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Youth degradation as a threat to Russia's national security. What can be done?

Youth degradation as a threat to Russia's national security. What can be done?

The situation with the spiritual, intellectual and physical education of children and young people is such that it is time to sound the alarm. The general state of youth actually deprives Russia and the Russian people of the future, a real social catastrophe has occurred. The failure occurred in the 90s, but the situation did not improve in the 2000s. And over the past 10 years, an increase in the number of sick children has reached 70%. Only every tenth school graduate is relatively healthy, especially big problems are noted in the field of oncological diseases, nervous disorders, diabetes, obesity, blood diseases, visual impairments, etc.

Contrary to the mass conviction that the situation in the food industry in the Russian Federation is better than it was in the USSR, since the shelves of the stores are filled with dozens of sausages, cheese, juice and other food products, this is not so. The facts speak about a qualitative deterioration in the nutrition of the population, including children, and even quantitative - the majority of Russian citizens began to consume less meat, milk, fish and other products. Over the past eight years, fruit consumption by children has fallen by half. This is evidenced by data on the physical development of children: the average height of children over two decades fell by 2 cm, the average weight of boys per 1,3 kg, girls per 1,6 kg. There is also a lack of physical development, children and adolescents became weaker than their peers in 90's: the dynamometry (this is the method of measuring strength) of the right hand in girls decreased by 6 kg, and in boys by 10 kg.

Mortality among Russian adolescents in 3-5 is higher than in European countries, the percentage (and younger age) of smokers and alcoholics among young people has increased significantly. Young people were struck by beer alcoholism, which many experts consider worse than from stronger drinks, because beer has the ability to change the hormonal background of a person, turning men and boys into puffy creatures of indeterminate sex, unable to perform normal sexual function. And girls, on the contrary, in the masculine creatures. According to various sources, from one third to one half of boys and girls suffer deviations in health, which can lead to infertility. About two thirds of young men of military age are sick and cannot become full-fledged defenders of the Motherland, and part of them is irreversible, and the other part needs rehabilitation, sobering, healing, weight gain. That is, in front of the army they need to be kept for several months in special health camps with a strict regime. This terrible, for sensible people, information was announced at the last congress of pediatricians of the Russian Federation.

Similar facts can be gleaned from other sources; a report titled “Social Portrait of the Youth of the Russian Federation” was prepared by the order of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation; it was prepared by the EP commission on social issues. The data of Rosstat, the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Sociological Center of the RAGS, Moscow State University were used. Lomonosov, FOM, VTsIOM and others. As a result, the picture is not less catastrophic. From the speech of ELNikolayeva at the plenary session of the RF OP, we learn the terrible things that we see from the windows of houses, schools, enterprises, cars, on the streets every single day of God. On 1 January 2010 in Russia there were 29,8 million children and young people up to 19 years old, these are 21% of the country's population. We learn that such a typically Western social disease, as a reluctance to have children, has already invaded and successfully established itself in the lives of Russian citizens - 88% of young people expressed their desire to have children. In 15-19 girls, only half of the pregnancies end in childbirth, the other children are killed.

The spread of social diseases among young people poses a big threat: more than 80% of young people consume alcohol, two thirds of adolescents have smoking experience (it must be borne in mind that not everyone confesses at such surveys), the number of teenage addicts increased 18, 62% of young people have had sexual experience before 17 years. The nature of a total epidemic has become the use of swearing — according to self-assessment, eight out of ten high-school students swear. This contributes to the marginalization, the criminalization of the population.

According to experts: “The mass media have a serious negative impact on the social health of young Russians.” So, after conducting a content analysis of only the titles of television programs and films on the most youth TV channels - CTC, TNT - it turned out that every fourth word is foreign, that is, the process of destruction of the Russian language is underway. In addition, a third of the names used reduced vocabulary, there is a sexual, destructive subjects.

There was a sharp drop in the intellectual abilities of our students, a few years ago, high school students from the Russian Federation, according to the results of international testing in reading and mathematics, showed a result below the world average. The leaders were children from South-East Asia and Finland (the Finnish education system largely follows the Soviet system: one-year free pre-school education system, free basic, compulsory 9-summer education, 3-summer upper secondary school or vocational upper secondary education with final exams, plus musical, art out-of-school education provided by the authorities). 1-place in the understanding of the text was taken by students from South Korea, 1-place in mathematics was taken by students from Taiwan, 2-place in mathematics and in understanding of tex from students from Finland, 3-th place in the same categories from students from Hong Kong. Children were tested under the auspices of the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation in 58 states among 15-year schoolchildren.

In addition to the collapse of the Soviet system and programs, the deterioration of funding is to blame for the fall in the general level of education. At present, in schools with salaries (in most poor regions) in 4 - 8 thousand people work in the Soviet school (already retired), people who have a few years left until retirement, or people who are indifferent to everything, naturally expect them to work feats do not have to. Young teachers run away almost immediately, the seller (sales manager) work more profitable and easier. In the profession of a teacher there is neither material benefit nor high social status. In the Russian Federation, spending on education is no higher than 4% of GDP, in Japan it is about 14%, in Finland up to 18%, in South Korea in the last two decades up to 20% GDP.

