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Underwater Ninja


“A saboteur scout is a man without nerves. This is a suicide bomber. His life does not belong to him or his parents, it belongs to the Motherland, ”are words from the oath of the Special Naval Intelligence of the Navy, an underwater special forces of the GRU.
Until now, little is known about the secret divisions of underwater saboteurs reconnaissance. Even retired, after years, they keep their mouths shut. After all, in the event of war, they will have to join the battle before it begins - to penetrate foreign territory and disable the enemy’s military facilities, destroy the radar installations of rocket complexes, and eliminate the anti-submarine defense system.
Opponents of combat swimmers - military divers of Special anti-sabotage forces do not spread about their service. They will have to neutralize the enemy scouts. And those and others for years preparing for war.

The fight against terrorism forced the creation of special units of the maritime special forces, all law enforcement agencies and special services. Today there are combat swimmers in the FSB and the Federal Security Service, the GRU and the Interior Ministry. All world naval powers are aware of the need to maintain these expensive elite special forces. During and after the cold war, naval reconnaissance saboteurs fought in the Middle East and Africa, Central America and Indochina, Iraq and the Balkans. Some operations can already tell.

Maritime special forces ensured the safety of the Soviet-American summits in Malta and in Reykjavik, celebrating the St. Petersburg 300 anniversary and the Victory 50 anniversary in Moscow.

Now we can already show the secret weapon and special equipment that ensured the success of sabotage warfare under water - marine grenade launchers, submersible automatics and pistols, special breathing apparatus, underwater vehicles, nuclear mini-bombs. It's time to talk about the specific training of divers-scouts. Yesterday this was not the question.

Underwater assault troops for the first time loudly declared themselves during the Second World War, when the Italian "people-torpedoes" blew up the British ships in Alexandria and Giblartar. British baby submarines disabled the Tirpitz battleship. German minisubmarines were selected to the ships on the Murmansk roadstead. Japanese submarine kamikaze attacked the American ships.

Special-purpose combat divers of the company did not give rest to the Germans during the blockade of Leningrad. After the war, special maritime intelligence units disbanded. Only the explosion on the battleship Novorossiysk, which is attributed to Italian saboteurs, forced Defense Minister G. Zhukov to immediately navy military units.

We call them "combat dolphins" and "seals" of the Special Marine Intelligence. In the US, "seals of the team" 6 ". In Italy, the “aggressors” of the flotilla “MAS” and the “Gamma group”. In Germany, the Frog People are “Connections K”. In France, the Frog People, "Commando Hubert." In England - Kommacho, in Taiwan - Red Dragons. Not without success in the United States and the USSR prepared "combat swimmers" from marine mammals.
There is no doubt that the invisible confrontation of naval intelligence saboteurs continues.
A documentary film of such volume and variety of sub-themes about sea special forces has not yet been. Many video materials are exclusive and will be shown for the first time in Russia.


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  1. dred
    dred 27 November 2011 16: 49
    I heard that special forces of the Navy was created in 1954 after someone flooded the ship.
  2. Igarr
    Igarr 6 March 2012 20: 06
    Fighting swimmers of the USSR and Russia.
    For one selection in these units it is already possible to hand over all at once.

    Here's an interesting movie ... there were already a lot of publications about US cats.
    About ours - FIG. The first, as far as I know.
    Because he said before - well, not in Russian, somehow - PR.
    A word, even a dubious one.

    Honor and glory to our children.