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Improvised protection of Ukrainian armored vehicles

During the so-called. the anti-terrorist operation of the Ukrainian army had to face a host of problems of various kinds. During the years of independence, the country's leadership did not pay enough attention to the armed forces, because of which their equipment and training leave much to be desired, and even the militia without special training can effectively resist them. The lack of a coherent government policy forces the military to take care of their own security. In particular, many units of the Ukrainian army are forced to independently upgrade their equipment and equip it with additional protection systems.

A characteristic feature of the current conflict in Ukraine is the use of physically and morally outdated equipment, which does not fully meet the requirements of the time. One of the consequences of this is the appearance of combat vehicles, which received the protection of artisanal production. To increase the level of protection of combat vehicles used various means of attracting attention. Consider the basic methods of such equipping military equipment used by the Ukrainian military.

The current conflict has reaffirmed the obvious thesis: light armor, by definition, cannot protect the crew from anti-tank weapons, such as rocket launchers. To solve this problem, various anti-cumulative screens are used. Indeed, equipping a combat vehicle with a metal or lattice screen allows you to cause an undermining of an anti-tank grenade at a distance from armor and thereby save the vehicle from destruction. In addition, some screens destroy the grenade and do not allow it to explode. Such screens are known since the Second World War and are used with considerable success.

The Ukrainian designers, creating the BTR-4 armored personnel carrier, took into account the experience of the armed conflicts of the last decades and equipped the lattice anti-cumulative screens. Such protection, created by specialists, has corresponding high characteristics. There are cases when armored personnel carriers with factory-made grilles returned from combat with anti-tank grenades stuck between screen plates. Naturally lattice screens get damaged, but the armored personnel carrier and its crew remain intact.

BTR-4 after the battle

Not all Ukrainian armored vehicles are equipped with pre-fabric lattice screens. Often, the crews have to independently “modernize” their equipment. Handicraft production screens made from various scrap materials have become widespread. For example, often armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles appear in the battle zone with screens made of metal mesh stretched over a skeleton. For obvious reasons, this protection is not very effective. The rigidity and strength of the grids used do not allow to keep the rocket grenade at the right distance from the armor and to initiate its blasting. As a result, mesh screens do not increase the level of protection of technology, but to some extent complicate its operation.

In mid-September, photographs of one of the motorized rifle divisions of Ukraine, equipped with infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2, were published. Taking into account the existing experience, the equipment of the division was refined and received a set of anti-cumulative screens. On the front of the upper frontal sheet of machines was installed a wide lattice of small height, covering the projection of the upper part of the body. Lattices of the appropriate size covered and sides of the car. In addition, on the lower frontal parts of the case of machines installed mounts for rubber screens.

The on-board and frontal screens of the BMP-2 on the existing photos may indicate their origin: it is likely that some enterprise participated in their production. The basis of the screens are metal corners, from which the frame structure is made. Metal rods forming a grid are welded to the corners. The soft frontal screen, in turn, is a sheet of rubber of the required size, covering the lower part of the frontal projection of the machine. The exact fate of machines equipped in this way is unknown, but it can be assumed that they are much more likely to survive on the battlefield than the technique with nets.

In early October, a photo of the Ukrainian armored personnel carrier appeared with a very original additional protection. The sides of the car are covered with a lattice screen assembled from metal rods. Between the casing and the grilles, bags of sand or soil are laid for added protection. The lower frontal part is covered with a metal plate. Finally, blocks are welded onto the side screens and cheekbones of the forehead of the hull tank dynamic protection. Such a set of additional means of protection shows how seriously the authors of this “modernization project” approached the matter.

