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Firebird and the golden calf

Firebird and the golden calfIt is considered that America is a country of common sense, an example of enterprise, a storehouse of scientific rational consciousness. It is wrong to think that America is a country of engineers and scientists, profound politicians and intelligent designers. America is a grandiose world empire, prone to expansion, seeking to take over the whole world. America is a country of an irrational dream of world domination, of its divine destiny, of cosmic messianism.

American civilization is based on money - a mysterious substance that has taken hold of the souls of people, the soul of the country, the soul of the American stories. The golden calf, around which America performs its historical ritual, is the most ancient religion, which even in biblical times confronted the Creator. Moses only for a short time left his people to climb the mountain, to hear the voice of God. But this stiff-necked people instantly built themselves a golden idol, bowed to him, and Moses, returning from the mountain with the tablets of God, was forced to destroy a third of this gold-loving people. It is easier for a camel to crawl through the eye of a needle, than for rich America to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

America is godless against the Kingdom of Heaven, gods against heaven. In the dungeon Fort Knox, filled with gold bars, there is a secret parchment in which is written the commandment of this golden animal, throwing its blinding light on the prostrated dying humanity.

This parchment, stored behind seven seals, sometimes reveals its meaning in the manifest speeches of American presidents. Bush Sr. defined America as a "hail on a hill", the center of a deity, ascended to the top of the world, from where the deity looks to conquered peoples.

Obama called his country the most perfect power of the world, the mistress of the universe, who is charged with the task of controlling imperfect humanity.
When Reagan called the Soviet Union "the empire of evil," he subjected our country to a metaphysical blow, sent against the USSR all the demons living in the "city on the hill." Hit the Soviet Union with a metaphysical blow weaponswhich was clothed in the poisonous technologies of the cold war.

Obama recently called Russia "the main threat to the world," thus repeating Reagan's formula for the "evil empire." It was not a political statement. It was a statement by the master and priest standing at the foot of a mysterious god with the hooves of a Kenyan goat and the golden horns of a calf.

This statement determines the attitude of modern America to Russia. It is precisely this that is being developed in a variety of hostile technologies: starting with the "Magnitsky list", economic and political sanctions, ending with military bases, missile defense systems and orbital groups.

Obama’s metaphysical blow was followed by a Russian response. In his Valdai speech, Putin accused the West of violating the fundamental foundations of mankind, of violating Christian values. In essence, he called the West a machine producing evil. He contrasted the Russian model of the true structure of the universe with the American model of the world. And this confirms that modern history is an arena of grandiose metaphysical contractions.
Russian politicians, generals and conceptualists, defending the Russian state today, must understand this - in modern history there is a battle of metaphysical meanings. The fight of the great religious cosmogony models. The image of "hail on the hill", the idol of the golden calf, Russia opposes its universe, its cosmogonic dream, its divine messianism, for the sake of which the Russian people and the Russian state were created. Messianism aimed at collecting heavenly meanings, bringing these meanings to the ground, creating an ideal being based on divine justice.

This reserved dream is revealed to us in Russian folk tales about the Firebird. In the teachings of the elder Philotheus of Moscow — the Third Rome. In the sublime grandiose dream of Patriarch Nikon, who built the New Jerusalem near Moscow and was awaiting the Second Coming here. And in the "red project", which relies on universal harmony about a justly living humanity.

This Russian dream, stored in notions about Holy Russia, in the poems of Pushkin and the music of Mussorgsky, the works of Dostoevsky and Nesterov, in the grand battle for Stalingrad, in the mystical Victory of 1945, this Russian dream sparkles today among the ruins and smoking cities of New Russia. After the darkness of the ninety-first year, after the "black hole" of history, where Russia was overthrown in the nineties, this dream rises as the dawn rises.

Let high mountain, on which stands the American hail. Let the hail get its flickering night sky with its skyscrapers. Russian dawn is even higher. They have gold. We have a golden dawn.

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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 11 October 2014 14: 06
    It is generally accepted that America is a country of common sense, an example of enterprise, a storehouse of scientific rational consciousness. negative I protest! I’m from birth, I have been counting and counting them for more than 50 years, their enemies! am
    1. Sid.74
      Sid.74 11 October 2014 14: 35
      President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated the participants on the 365 anniversary of the formation of the Ukrainian Cossack state, which takes place in Chyhyryn, the press service of the Head of State said.