In Russia, there are up to 1 a million street and street children who do not attend school! They join the ranks of criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics, slaves. The average age of young drinkers dropped from 14-15 years (1960-s data) to 11 years. Only registered in drug dispensaries are 580 thousands of children. Over the past 5 years, the number of 15 – 17-year-old adolescent alcoholics has doubled. And if alcoholism and substance abuse is the lot of homeless children and children from poor families (not to mention smoking), then the “golden youth” is sitting on drugs. In the country, according to the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, 6 million drug addicts, and most of them are young people. Every year, Russia loses from drugs only to 70 thousand people (5 full-blooded divisions!).

And such a problem can be found just a huge amount: from the lack of kindergartens that do not attend thousands of children, undernourished and undernourished children in infancy to the influence of the criminal environment, the fact that we now have a real "workers and peasants" army, because are the children of the poor, state employees.

What can be done?

Personally, every adult should have a positive impact on young people in their lifestyle. Do not swear, at least in the presence of children and women, lead a healthy lifestyle, actively engage in physical culture, if there is an opportunity to have a positive impact through circles, sections, clubs, etc. Refuse bad habits. You can't wait for the state to do this. Children should see that a different way of life is possible - healthy, good-natured, focused on healthy values ​​- physical education, the path of the warrior, family, children, high intelligence, tourism, spiritual development.

In fact, it is necessary to change the strategic program of the life of Russia. At the state level, a nationwide program is needed, aimed at sobering up, denarcating society, creating an integrated system for educating the physical, intellectual, and spiritual Russian culture from the nursery to the universities. It should include such main points as:

- the introduction of medical, vocabulary and moral censorship on TV, in all media;

- the most severe program of fight against drugs, following the example of China, where, in general, this problem is solved; the drug mafia must simply physically destroy and after that regularly “weed” the country, destroying all the germs of this tumor;

- a program of gradual sobering up of society, where during 5-10 years it should be clear to all that tobacco and alcohol are drugs, poison, killing people, suppressing their intellect, breaking will, not allowing them to grow spiritually (it was deliberately introduced into Russia the purpose of the gradual degradation of the spiritual, intellectual, physical potential of our people), and their turnover in the country is a form of production and sale of drugs. As a result, Russia should become (in three or four five-year plans) an absolutely sober country. When resisting, alcohol, tobacco mafia suppress ruthlessly;

- changing the vector of creative intelligentsia from self-destruction to creation, we need active propaganda of healthy values ​​(there is an excellent experience of the Soviet Union in this area);

- enter into kindergartens, schools compulsory health programs of the type of the system of PK Ivanov “Babe” or “Slavic Health” (gymnastics-exercises, tempering procedures must be included there). In schools and universities, to introduce the subject of "self-defense" (preferably on the basis of reviving Slavic, Russian styles), Russian children should, like their ancestors, be able to protect themselves;

- to restore the intellectual potential in the education system, to cancel all these experiments on the introduction of unjustified Western standards (EGE, Bologna system, etc.). Restore the Soviet standards and programs, they were the best in the world. The entire education system should be unified - there should be no elite, elite lyceums, universities for the rich in principle. They split society and disfigure the entire education system;

- to develop not “professional sport”, it should become the lot of individuals, at its own expense, but mass physical culture. The system of international sports has long been turned into a real "mutant", where at the expense of society there is a race between pharmaceutical corporations, a feeder for officials. People as a whole and children, young people need open skating rinks, swimming pools in schools, kindergartens, well-equipped stadiums and halls in kindergartens, schools, universities, and not “Russia, forward” on the screens of “zomboyaschiki” for beer and vodka;

- to restore the mass system of education of children and young people on the best values, taken from all major periods stories Rus-Russia: Pagan Rus, the Rurik, Romanov and Red Empire states. It should include competitions, initial military training, annual summer gatherings of the best "pioneers" (i.e., first in school, behavior, physical training, etc.) in the best parts of Russia - Altai, the North Caucasus, Ural Mountains, Baikal , forests of Karelia, Primorye, etc. To encourage the best children - the future elite of Russia, in order to work out a healthy selection; fools, ignoramuses, hooligans should in the future "build roads" (for the most part, because there are examples of changes in the life path), and clever men, clever men, athletes, "Komsomol members" replenish the ranks of the nation’s core.

Only with the implementation of such a program can the present and future youth of Russia be saved. All Western recipes will only lead to a worsening of the situation - if we analyze the situation in Western countries in the youth field, we will see a picture of complete degradation: from the promiscuous sexual relations characteristic of primitive herds to intellectual decay, even representatives of the political elite of the West need only recall the famous aphorisms of J . Bush
The truth about cartoons, defilement of young people

This program accidentally broke through the air and was shown on the 3-th Moscow program. Apparently by someone's oversight, after which the author and presenter and all those who took part in its creation were promptly fired and shuffled. And the program itself no longer emerged, as if it had never existed. Well, people accidentally recorded from the air, and completely failed to destroy it. The program shows how the propaganda of licentiousness is carried out, the abuse of minors through the media, the way children are manipulated with the help of TV, magazines, subcultures.