BTR with blocks of dynamic protection. Photo

Nevertheless, specialists and lovers of military equipment immediately noticed a number of drawbacks that could significantly worsen the survivability of the armored personnel carrier. First of all, these are dynamic protection units, welded onto a relatively thin bulletproof armor. When hit by a grenade and undermining the charge, the dynamic protection unit can break through the armor of an armored personnel carrier and cause damage to both the vehicle and the crew. However, there is reason to doubt that explosives are still present inside the welded blocks. Perhaps, only empty boxes were installed on the armored personnel carrier, which to some extent increased the level of protection. However, even in this case, the additional protection of the armored vehicle looks dubious and ambiguous.

The lack of the required number of combat-ready armored vehicles leads to the appearance of converted civilian equipment equipped with armor. This technique is typical for recent local wars that marched in Asia and Africa. It is noteworthy that in these wars, converted civilian vehicles were used and used mainly by non-governmental armed groups. As for the current war in Ukraine, it is primarily the security forces who order such equipment, and industrial enterprises are engaged in its manufacture.

In most cases, the conversion of cars involves the installation of metal sheets on top of the body. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian conflict showed that even a similar approach to the creation of improvised armored vehicles can be accompanied by original ideas and solutions.

In mid-July, the Nikolaev Diesel-Repair Plant completed the re-equipment of two UAZ-3303 vehicles, which were modified by order of the Frontier Service of Ukraine. The vehicles received protection of the crew cabin and a metal body in which they installed a turret with a machine gun. The workplace of the shooter was protected by a standard method for this technique: used sheet metal. At the same time, the chassis and the cockpit received original protection.

Armored UAZ-3303

The wheels, the frame and the lower part of the cabin doors received protection, made of sections of a metal airfield cover. Such a metal profile is unlikely to provide serious protection against small-arms bullets. weaponsHowever, it is of interest as a technical curiosity. No less original is the protection of the frontal projection of the machine and the side windows of the cabin. On these parts of the base truck, a metal frame structure and fittings welded to it were installed. The rods of the latter were attached to the frame, and also welded to each other. The protection characteristics of such “reinforcement armor” raise serious doubts, although the originality of the idea is worth attention.

An interesting approach to the manufacture of improvised armored vehicles for the Ukrainian military is demonstrated by Energoatom, which cooperates with Atomremontservis. In early September, the company handed over to the security forces three minibuses that received protection. According to reports, the cars were equipped with armor made of steel sheets. On top of the front of the car body were installed designs characteristic angular shape. Relatively large windows were left to observe the road.

"Armored cars" of the Energoatom company of the second version. Photo

On the last day of September, Energoatom announced the transfer to the military of three more modified vehicles. Allegedly, they received a lightweight booking option. Apparently, relief is to change the design of the reservation of the front of the machines. So, instead of a large frontal sheet and side sheets in the front of the machine, there are lattices of the same size. The reasons for the appearance of such a construction are not fully understood. Nevertheless, we can immediately speak about the extremely low level of protection of such a structure. The grille does not protect the windshield and hood of the car from bullets and fragments, which is why any shots at them can be fatal for the machine itself and for its crew.

Among the improvised “armored personnel carriers”, the car shown in the beginning of October by the Zaporizhstal combine is seriously distinguished. As a base for it was taken a serial truck brand "KAMAZ", which sheathed 6-mm steel. As you can see in the available photos, protection was received by all the important units of the car, from the cab to the rear wheels. There is a lowered cover that covers the windshield, as well as sheets that protect the rear wheels from the sides and the front axle in front. In the sides of an armored van there are loopholes for monitoring the situation and firing from personal weapons. The frontal sheet covering the cabin is decorated with a stylized yellow-blue trident.

Improvised protection of Ukrainian armored vehicles
Zaporozhye armored "KAMAZ". Photos

It was alleged that the steel-clad KamAZ would go to one of the units fighting on the territory of the DPR. Earlier, the Zaporizhstal combine had already fulfilled the order of the military, then the UAZ car received protection. This time Zaporizhzhya specialists took into account the experience gained and made a protected truck. However, as follows from the published data, armor steel is not used to protect the machine, which accordingly affects its survivability in real combat conditions.