      According to him, "365 years ago, the colossal manifestation of love for freedom, the victory of our people, as well as the military talent and political wisdom of the great hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky were crowned with the creation of the Ukrainian Cossack state."

      Evidently Valtsman does not know who Khmelnytsky is! laughing

      Khmelnitsky’s victories at Yellow Waters and near Korsun caused a general uprising of the Cherkasy and the population of Little Russia against the Poles. Peasants and townspeople abandoned their homes, organized detachments and organized pogroms on Poles and Jews.

      Revenge of the Poles and the Jews hired by them to collect taxes, the Cossacks, at times, dealt with them extremely cruelly and mercilessly. Knowing about the pogroms of the Jewish population and the monstrous scale of bloodshed, Khmelnitsky tried to resist the destruction, at the same time realizing that he was not able to stop the tragedy that was being played out. A significant number of captured Jews and Poles were sold in the slave markets in Istanbul shortly after the uprising.

      The Jewish chronicler Nathan Hanover testified: “From some, the Cossacks tore the skin alive, and threw the body to dogs; severe wounds were inflicted on others, but they were not finished off, but thrown into the street to die slowly; many were buried alive. Breast babies were slaughtered at the hands of their mothers, and many were chopped into pieces, like fish. Pregnant women had their bellies ripped open, a fetus pulled out and whipped on their mother’s face, while others sewn a live cat into their open stomach and cut off their unhappy hands so that they could not pull the cat out. Other children were pierced with a lance, fried on a fire and brought to their mothers so that they could taste their meat. Sometimes heaps of Jewish children were dumped and river crossings made of them ... ”Modern historians question some aspects of the Hanoverian chronicles, as well as any chronicles of that era; however, the reality of these events does not raise objections.

      Jews spoke of Bohdan Khmelnitsky “Hop-villain, let his name be erased!” - testified the chronicler Nathan Hanover.

      Well, it is worth mentioning the most interesting!
      On 8 of January 1654 in Pereyaslavl, a meeting was gathered at which, after Khmelnytsky’s speech, indicating the need for Ukraine to choose one of the four sovereigns: the Turkish Sultan, Crimean Khan, the Polish King or the Russian Tsar and surrender to his citizenship, the people cried out: "We will (that is, wish) under the Tsar of the Russian"!
      1. sergeysergey69
        sergeysergey69 12 October 2014 02: 15
        I don’t understand the current - what have the Ukrainians to do with it, that they dug up the Black Sea ?!
    2. Sterlya
      Sterlya 11 October 2014 14: 41
      America is a country founded by bandits, gentlemen of fortune, in the territory where they destroyed the indigenous population. Such a beginning, and who expects something good and good from them? A country without a soul, a country of money, a country of Satan.
      1. Arix88
        Arix88 14 October 2014 15: 39
        Russia, or more precisely Muscovy, the country was created by the Mongol-Tatars on the basis of the north-western principalities, as the ulus was the yoke for both its people and others that it has touched throughout history.
        1. MSL
          MSL 14 October 2014 18: 19
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 11 October 2014 17: 32
      America is Satan’s bluff, and the great Russia with its raised holy spirit will make all American samovar gold fade.
      1. Arix88
        Arix88 14 October 2014 15: 39
        just do not forget to remove the bast shoes.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Kostyar
      Kostyar 11 October 2014 22: 24
      quote: I consider and will be considered their enemies!

      duck they are enemies !!! And moreover, without any hesitation, they themselves openly talk about this, and behave accordingly.
    6. Arix88
      Arix88 14 October 2014 15: 36
      America is a grand world empire, inclined to expansion, striving to take over the whole world. America is the country of the irrational dream of world domination, of its divine destiny, of cosmic messianism.

      If you change "America" ​​to "Russia" it will be more objective.

      America is against God the Kingdom of Heaven, against God is heaven.

      And Russia, judging by 750 slavery and poverty, on the contrary.
  2. Styx
    Styx 11 October 2014 14: 11
    Spit on Pen.dosiya, for the Indians insulting :(
  3. igor1981
    igor1981 11 October 2014 14: 11
    The USA is the real empire of evil. This is a nation of stupid, uneducated, consumer population.
  4. andrei332809
    andrei332809 11 October 2014 14: 11
    contrasted the American model of the world with the Russian idea of ​​the true structure of the universe.