Virtual aggression

YOM: 2003
Director: Valentina Matveeva.
This is an investigation film.
Every day, our children spend at the TV, computer for several hours, as a rule, uncontrollably. What happens to them after this?
The authors interviewed many psychologists, teachers, public figures. Conducted testing of children. Approached the secret of the 25 frame ...
Infection with tough information is the diagnosis of modern society. Scientists classify this trouble as an information-damaging factor. Children suffer the most. After all, until the 7 years, they have no protection against a virtual image ...
We are dying out ... Poverty, unemployment, abortion as a reason for the extinction of our people, scientists, demographers reject. What is the main reason? The film is trying to answer this question.
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  1. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros 5 August 2011 07: 04 New
    There is nothing surprising in the article: for example, in the same Argentina, children in the classroom fainted from malnutrition, while their parents walked 10 kilometers to work, because they did not have enough money for the bus and this despite the fact that the country was driving grain and meat abroad being a world leader in this field ...
    Capitalism and the vital activity of a nation are incompatible things!
  2. jamert
    jamert 5 August 2011 08: 05 New
    When he was a student, he had to work in pioneer camps. First counselor, then sportsman. But each time the counselors introduced an additional obligation - to drive the children away from the nearest store with a booze. And when I made a remark to the owner of the store that he did not have the right to sell booze to minors, he told me with a proud Caucasian act "Ydy zhaluysa. Everything is bought here for men."
  3. pokermen
    pokermen 5 August 2011 09: 18 New
    While this is fashionable, no measures will help.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 5 August 2011 21: 02 New
      When working in Europe, you understand how to quit drinking and smoking immediately. When a pack of cigarettes can cost 5 eureka, then it doesn’t really pull you to smoke.
      1. alex_97597
        alex_97597 6 August 2011 13: 24 New
        I am 14 years old and I live in Europe and I completely agree with you. Alcohol until the age of 18 will not be sold either in a coca shop or in a store. And cigarettes are very expensive, but there are young people who smoke, but this is rare.
      2. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
        Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 8 August 2011 19: 07 New
        Read scientific research: the level of drinking and smoking increases inversely with the standard of living of the population. And not in the cost of vodka and cigarettes, but in hopelessness for the future !! Be reasonable.
    2. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 8 August 2011 18: 09 New
      FASHIONABLE something that you got powdered in the brain !! If you use brains, you will not be powdered there / powdered less! The more often you use them, the less C-root in MOSKI.
  4. Petrol
    Petrol 5 August 2011 10: 12 New
    everything is simple .. return the communal tribal system ...
    1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 8 August 2011 19: 09 New
      .... but you, Father, are right !! Indigenous people will then govern, and not the Gentiles ....
  5. Max79
    Max79 5 August 2011 10: 28 New
    1. To begin with, at least gymnasiums were made free! I go in for classes, I know what prices. 2. It’s time to cancel beer advertising in general! And to make, for example, the price of juice or soda is much lower than beer. 3. Most dramatic, you can cancel the sale. beer in kiosks and pavilions. Make the sale of alcohol in special shops and from a certain time !!!
    1. remez
      remez 5 August 2011 12: 04 New

      Quote: Max79
      .Most dramatic, you can make the abolition of the sale of beer in kiosks and pavilions. Make the sale of alcohol in special stores and from a certain time !!

      Well, then go to different hypermarkets to buy beer for a lot of money, beer, too, sometimes want to drink beer)))
      although the bear signed about such a law from the age of 12, but it will not lead to anything good, it’s sufficient not to sell booze to youngsters and in places of mass (holidays) parties like in our city.
      1. Max79
        Max79 5 August 2011 12: 22 New
        it is sufficient not to sell the booze to youngsters, and in places of mass (holidays) partying like in our city.

        Well, that’s hard to believe in it at all. It’s written on each kiosk until the age of 18 ....., and a little further than the kiosk you will pass youngsters sit thumping! And if you do not cancel, then they will already be born “alkonauts”, with a bubble instead nipples!
        1. remez
          remez 5 August 2011 13: 02 New
          it’s already the police’s concern, so that they look after the stalls, and don’t sleep on the oporniks around the clock, and forbid them to sell in the stalls (which our bear has already done), then the price of beer in special shops will go up several times, so we have a Nevsky price of 40.
          1. Max79
            Max79 5 August 2011 13: 48 New
            No policemen will be enough! You can’t even special. shops, but ordinary ones, but so as not to sell to youngsters. In the store, it will not be interesting and dangerous for sellers.
        2. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
          Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 8 August 2011 19: 16 New

