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We are not slippers, we are sandals ...

“Oh, how pretty you are! Oh, what a sunset! ”- the rising star of the national stage sings in her song, in combination with the poetess, the artist and in some places the big actress Yevgeny Vasilyeva.

And who is it? - the reader may wonder, in recent months, absorbed by the turbulent informational wave of Ukrainian peripetia ... But most of the readers were not forced to forget Yevgenia Vasilyeva neither Ukrainian waves, nor ISIL, nor even Ebola ...

If someone suddenly forgot who Yevgeny Vasilyev is, we remind you that this is the former head of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, who is held as a suspect in a whole series of articles - embezzlement on a particularly large scale. The epopee with the trial in the case of Mrs. Vasilyeva was delayed so that someone could forget not only what position she held in the "sultanate" Serdyukov, and not only what amounts are defined as stolen from the budget of the Ministry of Defense, but also what Evgenia Nikolaevna looks like. To remind you, you can bring to the attention of readers the clip of Mrs. Vasilyeva, which appeared on her official site and in combination on Youtube .

Well, like "slippers"? ..

Of course, it would be possible to get around another creative impulse of Ms. Vasilyeva's attention, so as not to make unnecessary advertising and not be distracted from Poroshenko-Yatsenyuk-Lyashko-Turchinova, but ... Is it possible to leave this without comment ... especially if we recall the status of Evgenia Nikolaevna Vasilyeva (ENV) today. And Evgenia Nikolaevna is in the status of the main suspect in the Oboronservis case, which has been under investigation not even months, but years, and risks falling into the Guinness Book of Records, as the longest case, during which the suspect from the ordinary official first turned into the main personification of corruption in Russia, and then became the people's artist of the Russian Federation with the award of the Order of Merit ... Well, what the hell is not joking ...

What does the status of the main suspect in the case of multi-billion embezzlement imply? According to the investigating authorities, Evgenia Vasilyeva is under house arrest (until December 23 2014) and only occasionally can leave the apartment in Molochny Lane for essential goods to the store, and even then with a special chip bracelet on one of the limbs. Moreover, the investigation requested that Yevgeny Vasilyeva should restrict Internet access in connection with the appearance on the Network of materials from the suspect herself, which (materials) may affect the investigation and the course of the trial.

In this regard, several questions arise at once.

First: if you believe that the former head of the property department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is under house arrest, is it necessary to consider that the field in the central strip of Russia, where the heroine dances, is considered by the investigating and judicial authorities as her next home? Or in the sense that "our home is Russia" ...

Secondly: on which place does Evgenia Nikolaevna Vasilyeva have the same bracelet controlling the movements?

Third: if “Slippers” and other works appeared on the ENV website on the Internet, it turns out that the investigative and judicial authorities “monitored” the content and decided that it could not influence the result, and therefore gave the green light to red slippers. So?

Fourth: why, if a person suspected of stealing a mobile phone is more likely to be in the detention center before the verdict is announced, then a person suspected of billions of dollars in theft can move his body against the background of the vast expanses of Mother Russia, defiantly imposing everything that can be imposed on the investigation and the judicial system of the Russian Federation?

Fifth: are there any limits to extending the house arrest of Ms. Vasilyeva, and how much time does the court need to have in order to deal with this case and deliver the final verdict?

And finally, the sixth one: the investigation was conducted exclusively independently, and we, the Russians, also need no doubt about judicial independence?

In general, what remains to be said here is, except for “the good girl Vasiliev!” In order for the enthusiastic thoughts about the Olympics and the first stage of the Formula 1 in Sochi, the return of Crimea to the bosom of Russia and the “active opposition to Western sanctions” did not allow citizens of the Russian Federation to head in the clouds, Evgenia Nikolaevna returns all of us from heaven to earth.

There are no questions for Yevgeny Vasilyeva at all! So, trolling everything and everyone, forcing you to talk about yourself again is an outstanding success. With her “red slippers from a loved one,” she walked through all the domestic justice and wiped the soles of the faces of those who had raised their eyebrows a few months ago, saying that now the fight against corruption will be fought mercilessly. Corruption is being burned out, you know, with a hot iron! ..

