Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 12 2014 year

Yesterday at 1: 50

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"In Slavyansk, in Nikolaevka (the occupied northern part of the DPR), partisans attacked the checkpoint of dill (see photo).

Also in Severodonetsk a few hours ago there were 2 attacks by partisans against invaders (remember, now Severodonetsk is the “capital” of the occupied part of the LC, the gauleiter Moskal is sitting there).

Ukry admitted that yesterday their column to the west of Dokuchaevsk in 16.45 was ambushed - they recognized the death of 1 of the border guard (see, from other parts of the dill went for reinforcement).

The NSDC map also recognized an explosion with a fire in the Volnovakhi area.

By the way, according to the checkpoint at Popasnaya, the artel worked well for lunch - ukry is still singing.

15: 23 MSK. In the Chernukhino area (near Debaltseve), battles do not stop, and in Nikishino - in general tin.

In the morning, at the village of Lugansk (LNR), a dill checkpoint was attacked. So far, it is known about 2 wounded from the 128-th brigade ZSU.

In the morning at Happiness (LNR) from the ZU-23-2, a dill checkpoint was fired. It seems not only anti-aircraft guns, for the 92nd reported a loss tank T-64.

Yesterday afternoon dill transferred the next 7 prisoners. 6- ordinary (2 from 51-th brigade, 1 - from 80-th, 1 - from 30-th, 1 from baht Donbass, 1 from 39-th terb), but one - the same one: Lelyavsky Yuri - twice in captivity hits. Everything hides behind itself as a journalist (according to operational information, he is a volunteer supplier for dill). He was honestly told that they would not change for the third time, but would lean against the wall. "

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 12 2014 year

Yesterday at 2: 45

Overview report from the 1 Interbrigade of the South-East

The past 24 hours on the fronts of Novorossia brought us to the next round of the “silence mode” - it flew to the residents of Donbass on heads at the tips of projectiles at least 30 times.

Donetsk People's Republic

Donetsk - during the night the punishers intensively fired from their fortified areas in the settlement. Marinka, Avdiivka and Skilled Kiyevsky and Petrovsky district of the city, in the morning was shot at the Trudovskaya metro station (3 died and 8 civilians were injured during the day). Regarding the situation at the airport, there is no fundamentally new information. By evening, shelling of the city was resumed (m / r Severny).

Mariinsky area - at night ukrovermaht delivered a strike from the MLRS "Grad" on the settlement of Aleksandrovka, in response the militia fired at the punitive firing points in the area of ​​N. p. Elizavetovka and Novomikhaylovka.
Makeyevka - Late in the evening, the punitive artillery intensified and struck the northern outskirts of the city (they were beating from the village of Pesky).
Avdiivka-ukrovermaht complains about an attempt by the militia to storm their positions during the night, the militia say nothing about this.
Debalcevo - at night, the northeastern outskirts of the city, where the punitive units are concentrated, were fired at by the cannon’s artillery; reported on clashes.
Kirovskoe - last night from the direction n. The Yenakiyevo nazgadi village fired from tank guns and mortars fortified militia near the Komsomolets Donbassa mine.
Dokuchaevsk - ukrovermaht groaning about the battles and shelling of their positions in this direction (1 punisher destroyed).
Zhdanovka - it is reported about the destruction of the UAV ukrovermahta (probably, the manned aircraft have ended altogether).
Mining District - again renewed clashes in the area n. The village of Nikishino (in the morning, ukrovermaht fired at the militia positions from mortars, during the day they fired from the AGS and automatic weapons). Last night, the punitive inflicted artillery on the positions of the militia in the area n. P. Petropavlovka.
Yasinovatsky area - fortified punitive artillery in PGT Pesky was subjected to massive shelling with the use of MLRS "Grad" and mortars during the night.

Thus, despite the regular statement made by A. Zakharchenko about the “silence regime” and the immediate withdrawal of troops to create the “buffer zone” discussed earlier, the truce does not slow down, concentrating on the predictable directions - Avdiivka, Peski and Debaltseve.

Lugansk People's Republic
Lugansk - again reported difficulties with the burials of ukrovozhennyh, whose bodies are thrown by the command and the government on the battlefield. Volunteer organizations with a huge number of corpses can not cope.
The village of Lugansk - in the morning the DRG militia made an attack on the NKGD post (the results are not specified).
Happiness - active hostilities are not reported; some local skirmishes and attacks on checkpoints carried out by mobile militia reconnaissance groups (at least 2 shelling from anti-aircraft installations and small arms) are recorded.
Antratsitovsky area - last night ukrovermaht made a massive shelling n. p. Fashchevka (got into the factory, injured 3 civilians).
Perevalsky district - in the evening, the punishers made a raid on a militia checkpoint in the area n. Kruglik (shelling from mortars and small arms).
Thus, again the direction of the front of Lugansk remains more stable and calm, with the exception of tension in the region n. n. Happiness.

Occupied Territory
Krasnoarmeysk (DPR) - two female saleswomen were killed by punitive workers in a shop while attempting to rob a firearm.

Fresh psaki
Today, the precious non-living Ukrainian media have again brought us some fresh and, most importantly, vitally relevant News.
Firstly, TSN showed all the ukropatriots and euro-integrated Khokhlopitekas that in an unequal battle for European values, NATO bases and Polish visa-free toilets are not alone. Lithuanian football fans were powerfully, provocatively and in a big way succumbed to the airborne form of idiocy, who sang the unfading foul language “lalalala” guru Deschitsa about the Russian president at the selection match at Euro-2016. By the way, the plunger Deshchytsia has now become the quintessential Svidomo dream - he has been appointed ambassador to Poland. Oh, all the Galitsi voluptuously rolled their eyes, because licking the boots of the Polish gentry, while those together are accusing the Washington Regional Committee of the Euro-Atlantic values ​​- from the point of view of the Ukrainian maydaun, this is priceless!

