Youth degradation as a threat to Russia's national security. What can be done?

Youth degradation as a threat to Russia's national security. What can be done?

The situation with the spiritual, intellectual and physical education of children and young people is such that it is time to sound the alarm. The general state of youth actually deprives Russia and the Russian people of the future, a real social catastrophe has occurred. The failure occurred in the 90s, but the situation did not improve in the 2000s. And over the past 10 years, an increase in the number of sick children has reached 70%. Only every tenth school graduate is relatively healthy, especially big problems are noted in the field of oncological diseases, nervous disorders, diabetes, obesity, blood diseases, visual impairments, etc.

Contrary to the mass conviction that the situation in the food industry in the Russian Federation is better than it was in the USSR, since the shelves of the stores are filled with dozens of sausages, cheese, juice and other food products, this is not so. The facts speak about a qualitative deterioration in the nutrition of the population, including children, and even quantitative - the majority of Russian citizens began to consume less meat, milk, fish and other products. Over the past eight years, fruit consumption by children has fallen by half. This is evidenced by data on the physical development of children: the average height of children over two decades fell by 2 cm, the average weight of boys per 1,3 kg, girls per 1,6 kg. There is also a lack of physical development, children and adolescents became weaker than their peers in 90's: the dynamometry (this is the method of measuring strength) of the right hand in girls decreased by 6 kg, and in boys by 10 kg.

Mortality among Russian adolescents in 3-5 is higher than in European countries, the percentage (and younger age) of smokers and alcoholics among young people has increased significantly. Young people were struck by beer alcoholism, which many experts consider worse than from stronger drinks, because beer has the ability to change the hormonal background of a person, turning men and boys into puffy creatures of indeterminate sex, unable to perform normal sexual function. And girls, on the contrary, in the masculine creatures. According to various sources, from one third to one half of boys and girls suffer deviations in health, which can lead to infertility. About two thirds of young men of military age are sick and cannot become full-fledged defenders of the Motherland, and part of them is irreversible, and the other part needs rehabilitation, sobering, healing, weight gain. That is, in front of the army they need to be kept for several months in special health camps with a strict regime. This terrible, for sensible people, information was announced at the last congress of pediatricians of the Russian Federation.

Similar facts can be gleaned from other sources; a report titled “Social Portrait of the Youth of the Russian Federation” was prepared by the order of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation; it was prepared by the EP commission on social issues. The data of Rosstat, the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Sociological Center of the RAGS, Moscow State University were used. Lomonosov, FOM, VTsIOM and others. As a result, the picture is not less catastrophic. From the speech of ELNikolayeva at the plenary session of the RF OP, we learn the terrible things that we see from the windows of houses, schools, enterprises, cars, on the streets every single day of God. On 1 January 2010 in Russia there were 29,8 million children and young people up to 19 years old, these are 21% of the country's population. We learn that such a typically Western social disease, as a reluctance to have children, has already invaded and successfully established itself in the lives of Russian citizens - 88% of young people expressed their desire to have children. In 15-19 girls, only half of the pregnancies end in childbirth, the other children are killed.

The spread of social diseases among young people poses a big threat: more than 80% of young people consume alcohol, two thirds of adolescents have smoking experience (it must be borne in mind that not everyone confesses at such surveys), the number of teenage addicts increased 18, 62% of young people have had sexual experience before 17 years. The nature of a total epidemic has become the use of swearing — according to self-assessment, eight out of ten high-school students swear. This contributes to the marginalization, the criminalization of the population.

According to experts: “The mass media have a serious negative impact on the social health of young Russians.” So, after conducting a content analysis of only the titles of television programs and films on the most youth TV channels - CTC, TNT - it turned out that every fourth word is foreign, that is, the process of destruction of the Russian language is underway. In addition, a third of the names used reduced vocabulary, there is a sexual, destructive subjects.

There was a sharp drop in the intellectual abilities of our students, a few years ago, high school students from the Russian Federation, according to the results of international testing in reading and mathematics, showed a result below the world average. The leaders were children from South-East Asia and Finland (the Finnish education system largely follows the Soviet system: one-year free pre-school education system, free basic, compulsory 9-summer education, 3-summer upper secondary school or vocational upper secondary education with final exams, plus musical, art out-of-school education provided by the authorities). 1-place in the understanding of the text was taken by students from South Korea, 1-place in mathematics was taken by students from Taiwan, 2-place in mathematics and in understanding of tex from students from Finland, 3-th place in the same categories from students from Hong Kong. Children were tested under the auspices of the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation in 58 states among 15-year schoolchildren.

In addition to the collapse of the Soviet system and programs, the deterioration of funding is to blame for the fall in the general level of education. At present, in schools with salaries (in most poor regions) in 4 - 8 thousand people work in the Soviet school (already retired), people who have a few years left until retirement, or people who are indifferent to everything, naturally expect them to work feats do not have to. Young teachers run away almost immediately, the seller (sales manager) work more profitable and easier. In the profession of a teacher there is neither material benefit nor high social status. In the Russian Federation, spending on education is no higher than 4% of GDP, in Japan it is about 14%, in Finland up to 18%, in South Korea in the last two decades up to 20% GDP.

