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Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 9 2014 year

Yesterday at 9: 30

Message from the press center of the DPR

“The Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk on the“ Day of Silence ”declared by Kiev killed at least 19 civilians in the DPR capital. During the day, at least 3 militia fighters were killed and 36 fighters were injured. Only between the village of Biryuzovo and the mine cemetery No. 29 were injured after shelling of the remains of four bodies. A criminal case was initiated under the article “Murder of two or more persons.” Kiev, Kuibyshev and Kalininsky districts, as well as Amstor’s store, were subjected to heavy shelling. It is in ambulances and hospitals. "

Yesterday at 9: 56

Message from the Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR, Andrey Purgin

"Donetsk from the Avdeevka area and Sand are being fired from large-caliber artillery. The main task of the militia now is to push the security forces back to a distance that will not allow the city to be fired. The militia also has to fight in the area of ​​Donetsk airport to prevent re-penetration of punitive ships into the air harbor. Aroport is very convenient for security forces to shoot at Donetsk. There are two huge four-kilometer lanes. We started school on October 1, the city was shelled. 26 people were killed during the day, the wound We’ve fired at 60. In the following days, shelling also continued, particularly on Wednesday, October 8, shells hit the railway station area, at least two people were killed, at least a dozen were injured. The ceasefire agreement between Kiev and the militias is partially observed: on the 75% of the front line between the militia and the security forces. Ukrainians talk a lot to the West, including a cease-fire. They try to seem, not to be. In fact, shelling from them continues, there are no buffer zones between us. "

Yesterday at 11: 47

Commentary from political commentator Boris Rozhin ("colonelcassad")

“It was reported that“ Glory to Ukraine! ”Will be the official greeting of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In addition, the document implies the replacement of the address“ comrade ”in the army’s official lexicon with the Ukrainian word“ pan. ”The authors of the bill emphasized that in this way Ukrainian soldiers should get rid of“ Soviet rudiments "negatively affecting the patriotic spirit of military personnel.
It’s not a fact of course that this schizophrenic nonsense will be accepted, but the symptoms are very characteristic. Developed under favorable conditions, Ukrainian nationalism with a heavy Nazi tone, has grown stronger and is now trying to relay its ideology, phraseology and history for the rest of Ukraine, including using seized state authorities. The severe form of Nazism, coupled with the apology of collaborationism, determine the hysterical nature of the passing "desovetisation", which quite clearly proves the well-known thesis - the farther from Stalin, the closer to Hitler. In principle, with the “panami” they are still modestly, Mr. Hauptmann and Mr. Oberführer could have immediately, and then at one time “Soviet rudiments” ousted these appeals so pleasant for Ukrainian fascism. ”

Yesterday at 12: 05

Actual map of hostilities and a summary of the situation

“Tonight, the RDG militiamen tested the positions of the punishers near the settlement of Novolasp. A fire strike was struck against the positions of the invaders in the Chernuhino settlement, as well. Novoorlovka, Zolotoe, Zamozhnoe. The militia fired back from the MLRS and mortars. The Snezhnyansky engineering plant successfully established a base for repairing and restoring weapons and equipment of Donbass defenders. was captured in the battles of krateley in Luhansk, Donetsk, Amvrosievka, Kuteynikovo and Starobeshevo. Collect the trophies in the defeated boilers continues trophy group still found and taken to the estimates of fighting more and more weapons and ammunition. "

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 9 2014 year

Yesterday at 12: 18

Video from the militia

"The militiamen captured the serviceable 152-mm. D-20 howitzer with ammunition, took it to their positions and immediately applied it against the Ukrainian punishers."

Yesterday at 13: 04

Message from the militia

“At the Ukrainian Armed Forces checkpoint between Krasnoarmeysky and Pavlograd today, partisans blew up a Ukrainian Armed Forces unit with ammunition. At night, the“ wild militia ”attacked the Ukrainian troops in the Telmanovsky district of the DPR. Ukrainian punishers continue to bombard the areas of Donetsk adjacent to the airport, as a result of the last fire attack, four civilians were killed, 35 were injured. It is also reported that Jelenia Novorossiya army surrounded Debalcevo. Fights have been going in the north-western and western outskirts of the city. "