But not so close is the paramogue for the rainbow-colored warriors of the punitive battalion "Azov". Yesterday, in the very center of Mariupol, a car with a fighting Lyashkivka collided with a minibus and rolled over. The bloody tyrant Vlad Putich reached the psychotronic cannon directly from the Kremlin, and the minibus was recruited by the FSB drunk bear of Chechen nationality armed with the Buk nuclear mortar and the identity of an armored police officer. There are no other explanations - after all, the Ukroariysky berserks, under the leadership of the military genius Geletei, are not afraid of anything, even fighting in paintball helmets. As it turned out, a significant batch of such ammunition was supplied by a caring Ukrainian government for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The most touching thing is that after identifying these facts, the journalists clarified that the banderlogists are still fighting in plastics, hoping for a “placebo effect”. Again, half-measures: to give out, instead of protection, a portrait of Bandera, instead of medicines, a cookie. And to attack only with a “pig”, while jumping high (so as not to be Moskal) and sing the songs of Conchita Wust. Right under the rainbow banner with NATO symbols, a trident and a swastika. This will be the true face of the warrior of modern Evukuria.
On the whole, Tymchuk's delirium was slightly aggravated - over the past 24 hours, only the 1 punisher was killed by the unceasing “Grad”, launched personally by Yanukovych directly from Rostov-on-Don, instead of the wounded Pskov paratroopers three Ryazan divisions and one aircraft carrier were broken off the coast of Chukotka).

For losses:
civilians - 3 / 11
National Security Councils - 1 / 0 (NSDC), the militia do not specify
militia - 3 / 2

Thus, there is a strong conviction in the senselessness of waiting for a significant change in the situation. The third cease-fire statement at the front does not reduce: it is absolutely incomprehensible why we are not going to talk about peace with those who brought the war (as you might guess, this is about the so-called ATO). Bidding for the territory and left Slavyansk invaders under endless shelling of cities and talk of a truce - this is the result of six months of a bloody civil war? I hope not, that we will see.

Yesterday at 3: 15

Photo report from Novosvetlovka

"Novosvetlovka was liberated by the militia from the junta a long time ago, but the signs of destruction and the burned-down punitive equipment remind the war to the inhabitants to this day."

Yesterday at 3: 40

Message from "Borisych"

"Well, that's all, the evening entertainment in Nikishino came to an end. Today it was without losses, we are waiting for a joint matinee. In general, the situation in Nikishino is quite curious, reminds Stalingrad. The village is conditionally divided into two parts. , as well as the Cossacks. In addition to the Cossacks, there are several other groups from other divisions.
If we talk about a combat situation, battles periodically arise not only for the streets, but also for individual houses, intersections. Both warring parties are in constant tension, hence the shootout, spontaneously flares up several times a day. But to be objective, the militia still ukrov slightly pursed. Well, just reported on the completion of the disco, as the one hundred and twenties flew from the side of ukrov ... wish good night, obviously. "

Yesterday at 9: 15

Interview with the militia with the call sign "Prapor"

Twice the knight of the St George Cross gave an exclusive interview about the Slavic epic and about the militia.

Yesterday at 10: 36

Message from the militia

"Ukrainian punishers are not stopping the shelling of Donetsk. A couple of hours ago, three incomplete packages of Grad were sent back to Peski. Now it’s quiet. The night in Avdiivka was relatively quiet, but shots were heard several times. Around 3 in the night around Debaltseve the sounds of a distant cannonade were heard. "

Yesterday at 10: 44

Message from the militia with the call sign "Fidel"

“I’m standing in Nikishino and I would like to clarify Borisych’s information. In addition to the Biker company, there are not Cossacks in the village, but the people of the man with the call sign Cossack are the deputy company of the Bear company. There are also some of the people from the Serb company, from which I. Recently, the ukrov shelling intensified. After the recent destruction of one ukrovsky roadblock, they built another one. The 10 battle was not very successful for all of us - Biker and Cossack had losses, for ukrov we don’t know. Nevertheless, nobody loses his presence of mind and if there is an order and appropriate support - we Udem knock ukrov from the village are still active. While moving cautiously and house-by-house otvoovyvaem village. "

Yesterday at 10: 51

Photo from Yegor Zemtsova

"Our new" jihad-mobili ". Armored vehicles are good, but, as practice shows, home-made" carts "also often do a great job with combat missions."

Yesterday at 12: 19

Photo from Motorola militia

"Motorola ammunition after one of the fierce battles.
The answer to the question of why he walks in a spetsnaz helmet, wrapped in a bronik and additional elbow pads. "

Yesterday at 14: 30

Message from the militia

“The city of Kirovskoye (DNR) was subjected to heavy shelling. The Ukrainian army is shelling the city, despite the silence regime.
Last night (21: 46) and this morning (8: 30) there were the following hits:
Post Office (UkrTelecom) - 4 dead.
Ordzhanikidze street lit 2х storey house- stake. victims are not known.
st. May Day d31. (Private sector) - count. victims are not known.
Up to this point all week long they fired at the mine "Komsomolets Donbassa" - there are losses among the militias. Now they are also bombarding the mine. The militia does not shoot back, observing silence. "

Yesterday at 15: 25

Summary of the Army of the Southeast on the morning of October 12

Yesterday, Ukrainian punishers from 18.45 to 19.40 from firing positions in the area n. SANDS was carried out by artillery and mortar shelling of residential areas and communal infrastructure in the Kuybyshevsky district of DONETSK. Damaged 2 at home.
In 23.00, the positions of a unit of the DPR Army in the villages were fired from small arms. Osykovo. 1 militia wounded.
According to residents of the village NOVOBAKHMUTOVKA, while moving a convoy of vehicles down the Oktyabrskaya street, the National Guard tank moved a Niva car parked outside the village council building that belonged to a local resident. When the owner of the car tried to claim compensation for material damage, the National Guard on his side opened fire from small arms.
Looting at roadblocks has become widespread. According to residents of the village MAKSIMOVKA militants from the Right Sector subdivision stationed in the village, installed at the entrance to the settlement MAKSIMOVKA and TROITSKY roadblocks are engaged in extortion from drivers of cars entering the settlements.
The National Guardsmen explain their actions with the permission received from the leadership to withdraw the property necessary for the defense needs from the civilian population.

