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About the fate of Kiev. Notes from the occupation

About the fate of Kiev. Notes from the occupationLast summer, on the Seliger Lake, President Putin said words that gave hope to us, living in Kiev, - to those who bitterly observe the mental and moral confusion of their fellow citizens, who feel themselves uninfected among the sick. The meaning of the words spoken by the Russian president is simple: the people of Russia and Ukraine are, in essence, one people. At this point, Putin’s speech was interrupted by applause ...

The non-freedom of the people of Kiev (the figure of a resident of Kiev is typical for the population of central and western Ukraine) lies primarily in the field of ideas. More precisely, one idea - through false, but today dominant, taking power over people in all walks of life, from a soldier to a prime minister. An ideocracy was established in Kiev, and the idea on which power was built was Ukrainian Nazism.

Being in the grip of this idea, a Kiev resident is able to vote for a pervert and a murderer, since he fits into the “idea”. Loyalty to the “idea” and the fear of not complying with it are driven by the president of Ukraine, who approves of the war, because the war is ideologically justified (try not to approve - they will tear their “ideological” apart). Fear of not complying with the idea, which includes hatred of Russia and everything Russian, drives a famous Kiev composer, more recently, under Yanukovych, who was outraged by the infringement of Russian culture, to dubious “patriotic” gatherings and makes "ideologically correct" speeches. In the youth environment it becomes inconvenient and even dangerous to keep silent when shouting “Glory to Ukraine!” And not to glorify the heroes. In the community of Kiev directors, actors, the majority of TV people, journalists, show business stars, just people belonging to the educated class, the anti-Russian attitude (when people can spend hours talking about the aggressiveness of Russians and the nastiness of their leader) »Unites, gives the illusion of security, and with the deterioration of the economic situation - and some oblivion, like alcohol: he scolded Russia and forgot that there are cold batteries at home and there is no hot water.

In psychiatry, such a dominance of an obsession is considered a disease. For Christians, there is another definition for him - charm, seduction by the spirits of darkness, service not to God, but to His adversary. Ukrainian Nazism is an outward manifestation of deeper destructive processes in people's souls.

A society with a Nazi ideological superstructure is becoming a grim reality in Ukraine. Those who do not live in Ukraine, in most cases, cannot understand what is happening here. On the land of Little and Chervonnaya Rus came a special trouble. The Bible mentions "star wormwood." So, the bitter and gloomy star, which has clouded minds and souls, has fallen on the ground of Ukraine. What we thought was right, beautiful, what is dear to us — the culture of Kievan Rus, victories, sacrifices and heroism in the Great Patriotic War, the Orthodox faith and its shrines — are all declared today in Ukraine as a subject of false enemy propaganda, history, "Stolen" from the Ukrainians. A whole layer of the culture of the times of the Ukrainian SSR, the achievements of that time in science, industry, town planning, medicine, and music (Mayboroda’s and Bilash’s songs dear to all of us) are crossed out. All this is silenced only because it was created by one people. Millions exposed to defamation are taught that all this is ridiculous, insignificant, suspicious, criminal and must either be corrected or thrown out of life forever and cursed. And, unfortunately, they absorb this lie, they believe it.

Recently Sergius of Radonezh was declared the enemy of Ukrainian statehood. And this wild statement was made by an official on the territory of the Pechersk Lavra. And in the midst of all this distorted world, children live and form. Still children. Today they see on the Internet a kind of Kiev parliamentary candidate, who has walked by the fireplace by the fireplace (shlo bulo garneau and chic). And they get used to it - this is normal, our government will be “cool”. They see the desecrated bust of A.S.Pushkin, fucked up for being delivered to a Russian. Every day they (I do not exaggerate) hear at school that we, Ukrainians, have become the victim of Russian aggression. And they are returning home, and with childish fervor, they inform their parents that, if I grow up, I will go to avenge the Muscovites. And this is not a joke, this is the likely future of a part of the united Russian people. Our people.

Finally, absolutely seriously, again after the chaos of 90's in Kiev, they urge to take away from Orthodox churches. And these are not only appeals. Near Kiev dissenters-philaret already seize the temples of the Moscow Patriarchate. The parishioners of our parish are already discussing how to defend themselves if they come to select our church (and the schismatics come with armed bandits). There is no one to resist the force of the law of this orgy in the capital of Ukraine. Police, court, force on the side of the robbers.

Recently I came across a list of candidates running for elections to the parliament in Kiev. Age is about 30. Place of birth - all as one, either Lviv, or Ternopil with Ivano-Frankivsk. Who will these young leaders protect? There is no doubt. And this also threatens to become a Russian future ...

Kiev, with its months-long frenzy after the February revolution, turned into a symbol of the misery and madness to which Little Russia came, cut off from Russia. Yes, there used to be a dirty spot of quasiculture on the Russian once city and Russian culture, made up of an illiterate but vicious farm galitsizma and Kiev provincial, bourgeois fake "for Europe". In isolation from Russia, all the most rabid and unscrupulous got into the political media scene. What throws people into the trash cans under the hooting crowd, paints a yellow-blakytny paint on everything - fences, faces, sirloin parts, and threatens to sweep Poroshenko and his clique all over the thousands of people, and after planting his Führer-ataman, start looting and penalty.

