Russia and the United States: "reset". It's time to take the "anti-shower" defense

The US Congress held hearings about current and future relations between the White House and the Kremlin. Specifically - about the prospects of "reset". The hearings ended unexpectedly for everyone. There were words that specifically this very "reset" can be called a mistake. Because Dmitry Medvedev allegedly could not take power in the country into his own hands. At the same time, the Russian government was taken by surprise when this week Washington quietly ordered a ban on certain officials from entering the United States, which threatens certain achievements of Washington in rapprochement with Moscow.

The US Department of State added to the “black visa list” the names of those suspected of participating in a loud scandal that caused a large-scale international response - in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who was arrested in 2009 after he filed charges against several Interior Ministry officials. Frauds totaling more than $ 200 million. In a report ordered by D. Medvedev, it was reported that immediately before his death, Magnitsky was obviously severely beaten, and refused to provide timely medical assistance.

The “black list” includes FSB officers, prison doctors, police officers, tax authorities and prosecutors. There are about 60 people in the list. In relation to them, the following measures are being introduced - the imposition of a visa restriction and the freezing of financial assets in US banks. Barack Obama wanted to like the representatives of the Congress so much that he imposed tough sanctions against Russian officials, even without waiting for a vote. It must be said that the Russian Foreign Ministry has very negatively responded to the assumption that the very possibility of the appearance of such a list in the United States. But on the Internet, the decision taken by the US Department of State was taken almost to cheer. In particular, in their blogs, users write that they almost never fight with a crook whose names are known to everyone. So let it be even in the West, in the banks of which they hide the stolen people's money, and often their own families, the land is ablaze with them. It is obvious that the countries of the European Union, following the United States, will take a similar decision.

Meanwhile, Mikhail Gorbachev, popular in the West since the collapse of the USSR, spoke in unison with the US Congress. After recovering from the hardest operation in Germany, Gorbachev said in an interview on Echo of Moscow radio about Dmitry Medvedev, as if saying goodbye: “... I said that it was difficult for him. Well, it's impossible to ride right from the pulpit. And I am sure that, in general, he is a capable man. He is very erudite, a lawyer is quite good. But ... either for the reason that his character is not enough and there is weakness, or if Vladimir Putin is in tandem, well, who will give him the opportunity to deploy his not a lot of abilities at all? ”

Gorbachev said something else - that the United Russia party is pulling us all back and relying on it is impossible. Got and the Popular Front of Putin. It is curious that Mikhail Sergeyevich said these words after President Dmitry Medvedev awarded him with the Order of Andrei Pervozvanny, who is the highest award of Russia. The order, however, is not yet handed over.

But if the Russian president got both in the United States and in Russia, the Russian prime minister received a blow from the seemingly safe side - from Germany. 10 July 2011 was named the laureate of the international political award "Quadriga" for certain merits in promoting global democracy. But a few days later, the decision was scandalously canceled. Moreover, after the official representative of Germany on freedoms and human rights, Markus Lehring accused Vladimir Putin of the collapse of democracy, the growth of corruption and the restriction of citizens' freedoms. It already reminds persecution.

Against the background of a similar orgy, the Western media published “good words” with a sarcastic smile. They were found in the memorandum of the Norwegian nationalist, the murderous terrorist Anders Breivik: "Putin seems to be a decisive and fair leader, worthy of respect ...". A few adventurous was praise.

When looking at the international situation is striking the presence of a large number of matches. It is clear that a thundercloud is gathering directly around the upcoming elections in the Russian Federation. The same State Department of the United States announced on Tuesday that the next elections to the Russian State Duma are unlikely to meet democratic international standards. Americans, of course, can be understood - Russia, despite all the talk of friendship and the “reset” of relations, will remain a likely opponent for them. Today, the government of our state needs to reconsider its plans for further friendship with the United States, perhaps it’s not worthwhile to go into open confrontation with them, but you shouldn’t open the soul either.
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