In Russia, there are up to 1 a million street and street children who do not attend school! They join the ranks of criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics, slaves. The average age of young drinkers dropped from 14-15 years (1960-s data) to 11 years. Only registered in drug dispensaries are 580 thousands of children. Over the past 5 years, the number of 15 – 17-year-old adolescent alcoholics has doubled. And if alcoholism and substance abuse is the lot of homeless children and children from poor families (not to mention smoking), then the “golden youth” is sitting on drugs. In the country, according to the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, 6 million drug addicts, and most of them are young people. Every year, Russia loses from drugs only to 70 thousand people (5 full-blooded divisions!).

And such a problem can be found just a huge amount: from the lack of kindergartens that do not attend thousands of children, undernourished and undernourished children in infancy to the influence of the criminal environment, the fact that we now have a real "workers and peasants" army, because are the children of the poor, state employees.

What can be done?

Personally, every adult should have a positive impact on young people in their lifestyle. Do not swear, at least in the presence of children and women, lead a healthy lifestyle, actively engage in physical culture, if there is an opportunity to have a positive impact through circles, sections, clubs, etc. Refuse bad habits. You can't wait for the state to do this. Children should see that a different way of life is possible - healthy, good-natured, focused on healthy values ​​- physical education, the path of the warrior, family, children, high intelligence, tourism, spiritual development.

In fact, it is necessary to change the strategic program of the life of Russia. At the state level, a nationwide program is needed, aimed at sobering up, denarcating society, creating an integrated system for educating the physical, intellectual, and spiritual Russian culture from the nursery to the universities. It should include such main points as:

- the introduction of medical, vocabulary and moral censorship on TV, in all media;

- the most severe program of fight against drugs, following the example of China, where, in general, this problem is solved; the drug mafia must simply physically destroy and after that regularly “weed” the country, destroying all the germs of this tumor;

- a program of gradual sobering up of society, where during 5-10 years it should be clear to all that tobacco and alcohol are drugs, poison, killing people, suppressing their intellect, breaking will, not allowing them to grow spiritually (it was deliberately introduced into Russia the purpose of the gradual degradation of the spiritual, intellectual, physical potential of our people), and their turnover in the country is a form of production and sale of drugs. As a result, Russia should become (in three or four five-year plans) an absolutely sober country. When resisting, alcohol, tobacco mafia suppress ruthlessly;

- changing the vector of creative intelligentsia from self-destruction to creation, we need active propaganda of healthy values ​​(there is an excellent experience of the Soviet Union in this area);

- enter into kindergartens, schools compulsory health programs of the type of the system of PK Ivanov “Babe” or “Slavic Health” (gymnastics-exercises, tempering procedures must be included there). In schools and universities, to introduce the subject of "self-defense" (preferably on the basis of reviving Slavic, Russian styles), Russian children should, like their ancestors, be able to protect themselves;

- to restore the intellectual potential in the education system, to cancel all these experiments on the introduction of unjustified Western standards (EGE, Bologna system, etc.). Restore the Soviet standards and programs, they were the best in the world. The entire education system should be unified - there should be no elite, elite lyceums, universities for the rich in principle. They split society and disfigure the entire education system;

- to develop not “professional sport”, it should become the lot of individuals, at its own expense, but mass physical culture. The system of international sports has long been turned into a real "mutant", where at the expense of society there is a race between pharmaceutical corporations, a feeder for officials. People as a whole and children, young people need open skating rinks, swimming pools in schools, kindergartens, well-equipped stadiums and halls in kindergartens, schools, universities, and not “Russia, forward” on the screens of “zomboyaschiki” for beer and vodka;

- to restore the mass system of education of children and young people on the best values, taken from all major periods stories Rus-Russia: Pagan Rus, the Rurik, Romanov and Red Empire states. It should include competitions, initial military training, annual summer gatherings of the best "pioneers" (i.e., first in school, behavior, physical training, etc.) in the best parts of Russia - Altai, the North Caucasus, Ural Mountains, Baikal , forests of Karelia, Primorye, etc. To encourage the best children - the future elite of Russia, in order to work out a healthy selection; fools, ignoramuses, hooligans should in the future "build roads" (for the most part, because there are examples of changes in the life path), and clever men, clever men, athletes, "Komsomol members" replenish the ranks of the nation’s core.

Only with the implementation of such a program can the present and future youth of Russia be saved. All Western recipes will only lead to a worsening of the situation - if we analyze the situation in Western countries in the youth field, we will see a picture of complete degradation: from the promiscuous sexual relations characteristic of primitive herds to intellectual decay, even representatives of the political elite of the West need only recall the famous aphorisms of J . Bush
The truth about cartoons, defilement of young people

This program accidentally broke through the air and was shown on the 3-th Moscow program. Apparently by someone's oversight, after which the author and presenter and all those who took part in its creation were promptly fired and shuffled. And the program itself no longer emerged, as if it had never existed. Well, people accidentally recorded from the air, and completely failed to destroy it. The program shows how the propaganda of licentiousness is carried out, the abuse of minors through the media, the way children are manipulated with the help of TV, magazines, subcultures.

Virtual aggression

YOM: 2003
Director: Valentina Matveeva.
This is an investigation film.
Every day, our children spend at the TV, computer for several hours, as a rule, uncontrollably. What happens to them after this?
The authors interviewed many psychologists, teachers, public figures. Conducted testing of children. Approached the secret of the 25 frame ...
Infection with tough information is the diagnosis of modern society. Scientists classify this trouble as an information-damaging factor. Children suffer the most. After all, until the 7 years, they have no protection against a virtual image ...
We are dying out ... Poverty, unemployment, abortion as a reason for the extinction of our people, scientists, demographers reject. What is the main reason? The film is trying to answer this question.
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