All this is the truth of our present life. Let us ask ourselves: how many sons does Russia lose at this moment when they are being forged into Ukrainians and made enemies of their own people?

Little Russia without Russia turns into a ruin, and in the same way a Russian person, if he did not let him make a mankurt, does not think of Russia without Little Russia and New Russia. Let us remember all the same once again about the millions of Little Russians who built a single country who fought for it. Let us recall Field Marshal Paskevich and the Razumovsky brothers, Feofan Prokopovich and Chancellor Bezborodko, the builders of Great Russia. Let us recall the prayers and works of Jonah and Theophilus of Kiev, Alexei Goloseevsky, the martyr Vladimir, the Metropolitan of Kiev and Galitsky, who was killed in 1918 before the gates of the laurel ... Soul, now brazenly deceived, but still alive.

... Left to the mercy of fate in the occupation and in the ruins, Ukrainians beg for gas and loans, of course, will. But they will also hate, poisoned by propaganda. And they will blame Russia not for their misfortunes, but they will blame Russia - if you leave them in an independent stagnation, under the rule of the occupational regime, methodically, persistently growing hatred of Russia and the whole of Russian in the 40 millionth mass ...

What to do? Free the people and the land! As in 45, to liberate from fascism. It is impossible to agree with fascism. It can only be destroyed.

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  1. moremansf
    moremansf 7 October 2014 18: 08
    Everything in the hands of the people of Kiev ... must decide for themselves what is closer to them, Bandera or Russia ... but the principle of my hut on the edge will not lead to good .... everything is in the hands of the people and their conscience ...
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 7 October 2014 18: 16
      The last paragraph of the article is the most correct.
      1. Krasnoarmeec
        Krasnoarmeec 7 October 2014 18: 42
        A little off topic, but it will be interesting ....

        Five trucks with humanitarian aid from Germany collided in Ukraine

        "According to preliminary information of the UNN agency, 5 trucks, which closed the column, crashed into each other. According to the preliminary version, the drivers did not keep a safe distance and did not have time to react to the braking of the cars in front."

        Are the Maskali guilty again? lol
        1. shershen
          shershen 7 October 2014 22: 55
          Maintained a distance and did not have time to react? What did they gain guest workers?
      2. Djuma
        Djuma 7 October 2014 20: 52
        What is it right about? You can not free one who does not want this, otherwise you will forever remain his enemy. It was necessary to think earlier with a head, but not with a sweet place.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. shershen
        shershen 7 October 2014 23: 10
        The article is a bit idealistic and divorced from reality.
        It is not clear who the author was going to release? These people themselves chose their life, without any coercion. They are in their current position voluntarily. Not one drunk considers himself an alcoholic, not a single drug addict is a drug addict, not a single Bandera considers himself a scum, either. They do not want salvation or liberation, they are happy in their own way in the matrix that they themselves have created. Now they can only be destroyed, or left to them to continue to enjoy their own madness.
        1. saha6052
          saha6052 8 October 2014 05: 58
          "The article is a little idealistic and divorced from reality" ---- over the past quarter of a century I don’t remember any non-idealistic articles. The Duma deputy says as a rule: “the legal structures of Russia are geared towards protecting crime and against victims, Zyuganov from the rostrum of the Duma says:“ half of the budget countries are divided by criminals and traitors of the country ", departments for combating organized crime banned in Russia-Bandera and Shukhevych? -and the Constitution prohibiting Russia from own worldview -wrote Lomonosov? -do not look for enemies far away, they may be in you, just take a closer look, do not be lazy.
        2. Sergey-8848
          Sergey-8848 8 October 2014 09: 20
          Free human souls. The author, of the article, is, of course, an idealist, but he is speaking correctly. The struggle is not for the territory, not for shale gas, not for the right to GEC and SHOCK, but for people. Front line - runs over the heads.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Siberian German
      Siberian German 7 October 2014 18: 39
      and the Kievans always had a hut on the edge - that banderlogs walked there now and now you don’t see anything of Kievans - a couple of lyam people there, if they all left at least a hundred thousand banderos to bring everyone into the open. Applauded, silent - receive in full
      1. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 7 October 2014 18: 58
        Quote: Siberian German
        and the Kievans always had a hut on the edge - that loopers walked there now banderlogs and something Kievans can’t see

        Expand in more detail please.
        1. shershen
          shershen 7 October 2014 22: 59
          And why is there incomprehensible "my house is on the edge" - this is the psychology of an entire nation.
    4. Saratovets
      Saratovets 7 October 2014 20: 00
      late! they can’t cope without outside help, remember the 1944 Warsaw
    5. Lelek
      Lelek 7 October 2014 22: 59
      Quote: moremansf
      Everything is in the hands of the people of Kiev.

      Ukraine (or rather what is left of it) in the near future is a mirror image of Haiti - devastation, unemployment, banditry in the streets and in parliament, "external" management of all state institutions and crowds of Tyagnibok's "tone-tone macoutes" mad with blood and permissiveness, Yarosh and Kolomoisky, beating and burning people, destroying monuments and joyfully jumping at the same time (like the ritual dances of Papuan cannibals). And do you think they can solve something? request
      1. Suhow
        Suhow 8 October 2014 00: 10
        I think Ukraine will be similar to Samoli. (if everything continues in the same vein). Those who disagree with the current course of the new government got it all, a leader will appear who will be able to unite us and incur us .... like 1918-1924.
  2. Dezinto
    Dezinto 7 October 2014 18: 10
    Explanatory article, neither add nor diminish.