    1. RU-Officer
      RU-Officer 11 October 2014 21: 01
      Good song. And the video seems to be nothing ... But something like that ...
      The power of the RF Armed Forces, "the Russians are coming" ... You need to be strong, who can argue? Otherwise, they will eat it.
      BUT! Is it always necessary to associate the trembling of the earth from our treads and the rattling of weapons?
      Half of the world goes into hysterics - "The Russians will conquer us! Look what they are! .."
      Let's say this hysteria is their problem (running to psychotherapists wassat )
      Isn’t it time for us to become even a little wiser? hi
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 11 October 2014 22: 17
        Quote: RU-Officer
        Isn’t it time for us to become even a little wiser?

        so we have a defender army, and nata has a racket tool
  5. Spnsr
    Spnsr 11 October 2014 14: 15
    Prokhanov is hard however! maybe his metaphors are somewhat unusual for me, but somehow I tried to hear him how many times, I never listened!
    1. Ratmir
      Ratmir 11 October 2014 14: 30
      Yes, it’s heavy. But the general meaning, as I understood it, is that America is evil and they will soon be dead. We are well done and God is with us. So we will win soon. ))) Sorry if it's rude.
    2. lis-ik
      lis-ik 11 October 2014 16: 39
      In my opinion, Prokhanov revels in his own metaphors and eloquence, now for him "golden time", by God, his statements have been laughed at lately. In the sense, I have nothing against it, but not as pretentious!
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. sergeysergey69
      sergeysergey69 12 October 2014 02: 17
      The old man is renting out - but we don’t have so many patriots - what we have!
  6. Ober.K
    Ober.K 11 October 2014 14: 36
    A. Prokhanov speaks wonderfully! Speaks to the point, clearly and understandably !!! Sincerely !!! The problem of some is that they began to forget and have forgotten how to understand (not without the help of would-be reformers) the real, beautiful, bright and accurate Russian language !!! Che, schA, na, and other guttural sounds remind me of Ellochka from "12 chairs". Ilf and Petrov compared her vocabulary with the representatives of the Mumba-Yumba tribe. With deep regret, I state that such degradation has affected our society, but it's a pity !!! For with the loss of the beautiful Russian language, we are losing our sense of national identity !!!
    1. Kostyar
      Kostyar 11 October 2014 22: 34
      A. Prokhanov speaks wonderfully! Speaks to the point, clearly and understandably !!! Sincerely !!! The problem of some is that they began to forget and have forgotten how to understand (not without the help of would-be reformers) the real, beautiful, bright and accurate Russian language !!! Che, schA, na, and other guttural sounds remind me of Ellochka from "12 chairs". Ilf and Petrov compared her vocabulary with the representatives of the Mumba-Yumba tribe. With deep regret, I state that such degradation has affected our society, but it's a pity !!! For with the loss of the beautiful Russian language, we are losing our sense of national identity !!!

      When comments relate to the West, and most often it’s negative ... then the hunt is just cursing !!! And these guttural sounds are just a momentary weakness ...)
  7. s30461
    s30461 11 October 2014 14: 36
    Prokhanov should be worn in his arms. And it is very unfortunate that the GDP does not listen to him.
    1. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow 11 October 2014 19: 30
      How do you know?
  8. Lyokha79
    Lyokha79 11 October 2014 14: 40
    America is the kingdom of the devil. All evil, all sorrow, all the troubles of humanity are from there. There is no account of those killed by America. This country is a breeding ground for the plague of XXI-American democracy. As one Indian chief says, "America must be destroyed." I fully support him.
  9. rocker_39
    rocker_39 11 October 2014 15: 08
    Quote: s30461
    Prokhanov should be worn in his arms. And it is very unfortunate that the GDP does not listen to him.