Yesterday at 16: 15

Message and photo from the militia with the call sign "Fidel"

“I came as a volunteer - a mercenary. Kolomoys who went immediately with payment — like volunteers. Not a single militiaman blew up the house, did not touch civilians — and still a terrorist. Kolomoys who are famous for“ grenade sweeps ”and atrocities against everyone suspected of DNR sympathy , liberators. They call us sectarians. The fact that many Azov-Kolomoiys are neo-pagans is normal. I defend my people suddenly, the Nazis. Ukronatsy expel Russians from Donbass, create filtration-torture camps, but they are like patriots. And so they have everything I calmly wait ukrolu Biteley double standards, waiting to see them in my sight. "

Yesterday at 17: 12

Message from journalists

"According to experts from Lostarmor, the number of armored vehicles destroyed and captured in the civil war in Ukraine reached 600 units. More than a third of all the equipment lost by Ukrainian punishers is now in the hands of the militia, either in good condition or in the repair stage. The militia still continues to find trophies on the battlefields, so recently they managed to pull out a tank of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stuck in the swamp. The militia put into service also captured large-caliber guns, including the SAU Hyacinth.

Yesterday at 18: 06

Statement by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the DPR Eduard Basurin

“12 civilians were killed during the day, including 6 women and 1 children. Another 13 injured, mainly in the Kievsky district of Donetsk. There is also one injured person in Makeyevka - a man was blown up by a mine.
Among the militia injured 12, four were killed. Of these, two died in Avdiivka. "

Yesterday at 18: 37

Message channel RT: CEC DNI refused to register for the party Pavel Gubarev

“The head of the CEC of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Roman Lyagin, said that the committee refused to register the well-known public figure Pavel Gubarev at the elections to the People’s Council of the Novorossia party. According to the head of the CEC of the DPR, a number of organizations, in particular, the movement“ Oplot ”, as well as the block“ United Russia "." The CEC refused to register the elections of the party "Novorossiya" because they did not hold a conference. They allegedly held a conference, but did not inform the CEC about its conduct, "Lyagin said." Correct mistakes are no longer possible because 10, we finished receiving notifications. "

Yesterday at 18: 50

Extraordinary press conference of Roman Lyagin - there will be no transfer of elections

"October 12 held an extraordinary press conference of the Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the DPR, Roman Lyagin.
The main question of the press conference is that there will not be a postponement of the election date to the Council of People’s Deputies and the Head of the Republic from November 2 to November 9. Elections will be held, as scheduled earlier - this decision was made by the Council of People's Deputies of the DPR.
Of the 6 individuals who applied for registration as a candidate for the post of the Head of the Republic, only Alexander Zakharchenko submitted subscription lists with voter signatures to the Central Election Commission in support of it. Candidates L. Kofman and Y. Sivokonenko are in the process of collecting signatures.
Roman Lyagin said that at the moment only two political blocs became subjects of the election campaign - the public movement “Donetsk Republic” and “Svobodny Donbass”. The CEC is also considering applications from several other public associations. Many political forces were denied registration as a subject of the election process due to an incomplete set of submitted documents and violations of the registration procedure of a public association. "

Press Center DNI.

Yesterday at 19: 35

Message from the militia

The formed international detachment of Alexei Mozgovogo’s “Ghost” brigade was initially called French-Serbian, but volunteers from other countries (Brazil and Spain) began to join it as the only detachment in the Donbass, recruited entirely from foreigners.
A detachment of soldiers-internationalists under the leadership of "Poirot" (Victor Alfonso Lenta) left yesterday for Donetsk to pick up the Spaniards from the location of the "East". It should be noted that the cases of mass transition of the militias into the formation of Alexei Brain are becoming widespread.
Recently, the head of this detachment, Anton Dolgov, reported on the transfer of the disbanded detachment of D.O.L.G, formerly subordinate to the DPR MGB, to the Ghost Brigade.
Militias highly value moral and commanding qualities of the Brain. They are impressed by their rejection of the Minsk agreements, personal disinterestedness, concern for the division and the local population.

Yesterday at 19: 50

Lifenews agency message

“National guardsmen extort money from residents of Novorossia at checkpoints. Fighters of the voluntary army of Ukraine began collecting money from the local population. According to residents of the village of Maksimovka and Troitskoe, at the checkpoints, militants of the Right Sector now take money from drivers of cars entering the settlement.
Now, traveling through a passenger car checkpoint costs 50 hryvnias, and freight costs, depending on the carrying capacity and contents transported, range from 100 to 200 hryvnias. If the drivers do not have the required amount, then Bandera with the help of the butts of machine guns can break the windshields and headlights on the car. Often, as a fare, national guardsmen take away from the owners of the machines the products and the things they like.
The National Guards themselves explain the exactions received from the leadership of the permission to withdraw from the civilian population the property necessary for "defense needs".

Yesterday at 20: 20

Report on the situation with heating in Donetsk

“In Donetsk, heating was turned on at socially significant facilities. The press service of the head department of improvement and public services of Donetsk reported this. Oblast Trauma Hospital, a boarding house for senior citizens and people with disabilities, and a regional center for the protection of motherhood and childhood. Earlier, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the DPR, Alexander Karaman, said that itelny season proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic will begin on October 15 or at an earlier date, "if the temperature is more than three consecutive days will be less than plus eight degrees."

Yesterday at 20: 53

Photos from bloggers

"Today, at the Russia-Moldova football match, fans put on the public display huge photos of the heroes of Novorossiya."