    These are the pies Ukraine has prepared for itself.
  3. vsoltan
    vsoltan 7 October 2014 18: 10
    For some reason, in the list of names cited by the author as builders of New Russia or Tauris, Khmelnitsky, Alexei Mikhailovich, Peter, Rumyantsav, Potemkin, Suvorov and Ekaterina did not notice ...
    1. 7 October 2014 18: 47
      Quote: vsoltan
      In the list of names cited by the author - as the builders of New Russia or Tauris, for some reason he did not notice

      The author had in mind the "Little Russians".
      LN Gumilyov has a quote from Bolotov. The primary source is not at hand at the moment, so I quote from memory: "A historian who does not know geography has stumbles." Don't lose sight of the geographic accents of geopolitics.
      1. vsoltan
        vsoltan 7 October 2014 19: 16

        Well, if you mean formally, then you are absolutely right, like the Author ... but someone seems to me that Sho deaf and dense Muscovy, subsequently the Russian Empire, have done much less for Little Russia than the persons mentioned by the author. And accordingly, minor accents, as well as the nuances of geopolitics can be voiced only in this context. And who would be both Razumovsky, Bezborodko outside the influence of Elizabeth Petrovna, Catherine and Potemkin? Would you be able to do so much for Little Russia?

        As for the primary sources, which is not at hand - I recommend rummaging through the net - this is an excellent guide ... but it is not always worth trusting.

        With respect for the balanced comment, take my leave - and plus you :-)
        1. vlad-58
          vlad-58 7 October 2014 19: 58
          ... Razumovsky - by the shepherds! (they were them ...)
 7 October 2014 21: 17
          Quote: vsoltan
          Razumovsky, Bezborodno outside the influence of Elizabeth Petrovna, Catherine and Potemkin? Would you be able to do so much for Little Russia?

          Dear, logical series: prima, second, third it's too early to cancel. In turn, I would like to draw your attention to the immortal phrase from "The Twelve Chairs": "Consent is a product with complete non-resistance of the parties". To carry out pro-Russian politics in Ukraine, legitimate and adequate conductors of the course of Russian sovereigns / sovereigns were necessary. Hold one of your hands under the seat and try to reproduce the applause. If you do not have a third hand, then this action is impossible. Refer again to the immortal phrase above.
          For using the primary sources on the web, thanks! Only there is not always time to perform the necessary operations, it is necessary, with reservations, of course, to use their intellectual resources. And the computer is starting to show off, since the system was installed in the spring of 2011, only "CC cleaner" and "TuneUp Utilites" save it. Looks like the cranks are coming, you need to reinstall. And the computer is really "zadol.bal". I apologize for the "snot", as there in the proverb: "We are Pskopian, we will break through!"
    2. vlad-58
      vlad-58 7 October 2014 19: 55
      ..together with Khmelnitsky still Mazepa remember! and Danila Galitsky ...
      In history, these individuals are symbols of betrayal!
      ... then let's bring Bandera and Shukhevych here too ...
      1. sso-xnumx
        sso-xnumx 7 October 2014 21: 46
        I will add:
        - Mykola, Schaub, if you’ve scored Z, having become a king?
        - Fat biv and having bitten fat!
        - And what?
        - But I would have treasured the treasury, tai vtikav !!!
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 7 October 2014 18: 12
    Destroy dill fascism! The call of Kiev? Probably let them start. And we will help. But just like that.
    1. shershen
      shershen 7 October 2014 23: 16
      Well, who, who, and the people of Kiev will not even move, you can be sure.
  5. dimdimich71
    dimdimich71 7 October 2014 18: 14
    1. shershen
      shershen 7 October 2014 23: 14
      - "Tell me, will there be pogroms?"
      - "be, be"
  6. Non-war
    Non-war 7 October 2014 18: 18
    President Putin said words last summer on Lake Seliger that gave hope to us in Kiev - I dare to ask, and to whom is it to us and how many are you? Kiev is 80% Russian-speaking city, but the same 80% is pro-Ukrainian with a very strong influence of nationalist ideas. In principle, I would argue where the nationalist trends are more strong now - in Lviv, for example, or in Kiev. That Kiev, which many people remember the Union - well-fed and neutral, long gone and most likely, will never be anymore. There was a shift in the heads of Kiev - ,, we are the capital of independent Ukraine ,,, plus the Galician ideals of independence were very much strengthened in Kiev, the idea of, “Russian world ,, the majority of Kiev, especially the young, perceived with hostility. Such are the realities of today.
    PS. By the way, now it’s a fashionable trend to drive the zapadentsev, they say they made two Maidan, and by the way, if the Kievans did not support, there would be no Maidan at all.
    1. saha6052
      saha6052 8 October 2014 06: 16
      Only a "non-military" person thinks that the Maidan is a Ukrainian invention, and the Maidan in Moscow in the early nineties? -A 17-18-19th and in general the word Maidan, the word of the Pechenegs, lovers of cookies and fuss with boxes from Xerox-XEROX - this is the Matrix of Russia, something like a Pandora's box - a box in the studio! - shouts the Looker, looking around the stunned by the impossible, the audience, and you thought Lenin when he said: study and study or finish with sheep in the slaughterhouse, but no one listened to Lenin -We want a king !!!! since we don’t know what we’re doing ... DO NOT, remember? -and I, as Serpilin said: no, no, and I remember.
  7. leond
    leond 7 October 2014 18: 18
    I agree with the Mountain Rifleman, if you help in another way, then this will be perceived by the Ukrainians as aggression.
    1. vlad-58
      vlad-58 7 October 2014 20: 03
      ANY intervention of Russia will be aggression! (humanitarian convoy, TWO convoys ...)

