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Andrei Safonov: “Trinity Union” of Romania, Moldova and Ukraine against Russia and Transnistria

A meeting in Kiev of the president of Ukraine with the prime ministers of Romania and Moldova says that Bucharest, taking advantage of the patronage of the United States, has knocked together a “Triple Alliance” directed against Russia and Transnistria.

Romania goes on the offensive

October 2 in the capital of Ukraine was a landmark event. The President of the country Petro Poroshenko received guests - Romanian Prime Minister Viktor Ponto and Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Yuri Leanca. And although the Romanian prime minister, claiming the presidency, acted as a visitor, but in fact he played the first violin.

Earlier, Kiev held a verified and cautious position in relations with Romania, which does not hide its work on the mass issue of Romanian passports to the population of Northern Bukovina. True, when Ukraine was led by pro-American President Viktor Yushchenko, Kiev agreed to take a suicidal decision to trust the UN International Court of Justice, which was designed to judge: who owns the shelf with gas fields in the area of ​​Snake Island, which Romania longed for in Soviet times ... to send the Romanian side to hell and say that if Ukrainian gas is so necessary for Bucharest, then the heirs of Ion Antonescu will try to get it, the administration of Viktor Yushchenko entrusted Smiling office, which runs the West, a military ally that Romania is. The result is well known: the jubilant Romanians are mastering the field, which was given away by the Ukrainian leadership.

Now Romania is clearly not going to stop on some shelves and some islands. She is interested in something more.

About subjects and objects of policy

Nationalism and the desire for territorial expansion are characteristic of all the Romanian authorities, regardless of their party and political affiliation. The leaders of recent decades are no exception. Romanian President Traian Basescu declared the unification with Moldova the “national idea” of his country. Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that this unification could occur by 2018. He exclaimed: “On the centenary anniversary of the unification, I would like to be the president of the country. Let's make the second great unification of Romania together. ”

Usually, “unifying shame” in Bucharest is covered up with “fig leaf” clauses - they say, this is not about the banal seizure of foreign territories like the occupation of Moldovan and Ukrainian lands in 1918 or 1941, but about “reunification of a divided people within the European Union”. The essence of this, however, does not change.

But previously, Romania’s creeping expansion met with a cautious attitude in Kiev. This was due, among other things, to the fact that Ukraine was maneuvering between Russia and the West, and therefore tried to protect, albeit, at times, timidly, its national interests. After the February 22 coup of 2014, the current official Kiev and Bucharest have one unconditional landmark - Washington. This led to the rapprochement of Ukraine and Romania in the interests of Romania and, in fact, on the terms of Romania. The reason is simple - Bucharest feels authorized by the American policy maker in the southwest of the former Soviet Union.

In a way, today Bucharest is a subject of regional politics, while Kiev is a distinct object.

Bucharest: put pressure on Transnistria, force out Russia

But back to the capital of Ukraine in the first days of October. At first, the Romanian Prime Minister met with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and his Moldovan counterpart, Yuri Leanca. At the same time, Victor Ponta designated his protective status in relation to Kiev and Chisinau, stating: “We have a dream with Prime Minister Leanca - that in 2019, when Romania will preside in the EU, Moldova and Ukraine were also at the table.” Meanwhile, it is clear that this is a bluff, since many times already the official representatives of Brussels have stated that the European Union, which is experiencing a serious crisis, from which the Great Britain has been thinking of withdrawing lately, will not expand for a long time (if it will expand at all).

In unison, Viktor Ponte, who became Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk after the coup of February 22, fixed the first steps to create a similarity to the Triple Alliance: "The regional unity of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania is very important for economic development, stability and security in this region."

Naturally, in such a situation, the Transnistrian issue raised by Moldovan Prime Minister Yuri Leanca could not help surface: “We need to take all the necessary measures to prevent the emergence of a new frozen conflict in this zone, this time in Ukraine. Who does not know what a frozen conflict is, I invite you to us in Transnistria, you will see how dangerous it is not only for the country in whose territory it occurs, but for the region as a whole. Considering these specific circumstances, I once again confirm the need to develop cooperation in such a regional tripartite format. ”

Thus, it is logical to conclude: the West, primarily in the face of the United States, is trying to form the axis of Bucharest-Kiev-Chisinau to put pressure on the PMR and pushing Russia’s influence from the former Soviet Moldova through this pressure.