Yesterday at 21: 35

Video from the military officer of Motorola’s unit Gennady Dubovy

“The militia“ Chervonets ”after the hospital told about the most painful and expressed his and most of the fighters attitude to what is happening in the“ republic. ”Chervonets said that the fighters are fighting for Novorossia, and not for the remnant stub that they want to shoot after the Minsk agreements. politics premiere of the republic rolls over. "

Yesterday at 22: 25

Graham Phillips Report on "Givi" for the TV channel "Star"

The militiaman with the call sign "Givi" became one of the most skillful DNR commanders and a real living legend. It is “Givi” with its battalion fighting at the Donetsk airport. Journalists call him the reincarnation of the famous 1812 war general, Peter Bagration.

“Givi” became one of the authors of the “Ilovaisky Cauldron” - then with his company he kept the town 2 of a week away from daily attempts to break through from the encirclement of the Ukrainian troops. Givi, whose real name is Mikhail, grew up in Ilovaisk and worked at a local factory.

“His real name is Mikhail, but in the Donbas he is known as Givi. There are legends about the fearlessness of this man. Here is the most recent example - an interview under fire from installations "Grad". Look, everyone rushed to the shelter, and he continues to stand still, as if nothing terrible is happening, ”says journalist Graeme Phillips.

After the interview, they began to call Mikhail “an urban-oriented Givi,” and it was even surprising to know that this man was not a professional military man. Before the war, he was an ordinary guy, he worked as a steeplejack, hung advertisements, repaired houses, and in his spare time he was a fan of his native Shakhtar Donetsk.

“My name is Mikhail, I was born in the city of Ilovaisk, but now I am in Donetsk. З4 of the year. Not married.
- And what is your hobby, Givi?
- Boxing, football.
- Do you play it yourself? Who are you sick for?
“In the former Ukraine, this is the Shakhtar team from Donetsk, in Spain, Real Madrid, Givi answered the questions of the journalist.

When the Kiev authorities launched a war in the Donbas, he went to defend his homeland. He joined the militia in Slavyansk during the most fierce fighting. The most important battle in which he had the opportunity to participate as a company commander was for his native Ilovaisk. Fighters "Givi" for several weeks in a row held the city, despite the powerful onslaught of the National Guard, which at that time had twice as many people and weapons. Today, Givi and its fighters participate in battles for the Donetsk airport.

“I'm not a hero. Understand that heroes are my people who are fighting on the front lines. I'm just their commander, that's all. Victory makes my gunners, my soldiers on the front, my infantry. I am not Alla Pugacheva with Philip Kirkorov. Understand, I am an ordinary soldier of the Donetsk People's Republic, ”Givi said.

Yesterday at 22: 40

Video interviews from journalists

Motorola answered relevant questions.

Yesterday at 23: 29

Message from Kombriga Alexei Brain about the military council

“Today, the Vergulevo area was again subjected to massive artillery fire. There are wounded, both among the fighters of the brigade and among the local, civilian population. And at the same time, in connection with Lugansk, we receive a message (order) to stop firing and withdraw from the Vergulevka SAU (of which we have never been born) Naturally, how do they know the real situation on the front line, when everyone is keen on future elections, but even if they know, speaking the truth now is not as profitable as before.
The planned military council never took place. "Gentlemen" are able to convince ... At the appointed date, almost none of the commanders who so loudly supported the holding of the council, did not come. Great thanks to all for this! Now at least you can see who breathes what and who has what goals. Even those who will not take part in the elections have closed their mouths and are sitting quietly (all of a sudden the owners will not like it ...) "But the Brain is still loving it." Because I don’t understand how it is possible to build a new, just, popular state without taking into account either the interest or the opinion of the people?
What is just not being said about me now, and what is not being told just yet ... They began to write articles on my behalf in a provocative sense. But, I repeat, it is precisely for this that I appear in social networks in order to be able to speak directly to people. If the information comes from sources that have no relation to me or to the brigade, this is a lie.
The future of New Russia covers the political fog. With financial implication.


Yesterday at 23: 55

Photo from the militia

“The militia at the airport created a place for prayer and analogue from improvised means. The sacred Bible lies on zinc with cartridges, the table is“ decorated ”with two grenade launchers and rocket grenades, and a lamp is in front of the Book. serving the motherland and the people. They commemorate both the living and their fallen comrades. "

Yesterday at 23: 59

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

"Hello! We have a silence mode here - we are silent on the sly.
Dill fiercely silent in Donetsk - in the main airport and surrounding areas, in response were silent on the Tsar's Hunt (Avdiivka) and Sands.
In the LPR, all morning they were silent on the 4-m roadblocks of the NKGD near Bakhmutka, and also covered the bases of the football club in the city of Happiness - there they organized the barracks.
Silent in sec. Redkodub and Sharp Graves, and then were silent on s. Thin (near Avdiivka).
Fennel was also silent in Kirovsk, and in response received silence in Gorsk. Also worked on the Peace Valley (near Lisichansk).
Not to mention the fact that all daylight hours were silent at the checkpoints of dill in Debaltseve and Chernukhino.
After eight in the evening dill from Svetlodarsk began shelling from Gradov Gorlovka. "

Today in 1: 03

Comments from the "Bad Soldier" (Deputy Minister of Defense of the DPR Intelligence)

- Today I was officially announced that in the new state of the DPR Defense Department there is NO. Accordingly, there are no special forces and intelligence agencies and radio intelligence agencies. No, and I, although there was still no order for my removal from office or its abolition. Someone, such as Zakharchenko, fiercely resisted a similar vision of the situation, other leaders simply withdrew themselves. Nothing, as long as there are ammunition, the special forces WILL fight, but they are limited ...

- And if Zakharchenko resisted, who then announced something?
- Mynystr.

“Kononov, has he lost the shore, or just short-sightedness?”
- No, that you, on his part - the usual pofigizm, he is not an intriguer, wait for details ...

- It seems that the farther, the worse! And who is now at all in the headquarters?
- On the arena all the same.