Yesterday at 13: 43

Summary from the militia Prokhorov

"At night it was again relatively quiet, but not everywhere. After the women at Avdiivka at night, there were only scouts there who were naughty. Donetsk was covered again as if by an alarm clock (there wasn’t 7 yet) - a woman in Lidiyivka.
Late in the evening, dill on the air voted that they were moving from Enakievo to Uglegorsk Tanks (a lot) - but it just looks like fear has big eyes.
Kostik "Semenchenko" acknowledged the problems of his unit - said that 360 "Donbass" fighters are not allowed to the front. Just a month ago, he had more 600. So with the regiment clearly nothing happens. Narodishko runs and is killed on the bullets and shells of the militia. And about the Chechens in the war. Here are the terrorists Okueva and Minaev among the so-called. "The battalion named after D. Dudayev" (pictured), and do not yell dill about their mercenaries, that this is bad.
Today at 4 in the morning dill checkpoint with a. Bogdanovka (LC, near Stakhanov) was attacked by the militia
From dill. Quote:
"Tonight, the Ukrainian servicemen repelled an attack by a detachment of up to 50 people who attacked the positions of our forces in the village of Novolasp.
Also during the past 24 hours 5 times from mortars and small weapons fired at the airport in Donetsk and the stronghold near Orloivka.
3 times fired at positions in the Chernukhino area.
Militants also bombarded positions of anti-terrorist operation forces near populated areas of Popasnaya, Happiness, Nizhnoteplé, Redkodub, Nіkіshino, Novoorlovka, Zolotoe, Rich. "
Regarding yesterday's reports of the attack with dots, the military unit 3023 was subjected to shelling after shelling by the Ukrainian security forces, the OTRK-U. point was destroyed by a ballistic missile. "

Yesterday at 13: 58

Video from Gram Phillips

English journalist Graeme Phillips entered Donetsk airport during the fighting along with the ammunition delivery group and took a brief interview with the legendary militiaman Motorola.

Yesterday at 14: 32

Photo report of the military officer of Motorola’s unit Gennady Dubovy

Destroyed aircraft at the airport in Donetsk.

Yesterday at 15: 41

Message from the militia with the call sign "Podpol"

"The APU at the Donetsk airport still controls the bunker under the old terminal. I was in that area today, local fathers commanders say they were already there, but they could not be knocked out, the building was solid, there were additional grenades inside, a lot of machine guns, and no grenade Arta covers regularly, it is difficult to concentrate large forces, groups of 10-15 people are storming. Dill, using the "truce", throw food and BC through the runway. There, outside the affected area, there are caponiers with access to the underground communications of the airport, there BMP-hee ukropskie dive and unload. By the way, in the morning the anti-tank cell of the Givi squad hit a Ukrainian tank, he was hiding in the terminal, but still caught at the time of roll-out. Burned out, from the first hit. Our anti-tank players to the St. George Cross. "

Yesterday at 16: 25

Photo from Makeevka militia with the call sign "Jackson"

“Novoazovsk is firmly held by the militia, from there the fighters of Novorossia will never go out. The coast right up to Shirokino is controlled by the army of Novorossia, our tanks and infantry fighting vehicles freely roll along the sea, there is not a single dill in the district. then Maripol will be ours. "
So it is quite possible that soon a flag with a slanting cross will proudly fly over Mariupol. "

Yesterday at 17: 13

The commander of the platoon intelligence with the call sign "Mongol" spoke about the military situation in the Donbass

"The army of New Russia is preparing for the autumn-winter company. Large, Ukrainian forces are not expected. Punishers regroup and defend. The so-called ATO forces are trying to take out grain, rob the civilian population of Donbass. DND units are reconnoitered, observed and sometimes repel attacks. There is a shortage of warm clothes, there is also a need for medicines and first-aid kits. In general, we don’t complain about anything, thanks to our battalion commander. I want the war to end as soon as possible. "

Yesterday at 17: 55

Message from "Borisych" from Shakhtersk

"I am alive and well. I sit in the hospital, next to Odessa. I took the interview as I promised! Odessa is handsome, he is recovering at an accelerated pace! He gives you a huge hello. They ask what the injury was: three bullets entered the leg, one finger, three of four bleed. "

Yesterday at 18: 15

Video from the militia

“Father and son went together to the militia to protect their family and homeland from the Ukrainian occupation after they saw how Ukrainians killed the militia’s wife in the occupied territory, tying her by the head to the BTR, and dragging her to death on the square. In the militia it’s not uncommon for men to go to war for freedom with their entire families. "

Yesterday at 18: 40

Message and video from English journalist Gram Phillips. (21 +)

"A fierce battle again today. I was 50 meters from the airport terminal in Donetsk to shoot a report.
The first dead I saw in my life was 3 May in Slavyansk. Now the number has exceeded one hundred. But it is important to remember that these are not numbers, these are people. Civil. Civilians who could live, live their lives, like you and me. Since early May, the Ukrainian army has shelled civilian homes. Specially aimed. Prefers their positions militias. To see this means to understand that “war” is not the exact word for what is happening here. This is a blind and non-selective genocide of Russians. "

English journalist Graeme Phillips visited yesterday in the morgue of Donetsk and made a report on the victims of the Ukrainian army, who have been arriving there for several months in an endless stream.