      Mark Twain on this occasion (in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I think) said: "... only a bullet from a good gun can fix the matter here, and I don't see any other way ..."
      1. shershen
        shershen 7 October 2014 23: 22
        Ukraine now sees Russia through the eyes of the West, and for the West, the very existence of Russia is already an act of aggression.
  8. s30461
    s30461 7 October 2014 18: 19
    If they do not want liberation from Russia, but want shackles from Europe and crackers from Obama, then WHOM DOES RUSSIA NEED TO RELEASE ???
    You have been going to this for 25 years: you were silent when the veterans were beaten in Lviv on May 9, you were silent when you began to erect monuments to the Nazis and Bendera people throughout the country, you were silent when you read that Mazepa was the hero of Ukraine ... And now, you’ve realized and want Russia with the blood of her sons washed away all this abomination ???
    No guys. Will not work. In the Donbass and in Lugansk, they found the opportunity to openly oppose fascism. At the cost of their lives they uphold freedom and the right to live according to the laws of Christ. And you must do the same. There is no possibility - collect belongings and leave. Or act underground, partisan, spread information disproving the junta’s lies. Take action. Themselves. Without Russian soldiers.
    Russia has never before seen gratitude from peoples who are alive only because Russian warriors put their heads together for this. And I do not believe in gratitude to the Ukrainians.
    1. vlad-58
      vlad-58 7 October 2014 20: 08
      Yesterday in the 70s in Galicia hung plaques to Shukhevych and Konovalets ...
    2. Denis fj
      Denis fj 7 October 2014 22: 18
      The economy of Ukraine continues to collapse due to the severance of ties with Russia, not the interest of the West in its salvation and is flying into the abyss.
      Oligarchs (all of them are “good Ukrainians”), sucking juices from the economy, lose profits but are forced to obey the overseas master.
      The Americans achieved the “minimum goal” - a hotbed of tension in Eastern Europe was created.
      But they did not achieve “maximum goals” - they failed to completely break the ties between the EU and Russia, the EU market was not captured, there was no big European war. But they will get their way to the last opportunity.
      And when will the last opportunity disappear?
      It will disappear when the natives understand the fatality of the idea of ​​fighting Russia to the last native and raise a rebellion against the existing order.
      Therefore, it is impossible to leave ukrotuzemtsev alone with ukroSMI and you can not allow the defeat of New Russia.
    3. cat hippopotamus
      cat hippopotamus 8 October 2014 01: 34
      All this is Her Majesty's propaganda, unfortunately in Kiev there was not a single president who did not dance to the tune of the US State Department. So over these 23 years, the concepts in the heads of youth have been so distorted that they have grown the Nazis from them. All this banderizing, rewriting of history, distortion of our past yielded results. All according to Goebels: Give me the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs. The US State Department’s plan was a success, albeit partially, but the result is obvious.
  9. vdtomsk
    vdtomsk 7 October 2014 18: 19
    Quote: moremansf
    in the hands of the people of Kiev ... they themselves must decide what is closer to them, Bandera or Russia ... but the principle of my hut on the edge will not lead to good .... everything is in the hands of the people and their conscience ...
    Meanwhile, "Right Sector" declared war on the Jews in Odessa

    On October 7, one of the leaders of the Jewish community of Odessa, Mikhail Maiman, announced that the militants of the "Right Sector" had severely beat more than 20 Jews in a month. Maiman refers to the data of the ROVD of the Suvorovsky District of Odessa, which the Jewish community received recently.
    A source in the Suvorov District Department of Internal Affairs reports that another 36 cases of robberies and beatings of people by the "Right Sector" were recorded in the Odessa region. The victims are mainly representatives of the Jewish diaspora.
    On April 9, 2014, in Odessa, unidentified persons desecrated the graves of Jews in the Tairovsky cemetery. Vandals painted graves with a swastika. In addition, on the night of April 8, a monument to the victims of the Holocaust was erected, erected on the spot where on October 19, 1941 the Nazi invaders executed tens of thousands of inhabitants of Odessa.
    - It seems that the Right Sector has declared war on the Jewish people. Militant Nazism is an extremely dangerous phenomenon, said a source in the Suvorov District Department of Internal Affairs.
    This week, the Jewish community of Odessa will send an appeal to the headquarters of the World Jewish Congress in New York with a call to disarm and disband the Right Sector. Also, an appeal will be sent to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