In Bucharest, they again dream of "Great Romania"

But in stories it was always the case that, having joined the games of the big powers and blocs, Romania pursued its own goals and defended its own interests. In this case, in our opinion, we are talking about a strategic goal - joining the entire former MSSR (Moldova, including Gagauzia and Transdniestria) to Romania, as well as Northern Bukovina and, most likely, Southern Bessarabia.

Tactically, Romania is interested in using the emerging “Trinity Union” to subdue Tiraspol with the help of Chisinau and Kiev, and then take the whole “bank” in the form of the former Soviet Moldova. Some symptoms of such actions can already be viewed. Thus, the media passed a message that the Moldovan border guards refused to allow entry into the Republic of Moldova 6 to Russian officers who were sent to serve in the Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic. Earlier, the Russian military could arrive in Transnistria through Ukraine (however, in this case, from the point of view of the “Republic of Moldova”, they were “illegally” on the territory of the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic - REGNUM news agency), but now this option is impossible. Thus, it can be assumed that the basis for the weakening of the Russian group in Transnistria can be taken by a method in which there will not be admitted to the military, arriving on rotation, as well as returning from holidays. As a result, Western puppeteers of this policy are counting on, Russian troops will gradually disperse like smoke.

Well, then it will be possible to announce ultimatums to Tiraspol about the recognition of the supreme power of Chisinau, and only then recall the 2018 year as the 100 anniversary anniversary of the “Great Reunion”, as they like to call the Romanian occupation of Moldova in 1918 in Bucharest ...

Bucharest divides and reigns

October 2 meeting with the prime ministers of Romania and Moldova Petro Poroshenko said: "We must coordinate our positions, both in the field of security and in economic cooperation and use all the opportunities provided by an in-depth and comprehensive free trade area with the European Union." According to him, "Romania can become a bridge for Ukraine and Moldova on their way to the European Union." Thus, he actually acknowledged that in the complete reorientation of Ukraine to the West, Romania would play for Kiev the role of either the elder brother or the guide.

Romania is quite satisfied with this role, because it enables Bucharest to strengthen its position on the Dniester, as well as in the regions of Ukraine of interest to Romania, without fear of serious opposition from Kiev, not to mention Chisinau. In which case, the West will shout at too zealous politicians of Ukraine and Moldova, who will think too hard to defend the national interests of their countries.

In order to paralyze the activities of those who see a threat to the true Ukrainian interests in this situation, the West and Romania are now strongly encouraging information stuffing, saying that the MRT is going to attack Ukraine and move to Odessa. A psychosis is fomented, a moat is being dug at the friendly Transnistrian-Ukrainian border as a symbol of madness and zombies, and residents of Odessk region are urged to dig trenches designed to help repel the attack, which Transdniestrians, naturally, do not think to commit. Of course, in this situation, Romanian politicians and intelligence officers feel like a fish in water. Separate Russia, Ukraine and Transnistria, and rule in the region!

Will Kiev and Chisinau be led by Bucharest?

Official Chisinau is trying not to lose all caution in the current difficult situation. Thus, the head of the Bureau of "Reintegration" of the Republic of Moldova, Georgy Balan, assumes that "it is likely that joint consultations of the relevant departments of the parties will be held in the near future" on this issue (referring to Moldovan-Russian consultations on the issue of passing Russian OGRF troops into Transnistria - approx. IA REGNUM).

But Romania is going ahead, feeling the geopolitical chance, which is given once in a century. Valeriu Zgon, Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of the National Assembly of Romania 3 of October, hot on the heels of the Kiev meeting, hurried to declare: "The EU representative on the eastern border is Romania, and from this position we have to assume the role of exporter of European principles and values ​​in the area outside the community." According to the speaker, Romania “must continue to be a factor of stability in the region.”

So, Romania’s claims for regional leadership and the formation of the “Triple Alliance” in the form of the Bucharest-Kiev-Chisinau axis are announced. The direction of this supposed union from the point of view of Romania is obvious. This is the taking of Transnistria in ticks and the ousting of the influence of Moscow from the banks of the Dniester. Now the question is whether most politicians in Ukraine and Moldova are aware that this combination is being played out in the interests of a country that has already occupied their lands more than once.

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  1. Barboskin
    Barboskin 11 October 2014 18: 40
    A new suicide club was formed.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Sterlya
      Sterlya 11 October 2014 18: 51
      The triple union of idiots, as for the selection of everything.
      1. jjj
        jjj 11 October 2014 22: 01
        How many such Russian strategists have to break into science
        1. predator.3
          predator.3 12 October 2014 08: 29
          "... according to my inner conviction, the most complete and insurmountable - Russia will never have and never had such haters, envious people, slanderers and even obvious enemies, like all these Slavic tribes, as soon as Russia liberates them, and Europe agrees to recognize them released!