          and what did you do to prevent this from happening ???? Have you ever made a remark to at least one “Pivash” boy ??? NO, well then sit and tolerate further ....
    2. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 8 August 2011 19: 13 New
      ..... and simply the State should fulfill all its duties, ESPECIALLY for the safety of the population (and not only 3,14_ZHENZHEN their money!) I subscribe to his thesis!
  6. Civil
    Civil 5 August 2011 12: 15 New
    All this is regrettable, but the main reason for the degradation of the younger generation is the lack of education on the part of parents who do not instill the necessary skills for full development.
    Half of the families are inferior - one parent.
    It is useless for the state to struggle with the fact that children are brought up on television, this is the direct responsibility of the parents.
    1. remez
      remez 5 August 2011 12: 25 New
      just the same state should get into the process of upbringing, at least through telly, even through the Internet, otherwise it will be fast)) parents leave for the plant at 7 in the morning and come at 7 in the evening while you’ll cook fat and then, now it’s time to bring up don't stay ...
    ESCANDER 5 August 2011 12: 42 New
    Right now I bought a can of Baltika 0,5 for 20 wooden ones (discount + gift!). As I understand it, this is “our answer to Chamberlain” from supermarkets for banning the sale of hard liquor after 21.00 p.m. And judging by the beer advertisement of the zombie creator after the same 21.00 p.m., our whole beer country is floundering about, showing off its "authorities" and pissing off of happiness ...
    Beer - as a way of life! What can I say, there used to be a mash, wealth increased, however ...
    The madhouse
  8. mitrich
    mitrich 5 August 2011 12: 59 New
    - flog the belt. Increase belt production. The right of execution for father, stepfather, mother, inspector of PDN, class teacher, trainer, military commissar, unit commander and his deputies (legislatively). And no juvenile justice;
    - alcohol under 21 years of age, including beer - is prohibited;
    - sports up to 18 years without fail, including the sick and infirm;
    - to shoot drug dealers as in China (it can be shown on TV), since this is a threat cleaner than terrorism;
    - smack the belt again.
    Approximately such a general concept. No liberalism, while they do not live with their brains and hands.
    1. datur
      datur 5 August 2011 13: 58 New
      mitrichand you heard about juvenile justice. which are trying hard to introduce with us.?
      1. ESCANDER
        ESCANDER 5 August 2011 14: 11 New
        The mentality is not the same. Will not work!
        Eto in Europe suffer. And with us: beats - it means loves. So the rods to the side, you give belts without buckles!
    2. cVM
      cVM 5 August 2011 14: 09 New
      think when you write, who will make such laws? + coaches, parents and even police officers themselves drink beer and they probably will not let young drink? + And those companies that produce beer and their workers what will happen to them? think when you write
      1. solodova
        solodova 11 August 2011 11: 33 New
        In a normal society, a working person will always find where to put his hands, and engineers and brains will always be in demand, but the soul does not hurt the rest!
  9. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 5 August 2011 13: 20 New
    The failure in the education of youth is the lack of an ideological component. And in the broadest sense. It is necessary to revive free hobby groups, sports sections at schools, tourist, local history, military-patriotic, technical and other areas of youth’s efforts and time. To encourage and reward the best for example to others. Consider as a privilege upon admission to universities (if there is a profile).
    Well, state regulation of sales of alcohol and cigarettes is not for a penny, but at maximum rates + no advertising, or with anti-advertising. That it was considered not fashionable.
      ESCANDER 5 August 2011 13: 40 New
      Interest groups are currently enthusiastic.
      From personal observations - in my yard there was a rusty Soviet mobile power station. Guys have seen! On the trail. the day came (on a bike) the head of the "Young Technician" city club and asked to sell a two-stroke engine (they make cards from scratch), because Chinese - bullshit. I gave it for something that was incredibly happy, and was invited to ride as they would. The boys (10-12 years old) came with a trolley and drove away, almost on their hump.
      Here, roughly, this is the case in this sector ...
      1. svvaulsh
        svvaulsh 5 August 2011 14: 02 New
        Enthusiast leaders of circles must be put on a salary. It is possible to pay extra to teachers who are ready to conduct interest groups. And this should be a state program.
    2. cVM
      cVM 5 August 2011 14: 11 New
      well, let the state wa raise the tax on tobacco and on booze, that their prices will rise and the older generation what will do how they will buy cigar and vodka for crazy money?
      1. svvaulsh
        svvaulsh 5 August 2011 14: 17 New
        Seniors are an example for young people in the first place. Nafik thump! A drink for the holiday 150, so you can let the bubble for 500 p.
        1. Max79
          Max79 8 August 2011 11: 06 New
          svvaulsh,I completely agree!
      2. Superduck
        Superduck 5 August 2011 14: 29 New
        By the way, I don’t know how with the prices in the Russian Federation for this matter, but in Ukraine they were slightly lifted up due to excise taxes. Vodka was not so expensive but expensive for regular use, and once a month or two I do not mind a pint at a meeting with friends. Well, cigarettes about 30 rubles a pack of Chester type. The son says that at school almost the boys stopped messing with cigarettes more expensively and no one else really sat down in the 6-7th grade, only those who smoke mostly with their dad smoke and smoke more. And so they buy more buzz Cola or chips (kitty still poison). On the day I give my son money exactly for a pack of cigarettes (well, don’t get sick so he bought it, the equivalent is simple), but I know that if he buys it he won’t get to school stupidly and can’t eat. Youngsters stopped biting beer on every shop, too, although it seems to me it’s not so expensive, it seems to be cheaper than in Russia, but I prefer to drink it in a bar and expensive than choking on the Baltic.
        1. ESCANDER
          ESCANDER 5 August 2011 14: 40 New
          Baltika is poison.
        2. svvaulsh
          svvaulsh 5 August 2011 14: 47 New
          Well, in comparison, alcohol in Ukraine was 10-15 percent (last year) cheaper, I was not interested in cigarettes, but about the prices are comparable. For products, Ukraine is 10-20% higher.