All considered samples of full-fledged and improvised armored vehicles, as well as ways to increase their level of protection are interesting from a technical point of view. According to their real characteristics, they are seriously different from each other, however, in no small number of cases, the additional protection of equipment can be considered a means of complacency rather than a real way to save cars and fighters. However, in the current situation, the Ukrainian military does not have to choose; they are forced to use the available opportunities and look for ways to protect themselves and equipment.

The appearance of artisanal means of additional protection and improvised armored vehicles can speak of one unpleasant fact for Ukraine. Self-made grids and nets on armored personnel carriers are a sign that the country's defense industry was not ready to ensure the participation of the army in hostilities. Apparently, she either did not have her own developments in this area, or all of these projects were simply not implemented. As a result, the soldiers had to independently search for grids or grids and install them on their combat vehicles.

The appearance of improvised armored vehicles also indicates the poor state of the armed forces and industry. There are a number of tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles in the troops, but the number of combat-capable equipment might not be enough to solve the assigned tasks. Repair companies are actively engaged in the restoration of unusable equipment, but the losses are still too great and they simply cannot cope with the load. The solution to this problem is the installation of metal parts on civilian cars. Due to the load of defense enterprises, other plants are involved in assembling such equipment.

Samples of improvised armored vehicles and combat vehicles with homemade means of additional protection simultaneously demonstrate two interrelated trends. On the one hand, the soldiers of the armed forces want to get equipment with a high level of protection that can protect them from enemy fire, and on the other, the industry cannot provide them with everything they need. Naturally, all this affects the loss of people and technology, and also contributes to the victories of the militia.

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  1. Imperialkolorad
    Imperialkolorad 9 October 2014 10: 09
    Looking at this in my head only comes Fat fell - fat fell.
    1. Turik
      Turik 9 October 2014 10: 59
      Looking at this, I remembered the instructions for the grenade for the Warriors of Allah:

      "Before pulling out the pin, shout 3 times" Allah Akbar "and Allah will increase the force of the grenade explosion 4 times"

      Or here's another thrashack:

      In Zaporozhye, punishers will be protected with the help of Tripoli motanka.

      Relatives of the fighters are invited.

      On Saturday, October 18, in the library. Komarov in the Kommunarsky district for Cossacks will hold a master class on the manufacture of amulets for the participants of the ATO. This is reported by the organizers.

      Relatives (mothers, fathers, children, wives) of ATO participants and everyone are invited

      for the manufacture of amulets using the technique of dolls-motanka. It is necessary to have shreds with you: white and colored (preferably for relatives from their clothes).

      Free workshop will be held by Svetlana Balueva
      1. vlad1
        vlad1 9 October 2014 22: 04
        I wonder where I got such a joke I live in Zaporozhye in the Kommunarsky district, but I haven’t met such an advertisement, although if I honestly don’t read our press, it’s all nonsense and stupid patriotism
        1. mirag2
          mirag2 11 October 2014 07: 31
          and this is also from that series:
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Drednout
      Drednout 9 October 2014 11: 02
      Complete squalor! Nekhai "complacent". If the factory armor bursts at the seams on the tanks, then these "formidable" irons will not produce a rose at all.
      Lenin’s armored car is even more brutal!
      the analogy with the pan on the head of the Maidan people at the time of the Maidan immediately comes.
      1. Alekseev
        Alekseev 9 October 2014 15: 53
        Quote: Drednout
        Complete squalor! Nekhai "self-complacent."

        Well, if a truck is sheathed in some places, and even steel is armored, it is possible, there will be no harm, everyone does it everywhere, who cannot afford MRAP.
        But the BMP is disfigured artificially - really stupid complacency.
        And illiteracy: after all, remote sensing, screens, lattices only weaken the cumulative stream, and for armored personnel carriers, which is weakened, which is not very, anyway. He is bulletproof. And anti-shatter, but provided that the bullets are not from the Cliff or, God forbid, KPVT and fragments are not very large. wink
    4. Mister X
      Mister X 9 October 2014 12: 39
      Probably none of them watched Death Race.

