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Fidel Castro: New NATO Secretary General wants to start a war of annihilation against the Russian Federation

The leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, said that the new head of the North Atlantic Alliance wants to start a “war of extermination” against Russia. At the same time, he paid special attention to the hatred that can be traced in the statements of the NATO Secretary General about the Russian Federation.

Fidel Castro: New NATO Secretary General wants to start a war of annihilation against the Russian Federation

“Yesterday (Tuesday) I listened to the statements by the new NATO Secretary General, the former Prime Minister of Norway, who took office only on October 1, only six days ago. How much hate on his face! What an incredible desire to start a war of annihilation against the Russian Federation. (...) Who then is a big extremist than the fanatics of the “Islamic State” themselves? What religion are they? And can we then talk about eternal life in the shadow of God? ", - quotes the words of Castro RIA "News".

The North Atlantic Alliance took advantage of the crisis in Ukraine to significantly increase activity at its eastern borders. In addition, NATO plans to create a highly mobile front-line response force group with infrastructure in Eastern Europe.

A number of measures were also taken, which in NATO explained the need to ensure the security of the member countries of the alliance. In particular, the air patrols of the Baltic countries were strengthened. In addition, aircraft equipped with radar equipment, make regular flights over the territory of Poland and Romania. NATO additional ships introduced into the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea.

According to NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, the alliance’s plans to build up a military presence in Eastern Europe do not contradict international commitments and the fundamental Russia-NATO act signed in 1997. He stressed that the North Atlantic Alliance needs to remain “strong” and “maintain its surroundings in a stable state in cooperation with partners.”
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 9 October 2014 10: 22
    okay ... but this time we will not stop in europe ...
    1. yushch
      yushch 9 October 2014 11: 10
      Well done Grandfather Fidel !!!
      Health for him more, this is a real LIQUID!
      1. svp67
        svp67 9 October 2014 11: 25
        Quote: yushch
        Well done Grandfather Fidel !!!
        The Commandant, he is the Commandant. Even in a coffin he will remain with them ... and from there it will be terrible "gringo" ...
        1. b0bi
          b0bi 9 October 2014 11: 31
          Is everyone ready for war? Is it possible to be ready for this?
          1. asadov
            asadov 9 October 2014 13: 46
            Napoleon and Hitler also thought they were ready for war. And so everything began beautifully for both .... But where are they and where is Russia?
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. 1812 1945
        1812 1945 9 October 2014 11: 44
        Quote: yushch
        Well done Grandfather Fidel !!!
        Health for him more, this is a real LIQUID!

        I join the wishes. Fidel already in his youth was a wise man with a crystal clear conscience. Fidel Alejandro Castro Rus and Ernesto Rafael Guevara Lynch de la Serna can rightly embody the conscience of mankind and serve as the pride of our civilization on the planet Earth. Thanks to such people, the Earth, the Lord God still endures us.
      3. atalef
        atalef 9 October 2014 14: 27
        Quote: yushch
        Well done Grandfather Fidel !!!
        Health for him more, this is a real LIQUID!

        Do not count your chickens before they are hatched . And if we consider his age as the autumn of life, I would like to ask one question, what did he achieve for his country?
        Hungry, poor people. the country is in debt t, like in silk (which they are not able to repay). collapsed economy, prostitution and slogans in which no one believes
        Just do not sing to me about the embargo. mk Cuba is not surrounded by ships holding cargo to it. Cuba freely trades with the whole world (with everything) with the exception of the United States.
        Airplanes fly there freely. Ships go and all that. that the US doesn’t sell it. she can freely buy (if she had grandmothers) in any other country in the world
        It’s like in an apartment building. Well, you do not communicate with one neighbor - and to hell with him.
        So what has he achieved?
        deuce to you. commandant. for the board. for poverty. for all that lie - which no one believes
        And there is no need to act as a seer - it would be better if he predicted some way for his people, so that they would no longer receive products on coupons.
        1. Camouflet
          Camouflet 10 October 2014 04: 51
          Quote: atalef
          atalef (8) IL Yesterday, 14: 27 ↑
          ... deuce to you. commandant. for the board. for poverty. for all that lie - which no one believes ...