The doctor said: "There are more than 40 civilians killed during the shelling today and yesterday. Piles of bodies. Several militiamen, mostly civilians. At the end of the day, new trucks are being unloaded with the dead."

(A video from the Donetsk morgue with victims of attacks by punishers. If you have an unstable psyche, do not open the video).

Yesterday at 18: 55

Interview with the militia with the call sign "PolMayora" from the unit "Vostok-13"

"When the SBU was captured in Lugansk, our platoon commander was presented with a major's epaulettes, and I began to ask him - give me a star, I also want to be a major.
Well, he gave me an asterisk to 1, and since then they have called me "Paul Mayor," said the militia. - When we were in the city, our task was to control the order.

We dealt with people who drank, rowdy bands, in general, violated order. We did not beat them, we attracted them to correctional labor. They helped dig trenches, rebuild destroyed buildings.

I do not want to live in a country that oppresses my relatives, and today it is killing my Russian-speaking brothers. There is no longer the Ukraine that we loved.

Today it is a Nazi, brown country with intimidated people who do not care who will win. A huge mass of indifferent people watch the Ukrainian media and sit, wait, who will finally win.

If you listen to Ukrainian TV shows for more than half an hour, you involuntarily begin to dance. It is terrible that a large number of Ukrainians are indifferent to war and everything that happens. It may be sad for them to end. "

Yesterday at 19: 07

Message from the militia

“The Ukrainian artillery continues to shoot at Donetsk from the side of Sand, shells fall around the railway station. According to preliminary data, there are again wounded and civilians killed. In the Uglegorsk region there is a battle, cannonade and machine gun fires are heard. The militia once again repels the attack of Ukrainian punishers.”

Yesterday at 19: 37

Video from the military officer of Motorola’s unit Gennady Dubovy

"6 and 7 of October Motorolovtsy at the airport: processing of the old terminal and the Sailor's speech about the capital of the Polovtsian khanate. Motorolovtsy continued to nightmare and finish the Ukrainian warriors remaining in the old terminal."

Yesterday at 19: 40

Message from bloggers

"According to information from local residents, the Right Sector militants, some of whom are armed with firearms, arrived at the Kupyansk-Uzlovaya Kharkov region railway station. Some of them are armed with firearms. The Pravoseks have a task to clean up the railway workers and not to sabotage the military transports to the area of ​​the punitive operation. In addition, the punishers must filter the population of the village of Kupyansk-Uzlovaya to identify residents supporting Novorossia. "

Yesterday at 20: 40

Photo from Yegor Zemtsova

“Jihad-mobile”, pressed from ukrov, was repaired, repainted and gave him a name: now our “Ripper” will serve Novorossia. Two Ukrainian soldiers have ceased to be Ukrainians and have returned to the Russians, now everyone loves and respects them. They sent good snakes to snipers. summer color, but it will also go for autumn if yellow and brown rags are added. Our snipers work day and night, they are masters of their craft, they have minimal losses in their squad, which cannot be said about the Nazis they treat. "

Yesterday at 20: 59

Message from a resident of Mariupol

"Mariupol was overwhelmed by a wave of atrocities. Ukrainian invaders do what they want, starting from robberies and ending with vandalism and kidnapping of those who disagree. The people are rightless in our city, the Ukrainian invaders are holding us by the cattle, many people are afraid to take to the streets during the day. about the fresh air, parents do not let them go a step out of the apartments. Svidomye singing of the block-blooded warriors also feel at ease: now everything is possible for them and no government can be found on them, no matter what they do. Hell, when the militia was almost freed the city from edinoukrainskoy occupation, they trembled with fear and fled the city like rats. "

Yesterday at 21: 34

Message from the militia

"Ukry fired on the Nitrogenny area in the evening, resulting in two large fires and heavy smoke. No information was available on the dead and wounded. The militia artillery had just struck back on ukrov positions in the Sand area. Punitive people are detonating, they probably fell into battery or in the warehouse of shells. The area of ​​the airport today almost all day was under constant artillery shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. "