          After their release, they will begin their new life, I repeat, precisely by asking themselves to be given the pledge and protection of their freedom from Europe, England and Germany, and even Russia will be in a concert of European powers, but they will protection from Russia and will do it.

          They will certainly begin by saying that within themselves, if not directly out loud, they declare themselves and convince themselves that they are not obliged to Russia with the slightest gratitude, on the contrary, that they hardly escaped Russia’s power-loving intervention by the European concert, and not if Europe had intervened, Russia would have swallowed them right away, "bearing in mind the expansion of the borders and the foundation of the great All-Slavic empire on the enslavement of the Slavs to a greedy, cunning and barbarous Great Russian tribe."
          It will be especially pleasant for the liberated Slavs to express and trumpet the whole world that they are educated tribes capable of the highest European culture, while Russia is a barbaric country, gloomy northern colossus, not even of pure Slavic blood, persecutor and hater of European civilization.
          Russia needs to seriously prepare for the fact that all these liberated Slavs will rush into Europe with rapture, before they lose their identity, they will become infected with European forms, political and social, and thus
          will have to go through a whole and long period of Europeanism before comprehending at least something in its Slavic meaning and in its special Slavic calling in the midst of mankind.

          Between themselves, these zemstvos will always quarrel, forever envy each other and intrigue against each other. Of course, in the moment of some serious disaster, they all will certainly turn to Russia for help. No matter how they hate, gossip and slander Europe, flirting with her and assuring her of love, they will always feel instinctively (of course, in a moment of trouble, and not before) that Europe was a natural enemy of their unity, they will always remain, and that if they exist in the world, then, of course, because there is a huge magnet - Russia, which, irresistibly attracting them all to itself, restrains their integrity and unity .... "

          F.M. Dostoevsky

          The diary of a writer.

          September - December 1877.

          Written 150 years ago, but as if yesterday!
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. 23 region
        23 region 11 October 2014 22: 59
        Quote: Sterlya
        The triple union of idiots, as for the selection of everything.

        Swan, cancer and pike.
        1. northern
          northern 12 October 2014 12: 27
          Pike dog
      4. Civil
        Civil 12 October 2014 01: 03
        One question - why against us?
    3. Finches
      Finches 11 October 2014 19: 31
      I don’t give a damn about Moldova and Bukovina, even if they join Papua New Guinea, but Transnistria and the places of residence of the Rusyns are the original territories of Russia, as well as the entire left-bank Ukraine!
      In the end, Russia can easily compromise with the European Union and divide Ukraine in this way - give up the Western lands, headed by Lvov, Chisinau, Ivano-Frankivsk, but take their lands. In any case, smart people in the EU and the USA understand that Russia will not leave this region so easily, and Ukraine is just a vulgar operetta due to which it would not make much sense to unleash the third world, neither strategic, nor political, nor economic!
      1. saag
        saag 11 October 2014 19: 41
        Russia can’t do anything, it can’t do anything, I’m not talking about the ancestral lands, I can neither return nor protect it, the USSR
        1. Finches
          Finches 11 October 2014 20: 15
          I would say it cannot yet, but if it goes in the direction in which it is now turning and with the stability of the political leadership and economy, I think that in 2020, Russia will be capable of a lot!
          1. Lelek
            Lelek 12 October 2014 08: 58
            Quote: Finches
            Russia will be capable of a lot of things!

            In the meantime, it is necessary to do small, but extremely necessary - an act of recognition of the TMR independence. After that you can operate with international instruments. By the way, the same thing would not hurt to do with respect to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
        2. sv68
          sv68 11 October 2014 20: 15
          saag-Russia can, the authorities don’t want. You understand, everything is involved in big money and today you will break someone else’s business and tomorrow you will destroy yours ...
          1. saag
            saag 11 October 2014 20: 43
            If the authorities do not want to talk about whether or not it makes no sense
            1. Finches
              Finches 11 October 2014 20: 48
              People, including those in power, come and go! Even the most filthy of them traitors, bring to the collapse of the country, but Russia then remains anyway!
              1. saag
                saag 11 October 2014 21: 09
                Quote: Finches
                People, including those in power, come and go!