Rumor has it that the original name of the song by Evgenia Vasilyeva looked like “Lapti”, but in order to have immense respect for the court and the Russian people, Evgenia Nikolaevna decided to replace it with “Slippers” - soft-soft - where you will direct, go there and sink ...
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  1. cosmos132
    cosmos132 14 October 2014 09: 11
    Bad end.
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 14 October 2014 09: 14
      Quote: cosmos132
      Bad end.
      Well, until recently, it ended well ...
      1. DRA-88
        DRA-88 14 October 2014 09: 23
        With such talents and at large ????
        1. Gxash
          Gxash 14 October 2014 09: 31
          And why the hell is IT still not behind bars?
          1. Bronis
            Bronis 14 October 2014 10: 27
            and will not ... alas ... like her "daddy" ... Blatnyak would sing to her ...
            1. insafufa
              insafufa 14 October 2014 10: 35
              I’m deeply indignant that this one ... they didn’t put her and her day .... the brothel was bred to the full, well, just P .... am
              1. comm
                comm 14 October 2014 18: 57
                Quote: Gxash
                And why the hell is IT still not behind bars?

                Since he sings songs, then he won’t go to jail.
              2. comm
                comm 14 October 2014 18: 57
                Quote: Gxash
                And why the hell is IT still not behind bars?

                Since he sings songs, then he won’t go to jail.
                1. Sobol
                  Sobol 14 October 2014 21: 34
                  Quote: comm

                  Since he sings songs, then he won’t go to jail.

                  Tipun, to you, on the tongue! Personally, I think: this clip is a SPIT in the face of all Russian citizens. She should be silent and hope that they will give less ... They no longer see the edges, mr * zee!
      2. Nevsky_ZU
        Nevsky_ZU 14 October 2014 09: 41
        Vasilyeva trolls the conservative and patriotic part of Russian society. The other would sit quietly and solve her problems in silence. Where others see stupidity and chance, I see regularity and cold-blooded calculation. In combination with those who are dissatisfied with the lack of positive changes in the formation of New Russia, there is a chance of the first patriotic Maidan in Russia. After all, the liberal card is a bit.

        I will subscribe to every word:

        1. Azazel
          Azazel 14 October 2014 10: 07
          here it is - the troll and mocks .... and most importantly, she is sure that she will come off, like her Pahan ...
        2. jjj
          jjj 14 October 2014 11: 27
          Nikolai Starikov says absolutely right things. And the pseudo-patriotic bias began, of course, not today
      3. Sunjar
        Sunjar 14 October 2014 10: 00
        Quote: Per se.
        until recently, it ended well ...

        Did you check it yourself? wink

        The author's claim about filming in the vastness of Russia - a thick trolling? Or is he serious? It can be seen that the overlay. Maybe I certainly CEP-evidence, but FIG know.
        1. svp67
          svp67 14 October 2014 13: 47
          Quote: Sunjar
          It can be seen that the overlay
          The most correct answer to the FIRST question of the author
          First: if you believe that the former head of the property department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is under house arrest, is it necessary to consider that the field in the central strip of Russia, where the heroine dances, is considered by the investigating and judicial authorities as her next home? Or in the sense that "our home is Russia" ...
          The computer and nothing more, like in other things and with the voice, he also worked thoroughly, but I won’t say anything about the appearance, I don’t know it personally, therefore there’s nothing to compare with, but I don’t exclude it ...
          In general, the question should have been one: Does our current government want a true consolidation of society, in not the easiest times for us? And the answer to it will be any decision on the further fate of citizens Vasilyeva and Krasnotapochkin, oh ... Serdyukov.
        2. Ptah
          Ptah 14 October 2014 19: 12
          Quote: Sunjar
          It can be seen that the overlay.

          That is absolutely honest. Well, I didn’t look at this bullshit completely ... And even within the framework of this article.
          But something aroused professional interest ...
          How is the clip compiled? What effects were used?

          Look what ???????????????? what
      4. jjj
        jjj 14 October 2014 11: 24
        Quote: Per se.
        Well, until recently, it ended well ...