      1. pomegranate
        pomegranate 9 October 2014 15: 31
        Or crazy MAX)))))))
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. cosmos111
        cosmos111 9 October 2014 15: 55
        Quote: Mister X
        Probably none of them watched Death Race.

        why, did not look, WATCHED !!!
    5. mirag2
      mirag2 11 October 2014 07: 30
      also an armored car:
  2. spech
    spech 9 October 2014 10: 10
    Perhaps only empty boxes were installed on the armored personnel carrier, which to some extent increased the level of protection. However, even in this case, the additional protection of the armored car looks doubtful and ambiguous.

    still need inscriptions and stickers to use laughing
    1. Isum
      Isum 9 October 2014 10: 40
      Yeah, it's like the "SPORT" sticker gives a car + 50 horses, and here coats of arms and flags give + 15 mm of armor .......
    2. cosmos111
      cosmos111 9 October 2014 10: 43
      Quote: spech
      still need inscriptions and stickers to use

      inscriptions and inscriptions on fences ... this is not the main thing ...
      but use DZ "contact-5" on light armored armored personnel carriers - THIS IS ALREADY MARASM fool ... when triggered, there will be a reverse armor break !!!
      NII Steel, conducted these experiments and refused such an idea ...

      and the DRG militias need a machine like ... a light DAGOR car developed by Polaris Defense, especially for DRG special forces

      source = mirtesen & utm_medium = pad
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 9 October 2014 12: 01
        militias in DRG, use light and maneuverable, ATVs and buggies from "Polaris Defense", the main thing here is speed ... the enemy is simply difficult to hit ... the structure consists almost entirely of pipes ...
        but there is one significant drawback, the lack of reservation of the engine and the driver’s seat, and this is crucial to get out of the shelling !!!
  3. Tankist_1980
    Tankist_1980 9 October 2014 10: 15
    Politicians are a laughing stock, the technique is the same ...
  4. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 9 October 2014 10: 23
    Which country - such and troubles laughing
  5. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 9 October 2014 10: 36
    Colombian and Mexican drug cartels have shushpanzers better than Trypillians
  6. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 9 October 2014 10: 40
    Of all the samples shown in the photographs, the BTR-80 is the most seriously prepared machine for conducting military operations in the conditions of military units, with mounted side screens (between them and the main armor there are fillers in the form of sand or expanded clay bags) and blocks DZ.
    According to the BTR-4 presented in the first photo, they have already said more than once.
    Let me remind you that this armored personnel carrier was evacuated from the database zone in a damaged state with penetration of armor in the area of ​​the tower (presumably from the PTR), in addition, the machine was turned on its side (hence the deformation of the anti-cumulative screens).
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 9 October 2014 10: 52
      On booking the same civilian automotive technology I can say is not impressive.
      Crafts at an illiterate level (steel is not armored, but ordinary).
      A 6 mm steel sheet does not provide protection to either the crew or the landing. Because such sheets are pierced by a bullet of cal. 5.45 of the most massive cartridge for AK-74,7N6.

      Cartridges for AK (C, SU) -74, RPK (C) -74
      Gross (mass) 5,45 mm cartridge 7N6:
      punches a steel 6-mm steel sheet (St3) at a distance of 300 tons.
      Bulletproof vest 6Zh85T at a distance of 80 meters.
      5,45 mm cartridge 7H10 (increased penetration):
      Punches a steel sheet (St3) with a thickness of 16 mm, at a distance of 300 m.
      Armor plates 5 mm thick at a distance of 150 m.
      Bulletproof vest 6ZH85T at a distance of 200 m.