                According to tradition, feet forward, and this is a long time.
                1. Finches
                  Finches 11 October 2014 21: 27
                  But here everything is in our hands! In the hands of the people! It sounds loud, but how many times people have shown in the history of our state that there is an end to their patience!
        3. Talgat
          Talgat 11 October 2014 23: 11
          here I am about the same thing - it is not only a matter of restoring sovereignty. The Russian Federation is certainly large - but still a fragment of the empire. Once again, we must revive our common large country - and you will be surprised at how insignificant and easily solved current problems will seem to you
          What? What is Romania there? We won’t even pay attention - and now this is a problem again all the same
          1. Finches
            Finches 11 October 2014 23: 25
            Absolutely right! Unification is the way to prosperity! Moreover, the unification of the nations of the Russian Empire and the USSR into one state is a historically correct and natural assimilation of peoples, cultures, ethnic groups ..., an order of magnitude higher than the artificially created European Union! This is exactly what the Western countries and the USA are afraid of!
            Not the objections of the USSR, as a scarecrow for a Westerner, namely, the restoration of historical justice of the development of our civilizations under one roof, which is a nail in the coffin of a rotting Western world with their same-sex marriages and criminal tolerance, their double standards justifying their greed!
            1. kyznets
              kyznets 12 October 2014 03: 22
              Russia is not a splinter of the empire. Sorry, but the Empire gathered around Russia and the exit of republics from it did not change the status of the empire. Russia was an empire even before the accession of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, the Baltic states and even Ukraine with Moldova. And it will be an empire within the existing borders and inhabiting peoples! This is the first!
              But I am sure that we do not need to unite with ALL republics of the USSR. I am for the sovereignty of all the former republics of the USSR WITH THEIR TERRITORIES and the independence of their BUDGETS from Russian. In case of association, it is necessary to feed all of them to one degree or another. This may concern Kazakhstan and Belarus to a lesser extent, but it is also better to preserve the sovereignty of ALL of us. And forms of association and cooperation can also be within the framework of sovereignty. Friendship will be stronger when each has its own budget and expenses.
              Second. Romania, Moldova and Ukraine are plotting a new redistribution, but they are not players. Ukraine has already tried to remake it to match America and Europe in its own way - Russia has regained Crimea. We didn't start, but we took OWN. Now three pawns are starting a game for adults and are thinking of getting EVERYONE benefit from it. But in that region there are so many contradictions, old, historical territorial claims, that the one who is stronger will win. Russia also has its theoretical claims so far. And it's not a fact that one of the three members of this Swedish family will win! After all, if the status quo is violated, the legal political agreements in the region are nullified, then theoretical claims become practically legitimate and Russia gets the opportunity to realize itself in this region, to restore "historical justice". Well, the experience of the Crimea does not teach Romanians, Moldovans and Ukraine anything, which means they deserve a NEW territorial and political alignment.
        4. Robert49
          Robert49 12 October 2014 00: 51
          But what about the Crimea? The dashing trouble has begun! The process has begun, the time has come to collect stones!
      2. kryuger.mark
        kryuger.mark 11 October 2014 21: 53
        Are there smart people in the US and EU?
      3. korjik
        korjik 12 October 2014 13: 40
        You mister bad why spit? Have you watered these lands with blood? I earned corns by building cities, factories, roads. I found a spit, but did you know that these lands were inhabited even by the tsars by the Russians, Germans, Greeks, if only to settle the European part of Russia?
        Rusyns. Whom do you boil the noodles. Open the wiki to see where the Rusyns lived. Would crack!
    4. Denis fj
      Denis fj 11 October 2014 21: 55
      I would say that REGNUM, that Andrei Safonov is just provocateurs, and the article was published for the same purpose. It is interesting to hear from the author criticism of Romania regarding the shelf off the Serpent Island, after Russia itself annexed Crimea. Then, where did they get the idea that the Romanians need Transnistria? They have enough problems with their Hungarians. Who needs this boil on the ass with the Russian army to boot and Great Russian chauvinism as an ideology? Except for problems - no benefit. Moreover, the territory of the modern TMR was originally part of the Ukrainian SSR in general and was never officially part of the Romanian state. The author somehow immediately gives everything to Romania and the south of Bessarabia, and Bukovina, and the Republic of Moldova, and the PMR ... It is strange that he does not give up the Crimea, and the entire hypothetical Novorossia to the Don, or generally to Volgograd or the Caspian Sea ... Concerning the officers of the Russian Army, then it is not necessary to sing like that these officers did not go through Odessa, only because they will be illegally located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova ... What kind of fairy tales? When and who asked the opinion of the Moldovan leadership, through which border to visit Tiraspol? Never ... You just have to admit the fact that the channel through Odessa was closed after the events with Crimea and the South-East of Ukraine ... Yes, and many other layouts in the article are just speculations of the author, or his superiors, to add fuel to the fire on the eve of parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. By the way, it is also surprising that the author's statement that "in history it has always been so that, joining the games of big powers and blocs, Romania pursued its own goals and defended its own interests" ... So, in the opinion of the author, whose interests and the goal should have been pursued by Romania? It's quite normal that any state always pursues its own goals and interests ... It would be very strange if it were not so ...
    5. DMB3000
      DMB3000 11 October 2014 22: 30
      goes sideways through the forest, shouting, I’ll tear everyone! then bear him by the scruff, what are you? hare - put in place, otherwise it will be bad. somewhere like that)))
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 11 October 2014 23: 05
        The bear did not listen to the hare, swung and threw it with all its foolishness. The hare flies and thinks to itself: "And I am strong ... but light"
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 12 October 2014 00: 23