        Appreciated the versatility of your comment. Strongly said.
        But to be simpler, her mouth is clearly working
      5. Enot-poloskun
        Enot-poloskun 15 October 2014 20: 46
        Are there any videos? )))
    2. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 14 October 2014 09: 17
      He plays with fire.
    3. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 14 October 2014 09: 29
      Quote: cosmos132
      Bad end.

      why? healthy woman apparently ... lol
    4. RUSS
      RUSS 14 October 2014 09: 44
      Quote: cosmos132
      Bad end.

      Probably as bad as him?
      Former investigator acquitted in a $ 15 million bribe case

      The Moscow City Court found Andrei Grivtsov, a former investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), not guilty of extorting a bribe of $ 15 million, a RIA Novosti correspondent reports from the courtroom. Thus, the protest of the prosecutor's office was rejected.

      At the end of June 2014, the Khamovnichesky court acquitted Grivtsov. The prosecution demanded nine years in a maximum security colony for the defendant. However, the second defendant in the case, Sergey Kharitontsev, received three years in prison in a penal colony.

      The case against the former investigator for particularly important cases of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee was opened in 2010. Two years later, Grivtsov was acquitted by a jury, but the Supreme Court sent the case for retrial.

      According to investigators, Grivtsov, along with lawyer Ruslan Parkin, police officer Sergey Khatsernov and unemployed Sergey Kerimov, demanded $ 15 million from the president of Rosenergomash LLC. In the event of a businessman’s refusal, they threatened to hold him accountable for raiding. According to the defense, the businessman staged extortion in order to avoid liability for the crime.
    5. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 14 October 2014 10: 51
      Down song, tex is full of shiz! Conclusion-a place for her at the parasha.Nehren to do with such a "talent" at large.
      1. Mhpv
        Mhpv 14 October 2014 11: 30
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Conclusion-a place for her at the parasha.Nehren to do with such "talent" at large.

        Alexander, I remembered the anecdote here, it seems relevant with Vasilyeva as never before, and she can see her "talent" in another wassat
    6. igor1981
      igor1981 14 October 2014 14: 17
      Plant a little. To the wall scum with her godfather should be put.
      PS Sometimes looking at this whole mess in the country, at all this impunity, at their ridicule and mockery of the people, I sincerely regret that we do not have Stalin.
    7. asadov
      asadov 14 October 2014 16: 01
      quicker already, I think many will agree to her quick demise
    8. alich
      alich 14 October 2014 23: 29
      The trial will be extended as much as possible and, perhaps, they will be given a term equal to house arrest. So Vasilyeva will leave the court !!! This is our judicial system!
    9. Starik72
      Starik72 15 October 2014 01: 33
      Hardly. Judging by the video, she ends well.
    10. venzim
      venzim 15 October 2014 06: 57
      What a horror !!!!! belay
  2. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 14 October 2014 09: 11
    To go nuts. belay belay (I’ll even put two such terrible faces).
  3. maestro123
    maestro123 14 October 2014 09: 22
    There is no limit to arrogance)))
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 14 October 2014 09: 32
      I'm wondering what Comrade Putin thinks about this? and also about the double standards of a rotting west of a hundred years in the ears we are blowing ourselves ... we have then the science of Standardization, perhaps it has gone forward! am
      1. military
        military 14 October 2014 11: 17
        Quote: Andrew Y.
        I'm wondering what Comrade Putin thinks about this?