Yesterday at 22: 24

Summary of Southeast Army on October 9 Evening

During the day, there were 13 cases of violation of the truce by the Ukrainian side:
in 08.10 from firing positions in the area of ​​n. AVDEEVKA, in 10.30, 12.15, 13.50, 14.04, 15.15 - from the area of ​​the settlement SANDS, residential areas of the settlement were subjected to shelling. DONETSK Damaged 4 apartment buildings. Civilian casualties are being clarified;
in 12.00, the southern edge of the village was subjected to mortar fire. Novomar'evka. One civilian is killed. Damaged 2 apartment buildings;
in 12.05 from the area of ​​n. STARNAME made mortar shelling checkpoint units of the Army of the DNI in the village NOVLASPA. Destroyed a car that belonged to a local resident. The owner of the car was injured;
in 13.30 from the area of ​​n. CHERNUKHINO with the use of mortars fired settlements FASHCHEVKA and KRUGLIK;
in 13.40 from firing positions in the area of ​​n. KAMENKA produced artillery shelling n. NIKISHINO. One civilian was killed;
in 14.45 by n. DEBALTSEVO under fire N. CHAIR. Damaged one apartment building;
in 16.40, the Mp PETROVAGLOVKA.
Marked the intensification of the activities of the enemy sabotage groups. Small arms fired at a checkpoint of a DPR Army unit on the northern outskirts of the settlement. NIKISHINO. One militia wounded.
According to the intelligence of the DPR Army, in the territory of New Russia, occupied by the enemy, the excesses and harassment of the civilian population continue.
At the National Guard post, located between the settlement NOVAHTYRKA and NOVAIDAR (53 km north-west of the settlement of LUGANSK), three residents of the village were detained on suspicion of collaborating with the militias. NOVAIDAR. After the beating, the drunk national guardsmen staged their execution, then smashed the windshield of a car belonging to one of them, after which the detainees were released.

Yesterday at 22: 31

Operational summary from the militia Prokhorov

"In Donetsk, ukry Gradami was shot at the airport and at Nitrogen - there are victims. In Gorlovka, there is an exchange of gunfire from Maiorskoye. Bahi near Uglegorsk.
In the city of Happiness is lit thermal power plants (photo). In the same place ukry are alarmed - there are fights for the bridge. In general - a rich evening.
Under Krasnoarmeysky guerrillas attacked a column of dill - several dead, including Sergei Rachov. "

Today in 0: 35

Summary from Jan militia on Donetsk shelling

"During the day, Kuibyshev and Kirov areas were hit, strikes were delivered from artillery systems and the MLRS, and mortars were also used. Putilovka and the Oktyabrsky airport area, mainly from mortars and tanks from Sand, were attacked. As a result of shelling, two apartment buildings were destroyed in Ave. Kolkhoz 32, 80, Krupskaya St. 66 (damage to building structures), Buslaev St. 30 (ignition of the production workshop), at least one person died, 47 substations are de-energized. The number of damage and injuries is specified. About XNU MX: 19 Nazis attacked the Nitrogen micro-artillery block, the industrial sector suffered the main blow, but residential neighborhoods were also affected. Ambulances left the area subjected to Nazi shelling. The blow was dealt by Avdeevka. , the pharmacy, 20 school suffered, one of the shells hit the nine-story building, as long as at least two people were killed. "

Today in 0: 42

Givi about the situation at the airport on October 9

Today in 3: 09

Message from the residents of Donetsk

"The shelling of Donetsk has begun. It looks like Petrovsky district ... The bombing has not stopped until now. They are laying powerfully."

Today in 5: 30

Message from the militia headquarters

"As such, the assault of Debaltsevo, which was reported by numerous sources, was not yet. There was active reconnaissance in force carried out by two powerful sabotage and reconnaissance groups (DRGs) that had entered the battlefield under artillery cover. This raid by reconnaissance officers of the New Russia Army allowed to open the system fire Ukrainian punishers and inflict significant damage to them through the use of systems "Grad" and long-range receiver artellery. At the moment, almost all the time there are clashes on the outskirts of the city ryh its regions. According to local residents, Ukrainian security forces demoralized by the protracted conflict and poorly equipped with warm clothes, in the light of the upcoming cold calls into question their combat capability. "

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  1. DRA-88
    DRA-88 10 October 2014 10: 38
    Images from the Donetsk morgue are shocking.
    1. ispaniard
      ispaniard 10 October 2014 10: 58
      Vladlen welcome! After the video, you already fully understand why the militias hate punishers so much ... And the video where they tied the "Aydarovtsa" to the pillar, for example, did not shock me at all from a humane point of view (He was a cook ... Well, of course, a whole army of cooks ). I have not forgotten what their "Ugly Generals" wrote when they filmed the burnt-out Odessans on their phones and made "Selfies" with them ...

      Quote: DRA-88
      These reports can be put on the central TV channels instead of house-2. Here it is, not cinematic life and death.

