What are the most significant mistakes should not be repeated in the new Russian Empire

For a person familiar with history Two facts are completely obvious to Russia and the Russian people: first, the Russian people are the imperial people, whose program code contains messianism (or Russian cosmism), is a people who live comfortably in the empire, a great power that influences global processes; secondly, any distemper, dismemberment, fragmentation of Russia-Russian civilization is not eternal, time comes, and Russia, like the Phoenix bird, is reborn from the ashes, from chaos, weakness, wars, a renewed great power is born.

So nowadays one must understand: temporary workers and weakness will leave, Russia will once again say its weighty word, backed up by the best warriors in the world, no matter how much they talk about changing the world - this is all a lie, the “right of the strong” still decides everything. Therefore, it is necessary to understand at least some of the mistakes of the Red Empire and the Russian Empire, so as not to repeat them.

“The core of the new Union, the empire is gradually emerging, the very logic of world globalization, the active pressure of the external environment is forcing a number of post-Soviet elites to come closer. Signs of these processes are the CSTO, the Customs Union, Nazarbayev’s remarks about the need for a single regional currency, a single economic space. Apparently, the core will include: the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, possibly Ukraine (or its southeastern part) and Transnistria, these territories will form the basis of the future Russian Empire, the Russian Union (and do not need to find fault to the word “Russian”: “Russian” is the Greek equivalent of this word, the Romans - the Russians - often called “dews”, and we like to borrow foreign words, so Russia became Russia).

It is noticeable that the elites of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have an understanding that without Russia they are waiting for the occupation and the genocide of the population, forcible "Georgianization" of the territories. Without Russia, Transnistria is doomed to be seized by Moldova with the support of Romania, and then “Romanianization” as part of “Greater Romania”. Armenia will be forced alone to resist Azerbaijan and its ally (which is much worse) Turkey, which in recent years has shown simply unprecedented agility, moving in the direction of rebuilding the “Brilliant Ports”. Ukraine is waiting for internal strife between the west and southeast, with the willingness of neighbors to participate in the sharing of the pie - we are talking about Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Poland. Belarus - the wave of the “color revolution” was shot down, but who said that there will be no next? And just Alexander Lukashenko can "suddenly" die. And then, according to the elaborated scenario, there is a sharp impoverishment of the population, territorial claims of neighbors, a pro-Western elite who will surrender everyone and everything, including Belarusian high-ranking GBS officers, militiamen who are guilty of repressions against the freedom-loving Belarusian opposition.

- The remaining republics under pressure from the world crisis and, possibly, the world war, which is likely to be a chain of small but bloody regional conflicts, and current events (including the economic, financial and political crises of the USA, the EU, the war in Libya, events in Syria), this is not the end of events, and not even the middle, everything is just beginning, they will be forced to integrate with the new Union. It is clear that due to their anti-Russian policy, in relation to the remaining Russians on their territory, they do not deserve equal relations. That is, the revival of the USSR in its usual form will not be, the national elites and the “small fraternal peoples” will not receive any privileges, security and the ability to more or less tolerably exist will have to work.

Equality and freedom - these two great chimeras, invented in the West, who tried to introduce in the USSR - should not overshadow the minds of modern Russians. Now we have enough information to understand a simple thing - there is no gratitude in nature between nations. The Russian Empire and the USSR equipped the suburbs at the expense of the Russian lands proper, giving the Balts, Finns, Central Asians, the peoples of the Caucasus advantages and privileges, they overwhelmingly did not appreciate this. They did not appreciate the titanic feat of the Russian people, who led the peoples from the stage of early feudalism or even primitive communal relations along the path of progress. The Russian people created writing for the “small fraternal peoples”, fostered their national intelligentsia (which later became mostly an enemy of the empire), built communications, developed mineral deposits, built schools, hospitals, museums (their own history), libraries, created urban culture, gave the beginnings of statehood (as, for example, Finland), created a developed national economy and much more.

Therefore, only vassal relations and complete obedience, following the example of the Anglo-Saxons, are no different; Of course, the Russians will not go on the genocide of other peoples, like the “developed” Western civilization, this does not correspond to our values. But levers for “flogging” can always be found, for example: it is enough to deport the same Tajiks from Russia, and any regime in Dushanbe will collapse. The question is, how will the elites of Central Asia stop the waves of the Mujahideen from Afghanistan? Without Russian military assistance.

- Those who have joined the Russian Union should forget about the chimeras of the Soviet period - all sorts of attributes of sovereignty, about subsidies from the core of the Union.

- In the field of foreign policy, to forget about the free support of the allied regimes, do not squander the wealth of our people. Behind weapon, assistance in the development of mineral resources, various large-scale infrastructure projects, the development of a peaceful atom, assistance in education, medicine, etc. Russia and the people should receive real assets - land, resort areas in warm seas for our health centers, children's camps, shares in established enterprises, etc., and not words about “eternal friendship.”

In relations with the West - a tough confrontation to any attempts to get into our affairs. Development of common projects with countries that are ready to develop bilateral relations (for example: Russia - Germany).

- The new Russian currency, after the collapse of the dollar system and attempts to introduce a new financial bubble in the form of "Amero", should be free from binding to Western monetary systems. This form of dependence must be abandoned. The ideal currency in the new world will be kilowatt / hour, a kind of energy ruble. As the country really appreciates a kilowatt / hour, such is the money exchange rate for participants in world trade. Practically any goods - gold, nickel, oil, steel, gas, coal, wood, wheat, cotton - are easy to estimate in kilowatt / hour. Paper, gold equivalents - it's all outdated, unreliable, these systems invented the Anglo-Saxons. Energy is the real, universal and understandable measure for all people, kilowatt / hour, and in Somalia kilowatt.

It is clear that this will not be in the next two or three years, but the course of the historical process is inexorable, the revival of the Russian Empire is inevitable.
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