        how is it "what?" belay
        "- We are not 37th! ..."
        1. fennekRUS
          fennekRUS 14 October 2014 12: 28
          A bored girl under "house arrest" is doing handicrafts (crossed out). They made it clear - to understand and forgive.
      2. Ruslan
        Ruslan 14 October 2014 12: 12
        weird question. he also gave the command to smear it. such things, an indicator. for whom power: for the people or officials. It’s clear to me personally that Putin is for officials. therefore, Serdyukov is not to blame, Vasilyeva sings mocking songs, and liberals in the government.
  4. Alexander
    Alexander 14 October 2014 09: 26
    That's all, now Serdyukov is obliged to marry her and on a honeymoon to Kolyma.
    1. jjj
      jjj 14 October 2014 11: 29
    2. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 14 October 2014 16: 54
      However, Kolyma will be replaced by Crimea
  5. Victor-M
    Victor-M 14 October 2014 09: 26
    It's time to send her to sew those very slippers. laughing
  6. Sad sun
    Sad sun 14 October 2014 09: 27
    In the fool for examination!
  7. DPZ
    DPZ 14 October 2014 09: 27
    and then became the People's Artist of the Russian Federation with the awarding of the Order of Merit
    the author missed such a fact as her artistic gift! she also surpasses any Vasnetsovs with Rembrandts just about.
  8. Ramadan
    Ramadan 14 October 2014 09: 28
    From the whole article, only two points can be distinguished:
    1. Indeed, why was she allowed to go somewhere? Perhaps it is necessary to arrange a public audit of the authorities controlling it? Arrange for her public control.
    2. She continues to PR, and therefore adhere to her strategy. At this level, nothing just happens. Again, all this is done not for the court, not for the prosecutor, but for the public and you yourself know why.
    Maybe as a counterbalance to creating a public anti-site about Vasilyeva? But they can sue, because no one can be found guilty without a court decision. Although, as the author correctly noted, on the "mobile" level, the presumption of innocence does not work for us.
    1. Feanor
      Feanor 14 October 2014 09: 55
      Quote: Ramazan
      From the whole article, only two points can be distinguished:
      1. Indeed, why was she allowed to go somewhere? Perhaps it is necessary to arrange a public audit of the authorities controlling it? Arrange for her public control.

      The video does not show with the naked eye that she herself is simply inserted, and the whole action serves as a background on which she was not. But in general, she had long had to sing about slippers in places more distant from Moscow.
    2. Mairos
      Mairos 14 October 2014 11: 51
      Vasilyev and Serdyukov should be lustrated in the trash can - as in Ukraine. That same place would be for them. )))
  9. serjant4
    serjant4 14 October 2014 09: 29
    Better her cute, white slippers gave ...
  10. Balamyt
    Balamyt 14 October 2014 09: 33
    If only someone answered me, WHY is she under house arrest? Why not in jail ????? Power spits on all of us!
    As if specifically for her, amendments about house arrest were introduced!
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 14 October 2014 09: 43
      Quote: Balamyt
      If only someone answered me, WHY is she under house arrest?

      Look at the photo, she is a professional singer by mouth and, apparently, she doesn’t get sour when she gives the order for IT. wink
    2. boss.tyurikov
      boss.tyurikov 14 October 2014 13: 57
      They just take time to release everything on the brakes.
    3. boss.tyurikov
      boss.tyurikov 14 October 2014 13: 57
      They just take time to release everything on the brakes.
  11. navara399
    navara399 14 October 2014 09: 34
    Well, it's just a spit from our proceedings ... it turns out the law is that drawbar. Someone sits for all sorts of crap in the prefab, and someone sings songs. Once again they showed that you know b.s.d.l. about your place. For such things it is necessary to remove from posts!
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 14 October 2014 16: 59
      Old-old aphorism (about America of the XNUMXth century) - "if you steal a loaf of bread, you will be sent to prison; if you steal a railroad, you will be elected to Congress"
      You will see - "embezzlement" will be removed from the charges, only "misuse of budget funds" will remain. And the suspended sentence, which has already expired during the "stay under investigation and trial"
  12. pv1005
    pv1005 14 October 2014 09: 37
    It looks like in the sentence "EXECUTE CANNOT BE FORCED" the comma has already been put, but unfortunately in the wrong place. It remains to hold out until the statute of limitations expires.
  13. Aydar
    Aydar 14 October 2014 09: 37
    In the amateur ensemble of the women's colony No. 11 in Chita, she would have looked better.
  14. 1-Patriot
    1-Patriot 14 October 2014 09: 37
    Impunity breeds complete lawlessness!
  15. Gray 43
    Gray 43 14 October 2014 09: 37
    They would put her under house arrest somewhere in a village near Vorkuta, where you can create and create on long winter evenings
  16. Lenar
    Lenar 14 October 2014 09: 38
    Just as Serdyukov will be released under an amnesty. Here and do not go to a fortuneteller. In general, corruption in the Ministry of Defense is a disgrace to Russia. Corruption in the most important ministry.
    Why is everyone who was involved still alive?
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 14 October 2014 17: 01
      What about corruption in the FSB? Weak? And what ministry do you think is more important?
  17. reverse-trotil
    reverse-trotil 14 October 2014 09: 42
    The deepest shame. Someone told me that this is true love, but true love is kept in the heart and kept away from prying eyes. Shame on this old woman.
    1. ququ
      ququ 14 October 2014 17: 37
      )) An elderly woman is only 35 years old - life is just beginning, true love is yet to come ...))