          Duke, what is the exchange rate for rubles?
          1. Superduck
            Superduck 5 August 2011 15: 07 New
            about 1/3, if exactly then 0,29
            By the way, when I go to Russia, they always ask me to bring Ukrainian vodka. At the same time, I myself with a 40% probability use the Russian "green brand" in Ukraine, I like it :-)
            Although my friends went to the Elbrus region the year before last, so there, with the quality of vodka, they were full of jo ... ah, they brought Ukrainian with them to the maximum. I remember for a bottle of Khortytsya traded half a ram, here it was happiness :-)
            1. svvaulsh
              svvaulsh 5 August 2011 15: 23 New
              And I from Kharkov used to take Nemirov’s peppers. We are one and a half times more expensive. And about the CBD. There, in cool vodka, 28-32 rubles per bubble. So, we are sitting in Sochi in a tavern (such an expensive cabbage - 6-8 thousand is good to sit). They bring cool vodka - 800 rubles. These are the metamorphoses!
  10. mitrich
    mitrich 5 August 2011 13: 49 New
    where did you go? About a month and a half did not enjoy your witty comments.
      ESCANDER 5 August 2011 13: 59 New
      Hello mitrich
      Yes zadolbili business trips. Here they are equipping again.
  11. AKM
    AKM 5 August 2011 13: 58 New
    What methods are all interconnected. And if something changes so everything. on the one hand, there cannot be socialism, patriotism, and on the other, betrayal and the cult of money. and in our country now the value is money (profit), etc. who will think about children.
    Adults do not want to give birth to money; there is nowhere to live.
    We were raised by a 4-mother mother in a small room and no one was drunk all normal people. He loves children. Thanks to my mother and of course the USSR.
  12. Superduck
    Superduck 5 August 2011 14: 06 New
    We have hachi - the owners of the stalls forbid implementers to refuse children anything. In the yard they promised to burn the kiosk, cleaned it, we were delighted. And they bought the bastards basement. though they were frightened, now openly at least they don’t sell it.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 5 August 2011 14: 19 New
      Do you have Kumovsky?
      1. Superduck
        Superduck 5 August 2011 15: 43 New
        Well, how can I say, they feed all trash, but not to say that so Kumovskaya.
  13. mitrich
    mitrich 5 August 2011 14: 15 New
    I heard. His active supporter is the Commissioner for Children's Rights, "darling" Pavel Astakhov. This is when children have more rights than parents. And here is an example of juvenile justice at the household level: my friend is stuck in traffic in the summer, runs up to the open window with a snot of 12-13 years old female and offers ... you understand that (it will not be written with children). He, panting with indignation, says to the nozzle in a loud voice: "I’ll surrender you to the police!" And she laughed, blew out a stream of cigarette smoke brazenly in her face and said in a sweet voice: "Try it! I will then say that you tried to force me!" And ran on, waving pigtails. What is the baby, eh, DATUR? And they would roll their uncle without looking at the jail, and on television would also show Chikatilo as a close friend.
    Yes, every day on TV juvenile. She is flourishing in the West. Our women fuck the child from a foreigner, and then begin to share it, providing free advertising for Pasha Astakhov.
    No belt. Belt lol !!!!!!!!!!!
      ESCANDER 5 August 2011 14: 28 New
      At the expense of Astakhov.
      A guy is smart, right, but very progressive, not to Russia and not to time.
      He took, but leaked the whole Moscow cop in the background in his novel "Raider" ... And they went to court. Well, how can that be ...
      1. svvaulsh
        svvaulsh 5 August 2011 15: 42 New
        Yes, he is promoting! At one time I respected Khinshtein, and then I visited his site ...... another PR man!
  14. _Nik_
    _Nik_ 5 August 2011 14: 29 New
    Read it! Watch it! Join now!
  15. mitrich
    mitrich 5 August 2011 14: 37 New
    I don’t know who you were talking to, but I have the logic of a normal average father. I myself, a dirty trick, as a child I remember well. And only a good father’s belt did not allow me to sleep, sit down, etc.
    And here you have, dear, the logic of the BREWER DIRECTOR!
    1. cVM
      cVM 5 August 2011 18: 33 New
      dear, I did not want to offend you, but I mean, before you write, you need to think a lot, but did you think about the workforce if they cover factories, etc.? in order to convoke vodka, it goes through 3 stages, collecting, desiccating, processing, and at least 1500 human resources are required there, of course I'm talking about alcohol standards and not about kakyutu full of holes. A belt in the 21st century will not work
      1. MichaelVl
        MichaelVl 9 August 2011 12: 08 New
        so it’s necessary to direct all this labor force from the “vodka stages” listed by you to something else, let them do it :) BELT !!!
    2. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 8 August 2011 19: 30 New
      .... plus 100 to Respect !!
  16. Goldy
    Goldy 5 August 2011 18: 26 New
    superduck, we have Chester in the region of 40p. in our city young people every day drink beer in campaigns while the summer. Mitrich support in expressions!
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 5 August 2011 18: 34 New
      Well, you see, both your booze and cigarettes are more expensive. But our schoolchildren began to smoke much less, the student-student is also slightly less. I think the difference in the standard of living makes you aware that you still have it more accessible for the average citizen, because incomes are higher.
  17. mitrich
    mitrich 5 August 2011 18: 58 New
    - Children need to be surrounded with care, warmth and attention - You need to talk with children - In no case should the child be punished, it can injure him - What belt? Only affection and explanation of the reasons for unsightly misconduct -

    I will say for myself until 18. I was happy when my father went on business trips - the control was weakened, the hose and belt were hanging idle. It was possible to talk to me, I even knew how to nod, which did not stop me from quietly smoking and drinking beer. The words clearly didn’t reach, but I was not the dumbest in the class - about the third from the end wink !