          Summit of CIS Heads of State in Minsk. Vladimir Putin entered into a skirmish with the head of Moldova, Nikolai Timofti, who, like Poroshenko, signed an association agreement with the EU. To journalists who could not hear what the presidents were talking about, at some point it seemed that they about to mate with each otherThe discussion between the GDP and Timofti continued even after the word passed to the president of Tajikistan. While Emomali Rahmon talked about the external threats of the CIS from the Islamic state and Afghanistan, the Russian and Moldovan leaders exchanged very eloquent gestures and views. The reporters did not hear concrete remarks, but at some point it seemed that they were about to grab each other's breasts. Passion impressed even Almazbek Aslambaev, who was sitting opposite. He took a pencil lying on the table and hastily wrote a note to Alexander Lukashenko. The intervention of the chairman, fortunately, was not needed. Presidents pulled themselves together.http: //
    6. Lissyara
      Lissyara 12 October 2014 01: 33
      I would answer easier ...
      We, the Russians, now have enough Crimean wine, Massandra, since tsarist times ...
      And what else to take from them, a holot from the triple alliance? Here at least give birth to an anecdote: "Russia buys oil from Romania" ... winked We have our own lard and there are enough pigs, because in the independent lard, with the growth of lard, the price for half a year is 2 times !!! valiant defenders of the independent, who fight the so-called. for them "terrorists", soon they themselves will begin to eat each other, so there will be no more of their own pigs, or they will look like Russian greyhounds (I'm talking about the piglets there, you can catch up with figs). Well, to gentlemen Moldovans, while licking the bottom of our GDP the day before yesterday ... We want to go to Europe, and to our customs union ... Does this remind anyone of anything? "And eat the fish, and ... (forgot where to sit there)? winked It was not figs to muddy the water, to disturb our Swan and since 1993 "Bouquet of Moldova" to dilute with donkey urine ... The only thing they knew how to do. Ah, guilty. In Soviet times, there was still the Kishinev "Cosmos" 70 kopecks. was super, and only this republic did Marlborough under license for rupee 50 kopecks. It seems like everything ... I'm not a Nazi. But as to me, so I am to you.
      1. jPilot
        jPilot 12 October 2014 03: 38
        Yes, it’s not Moldavia that’s a banana republic with a population of anecdotes comparable to the Chukchi, but Transnistria is mainly inhabited by Russians and the entire main industrial complex of the former MP is located, this is a tidbit for which there is a struggle and this alliance is being created. And the saddest thing is that Transnistria has no access to the sea. And everything that happens is real without a military seizure of territories, simply due to the stupidity, stupidity and venality of the rulers of Moldova and Ukraine. And looking at all this, fists clench and a lump comes up to the throat from powerlessness, hatred towards Humpback, EBN and other evil spirits destroying the USSR HOLD
        1. korjik
          korjik 12 October 2014 13: 48
          That is, in your opinion, the Great Power of the USSR consisted only of Russians, Russia and Transnistria? And the fact that "churks", "gypsies", "Ukrainians", "Azerbaijanis", "Daghs" live and work in Transnistria does not count?
          1. jPilot
            jPilot 13 October 2014 05: 39
            No, I didn’t mean anything of this. Russia is and will be a multinational country and any person (adequate) counts. But the fact that in Transnistria the entire main industry of the former Moldavia (Moldavian SSR) is a fact, relatives of friends live there, they also called on guests drinks . Yes, I also have nothing against Moldova (friends also are adequate), I’m even sure that many people don’t like where the government leads them BUT what is happening also takes place with their tacit consent.
    7. dmitrich
      dmitrich 12 October 2014 02: 33
      gypsies and Ukrainians a great union!
  2. svp67
    svp67 11 October 2014 18: 41
    Entrepreneurship and any other activity in Transnistria is becoming more and more difficult, a steady outflow of the population has been outlined from the republic, if we do nothing, then we may lose Transnistria ...
  3. Reserve officer
    Reserve officer 11 October 2014 18: 42
    Union of three political cripples.
  4. Deadmen
    Deadmen 11 October 2014 18: 48
    our "instructors" have been working in transnistria for a long time. The union is safe. For it is absolutely impotent.
  5. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 11 October 2014 18: 51
    Full dibilizm.
  6. Magic archer
    Magic archer 11 October 2014 18: 54
    The question is, if we mean Russia, the Moldavians will also block gas, oil and other joys, including free entry, how will they sing?! Almost half of Moldova in Russia is working!
  7. novobranets
    novobranets 11 October 2014 19: 04
    Each of these "holy" trinity has its own interests, but some may overlap. For example Transnistria, which is like a bone in the throat to all of them. Each of them, in itself, is nothing, but in collusion, they can pose a threat to Transnistria. Knowing the squalid and sneaky character of the Ukrainians, this option can be used.
  8. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 11 October 2014 19: 05
    You can swear a lot, but as geography has often been noted in politics, it matters. Say not tomorrow, but in the 2016 year, Ukraine and Moldova, with the support of Romania, will begin to pressure Transnistria economically. And what will Russia do? Will start a full-fledged war? I don’t believe it. Rather, a proposal will be made to all who feel that they are Russian to move to Russia. Maybe I'm not right, but I see the development of the situation. If Transnistria had access to the sea, Moscow could support it. And so, I doubt it.
    1. cat hippopotamus
      cat hippopotamus 11 October 2014 19: 54
      There are enough problems with Transnistria, because they are now in complete isolation. The Ukrainian authorities will use this topic to their advantage. Now in Kiev, frank fascists and they will not miss the opportunity to spoil Russia. Pridnestrovians in their time, like Novorossia, rose and defended themselves, the situation in Novorossia is better, they have a common border with Russia. And Transnistrians will be tight now.
    2. svp67
      svp67 11 October 2014 20: 03
      Quote: Aron Zaavi
      Say not tomorrow, but in 2016 Ukraine and Moldova, with the support of Romania, will begin to pressure Transnistria economically. And what will Russia do?
      They have already begun to push, and that means we need to have time to do something before this time. The main thing is that there is such an opportunity ...
  9. Consul-t
    Consul-t 11 October 2014 19: 13
    I would like to look at European values ​​in Romania.
    Imagine a blue dirty Romanian with a hammock.
    yes ... everyone is in a hurry to become blue and so on. deras. tami
    1. svp67
      svp67 11 October 2014 20: 07
      Quote: Consul-t
      I would like to look at European values ​​in Romania.
      A protester holds a sign that says “Phobia-Human Rights” during a gay pride on June 8, 2013 in Bucharest. About 400 people took to the streets of Bucharest for a gay parade to protest the controversial amendment to the Romanian Constitution banning same-sex marriage.
      1. 23 region
        23 region 11 October 2014 23: 05
        Quote: svp67
        A protester holds a sign that says “Phobia-Human Rights” during a gay pride on June 8, 2013 in Bucharest. About 400 people took to the streets of Bucharest for a gay parade to protest the controversial amendment to the Romanian Constitution banning same-sex marriage.