      Threat. of course, they don’t give a damn about public opinion, like Baturina, but IMHO - aunt without criticism .... everywhere)
      1. Ptah
        Ptah 14 October 2014 19: 27
        Quote: ququ
        An elderly woman is only 35 years old

        "Elderly" - here, in the sense, this aunt LIFE is no longer sickly.
        I am sure - even if you collect all of their redheads from rings from site visitors (rings, chains, crosses, crowns, etc. ....) you won’t get a bucket.
        Such as the ELDER VASILIEVA HAS EXTREMELY overwork in only 6 years.
  18. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 14 October 2014 09: 43
    It seems justice will not take place. So why the hell is the power calling for everyone to be law-abiding?
    Tired of this duplicity.
    All patience is already coming to an end by looking at such frittels.
    If things go on like this, then it’s not Vasiliev’s bad end, but those who cover her.
  19. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 14 October 2014 09: 44
    In a good way, she has long had to sew slippers under escort, and not sing about them.
  20. Mikhal
    Mikhal 14 October 2014 09: 44
    We need to open a network of free brothels for the lower strata of the population. And all presumptuous persons there, such as Pusi and others like them. Let the fuck know their place! Psaki also there. angry
    1. Coltxnumx
      Coltxnumx 14 October 2014 11: 14
      My friend! Well, you say the same, psaki! I won’t drink so much.
  21. Erg
    Erg 14 October 2014 09: 51
    Head of department ... Wet sponges affect defense industry? I'm scared... belay
  22. STALGRAD76
    STALGRAD76 14 October 2014 09: 53
    What a mediocrity her so-called "talents" are, perhaps this is the project of her "creativity" intended for the final rehabilitation, "Who was imprisoned? A singer, an artist !! ??" Not everyone dares to bring our bohemia to legal responsibility ...
  23. Kilo-11
    Kilo-11 14 October 2014 10: 05
    A clip-recollection of an affair with Serdyukov. Just a slut who turned out to be at the trough of cutting money. The questions in the article are posed correctly, the government jumps up to a patriotic protest or to people's avengers.
  24. Fantazer911
    Fantazer911 14 October 2014 10: 07
    The law turned to where it turned and it turned out that it was the power of money and power, I would take it to a housewife but not give it, but it would be a pity to her slippers and everything else.
  25. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 14 October 2014 10: 12
    I don’t think that this clip, text, clothes sha la you and Tver - this is all subtle trolling and calculation. I think this is the natural image and content of this ciliates shoe. Minister Perdyukov, along with his deeds and retinue-this is not an indelible stain on Putin's presidency. I had to land him in prison for 10 bu ...
  26. Hyppopotut
    Hyppopotut 14 October 2014 10: 16
    Well, gentlemen, and the answer to the question: "Why did Stalin shoot" outstanding "commanders and statesmen?"
    In Stalin's times, taking a bribe, or cutting something off from the state is a mortal risk.
    And today - she stole nowhere else - and PR with cheap songs ...
    Shame on our "justice" !!!
  27. dmb
    dmb 14 October 2014 10: 16
    An old anecdote about how Brezhnev tested people for patience. The ending of the anecdote is as follows; After the suggestion of every third person to hang up, a question came from the audience: "Will you bring the rope with you or will the trade union provide?" Here is also Vasilyeva and the laws of the "Rotenbergs" the authorities are checking whether it can still go awry. Judging by the mass of laudatory reviews on the site, it can still.
  28. Kazakh
    Kazakh 14 October 2014 10: 23
    what a nasty voice even the computer did not help
  29. Begemot
    Begemot 14 October 2014 10: 26
    She is an official, in the country of victorious officialdom there can be no other way.
    In order to really sit down, an official must firmly annoy the opposing clan of officials or, being very drunk, knock down pedestrians at the crossing under the video camera and move the victim’s car several times before the eyes of the gay men, and then tear off his head or leg and start eating it. Everything else is beyond the jurisdiction.
    1. Userpic
      Userpic 14 October 2014 13: 15
      Quote: Begemot
      To really sit down, the official must ... being drunk, knock down pedestrians at the crossing under the video camera and, before the eyes of the gay, move the victim’s car several times, and then tear off his head or leg and start eating it
  30. Major_Vortex
    Major_Vortex 14 October 2014 10: 28
    Serdyukov is not gay, and this is a normal state of a man. The clip is boring.
  31. Stoler
    Stoler 14 October 2014 10: 36
    The scary thing is that she will never sit down, even the fry will be scolded because of the statute of limitations or the amnesty (which "quite by accident" coincided with the "Serdyukov case"), they will take off the bracelet with an apology and will bow to her in the hallway for the inconvenience for a long time.
    The fact that Vasilyeva and Serdyukov is free is a sign to ALL OFFICIALS - Steal the boys, we will cover you !!!
  32. DPZ
    DPZ 14 October 2014 10: 39
    Quote: Ramazan
    why was she allowed to go somewhere?