      I agree, let after that at least one of the "Shirny Ukrainians" will mention the brotherhood of peoples ...
      P.S. Maybe Ksyusha Sobchak and her husband will make an analytical program about this video, or will Andrei Makarevich sing a song for the dead? Oh yes, Makarevich does not sympathize with the militia ...
      1. dzau
        dzau 10 October 2014 11: 46
        Makarevich and Sobchak there for a month to scrub the floors - a radical revision of outlook on life is guaranteed.
        1. dkflbvbh
          dkflbvbh 10 October 2014 14: 10
          In my personal (purely subjective) opinion, more people die during this truce than during the war. There is a game with one goal ...
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  3. USSR 1971
    USSR 1971 10 October 2014 10: 42
    These reports can be put on the central TV channels instead of 2 house and other nonsense shows. Here it is, not cinematic life and death. That's where you can spend resources instead of nightclubs and parties. That's who needs true help. The rest of Ukraine, where they don’t lay it, doesn’t care, they are more interested in the hryvnia to the dollar exchange rate. Or a monument where to demolish. Some wretchedness.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. ALEXX.
    ALEXX. 10 October 2014 10: 46
    It’s hard in Donetsk now, and people there are stronger than steel.
  6. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 10 October 2014 10: 50
    Well, and what is the truce? Natsik push and push!
  7. shishakova
    shishakova 10 October 2014 11: 01
    The blessed memory of the fallen ...

    Scary shots, the war is on, there is no buffer zone ...
    Victory to you, dear militia. God bless you.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 10 October 2014 13: 07
      Quote: shishakova
      The blessed memory of the fallen ...
  8. RUSS
    RUSS 10 October 2014 11: 02
    Stsuki dill specifically at the airport bite, can poison them than what?
  9. Crang
    Crang 10 October 2014 11: 15
    No - under the current regime, we will not know what Victory is. Just betrays in the back and all. The bear was better.
    1. tkhonov66
      tkhonov66 10 October 2014 13: 58
      Bear Libya DRAINED.
  10. Oznob
    Oznob 10 October 2014 11: 20
    Quote: RUSS
    Stsuki dill specifically at the airport bite, can poison them than what?

    From a water canal to bring a sewer pipe ...
  11. pravednik
    pravednik 10 October 2014 11: 23
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 10 October 2014 11: 44
    Donetsk begins to resemble the besieged Stalingrad in the 42nd, however ...
  13. Aleksander
    Aleksander 10 October 2014 11: 47
    Every day in Donetsk, the death of civilians. Can it be that unofficially, for a couple of days, the neighboring state cannot send several powerful guns with powerful intelligence and destroy these few Nazi batteries terrorizing Donetsk? It would be a humanitarian operation.
  14. padded jacket
    padded jacket 10 October 2014 11: 55
    Airport - zone, motor traders - stalkers:
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    padded jacket 10 October 2014 12: 01
    What is old, that young think correctly:

  16. padded jacket
    padded jacket 10 October 2014 12: 08
    Donetsk Airport:

    GIVI, GIVI !!!!!!! smile :
  17. padded jacket
    padded jacket 10 October 2014 12: 18
    News of New Russia:
  18. padded jacket
    padded jacket 10 October 2014 12: 23
    Assault on the airport, mutual shooting *

    Motorola commander addresses the Russians:

    The denial of the death of Motorola:
    1. Neksel
      Neksel 11 October 2014 03: 19
      Quote: quilted jacket
      Assault on the airport, mutual shooting *

      Strange intro to the video, quilted jacket. Magen David (yellow?) On a weapon above his left hand, and the shooter himself in keffiyeh and a moldova vest ...
  19. padded jacket
    padded jacket 10 October 2014 12: 29
    Militias inside a captured tank:

    Militias firing from a captured weapon:
  20. padded jacket
    padded jacket 10 October 2014 12: 37
    Airport again:

  21. padded jacket
    padded jacket 10 October 2014 12: 50
    Night shelling of the village of Veselaya Gora by the Ukrainian army:
  22. tkhonov66
    tkhonov66 10 October 2014 13: 21
    In addition, the document implies replacing the word "comrade" in the army's official lexicon with the Ukrainian word "pan".
    - Bored Svidomo on the Polish Pansy.
    8- (
  23. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 10 October 2014 13: 35
    Tell the sniper in the photo: let the watch close with a bandage, or hide it well in the sleeve. Well, the "drums" at the sight with "shaggy" rags should be covered ...
    Otherwise, God forbid, "glare" in the sun.
    1. Hell's Angel
      Hell's Angel 10 October 2014 14: 27
      And the bipod on the trunk is not ice! With this mount, the STP moves up. Accordingly, if you have to shoot without using bipods, the STP will go down.