        Let the Ukrainians build a wall, and it’s necessary to help, so that this muck doesn’t leak to us. Ugh...
      2. The comment was deleted.
  10. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 11 October 2014 19: 20
    I remember there was a "Triple Alliance". Only not everyone remembers his fate.
  11. cat hippopotamus
    cat hippopotamus 11 October 2014 19: 38
    The current Ukrainian authorities do not care, they are ready to be friends even with the devil if only to spoil Russia more. We’ll see where Ukraine is heading and what place it will determine in the garbage dump. If this power lasts another year, then Ukraine will never become a full-fledged country.
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 11 October 2014 19: 40
    It will end badly for everyone involved. The Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria are not the militia in Novorossia. And if the Romanians do not want to see the Black Sea Fleet in the roadstead of Constance, and Russian tanks in the streets of Bucharest, they should not play with matches. This is not their caliber. Moldovan army - what are you talking about? Ukraine - another year, and we will remember where it is. So don't let their heads spin. NATO for Romania "will not fit", and the military prowess of Great Romania has been known since the Second World War. If the Germans had not occupied Crimea, Odessa would have stood until the arrival of the Red Army.
    1. saag
      saag 11 October 2014 20: 04
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      NATO for Romania "will not fit"

      And where does it go, after all, the Lisbon Protocol obliges
    2. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 11 October 2014 20: 08
      Why should they fight? They will simply close the border on the import and export of any products, except humanitarian, and how long will the enterprises live there?
      1. korjik
        korjik 12 October 2014 13: 56
        You know, even if you constantly terrorize a hamster by driving it into a corner, you won’t find a worse animal. Transnistria has a better army. It can restore constitutional order in the republic overnight. De jure, this is one country.
  13. gav6757
    gav6757 11 October 2014 19: 41
    Another proof that Russia should support all the aspirations of Novorossiya to expand its borders. We urgently need to provide assistance to pro-Russian citizens in joining Novorossia. Let Ukraine exist, but it exists within its historical borders! That's when the Great Ukrainians will turn around and show everyone how to live ... Well, we'll see!
  14. Cristall
    Cristall 11 October 2014 20: 00
    Quote: Aron Zaavi
    Say not tomorrow, but in 2016 Ukraine and Moldova, with the support of Romania, will begin to pressure Transnistria economically. And what will Russia do? Will start a full-fledged war? I don’t believe it. Rather, a proposal will be made to all who feel that they are Russian to move to Russia. Maybe I'm not right, but I see the development of the situation. If Transnistria had access to the sea, Moscow could support it. And so, I doubt it.