    She has already said in an interview to this: that she shot the video at home, at the cost it cost "half a picture" and the scenery was all mounted at home.
  33. provincial
    provincial 14 October 2014 10: 41
    Calm down, who will plant her, she is a cousin .....
  34. leonar
    leonar 14 October 2014 10: 43
    Vasiliev is not only in musical sense. It is also a HUGE SHAME for RUSSIA.
  35. glitchy
    glitchy 14 October 2014 10: 43
    God !!! neither a voice nor a hearing, you can throw stones at me, but she only yells in the toilet "busy!", and the lyrics of the song are "meaningful", moreover, she is under house arrest, which she does away from home, because in the frames of the clip it is apparently, in this case, this "star" is obliged to replace house arrest with an IVS.
  36. Dean
    Dean 14 October 2014 10: 55
    Okay clip - overlay, montage. I see. But explain to me about the bracelet. Once they showed how they put him on his leg. And where is he??? How does she wear pantyhose stockings? SU ...
  37. Wiruz
    Wiruz 14 October 2014 10: 58
    I thought that she was already taken to the Vorovayki ensemble request
  38. anip
    anip 14 October 2014 10: 59
    Well sits, albeit at home.
  39. Coltxnumx
    Coltxnumx 14 October 2014 11: 09
    The thing is of course rotten, it smells. But on the other hand, I was delighted — what desperate girls in Russia — she put on everyone and sent everyone. I say right away that I don’t like Vasiliev, but I’m delighted! Yes sir!
    1. I am
      I am 14 October 2014 12: 23
      vague doubts torment me, she won’t go to Eurovision ....... will not live
  40. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 14 October 2014 11: 19
    You have fun in Russia, and the girls are pretty, and the fields are endless.
    1. The point
      The point 14 October 2014 16: 33
      Quote: saturn.mmm
      and the fields are endless.