    What to do? Free the people and the land! As in 45, to liberate from fascism. It is impossible to agree with fascism. It can only be destroyed.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 7 October 2014 19: 31
      Marshal Zhukov is not enough to help the fraternal Jewish people, or at least Colonel Gotzman.
      1. soviet skytourist
        soviet skytourist 7 October 2014 20: 47
        Mr. Zhukov, an accomplice of Tukhachevsky and Khrushchov, earned the title of exterminating the Russian people during collectivization, an accomplice in the assassination of Stalin and Beria - for this, after the war, the Khrushchev perestroika made him a superhero
        1. soviet skytourist
          soviet skytourist 7 October 2014 22: 50
          devoted to the followers of Trotsky and the like
    2. soviet skytourist
      soviet skytourist 7 October 2014 20: 39
      Kolomoisky again deceived, and they threshed the Jewish poor, it was already in the 30-40s. The old scheme created a problem, and then they will decide, I wonder what kind of proposal will help when leaving for Israel or security in return for obedience to the savior
    3. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow 7 October 2014 21: 09
      Let them keep silence, soak them further !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. KuzkinaMother
      KuzkinaMother 7 October 2014 22: 25
      How right you are. Russophobia is in full swing, antisimetism has begun, the lustration of someone without hitting, probably will soon be lynched and the "puppet" will be led.
  10. Kep 123
    Kep 123 7 October 2014 18: 22
    Of course, it is necessary to start with ourselves, and we will always help, stopping this fascism is also necessary right now.
  11. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 7 October 2014 18: 24
    Hatred and anger does not prevent the Ukrainians from begging for gas, customs privileges and other preferences for themselves. Amazing individuals, though see, for them all God's dew. am
  12. cucun
    cucun 7 October 2014 18: 38
    And under all conditions, Russia is always to blame. Moreover, we always owe something to Ukraine. Now they have to fight the Nazis for them, what else do you want? And do not lie, it did not start yesterday, the story of how Ukraine feeds Russia, I personally hear since 1985
    1. vlad-58
      vlad-58 7 October 2014 20: 14
      ... the story of how Ukraine feeds Russia I personally hear since 1985
      ... much earlier! By and large, we, Russia, overlooked them; and Russian Ukraine too! Then they were complacent about this - they say, what to take from them, from the poor ... they will play, have fun, and even throw it away ... They didn’t have enough fun then - they are “getting it” now ... with corpses!
  13. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 7 October 2014 18: 40
    What to do? Free the people and the land! As in 45, to liberate from fascism. It is impossible to agree with fascism. It can only be destroyed.

    Free! Support Donbass! All in your hands. In general, a whining is heard - come, set us free. How to perceive it: either it’s really a call for help, or a provocation. You set us free, just ignore that we will hate you. You will be liberated only through purification, through hunger, cold, blood, deprivation, repentance, disappointment, etc. You have to pay for everything. And learn a story that always repeats itself.
  14. bubla5
    bubla5 7 October 2014 18: 40
    Let the nation go wild, the hangover will come quickly, and disappointment will turn into pain and ruin
  15. mist4
    mist4 7 October 2014 18: 46
    Ukraine is winter that we have summer, stick a chernozem-shovel in bloom, you can go to the warm sea for the weekend. In short, you love honey, love and chill, not all cats have a holiday. During the union they fed the whole union, and how glad they were to separate. I already didn’t find in the army h..ohlov, everyone had already cut off the 92nd spring, but the Balamutes themselves are the Kuban and the Caucasus and they aren’t deceived, they are.
    1. bubla5
      bubla5 7 October 2014 20: 03
      They fed the whole union with the union
      And what grandmother told you this, they all exported and lived at the expense of the RSFSR
    2. vlad-58
      vlad-58 7 October 2014 20: 26
      +++++++ ...
      ... They fed the union all the union ...
      I have been living for a long time, from the products produced in Ukraine I remember only a student delicacy - a snack: overseas caviar ... and squash ... apple juices, "kvassol with tomato sauce with yalovicinoyu", well, the same de ... mo ... breakfast more tourists ... They fed! Central Asia, Moldova and the Kuban with the Caucasus gave more than the Ukrainians ...
      True, coal and everything associated with it ... but that was not perceived by the Ukrainian: Donbass, Kuzbass, Zaporizhstal, Kryvyi Rih ... Russian! Donbass - it is like the Southern Urals ... just not in the Urals ... Oil - Azerbaijan, Siberian, Bashkir ... mineral waters and wine - the Caucasus, Armenia ... But Ukraine, especially the Westerners, listlessly perceived as cunning .. ... are ...
  16. 7 October 2014 18: 49
    For those who are not aware: a crest is not a nationality, but a profession.
    1. sso-xnumx
      sso-xnumx 7 October 2014 21: 39
      noooo! This is a state of mind, a way of thinking and living!
      1. KuzkinaMother
        KuzkinaMother 7 October 2014 22: 28
        Rather, a religious sect.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Vitaly72
      Vitaly72 8 October 2014 00: 49
      this is Bismarck talking about romanians
  17. Chaika
    Chaika 7 October 2014 18: 49
    Ukraine is sick! Diagnosis is obsession! And there is no exorcist who can help them! They have been moving towards this for decades. God turned away!
    1. soviet skytourist
      soviet skytourist 7 October 2014 20: 57
      I agree, but now Putin is not in the Kremlin, but let’s say Khodorkovsky will leave a lot from Russia. Yanukovych was and has slept and sold the power, and now partners will have us there, but what kind of people are such and power, in order to live like a man, first and foremost man. my hut I’ll hide now doesn’t roll, doesn’t reach the people kindly
  18. kompotnenado
    kompotnenado 7 October 2014 18: 57
    By December-January there will be more and more of these. But do we need these. No, they do not need corrupt people who, as soon as they eat, there is nothing to remember that they are Russian. They are not Russian. I hardly believe this author. Stopudovo wore cookies on the Maidan. And when the threat came that the boys would come with machine guns and Bandera in their heads and begin to select the temple first and then everything else, including life, remembered that he was Russian. Nah from the beach.
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 7 October 2014 19: 21
      Alexander, why are you talking to the author of the article? And I will correct a little about the boys with machine guns. Not boys will come, but disgruntled "veterans" of the ATO. Tough, boomerang, and even the Ukropov oligarchs will start to merge each other before the elections. Kiev deserved it, now it is not the capital, but a hotbed of senile and fascists. They came like zapadentsy and turned everything over, nonsense! Prepare for them not only firewood and manure boilers, but also tires for the new Maidan. For Novorossiya, the Oni-Kievites are simply nobody! IMHO! hi
  19. dzau
    dzau 7 October 2014 19: 15
    About the fate of Kiev. Notes from the occupation