    Only a glorious, kind father’s belt and a sergeant’s fist allowed the brains to take their place. Although it was a shame lol ! After all, it was possible to talk ...
    1. esaul
      esaul 6 August 2011 18: 46 New
      Mitrich, buddy! I can not agree with you all 100! In the upbringing of the child there can be no UNI recipe. I was destined to grow up without a father, I don’t know a belt and a hose. Not grown fagot, not a rag, not cattle. He slapped his son once with a belt and so that he still remembers it. it was surprisingly (it was written on his surprised face) it didn’t hurt. This hour is 22. Respectfully refers to us - parents, to a woman (we live in harmony with my wife, pah-pah, so as not to jinx it, 31 year), cleaned the faces of the three rednecks that shot at the beer and reached it. Dad! So, I'm sorry, your straightforward recipe is not the ultimate truth. Respectfully to you, Esaul.
    2. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 8 August 2011 19: 28 New
      .. but could it be ??? SW. mitrich ?? My father had the same approach to education. I also felt sorry that they "didn’t speak to me, didn’t act humanly", etc. ... until I saw what crap Dad got up from !! I could not do that !! And before you snotty about your father’s bad attitude, you would think what it was worth !!! I'm just trying not to drop it, the raised flag-rod must flourish. Ito the roof is going ... So, surely, neither your father nor mine are PATONS like you paint, they probably gave all the best to work and raved about a good life for us (just like I mean, I can’t make such a jerk for my son).

      PS: through your speech through PR! Read this (it specifically corrected me):
  18. Goldy
    Goldy 5 August 2011 19: 59 New
    it’s right that they raise prices. my friends began to quit smoking slowly and rarely drink right now, all summer long they drank winked
  19. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 5 August 2011 21: 50 New
    Juvenile justice is a global disaster for Russia. The appearance of this legal state instrument speaks of the destruction of traditional family foundations. In Russia, boys grow up in an incomplete family, or even with a destroyed child's psyche. As taught in the USSR: ... the family is the unit of socialist society .... Let our leadership begin an experiment to introduce juvenile justice in the Caucasus, especially in Chechnya. And we will see how they succeed.
    1. Draz
      Draz 6 August 2011 06: 50 New
      hahaha, yes there it would be interesting to see))))

      came to study in Canada for 4 of the month: a monopoly on alcohol, only with 21 in special LCBO stores with an identification card with a photo, in a bar where they can only get a bottle of Canadian cheap beer - 5 dollars, imported highnicken - 8 dollars 0,5 a bottle. Cigarettes, photo demotivators on the whole pack (pictures of rotten lungs, brains, hearts, teeth) + text, the choice of cigarettes is very low and the quality is also, on average, a pack costs 10 dollars.

      So that's it = \
    2. Max79
      Max79 8 August 2011 11: 17 New
      Pinocchio, I agree, but with the amendment, that the trouble is not of a global scale, but of Russia! Let them think in the USA and Europe if this suits them ...
  20. jamert
    jamert 6 August 2011 09: 16 New
    We have so many pounded on new arrays of houses that they almost stand against each other wall to wall. On the old arrays, where I spent my childhood, in every yard there was a volleyball court, table tennis tables, in the neighboring yard - even a tennis court.
    We forget about the other side of the issue - the spiritual and intellectual. Children do not read. They write illiterate both in Russian and in Ukrainian. They are not interested in either history, or technology, or anything. Complete dullness of youth.
    1. Draz
      Draz 6 August 2011 09: 51 New
      I think that the parents are to blame, because we (topwar patrons) have interests, and they are different, for example, I’m going to instill good qualities in my children = \
      1. jamert
        jamert 6 August 2011 10: 55 New
        I have been working with children 8-10 years old for 17 years. And I see that most parents are too concerned about making money. And it is difficult for children without constant supervision to concentrate on the positive - sports, study, music, etc.
  21. 916-th
    916-th 6 August 2011 15: 39 New
    Guys, I want to share my own experience.
    He raised three sons in isolation from Russia, in Kazakhstan, although he himself was from Volgograd. The two elders are right guys, for Russia is a mountain, well, they do not forget about Kazakhstan. Neither alcohol, nor, moreover, dope, have no cravings. Now they are sponsoring a third, youngest, on a trip to Ireland to learn English (the enemy’s language must be perfectly understood). Well, the rest, as Mitrich says, is all in a bundle.