      What can we say about more powerful ammunition.
      In addition, I don’t understand how to carry out maintenance and repair of such cars in the field on a car such as KAMAZ-5320 whose cabin was sealed tightly with armor. So you can’t even check the oil in the engine.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 9 October 2014 11: 10
        Quote: wanderer_032
        A 6 mm steel sheet does not provide protection to either the crew or the landing. Because such sheets are pierced by a bullet of cal. 5.45 of the most massive cartridge for AK-74,7N6.
        Hello Alexander hi
        You are right, but ....
        unless you install 2 sheets at a distance of 20 mm ... and fill the gap with fibrous concrete (((((polypropylene fibers, as an admixture for concrete and mortars))))
        then it can and will hold ... still need to look at the steel grade ...
        1. wanderer_032
          wanderer_032 9 October 2014 19: 21
          Andrei hi

          Quote: cosmos111
          You are right, but ....
          unless you install 2 sheets at a distance of 20 mm ... and fill the gap with fibrous concrete (((((polypropylene fibers, as an admixture for concrete and mortars))))
          then it can and will hold ... still need to look at the steel grade ...

          It is possible that it will hold bullets of hand-held small arms, but something more serious is no longer the gross and armor-piercing bullets of cal.12,7mm, 14,5mm, armor-piercing shells of automatic guns (NSVT, KORD, OSV-96, ASVK, PTRS, PRTD, KPVT , ZU-23,2A42 (7
          So somehow, in any case, the militias have a certain amount of MTP during the Second World War, this is a very effective medium against such "handicrafts", and if the MTP is equipped with optics, then generally a guaranteed kirdyk.
          One well-aimed shot at the engine or at the place where the driver is with an armor-piercing incendiary bullet, immediately there will be a picture of Repin "We sailed".
  7. bigELDAK
    bigELDAK 9 October 2014 10: 45
    Just the topic is not about bad bulletproof vests, but in special bullets:
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 9 October 2014 11: 23
      Quote: bigELDAK


      Yes, the topic is interesting, if it is not a dill fake ... but it seems to be true ...

      here is the BTR-4K, militias, squeezed out of the eyes ... trellis screens, as I understand the factory ...
    2. Sivan
      Sivan 30 October 2014 08: 44
      This is nonsense. Ordinary armor-piercing bullets. pierce any body armor. 40 years already exist, even more.
  8. ALEXX.
    ALEXX. 9 October 2014 10: 46
    At that pace, carts will soon be made, and that the gasoline is not needed, the horse will find grass for himself. laughing
  9. atos_kin
    atos_kin 9 October 2014 11: 33
    Eh, the author of the reasoning about ukrobronozashchit didn’t understand that the main protection of all presented uyo .., excuse me, samples is the presence of "zhovto-blakitnoy" symbols. In her presence, the galloping crew will not be able to get into "even militias without special training"as the author says.
  10. Taoist
    Taoist 9 October 2014 11: 36
    Good examples of how to use the total military technical illiteracy to "cut the loot".
    If the "field alterations" can still be excused (they stole it and welded it on), then the "factory samples" are just a complete out.
  11. cosmos111
    cosmos111 9 October 2014 11: 44
    improvised samples of shushpantserov okrov ...

    BMP-2, penetration of armor on the starboard side ... an impromptu lattice did not help ...

    and this is super ... shushpantser okrov fellow
  12. The point
    The point 9 October 2014 11: 56
    Wait, they will also arm themselves properly! wassat
  13. dipqrer
    dipqrer 9 October 2014 12: 01
    It would be nice to collect these shushpanzery in Kubinka. Many of them sniffed gunpowder and are interesting.
    exhibits. By the way, there are a lot of samples, enough for a full exposure.
  14. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 9 October 2014 12: 16
    Judging by the fact that such samples rarely fall into the hands of militants - they are torn to pieces along with improvised armor.
    As small children with their chants about Putin, they were not even too lazy to make license plates.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 9 October 2014 12: 38
      Quote: Фкенщь13
      Judging by the fact that such samples rarely fall into the hands of militants - they are torn to pieces along with improvised armor.