    Rather, from a madhouse.
  20. novobranets
    novobranets 7 October 2014 19: 22
    It is impossible to come to terms with fascism. It can only be destroyed.
    The moment of truth.
  21. pensioner
    pensioner 7 October 2014 19: 24
    Near the city of Lyubomlya in the Volyn region of Ukraine, five trucks from a German humanitarian convoy got into an accident. As reported by the "Volynskie Novosti" agency, five convoy wagons crashed into each other. The trucks are badly damaged.
    According to TASS, with reference to the traffic police, truck drivers probably did not keep the required distance, as a result of which they did not have time to respond to emergency braking in front of the vehicles in front.
    Now they definitely won’t reach ...
    And ours: the number 200, under fire, on terrible broken roads, at high speed and without incident! Learn.
    1. Wolka
      Wolka 8 October 2014 07: 29
      Well Geletey is silent like a fish in a pie, but does not shout that this is a diversion of Russian special forces ...
  22. AQUARIUS 65
    AQUARIUS 65 7 October 2014 19: 28
    Recently I came across a list of candidates running for elections to the parliament in Kiev. Age is about 30. Place of birth - all as one, either Lviv, or Ternopil with Ivano-Frankivsk. Who will these young leaders protect? There is no doubt. And this also threatens to become a Russian future ...

    The whole article is the cry of the author's soul, with which he tries to touch the most delicate strings of the soul of Russians, in the hope of compassion. After all, "the inhabitants of Russia and Ukraine are, in essence, one people." The people are one, but they react to what has been happening in Ukraine in recent months in different ways. Residents of Russia, even at the age of 60, go to the Donbass to fight the national fascists, sacrificing their lives, and the inhabitants of Ukraine elect national fascists for the presidency and mayor of Kiev in the elections ... And in the upcoming elections to the Rada and to the parliament, according to Kiev will also vote for the national fascists. But this does not "threaten to become the Russian future." This threatens to become the future of Russians living in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine with a predominantly Russian population trembling for their, to put it mildly, life. And fascism in Ukraine must be destroyed. Nationalism is an idea, and fascism is a tool for its implementation. Only by destroying the weapon can this idea be buried. The precedents in history are known.
    1. AVIATOR36662
      AVIATOR36662 8 October 2014 01: 03
      Absolutely right, dear! Egypt is a great parallel with Ukraine. Everything was 1: 1! But the healthy part of the leadership of the Egyptian army had enough intelligence and courage, and the state sagacity to return the situation (after such a "Maidan", elections and the arrival of the same thugs, as in Ukraine, to power) into a normal course. It turns out that only the army is in In February-March, several deputies of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine were dismissed for "unwillingness to lie under the Maidan and the Pravoseks". They weren't enough for more. But it could have been enough. In Egypt, it was enough! Maybe further events in Novorossiya spur the army to overthrow the junta?
  23. Grbear
    Grbear 7 October 2014 19: 53
    Similar articles cause me dual feelings. On the one hand, I know very well how difficult it is to fight against the system (at any level) and that for this you need either courage or escape.

    But on the other. What is happening today did not start yesterday. And the day before yesterday the "silent" majority preferred a well-fed and calm "minute" of life, although many understood perfectly well what this would lead to (our universities are the same). And this led to the fact that "hurt "society, not individual thugs or groups. Moreover, the bulk of the people of the most productive (or aggressive) age, but which already "across the bench and flogged" will not work. Even if "someone else's uncle and flogged", then these people will not understand.
    Why they get sick (hatred), they will have to be treated. Few survive, but they will be healthy ... or not survive ...
  24. sv68
    sv68 7 October 2014 20: 15
    Yes, we are not the only people, as the Kraintsy began to shout m ---- ku at a gilyak, they began to be strangers to us. And apparently it turns out that forever. And the statements of the supreme are only a private opinion.
  25. Alex 111
    Alex 111 7 October 2014 20: 16
    Everything seems to be correct, but the people of Kiev should be free themselves. It is not worth ruining people from Russia even for the liberation of Kiev. Themselves admitted, and correct yourself. Help is only moral and weapons.
  26. Hope1960
    Hope1960 7 October 2014 20: 17
    Have you tried to gather in partisan units? But you don’t feel like moving to Donbas and ask for a modest machine ?! I understand this is difficult! It seems like a peaceful life in Kiev. But this is not life already !!! When the soul is destroyed, it must be saved with weapons in hand! Weapons can be given in the Militia!
  27. Non-war
    Non-war 7 October 2014 20: 51
    Quote: vlad-58
    Yesterday in the 70s in Galicia hung plaques to Shukhevych and Konovalets ...