          Deuce to you, dear. Anyway, who are you to rate Fidel? Not your size figure. You need to be more modest. Well this is how many bukaf piled up.
    2. Metal
      Metal 9 October 2014 13: 13
      Just yesterday I was driving to work and thought that if a war broke out, then this time the Yankees would not sit out on their continent. And they will establish in the RF Armed Forces an award "For the capture of Washington!"
      1. kodxnumx
        kodxnumx 9 October 2014 16: 26
        Why are we still not helping Havana with weapons? Yes, and in addition to weapons, we need to build our plants for the production of machine tools there, and much more than our country can help the Cubans, an old friend is better than the new two!
    3. panma
      panma 9 October 2014 23: 10

      A soldier stood, a tear rolled
      The sixth iPhone sang softly.
      And on his chest glowed
      Medal for the city of Washington
  2. Giant thought
    Giant thought 9 October 2014 10: 23
    Stoltenberg is a classic Russophobe, but he is unlikely to be allowed to start a war against Russia; he is not the one to decide.
    1. Black
      Black 9 October 2014 10: 29
      Quote: Thought Giant
      This question is not decided by him.

      he didn’t self-appointed !!!! .... put this ... with "such hatred" on his forehead.
      So, the commandant, did not mean this gentleman personally.
      INVESTOR 9 October 2014 10: 44
      Already laid out in the next branch from Rogozin the answer to the adversary.
      1. Nina Zima
        Nina Zima 9 October 2014 12: 00
        well everything, pi * dec AMERICA and the volcano do not have to wait !!!
      INVESTOR 9 October 2014 11: 13
      Forgive me admins. Medvedev merge campaign .. Video from Rogozin.
      1. zzz
        zzz 9 October 2014 11: 30
        "Giveaway game" - this video appeared about 2 years ago. Even, they drain for a long time.
        1. INVESTOR
          INVESTOR 9 October 2014 12: 17
          Quote: zzz
          "Giveaway game" - this video appeared about 2 years ago. Even, they drain for a long time.

          The film is 13 years old.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Loner_53
        Loner_53 9 October 2014 11: 35
        INVESTOR (2) You huge + hi
    4. shultz21070
      shultz21070 9 October 2014 13: 13
      it would be good
    5. Camouflet
      Camouflet 10 October 2014 05: 00
      Quote: Giant thought
      Stoltenberg is a classic Russophobe, but he is unlikely to be allowed to start a war against Russia; he is not the one to decide.

      Well, can someone believe that the former prime minister of Norway (or the same size of the pygmy Rasmussen) can take on some serious issue in NATO? They are not even bribes. So are talking heads. Well, there, spit on someone and slippers or coffee in Uncle Sam’s bed.

      Well, they have an agreement there - Europe is given the great honor of making the head of the European alliance, but he will do what they say to him from Washington. A sort of wedding chapter. Europeans are pathetic pi.ndosskie lackeys.
  3. USSR 1971
    USSR 1971 9 October 2014 10: 26
    The wise old Castro knows who the enemy is who is friend. The issue is decided by the oligarchy of the United States and Britain. Stoltenberg - the voice of their decisions.
    1. ISKANDER25
      ISKANDER25 9 October 2014 10: 29
      Hello! I agree! + hi
      TALKING Russophobian HEAD
        VOLCHOXURAL 9 October 2014 10: 52
        Quote: ISKANDER25
        TALKING Russophobian HEAD