    have long begun to put pressure economically and even physically (ban on entry) ...
    You do not read messages from residents of the PMR? They are not alarmists, they are not screaming, but they are reporting a blockade.
    The Odessa military district generally found an enemy ... if there in the east they found "Russian military" then there are Piedstrovskie tanks according to the CIA in the media all the time .. of course no one believes this and in the trenches, too, but Kiev has to perform tango three together.
    1. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 11 October 2014 20: 06
      Quote: Cristall

      have long begun to put pressure economically and even physically (ban on entry) ...
      You do not read messages from residents of the PMR? They are not alarmists, they are not screaming, but they are reporting a blockade.
      The Odessa military district generally found an enemy ... if there in the east they found "Russian military" then there are Piedstrovskie tanks according to the CIA in the media all the time .. of course no one believes this and in the trenches, too, but Kiev has to perform tango three together.

      I repent I read on these topics a little. We have enough of our problems, but I have a general idea. In the case of the introduction of a trade and economic war against Transnistria from both Ukraine and Moldova, Transnistria will simply scatter for five years.
  15. Renat
    Renat 11 October 2014 20: 16
    And what does Greater Romania mean? What did Dracula wake up there?
  16. ququ
    ququ 11 October 2014 20: 34
    Quote: Aaron Zawi
    You can swear a lot, but as geography has often been noted in politics, it matters. Say not tomorrow, but in the 2016 year, Ukraine and Moldova, with the support of Romania, will begin to pressure Transnistria economically. And what will Russia do? Will start a full-fledged war? I don’t believe it. Rather, a proposal will be made to all who feel that they are Russian to move to Russia. Maybe I'm not right, but I see the development of the situation. If Transnistria had access to the sea, Moscow could support it. And so, I doubt it.