    I think that the GDP itself understands everything perfectly. You do not have to be seven spans in your forehead to understand this.
  10. pensioner
    pensioner 11 October 2014 15: 53
    From the first phrases I realized who the Author is. Low bow hi .
    Creativity Prokhanov - to school. His journalism is at universities. And those who do not read - with rods! am
  11. sv68
    sv68 11 October 2014 15: 54
    and close America does not work? amor overpower somewhere on mekury without spacesuits am am
  12. dosean
    dosean 11 October 2014 15: 59
    It is not worth Russia to be on the sidelines, let alone be a bat! Take a look at history - what is America?
  13. Signature
    Signature 11 October 2014 16: 45
    After reading such publications, you feel (having never visited America and even fundamentally not rushing there even with thoughts) - you feel in yourself a typical average American (as you imagine him), traditionally incapable (in your understanding) of anything more eloquent than "No comments!"
    Of course, few people will be able to speak "this special language" as Prokhanov does. And those who can, will only imitate him.
    And about Mammon, Gold and even Moses: everything is very convincing and - contrary to what is in the "fantasy" register - absolutely vital.
    It is not without sadness that you only guess that all these stories are not entirely about ancient Jews and modern Americans ... Some of both are in ourselves. Like our shadow. And it is very difficult to escape from the shadow. Unless the heavenly body will help. And then with a very non-standard "state of affairs" ...
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 11 October 2014 18: 53
      And you go, you will not regret it.
      It is unlikely that after a tourist visit you will want to re-read
      medieval ravings of Prokhanov.
      So the Americans, after tourist visits in Russia are
      friendly to Russia. fellow
      1. Silkway0026
        Silkway0026 11 October 2014 20: 55
        I do not agree. I was there in Texas for three months. The first impression (and the subsequent one) is our seventies, absolute strict censorship: soar and develop, we are warriors of good, servants of the devil - Iranians, Russians, Serbs, Saddam and other other things ... And this is not only in the news, any action movie is American saves the world from the Russian general who sold the atomic bomb to the Serbs, and it was delivered to New York via (!!!!!!!) Iran !!!

        But, this is not the arbitrariness of only rulers. The people quite understand for themselves how their elders earn a comfortable living for the crowd. They understand that at the expense of the Looting of the rest of the world, but bashfully, including the fool, are silent. Otherwise, having recognized, it will be necessary to recognize themselves as accomplices of world banditry.
        1. Signature
          Signature 11 October 2014 23: 09

          I can not disagree with you! And which is characteristic: I also love Che Guevara.
        2. Djuma
          Djuma 12 October 2014 13: 59
          It is one thing to visit there as a tourist for sightseeing and communication with ordinary people, and it is another thing to live there longer.
      2. Signature
        Signature 11 October 2014 23: 01
        And who prompted, forced you by deception (and so viciously escaped, only spurs ringing) - to search, then read (oh, this path is terribly difficult! ..)? After all, it was not written to you ... - it was written for me ...

        Yes, the rhyme is lame, and on all four hooves and with shocking evidence. However, I did not particularly like your response either, dear comrade from Israel! (So ​​for your response, please accept ours as well.)
        And yes: as you have an idiosyncrasy for famous poetics, so do I for "XNUMX% American." Generally, "to every - his ", as knowledgeable people say.
        True, I don’t want to go to America: I can’t drive me there with a double-barreled gun. (You should not jump on the asphalt from the tenth floor to make sure that it can be lethal.)

        (I swear VOYAKA UHthat minus is not mine!)
        1. Signature
          Signature 12 October 2014 11: 08
          Good day, VOYAKA UH!

          Here the literary educated suggested to me that if you do not put the right sign in the right place - || (before "search"), - then the devil himself will not understand that there was a hint of a piitic experience here. Like this:
          And who prompted, forced you by deceit (and meanly escaped so, only spurs ringing) - ||
          Search, then read (oh, this path is terribly difficult! ..)? After all, it was not written to you ... - it was written for me ... (+ And for others who honor A. Prokhanov’s work.)
  14. Wheel
    Wheel 11 October 2014 17: 18
    Obama recently called Russia "the main threat to the world"