    PS We have brought here the Fifth Ocean beer, Russian-made, live, in the tanks of goodwill. Who tried, come off, is it worth taking, no?
    1. Smirnov Vadim
      Smirnov Vadim 6 August 2011 15: 45 New
      Beer is super! Worth taking. fellow
  22. 916-th
    916-th 6 August 2011 17: 59 New
    Thanks, VadimIS, I'm going to test it.
  23. mitrich
    mitrich 6 August 2011 19: 12 New
    three sons - and all decent people - are lucky! The guys at you were successful, apparently ... There probably is no single recipe, except that the mother is a good bosom, and the father is supervision and control.
    Unfortunately, I must admit that as a father I did not succeed. Divorced, and the son lives with his ex-wife, whose family brings him up according to his canons, naturally dad is shit.
    What to do. I do not even know.
      ESCANDER 6 August 2011 19: 18 New
      Start another.
      I have the same. And also - shit.
    2. esaul
      esaul 6 August 2011 19: 23 New
      Mitrich, A little more attention: the son is alone. And the daughter is alone. And three of them are dolbons who wanted to make a profit for free, since the son went through a simulator and martial arts. The irony, I think, is not quite out of place. It is a pity if you translate simple communication into a plane "... but I’m such shit ..." Believe me, I didn’t want to hurt you.
  24. mitrich
    mitrich 6 August 2011 19: 25 New
    I am not offended by female affection. But it’s not really cormorant, I see what modern beauties need - grandmothers, resorts and living space. Dite becomes a means of Zhantazh, flew into full swing.
    What irony is ESAUL? It is a pain...
    1. esaul
      esaul 6 August 2011 19: 37 New
      Sorry, brother, I didn’t recognize ... What can I say - it happens. You need to keep your nose in the wind and, as ESCANDER says, maybe there is a reason to look for another ... In this situation, advise - you can run into a kick ... But God is not Yasha, he sees who is not easy. I press your claw and "NOSE IN THE WIND !!!"
      ESCANDER 6 August 2011 19: 41 New
      Well, I’m not offended, the wife of an officer is a profession, not everyone goes through a "recertification", and dad is a shit, that’s normal, otherwise it’s not very attractive.
      And we have a lot of excellent women. I chose a doctor for myself, an excellent wife, 90x60x90, she plows in three jobs (CRH, hospital + own medical center). Already scary (expels tries. For dependency).
      1. esaul
        esaul 6 August 2011 19: 46 New
        ESCANDER, do not be afraid, but correspond and everything will be “Abdel Mach”. And so - happy for you, man!
  25. mitrich
    mitrich 6 August 2011 19: 57 New
    My wise mother says (38 to me, who does not remember):
    "You are not registered in libraries, you do not go to theaters, all your brides are from the sauna."
    Men, how to meet a woman in a theater? It’s inconvenient to show the scar on the ass, it’s kind of shaky at the discos too ...
    1. esaul
      esaul 6 August 2011 20: 12 New
      Man, this is for you to the ESCANDER ... Vesuha guy fell. Mine is a teacher, so that for dependency, dismissal does not threaten me wink
  26. 916-th
    916-th 6 August 2011 20: 50 New