    The Russian Federation has territories across 2 borders - the Kaliningrad region. This is probably why, after the events in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, Transnistria also expressed its readiness to hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation. So Theoretically, this is for Transdniestria an option for resolving political, but not economic independence.
  17. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 11 October 2014 21: 17
    If the decision to further deepen relations between the three countries is left to the elite and politicians, then they will win.
    SCHWERIN 11 October 2014 21: 18
    Ukrainians are building powerful (? in whose understanding, Galilee?) fortified areas around the LPR and the DPR. It seems Jack the Ripper came to the conclusion that stepping on himself is more expensive and gives this territory to Russia. True, it is cut down very much. The destruction of the infrastructure of this territory is purely dill tactics - we won’t eat it, so I will bite it. Let padded jackets spend billions on recovery. Judging by the statement of Siluanov (the Ministry of Finance), on the arrow G20, they rub on the dangers of sanctions and are very active. It looks like this - dill end the war. A command came from the ocean, duplicated by the German Valkyrie.
    Very much Ukrainians spoil the facade of the West with their stupid and bloodthirsty, Nazi actions. Now dill will be ennobled, dressed in new outfits. Their States and Uevro have already received. Controlled dill. They will create an army of a new type. In short - the Georgian version.
    Of course, this is a big hemorrhoids. Such a neighbor is worse than a drunkard! They will use it against us, for example, in Transnistria. The Russian army should be on the alert.
    True question. And who will feed ukrov? EU members can grumble. The main thing that would not be dumped on us. And then, by simplicity (which is worse than theft), we will start pouring help into them. As it was 25 years in a row.
  19. Alf
    Alf 11 October 2014 21: 22
    Do not buy anything from Romania and Moldova, neither apples nor tomatoes. Industry is not particularly there. And watch from the side how they will ride.
    Lord, Great Romania .. Something terrible. If God wants to punish someone, then he deprives him of reason.
  20. Akuzenka
    Akuzenka 11 October 2014 21: 43
    In two things, Alozievich was right:
    1. in the rejection of abstractionism.
    2. In the expression Staatkleinegerumpel (small garbage states), when he spoke about Europe.
  21. gdv
    gdv 11 October 2014 22: 24
    There are twice as much vitamin C in a tsetse fly than in a regular fly.
  22. salomeeff
    salomeeff 11 October 2014 22: 50
    And we don’t get used to fighting with mother skiers, that's just what will happen to them later. For memory, they need to remember the Second World War and participation with the Nazis in the war against us and how it ended everyone knows.
    1. arkady149
      arkady149 12 October 2014 17: 49
      Unfortunately, I don’t remember which of the Wehrmacht generals on the issue of military cooperation with Romania said: “It does not matter for us or against Romania, in any case it will cost us 10 divisions, since we will either have to restrain the Romanian army or defend it from Russians ".
  23. Siberian
    Siberian 11 October 2014 23: 10
    ... Of course, if we talk about the suicide club, it’s easier to attribute Moldova and Ukraine to it, Romania can’t be called a suicide, Romania’s claims to part of the territory of Ukraine and all of Moldova, just the polar bears at the North Pole do not say ... here everything is already clear with Moldova, most likely by 2018 it will really become the territory of Romania, and Ukraine may lose Bukovina in the next 10 years .... But with the PMR, everything is not so simple, because our troops are there, and the population of the PMR , probably 90 percent, in any case, according to the passports, the citizens of Russia ...... and who will cut this = Gordian knot =, or how to cut it and for some it is not clear .........
  24. Leonardo
    Leonardo 11 October 2014 23: 12
    "Ukrainian Empire" ... "Romanian Empire" ... complete nonsense. Quite simply ... the salo-eaters and the hominy people ... imagined themselves ... (with the financial and ideological support of Western "regional committees") ... representatives of the superior race. Well ... there was already an analogue (Adolf Hitler). And how did it all end? I repeat: ".. time cripples, time heals ..." Let all this pro-Western amuse itself for now. Treatment ... will come later. Or self-aware ... or forced. Oh ... excuse me ... "who comes to us with a sword ..." .... These are the realities.
  25. 44039
    44039 11 October 2014 23: 18
    They decide for Romanians again, their head is cooking bad am . Let the story revered than for them to end.
  26. Leonardo
    Leonardo 11 October 2014 23: 26
    The current "Romanian nobility" as well as its analogue in Moldova completely "lay down" under the pressure of officials from the EU and NATO (read ... the USA). (Example ... Bulgaria ... Norway). The loot was received from ... (see above .... it needs to be worked out.) That's the whole reaction. There should be only one answer: ... down with the USA, down with NATO !!!!!
  27. Stoler
    Stoler 11 October 2014 23: 26
    Anecdote: There is somehow a proud Romanian, a rich Moldavian and an independent dill and ..........
    1. Leonardo
      Leonardo 11 October 2014 23: 46
      In the Moldovan classics there are examples of anecdotes ... based on Ion Creanga (author ... "Ivan Turbinka") ... But ... in fact ... in Creanga's style. Pykale and Tyndale meet. "Mei ... Pykale ... do you love girls? - Yes! .. And they you? // - And I them!" This is how the ruling elite of Moldova ... represented by Pykale and .. the EU. Full CRAZY.
  28. Zhizneslav
    Zhizneslav 12 October 2014 00: 58
    Tse all the cream of the Europeans only we have not seen such
  29. Venier
    Venier 13 October 2014 04: 30
    In Bucharest, they again dream of "Great Romania"
    But at least dream out!
  30. Vend
    Vend 13 October 2014 10: 03
    If Transnistria is attacked, then this will turn into a Georgian scenario. In Transnistria are Russian peacekeepers.