- On the account of Zakharchenko's group, the battle against the Bezler unit, the battle against Kalmius, the mass destruction of the militiamen in a simple way and the torture of the militiamen to death at the next very “specifically” organized storming of the Donetsk airport, landing in the basements of Donetsk Deputy Strelkov Sergey Zdryluk (Abwehr) and many unknown to the Internet public leaders-shooters who did not manage to escape after the flight of Strelkov himself ... All "Strelkovtsev" are collected in one place ... the guys are worried, the reason for this is not clear. What is happening in Donetsk, except for the seizure of power by Zakharchenko and the direct betrayal of other thoughts and opinions are not.
- Do not distort - I personally arrested Abwehr and I dare to assure you - there was something for that.

- And didn’t accidentally prepare a sleeping staff for a shtatka, even if Zakharchenko resisted?
- Why do you need specific names? Let me know them, I can voice them if necessary. It's okay, we do not need a salary. Stop feeding - go to grass, we will get ammunition in battle. We will fight yet, do not worry so.

- Zakharchenko last days at the crown.
- Nothing like this. He has nothing to do with it, unless it is an attempt to weaken his position.

- And then who will be engaged in reconnaissance and special operations?
- They say they will create a complete reconnaissance battalion. Well, they will send the intelligence information from where they will come. Toko something still nothing worthwhile sent ...

- Whole reconnaissance ... How to understand this? A slide or you yourself will?
- Prozvedbat will create without us. We are moving into the category of Indians - without providing food, food, ammunition. Today I talked with my own - the difficulties do not frighten them, we will continue to fight. I will try to achieve tomorrow, where is the LEGAL component - a new state in return for the 4 of SEPTEMBER approved by Kononov and in my state of RU OR ORDER ON CANCELING IT. The order to remove me from the position to which I was appointed AI, etc. Well, and, obviously, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in the DETAILED I will voice, as actually and by whom exactly the intrigue for the destruction of intelligence was dragged along.

- Sergey Nikolayevich, could you explain the situation on Zakharchenko, otherwise here you have already spoken a lot of things?
- A decent man, a military officer, straightforward, the stone behind does not hold. He has nothing to do with it, except that this is an attempt to weaken his position.

- Sergey Nikolayevich, if there is no intelligence, another "ministry" will be offered - will you go?
- Where am I from intelligence - the old orientation is already changing. No, of course, we will buy ammunition.

- More careful with this, otherwise they will be considered a coup.
“Coup is kady against the current leader and for some kind of woodpeckers.” And if against woodpeckers and even with the aim of not allowing the Premier to weaken the position and defense capability, this is cleansing.

- Can you somehow help?
- Thank you, but I can only help us, no matter how narcissistic it may sound: D Actually, nothing terrible happened - just some tovarischi, whose names I’ve obviously voiced tomorrow night, achieved my fuss about what they wanted - to destroy the Intelligence Agency. If tomorrow nothing cardinally changes - as before God - I will voice both the present and the PRESENT surnames. Homeland should know their heroes, fighting mainly on the parquet fronts. I don’t feel sorry for the details in the holy task of preserving the most efficient and effective units. Oh, wait for the details ...

- Just feeding is one thing, but all that Zhuchkovsky and others are carrying is quite another. So it is better not to refuse, and sometimes you can buy something from ukrov.
- Yeah, for example, yesterday my whole Ukrainian 79 ORB was bought from Mikhaylovka. : D Once a truce - we gave ourselves a training day. And here at the landfill, in violation of all the rules for preparing and conducting firing, decadents crawl out without signing for familiarization with TB. There reconnaissance, from there to Kurakhovo 9 KAMAZ with 200 and 300.

“Can’t they ... digging trenches?” or too far away?
- Nearby at all, if anything - they don’t have time to escape: D So I’m thinking - if not to collect ALL of the brigade commanders tomorrow, who are also dissatisfied with the castrated staff of their units for tea. But this is the EXTREME option.

- Sergey Nikolayevich, in the light of the news, do you think that the meeting of commanders (Brainstorming initiative) and the choice of commander-in-chief (corresponding to the wishes of real commanders, but not zaschantsev) over all troops and the DPR and the LPR is relevant, or is it utopia and everyone is holding on your patrimony?
- Oh, I do not know what to say ...
So in the DPR, a meeting of commanders, or rather, the Military Council is held regularly and efficiently, but somehow about the election of the Commander-in-Chief.

- And what, the title “Hero of the Donetsk People’s Republic” was introduced in the DPR, and also when Kononov was given this title?
- Obviously, this is my fault - I ran up and forgot to tell you that even October 3 was introduced the title of Hero of the DPR. The 1 star along with the shoulder straps of the Major General received Kononov V.P.

- Isn't it easier to attach the headquarters of the DPR army to a nearby Rezdupru?
- Do not incriminate me in the fornicator, I am not the administrator, but a scout. But the idea of ​​a joint activity with Lesha Mozgov to create a NEW Army is sooooo interesting and dirty for some. I will think: D

- Sergey Nikolaevich. With Brain - yes, of course. And with Bezler?
- We have never had any disagreements with Igor Bezler either. The question of his cooperation with Brain is not for me.