    38 are you talking? Has Christ survived on this earth for five years? Think about why you got this bonus. Apart from you - neither Essaul nor Escander - NOBODY will answer this question. You are the right man - you will find the answer.
    ESCANDER 6 August 2011 21: 26 New
    Mitrich, personal experience (I'm 39, it’s scary to look in the mirror, well, and a lot of nastiness).
    If you want to have a wife of a certain profession, you need to go to the leadership of this organization (with an accelerator and a law, naturally), then:
    1. - To ask "are there normal free women?" If the answer is yes, then
    2. - “Show me.” If anyone liked, then
    3. - You buy flowers, gather suites from your immediate superiors, including the main one (if possible) and during working hours you go to get acquainted with the offer to sit in a restaurant (100% will not refuse + ALL the enterprise will supervise it further).
    4. - Actually the restaurant + a lot of vodka (champagne for a look).
    5. - Nature helps ...
    6. - Civil marriage (must not be delayed).
    7. - Legal marriage (can be delayed) ...
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 10 August 2011 14: 57 New
      Yes, you are absolutely boys here! smile
  28. SAVA
    SAVA 7 August 2011 10: 43 New
    1. Pinocchio
      Pinocchio 7 August 2011 15: 02 New
      If the boys listened to your argument, then you're just fine !!!!! Maybe they won’t stop drinking right away, but there’s a chance that they’ll certainly think about it. This summer I noticed a lot of boys and teenagers engaged in horizontal bars! This twist BEAUTY!
      1. SAVA
        SAVA 7 August 2011 15: 21 New
  29. mitrich
    mitrich 7 August 2011 14: 04 New
    you pretty amused me. Immediately visible tank hardening smile ... But my current erotic fantasies are associated with a federal judge (of course, a woman), so the proposed method threatens wink ... 15 days!
    1. Draz
      Draz 8 August 2011 02: 53 New
      Well, you're stern, you have to break 15 days? wink
  30. Aleks23
    Aleks23 8 August 2011 07: 48 New
    it’s necessary to give children to sports right away, but that’s right now, in our city the last gyms are closed .. sensible trainers are fired take some left ones from the street .. money for sports is allocated and go straight into the pocket of officials, we even go to the gym the entrance was paid .. for those who are not in the OR school, right now they’ve closed the repair))) we’ll take a look at what will come of it),
    we are doing it anywhere) in non-equipped halls (
    ESCANDER 8 August 2011 18: 38 New
    mitrich - with regards to the federal judge - do not complicate your life, it is already severe in our country, i.e. If you don’t feel sorry for yourself, then take pity on all those who respect you. Such erotic fantasies threaten to turn into rapidly progressive impotence.
    From personal experience - met with a representative of the ento contingent (traveled to me for 100 km. From another city for erotic fantasies). It’s good for everyone, but professional showers ... I thought shorter - I’ll plant him 2 times and shoot him 3. He doubted and decided to consult (I have a nanny - a federal judge). Duc, Cho said:
    • - (statistics) of the 10 federal judges in our city, divorced (3 times) 8, the rest are tormented.
    • - it is impossible to look at the peasants of those judges who are “tormented” without tears.
    • - imagined themselves from the state filing as “super impassable” - salary over 100000, immunity, etc. etc.
    • - the husband is always in the role of the “accused”, and they are usually judged inadequately.
    I “threw my brain at the armor” and refused such a mistress (and not in vain, as it turned out later).
    Better take a doctor - and heal and ... (not for nothing they say, there is no shame - go to MED.)
    We have some kind of wave. The topic is youth degradation ...
    Wildly sorry ...
  32. mitrich
    mitrich 8 August 2011 19: 57 New
    did you read my comment carefully? Try again according to the syllables, if you have not grasped the essence ... Don’t be offended, but you made the conclusions directly opposite to those that I designated.
  33. mitrich
    mitrich 8 August 2011 21: 45 New
    Thanks, ESCANDER, I will consider. True, she is engaged in alimony in the civil college wink wink wink .
    I watched a home video on the Internet from the celebration of Tanker’s Day in 160 ... Allegedly the next day you were sent to sunbathe south. Are you there, young and handsome?
      ESCANDER 8 August 2011 21: 53 New
      Honestly - the first time I hear.
      Well, if this happens, then I am sincerely happy for our boys!
  34. mitrich
    mitrich 8 August 2011 22: 03 New
    On the word HERE press the key.
  35. enikey
    enikey 9 August 2011 01: 30 New
    Can someone tell me who we are responsible for all these social problems, especially the media problem, because of what kind of degradation they show on mtv, especially when children return from school, their hair stands on end
  36. Gekas
    Gekas 10 August 2011 14: 11 New
    To hell with all this beer advertising on TV in the evening. And then you watch some kind of “Sport”, and there’s so much beer, as many as “eyes run wide” ...
    and about mtv and tp, so in general we need tight control over what is shown there ...
  37. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 10 August 2011 14: 25 New
    Of course they drank in Russia, they drink and will drink. In the USSR, teenagers thumped, smoked, tried everything. But there was no such problem as now in Russia. Many people understood that self-destruction of a person could occur, especially since Soviet citizens received a quality education, starting with vocational schools and ending with high school. Those who could not get a full school education, for different life circumstances, had the opportunity to finish school for working youth (SHRM), etc. People ....... were not abandoned. Now man is left to his own devices. Hypertrophic Western-style individualism, in our Russian conditions, leads to negative, and sometimes tragic, consequences. As a result, the person remains ... alone.
    1. Gekas
      Gekas 10 August 2011 14: 46 New
      I didn’t live in the USSR - I don’t know how it was, but now mainly those who go to vocational schools go in no way
      1. Pinocchio
        Pinocchio 10 August 2011 14: 50 New
        In the USSR, too, there was a selection of young people. If you do not pull the llama further, or do not want to, go to the workers, etc. That's all.
      2. SAVA
        SAVA 11 August 2011 21: 28 New
    2. SAVA
      SAVA 11 August 2011 21: 26 New
  38. solodova
    solodova 11 August 2011 12: 15 New
    My belief is growing that the Russian population could not be a centuries-old alcoholic, that this myth is being imposed on us from the outside. A multilingual population could not defeat fascism, build the USSR and launch a person into space.
    There is no Russian man, like the northern tribes of the enzyme struggling with alcohol - alcohol dehydrogenase, so it never drank it, that Russian man didn’t need it, it wasn’t developed by nature. If we assume that its absence is a mistake of nature, and for centuries we have not been a drying people, doomed to extinction, as they try to imagine, then again it is not logical - we would all have died out long ago. And there would not be the achievements mentioned above.
    And therefore I think - they solder us. And besides, they make us believe that this is the norm, and grandfathers and great-grandfathers drank and bequeathed to us.
    1. SAVA
      SAVA 11 August 2011 21: 36 New
  39. IRINA
    IRINA 13 February 2015 18: 37 New
    Remove alcohol and tobacco from grocery stores, even if it’s a hypersuper store where cars are sold. Sell ​​this drug outside the city, according to the passport, entering the sale data into the general database of law enforcement agencies. All adults turn on their brains and begin to live with dignity. Clean the television and the press. And then it got to the point that before the morning news they tell detailed instructions on how to change gaskets for women and how to wash themselves. Quite foolish. Not to mention porn and violence on television. Everything is in our hands. We just need to know what we want.