    But did he not tell the truth?
    Russia is really at this time the main threat to the world that the Americans want to have.
    No one else has the guts to say something against.
  15. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 11 October 2014 19: 32
    And yesterday they showed how Americans respect the Ural motorcycle.
  16. krez71
    krez71 11 October 2014 20: 23
    I agree to believe in the role of a strong personality, a national idea, effective management and all sorts of different other phrases, but this article is obscurantism of some kind. You should not attract excerpts from shabby books and illustrated fairy tales. Let's be realistic. Reasonable realists.
  17. Yasondinalt
    Yasondinalt 11 October 2014 20: 39
    God helps Russia! And if God is with us, then it does not matter who is against us!
  18. cat hippopotamus
    cat hippopotamus 11 October 2014 21: 07
    Bryak Obamka recently declared to the whole World about the exclusivity of their nation, truly exceptional in the sense of dope. And if you need some nonsense, we will knock you out of you.
  19. Dim Dimych
    Dim Dimych 11 October 2014 22: 12
    A very strong article !!! How symbolic the statue of liberty looks in a country that is trying to take this freedom away from the rest of the world! And if we speak in metaphysical language (sometime in the distant future, when we become "closer to heaven", humanity will certainly learn metaphysics and the correct side of history will certainly become clear ... but now only feelings and sensations where it is really black, and where is white!) In my opinion and my feelings, the USA is nothing more than a 300t year old, metaphysical (!) Satanic project! Where the horned one brought (instilling into consciousness, like the Lord instructing through the heart of a person - but the choice is always ours) for 300 years overseas all human husks, from ZLATO lovers, to those who, for a "warm bath" and a piece of bread, will sell not only their land and own mother, but also .... soul! To own the world with the help of your henchmen and false values ​​is the main goal of the fighter in the invisible world! A very original reservation turned out where people, reaching material heights, suddenly fall into pride (one of the grave sins) for a place to be a ray of light, followed by the whole planet, and not those hypocritical, deceitful, pumped up "paper anabolics" pseudo -nation-people! (Artificial in nature does not live for a relatively long time, that "heaven on earth" - in the form of communism and revolution of 17 years, that the overseas cauldron for digesting individuals from different parts of the planet - everything has its time, because where it was born, it was useful there, perhaps even with our lives will rush from there, like after a big party!
  20. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 12 October 2014 00: 52
    At the heart of American civilization are money

    Something recalled the paraphrased motto of the Ukropov Natsiks: "Loot over the mustache." Very accurately characterizes the current government there and their owners in the mattress.
  21. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 October 2014 02: 36
    Obama recently described Russia as "the main threat to the world," thereby echoing Reagan's "evil empire" formula.

    Under threat to the world, obama primarily means a threat to the United States. And the threat to the A. mers is represented by those who do not go under America, have their own opinion and defend their interests. Therefore, we will always be a threat to them. Regarding Prokhanov, he is a Russian patriot and has such a (as some wrote pathos) style of expression of his thoughts and feelings.
  22. k174oun7
    k174oun7 12 October 2014 07: 19
    Obama is like a Kenyan goat - a neat comparison, not in the eyebrow, but in the eye.
  23. leonar
    leonar 12 October 2014 12: 40
    America is a country of gays and lesbians, drug addicts and rapists, killers and sectarians and pedophiles. A country with a totalitarian police regime, a country where the entire normal population is under the constant control of the NSA, the CIA and the FBI. A country with a complete lack of democracy. All this and much more is the fiend of hell and the evil empire. A country without Christian values ​​has no right to exist, it must be completely destroyed, AMEN.
  24. Karbofost
    Karbofost 12 October 2014 15: 04
    For some reason I don’t understand, here are all the liberals of different stripes screaming in ecstasy - AMERICA, AMERICA is a great country !!!!! And what is its greatness? The fact that this land is watered with the blood of its indigenous people, who now live on reservations, that it was stolen, exchanged for beads, captured by killing their owners. This land is watered with sweat and fertilized by black slaves. All the relatives and Obamas and Candolyses of Rice and Colin Powell and many now rich blacks were brought like cattle in the holds of the ships of the slave traders. This country has not won a single war, but the soldiers and generals are hanged with sash bars like New Year trees. All this is a myth and tinsel, not without reason HOLLYWOOD is located in this country. But then all the wars of the last two centuries began not without the participation of American capital and American advisers. Who shouts the loudest - Hold the thief !!! - that one really is that thief. A thief should be in prison. Who called the Soviet Union - the Empire of Evil - the Reagan clown, so that they themselves would not be branded with this nickname. How many years the Cold War went on between the USSR and the West, so many years, and still posters are hanging in all the armies of America and the West where Russian Ivan is painted in the guise of an enemy, or a Russian bear as an enemy, in a cap with earflaps with a star and a Kalash. We, too, need to declare americosia and the geyropu an enemy, and confront their brazen propaganda accordingly, and not call them partners, or probable adversaries. Partners in their same-sex families let them stay. am
  25. press officer
    press officer 13 October 2014 07: 38
    Isn’t it time for us to become even a little wiser? hi[/ Quote]

    But isn’t it time to scare them so that they were even afraid to speak in our direction ?! bully how much can you already look at this country popping their worldview of stupid gays in other countries ?! Maybe you should show them who is in charge here ?! soldier
  26. MSL
    MSL 14 October 2014 18: 37
    In my opinion, the article, "cool trolling" of America, Obama, etc., etc.