- I hope there are ALWAYS some verified fighters next to you. After your promise to “mark everyone by name,” it is advisable to think a little more about security, not only behind enemy lines ...
- AI usually likes to say that it is necessary to protect not the Gloomy from people, but people from the Gloomy.
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  1. herruvim
    herruvim 13 October 2014 10: 50
    For more victories you warriors of New Russia, for less losses
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 13 October 2014 11: 01
      The war continues. The discontent of the militia with the actions of the DPR leadership regarding the backroom talks with the junta, which clearly do not meet the interests of the people of New Russia, is growing.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. alex56
    alex56 13 October 2014 11: 01
    Everything has somehow rotted in New Russia recently ((((
    And most importantly, in my opinion, the common and important business is being merged not in Moscow, Washington, Kiev or elsewhere, but in Donetsk and Lugans ((((
    1. m13urah1
      m13urah1 13 October 2014 11: 10
      Quote: alex56
      Everything has somehow rotted in New Russia recently ((((
      And most importantly, in my opinion, the common and important business is being merged not in Moscow, Washington, Kiev or elsewhere, but in Donetsk and Lugans ((((

      They are all just pawns. It is precisely that everything is being decided in Washington and Moscow.
      1. alex56
        alex56 13 October 2014 11: 36
        Of course, everything is very complicated in this tangle, and, of course, it cannot do without "helping hands".
        BUT!! and the locals are good, who stopped in a recent dulling? Who will not introduce a single command? Who pulls each blanket to their side? Who is still watching oligarchs in their mouths?
      2. lukke
        lukke 13 October 2014 11: 50
        Who knows - how the Abwehr "distinguished himself", and why the "riflemen" are leaked. In general, from reading the article, an unpleasant aftertaste.
  3. RUSS
    RUSS 13 October 2014 11: 03
    New Russia needs to get rid of the "Trotsky" as soon as possible, and to rally power around the military, it is too early to "play" in democracy and independence.
  4. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 13 October 2014 11: 04
    Day, ordinary day, no peace, no war.
  5. doctor
    doctor 13 October 2014 11: 06
    I think that the commanders of New Russia will find a common language. This is their common victory. Good luck to all units of the army of New Russia.
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 13 October 2014 16: 18
      Quote: Doctor
      I think that the commanders of New Russia will find a common language. This is their common victory. Good luck to all units of the army of New Russia.

      I support in unity and determination the guarantee of victory over the fascist junta.
  6. UFO
    UFO 13 October 2014 11: 06
    Well, that floated on the surface. Some have gotten into it, someone has stepped on or will come ... negative
  7. m13urah1
    m13urah1 13 October 2014 11: 08
    News from the militia of New Russia
    11.10.14/XNUMX/XNUMX Interview with blogger El Murid (Anatoly Nesmiyan).

    “In Donetsk, Zakharchenko arrested Strelkov’s people. Igor Ivanovich hasn’t named their surnames yet. Now Strelkov’s people are sitting in the basements of Donetsk. Zakharchenko is beating out“ testimony ”against Strelkov from them. A large-scale“ drain ”of I. I. Mozgovoy’s people were also“ stolen ”and They were taken to an unknown direction, and they are also beating testimony against Mozgovoy.
    The Slavic Brigade is disarmed - Zakharchenko took away all their heavy weapons, and now they are being sent to the airport. Zakharchenko keeps everyone on starvation rations, even his own "Oplot", so that the militias get everything they need themselves, and thus discredit both themselves and the idea of ​​Novorossiya. Although Zakharchenko has both resources and finances. The Kremlin and Donetsk Ukrainians (represented by the Donetsk elite of Akhmetov-Yanukovych, etc.) are doing everything to trample on the idea of ​​Novorossia and the "Russian world".
    Strelkov is rapidly driven into a corner or into politics. Into politics in order to make him "General Lebed". In order for I.I. to stain and finish off completely.
    Igor Strelkov will make a statement the other day. He constantly postpones his speech, because the situation is changing hourly.
    Shooters, in order to get out of the "trap", must do something unexpected for everyone. For example, as his exit from Slavyansk, which confused everyone's cards. The Slavic brigade now has about 5 thousand people. But it was weakened by taking away heavy weapons. All the "goods" of the military trade organization now go only to Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko. The brigades were ordered to hand over their heavy weapons to the "common pot". Kononov, the Minister of Defense, has only small arms. Zakharchenko concentrated all heavy weapons in his hands. The Minister of Defense has to go to Zakharchenko for the Motorola tank. The tank, having worked out, again returns to Zakharchenko. Such a war.
    The "line of demarcation" is not the last document that Zakharchenko must sign. Apparently, having looked at the whole package, he resigned. But they didn’t accept her, forced her to stay so he could do the dirty work. There was no person in Donetsk able to sign these treacherous papers. According to the "truce" - Ukraine insists on joint patrolling of the borders with Russia. Most likely, this forced Zakharchenko to "quit", because - why did they actually die?
    A full-scale painstaking work is underway to denigrate the Russians. Look, what republics they "built": only bandits-marauders.
    At the top, they considered what damage the struggle for the Russian world does to their cozy world, and decided - the Russian world is harmful. We got excited with the Russian world.
    Around Mozgovoy, militias are beginning to unite, dissatisfied with the Minsk drain and the ongoing mess. "
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 13 October 2014 11: 39
      In general, everything is expected - the rebel provinces of dill are being replaced by unrecognized states of the DPR and LPR under the protectorate of the Russian Federation. At the beginning of November, elections, and then a legitimate arm, appoints his Minister of Defense, who begins to subjugate all the armed forces in the republic. All heavy weapons are nationalized by MODNR and MOLNR, a structure, headquarters and command are being built, and all unit commanders are being made an offer that cannot be refused - either joining the regular army or cutting off supplies and replenishment and disarmament or squeezing out the line of demarcation. On the side of Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky, the bulk of the heavy weapons and most of the personnel, as well as support from Moscow and the military. So far, only Mozgovoy and some of the Riflemen are in opposition, perhaps Kalmius. Kozitsin and Khodokovsky are in question, but given that a significant part of the Cossacks are from the territory of the Russian Federation, there will most likely be no problems with Kozitsin. So autumn and winter will go to build a vertical of power and
      Army DNI and LC. Well, the attack on dill is likely to be in the early spring, unless of course something unexpected happens.
      BIGLESHIY 13 October 2014 16: 08

      Watch these two videos and think about the information that except Zakharchenko everyone is denied registration for the post of head of New Russia.

      Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko as well as their henchmen need to be removed and preferably lousy in the coffin-betrayed. Strelkova in the Ministry of Defense of New Russia.
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 13 October 2014 16: 48
        That is, you propose to remove two-thirds of the real armed forces of New Russia and close the military supply, not to restore the infrastructure of Donbass and give Mozgovoy the right to build communism, the Cossacks to slaughter the Cossacks, and the rest to fight simply because they want to? Or, at the expense of Russian money, to sponsor Makhnovism and squandering aid to Donbass. Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky are clearly appointed by Russia, receive assistance from the Russian Federation and the global goal is the creation of the DPR and LPR and accession to the Russian Federation. I’m for this, and I’m on the drum how it will be done - by military means, diplomatically or simply they will buy half the pigs and a pig at the expense of oil refineries. Naturally, no other candidates of the Russian Federation are satisfied and they will either get a challenge or not be able to take part in the elections. Plus, according to an interview with Zakharchenko, it is clear that serious political strategists have already dealt with it. And it pleases me, since it means that they will not sacrifice New Russia and serious funds and resources are invested in it. Carpenter is still a darker horse, and things are worse in the LPR than in the DPR - there is less unity of command and there are serious insubordinate forces - the Cossacks and the Brain. Incidentally, it is not a fact that everything will go there smoothly and without firing.
  8. Mhpv
    Mhpv 13 October 2014 11: 13
    It seems that in the LPR and DPR their maidans are brewing. Bedlam, sabbath and all that kind. It became sickening to read reports from the militia on VKontakte. People are in the dark, the regions are divided, elections are here and there, squabbles, intrigues, attempts. The entire former territory called Ukraine has turned into the now popular "Smitnik" or solid waste landfill.
  9. Gray 43
    Gray 43 13 October 2014 11: 15
    Brain, I think, is able to gather like-minded people and create that New Russia, for which the majority of militias and volunteers are fighting and which so scares some in the Kremlin and the junta in Kiev
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 13 October 2014 11: 49
      In which territory? It controls only Alchevsk and a section of the front north of Debaltseve. Under the command of him, he has 2 men, almost no heavy weapons, well, plus a part of the Riflemen will leave on his side, he still won’t get more than 5 thousand, and Zakharchenko has at least 10-15 thousand with heavy weapons, and Plotnitsky has 5 thousand people with heavy weapons. Well, what are his chances? Gloomy and Bes for Zakharchenko, the Cossacks by themselves, but will not fit in for Brain. So either he obeys, is part of the regular army of the LPR or the DPR, or he will be disarmed, possibly with firing. Well, about the construction of communism on the territory of a small part of the republic, the idea was originally crazy, because for some reason it was just those who didn’t need to pay for it.
  10. fax66
    fax66 13 October 2014 11: 17
    Let everything work out! ....
  11. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 13 October 2014 11: 19
    am What kind of leadership allowed to rob people ?!

    The National Guards themselves explain the exactions received from the leadership of the permission to withdraw from the civilian population the property necessary for "defense needs".

    fool Ah, the same ones that allowed to kill civilians? am
  12. Drunya
    Drunya 13 October 2014 11: 24
    Test drive squeezed from the APU (New) BTR-4

    The famous commander of Ryazan:
    Ryazan is sure that Novorossia will definitely take place. Video of Gennady Dubovoy
    1. Freelancer7
      Freelancer7 13 October 2014 15: 42
      Interesting interviews, but a journalist needs to speak less for the person who is being interviewed. Less lyrics, just ask questions and get answers. And it turns out that the journalist himself forms some answers or sets the direction. No need to persuade a person - let him speak himself.
  13. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 October 2014 11: 32
    ... but one is unique: Lelyavsky Yuri has already been taken prisoner twice. Everything is hiding behind the fact that the journalist (according to operational information - he is a volunteer supplier for dill). He was honestly told - they will not change for the third time, but will lean against the wall. "

    For the second time it was not necessary to change. Although if you gave the militias, and not civilians, then this ned.umka can be changed.
  14. skullcap
    skullcap 13 October 2014 11: 37
    I liked the video dedicated to the real heroes of Ukraine. That is made not by professionals, but ordinary people, but from the heart. I offer for viewing.
  15. skullcap
    skullcap 13 October 2014 11: 37
    I liked the video dedicated to the real heroes of Ukraine. That is made not by professionals, but ordinary people, but from the heart. I offer for viewing.
  16. shishakova
    shishakova 13 October 2014 11: 39
    Brain said everything was right.
    Probably, besides military operations, there is an acute political struggle (oligarchs, money, power ...)
    And yet, people are tired of lies, greed, injustice, so the victory will be for honest defenders of New Russia. God bless you.

    The blessed memory of the fallen ...
    1. Taga
      Taga 13 October 2014 23: 56
      It would be nice, it would be nice if you were right!
  17. Fox
    Fox 13 October 2014 11: 46
    Dear Igor Ivanovich, there is only one hope left for you. Mozgovoy, Bezler, Petrovsky and other worthy warriors, unfortunately, for a number of reasons, cannot organize a meeting of the commanders of Novorosia to organize a rebuff to external and internal enemies and traitors. Now that the situation has really become catastrophic, only I.I. Strelkov is able to restore order in New Russia. There is very little time left.
    Of course, it’s not for me to give advice to Igor Ivanovich, but I just want to express my point of view on the current situation.
    In my opinion, it is first of all necessary:
    1. Any ways to return to the leadership of New Russia I.I. Stelkova.
    2. To cancel the elections on November 2 in the DPR and LPR.
    3. To remove from power and arrest traitors in the ranks of the current leaders of the republics.
    4. Cancel all decisions of the so-called Minsk agreements.
    5. To refuse any contacts with the fascist junta - no negotiations, except for the exchange of prisoners.
    6. Create a single command headquarters of the Army of New Russia.
    7. Continue the struggle for the liberation of the territories occupied by the fascists of the 8 Novorossiysk republics.
    1. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 13 October 2014 12: 48
      Quote: Zorro
      Dear Igor Ivanovich

      All this is correct, but they forgot to ask the pope? If the pope does not agree, who will supply the weapons?
      1. BIGLESHIY
        BIGLESHIY 13 October 2014 16: 14
        Quote: Pilat2009
        Quote: Zorro
        Dear Igor Ivanovich

        All this is correct, but they forgot to ask the pope? If the pope does not agree, who will supply the weapons?