    Hehe, well, do not distort so much)))))). In the 70s, those who would have done this publicly would have thundered into the dungeons of the KGB. The fact that they were always revered there is a fact, but without such fanaticism.
  28. Strezhevsky
    Strezhevsky 7 October 2014 21: 07
    If the brothers want to remain brothers, let them ask the Serbs how !!! These people, in spite of everything, remain them, because the truth is
    is at the forefront, and not fabulous nishtyaki europarash ..... they ate them.
  29. VladimS
    VladimS 7 October 2014 21: 34
    Why they get sick (hatred), they will have to be treated. Few survive, but they will be healthy ... or not survive ...

    + 500!
    And do not let THESE go to Russia, under any circumstances. Enough of parasites.
    They got a job from them, hardly 15%. And Russia pays benefits to them .., the locals never dreamed of!
    Russia is always to blame for everything ...
    Nits are not grateful. Ugh!
  30. Crimea-nyash
    Crimea-nyash 7 October 2014 21: 53
    my personal opinion does not change .... that Ukraine that was, at least 5 years ago, is not even in sight. all this satanism began with the arrival of Yushchenko. Forget about the "brothers" of Ukrainians, nationalists came to replace them with the firm conviction that Russia this is an enemy and that Russia should provide them with a beautiful life for “all the years of humiliation of the Great Ukrainian people.” Suffice it to recall the massacre of the Crimeans, who returned from the Maidan in the winter, when many people were killed and disappeared ... and all this was not done by the Westerners , and the "peaceful" villagers of the Zhytomyr and Poltava regions. And after all, there was no revolution then.
  31. Alfizik
    Alfizik 7 October 2014 22: 40
    "It's too late to drink Borjomi"! Vaccination against Nazi rabies should have been done earlier, long ago. "Destroy Fascism"? Of course, we will destroy, for which we stopped the war. And they stopped it smartly: without freeing the entire territory of Donbass. Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, completely freed from eggs, are a self-sufficient state, when the need for liberation disappears. For the junta, be it any city or half of Ukraine, nothing changes: the anger must be thrown out, the war must continue. And in any case, not the militias, but the Nazis, will be the cause of the long conflict. Long - no more than six months. In the end, one bullet can decide everything: either in Washington or in Kiev. The rabies is either stopped or the patient dies. And in any case, the patient is Nazism.
  32. rocker_39
    rocker_39 8 October 2014 00: 54
    Quote: Krasnoarmeec
    A little off topic, but it will be interesting ....

    Five trucks with humanitarian aid from Germany collided in Ukraine

    "According to preliminary information of the UNN agency, 5 trucks, which closed the column, crashed into each other. According to the preliminary version, the drivers did not keep a safe distance and did not have time to react to the braking of the cars in front."

    Are the Maskali guilty again? lol

    Ay beauties, one word is the Pedrosoyuz.
  33. stimulus69
    stimulus69 8 October 2014 01: 02
    I, a Ukrainian, a descendant of the Zaporozhye Cossacks and ancient Rusich. My grandfathers beat the Nazis, not sparing their lives. I declare: Since when did the Galician descendants of Polish and Austrian serfs, who until 1939 were unknown by whom, lived half a millennium in other states and were forcibly joined by Stalin us, have Ukrainians become “help”?
    Galicians who speak Polish-Austrian surzhik, which differs from the Ukrainian language in the same way as tarpaulin boots differ from ladies' shoes, suddenly decided that they are also Ukrainians! And even enrolled in the defenders of the Ukrainian language. They suddenly signed up for the builders of the Ukrainian nation. It’s the same as the US blacks who speak English and the English who live in England are one nation. But a nation is united by a common historical and cultural past. And we have a GENERAL HISTORICAL PAST WITH them SIMPLY NO. They sank the whole country with their Diaspora-Galician nationalism, which for some reason is called Ukrainian. All: RUKHI, KUNY, NUNS, OUN, UPA and full-time Tyagnibokovskaya "freedom" climb like cockroaches in Ukraine EXCLUSIVELY FROM GALICHINA. They suddenly decided all of us, in their opinion, the racially-inferior inhabitants of Ukraine (Little Russia), to which they have nothing to do, to teach Ukraine and their oh svidomosti.
    By the way, THEIR “Svidomost” is all that is purely Galician complex of historical inferiority. For their whole story is the story of servility and betrayal. Now they are stealing our history, like they’re the Cossack family. There was no Cossacks in their history, because the Cossacks were imprisoned for the betrayal of the faith of their ancestors. Although they could spare the Pole. There was no Taras Shevchenko in their history, because he had never been to Austrian Galicia. By the way, almost all the prose of T. G. Shevchenko is written in Russian. They climb a dirty snout into the history of a country where their ancestors did not live. Like Bogdan Khmelnitsky was wrong. There was no Bohdan Khmelnitsky in their history, because in the liberation war of our people against the Poles, the Galicians were always on the side of the Poles. In their history there was the Polish king Sigismund and the Austrian emperor Ferdinand. And there is nothing for the Galician mutants to slander on behalf of Ukraine. Galicia - Homeland of traitors and dung gopot.
  34. cat hippopotamus
    cat hippopotamus 8 October 2014 01: 22
    I agree with the author in everything, the wait-and-see policy of Russia will not lead to good. What is happening in Ukraine is the Sabbath of demons that were sold to the Devil’s servants from the US Department of State. Ukraine is captured by Nazis who are united and organized, keep the majority in fear, and this majority looks with hope towards Russia. Meanwhile, unsettled young people are being told about Russian enemies, fooling them into Russophobes, when they grow up it will be too late. The only sound Donbass has risen and is fighting for its future. Despite casualties and losses, they are united and determined to go all the way.
  35. Zomanus
    Zomanus 8 October 2014 05: 43
    If the ruin itself does not want to fight for an alliance with Russia, we will not do anything here. Because everyone there wants to be different from the Russians, they want to be with Europe or America. And even if all these are only 10% of the population, they put the rest of the hatskrayniki with cancer. Indeed, in fact, how many people supported the collapse of the union? Yes, generally garbage. But they performed in the capital, they were loud and convincing. And do not care that the rest are now whining that they were against the collapse of the union. They sat out at one time. So here, while some will sit without straining, others will strain and build them a new country. While some are afraid of responsibility, others take on this responsibility and with it money and power.
  36. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 8 October 2014 06: 50
    Quote: Balu
    Marshal Zhukov is not enough to help the fraternal Jewish people, or at least Colonel Gotzman.