        Good afternoon hi Absolutely agree!
        Another Europedic. I would be surprised if they began to confess their love for Russia!
  4. zeleznijdorojnik
    zeleznijdorojnik 9 October 2014 10: 26
    Fidel, as always, is right in everything - he can of course overestimate this mobile group at 4000 snouts, but our rulers should have listened to him. After all, the old man himself, through his life proved the right of socialism to exist.
  5. calocha
    calocha 9 October 2014 10: 27
    F. Castro "cuts" the truth to the uterus, looks at the root. And NATO is getting closer .. and closer .. There will be a storm!
  6. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 9 October 2014 10: 30
    Fidel is right - Stoltenberg does not love us. But who of the former NATO Secretary Generals in the past did not want to crush Russia. If they didn’t speak so frankly, they only thought about it.
  7. Bear13
    Bear13 9 October 2014 10: 31
    It is urgent to place our missiles in the territory of fraternal Cuba !!! Moreover, we have forgiven them all debts.
  8. Vend
    Vend 9 October 2014 10: 31
    Bravo, the body fails, and the mind is clear. Health to you comrade Fidel Castro.
  9. Humpty
    Humpty 9 October 2014 10: 36
    Living story. Filet.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 9 October 2014 10: 38
    Clever, one might say a legendary man. Castro felt the "bestial grin of imperialism" on himself and in his country. And he sees people through, so his description of the new NATO Secretary General is objective.
  11. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 9 October 2014 10: 38
    That NATO Secretary General, that people like him are well aware that a pygmy never grows to titanium. Here comes saliva from hatred and weakness. They went in the ass, tired already afraid of their threats, everyone is tired, and people and power. Let them suck out their threats.
  12. a-cola
    a-cola 9 October 2014 10: 39
    Let's not panic! In the near future no one will snoop openly on Russia. We can still destroy the whole earth more than once. And to prevent this from happening, you need to work and crush the nits of betrayal in your own country. The history of the USSR proves that great countries cannot be destroyed by external force. You just can’t exchange your homeland for chewing gum and jeans!
  13. jovanni
    jovanni 9 October 2014 10: 39
    Old wise Fidel ... Once upon a time Cuba chose freedom, and as if did not try to strangle her, nothing came of them. Yes, people live very poorly, but they don’t lick their ass ...
  14. brother-in-law
    brother-in-law 9 October 2014 10: 39
    I. Stalin, F. Castro, M. Kadafi, S. Hussein, B. Asad, U. Chavez Great rulers of the common people !!! and a bone in the throat of bourgeois, Zionists and oligarchs
  15. Leonidych
    Leonidych 9 October 2014 10: 40
    Anglo-Saxons do not change their centuries-old traditions, once a century. they get together and go to Russia, get pussies and return home ...
    1. Yana Kaverina
      Yana Kaverina 9 October 2014 13: 08
      Leonidych, this is so. Only the Anglo-Saxons in all cases profited from us and destroyed us. It's time to teach them a lesson forever!
  16. Name
    Name 9 October 2014 10: 42
    Castro will not say anything without support, so ... recourse there will be support for Cuba and in the South of the American continent .... Whoever takes whom in the "ring", in isolation "wraps" it is still VERY looking. repeat
    1. arch_kate3
      arch_kate3 9 October 2014 11: 29
      Interesting thought! Play, so play ...
  17. 2224460
    2224460 9 October 2014 10: 47
    Cuban Revolution Leader Fidel Castro
    The man whom I will always respect!
  18. Hellraiser
    Hellraiser 9 October 2014 10: 52
    Well, well, let’s just try am angry m!
  19. Tima
    Tima 9 October 2014 10: 54
    The new Secretary General of NATO wants to start a war of extermination against the Russian Federation
    He wants to want, but who will give him?
    1. Nina Zima
      Nina Zima 9 October 2014 11: 03
      if only some kind of "woman", such as Savchenko ...
  20. Nina Zima
    Nina Zima 9 October 2014 11: 03
    In a survey of students at Harvard University, it turned out that students consider the United States more dangerous to the world than the militants of the Islamic State radical group.
    Campus Reform student site reporters asked Harvard students the only question: “Who do you think is more dangerous for world peace, the United States, or the Islamic State?” The survey results were unexpected, reports RT.
    “American imperialism and our desire to protect oil interests in the Middle East are destabilizing the situation in the region, which allows groups such as the Islamic State to gain strength,” said one student.
    “As a Western civilization, we are responsible for the many problems that we now face. “I don’t think anyone will dispute the fact that we ourselves created the problem in the person of the Islamic State,” said another Harvard student.
    The mood of most students was similar - the emergence of the IG group was a consequence of the actions of the US government in the Middle East, notes Fox News.
    Recall, the radical group “Islamic State”, which has ties to al-Qaeda, gained the greatest strength during the fighting in Syria, where it fought against government forces controlled by Bashar al-Assad. A few months ago, the group sharply intensified its activities in Iraq, capturing a significant part of the country, including the second most populated city of Mosul.
    September 23, despite the absence of UN Security Council sanctions, the US Air Force, together with several other countries, began to launch air strikes on positions of the Islamic State group in Syria.