      depending on what they (((light armored vehicles, gets)))
      BTR-80 okrov in trash ... with the remains of lattice screens ... the rest of the "blown away" by the blast ...
  15. Free Cossack
    Free Cossack 9 October 2014 12: 22
    The UAZ in "armor" is especially impressive. It evokes funny associations not related to military equipment, but still looks more like kitchen utensils.
  16. provincial
    provincial 9 October 2014 12: 32
    If you put chocks between the grates and armor for heating stoves of bourgeois stoves, then two tasks are solved at once - protection and firewood.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 9 October 2014 17: 53
      Quote: provincial
      If you put chocks between the grates and armor for heating stoves of bourgeois stoves, then two tasks are solved at once - protection and firewood.

      not what, hesitates, it is necessary to make modern armor and additional ... reservation ... armor-ceramics ... in the 80s in Lebanon, but improvised protection did not help .....
  17. chinArmy
    chinArmy 9 October 2014 12: 49
    The wit of war
  18. jgthfnjh
    jgthfnjh 9 October 2014 12: 52
    very similar to the German technology of the 44-45s, also the ugly variety of chopped forms and ext. armored, along the same path and went dill, the true heirs of the Nazi Wehrmacht.
    1. Mooh
      Mooh 10 October 2014 00: 32
      Please do not compare the Wehrmacht with these smartphones. At best, they are heirs to the Hitler Youth.
      1. Arix88
        Arix88 12 October 2014 15: 24
        wrote the serf of the heir to the Golden Horde
        1. Verden
          Verden 14 October 2014 17: 28
          Cute little dirty trickster.
  19. aszzz888
    aszzz888 9 October 2014 12: 54
    Maybe they still hang basins with galvanized baths. What protection!
  20. provincial
    provincial 9 October 2014 13: 07
    transition to NATO standards
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 9 October 2014 18: 44
      Nikolaev Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant began to produce shushpantsy for level marching, on the basis of MLRS "Grad" ....

  21. Vasya Vasya
    Vasya Vasya 9 October 2014 14: 03
    On the "Armored cars" of the "Energoatom" company of the second version (Photo cool license plates "Pu..n went .." "Voennoe obozreniye" well done.
    1. IAlex
      IAlex 9 October 2014 16: 48
      Your associations do not arise in the subject, PTN-PNKh stands for "Putin Destroy the Nazi lackeys", incl. it's okay that they ask for something and get it.
      1. vostok2014
        vostok2014 12 October 2014 00: 28
        Vasya Vasya correctly explained how PTN-PNH is deciphered.
  22. Weniamin
    Weniamin 9 October 2014 14: 08
    And that you all hee hee yes ha ha. For all these modernizations, a lot of money was allocated from the Ukrainian budget. Can you imagine what a cut made on this "miracle of hostile technology."
  23. WETER
    WETER 9 October 2014 14: 10
    They are children.
  24. xomaNN
    xomaNN 9 October 2014 15: 41
    Very similar to the situation in 1941 - Odessa "pseudo-tank" - tractor "Fear" lol
  25. cosmos111
    cosmos111 9 October 2014 18: 02
    the 'peace plan' is on paper, but the war continues ...

    09.10.14/XNUMX/XNUMX. Photo report of the military commander of the Motorola division Gennady Dubovoy.

    info s:
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 9 October 2014 18: 09
      improvised armored vehicles, NEW RUSSIA ...