        The one who supplied them before - APU, terbats and all orc crap.
        1. Taga
          Taga 14 October 2014 00: 07
          It is very expensive for any "orc crap" to get weapons (of course, it's no stranger, but still ...)! If every day you have to observe the "mode of silence" here and there, it is better to be ready for this, fully armed. Especially in the case of resuming large-scale databases.
          1. BIGLESHIY
            BIGLESHIY 15 October 2014 15: 44
            Quote: Taga
            It is very expensive for any "orc crap" to get weapons (of course, it's no stranger, but still ...)! If every day you have to observe the "mode of silence" here and there, it is better to be ready for this, fully armed. Especially in the case of resuming large-scale databases.

            Was it not "dad" who imposed a "silence mode" on them?
  18. runway
    runway 13 October 2014 11: 46
    Intrigue, undercover games and outright betrayal of the interests of New Russia - you need to be prepared for this from the very beginning.
    Recent events clearly show that there are a lot of Judas who want to exchange New Russia for the Crimea. Only you need to understand that such a betrayal will not stop the Nazis.
    There is only one way to counteract betrayal - by combining all forces under a single MILITARY command of New Russia.
  19. wild
    wild 13 October 2014 11: 59
    The farther into the forest the thicker the partisans. Chipmunks play to grief, play out. Draining everyone around and bowing to the bucket. Is it time to carry out a coup in the swamp of the DNI and LC? Let the military commanders decide how to continue to live and reconcile.
  20. Appius
    Appius 13 October 2014 12: 48
    It is necessary to defend Novorossia, but they cannot share power. Finish that they lose everything. Only the unification of all forces will lead to victory.
  21. bliznec
    bliznec 13 October 2014 14: 11
    read, they just wrote to me from Shakhtyorsk: Valyat, Yurochka, with such speed, and in Donetsk (they just called) they caught up a lot of equipment, they will destroy the city completely, how will I go to St. Petersburg in the spring and summer? We’ll have to come from Sochi .... and back to Rostov .... Railway and aero .... they broke, but the trains arrive and decrease ..... but now they can completely destroy everything .....
    They don’t pay money, so they go home .... about militias writes!
    MAXUZZZ 13 October 2014 15: 01
    Mdya, with the departure of Strelkova, as it became more obvious, the pulling of the blanket between some leaders became visible, although it may have gone away so as not to stain honor in the flea fuss for leadership. I hope there is a worthy universally recognized leader who can organize everyone.
  23. Normal ok
    Normal ok 13 October 2014 17: 41
    Something does not fit with the previous information on the object (airport):
  24. Bora
    Bora 13 October 2014 18: 19
    News from the militia of New Russia
    Today in 20: 51
    13.10.14/15/06 XNUMX:XNUMX Moscow time. Operational report from the militia Prokhorov.

    "Well, silence has come to Mariupol - now there is not a weak rubilovo near Komintenovo and Talakovka (north-east of the city) using artels and tanks.

    In Donetsk - such silence that you do not know where to run. Ukrainians beat with terrible force, and - obviously they themselves are not interested in where they will get - they themselves covered Avdeevka from Tonenky - they wanted to see them on the outskirts, but hit the old part.
    And so - Putilovka, the airport and the Sands - silence is such that the ears are laid and the sand from the eyes is picked out with a spoon.
    Dill tried to storm the old terminal. Regarding the remaining sections, activity is incomprehensible. Well, or Ukrainians generally drank the last brains - tension in all places. It would be an offensive - in one or two. Although - maybe they just probe, look for weak points.

    Silence mode is now actively in Novotroitsky - between Dokuchaevskiy (DPR) and Volnovakha (the Ukrainian-occupied south of the DPR).
    And - using the artel of large colibri.

    About the misinformation from Avakov: "Under Mariupol, the militants shot an ambulance, killed a 3 man."
    In fact, this is a fairly well-known story to everyone who has been / is in the Donetsk region. This happened on October 10 - a wounded man in Krasnogorovka, in agreement with the militia, was supposed to be brought to Donetsk for an operation, near Kurakhovo (they went around to avoid being fired), the car was fired upon at the National Guard post.
    How and why the story has surfaced now and why they have localized it to the south of the real place - for "They heard a ring, but they do not know where he is."
  25. GDV
    GDV 13 October 2014 19: 58
    It’s the darkest thing under the candle flame, Mozgovoy and Strelkovsky brotherhood need to take power into their own hands, what democratic elections are in the ass, only a tough hand will restore order and will not allow you to quietly merge the conquered, bring down sent Cossacks, take power into your own hands, you will be financed you won’t be left without it, in Russia they understand perfectly that Novorossia is an outpost between the Russian Federation and the West, the proteges of the aligarhat must be removed from the forefront, this is the Jude they will merge Novorossia, they must be neutralized.
    I don’t have to explain how this is done, and I’m a stupid excuse for a soldier and it’s not my leadership.
  26. cloud
    cloud 13 October 2014 22: 27
    Alexander Zakharchenko is a hero, a man of military glory and courage, who passed fire and water, but copper pipes (the test by the authorities) cannot be passed.
    Here we were worried, cried, prayed with all our hearts, asked God for help from the militias and hoped, hoped ...
    Alexander, God knows you through these prayers, as well as all the militias dear to us.
    The load that you took on yourself is unbearable, It is unlikely that you yourself will forgive your weakness. How can you live with this ...

    Read Revelation 21: 8 and you will understand me, it’s scary.
  27. Newlod
    Newlod 14 October 2014 04: 29
    Inhumans want the fire of the militia to extinguish from undercover intrigues and are actively working in this direction again this damned "Divide and Conquer" .... God forbid that this rot could not take root and did not introduce discord and clouding the minds of the leadership of the Russian republics! !!