  21. Miron64
    Miron64 9 October 2014 11: 06
    COMMANDANT of good health !!! Great politician, man of legend! hi soldier
  22. Ober.K
    Ober.K 9 October 2014 11: 07
    One of the laws of dialectics is called "The law of unity and struggle of opposites" All events develop within the framework, including this Law. That's all! The trouble is that American and Western "pseudo-democrats" do not want to follow the laws in general, and the laws of dialectics in particular, but in vain !!! They would have understood long ago that The Law of Denial by Negation devoted to the development of everything on earth history. society, etc. in a spiral up. Everything is repeated but at a higher level. Battle of the Ice, Kulikovo Field, Poltava, Ishmael, Paris, Berlin .... And why? Do not know another law of dialectics "The transition of quantitative changes to qualitative" ... in other words, "Do not tease the Russian bear, his patience is not unlimited"! That's all! I have the honor! soldier hi
  23. Roshchin
    Roshchin 9 October 2014 11: 09
    Let's be friends with Cuba back. Viva Cuba! Viva Fidel!
  24. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 9 October 2014 11: 58
    The geyropa is smelly, do you really don’t understand that you will be the first to burn in the fire that inflates the USA, while away from you, across the ocean. you experienced the horrors of war in the last world war like no one else and you start all over again. And yet, Stoltenberg, Russia never started wars, they were always unleashed by the West, and therefore, shake it off - our cause is right and we will win. And wait a little longer, not all people in the United States and in the smelly geyrop are satisfied with the escalation of military hysteria in Western countries against the only Putin who preaches peace and equality of all peoples and states regardless of their economic condition.
  25. pexotinec
    pexotinec 9 October 2014 12: 07
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    okay ... but this time we will not stop in europe ...

    .... and we will also hang our flag on the Pale House.
  26. Nina Zima
    Nina Zima 9 October 2014 12: 10
    the sun rises in the east .... Whoever doesn’t like it, they can keep silent in a rag !!!!
  27. Aasdem
    Aasdem 9 October 2014 12: 34
    Unfortunately, Fidel is right. Knowing about Stoltenberg's pacifist past, about the flashed in his party statements about Norway's withdrawal from NATO, I hoped that after Rassmussen an adequate manager would come ... but not. apparently to be a political woman of easy virtue in Europe is becoming more and more popular. and the "heavier" your perversions from normal logic and cooperation, the better. it's a pity...
  28. Magamed
    Magamed 9 October 2014 12: 51
    Quote: b0bi
    Is everyone ready for war? Is it possible to be ready for this?

    Ready, we do not recommend even thinking about the opportunity to check. Art. intelligence 84-86, I remember everything that was taught.
  29. argon
    argon 9 October 2014 13: 09
    Fidel Castro is a block and an intellectual. You can make more than one film about the history of attempts on his life!
  30. Wiruz
    Wiruz 9 October 2014 14: 04
    Well then, let's bang ...
  31. project sity
    project sity 9 October 2014 14: 05
    The Cubans remained Cubans, they were always with the USSR and remained with Russia! Our cooperation will remain with us and with them. Strategic place in the groin of the American contingent.
  32. Fast
    Fast 9 October 2014 14: 19
    Target one hundred additional charges to the homeland and country of residence of any NATO Secretary General!
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 9 October 2014 15: 36
      Quote: Fast
      Target a hundred extra charges

      It is uneconomical .. lol I think one will be enough - but with the memory for the biometric data of this "citizen" in the homing head! laughing And to him - a photo of this rocket as a keepsake, with the inscription: "You will immediately recognize it"!
  33. avia1991
    avia1991 9 October 2014 15: 32
    Unbending Fidel, as always, "keeps his finger on the pulse"! good
    Nothing but respect hi : God grant him health and strength!
    And you should listen to your opinion - such "political bison" have a special flair for the future.
  34. zenith
    zenith 9 October 2014 16: 29
    Quote: calocha
    F. Castro "cuts" the truth to the uterus, looks at the root. And NATO is getting closer .. and closer .. There will be a storm!

    This is a strategy. Let’s get closer, put it in one queue. Having crept closer to them, they’ll run longer for the r.os. in bloomers taken from compassionate dill.
  35. Idolum
    Idolum 9 October 2014 17: 37
    ALAS!!!!!!!! Sorry Sory BUT PLEASE THINK 1000 TIMES AND DO ONE TIME. (I have a pancake for a child of 15 months.) Please, let's measure in sports with LETTERS A ????????