  26. raid14
    raid14 9 October 2014 18: 14
    Protection of LBTs against cumulative grenades RPG-7 PG-7VL with a single-block grenade is ensured by lattice screens made of high-strength steel installed 30 cm from armor; additional protection means include the installation of rubber-reinforced screens and containers (bags) with a filler (sand, crushed stone, concrete ) extinguishing the COP. This protection is doubtful against the RPG-7 tandem PG-7VR and ATGM with a warhead of increased power.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 9 October 2014 19: 29
      Quote: raid14
      high strength steel mounted 30 cm from the armor

      but, this is how lucky ... here 50/50 fifti-fifti !!!!!
      1. raid14
        raid14 9 October 2014 20: 36
        I agree. "Only an insurance policy can give a person complete peace of mind!" Ilf and Petrov. "Golden calf". On bird-free and. opa nightingale.
  27. Gray 43
    Gray 43 9 October 2014 19: 00
    Ukrainians are terrible in a fit of their military anger !!! So I have never been afraid of shell beds and grave fences, just imagine, the fence is moving at you, but where is the monument then ???
  28. costolom45
    costolom45 9 October 2014 20: 31
    Of course it’s fun to watch these improvisations. But maybe our defense industry should think about it? Something I did not meet decent equipment for working in urban battles. Armored cars look good, but RPGs do not hold. Terminator only Kazakhs ordered. Holes in the protection of our BTR82A and T72 are present. Can attend to before it's too late?
  29. Denimax
    Denimax 9 October 2014 20: 33
    The gratings apparently have the calculation that the area of ​​the plate (in the edge) is much smaller than the intermediate space between the plates. And the probability of getting into the plates between the plates is much higher, which leads to the failure of the piezoelectric fuse, and the destruction of the ammunition.
    1. Mooh
      Mooh 10 October 2014 00: 38
      What the hell is that calculation? On a knee they cook in a place from a recipe, if only it would look cool for village raguli.
  30. gen-48
    gen-48 9 October 2014 21: 44
    Yes, let the big ones have fun. The usual cut of a leaky budget: our business is to manufacture, and your business is military. Soon there will be 100 layers of Roshen's foil wrapping and jumping on the "Karpaty" mokik, screaming: "Tse z an armored bike, cotton"
  31. SveTok
    SveTok 10 October 2014 04: 03
    Whatever the child would entertain ....
  32. Jackob84
    Jackob84 10 October 2014 05: 51
    Strong solutions)))
  33. Ramzes17
    Ramzes17 10 October 2014 10: 29
    Dill science ahead of the rest! Military thought ukrov knows no barriers! While other countries are formulating technical tasks for specialized research institutes, dill has already been invented by everyone! Hang on a / m mild steel, and BA is ready! What was done during the defense of Stalingrad and Leningrad from hopelessness and under bombing, dill is given as a new word in the industry laughing
    In the dill style, for illiterate zombies will pass for a novelty and reliable armor.
  34. Sling
    Sling 10 October 2014 13: 40
    I wonder why there is no review of the militia alterations. Indeed, on many photos and videos, very interesting "armor enhancements" are illuminated. For example, URALs with interesting non-factory protection came across. Moreover, it is clear that a whole line of "modernization" of wheeled vehicles has been established. Can anyone concoct a review?
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 11 October 2014 22: 21
      Very interesting question!
      Everything that is relevant for the Ukrainian army is also relevant for militias.
      After all, the same RPGs are beating armored vehicles. In my opinion, canopies and amplifications
      on armored personnel carriers of the militias are no different from the designs of the Ukrainian army.
      The same problems and the same mistakes. And also - not from a good life, so
      laughing badly.
  35. waggish
    waggish 11 October 2014 16: 44
    Purely Slavic defense !!!!!!!!!
    1. Old skeptic
      Old skeptic 11 October 2014 20: 51
      Well, tell us about the purely Turkic defense, so to speak about the achievements of the dusk Turkic genius in the field of military equipment and technologies. hi
  36. Gans1234
    Gans1234 14 October 2014 19: 49
    Here is the famous ukroagregat
  37. Gans1234
    Gans1234 14 October 2014 19: 50
    But he is under the DNI already)
  38. Prager
    Prager 2 November 2014 15: 35
    Why didn’t they come up with during the war, just to save a life!
  39. BARMEN628651
    BARMEN628651 19 June 2015 17: 41
    hard cars