    when did the Jews become fraternal people ????
  37. press officer
    press officer 8 October 2014 07: 01
    Quote: retired
    Near the city of Lyubomlya in the Volyn region of Ukraine, five trucks from a German humanitarian convoy got into an accident. As reported by the "Volynskie Novosti" agency, five convoy wagons crashed into each other. The trucks are badly damaged.
    According to TASS, with reference to the traffic police, truck drivers probably did not keep the required distance, as a result of which they did not have time to respond to emergency braking in front of the vehicles in front.
    Now they definitely won’t reach ...
    And ours: the number 200, under fire, on terrible broken roads, at high speed and without incident! Learn.

    Yes, where are they miserable to us! soldier And here’s what they have in the cars ... it's already interesting .. what after all, searches by journalists from all countries were not carried out .... they examined our microscopes, looked for tanks, etc. fool but what do they have in "humanitarian aid"? and who are they taking? request
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL 8 October 2014 09: 07
      ... there are building constructions (prefabricated houses like KDMok), all kinds of cements, putties and paints, construction tools and materials, overalls ... diesel generators ... I don’t think there is any food and medicine ... I don’t know (what I saw it myself ...) drove - Bosch, Deutsch, neat DonElzya, not for our countries and roads ... and therefore dug into each other! ...
  38. Wolka
    Wolka 8 October 2014 07: 25
    Ukraine has slipped to the level of the criminal state of Albania, the country's international image has been seriously lost, the economy is stagnant, the country's leadership and politics are pro-Nazi euphoria and Russophobia, today de facto UKRAINE THE OUTLOOK AND ORDERED ALREADY TIRED ALL OF ITS CONFLICT ...
  39. Erg
    Erg 8 October 2014 08: 38
    I do not think that svidomye under the action of hunger and frost will see clearly. Mowgli effect. The biggest thing that children who grew up in the forest with a beast were taught was a couple of hundred words ...
  40. dnepropetrovsk
    dnepropetrovsk 8 October 2014 09: 40
    I read the comments and did not understand a bit. You, my dears, do not need to free us, but protect yourself with a little blood. Okay, our memory is shortened and replaced. You are about Georgians 2008 forgot? If now Russia in any form does not take the southeast, that is, it does not tear itself away from the Galician idea, then in 3-4 years you will get an even more terrible war. There is a reason, there are a lot of human resources, and young people come into life already with chimeric ideas in their heads. Add here the hatred of Poland and the ring closes! So do not build illusions that this is not your war, or let them fight for themselves. The question is one thing: the later you realize this, the fewer supporters of the Russian world will remain here. Already the majority is not overwhelming, and with every month (I hope that year) the situation is not changing for the better.
    1. Erg
      Erg 8 October 2014 15: 22
      The fact that they overlaid us, we * noticed *. The subject of a blow to Kiyyiv here more than once * was developed *. My opinion is that the situation is bad. They beat us, but you can’t fight. There is a commander, let him think. We will have to support. soldier
  41. Abbra
    Abbra 8 October 2014 11: 34
    So unite, dear Kievites! Follow the example of Donbass. It seems to me that this is the only way out. We did not vote for Yushchenko, Yanukovych, Poroshenko. Everything will not resolve itself.
  42. gv2000
    gv2000 8 October 2014 11: 48
    "What to do? To liberate the people and the land! As in 45 - to liberate from fascism. It is impossible to come to terms with fascism. It can only be destroyed."
    Well, let the author go and release / destroy, or something else. What are these empty calls for?