than interesting files of financial statements are attached to the letter, where Navalny reports to the fund for the money spent on political debates (grant). The amount in $ 23000 appears in the Excel document. Is it a lot or a little? Since this is only one of Navalny's scams, he feeds from the hands of his foreign masters more than well. All my earlier assumptions about Navalny turned out to be true. The blogger Politresh has already highlighted the custom-made nature of the relationship between Navalny and Belkovsky in three posts (one, two, three). I recall only that Belkovsky is the closest associate of Berezovsky.
  32. Captain45
    Captain45 14 October 2014 20: 11
    Navalny: "I am a lawyer, I have clients."
    The profile ( of Alexey Navalny is empty in the Moscow lawyers register. There is nothing but the registry number 77 / 9991. No phone, no resume, no win list. Nothing. The Consultant Plus system issues only two judicial acts with the participation of Navalny’s lawyer: the Constitutional Court’s ruling on Rosneft’s complaint and the decision of the Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow District to refuse to satisfy the appeal of A. A. Navalny in the same Rosneft’s case.
    In general, I went to BRAS ( and entered “Navalny” there in the line “Member of the case”. Got a list of 11 cases on the claims of Alexei Navalny. Then he began to look at judicial acts on these claims. It turned out the following: Alexey Navalny personally participated only twice, in all other cases, representatives of Volov D.V., Glushenkov A.V. and Kobzev V.D. spoke on his behalf, that is, we see that even in his lawsuits Alexey Navalny hires representatives to conduct his case in court
    The Spark-Interfax database is aware of the following companies established with the participation of Alexei Anatolyevich Navalny:
    “Anti-corruption Fund” - established by Navalny individually in September of this year.
    “Support Fund for Democratic Initiatives” - established in 2005 together with Denis Terekhov (on his SNOB blog, this Denis Terekhov describes personal interests in this way: “Activists, alcohol, glamor, girls, robust Dominican cigars, women, tough management style, law karma, insider, a lot of dough, party building, black PR, so that all die ”).
    “Fund for Supporting Initiatives of the Governor of the Kirov Region” - was established in 2009 by several people.
    LLC “Navalny and partners” - was established in 2009 by one Navalny without any partners and in 2010 was liquidated “on the basis of clause 2 Art. 21.1 Federal Law from 08.08.2001 No. 129-Federal Law ". That is, it seems to have gone bankrupt.
    Allect LLC - established in 1997 year. Now it is in the process of liquidation. The liquidator is Iraida Ivanovna Sidorova. An interesting story is connected with this Allect LLC. The financial report of the SPS party was published on the CEC website, from which it followed that in 2007, OOO Alekt received a total of about 100 million rubles from the SPS “for renting advertising space” and “providing services for conducting advertising campaigns”. Many were interested in the further fate of this money, but I was more interested in something else: in the types of activities for which OOO Allect was registered, there are no “advertising services”.
    LLC “Kobyakovskaya Vine Making Factory” - was established by the Navalny family, each of which owns 25%. But in the co-owners there is another person who does not have his own share. His name is ... Iraida Ivanovna Sidorova. The one that eliminates LLC "Allect".
    Euro-Asian Transport Systems LLC - established in 2001 year.
    CJSC "N.N. Securities" - established in 2000 year. In it, Navalny was also the chief accountant. Another co-founder of this company, Ivan Viktorovich Nesterenko, is the general director of Mospischestroy LLC, as well as a member of the board of directors of Mosfundamentstroy-6, the director general of which is his father Viktor Ivanovich Nesterenko. Together with dad they are included in the list of “50 of the richest business families in Russia”.
    So, maybe the participation of Navalny in the establishment of these companies is a distant evidence of his legal practice? Well, Navalny couldn’t have anything to do with these suspicious Nesterenko sitting in the capital’s construction complex? Navalny created the "Committee for the Protection of Muscovites" from such Nesterenko! But if he, as a lawyer, helped just register companies, then it seems to have nothing to do with it. And in time it coincides with my previous considerations.
    These are the strokes in oil to the portrait of the truth-hardened anti-corruption fighter Lesha Navalny.
  33. Alfizik
    Alfizik 15 October 2014 00: 30
    One should laugh not at the "incompetent American curators of Navalny," but at those who followed Navalny, who turned out to be, to put it mildly, more incompetent than the "stupid" ones. For me personally, Navalny was just ridiculous, and he did not have a single chance. The Kremlin simply kept him on a leash, as it is now holding Ponomarev, Gudkov and others like them, exposing them as half-idiots and thus preventing new "Robingodes" from emerging.
  34. Buchki
    Buchki 15 October 2014 01: 17
    Boys, why are you quarreling and waving all plastic sabers? The Navalny project played its show, fulfilling a historical mission: everyone understood everything - both power and the proletarians. Corrected the course, took into account errors. Move on. But already without bulk.
  35. Commissar of the NKVD
    Commissar of the NKVD 15 October 2014 07: 11
    That's what pleases. Navalny is also the smartest of the entire "fifth column". And then his people split up to the very ass, then he crumbled himself. But the rest are even more stupid, no one will follow them for sure. The people are getting smarter, eh? McDonald's, jeans, hamburgers and a Hollywood trolley can't buy it anymore.
  36. EvigKrig
    EvigKrig 15 October 2014 10: 50
    Silly, silly people ...
  37. Prager
    Prager 20 October 2014 17: 21
    it would be nice if there were no bulk, nor liberals, nor 5 columns of national traitors in Russia!