      and the forests are still not felled ... wassat
  41. Des10
    Des10 14 October 2014 11: 27
    Well, like "slippers"? ..
    yes normal, on similar voices and with similar texts - our pop. the stage is rich.
    And Vasilieva lives as she is allowed to.
  42. fox14
    fox14 14 October 2014 11: 57
    she sings about slippers correctly. because in them they will put her in a coffin
  43. calocha
    calocha 14 October 2014 12: 02
    Madame Vasilyeva - THE MAIN THIEV OF THE COUNTRY !!! Next to which Sonya Zolotaya Pen is a baby! Another this Vasilyeva is a litmus test which is possible (God forbid that I make a mistake) will remove the mask from Vladimir Putin!
  44. skymit
    skymit 14 October 2014 12: 11
    With b / w the author has a problem. Firstly, it was filmed in the apartment, which is clearly visible (the figure of Vasilyeva is superimposed on the image of the peyzans in the field). Secondly, this banter is completely obvious. And thirdly, the woman behaves quite expectedly in her position. She was made extreme in a big game, from which she was only crushed and in which she performed a secondary function. So she draws attention to herself so as not to be completely buried.
    1. Volodin
      14 October 2014 12: 48
      This comment seems to confirm the title of the article ...
  45. zol1
    zol1 14 October 2014 12: 16
    Only white slippers are suitable for such freaks and such scum needs to be destroyed physically without a corrupt Russian court and investigation!
  46. Papabear
    Papabear 14 October 2014 12: 18
    The topic of boobs is not disclosed. But seriously, people like Vasilyeva have been and will be in the current state of affairs. Children of secret oligarchs, close to the authorities, possessing cars of compromising evidence for the dark affairs of the authorities will be in business and at large, keep on a short chain of power cheers-patriots, who naively believe that they are protecting themselves and the land, but in fact such Vasilyevs and their patrons , from "liberals" and "fifth columns". Yes, the motivation of the latter must be dealt with, but it is obvious that such Vasilievs cause both reputational and material damage, and faith in the state is simply not restored.
    The situation in general is worthy of the Saltykov-Shchedrin pen, and it is obvious that nothing has changed in Russia over the centuries, except for the extent of theft. Even faces at Taburetkin and passion are characteristic
  47. demand1
    demand1 14 October 2014 12: 22
    Good song, sincere, a bitch sings about her sunset
  48. boforss
    boforss 14 October 2014 12: 26
    Eh Vasiliev slippers you need to sew in the ITK, somewhere in the Kolyma ... A clip is banal, apparently tight with taste and imagination.
  49. Luga
    Luga 14 October 2014 12: 30
    From an artistic point of view, the work of Vasilyeva is below all criticism. Neither music, nor lyrics, nor vocals, nor videos deserve not only a detailed analysis, but simply attention.

    Even if we assume that Vasilyeva herself is a complete fool, then those who at least helped her create this “masterpiece” should have opened her eyes to the true value of her “creativity”. Thus, the question arises: what the hell did she need, in the sense of publishing? Well, filmed, recorded, but why publish? In general, this is the same as writing on the home page of your site "Among other things, I am also a mediocre du.ra". What for?

    I see several options.

    First: the woman really moved off her reels in her apartment, she wants to at least virtually have fun in the vastness of her native country. In this case, we have the opportunity to observe her ideas about what fun is. In my opinion, boring, without imagination.

    Second, we are dealing with a crude and absolutely clumsy mockery. This is probably how he should look in a person who is absolutely devoid of any creativity. Although the original concept may have been deeper, the "lawyer censorship" worked.

    Third: the text is full of symbols incomprehensible to the uninitiated. Then this is a specific informational message, perhaps even addressed to a strictly defined person, communication with whom she is prohibited from. A sort of "Aesopian language", another "dream of Vera Pavlovna". And somewhere now some kind of wheels are spinning, and from the "red slippers" to the "pink sunset" sports guys went to the soul of some "cute" ...

    Regarding the last point, you can mock very nicely, but I have already exhausted my fuse, and most importantly, there is no desire to listen to this crazy text again. Therefore, I propose to take this opportunity to forum users who wish smile
    1. calocha
      calocha 14 October 2014 16: 21
      It is clear that she was sharing with her beloved Serdyukov, and that apparently with Medvedev, judging by the way Serdyukov is "otmazyvayut", possibly involved in VVP. She trolls the honest PEOPLE with her behavior .... The Union of Officers wrote a letter to put this "singer" in jail. After all, she "got into the pocket" of each of them ...
  50. Mercenary
    Mercenary 14 October 2014 12: 31
    She stole Elib as she sings, and there would be no investigation. It was just a beggar